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A Wacky Family

A. Who are these people? What do you know about them?


Homer Marge
Patty and Selma Bouvier

Bart Lisa Maggie

B. Write sentences about the Simpsons, like in the examples.
The words from the box may help you.

aunt(s) baby sister brother children daughter(s)
father grandfather husband mother nephew
niece(s) parents sister(s) son wife

a) Lisa and Maggie/ Homer: __Lisa and Maggie are Homer’s

b) Bart/ Lisa: ____Bart is Lisa’s

c) Maggie and Lisa/ Bart:
d) Abe/ Bart, Lisa and Maggie:
e) Bart/ Patty and Selma:

Lisa and Maggie: _________________________________________. Challenge: How many more sentences can you write? . g) Homer and Marge/ Bart.f) Patty and Selma/ Lisa: ___________________________________________________________. h) Marge/ Homer: __________________________________________________________________.