It may not be dahlia season just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't channel this flower

's intense color and festive attitude here and now. For these eye-catching favor pouches, we used bright tissue paper to create a pattern that mimics that bold beauty, then tied on a tag bearing planting instructions, and verdant ribbon to pose as leaves. At home, guests will peel back the petals to reveal a dormant dahlia bulb brimming with potential and just waiting to take root.

You will need:
Dahlia bulbs, Swan Island Dahlias

Tissue paper (we used colored tissue paper in azalea (CT1AP), $11.95 for 480 sheets) String or heavy thread Ribbon To wrap the bulb, stack two pieces of tissue paper and fold them in half side to side, then top to bottom. Download the PDF of our dahlia template, and print onto standard printer paper. Cut out template; then lay on top of folded tissue paper, aligning straight edges of template with the two folded edges of the tissue paper. Trace lightly

and then cut on the line to create a tissue-paper dahlia. and use a small hole punch to make a hole through the top center of both tags. download the PDFs of both the initials tag and the planting-instructions tag. secure with string (leave ends long for now). drawing the sides up and to the center. so you can see the positioning of the design in the hole of the punch. type in your first initials and wedding date. Wrap the tissuepaper dahlia around the bulb. and place it in the center of the tissue-paper dahlia.) Place an initials tag on top of an instructions tag. Print onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch card stock. To make the tags.around the template. Wrap the bulb in another layer of tissue paper. Thread string through the holes and tie. . Open tissue paper and rotate top sheet slightly so the petal tips are staggered. (Turn the craft punch upside down. print onto card stock. For the initials tag. punch out each tag. trim ends. Using a 1 1/2-inch circle craft punch. For the planting-instructions tag.

and tie. In a blender. 8. 7. let cool. Make a 1/2-inch diameter wad of pulp with a point (shaped like an acorn). 10. Tools and Materials 20-pound recycled paper (20 sheets) Blender Silpat Cookie sheet Sponge Rolling pin Paper Peonies template Acrylic paint (magenta and green) Paintbrush Acrylic varnish Pearlizing medium Plastic bag Thin paper Scissors Glue gun Cable wire Floral tape Paper Peonies How-To 1. On the fold. Dip petals into paint mixture. Curl and wrinkle petal edges. 4. Make mixture of 2 cups water." pointy side down. approximately every 1/4 inch. Flare ends. 2. 20 medium. 12. Let dry for a couple of hours. Secure with glue gun. Let dry for one day. 13. 11. . 1 teaspoon magenta acrylic paint. Boil ripped paper in 5 quarts water. 14. Take dried wad and glue (using glue gun) to uncut end of "lamb chop. Roll to resemble a paper decoration for a "lamb chop" end. let dry. Cut 50 petals for each peony: 10 small. and 20 large. pulse to reduce to a paper pulp. make 1/4 inch cuts. 9.Wrap a pretty ribbon around to cover up the string. Rip 20 sheets of 20-pound recycled paper into strips. 3. Place 3 cups pulp onto Silpat-lined cookie sheet. Dry overnight on cookie sheets lined with a plastic bag. 6. spread out. 5. Use sponge to soak up excess water. and 1 teaspoon pearlizing medium. Download and print template. Flatten with rolling pin. Fold lengthwise. 1/3 cup acrylic varnish. Make a pistil by cutting a 3/4-inch-by-8 1/2-inch strip of thin paper.

surrounding the wad. Iridescent Tinting Medium from Liquitex. then wrap in floral tape. and a hot glue gun by Dremel. Recycled copy paper is available at office supply stores. 16. Repeat process for medium.15. glue five small petals overlapping. Using a glue gun. We used magenta acrylic paint from Delta. Resources Read more at Marthastewart. working in layers. For stems.Martha Stewart Crafts . then large petals. Assemble a flower. Acrylic Glazing Gloss Liquid Medium from Golden Makes. use the glue gun to glue the end of a length of thick electric cable wire to the base of the flower and Paper Peonies . Paint stems green with acrylic paint. You can find cable wire for the stem at hardware stores. yellow card stock or yellow/pink origami paper for the stamens. Glue another layer of small petals. until you have a full peony.

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