Dexter: So Ms. Principe, what exactly is the council for?

Maricar: The council is responsible for addressing the needs and interests of its constituents so in our case, since we are part of the senior council, we are responsible to address and conduct activities for the rest of the constituents. Dexter: So as senior council, you represent the seniors and I guess in a way you head them, so who heads you? Maricar: Well, if we ll talk about within the senior council, obviously the president, I mean in my position since I am the treasurer, the officers that is above me is the one that heads me. Specifically, the Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral is the one above the senior council. Dexter: And who is the one above the Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral? Maricar: All the organizations are under the ADSA. So all activities, we consult it first with the ADSA, and of course, the Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral ng Miriam. Dester: So does the Sanggunian or the ADSA require some activities from you? Maricar: Yes. Since we are part of the council, we are required to conduct three activities and these are fund raising, outreach and the general assembly. So you may have noticed, every sem, we, as much as possible, we try to conduct three activities. Dexter: Correct me if I am wrong but I think the ADSA requires that you fulfill the four core value of Miriam college. What objectives the ADSA require you to meet? Maricar: You re right. ADSA wants us to make sure in all our activities, we incorporate the core values. Aside from that , the ADSA don t require us to have anything aside from that. Dexter: But sometimes, they require you to donate for Maricar: Actually, sometimes they require that but it s already our initiative as a council to do that. Aside from that, in the council, we have this so called partner communities or partner advocacies. In our case, we chose INSA. So anything that the INSA needs from the council, we have to address that. Dexter: I see. So generally, you must try to have one activity or give Maricar: General Assembly is important. So first, the second semester, there is a need to conduct general assembly but we used to think that fund raising should actually be performed every semester but we learned, it s okay not to perform three activities in one semester. So it means, you can have one fund raising per semester and other activities in the second semester. For example, first sem we have outreach and the second sem we have fund raising. But that s okay, as long as we perform all the three activities, general assembly, fund raising and the outreach. Dexter: I see. So, so far, we ve seen the organizational structure of the senior council and what your head requires of you. So, how does the senior council function? Do you brainstorm your activity, then you pass it to the SANGGU

I am just surprised. I mean. in order to know the concerns of the students. is there anything else? There s nothing. I mean the grievances of the senior.Maricar: It is important to have meetings regarding the activities we are going to perform but before we perform these activities. in our last GA. we have to pass this so called project proposal. Aside from these 3 meetings. we only meet in preparation for that activity. no. But aside from that. This project proposal would have to pass through the SANGGU then ADSA and if they are not for the activities. Dexter: It surprising. The results of that survey . we consult each other for updates. so I am not sure if you d consider that as meetings. from brainstorming to actually making and doing the activity? Maricar: Do you mean. to meet the required activities. how do you propose your own changes within the council. So sadly. For other members. Dexter: So. we conducted surveys because with these. for example a student. the officers would know what the needs of the students and we ll just focus on that. I mean. that is the maximum times that we have before the actual activity. we cannot pursue them. not in a meeting. what they would have wanted. if there is something. there should be a purpose for that meeting. before the activity. as a member of senior. is it time consuming to be part of the senior council? How long does it take for you to actually . Dexter: Well. Maricar: We don t usually meet without because you have to remember that if you are going to have a meeting. It s like the senior council just meets when there is a required activity to do. How long do you so you meet every Monday. Just a reaction. like that? Maricar: If you have noticed. days or months? Because we usually have meetings every Mondays and sadly. Maricar: What do you want to ask? Dexter: No. we only meet 1 to 3 times before the event and we only do the consultations through texting and talking to each other. we also need to tackle these things. Dexter: But you said you meet every Monday Maricar: Yeah.

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