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The ICFAI University, Tripura (referred to Chancellor and has Vice-Chancellor and others
hereafter as the University) was established in as members. The Board of Management is
2004 through an Act of State Legislature (Tripura headed by the Vice-Chancellor. The Academic
Act 8 of 2004). The University has been approved Council is responsible for all academic matters.
by the University Grants Commission, under
The University campus, based at Agartala, is
Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956.
sprawling, landscaped and lush green. It
The University is a member of the Association provides a congenial environment for education
of Commonwealth Universities, London, the
and learning. It has well-equipped physical and
Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi
academic infrastructure. The University has no
and the Federation of Universities, India.
study centers outside its authorized jurisdiction.
The University believes in creating and
The University offers Bachelor, Master, and
disseminating knowledge and skills in core and
Doctoral programs in management, finance,
frontier areas through innovative educational
science and technology, information technology,
programs, research, consulting and publishing,
education, law and other areas.
and developing a new cadre of citizens with a
high level of competence and deep sense of ethics The students are enrolled under the flexi-mode.
and commitment to the code of professional The University awards the Master of Business
conduct. Administration Degree to the students who
The Visitor of the University is H.E. The successfully complete all the groups of the
Governor of Tripura. The University is MBA Program, through self-study and
administered as per the Act, Statutes and Rules. examinations subject to the University
The Board of Governors is headed by the Regulations.


(Flexible Learning)

The MBA Program offered by the Directorate of A blend of Indian and International
Distance Education, the ICFAI University, Tripura perspectives
prepares men and women with the skills,
The MBA Program has a blend of Indian and
knowledge and strategic perspectives essential
International perspectives. This mix of the Indian
to the leadership of business anywhere in the
and International emphasis offers students, real
and lasting benefits. Students will:
The MBA Program is designed to provide both ● be able to understand the workings of the
a portfolio of strong functional skills and the domestic and international marketplace.
ability to apply, adapt and integrate those skills
into different management settings. While the
● become sensitive to other cultures and
capable of working in international teams.
curriculum provides a rigorous grounding in
traditional disciplines, the educational process, ● become comfortable with and capable of
with its emphasis on new strategy and managing diversity.
managerial skills, develops the skills for ● develop strategic skills and adaptability.
problem solving, decision-making and
leadership of complex organizations. Objectives
The MBA Program aims to improve its students'
General management focus
capability to manage. On completion of the
In a business environment characterized by program, students are expected to have
rapid change, managers must necessarily be acquired:
flexible and adaptable. The MBA Program seeks ● a systematic approach to identification of
to prepare managers to cope with this change. business problems and their solutions.
It is this philosophy which has led to the
MBA Program adopting a general management ● analytical, problem solving and decision-
approach. This approach will help students making skills.
develop a broad foundation of skills and ● the ability to make competent decisions.
knowledge in the diverse functional areas of
business management.
● effective communication skills.
● the skills necessary for the potential senior
manager, techniques in finance, marketing,
manufacturing, human relations,
information technology and strategic
● familiarity in applying these tools in
business like situations.
● a broad knowledge of concepts, policies
and techniques applicable to efficient
administration and management of


in for more details. Examinations are conducted on specified test dates. There are more opportunities for MBAs 3 THE MBA PROGRAM . comprehend and internalize impart you with a perspective which enables knowledge on a continuing basis. to develop a range of highly valued professional skills and a competitive edge in your career. You will be able to understand the impact of various decisions The students are required to study and complete and play a significant role in them. The MBA Program will provide upgradation and the learning methodology in a quantum jump in your career progression. for subjects in the first two stages. you to relate to the entire business environment Program structure within which you may operate. Each subject has 2 papers of 100 marks each and of 3 hours duration. The examination for each subject is for 200 marks and of 6 hours duration. It will allow organizations. in the morning session (3 hours) and in the afternoon session (3 hours). Continuous learning: The MBA Program is a Career progression: In most professional tremendous learning opportunity. if required. the senior managers are usually you to update your knowledge and skills MBAs. than for almost any other functional The knowledge you acquire needs constant qualification.iutripura. Students can also visit www. The program structure is subject to change. The MBA Program (Flexible Learning) Structure Stage Group Subjects Stage I A ● Introduction to Management ● Managerial Effectiveness B ● Organizational Behavior ● Business Economics C ● Marketing Management ● Information Technology & Systems Stage II D ● Accounting for Decision Making ● Human Resource Management E ● Financial Management ● Operations Management F ● Business Law ● Management Control & Information Systems Stage III G* ● Elective 1 ● Elective 2 H* ● Elective 3 ● Elective 4 I ● Business Policy & Strategy ● Business Ethics & Corporate Governance J ● Integrated Case Studies I ● Integrated Case Studies II * Elective Streams ● Marketing ● Operations ● Finance ● IT & Systems ● HRM ● International Business ● Investments ● General Management Detailed curriculum will be provided to all students through the Regulations Book. The all the groups in a sequential manner.The MBA Edge MBA Program will also help you understand business sufficiently to plan your own career The MBA Program will give you the opportunity and entrepreneurial moves successfully. the MBA Program provides you with a Personal growth: The MBA Program will mechanism to seek.

who has The MBA Program is based on study and passed the final examinations examinations. CA. MCA Medium of instruction: English. who has passed program within four years. MBA Program within a maximum period of BL. the Institute of Company Contact classes: Students may attend contact Secretaries of India. Bachelor of Law (BL). are required the Institute of Chartered to register de novo by paying the requisite fee. but are still keen the final examinations conducted by on continuing in the program. DBF Duration: Two years. conducted by the Institute of Cost Study: The University provides a detailed study and Works Accountants of India. plan and prescribed books specially designed ● CS means a person. CWA. CS. DBF two years from the date of enrollment. MBA Program. MA (Economics). Students who are unable to complete the ● CA means a person. DBF ● For students who pay fee stage-wise: They are required to complete Stage I of the Business Law CA. BE. Accountants of India. What the qualifications refer to: Students who are unable to complete the program within two years. IT & Systems B. MA (Economics) from any Examinations: The examinations serve to finally University. They are required to complete all 3 Stages of ● CFA means a person. are required Business Finance) and to register de novo by paying the requisite fee. 4 THE MBA PROGRAM . CWA. BE. MS (Accounting) from the ● For students who pay full fee for all 3 stages: ICFAI University. Validity of enrollment for Decision MS (Finance). classes on optional basis (details are given on ● B. page 10). assess and certify the students' understanding of the subjects. Flexible Learning Program ● CWA means a person. who has passed (as per the curriculum of the University) and the final examinations conducted by meant for self-study. DBF (Diploma in on continuing in the program. who is a the MBA Program within a maximum period Chartered Financial Analyst from of four years from the date of enrollment. but are still keen ● MS (Finance). MS (Finance). subjects of the MBA Program as Students who have pursued their degree indicated below: program in non-English medium are advised to undergo proper preparatory courses in Subject Eligibility for Waiver Business English so that they can cope with the Business CFA. Economics MS (Finance).Eligibility Subject-wise Waivers Bachelor ’s Degree in English medium Students with prior qualifications are (any discipline) with 45% and above aggregate eligible to get waivers from certain marks.Tech. Accounting CFA. the CFA Council.Tech. Making MS (Accounting).

answers based on examination pattern are Enrollment dates included in the respective workbooks. developed and Subsequently. In order to become eligible to appear for the Eligibility for appearing in examinations examinations. as the operations of answers examinations department are fully The model question papers with suggested computerized. provided all postdated cheques which are due so far. the students are required to enroll Students will be eligible to appear for into the program on or before the dates given Group A examinations six months after the date below: Examinations Enroll into the program on or before January 2011 June 30. 2010 July 2011 December 31. they can appear for two groups administered on a rigorous and fair basis to every three months. 5 THE MBA PROGRAM . All students are required to register for their examinations (including payment of fee) using Model question papers with suggested the online facility only. are honored on time. 2011 Recent trends in examination results The summary of pass percentages of the MBA examinations (Stage . them for challenging careers in the world of management. April.Examinations of enrollment. The examinations are conceived. Examinations for the program are Online registration facility conducted four times a year in January. July and October. Students are required to bring out the best in the students and prepare appear and pass the groups in a sequential order.I) held recently is given below: Pass Percentages Group April 09 July 09 October 09 January 10 A 37 31 33 40 B 37 34 31 30 C 39 33 29 31 Past trends may or may not be sustained in future. 2010 October 2011 March 31. 2010 April 2011 September 30.

table below: ● Wherever a student is granted waiver in one Subject of a Group. get exemption from the Subject in which he/ Examination calendar she has secured 65 per cent or more. 30 November 30. 2011 if the student appears for both the Papers in one sitting. will be treated as invalid. B & C Business Management (Stage I) Advanced Diploma in Groups A to F Management (Stages I & II) Master of Business All Groups A to J Administration Degree (Stages Passing requirement the student is required to secure a minimum of 40 per cent in each of the two Papers of ● To pass in a Group. the marks secured in both the Papers July 2011 10. 31 May 31. Tripura to the successful students based on stage-wise completion of the MBA Program: Certification On successful completion of: Diploma in Groups A. April. 23. Year Dates for Examinations Subject to pass the Group.Test centers ● If the student secures 65 per cent or more marks in one of the Subjects of a Group. When an exemption is secured in one Subject of a The examinations are generally conducted on Group. II & III) 6 THE MBA PROGRAM . 17. In such a case. 2010 ● Where a Subject consists of two April 2011 3. 24 February 28. then the answer script of such student of 45 per cent in each Subject.iutripura. Examination Dates Last Date for such student will have to secure Online Registration 55 per cent or more in the other Month. July and October. For details please Subject of the same Group. 16. the student will visit www. 23. Certification The following Diplomas/Degree are issued by the ICFAI University. January 2011 9. 17. 24. but The examinations are held at the test centers is absent or fails to get 45 per cent in the other as indicated on website. subject to a minimum Paper. If a student appears for one Paper an average of 55 per cent marks for the two of a Subject and absents from the second Subjects in the Group. 30 August 31. 16. the student must secure a minimum Sundays in January. 2011 Papers (Paper I and Paper II). the student must secure the Subject. 2011 will be added together for the purpose of passing requirement only October 2011 9. The of 45 per cent in the other Subject in schedule of the examinations is given in the subsequent attempt to pass the Group.

Chapter Executive Committees (CECs). guide the functioning of CIMBAG at the chapter/ city level. and also works to promote and disseminate the philosophy and values of the ICFAI University by interacting closely with its members and the corporate world. there are over 3. CIMBAG is committed to build a strong network among its members by establishing Chapters at various for details.500 such alumni working with various blue chip organizations all over India. Visit: www. 7 THE MBA PROGRAM .The Council of Icfai University MBA Graduates The Council of Icfai University MBA Graduates (CIMBAG) was established in 2007 as an Alumni Body for the benefit of all those students who successfully completed the MBA Program under the flexi-mode from the ICFAI University. consisting of alumni members from different batches and of varying backgrounds. The CECs are responsible for organizing and conducting all local events and activities. CIMBAG functions under the overall guidance of a Board of Governors. Mission & Governance: CIMBAG is primarily focused to help the members through multiple membership services. Currently.cimbag.

Ist and IInd Floor. Tel : 044-28230480. Viman Nagar.560011.411014. Tel : 020-41008622. Andheri East. E-mail: mum@cimbag. KOLKATA . Shitiratna Complex. E-mail: bnglr@cimbag. Tel : 080-40521882/888. 11th Main Road. HYDERABAD . Tel : 011.600034. Tel : 033-23355153. "Eldorado Building". BENGALURU .II.CIMBAG Chapters AHMEDABAD: # 808. Tel : 022-32099943. Behind Hero Honda Showroom. E-mail: kol@cimbag. NEW DELHI . Ellisbridge. Salt Lake City.700098. Heritage 8 THE MBA PROGRAM .org HYDERABAD: # 126. Nungambakkam. AHMEDABAD . 3rd Floor. Lajpat Nagar .org NEW DELHI: K-3. E-mail: ahm@cimbag.400069. MUMBAI . Near Panchvati Five PUNE: # 302. 4th CHENNAI: 6E. E-mail: hyd@cimbag.Centre Point. E-mail: pune@cimbag. VI Floor.500073. 8th Floor. 3rd Floor. CHENNAI MUMBAI: #701-702. #112. Nungambakkam High BENGALURU: #23. Srinagar Colony. Siddhivinayak Aurum. Jayanagar. Sector-3. Tel : 079-40214608.110024. Telli Galli Cross Road. Ahlluwalia Bldg. Behind Eden Garden. E-mail: delhi@cimbag.380006. Opp. A-Wing. "Vasavi Plaza".org KOLKATA: KB . E-mail: chenn@cimbag. 7th Floor. PUNE . Tel : 040-23423101-105. Malaxmi Towers.

as a part of the courseware. Learning through CD-ROM for the first group only. Initially the courseware is supplied place. so that the students will allows the students to take advantage of always get the latest editions as they progress E-learning benefits. Case studies are widely acknowledged as a very effective learning aid. Benefits of the E-learning package Model Question Papers: The model question papers are accompanied by possible solutions. The Textbooks: Textbooks are specially designed for E-learning package is rich and valuable. They are ● control learning by taking courses at their included in the workbooks. The students of the MBA Program enjoy the flexibility of ● E-Textbooks ● E-Lectures ● Lecture Notes ● Quiz ● Articles ● Glossary ● Mock Tests Case Study Focus and Continuous Learning Inputs The Case Study Approach: As the MBA Program is uniquely designed to develop management perspective and skills. becomes more in-depth. Workbooks: Workbooks are designed to E-learning package is currently available for help the students in preparing for the subjects of Stage-I and Stage-II. The students can study at their own workbooks. convenient. 9 THE MBA PROGRAM . personalized and above all enjoyable. the case method is integrated as a dominant tool in the education methodology. academic rigor of the examination. Courseware and E-Learning Package Courseware independent self-study through the E-learning The courseware includes textbooks and package. pace and time. Continuous Learning Inputs: Magazines and journals play a very important role in updating knowledge. The E-learning package helps students to: Model question papers are meant to give the ● upgrade knowledge and skills according to students an idea about the format and the their schedule. at home. Assignments for self own pace. work. or The E-learning package is designed to help the at any convenient place including traveling. ● increased retention levels with the help of audio-visual aids. The learning experience in their studies. anytime. flexible learning students study in a convenient The E-learning package computer-based environment. The program will use case studies of reputed Indian and international companies. often more convenient than classroom learning. quite independent study by the students. flexible. evaluation and case studies are also supplied ● access the resources on 24 X 7 basis. Students are provided free access on the web for the Effective Executive and Case Folio as continuous learning inputs. E-learning package ● learn anywhere. examinations.

2010 Exam With Contact Without Contact Classes Classes Apr . 2011 July-09 54 33 Oct-09 53 31 Jan-10 50 34 10 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . 2010 Pass Percentage Jan . B may be otherwise quite busy due to work and C) at the time of enrollment into the pressure. inputs. the students are subjects. concepts and also to clarify any doubts in the respective subjects and therefore prepare well 4 times a year: The contact classes are conducted for the examinations. 2011 Dec 24. They provide a platform to the Federation of Universities (FedUni) subject to students for better understanding of the registration of minimum number of students..12.Sep.Mar. MBA Program. especially classes are required to pay a fee of Rs.000 for Groups A. students to: Registration for contact classes: Students are ● gain in-depth understanding of the subjects strongly advised to register for contact classes. obtain tips on preparing well for the workbooks.Jun. covered.e.000 for for working executives and professionals who the first three groups (Groups A. 2011 Jun 27. ● discuss and clear doubts and queries Further. four times a year. in order to supplement the students pertaining to the topics covered in the efforts through self-study. The contact classes constitute an important stage ● get into a disciplined mode and regular study.Dec. in the learning methodology by enabling the Contact classes: The contact classes are students to gain an in-depth understanding of need-based and are conducted by the the subjects. April to June The contact classes act as additional learning July to September and October to December. 2011 Apr-09 51 38 Jul . MBA Program through comprehensive ● understand the examination pattern and courseware including high quality textbooks. They are beneficial to all the Fee: Students who plan to attend the contact students enrolling into the program. usually during weekends/evenings. from January to March. model question papers and the examinations through discussion of previous relevant publications as continuous learning question papers. 2010 Sept 25.15. when they enroll for the MBA Program. 2011 Mar 25. B and C. If the students wish to join the contact classes subsequently after their Benefits of attending the contact classes enrollment into the program. input and facilitate in coping with the rigor of the MBA Program. i. they may register for contact the contact classes is observed to be better classes as per the dates indicated below: by about 15% as compared to the pass Dates of Last Date for percentage of those students who did not Contact Classes Registration attend the contact classes. encouraged to attend contact classes. they are required Regular attendance of the contact classes enable to pay Rs. Oct . Contact Classes Inputs are provided to the students of the ● understand the concepts well. The pass percentage of students who attended Alternatively.

CFA stream coupled with appropriate choice of Through the Dual Masters Program. students are advised to refer to the separate prospectus Eligibility for the same. financial analysis and also save precious time. 11 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . operations and strategy. adapt. The MBA stream prepares The CFA stream provides an indepth them for management/leadership positions. is the most suited. The understanding of financial analysis. the electives in MBA stream gives them deep students may acquire two career-oriented financial insights. synthesize and integrate in the sunrise sectors. Tripura consists of two also eligible to apply. the Dual Masters Program those skills into different management settings. The MBA stream is designed to provide both a portfolio of strong functional skills and the For those aspiring to pursue fast-track careers ability to apply. CAs/CWAs (with a bachelors degree) are the ICFAI University. streams: MBA and CFA. Duration: 27 months. The Regulations pertaining to the Bachelor ’s Degree in English medium (any MBA Program as given in this prospectus do not apply discipline) with 55% and above aggregate to the MBA-CFA Dual Masters Program. Instead of the normal duration of 4 years (two years for MBA and two years for CFA) the The brief details of the MBA-CFA Dual Masters Program students of the Dual Masters Program may given here is for information purpose only. Interested complete the same in 27 months. MBA-CFA Dual Masters Program The MBA-CFA Dual Masters Program offered by marks. This will be a unique skill- professional qualifications in management and set combining analysis and synthesis.

IT and Pharmaceuticals. keeping in mind the skill-sets currently in Such an opportunity is now being created by demand. Its customers include a number of leading corporates. Internship Group ‘D’ (in Stage II) can opt for Business is meant to bridge the gap between real-life business and academic learning. Indian Economy and Industry Monitors and Quarterly Performance Analysis of Indian Industries and Companies.The participation in internship Internship leads to applying knowledge to programs is need-based. Students who wish to opt and skills. internship is Internships will be offered at Hyderabad. leading to good placements. consultants and students.cygnusindia. Thus. developing application skills. query to: internship@cygnusindia. Cygnus also takes up techno-economic viability studies for major banks in India for green field as well as expansion projects. credit research and equity research. Cygnus takes up projects on business research. equity research and business consulting. offers wide-ranging internship opportunities for Please visit www. The Program content and mode of Cygnus even for the students of flexible learning delivery is fine-tuned over last three Cygnus Business Consulting & Research (P) Ltd. focused on enabling its customers grow Business Consulting & Research profitably. and gaining Students of the MBA Program after completing practical hands-on work experience. and establish a network of contacts for any of the internship programs are required for exploring future opportunities. The of one month duration. is a global knowledge products and services organization. industries and companies . which is useful for researchers. of students. Internship Programs Offered by Cygnus Business Consulting & Research (P) Ltd.cygnusindia. competitive intelligence. Cygnus developed an easy-to-use web-based corporate data base of Indian companies. Student Regulations book. It also prepares market entry and growth strategies for the clients. Details will be provided in the Cygnus Business Consulting & Research (P) Ltd. Global Industry Monitors (covering 35 industries).globally. They programs. Banking and Financial services. who pursue the MBA Program on full-time Normally internship opportunities are The internship programs are carefully available only for students of business schools structured around individual career goals. China Industry Monitors. often a stepping stone for getting a placement subject to registration of a minimum number with companies. work. For more details. Students who complete basic aim is to provide students with the relevant all the 10 groups of the MBA Program can opt live projects that enable them meet their for the Management Internship Program of professional goals. 12 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . It helps Strategy and Performance Analysis internship students experience the rigors of or mail your the students of the ICFAI University. Cygnus periodically publishes a number of research reports like Global and Indian industry reports. banks and insurance companies both in India and abroad. to approach Cygnus and pay the required fee Internship programs separately. www. feasibility studies. A good internship program properly supervised and coordinated will enhance the are co-ordinated and supervised by experienced application skills of the students potentially consultants. FICCI. credit appraisals. Cygnus also offers comprehensive Industry Portals in Agri business. strengthen their knowledge 3 months duration. Cygnus carries out a number of projects in the areas of market surveys. Cygnus publishes a range of reports covering economies. Cygnus is retained as a knowledge partner for a number of conferences organized by industry and trade associations like CII. Assocham and PHARMEXCIL. Besides.

Overseas examination fee etc. proceedings of arbitration. all disputes relating to or secure environment with Enrollment arising out of the Enrollment Agreement Number and Password. online payments criminal offences including the dishonor ● Online updation of developments/changes of cheques. at: iutat@iutripura. shall be settled examination results with marks etc. Model question papers Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. Online ICFAI University. courseware. Students seeking ● Important information on contact classes. revision of curriculum. change of counselling meets. 1800-103-0303 Banking) ● E-mail ● Updates on events like seminars. by reference to arbitration only as per the Online admit cards. test 13 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . The services include: Online examination registration with between the applicant and the downloadable admit card. recounting / comprehensive feedback. with suggested answers An Arbitration Tribunal consisting of a ● Online payment for Overseas courier single member shall conduct the charges. ● Helpline facility as the persona designata.V. sgc@iutripura. Tripura. conferences.. non-receipt of arbitration shall be Agartala. Post-enrollment services ● Students Regulations (Flexible Learning Regulations/Program Regulations) IUT Arbitration Tribunal ● Registration Facility (activation of student As indicated in the ‘Legal Aspects’ on account) to avail a range of services under Page No. Ph.D. MA. LLM. student feedback authority to prosecute the students for A. general queries. examination schedule.20. ● Online Feedback facility. Press Clippings Enrollment Number. Narasimha Rao. may contact by e-mail (by quoting the Name and the Enrollment Number) ● Access to online edition of magazines and journals from IUP Publications. please let us know immediately so that we ● Online Order Form for Prospectus can attend to the same as early as possible: ● Online Counselling (Live Chat facility) ● Phones (Toll free) ● Online Enrollment through Secure Internet Payment Gateway (Credit Card/Net 1800-425-2911. The through secure internet payment gateway University’s nominee shall be the ‘persona ● Online prescribed forms for change of designata’ as an arbitrator.. The venue of password. Tripura. Always quote your Name and the ● Press Room: Press Releases. The University has nominated Dr. mobile number updation/ India. The University reserves the registration. help from the IUT Arbitration Tribunal finance act. etc. Web Services 24x7 The following web services are available to all the students: Student Grievances Pre-enrollment services As a student if you have any grievances.

required to submit the photocopies of marksheets for all 3 (or 4) years in support of the No refund eligibility along with the Application Form for The amount once paid is not refundable under Enrollment. leadership abilities and communication skills meet the demands of the The applicants are required to pay the fee as MBA Program. The admission into the flexible learning Right to amend rules program is not open to foreign citizens due to The University reserves the right to amend the visa restrictions. They may write to the rules and regulations wherever considered Registrar for guidance on this matter. examination pattern. the applications are returned to them herein are not to be construed as a contract along with all enclosures and the amount paid binding the University to any specific policies. but are not limited to however. passing subsequently satisfy the eligibility criteria. select students whose academic background. eligibility criteria for Students Regulations book examinations. this If the applicants do not satisfy the eligibility publication and the descriptions contained criteria. Students who have secured wise waivers based on prior qualifications as 45 per cent and above in their graduation are indicated on Page No. of "IUCF A/c IUT" payable at Hyderabad. The Admissions Board evaluates indicated in the Fee Schedule on Page No.4. after deducting Rs. Admission Policies and Guidelines to Complete the Application Form Admission regulations pertaining to administering the The goal of the Admissions Board is to program and the examinations.16. necessary and appropriate. except in the case of rejected No enrollment of foreign citizens applications. Such students are. Applications received from the students are checked for the basic eligibility criteria and Please note that there will be no reduction in the eligible students are enrolled into the program fee even if a student is eligible to claim subject- under the flexi-mode. refund policy. For EMI facility please refer to Fee Schedule Enrollment (Page No. permitted to apply again after they curriculum and course content. Remittance work experience.500. certification and All students who are enrolled into the program designation. any circumstances. Demand Draft should be in favor the program. Therefore. Possible changes include. requirements.16). book which contain the various rules and 14 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . The applicants' potential as future leaders and their remittance can be done by way of Demand Draft projected ability to succeed in and profit from or Credit Card. fee schedule. and such other matters as may be will be provided with the Students Regulations considered relevant. Such amendments Rejected applications will be intimated to the students.

b. South Indian Bank. Photocopies of certificates regarding date of Internet Payment Gateway birth and educational qualifications shall be enclosed with the Application Form for Students can enroll into the program by Enrollment. Those students availing the EMI facility are will be accepted only through Secure requested to enclose the postdated cheques Internet Payment Gateway. Students can Enclosures make the payment through the Credit Please ensure that your Application contains Card issued by ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank the following through Secure Internet Payment Program (with recent color photograph Gateway. AXIS b. certificates. Oriental Bank of Commerce.4) have to submit proof date. Yes Bank. if necessary.799210. or the VISA/MasterCard issued by any a. c. Please respond to all the information sought. The Admissions Officer. Subject-wise waivers Students are advised to take note of the validity date specified on the Application Form for Applicants who are eligible for subject-wise Enrollment and ensure that their Forms reach waivers based on prior qualifications the Admissions Officer on or before the validity (as indicated on Page No. for the required amount along with the Fee Remittance Form.iutripura. Capital Letters. Educational Qualifications/Mark Sheets. Fee Remittance Form. Copies of Certificates of Date of Birth and Bank. Karnataka Bank. available for customers of ICICI Bank. logging on to www. c. Additional sheets may be used. Bank of India. The Application Forms should be filled in The ICFAI for filing the application form online and making the b. Kamalghat Sadar. Original Certificates should not be sent. Net Banking facility is also affixed). Students may please note (wherever applicable) towards the payment. Photocopies of certificates Online Enrollment through Secure a.Guidelines The completed Application Forms along with The students are advised to read the following the required enclosures can be submitted or sent guidelines carefully before completing the by speedpost/courier to: Application Form for Enrollment and the Fee Remittance Form. University Campus. Ensure that the Application Forms are signed. 15 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . Agartala-Simna Road. Bank of Rajasthan. Demand Draft/Credit Card Merchant Slip Bank of Baroda. Corporation Bank. Tripura (West). P. a. that payments relating to examinations e. Agartala . payment through Internet. etc. d. Application Form for Enrollment into the bank. of those prior qualifications like mark sheets. Federal Bank and d.

The A/c payee crossed in favor of students are required to pay the program "IUCF A/c IUT" payable at Hyderabad.000 – (Stage 1 only) 12.) Classes (Rs.000 Lumpsum Payment 42. sign and attach the merchant copy of the slip along b.) Admission Fee 7. c. fee for Stage II and Stage III later as may Students can make the payment through be prevalent at that time.500 52.500 Admission Fee 7. B & C) 12.7.000 10. cash payments from the students under 16 T H E M B A P R O G R A M .500.Stage I Contact Classes (Groups A.22.500 and the fee for Stage I is Rs.52.) Classes (Rs. Currently.000 Balance amount to be Balance amount to be paid through 7 Equated paid through 15 Equated Monthly Instalments [EMIs] Monthly Instalments [EMIs] (including bank charges) (including bank charges) by Postdated Cheques 4.500 and the acknowledgement).500 They should get their Credit Cards each. Full fee payment: with the Fee Remittance Form and keep The fee may also be paid in full.500 Contact Classes . Currently. The employees of the program fee is Rs.000 10. Currently the Credit Card at the respective branches.B & C) 22. The fee can be paid by way of Demand Students are required to pay the fee as Draft or Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard indicated in the Table above. The Demand Draft should be Lumpsum or through EMI facility.000 30.22.000 EMI Facility EMI Facility Initial Payment Initial Payment (by Demand Draft/Credit (by Demand Draft/Credit Card) 10.000 60.000 Card) 10.000 Lumpsum Payment 72. either in only).500 7.050 by Postdated Cheques 4.700 3. 2010 and valid for the Academic year 2010-11 only) The MBA Program (Flexible Learning) Stage-wise Fee Payment Full Fee Payment Particulars With Without Particulars With Without Contact Contact Contact Contact Classes (Rs.000 Total 72. Lumpsum or through EMI facility.000 60. either in The fee may be paid stage-wise. the Admission Fee is Rs.000 – Total 42.7.500 (All 3 stages) 52.500 Program Fee . a.800 Remittance information Students have the option to pay the fee stage-wise or pay full fee for all 3 stages at the time of enrollment.900 3. the customer copy with themselves (as the Admission Fee is Rs. fee for Stage II and Stage III is Rs.500 7. Stage-wise fee payment: Students are required to pay the fee as indicated in the Table above.Stage I only Program Fee (Groups A.500 (if paid for all the University are not authorized to accept 3 stages at the time of enrollment). swiped for the required amount. Fee Schedule (With effect from April 1. 1.000 30.500 22.) Classes (Rs.

EMI facility for payment of fee: dishonor of any cheques. in rupees) will be due on May 1. Jalandhar. Hubli. Palakkad. along with the Fee Remittance Form and Kollam. Vijayawada. Satara. if a student enrolls on Faridabad. his/her first EMI (amount payable Goa. Bhopal. They are also not Demand Draft or Credit Card payment slip authorized to swipe their personal credit towards initial payment. required to complete the Fee Remittance Siliguri. postdated cheques (A/c payee crossed) Kanpur. Tirupathi. Any students cheques should not be dishonored under deviating from the above will be doing any circumstances when they are so at their own risk and responsibility. Kolhapur. The initial payment is payable at the time Bareilly. Indore. and postdated cards to pay on behalf of the students. Jaipur. amount. Jhansi. Hyderabad. Allahabad. Phagwara. Bikaner. Jalgaon. c. will be considered as valid. Cuttack. Alwar. Students submitting the postdated the University and should not make any cheques should ensure that the postdated payments by cash. Raipur. Lucknow. The commercial banks located in the cities students can choose either Lumpsum specified below: facility or EMI facility as indicated (in the Agra. Visakhapatnam. the of the Negotiable Instruments Act. If the students send any cheques drawn d. Kolkata. should be paid through postdated Jabalpur. Amrawati. Students should not share their credit card information with the employees of e. Mumbai. Mangalore. postdated cheques for the required Varanasi. Students availing the EMI facility are Ranchi. Ghaziabad. Kottayam. Thrissur. Card. b. the Demand Draft/Credit Card slip for Ludhiana. deposited for payment. cheques towards the EMI facility. The postdated cheques f. The EMIs Gwalior. Noida. Nasik. Nagpur. Meerut. of every month. Patna. balance amount should be paid through postdated cheques. Pune. Calicut. The PDCs should be drawn on scheduled should be in favor of “IUCF A/c IUT”. Jamshedpur. Shimoga. Guwahati. Jodhpur. Vadodara. The students should enclose the Jamnagar. d. For example. subsequent to enrollment. Table on previous page) accordingly. EMI facility is offered to all the students liable for prosecution under Section 138 for payment of fee. 1881 initial payment should be made by way and such other legal actions as may be of Demand Draft/Credit Card and the taken by the University. Kochi. the students and the signatories of such cheques will be a. any circumstances. Ahmedabad. Amritsar. Mysore. In the event of 2. April 15. cheques. Chennai. Gurgaon. Coimbatore. Udaipur. Dehradun. New Delhi. Form and enclose the Demand Draft and Trivandrum. of application by Demand Draft/Credit Bhubaneswar. Ernakulam. Bhilwara. Gandhi Nagar. Bengaluru. Rudrapur. Aurangabad. The EMIs are payable on the first Chandigarh. Under this facility. Kurnool. Surat. Thane. Students should note that only those on banks located in cities other than the Application Forms accompanied with the 17 T H E M B A P R O G R A M . Gorakhpur. initial payment.

The fee is subject to change from time to time. The examination fee is to be paid separately certificates will not be issued. If the students wish to join the the consent from the above mentioned Contact Classes subsequently after their Officials. The students enrolled into the MBA Program this document is valid for 2010-11 academic have free online access to Effective Executive year only. Currently an amount of Rs. specified cities. per schedule. towards membership in the Council of Students will be informed of the payment Icfai University MBA Graduates (CIMBAG) revisions through e-mails. they will not be g. courseware at their overseas address are required to remit US$75 per group 6. The students will have no claim Officials and obtain their consent to for refund of any other fee. The University will conducted four times a year and they are not take any responsibility for obtaining need-based.000 per group. The membership fee (as regulations. All students registering in the Program are accepted. magazine for a period of 24 months. The fee is the rolls of the University and their names Rs. B and C is Rs. These classes are Registration Form. all students at Group G will also have free online access a) Students who wish to receive the to Case Folio journal for a period of 9 months. the fee paid by the are required to contact the Indian students towards such classes will be Embassy/High Commission/Consulate refunded. subject to a minimum number of students b) Students who wish to appear for registering for the same. 18 T H E M B A P R O G R A M .12. The fee indicated in 5. they are c) No examinations of the University are required to pay Rs. etc. relevant academic year.1. enrollment into the program. The University reserves the right to permitted to register for the examinations withdraw the EMI facility for payment of or their examination result will not be fee at any time.5. 4. Overseas Students: date of enrollment. The payment towards Contact Classes for same to the Controller of Examinations Groups A. Contact Classes will be held solely at the towards overseas courier charges. and C.000 is payable 9. discretion of the Federation of Universities.15. from the 10. The students are required may be prevalent at that time) is payable to pay the fee as may be prevalent in the before registering for Group G examinations. pass 3. released and their mark sheets.000 if paid at the before submitting the Examination time of enrollment. such cheques will not be 8.000 for Groups A. students and it is mandatory. Only MICR and multi-city required to pay the stipulated payment as cheques will be accepted. supervise the examination and mail the 7. further such as and when the student is eligible and students will be considered as inactive on register for the examinations. Wherever students have arrears of payment. B conducted in USA and Canada. In addition. are liable to be removed from the records. In case it is decided examinations at any overseas test centers not to hold such classes.

I hereby declare and state that. The relevant enclosures should be sent along with the required fee payments.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. 2. OCCUPATION Please tick ( ✓ ) 4. I understand that in case I withdraw from the program I will not be entitled to claim any refund of amount paid. I agree that I will settle the amount with the ICFAI University whether or not I continue in the Program. Guidelines.5 x 4. I have carefully read the academic and administrative rules and regulations of the ICFAI University. Do not sign the E-mail*:___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Photograph * All applicants are mandatorily required to give e-mail address for speedy communication and keep it updated regularly. DECLARATION: I wish to apply for the MBA Program on flexible learning mode. understood and agree to the rules and regulations.CUT HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application valid up to Application No. Date : Signature of the Applicant Applicants are advised to retain a photocopy of the completed Application Form for Enrollment for their records. Tripura (West). (USE CAPITALS) (As it appears in Official Records. Agartala-Simna Road. Tripura as given in this Document and Application Material and agree to abide by the same. including “Legal Aspects”. and my financial responsibilities. I hereby declare that the information provided by me in the Application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. P. I understand that the Jurisdiction for all disputes (if any) relating to the University is only/exclusively Agartala. 1. ACADEMIC RECORD (See eligibility criteria as indicated on page 4) Examination Level Qualification Board/University/Institute Medium of Instruction Marks (%) /Grade Year of Passing XII Class Bachelor’s Degree* Others *Minimum marks required are 45%. Underline Surname) Photograph must not be larger than this box. Tripura WE Directorate of Distance Education University Campus. Tripura. SUBJECT-WISE WAIVERS (See page 4) Please tick ( ✓ ) and submit photocopies of relevant certificates to support your request for the waivers) Full-time Student Full-time Employee Business Economics IT and Systems If employed: Organization ______________________________ Designation ________________ Industry __________________ Accounting for Decision Making Business Law 5. All communications and do not staple from the ICFAI University. Kamalghat Sadar. Tripura will be through e-mail only. 19 T H E M B A P19 ROGRAM . They may write to the Registrar for guidance.5 cms. PERSONAL DETAILS Paste a recent color photograph of size Name : Mr/Ms 3. I understand that these rules are only indicative and may be modified/changed/revised and the complete list of rules and regulations as updated from time to time will be given to me on my enrollment in the form of Students Regulations. Remittance Information and Legal aspects before filling this Application Form Foreign citizens should not apply using this Form. 3. In the event of any dispute. 410MBA - The ICFAI University. I will not approach any Court of Law and/or seek redressal under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 without first exhausting the remedy from the IUT Arbitration Tribunal. My signature below certifies that I have read.799210. Agartala . The MBA Program (Flexible Learning Program) Application Form for Enrollment Read carefully all the pages of this Document including Admission Policies.O.

but not limited to. The students are governed by the latest regulations applicable to them during the relevant academic year. indirect. action or proceeding based directly or indirectly on the acts of omission or commission by the member or his/her agents. prescribed books. the breach or alleged breach or failure to comply with any applicable laws or regulations. no obligation of the University shall survive beyond the period of validity of enrollment. Applicable Law: The Agreement shall be deemed to have been made in Agartala in the State of Tripura. examination pattern. scope for further studies. withdraws from/discontinues the pursuit of the program. decisions of the University. governmental and regulatory trends. Tripura. Further such students will be considered as inactive on the rolls and their names are liable to be removed from the records. India and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and the validity and performance hereof shall be governed by the laws of the State of Tripura. 20 . Tripura. Such forward-looking statements contained herein are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those reflected in the forward-looking statements. The students should first exhaust the remedy from the IUT Arbitration Tribunal before approaching any court of law and/or seeking redressal under the provision of Consumer Protection Act 1986. Tripura. had between the parties hereto. concerning the practice of profession of management. etc. To clarify further. months or years are to calendar days. The University has been approved by the University Grants Commission. exemplary. the curriculum. No Third Party Beneficiaries: Enrollment of any student into the MBA Program. This document may contain forward-looking statements like. © The ICFAI University. the University shall not be liable to the students for punitive. The University reserves the right to change the body of knowledge. Jurisdiction for all disputes (if any) relating to the University is only/exclusively Agartala. including without limitation. assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement to a successor organization. war. if any. legislative developments. without limitation. government agencies or other entities. Arbitration shall be conducted by an arbitration tribunal consisting of a single member only. references to days. representations and understandings relative thereto. supplier delays. LEGAL ASPECTS The ICFAI University. Interpretation: The masculine. Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes and expresses the entire agreement and understanding between the University and the students of the University in reference to all matters herein referred to. decisions of the courts and governments. The University assumes no liability of any kind to any person for providing this information. India without reference to principles of conflict of laws thereof. they will not be permitted to register for the examinations or their examination result will not be released and their marksheets. embargo. Enrollment Agreement: The "Application Form for Enrollment" is the Enrollment Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) between the applicant who wishes to enroll on flexi-mode and the ICFAI University. explosion. without necessity of the students' consent. to reflect future events or circumstances. Conclusion of the Agreement: The Agreement is irrevocably concluded after the applicant signs the application form and submits it along with the required amount. career opportunities for graduates from the University. equipment or software malfunction. court decisions. Assignment: The students cannot assign this Agreement nor any part thereof the University may. communications or power failure. shall not entitle any person (including. Balance of Dues: The liability of the student to pay the balance of dues continues until the last instalment is cleared even if the student. or consequential damages. Judicial proceedings regarding any matter arising under the terms of the Agreement shall be brought in the relevant courts of Agartala. being herein merged. or labor disputes). flood. damage. Arbitration: All disputes relating to or arising out of this Agreement shall be settled by reference to arbitration only and not by recourse to the courts of law including consumer courts/fora. India. all previous discussions. evaluation system. Unless otherwise expressly provided. partnerships. The arbitration clause shall however not apply if the University and/or the authorized agent decides to prosecute any student for any criminal offences. No Obligation to Services. macro-economic. months or years. Tripura (referred to hereafter as the University) was established in 2004 through an Act of State Legislature (Tripura Act 8 of 2004). Tripura. as per the applicable Indian Law including the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act. terrorism. sabotage. The University ’s nominee shall be the ‘persona designata’ as an arbitrator. for any reason. 1956. including but not limited to dishonor of postdated cheques. Indemnity: A student agrees to indemnify. defend and hold the University harmless from and against any and all loss. civil commotion. fire. All rights reserved. promises. feminine or neuter gender and the singular or plural number shall be deemed to include the other gender or numbers where the context so indicates or requires. lost profits. This document is designed to provide the prospective students with information only. whether or not such persons rely on it and even if they inform the University of their reliance on it. physically. corporations. The University undertakes no duty to update any forward- looking statements. general market. pass certificates will not be issued. Limitation of Liability: The liability of the University towards the students is limited only to the extent of the fee paid by them. technological developments. liability and expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of any third party claim. India. rules and regulations. members) to any rights as third party beneficiary. The venue of arbitration shall be Agartala. special. electronically or otherwise. acts of God.: The University has no obligation to render any services to the student members beyond the period of validity of enrollment. Tripura (hereinafter referred to as the University). Person or persons include individuals. Force Majeure: The University shall not be liable for delay or failure in performance of any of its obligations under the Agreement when such delay or failure arises from events or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the University (including without limitation. acts or omissions of any government entity. Section headings are included for convenience only and are not to be used to construe or interpret this Agreement. Wherever students have arrears of payment. To clarify further.

900 (With Contact Classes) Rs. Students have to produce photocopies of any one of the following documents as address proof at the time of enrollment: Latest telephone (BSNL/MTNL) bill.Number (City Code) – (Area Code) . (Off.30. payable at Hyderabad) (Payment of fee by Cash is not accepted) DD Details : Name of Bank : DD No. voter ID card. driving licence. They should get their Credit Cards swiped for the required amount.__________________________ [Please (✓) tick] By Demand Draft By Credit Card * Remittance through Demand Draft (DD should be in favor of ‘IUCF A/c IUT’.4. payable at Hyderabad) (Payment of fee by Cash is not accepted) DD Details : Name of Bank : DD No.3.3. PERSONAL DETAILS Name : Mr/Ms (USE CAPITALS) (As it appears in Official Records. 3.000 (With Contact Classes) Rs. please fill item 3(II) given above). latest property tax bill. ID card issued by any authorized body with seal.72.050 (Without Contact Classes) Rs. sign and attach the merchant copy of the slip along with this Fee Remittance Form and keep the customer copy with themselves (as acknowledgement). FEE REMITTANCE Please tick ( ✓ ) Stage-wise Fee Payment Full Fee Payment Rs. ration card.): (Resi.000.4.700 (With Contact Classes) Rs. latest electricity bill.000 EMI FACILITY: Please see Page No. 1. Tripura) 4 1 0 M B A 2. They may write to the Registrar for guidance. applicants should not make any payment by cash. Underline Surname) Parent’s/Guardian’s Name : Mr/Ms Address# (USE CAPITALS) Nearest Land Mark (City) (State) (Pin) Tel. the employees of the University are not authorized to swipe their personal credit cards to pay on behalf of the applicants. (II) EMI FACILITY: INITIAL PAYMENT: Rs.10.000 (Without Contact Classes) Rs. applicants should not share their credit card information with the employees of the University.10.42. (For Initial payment of Rs. Directorate of Distance Education Foreign citizens should not apply using this Form. (i) Please tick (✓) the appropriate EMI amount Stage-wise Fee Payment Full Fee Payment Rs.60.000 [Please ( ✓ ) tick] By Demand Draft By Credit Card Remittance through Demand Draft (DD should be in favor of "IUCF A/c IUT".___________ * Applicants can make the payment through Credit Card at the respective branches. Applicants deviating from the above will be doing so at their own risk and responsibility.16 and 17 for details. Place of Issue : ________________________________ Citizenship: Indian Foreign # Proof of Address is required. under any circumstances.000 (Without Contact Classes) (I) LUMPSUM PAYMENT : Amount Rs.: Date : Amount Rs. passport. IMPORTANT: The employees of the University are not authorized to accept cash payments from the applicants.Number Fax: Mobile : (City Code) – (Area Code) – Number Date of Birth: 1 9 Date Month Year Indian Passport No.): (City Code) – (Area Code) .800 (Without Contact Classes) 21 .: Date : Amount Rs.10.000 (With Contact Classes) Rs. APPLICATION NUMBER of the MBA Program (Please refer the Application Form for Enrollment into the MBA Program of the ICFAI University. Fee Remittance Form To be submitted along with the Application Form for Enrollment into the MBA Program.

I understand that these rules are only indicative and may be modified/changed/revised and the complete list of rules and regulations as updated from time to time will be given to me on my enrollment in the form of Students Regulations Book. The relevant enclosures should be sent along with the required payments. including “Legal Aspects”. I understand that the Jurisdiction for all disputes (if any) relating to the University is only/exclusively Agartala. 01 / 15. I undertake not to countermand these cheques and also to honor all these cheques on due dates towards the EMI facility. Date : Signature of the Applicant Applicants are advised to retain a photocopy of the completed Fee Remittance Form for their records.34. I agree that I will settle the amount with the ICFAI University whether or not I continue in the Program.17) will be accepted.350 (for Stage wise fee payment) / Rs. and my financial responsibilities. the name of the applicant and the full address of the bank. 01 / 12. My signature below certifies that I have read. Sl.500 / Rs. 01 / 6. Cheque Number Cheque Date DD / MM / YYYY DD / MM / YYYY 1. 01/ 4. 01 / Total amount for which postdated cheques are enclosed : Rs. 01/ 8.Number Date of Birth: 1 9 Cell Date Month Year Place : Date : Signature of the person signing the cheques as a co-obligant 4. (Off. I understand that the Jurisdiction for all disputes (if any) relating to the University is only/exclusively Agartala. I agree that I will settle the amount with the ICFAI University whether or not the applicant continues in the Program.57. Tripura. I hereby confirm that I have signed the postdated cheques towards the payment of EMIs in relation to this Fee Remittance Form. Name : Mr / Ms (Use capitals) (As it appears in Official Records. 01 / 5.300 / Rs. 01 / 11. Tripura. DECLARATION: I have carefully read the rules and regulations as given in this Document and Application and agree to abide by the same. I am over 21. Underline Surname) S/o / D/o Occupation Mailing Address: (Use capitals) (House Number) (Street) (City) (State) (Pin) (E-mail) Tel. 01/ 7. My details are as under. 01 / 9. I hereby declare that the information provided by me below is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. please fill item no. understood and agree to the rules and regulations and my financial responsibilities.No. 22 . (ii) Seven (Stage wise fee payment) / Fifteen (Full fee payment) postdated cheques of Rs. Signature of the Applicant: ______________________________ (iii) The postdated cheques enclosed are signed by [Please tick (✓)] Me Other person (If in case of other person. I agree not to countermand and to honor all the postdated cheques enclosed by me towards the EMI facility. 01 / 13. 01 / 10. Only MICR and multi-city cheques will be accepted. I hereby declare that the information provided by me in the Application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand and I am aware of my liability as a co-obligant for EMIs of the applicant. 01 / 3. I understand that in case I withdraw from the program I will not be entitled to claim any refund of amount paid. Cheque Number Cheque Date Sl. branch with phone number should be mentioned in capital letters.No. My signature below certifies that I have read. understood and agree to the rules and regulations. I undertake not to countermand these cheques and also to honor all these cheques on due dates.) (Res. Only postdated cheques drawn on banks located in specified cities (mentioned on Page No.21.000 (for Full fee payment).(iv) given below): (iv) STATEMENT [By the person (other than the Applicant).70.) Fax (City Code) – (Area Code) – Number (City Code) – (Area Code) – Number (City Code) – (Area Code) . 01 / 2. ___________ each (A/c payee postdated cheques in favor of “IUCF A/c IUT” should be enclosed) On the back of each postdated cheque. 01 / 14. who has signed the postdated cheques in connection with this Fee Remittance Form as a Co-obligant ] I hereby confirm that I have signed the postdated cheques towards the payment of EMIs in relation to this Fee Remittance Form.