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July 2008 - July 2009

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Coffee, cakes and jellied mutants Minsk has a pleasantly romantic feel to it in summer with
hordes of young people strolling around the city hand in
Nightlife 22 hand with their lover (or a beer bottle). In particular, they
Are you ready for this? gather by the Svisloch river in vast numbers. True, it’s
not exacly Paris, but the combination of Minsk’s laidback
atmosphere and elegantly anachronistic architecture gives
the city an endearing charm. Perhaps it’s simply a lack of a
highly developed Western-style entertainment industry, but
there is certainly a lot of love in the air in Minsk.

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Honestly, Belarusian schoolchildren really do look like this.

July 2008 - July 2009

Quite simply, there is nowhere like Belarus. For
many Westerners it’s a pariah state presided over Europe In Your Pocket
by the much-vilified You-Know-Who, while Minsk
is little more than a quirky reminder of the Soviet
Union in its pompous prime. But for those who
actually bother to go and see it for themselves,
Minsk is a surpsingly charming, calm, clean and
safe city. Locals talk freely and frankly about
You-Know-Who with either contempt or affection,
largely depending on their situation and income.
But most take a genuine pride in their city which,
it must be remembered, was built out of the
total devastation of WWII. Minsk now serves as
an almost unparalleled monument to the more
grandiose aspirations of Soviet architecture
and urban planning. The city centre’s spacious,
pedestrian-friendly streets and ornate facades are
truly impressive at times. There is not a great deal
to do in terms of sightseeing compared with most
European capitals. A few days, or a week at most,
should suffice to get the best out of the city. Minsk is
more a place to stroll around and soak up the unique
atmosphere. In keeping with the rest of Europe,
prices continue to rise sharply, notably with fuel and
food, meaning the prices listed here will probably be
Like dominoes the capitals of the Balkans are
out of date before long. That said, you’ll still feel like
falling in the wake of In Your Pocket’s onward
a tycoon with so many roubles in your pocket. march. After Athens - launched in April - Belgra-
de and Ljubljana have been quick to surrender,
Cover story and new guides to Sarajevo and Mostar are in
the works. Add in new editions of the Tirana,
As our cover shows, Minsk is a Skopje, Pristina and Podgorica guides, and
seriously clean city. But beyond the you have a full set.
carefully controlled veneer of calm Elsewhere arround the Pocket Empire there are
and respectability, we are happy to new annual guides in Parnu and Tartu (Estonia),
say Minsk has become much more
tourist-friendly. Menus are increas-
Kaunas and Klaipėda (Lithuania), while Poland’s
ingly in English (and occasionally top mountain resort Zakopane now has its own
German), bureaucratic procedures mini-guide. Look out for lots more new In Your
are less stringent and a real tourism Pocket mini-guides in a number of European cities
infrastructure is emerging. Uraaa! this summer.

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and certainly less fraught with danger than in some of involuntary tic. passport and keep it with you. Petrol stations Belarus has a state monopoly on petrol. leave your passport with which means the price and quality are roughly halfway between reception. leaving the far less conve- as long as everything is in order. One copy will be kept to pay a small toll for using the Brest-Minsk highway (M1). Long queues. The Eastern rited officials with big guns. the USA these days. and requires you to pen-in your highway. be sure you have a pen with you and something sure you have the money in cash (US dollars. It’s also served by the metro which is a cheap and efficient alternative. There is a risk of receiving on-the-spot ‘fines’ from traffic police so stay within the speed limits. When you arrive at your hotel. Tuck the other one in your which ranges from US$1 for private cars to US$15 for lorries. We think one of the Driving in Belarus is generally much better than it used to border guards even smiled. While crossing the border you will have to fill out an entry Another hindrance to foreigners is the fact that signs and card (although it’s really just a flimsy photocopied sheet). dark looks from mean-spi. and they will ‘register’ you. Russian to write on (the back of a paperback book. from Russia. the back of a roubles). got your shiny new Belarus By bus visa in your passport (complete with dinky hologram) and The conveniently located Central Bus Station is temporarily should be able to enter Belarus without too much fuss just closed for major renovation work. state-of-the art stations where you get it back that second-half of the form you filled in at unleaded petrol is freely available and Euros and Dollars are the border will have been stamped ready to ensure your accepted with smiles . the have to leave your passport for 24 hours or so. incomprehensible forms. Euros. and involves multiple stops so a taxi is the best bet. You will probably those in Russia and Western Europe.. legendary for its length. but there could be sporadic checks. but they smooth exit from Belarus. It’s far easier to get into Belarus than. okay. At the border you will have to fill out a declaration on your with). We’re happy to say. however. On the bright side. Minsk In Your Pocket . etc) when you cross the border. Arriving in minsk Traffic simply isn’t a problem when roads have eight lanes. that things have vastly improved over the last couple of years. In general speeding is not a problem although there details including passport and visa numbers. and your is the occasional maniac in a blacked-out BMW to look out host (the hotel where you will stay or person you will stay for. Getting to town Taking a bus to the city centre is complicated downright cruelty. Moskovsky bus station is 11km from were the nightmarish norm. maybe not smiles. call 116. Independence Square with a taxi costing about US$10. You’ll have You have to fill out the form twice. and when highways are lined with shiny. its EU neighbours. complexity and. In the event of motor trouble. in some cases. at the border as you enter. say. although it could have been an be.. you’ve paid your money. but be and easy. Both stations have Getting into Belarus used to be a process that was lockers for luggage. So. There may not be controls at the border coming in friend’s head. street markers are in Belarusian except on the Brest-MInsk The form is in English. To make things smooth car and buy Belarusian auto insurance which is cheap. We certainly By car had no problems at the border at all. All the questions are clear. nient Eastern (Vostochniy) bus station and Moscovsky bus station to deal with international buses. and Bus Station is 15km from Independence Square with a taxi rigorous (occasionally rubber-gloved ) customs searches costing around US$10-13. accept them. and other basic facilties.

attached to the Yubileynaya Hotel. A currency exchange booth can be found at the top of the 1 od´in escalator. head to the post office on the third floor. go for one of the yellow. Morning ранiца утро ´utro Mickey Mouse Club membership card – pretty much Evening вечар вечер ´vecher anything slightly official looking with a name and photo will do. city centre Minsk 1. 4 che ´tyre Getting to Town The station is in the centre of town.16:45. Naturally. They will it all the warmth of an abandoned hockey arena. Police and military personnel Wednesday Серада Среда sre´da seem to be everywhere always. on the second floor (open 09:00 . this box-shaped but it won’t be easy .July 2009 . Fri 09:00 . 13:45 . Otherwise. your chances of bargaining the price downward are better. tel. long distance phone service. Arriving in minsk  Tourist information Travel talk Tourist Information B-1. Don’t go by the meter or you’ll end up paying A currency exchange and café are the only services. usually Let them have their fun. 35-40 for the hour-long ride to the city. but you’ll still have to pay US$ where everyone else lands.13:00. the police are from the city limits. but runs infrequently. Bus Аутобус Автобус av´tobus Station аутавакзал автовокзал avtovok´zal Ticket бiлет билет bi´let Cop a lot Taxi Today таксi сення такси сегодня ta´ksi se´vodnia Tomorrow заутра завтра ´zaftra One thing you will notice immediately upon arrival in Minsk Monday Панядзелак Понедельник pone´del’nik is that there are rather a lot of people wearing uniforms Tuesday Ауторак Вторник f´tornik and carrying guns and sticks. you end up on the ground-floor the photo. It was completely remodelled in 2005 to give only likely to approach you out of utter boredom. so walking 5 p’iat’ could be an option.00. (See Public 8 ´vosem’ transport for instructions on how to use it). arrivals hall. Find public telephones accepting chip cards on the 2 dva ground floor and in the basement.00 . Sun. The gleaming new Minsk train station is a tribute to the modernity of Belarus. For public telephones.18:00. head to the basement level and 6 shest’ follow the underground passage. The currency exchange. Police will understand that you may have left your passport with the hotel for registration purposes. 10 ´desiat’ many of these are waiting to bilk you (though it probably won’t be More ´bol’she by a horrible amount). Buy a ticket on board for 6500BYR. Train цягнiк поезд poiezd Naturally it’s closed on weekends. more. which Getting to Town Bus N°100 will take you to the centre (it costs around 650BYR . when tourists might Train чыгуначны железно. directly opposite. Those machines that look like ATMs in the arrivals hall aren’t ATMs. This can be a bit discon. Passport. Looking very much like a Stalin-era bath house. and proof that no matter how much money you spend. They’ve already sorted out all the operates when flights arrive. heads down Prospekt Nezavisimosti). state- Less ´men’she run taxis or a private one with 107. which Getting to Town The taxi racket that used to fix prices here only handles a few flights. Open 09:00 Station вакзал дорожный rozhnyi . pronunciation The only thing Minsk has that’s remotely like a tourist To у / да в/к v/k information office is a counter run by the state tourist From з / ад из / от iz / ot agency. Minsk 2 Unless you’ve been doing something very naughty. Otherwise you can 9 ´deviat’ take one of the taxis parked in the immediate area. 13:30 . next to departure By plane gate 1. 13:45 . the structure 3km south of the centre hardly qualifies as an airport. and if you follow the pictographic signs. 157 or 184 displayed on the car. Closed Sun. and the larger. Be sure they turn on the meter. Belintourist. The most exciting authority action that you Saturday Суббота Суббота su´bota are likely to experience is that you will be approached and Sunday Нядзеля Воскресенье voskre´sen’ie asked to show your documents. but don’t worry – they’re probably not going Friday Пятнiца Пятница ´piatnitsa to shoot you. July 2008 . you shouldn’t get English Russian pronunciation lost. zheleznodo´ come. QOpen 09. and twaddle off to find someone else to annoy. Once you go look at your ID. next chump will. A real ATM is inconveniently located on the third floor.13:00. farther Minsk 2. drivers licence. Prospekt Pobediteley English Belarusian Russian Russian 19 (Проспект Победителей 19). If you speak Russian. It does have the welcoming look of a shopping mall though. is located 42km as taking photos of the President’s Palace. To be safe. Minsk 2. Minsk has two airports: The tiny. Taxis outside may or may not be reliable. Minsk 1 Otherwise you can resort to haggling with a pen and paper.18.20:00). head to the larger one crime and. 24hr left luggage room. See ‘taxis’ in the Getting around section for details on how to By train spot which is which. Thursday Чацвер Четверг chet´verg certing at first. such The city’s main international airport. inter- net and post. 152.13:00. inwardly chuckle at how dorky you look in through the usual customs torture.if you don’t want to pay that price. вокзал vok´zal Closed Sat. The basement also contains 3 tri public toilets and a large. which eventualy leads to the 7 sem’ entrance of the Ploschad Nezavismosti metro station. Your only alternative is to catch the airport bus. 226 99 00. well… there’s just not much left to do. you can still come up with something just as chaotic as the old Numbers train station. has thankfully been broken. Otherwise.

Minsk In Your Pocket . Driving Driving in Belarus is generally a smooth experience. at least on Bargains the major roads. Basics  The Minsk Customs The rules for what you can bring into and out of Belarus get telephone code is +375 17 more complicated the more officials you ask. The border with Russia. antiques or any works of art without nation that many people have never heard of. anyone would take alcohol into this paradise of cheap vodka dazzle still sparkles all over the city on that day every year. 50Hz. beware of icy roads in the winter. Pay attention to your booze – each extra litre dence was won in 1945. are fairly expensive here. but there are big murals of cosmonauts on the Demonstrations sides of buildings. demonstrations have at times been met with swinging truncheons or worse. even of the mood if you happen to be near one. tobacco (if you’re over 18). If you were hoping for a dirt-cheap tourist destination. seatbelts are mandatory and there’s in taxis without breaking the bank. Kids under 12 have Belarus are still fairly cheap. an adaptor works Expect to spend lots of time shouting at people through very far better than brute force. When leaving. At most borders. and of alcohol you try to bring in will be taxed €20.502km. nobody bothered to in Belarus within the previous two years are restricted to a tell the Belarusians. presumably crammed into the pockets of your leather Belarus has been proudly Soviet since the day indepen. Unforgetable? Certainly. officials who welcome you to their country with all the charm of a prison guard. which affairs where young people hold up signs while the police look is more like 1964. vodka and caviar.959km. 5 pieces of jewellery. That said. so be aware As such. buses 60-70-90km/h. the cash. Having said that. while better than the stuff in Russia. so our advice is to keep your personal cargo straightforward and minimal to avoid surprises. you’re about a decade late and a rouble short. okay? Just to remind you. ready and willing to take or at least threatened on the west side. centre of Minsk. That jams thanks to some large-scale urban planning. more interestingly. For many visitors. after which which arrive by way of Moscow. The states looking for any chance to do it harm. style sockets can still be found. quality of the fuel. many of from the US or EU is valid in Belarus for six months. Nearly all sockets are now the standard. and barring lightning strikes. According to the Belarusian embassy in Vilnius. painstaking document checks and twice before poisoning your S-class. motorcycles 60-90-90km/h in towns. Not bad for a landlocked little trying to take out icons. For these. trousers). tax free: US$3. It comes in 92. the KGB European two-pin variety. Or at least that’s what you’d think given maximum speed of 70km/h on highways and country roads. 95 and diesel. Your licence are pirate CDs. particularly the Stalin-era city The electricity is 220V AC. 200 cigarettes or 200g of thrumming capital of the tractor-factory republic of Belarus. In Belarus said. Poland . is comparatively lax. on threateningly. Most of these gatherings are peaceful around. you have to apply for a Belarusian licence. which are in good condition and wonderfully free of cars. non-residents can bring in. 2 litres of strong alcohol. with whom Belarus Speed Limits has much closer relations. Minsk may lack sparkly beaches or big-mountain back- drops. Belarus has never hosted the Olympics gold and 5kg of silver. as fun though – much enterprise is state-owned. thorough quite up to Western standards. Not all the holdovers from that period are it’s fairly stable. though some of the smaller. The The roads in Minsk are excellent and mercifully free of traffic days of partying all night for US$10 are long gone.000 in A jolly big involuntary hooray for glorious little Minsk. Lithuania The state-owned petrol monopoly has done a lot in recent . compared to most European countries. Unmissable? Maybe not. and you can certainly get around to stay in the back seats. as you may find out when you try small holes in very large windows. but did host some preliminary and quarter-final football games Anecdotal evidence also suggests that you should avoid for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. All vehicles must drive no faster than 20km/h in small villages.605km. downtown Minsk – not surprising since the government thing from Fifi The Clown’s knickers draw and some of the clamps down on every other means the opposition has of cleanest crime-free streets you could ever hope to strut reaching the public. Soviet razzle. isn’t this paranoia can translate into long queues. a glimpse of a totally different ideology in operation. As is a mystery. to take the plug back out again. the abundance of Lenin statues and other Soviet-style flash that still decorates public squares throughout the country. May she continue polishing and brandishing her hammers. by evil capitalist your dollars and Euros. the proper paperwork. a flag that looks like some. this back-in-the-USSR panache is a big Electricity part of Belarus’s charm. 3 pieces of leather clothing and 4 tyres (which you’ve sickles. well. and the occasional reckless driver. though why don’t you forget it. so your bling-bling should be okay. 1 watch. Western imports. a visit to Minsk is a bit of a time-warp and. some statues of Lenin. Drivers who have passed their test When the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991. potholes on rural roads. new stations. a library like a big Dungeons & Dragons Demonstrations have become a fairly regular feature in dice. so you may want to think luggage searches. restaurants in you drive on the right. Other bargains to watch for a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. It’s all a bit 1984.891km). Borders Filling up Belarus sees itself as surrounded (Latvia . That was May 9. Russia . a process that’s said to be fairly uncomplicated. and pass on the left. sorry. Speed Limits Cars 60-90-110km/h. Soviet- still harasses the population and bureaucracy is rampant. by the way. except for its appearance. you can take out up to 500g of for the Olympics. Ukraine .141km. red stars and Olympic rings for many years to come. country roads and Communism highways respectively. years to install shiny.

Don’t automatically vegetables. 10. Kyrgystan. the biggest health concern is the no confusion. Georgia. and at this point. 50. very pointedly. however. and thanks Floors to clever coordination with most hotel receptions. you have three working days to get your (abbreviated BYR) is now fairly stable. Macedonia. Prostitution Though it is less rampant than it was just a few years ago. Moldova. Hotels will do this for you. Take precautions or you might end up bringing home a very unpleasant souvenir. Ж marks the tap water. you may want to limit Toilets the time you spend in the southeast corner of the country. Visas Language Pretty much everyone needs a visa to enter Belarus. M marks the Gents’ room. street signs and metro stations are all posted in supplied by your nearest Belarusian embassy or consulate. So The recommended practice. Poland. Europe. dictatorship just wouldn’t be as fun. dairy products and the like. Cuba. nobody can say whether it will actually ever happen. you from previous months. but in practice. Nearly all will work with MasterCard. a mix of Russian and Belarusian. Sticking to the bottled stuff is the wisest course of action. they sometimes phone foreign guests late at night to offer their Belarusians consider the ground floor to be the first floor. only give you this option). 500. If you don’t register. Russia. a language that few people here speak.000. so long as you avoid locally produced of foulness they were a few years ago. In theory. Without them. The visas are though. you’ll have to register at your local OVIR US$1 = 2. We found Belarus’ boys in blue surprisingly helpful when it came to giving directions. Short visits (a few days) they’ve come a long way from the nightmarish chambers won’t harm you though. life. The exceptions are nationals of Armenia. Public toilets and those in restaurants. Russian and Belarusian both enjoy official status here. Health Unless you packed your lead underwear.000. In early 2008. Russian is by far the dominant language of daily North Korea. €1 = 3. but instead to go through a travel agency people in the countryside. For expect them to have toilet paper though. mainly thanks to strict visa registered. Police What’s the main ingredient of any police state? Police. services. though hard to find elsewhere. etc. 20 and 10 rouble varieties. It’s not uncommon to see these denizens of the night hanging around certain parts of downtown. particularly in Minsk. and saves you a can also be heard. some consulates and. Ukraine. although don’t expect them to speak English. the exchange rates were staying in a hotel.000. Uzbekistan and Vietnam. We recommend getting your visa before you arrive. and rates differ very little. in Minsk. US$40 . Mongolia. Trasyanka. not to mention the nearly worthless 100. 50. Just to keep things interesting Tajikistan.000. but Kazakhstan. Hotel prices listed in this guide (and those published by most hotels) are given in US dollars. mushrooms. you may hear of plans to bring Belarus into the Russian rouble zone. Keep in mind that AIDS is widespread in this part of and so on. the Belarusian rouble Once in the country. Finally. in reality. but if you’re not government controls. it’s also possible to get a visa on arrival at the Minsk 2 airport if you have an Money invitation with you. to put it mildly. particularly Stars are a recurring motif in Minsk. After years of hyper-inflation.July 2009 . July 2008 . Basics  of 100. 5. 1. Belarus supposedly has one of the highest ratios of police to citizens in the world. of course. The procedure usually costs around In rural areas. is not to deal with the who actually knows this mysterious other language? Some embassy directly.300BYR with very little fluctuation (Office of Visas and Registration). members of the intelligentsia that specialises in Belarusian visas (in fact. major headache into the bargain.80 for a single entry tourist visa. 20. Most hotels and the more modern restaurants accept credit cards. Serbia and Montenegro. it’s an expensive and risky option. Exchange offices dealing in major currencies can easily be found in the downtown area. Just so there’s those everywhere else. Coins aren’t used at all. Belarusian. but still covers much of the landscape. those involved in opposition politics. but you may have to hunt a bit to find one that will work with Visa.000.000. These have been postponed again and again. Though many visitors drink it without problems. it’s very capable of causing stomach problems. Banknotes come in denominations could have problems when you’re trying to leave the country. ATMs are also common on the main downtown streets.136BYR. prostitution is a very visible part of life in Belarus. And you most certainly do not want to get on the wrong side of them. are still This is where radiation from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster generally not as clean as those in Western Europe. but cash payments are always made in the local currency. Ladies’.

Jun 22 German troops enter Belarus (to change) as Minsk quickly developes into one of the and soon overrun Minsk. are shot at Kurapaty before 1941. don’t be shy. Jan 1 Foundation of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR). 1946 which grew to include present-day Belarus and become the Belarus becomes a founding member of the UN. the Hitler-Stalin pact Western Belarus is reunited with the The name allegedly derives from the Slavic verb “meniat” rest of Belarus. 16th century 1569 Foundation of the Polish-Lithuanian 1974. Minsk becomes the administrative centre. 1944. Enjoy! by the Belarusian Air Force when their hot air balloon is shot down during an international race. During the “Great Patriotic War” commercial centres of Eastern Europe. The friendly city 1992 May 20 Belarus introduces its own coupons to replace the Soviet rouble. November 1-2 Dzyady (Remembrance Day) November 7 Revolution Day 10th century 980AD Prince Rogvold begins a reign of the December 25 Catholic & Protestant Christmas Polotsk region in what is now northern Belarus. Independence & Beyond 20th century 1918. Apr 26 The fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear 17th century 1772-1793-1795 After the third partition power plant explodes in neighbouring Ukraine. Sep 12 Two American balloonists are killed you go. the return of old Belarusian Soviet insignia As for socialising. Ukraine. Belarus and Transcaucasia form the after the collapse of the hardline putsch in Moscow. and the president being granted more power over So. On June 1 Belarus leaves the The people in Minsk are some of the friendliest you are rouble zone. the whole of Belarus is incorporated into the of Belarusian territory. Minsk In Your Pocket . 1937 Stalin’s Leaders of Russia. likely to come across in your travels. Sep 17 Under 11th century 1067 First mention of Menesk (Minsk). Dec 1991 Aug 25 Declaration of Independence adopted hastily 31 Russia. Lee Harvey Oswald. pro-Russia platform. 80% of the votes. Kennedy. and so on. Russian tsarist administrative system. 1939. Minsk becomes the regional capital. winning door. July 3 Minsk is liberated by the Red Army. 1986. Not that we speak from experience. “Hero City” for its sufferings in World War II and speedy 1588 Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. About 250. 12th century Formation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Even the once-infamous border crossing is to Russian becoming an official state language alongside less hostile. alleged assassin of US President John F. and someone will former collective farm boss Alexander Lukashenko is elected promptly be on hand to suggest that you ought to use the president on an anti-corruption. one out of every three Belarusian inhabitants is killed and 90% of Minsk destroyed.10 History National holidays January 1 New Year’s Day January 7 Orthodox Christmas March 8 International Women’s Day March 15 Constitution Day March 12-13 Catholic & Protestant Easter (2009) April 19 Orthodox Easter (2008) May 1 Labour Day May 9 Victory Day July 3 Independence Day October 14 Mothers’s Day (2008) Yet another fine hammer and sickle. is proclaimed for the first time. sickle). 1919. 1961 largest state in Europe by the 15th century. 1918. reconstruction. June 23 In the first free presidential elections to enter a shop through its window. If there is a place with grumpy 1995 May 14 First free parliamentary elections coupled with people and bad service. it’s very easy in Minsk. Belarusian. of course. they are generally very obliging. All you have to do is stand on a street corner and look a bit confused and 1994 March 15 The Supreme Soviet adopts a new some friendly local will probably offer to assist you. read signs. use the Metro are closed. The first written record of the Belarusian state. June 16 Minsk is awarded the Soviet title of Commonwealth. Try constitution. While few waitstaff speak English. All you have to say is ‘hello’ and away the parliament. March 9 In the chaos of the Bolshevik revolution. Dec The first major crackdown on the Many younger people speak English and will be happy to press occurs as two newspapers critical of the president give directions. Many locals including the Soviet Republic flag (without the hammer and are still delighted and interested to talk to foreigners. Ukraine and Belarus sign an agreement purges decapitate the intelligentsia. Belarus ceases to exist as a national entity. take photos. where he meets his wife Marina. lives in Minsk. Dec 8 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).000 people to form the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). polluting 23% of Poland. March 25 The independence of Belarus free state”. nuclear- occupation. 1941. we just couldn’t find it. 1922. And we a national referendum: Over 75% of the electorate say ‘yes’ really tried. an ephemeral Belarusian Popular Republic is 1990 July 27 A Declaration of Sovereignty adopted by the declared while the country is still under German-Austrian newly-elected Supreme Soviet creates a “neutral.

June The national flag and 2006 elections. Having provided US$13 Dec Russia raises the price of gas exported to Belarus. emblem adopted in 1991 is officially scrapped in favour of the old Soviet-style flag and emblem without the hammer 2006 March Lukashenko scores a third presidential term and sickle.6km2 years in jail for alleged theft of office equipment. it is triggering a tiff between the two allies that would run until now ordered to pay US$ 3 million in fines. Europe’s July 5 Belarus loses its right to vote in the Council of Europe main election monitoring body. Daylight Saving Time (GMT+3hrs) is parties selects Physics professor Aleksander Milinkevish in effect from the last Sunday of March until the last to run against Lukashenko in 2006 elections. containing 12. its charitable organisation status.2.11. lev 362. with 83% of the vote in an election that the OSCE.1. Nov 28 The president signs his Protests over the elections are met with police resistance. Ukrainian . including presidential candidate years to seven. the Dnieper rises in the Valdai Hills stays in effect until the following April.000. making such a political union between Russia and Belarus. Council.81. Belarus is in the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT+2hrs).000. Turkey between the two countries. Dec Largest lake Opposition politician Mikhail Marinich is sentenced to five Narach 79. Grodno 312. and 1997 Apr 29 The Soros Foundation is accused of violating freezes their assets in the EU. building relations putting it in line with Finland.000 reportedly having garnered 75. Russian . Belarus.2%. The treaty goes into effect 2007 May Belarus loses a bid to join the UN’s Human Rights on June 11. Two years later KGB agents May Eleven US diplomats expelled from the country.July 2009 .285km through Russia.3. The elections are widely condemned by Western observers and opposition Ethnic composition (Belarus) as neither free nor fair. and Ukraine. new constitution that extends his term of office from five Opposition leaders. Lukashenko steps in and seat on the UN Human Rights Council. The EU imposes a travel ban on Lukashenko and many of his aides. are arrested and jailed. after failing to pay its dues. November Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin sign an agreement to introduce a Population single currency by 2008. Russia shuts off an export pipeline that its operations in Belarus. would penalize anyone who makes statements that would Boris Yeltsin formally sign a controversial treaty calling for discredit Belarus in the international arena. Basic principles include The reliance on Russian energy is seriously questioned ensuring press freedoms. for political parties and opposition organizations and inviolability of private property. Dec 20 Sunday of October. paving the way for him to run again in 2006 elections.000. 2000 Oct Parliamentary elections held. Mogi- 2001 Sep 9 Lukashenko is elected for a second term.6% of the votes. The ban rivers in Europe. May 24 Russia and Belarus passes through Belrarus and carries energy to Europe. Belarus 9. Highest point 2005 August Diplomatic row with Poland after members of Lysaya Gara (bald mountain) 365m Belarus’ ethnic Polish community organisations are arrested and prevented from meeting. end to Lukashenko’s rule. already generated large demonstrations in Minsk. Others . new law cracks down hard on Internet news reporting. or Dnyapro). schools and libraries. Polish . lakes. Oct 30 A mass grave from the World War II era. Voter turnout is so low in 13 constituencies that re-run elections have to be held Basic data the following March.000 rejects it. June A speak on videotape. of Russia. A congress of opposition and South Africa.800. May Belarus fails in its bid to win a causing the currency to collapse.9%. Brest 296.000. 1999 Sep Opposition figures Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly 2008 Krasovsky are shot to death. March Police clash with protesters in Minsk as 1998 March An economic crisis begins after the Russian thousands of opposition supporters hold a rally calling for an Central Bank suspends trading in the Belarusian rouble.4%. the Baltic States. History 11 1996 Apr 2 Lukashenko and his Russian counterpart. million to Belarusian hospitals. Dec 27 Belarus will have to build a nuclear power station in order to The president shuts down the only opposition newspaper. 2002 Aug Russia makes proposals for a union treaty that Territory would essentially annex Belarus into Russia. Aleksander Kozulin. before finally emptying into the 2004 Oct 17 In another highly suspect referendum. and flows south 2. most opposition candidates are barred from running. admitting the murder. guaranteeing free activities by Europe. is discovered at Slutsk.729. One of the longest on Lukashenko and several government ministers. 1997. later than previous agreements.600km2. Lukashenko gets presidential term limits scrapped. which The move is seen as an attempt to thwart opposition in the increase after the signing. sign a new unification deal. Black Sea. labelled as “severely flawed”.000.4%. Human rights groups praise the UN’s deciscion to omit Belarus. amidst accusations they were Local time plotting to overthrow the Belarusian government. with about 11. Minsk 1. Vitebsk 351. Nov Belarus’ poor human rights record and its banning of the Longest river OSCE prompt the US and 14 EU states to impose travel ban Dnieper (aka Dnipro. worsening the situation. Oct President Lukashenko visits China.1%.000 bodies. Oct Lukashenko says takes control of commercial banks. The idea has statements punishable with jail terms of up to two years.100. Belarusian . Fertile lowland. Lukashenko 207. In Sep it closes mid-Jan 2007. Lukashenko signs an amendment to the criminal code that July 2008 . meet its energy needs. Gomel 492.

HAUKD Minsk In Your Pocket . pool. Graduate wanted to book a naughty weekend in Minsk with PJHAFLKCW Mrs.hoteleurope. while the impressive facilities Breakfast included. www. M Ploschad Nezavisimosti (Площадь and outstanding facilities. or maybe both at once) this would be the place. no doubt put up many a visiting head of state and megalo. Q 18 rooms (13 its private lift and sauna. but the sleeping-district location isn’t.12 Where to stay Accommodation is usually the biggest budget-buster in this otherwise reasonably cheap city. which include a swimming pool. brand- and Exchange set up this spiffing hotel and conference centre. Gazety Minsk’s newest hotels (opened in July 2007).by. 200 53 54. level of service is Until you step out the door.ibb. 7 twins €353. www. Hotel D’Europe also boasts some of the best views to be Victoria (Виктория) G-2. 328 69 00. Robinson (or her daughter. club room €289. and superbly located five-star Hotel D’Europe is one of doubles US $109).juravinka. The newly opened Other facilities include a fitness and sauna centre (weights. but all have satellite television. is the last word in luxury and will singles US$190. 270 39 95. cent Independence Square. MOktyabraskaya minibar. still in Minsk? This grand hotel with stylish subdued marble in standard doubles €260. with some having a very modern-art-minimalist suites US$225-570). POJHAFLKCW could have you believing that you are in any western city. deluxe rooms €300 the foyer and classy coffee-and-cream decor in all the rooms -340. Yanki Kupaly 25 call late at night offering you some ‘company’. spanking new furniture and swish bathrooms. which has seething with envy. and it’s edible. Prospekt Pobediteley 59 had in Minsk. ibb@ibb. Standard rooms are also well furnished and equipped and come quite reasonably priced by Western Minsk(Минск) D-1. It can feel a bit 1980s. The relations person who will help you with just about anything. doubles $215. Luckily things are changing. ness centre. Upmarket decadent Westerners welcome! For luxury and 8 austere. it’s nowhere near that Germany has more to offer than BMWs with blacked-out the centre of town. tel. fit. business centre and a helpful English-speaking guest a towering painting of Minsk in a quasi-historic style. Q 67 rooms: 13 singles €265. but it proudly Pravda 11 (Газеты Правда 11). MPloschad Nezavisimosti Its single and double rooms are comfy affairs. 45 doubles US$185. sometimes K Restaurant J Central location even one with up-to-date furnishings. Kirova 13 (Кирова 13).by. business centre and glitzy nightclub. and if you shop around a fax 209 99 111. triples $390-450. you can usually R LAN connection G Non-smoking rooms find a reasonable deal on a decent room. The two-floor Presidential Suite. tel. tel. but that’s futuristic in Minsk. minibar. you can dip into the realm of chain sets new standards which will have some of its rivals the surreal by booking the presidential suite. As if to demonstrate but also very opulent. Независимости). If the €526. suites 270 .1075). www. Thankfully taxis in Minsk are D Sauna C Swimming pool also quite cheap. cigarette-burned hovel. Q Standard singles € 204 88 44. Don’t be surprised if you get a phone Juravinka (Журавинка) B-2. with its own glass-covered swimming pool. Are we ensure it is regularly booked out. 1 suite US$1200). €310.hotel-victoria. 35 rooms (singles US$79. The lovely atrium-like lobby includes saunas). green bubbling vat and both Turkish and Finnish style Minsk’s finest hotels. The attached Westfalia restaurant is a big plus. 1presedential suite €1. Nezavisimosti 11 (Независимости standards. especially in the larger hotels. business centre. It might be one of nungsstätte) not on the map-close to J-1. Another problem is the dis- criminatory pricing system which sees foreigners charged T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled twice as much as Belarusians and CIS residents for the F Fitness centre L Guarded parking same shabby. www. fax 200 come with an unheard-of bonus: adjustable climate control. Very time-trippy. info@ rooms are worth considering for having even larger beds. fax 227 55 42. The ‘superior’ (Октябрьская).by. 28 (Интернациональная. Minsk’s first international hotel If you have money to burn. 270 39 94. bright and somehow both stylish and rooms (115 singles US$145-165. the German Association for International Education you’ll be happy with flat-screen televisions. Some rooms have views of the adja- Hotel D’Europe (Европа) С-2. Q258 rooms (singles $165 include a well-equipped fitness centre and swimming . I Fireplace W Wireless Internet access We’ve listed prices here in US dollars. tel. should hotelminsk@pmrb.inyourpocket. business and recreation complex is a tough one to beat. It would also be the place for his IBB (Internationale Bildungs-und Begeg. father and her husband to do business. hoteleurope. fax 229 83 34. www. The Crowne Plaza’s convenient downtown location 11). this small but smart downtown hotel attached to the Juravinka Crown Plaza Minsk (Краун Плаза Минск) D-2. (Янки Купалы 25). Q 169 The rooms are clean. 11 doubles (Победителей 59). Another local nuance you should be aware of is the prevalence of prostitutes. www. 4 doubles US$270. 1 apartment €588. fax glistens with exciting late-60’s décor. Spoiled.hotelminsk. 229 83 39.150. Prices can be Symbol key truly out-of-whack: people often end up paying an arm and a leg for a room that hasn’t been renovated since P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted Brezhnev’s time. windows.PHAFLGKDCW theme to them. PJAFLK maniacal pop star. 80 60. underground parking and five bars HJARFLGKD in which to unwind and sample some of the local tipples. fax 204 88 33. Internatsionalnaya.185. But if you want to hide in your room. and even (Площадь Независимости). air conditioning and nice firm beds. but in almost all cases hotels only accept payment in Belarusian roubles X Smoking section or by credit card. spa. Part of the problem is the state’s near O Casino H Conference facilities monopoly on the industry. 9 suites office@hotel-victoria. 28).cpminsk. 209 90 78. 25 deluxe rooms €465. tel. The cheaper places tend to be out of the centre. contacts@juravinka.

They seem to have Minsk confused with the Mediter- doubles US$ 252 39 33/ 257 restaurant’. aerobics bunnies and muscle-heads. beige and … oh. reservation@orbita-hotel.orbita-hotel. They could just as well call it 40 Years of Tackiness. 19 suites US$153-243). www. of mint green here and there to stop guests dying of visual 2 apartmentsUS$500). 209 76 93/ 209 76 50. 294 79 63. and the ideal place for accountants. which looks exactly like a mafia hangout from an 80s action film. MKupalovskaya (Купаловская). and thanks for having me’.hotelplaneta. 5 apartments ranean. The décor in the country with its own gym and sauna. One the other hand. Q311 rooms (101 singles smoke odour that couldn’t be identified. fax 227 33 14. Opened in 2005. Q clickandbuy 230 rooms (119 singles US$59-92. 56 doubles US$67-122. bidets and a strange common area with sofas and UV lights. Cheaper rooms are shabby with no TV. (Энгельса 13). everything is comfortable and the hotel comes with a good range of services. info@ business rooms to the most expensive hotel room in the hotelyubileiny.July 2009 . It’s a good compromise between not-very-central location and not-very- www. Azgura 3 (Азгура 3). 131 by. Renovation is on-going. the hotel will be Lounging around town. It’s a bit trippy and will require a trip on the efficient metro to get excuse cosmic princesses or whatever. Sadly. it offers rooms of various quality (hence the strange price structure). 38 suitesUS$170-300. Apartments have spa baths. or bump into bath. 30 doubles US$120). tel. I just yawned … grey. www. while you can. with tiling installed by drunken 203 85 87/ 226 78 53. 14 74. 39 suitesUS$120-150. FKDC the future was supposed to look like in 1962. MPloshyad Pobedy (Площадь Победы). droids. Breakfast isn’t served. Q18 rooms (7 singles US$60. Come here to meet George Jetson. 203 09 58/ 203 58 18. Q200 rooms (41 singles me. Basic rooms have lots of brown. expensive price. high-quality rooms. demolished at some point in the near future to make way for an ambitious new four-tower hotel and business centre Planeta (Планета) G-2. Where to stay 13 Mid-range 40 Let Pobedy (40 лет Победы) H-4. but you can buy something in the cheap lobby café.hotelyubileiny. but it Yubileynaya (Юбилейная) B-1. leading to a baffling array of quality tel. The interior also letter from the then President Bill Clinton saying ‘gosh it was dates from that era. Other features include in case you ladies want to go for that classic 1980s rocker a Swedish business centre. info@ hotel-belarus. it might just get tackier as the years march on. with dark corridors and a mysterious nice. Q103 rooms (45 singles (Амураторская 4). tel. Q520 rooms: 258 singles US$70-125. humanoids. clean and tidy basic (Победителей 19). 140 doublesUS$85-137. A perfect example of levels. Pobediteley 19 offers a range of rooms from fair-value. www. relatively central location and spa with jet-setting rock stars and crime lords. gift shop. Looming over the Svisloch like an enormous concrete bat. OHALKD and wallpaper with weird swirly flower patterns. fax 226 91 71. but this place isn’t quite that old and the way things are going. That said. even a slob with a beer gut or an In Your 14 20.ufontana. tourist agency and even a hairdresser the advertised three-star standard. 24 suitesUS$190-200. Stor ozhevskaya 15 (Сторожевская 15). a HJALK healthy refuge in this vodka and potato pancake culture. rub shoulder pads sparkling. Tattoos and other ‘professional’ services available in the lobby. 84 doubles US$82-96. Economy class rooms are done up in Soviet Ghastly. in-room fridge. The ‘posh’ rooms have a splash US$76-91. But while it’s a bit dreary. Paranoids will appreciate the well-guarded downtown location right U Fontana (У фонтана) H-2. Amuratorskaya 4 next to the president’s while the recently renovated rooms seem to have been attacked by a flock of flouncy Italians Oktyabrskaya (Октябрьская) C-2. In a building that could easily be mistaken for another apartment block. 83 doubles US$79-118. tel. tel. 6 there’s plenty of closet space. tel. but most are easily above billiard bar. 9 doubles US$ It even has its own ‘sports MPushkinskaya (Пушкинская). Engelsа 13 with a bottomless account at Mama’s Furniture Emporium. 2 miscellaneous space cadet types who can’t get over what suites US$150-262). Hertz rental office and a 1994 look that seems to be all the rage here. US$65-90. Minsk-style. 226 90 24. and will definitely appreciate the com. Maybe it’s the view of the river? The entrance is US$ 565. the amenity-packed October offers a quite manage four-star status. 222 32 89. See this wonderful and somewhat delapidated landmark 77 80. dodgy nightclub and sky-high restaurant offering amazing panoramic views of the Pushkina 39 (Пушкина 39). OJHALK July 2008 . www. A few rooms remain that ensure that this hotel can’t Soviet practicality. OHALKC boredom. Prospekt Pobediteley 31 complex which some people claim may be up to 60 storeys (Победителей 31). Q50 rooms (20 singles US$75. K Belarus(Беларусь) A-1. www. tel. fax 226 tall. email@ufontana. HAUFGKDC very grand Greek style. the city’s trade- mark hotel is a defining part of the Minsk skyline and offers such classy amenities as a mini water park. 2 triples US$175). There’s also a sauna and rooms of this hotel seems to have been designed to encourage conference facilities for up to 50 persons. Pocket editor is welcome here. fax 203 US$ 55-69. At satellite TV apartments US$180-620). booking@hotelpaneta. this tiny hotel attached to a fitness centre is perfect for Orbita (Орбита) H-1.

and guests can use a spa bath.September 2006 April . tel. Rooms are basic and worn.125. dormitory is in an out-of-the-way area that’s next to the Several apartments of different standards in Minsk and other Bavaria restaurant. 43 suites US$.by. some dogs and not much www.inyourpocket. Tourist is your massage. centre makes this one of the best deals in town. modelling may have been done in the last five years.100 Kč N°23 .35kr look www. and the No breakfast. of all things. who charges his own fee. But the rooms here are clean and well (Партизанская). No breakfast. Odoyevskovo 52 visa registation stamp .inyourpocket. fax 252 04 59. Q100 rooms (43 singles US$20. Brilevskaya 2 (Брилевская wafts through the corridors. Zvezda (Звезда) not on the map-close to J-1. Zvezda is a bit far from tel. which we’re guessing means turn down the wrong the seaside towns of www.00 lei N°60 .May 2006 August .com www. whiskey and St. solarium and hotel-tourist.68. are friendly enough. 252 94 27.inyourpocket. 1 than springing for a hotel. This apartment US$). If you get www.400 lek N°34 . (Одоевского 52). 106 Short term apartment rental can be a hell of a lot cheaper doubles US$43 .inyourpocket. Q306 rooms (157 singles US$32 .by. Management in cheap suits follow you around and bark at you when you claim to have 146 beds available.75 Floating the N°47 .usually provided by hotels. doublesUS$ 94. MPushkinskaya (Пушкинская). and the scent of cooking noodles (the cleaning ladies’ lunch) Sputnik (Спутник) J-2. That major Belarus cities. especially for longer stays. 220 36 19.5zł (w tym 7% VAT) N°34 .com www. and the quick metro ride (4 stops) to the 64 doubles US$40. skydiving and Bucharest country pursuits Our guide to the best politically incorrect comment online Gastro Tourism Seafood.8. HAD has currency exchange and a buffet.85. Par tizansky Prospekt 81 edge of the city. covering the otherwise musty 2). which is usually booked by a drunken wedding Apartment rental party anyway.14 Where to stay Low budget said.5zł (w tym 7% VAT) www.inyourpocket. The more expensive ‘pol-lux’ rooms are defined completely flustered when a guest needed. this is where to party River tours Wine and dine on the A New Look Rhine We‘ve never looked better: In Your Pocket gets a makeover The Great Blogging Outdoors Cycling. K place seems to be popular with budget tourists from Russia.belarusapartment. Apparently there’s some kind of privatisation going on typical. on the southwestern Turist (Турист) J-6. Judging by the lobby though. pay by credit card. Also. Still.1.53. lux US$160).com www. the ladies at reception there are around 70 www. doubles US$130. this is Explore Latvia where to party Leisure Take a day trip to Getting active in Kraków N°40 .com Minsk In Your Pocket . and the building looks like it was plucked right out (Партизанский проспект 81). AD Pravda 47 (Газеты Правда 47).70. triples US$51 .this time by a receptionist who became shower/WC.Free copy Complimentary copy Complimentary copy www.September 2006 Football events Win or lose. tel.inyourpocket. 272 85 42/ 270 74 85.20Ls N°41 .May 2006 Going to the chapel Karlštejn’s renovated jewel Shopping fever Wilanów Tirana’s first malls Explore the Polish Let’s rock Versailles Visiting the Bohemian Touring Narva Paradise Museum night Cool sights at the EU‘s Facade art 100 museums in one eastern border Painting the city pink Out of town night Poland‘s top spa town: Nałęczów IYP gets a new N°4 .com ISSN 1508-2334 Jūrmala and Liepāja N°1 N°1 N°7 . Once again our plot to see the rooms at smell. the ladies who work at reception are friendly enough. doubles US$20 . Q162 rooms (singles US$ 66 . Singles. with each two sharing Sputnik was foiled .September 2006 August . Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps TIRANA WARSAW PRAGUE BERLIN TALLINN 2006 .July 2006 August . www.inyourpocket. George’s Market Hockey Fever Harbour tours Everything you need to Down in the docks Tarnów know about IIHF World Explore the Pearl of the Renaissance Championship in Riga Football events Win or lose.inyourpocket. 295 40 31/ 295 40 www.September 2006 April .inyourpocket. try the bar in the second floor casino rather than the over-priced restaurant.a lot of the agents out there will happily take your money just to put you in Dirt cheap touch with an apartment owner. sauna.2007 August .€1. Get In Your Pocket before you go The full In Your Pocket range is available to purchase online at: www.small dental clinics now crowd the lower floors. MPar tizanskaya of downtown Mogadishu.September 2006 August . office@ maintained. to by having a TV. large-scale Minsk hotel where Al Bundy look-alikes too . 1 triple US$78).hotel-tourist.July 2006 June . make sure the agency can get you that all-important Zhelon (Желонь) (Желонь) H-1. The lobby 3 lux rooms US$70-100. some re.May 2006 June . phone and some kind of fridge-like apparatus. Gazety suite rooms US$160).inyourpocket. Q 44 rooms (singles US$ ISSN 1641-5264 boat The inside scoop on the Spree river tours new look inside Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps Hotels Restaurants Cafés Nightlife Sightseeing Events Maps BUCHAREST BELFAST RIGA COLOGNE HAMBURG KRAKÓW April . OAK option comes with its own risks though . The Agriculture Ministry’s Private Apartments www.inyourpocket.inyourpocket.

Just the kind of Asian oversized fruit loops and the scraps from the bargain basement restaurant Minsk has been waiting for. A real Chinese chef Saloon is actually a good place for a bite should you hap. Gikalo 7 289 55 55. but didn’t stick Nepalese. QOpen still cheaper than watching go-go dancers at a club.24:00. carefully laid tablecloths and no menus or service in although not served in left-pondian proportions. There are do. and the American staff struggle with translations. MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). don’t drink locally produced soft drinks. Jomolungma is a of a Bedouin blanket stall. whips up all manner of tasty treats and they are served in a pen to be passing. MYakuba Kolasa (Якуба Коласа).2 . jazz and other ‘old got imported to places like Belarus. PAEBX A taste of the past T GI F ( Ф р а й д и с ) C .22:00. QOpen 13:00 . It’s generally excruciatingly Saigon (Сайгон) H-4. www.03:00. There now seems to be two kinds of Symbol key restaurants: those that get it. if you suddenly feel the desire to have a Japanese tea Salad’. little blobs of butter to go on your bread and so on) as separate items.Be aware that pretty much all restaurants list I Fireplace J Old town location garnishes (such as chips. Eat early. 686 42 10. Thu. QOpen 11:00 . tel.24:00. The outstanding food is mainly Tibetan. friendly staff. Also be aware of entertainment. it’s quite good. Sun 12:00 . and some Mexican dishes. They allegedly offer food that is precede your meal. QOpen . Fri. steaks and ribs. Hot towels around long enough to find out. and those that don’t. (Независимости 22). and The belly dancing might not be authentically Uzbek. not saying much. Yanki Kupaly 17 (Я. however. MKupalovskaya (Купаловская). P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted as they understand that a combination of a fun atmo. tel.06:00. windows. A brick cellar that. (Гикало 17). isn’t Vietnamese at all. JPK you’re going to get. But a little less sweet. Nemiga 12 (Немига 12). vegetables. say 286 00 39. but really. very friendly the New York cheesecake alone. and it’s all nuttier than a Cadbury well-orchestrated affair set in a cheerful room of explosive Picnic bar. The menu isn’t in English. how. An American diner style Купалы 17).by. tel. Worth popping in only for a glimpse play it safe and go somewhere where you know exactly what of the past. Rock. Kulman 11 (Кульман 11). loud shirts and all the short march from the president’s palace and a real trip back other nonsense that those who know this American chain will into Soviet times. 227 place with a little sushi bat tucked away to one side. Bright furniture. and there are ceremony in a Chinese restaurant. They will some noodly things in the menu but they’re mixed up with local make you explode from both ends. but the food is good value for money.24:00. Just a tel. Restaurants 15 Eating out in Minsk is no longer the outright horror that it once was. Voiskovoy 12 (Войсковой 12).jomalungma. rockhousecafe@tut. 288 25 74/284 91 52. The 73 14. Sat 12:00 . Belarusian cuisine and Jewish dishes. JAE Saloon (Салун) В-1.24:00.July 2009 . The formula is unchanged here with enter the gloomy babushka-decorated box with stained glass decent food such as burgers. tel. The situated on the ground floor of the imposing Trade Union ‘Dragon’s Gate’ is the best Chinese restaurant in town. just to remind you that you’re still in Minsk. still persist in offering mediocre food and surly G Non-smoking W Wireless Internet access service among what are rapidly becoming novelty So- viet surroundings. N e z a v i s i m o s t i 2 2 Bomond (Бомонд ) C-2. Lots of red and gold. 227 58 94. Kuibysheva 21). Oh . Shabby old dumps. grilled USSR was that fantastic cuisine from places like Uzbekistan meats. tel. One of the accidental benefits of slapping together the menu will be pleasing to many foreigners with burgers. Rock House Café (Рок Хаус Кафе) C-1. JABX Belarusian Asian Graffin (Графин) G-4. but good’ music fires up around 21:00. have to pay an entry fee. Incongruously 35 (Куйбьшева). Something akin to being inside Willy Wonka’s brain. www. tasselled lamps bit with dishes like ‘Veal in Cowboy Style’ and ‘Montana and. Then management ruin the experi- ence by playing a synthesised rendition of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. live blues and rock bands at weekends. chicken wings. QOpen 12:00 . tel. with the exception of a few sticks before 20:00. klaxons. Wed. The girl who didn’t serve us was. and tea comes in a tiny pot set on European and Belarusian. with a few be Oompah-Loompahs riding on midget The furniture has been fashioned from 280 53 QOpen 12:00 . A good choice if you want to about being so useless. Jomolungma (Джомолунгма) G-4. Silly hats. PAEBK July 2008 . so it’s best kept as an option for a night out with local friends.and whatever you of bamboo and some goldfish. Say hello to the wooden elephant with broken tusks. It overdoes the American theme a gorgeous dining room. Worth it for English. good food and friendly service is the ticket to success in the tucker industry. awful and can turn dinner into torture. to avoid the acts. Push past the big carved wooden doors to have come to expect. and the cost of these can quickly add up. AK Tue. MKupalovskaya (Купаловская). but it’s good times. 227 23 31. T Child friendly U Facilities for the disabled ever. 203 89 68.05:00. Indian and Thai choices thrown in. MNemiga (Немига). Pobediteley 21 (Победителей Vrata Drakona (Врата Дракона) G-4. PGKX a wooden platform. E Live music S Take away sphere. Such places are almost worth it for X Smoking place B Outside seating a laugh. You might even meet a Russki Fonzie.saloon. QOpen 12:00 . Engelsa 12 (Энгельса 12). tel. tel. a separate little tea www. That’s Headquarters with its giant hammer and sickle symbol.24:00.24:00. 200 45 68/ Uzbekiston(Узбекистон) C-3. Generally the newer restaurants are the ones to go for. QOpen 09:00 . QOpen 08:00 . rice. JA 12:00 . at which time you’ll Central Asian ambience along with some pretty tasty food. We wouldn’t be surprised if the waitstaff turned out to colours. Expect touches of exotic. Mon.

potato pancakes) were excellent. we suggest avoiding the 20:00 Pan Khmeliu (Пан Хмелю) C-2. Worth visiting if (Немига). Just be prepared to pay high prices and expect to be changed extra for everything (sauce.23:00 time slot when either the Gypsies or a Belarusian 11(Интернациональная 11). you name it . JAK If you want to sample the we dare you. A lovely place for a relaxed meal. at a stretch. A staff equalling the population of Riga buzz around the dining room ready to whisk away your plate the Il Patio (IL Патио) C-2. QOpen tourists smiling politely and pretending to have a good time. instant the last morsel of food goes into your mouth. tel. wonderful Central Post and Telegraph especially if you get a seat by the (Независимости). fast-paced gests they have plenty of other Italian dishes too.23:00. where you prices reasonable. If you’ve been entertainment you can stand.23:00. 209 90 42. You really can’t go wrong here . the menu is really just a tasty food. efficient service. Nezavisimosti 19 huge portions of excellent pan-Slavic food and all the live (Независимости 19). A trip duet are inflicting brain damage on the customers. Expect plenty of tasty soups. Prospekt Pobediteley1 . QOpen 12:00 cosy cellar restaurant with folksy décor and. tel. the portions are generous.lido. JA and other rouble-strapped types while swigging cheap beer out of plastic glasses. popular.24:00. www. MKup alovskaya(Купаловская). what more could you ask? Formerly ‘Patio Pizza’. ground floor). . Traktir na Parkovoy(Трактир на Парковой) B-1. pork chops. MKupalovskaya (Купаловская).24:00. Perfect for anyone with kaya 18 (Раковская 18)/ 203 27 94. you’ve found it! late into the night. 287 30 53/ 287 30 54. with lots of starchy table clothes and plastic upsetting anyone.. Bulgarian belrosinter. Nezavisimosti 81 really rather nice. tel. Expat avenue ice-cream. MNemiga Независимости). folksy cafeteria set-up. cosy brick décor Maxi Bis (Макси Бис ) C-2. Rakovs. Internatsionalnaya . such it’s presumably for more than one drinker. 284 82 idea since this small place tends to get booked up. JABK time the place was remodelled and the last time the waiter changed his shirt. 203 69 91/ 203 82 51. Try the fish in among its décor victims). (Октябрьская). QOpen 08:00 vines wrapped around the rafters. you can order a ‘metre of vodka’.QOpen 08:00 . Reservations are a good 49. tel.23:00. but Gabr ovo (Габрово) F-5. Ne- zavisimosti 18 (Независимости 18). ‘Bis’ as in ‘bistro’ but they were too busy to finish the of the best pizza in Sun 11:00 . 222 48 02. It also eatery where sandwiches. Minsk In Your Pocket . It produces four brews on the premises. tel. Still. Recommended. 07:30 . 328 64 04. the last 12:00 . B 227 17 91. Tables 11:00 .24:00. Viteb.02:00. Cheap beer served upstairs. 226 78 74. tel. Nezavisimosti 11 (Hotel Minsk. Pilzenskoe (13%). PALEBX Krinitsa Ekspress (Криница Экспресс) C-2. this downtown restaurant with a hunting theme (stuffed bunny rabbits are cafeteria serves all the grizzly local favourites. JBS Pechki Lavochki (Печки-лавочки) C -2. screaming Gypsy band on stage. A few years ago this would . A bit barnyard and cottage. The deruny (thick. www. Or for the the aquarium full of carp. к. 227 16 08. carriages and the like. JAIEK mended dark Staravilenskoe (13%).24:00. and the atmosphere has a tacky sort of are welcome to quaff Czech beer and be noisy without charm about it. oh dear. tel. tel. An eclectic cellar an iron stomach and a nearly empty wallet. Sat. This charm. Or. word. juicy grilled generic East European mishmash of mayonnaise-drenched meats and other hearty Czech and Slavic style meals. .000BYR). Lido’s philosophy is to serve an absolutely enormous selection of foods . The food is standard Belarusian grub.16 Restaurants Minsk (Минск) D-1. JA are made from old beds. Nezavisimosti 22 (Незави. Rakovsky Brovar (Раковский бровар) В-2. draniki (potato pancakes) and has some of the freshest. tel. QOpen Buffet express 12:00 . it has to be said. and the highly-recom. um. That says a lot about this small. dish. though microbrewery. rice. and what’s served on them is mostly potato snacks and skewered Lido (Лидо) G-4. which might and spaceship-shaped chandeliers. friendly prices.24:00. this (пр. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this successful Latvian chain. 1). MNemiga (Немига). QOpen 10:00 as Grashovoe (11%). MYakuba Kolasa (Якуба Коласа).all in a fun. but it somehow tastes great on a warm summer evening. QOpen to Pan Khmeliu is like a time warp back to the 80s. QOpen 08/ 284 82 64. But it doesn’t really account for the breakfast buffet (33.24:00. Победителей 1). JAEK have been considered classy. we’re out of space. Minsk truly 10:00 . Nezavisimosti 22 (Независимости 22). A bit pricier than loca- tion. 227 78 79. Or for the crockery. Crowds keep it roaring until looking for the biggest tourist trap in Minsk. Straunya Talaka is one to seek out jelly.02:00. kor 1 (Независимости meats. info@lido. meatballs are hastily scoffed down by loud groups of students QOpen 12:00 . or the group of German the atmosphere. shashlyk and Belarusian national food served here. 11:00 . QOpen 10:00 . Although window where you can enjoy the view as much as the Gabrovo claims to be Bulgarian. though it may close before the stated It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this place . and all for a bargain price. best-tasting salads in Minsk. A tacky. QOpen симости 22). etc). Still. Nezavisimosti 49. Or for.23:00. tel. plastic-encased menu holds colour photocopies of each skaya 10 (Витебская 10). Or for the view of the explain the live rooster running around the yard or. 206 popular restaurant and meeting place still serves some 45 53. PJAK good food. Go on. salads and fatty cutlets. PA needed a place like Lido. this is a popular place to come for U Franciska (У Франциска) C-2. tel. If ing if unremarkable-looking restaurant is also Minsk’s best you’re an alcoholic.23:00. QOpen for its scrumptious food and unusual atmosphere. the They also have what they call ‘beer rooms’.. It’s supposed to only for a peek at the Soviet grandeur of cubical columns look like ‘grandmother’s place in the country’. MPloshchad Nezavisimosti (Площадь Prospekt Pobediteley 11(Победителей 11).it’s a 04:00 if the last customer passes out earlier. MOktyabrskaya Talaka Straunya (Талака Страуня) С-1. though as the new name sug.

tel. if very limited. among many other goodies. which has picture-perfect riverside seating difficulties. tel. 209 01 48. and everything 19:00 . It’s the one on the even have doctors standing by when they give you the bill. There’s a point-to-order when the weather is warm. pricey. we were cryptically McDonald’s (Мак Дональдс) C-2.24:00. tel. Renaissance is a haven of 3 (Ленина 3). J Renaissance (Ренессанс) C-2.24:00. Lenin former monastery print shop. Internatsionalnaya 28 (Интернациональная in the mountains of the Caucasus (think Georgia. Nezavisi. such as Byblos (Библос) C-2. top floor) (Независимости Fun & Funky 11). It’s a typical café-bar and probably pretty red church if you look out the window. QOpen 19:00 .beatlescafe. tel. 289 12 18. noisy Lebanese kebab house where you lunch option. they must serve of each of the Fab Four. That’s Rostok (Росток) D-1.24:00. Along with the kebab and salad plates you can get a decently priced chicken Falcone (Фальконе) С1. Classy in a stilted. corner with the portly moon-faced cartoon man holding a knife (If they don’t. Pl. Internatsionalnaya 21 the fried camembert with sesame and raspberry sauce. Svobody 23 (пл. solimart@bn.24:00. that tasty. Guests can also escape to the English (you’ll have to read it in Russian or French. It is believed by many Beatles Café (Битлз кафе) G-1. open QOpen 12:00 . MOktyabraskaya (Октябрьская). 328 68 86. 217 65 28. A favourite place to come Europa restaurant (ресторан г-цы “Европа”) for shashlyk. MOktyabrskaya(Октярь or the kebab with tiger prawns.17:00. aphrodisiacs. 377 77 76. silly dance numbers and all. 217 84 71. JAEBK is clean. Europa tries cosy and well worth a visit. they should. www. Also at Surganova the place. QOpen 10:00 . QOpen 12:00 .02:00. 217 63 50. Both kitchen and waitstaff are internationally tel. MOktyabraskaya lavish Italian restaurant for people with serious amounts (Октябрьская). PJAX Seventh Heaven (Седьмое небо) D-1.05:00. on a drab residential street. Sat Купалы 25). however. QOpen 12:00 . Dzerzhinskogo 96 (Дзержинского 96). Timiryazova 65(ул. JB overblown formality. (Интернациональная 21). The outisde tables are hard not to be bothered by the sheer ostentatiousness of a good spot to watch the world go by. They probably Независимости).04:00. or try the have just arrived at the train station weary and hungry it’s a more affordable dining in the Lasunak café (also a decent great place to top-up without having to worry about language drinking place). JAEGB quality evening. tel. QOpen 11:00 . tel. eat-with-your-hands kind of joint. You won’t get a knife or fork inside. the For the same experience without such a heavy financial im- environment is exquisite and the prices are not as strato. It could do for a surreal night out. tel. 210 20 Juravinka (Журавинка) B-2. meet God.24:00. PTALBW 07:00 . Korolya 9 (Короля 9). Belarusian style. but create a level of opulence that will drive many of you into somehow that sounds a bit too coarse for this fine and refined fits of nervous laughter. open 07:00 .24:00. QOpen 12:00 . JA When we asked why there were two formidable-looking security guards patrolling the entrance. darling). soft lighting and carpets. cultures that seventh heaven is a place where you can Тимирязева 65). If Bill Gates and Al Capone wanted to French do lunch in Minsk.byblos. cheap and as-expected of this kind of place.23:00. 05. The name suggests it is the highest cock. beautiful columns. weird foods or set by. billiards room or sink into a leather sofa in the cigar room. QOpen 07:00 . tel. 227 09 91. 28). Armenia. Sat menu. свободы 23). www. A perfect choice for a . But you can see the isn’t quite in the centre.23:00. Specialities like filet mignon in restaurant. 234 34 67.” Falcone is a seriously mosti 23 (Независимости 23). fax 200 29 99. Kropotkina 51 (Кропоткина 51). You can throw a fast-food. tel. The menu claims to offer the favourite dish snog-dancing were anything to go by. A taste of the Minsk to come. surrounded as it is by crumbling old Krushosvski 63 (Сурганова 63).03:00. Tiny. For 07:00 . Leningradskaya 7 (Ленинградская not to say you won’t have a quality experience here . A just a little too hard to be elegant and sophisticated (we grimaced while watching a waitress struggle with one hand to open a plastic bottle of water balanced on a silver Fast Food tray). info@falcone. as it’s through the nose to have a good time here. Pritickogo 28 (Притыцкого 28). 229 84 Azerbaijan) and became a culinary hit all over the USSR. Or whatever. Or it. informed: “To protect our guests. it does have a dinner and dance kind of place that’s not the most hap- respectable number of oversized Beatles photos and framed pening venue but it’s a bit romantic.) But you don’t have to spend and fork. open 08:00 . Fri. Restaurants 17 Caucasian Upmarket Verba (Верба) F-3. it’s spotty youth on weekend evenings. the grand restaurant in the Juravinka business complex takes the prize. 206 62 63. A bright. But although the food is impressive. We came along and looked around but didn’t All you need is love and maybe a taxi as the Beatles Café see him. the young staff generally speak English. pact. shawarma plate with chips and chichtawook (chicken legs). Nemiga 12 (Немига 12). Or her. all working to 227 32 04. Closed Mon. www. M Ploshchad Nezavisimosti(Площадь notch chefs. Built in a La Crête d’or (Золотой гребешок) C-2. Expect softly spoken men in black roll-neck skiv. tel.24:00. Fri. MOktyabrskaya(Октябрьская). Yanki Kupaly 25 (Я. JPEK QOpen 11:00 . 217 55 50. stifling sort of way. PJA can fill your belly without emptying your wallet.July 2009 . If the couple we saw album covers. come for the business lunch. Nezavisi- mosti 11 (Hotel Minsk. It’s really a not worth a visit unless you’re a true fan. QOpen 12:00 . 31. cherry sauce and lamb with cognac sauce are served to the vies perusing a menu that is too good to be translated into sound of tinkling piano music. MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). but there is a much cheaper. AK July 2008 . served weekdays 12:00 spherically high as one might expect. shish-kebab-like dish that originated С2. QOpen 18:00 .23:00. tel. The a la carte menu is ская).02:00. efficient. For those who a few gutter balls in the bowling club downstairs. Concentrate on the excellent food instead. 7). this is where it would happen.24:00. fax 234 69 95.23:00. open 08:00 . tel. 209 90 38/ 209 90 87. Still. The local McMecca for of roubles to burn.

The ‘Gourmet’ 289 15 29. A half-hearted attempt to top-secret clearance to get in. instrumental plan to visit before the ‘ensemble’ cranks up. they’ve certainly (Советская 17). It’s probably best to come in the evening day”). 203 11 27.tifani.02:00. 206 64 17/ 206 64 27.23:00. tel. laidback crowd. tel. tel. the acquisi. Italian. Try aren’t much different than the city average. thought ‘well. tel. QOpen 10:00 PAKS . and those celebrating weddings. local.and fatty dishes . big and hearty. that’s not going to fill anyone up’. Surprisingly. Still. Set over three levels. so other than the suit of armour by the door and some you can whisper playful innuendos while sipping (as if you photos of modern-day nutters pretending to be medieval. Upteka claims to be International only the second restaurant in the world on a medical theme. 8/3). tel.23:00. staircase at the back . Starozhevskaya 15 (top Pravda 11(Газеты Правда 11). and a perpetual swashbuckler of a cellar restaurant that offers a sense of play-list of groovy downloads.23:00. Here special. the restaurant attached to the IBB hotel/conference best panoramic view. Food is top-notch and oft-scoffed by diplomats rabbit in chocolate sauce and Cyrillic eye-test in the lavatory. Sat 12:00 . J Westfalia (Вестфалия) not on the map.23:30. MKupalovskaya (Купаловская). friendly and delightfully easy-going. The iconic Hotel Belarus is a record setter in so many ways . 209 76 99. Outdoor seating on a for budget Bonds available till 16:00. Kommunisticheskaya 7 симости 18). not stirred. 210 42 55. Marksa 19 (Карла Маркса 19).by. and if you stand by the window around the corner bar/restaurant is an excellent place for a meal after an ex- outside. MOktyabrskaya/Ku- That’s James as in James Bond. tel. it’s decorated with red paint. PAEK the breakfast buffet here may be the best in town. Fri. Gurman (Гурман) B-3. and some tickety-boo breakfasts (although coffee from Guatemala or head upstairs to louge out. A swish est new bars. 290 67 74. this spacious and pleasant evenings. Sat 12:00 . tel. Thu. QOpen 12:00 music is featured Saturdays and Sundays. Drop in for a quick cup of dian. Meals actually lacks any outstanding appeal. it coudn’t guess) a vodka martini. Still. An over-40 crowd shuffles so resorted to the typical Slavic habit of making everything in Thurs-Sat to hear the electronic keyboard ensemble. We were impressed by the dining room. PJAEX Minsk In Your Pocket . you can see the performers changing into their hausting day walking around Minsk’s blister-inducingly long costumes. and throws everything from chicken masala to Thai stir fry to steak au poivre into the mix. pike perch Papillote style. night-time crowd at the bar. 251 21 00/ 205 03 77. a soft.03:00. 12:00 .18 Restaurants James (Джеймс) F-4. PJAK streets.01:00. JAEB Bavaria (Бавария) H-1. the prices here cooks up a variety of both German and European fare. www. QOpen 07:30 . www. oxygen tank and various other medical Gostiny Dvor (Гостиный Двор) D-1. To take full advantage of this last gift. MNemiga (Немига). with a young. Live performers keep everyone amused on weekend by/pub/.04:00. Surganova 58 (Сурганова 58). 226 06 There’s a knight in armour near the door who stands very still but we suspect might U Ratushi (У Ратуши) C-2. Kirova 8/3 (Кирова to Germany than to trek out to this weird part of town. AE .by. Mains location. Also note that . QOpen 12:00 QOpen 12:00 . QOpen 12:00 . Sovetskaya 17 paraphernalia scattered about the place. tel. and it has a spiral places in Minsk and would snugly fit into any Western capital. TA Upteka (Аптека) С-2.24:00.23:00. Internatsionalnaya 9 (Интер- национальная 9). A perfect escape from the over.23:00. It’s casual. Gertsena 1 (Герцена spring to life if any ruffians or people wearing sports shoes try 1). and are cooking. 39 94. There’s also a good selection of www. The décor here is a bit kitsch but the food at Bavaria comes recommended. and prepared by a German-trained chef.james. 270 57 27/ 270 of hotel Belarus) (Сторожевская 15). JAX tion of a new mistress and so on. Gurman is one of the nicest narrow levels.23:00. Nezavisimosti 18 (Незави. tel. QOpen they ran out of ‘toasts’ when we visited at 11:00 one morn- 10:00 . and just the sort of place you’d regularly hang out at if it were in your German neighbourhood. QOpen 09:00 .just like those famous double-decker The food is good. With a model skeleton. you’ll notice it has two happily overlook such hyperbole. The food is a bit pricey and the atmosphere is nothing to mingle with the cool. Odoevskovo 50 (Одоевского 50). The diverse menu is a definite notch above average. QOpen 08:00 . modern interior and visit the hotel’s top floor restaurant. you’ll probably want to reserve a table and Live jazz is performed here on Friday evenings. Karla tel. It might be easier to fly Golden Age (Золотой век) D-2. decorated with neon light bars and oversized photos of the Žalgiris and “Mel Gibson’s gonna make a film about it one various Bonds. There’s also a decent wine list. relatively quiet street is a bonus in summer. It has a roomy.23:00. (Коммунистическая 7). The German chef is served up by the friendly staff. and London) bearing atmosphere . shaken.25 range. and includes In- buses in Hong Kong! (er. sleaziest nightclub and the city. This slick restaurant-bar is cash in on the greatest battle of Europe (aka Tannenberg. 290 28 88. It’s as if the chef has taken some cues from French like Schweine Fleisch fall into the US$20 . Once you see past the mountains of London name is a perhaps a bit of an overstatement but we can souvenirs at this cheerful little café. with meals costing the Zurich veal or the speciality. It can get very crowded thanks to its broad clickandbuy appeal and location slap bang in the middle of Minsk’s most touristy beers. while local bands churn out bland pop tunes and jazz most evenings. to get in. Fri. But Upteka is also one of Minsk’s trendi- Независимости). Menus and staff babblings are available in a sort-of-English.inyourpocket. Gazety Panorama (Панорама) A-1. tel. www.found elsewhere in has the city’s ugliest bathroom tiles. airy feel in which ancient regalia. fresh food. QOpen 09:00 . about US$15. The food is the highlight along with a pleasant only wears his lederhosen for the promotional photos. anniversaries. where European cuisine an overall unpretentious dining experience. and the barman never mind. 227 03 33. PJK London (Лондон) C-2. and luckily you won’t need palovskaya. JBW ing). a medieval mural and a beautifully decorated to enjoy a drink or decent meal. centre offers excellent. if not exacly haute cuisine. Grunwald Café (Грунвальд кафе) C-2. MPloshchad Nezavisimosti (Площадь gone out on a limb. restaurant@james.

If your menu is a bit wrinkly. fully decorated little restaurant is a popular place for ing. Expect a 15-20 The food is a fairly standard Belarusian interpretation minute wait during the lunchtime rush. Gromova 20 (Громова. There’s a Freski (Фрески) C-2. There don’t seem to be any frescos in here and a freaky toy rabbit on one of the walls. N e z a v i s i m o s t i 7 8 Voglia Matta (Воглия Матта) C-2.. MPloschad Nezavisimosty (Площадь although the pasta and salads are poor imitations of what Независимости).cough. 89). PJXS (Романовская Слобода 1). too. 31).01:00.Свободы 23). ha. of the place makes this one of the bolder interiors in Minsk. 08:00 .July 2009 . The Tomato is a busy (Независимости 46). packed and highly recommended. salads and main courses along Prices go up after midnight. together with a location on a bustling 20). tel. served. tel. N e z a v i s i m o s t i 4 6 Независимости). it might be a romantic night out. We did notice large TV screens beside the bar which show music videos a strange smell. haaa (29) 662 74 83. The wine O Sole Mio (О Соле Мио) C2. little wine from Internatsionalnaya)(пл. Tumble down the rabbit-hole stairs for an adventure in blunderland. Directly opposite they purport to be. though: they’re just a pile of sizzling meat served and schmoozing venue in town. QOpen 10:00 . The striking futuristic/industrial look that’s popular with students from the nearby academy. te l . of Italian food. of pizzas and pastas. What. Probably. MPloshchad Nezavisimosti (Площадь O l i v o (О л и в о ) G 4 .24:00. sort-of-tacky restaurant. Marksa 9 (К Маркса. July 2008 . Nezavisimosti 78 (Независимости. And the coat-check man turns with a good range of cakes and desserts. 200 28 99/ 607 99 99. PJAX Te m p o ( Те м п о) F . A better-than-average range 94).by. and the pizzas are passable. but not a great option for hungry arrivals The service is also extremely good but probably the best because there is no menu in English and the service is reason to come to Perfetto is to see the local posers hard appalling. Pl. 281 62 71. If you must risk it you can point to a picture at it. The vast selection of pizzas alone makes Olivo worth food.23:00. choke). 284 51 86 QOpen 09:00 . tel. Pl. MOktyabr Pizza askaya(Октябрьская). 293 72 01/ 276 45 25. Also at Pobe- although there’s a more refined dining area as well for those of diteley 89 (Победителей.. Mexican food this far into Eastern Europe? Ha.00.5 . ha. The prices are pretty good value too. Zio Pepe is a popular chain with a cheery atmosphere and reasonable piz- Mexican zas. tel. The pizzas are excellent. There everything from simple sandwiches to proper meaty meals.24: 0 0. Some pasta dishes and tasteless salads are also Kanyon (Каньон) F-5. It’s a bit pricey. QOpen 12:00 . The barman also helps the atmosphere of mould at the far end of the Rainbow. They’re far more entertaining to watch than the two of a pizza on the wall to place your order. tel. A nice. QOpen 10. Moscow. not just pasta. but a very nice restaurant and good. has careful selections (Свободы 17). tel. Pobediteley 31 (Победителей. despite being served up on sleek crockery.00 . are also plenty of pizzas. QOpen 12:30 . The menu is vast and offers the full variety of Italian cook. a forest-like. Masherova 17/1 PX (Машерова 17/1). 288 10 61. Parmigiano (Пармиджано) B-1. so be aware that there might be a pot on a non-stop loop. 284 04 92/255 84 (Свободы 17). tel. tel. O Sole Mio is nevertheless a good place to enjoy a relaxing meal over a glass of wine. JJAS El Pomidoro (Эль Помидоро Кафе) D-1. The best they do here is some piped in Paula 2 5). 328 61 44. 226 10 20. Svobodi 17 list. QOpen 12:00 .24:00. but the cream of (frozen) spinach soup is pretty would dine. MNemiga (Немига). Kirova 6 (Кирова 6). Perfetto (Перфетто) С-1. There are better along with his well-rehearsed Cocktail bottle-flipping routine. the best nightclub fajitas. 203 87 86. Sat. The chefs come from that bastion of fine Italian cooking. JEBK Zio Pepe G-5. a more conservative disposition.04:00. Also at Timiryazeva 46 (Тимирязева. This is where the local Mafia surprises. tel. Tolbukhina 3 (Толбухина 3). A safe bet for the unadventurous. With its plump sofas and quaint fresco AEK of a pipe-playing faun. tel. A slick-suited doorman ushers customers into this sort. tel. fairy-tale atmosphere. tel. 78) QOpen downtown street. 83. Svobody 23 (entrance rubble floor. JAB crowd make such quibbles seem almost pretentious.23:00. J a staff member who speaks English you will be treated to excellent service. if you don’t mind the traffic fumes. 328 53 32. 9). If you can find into a pumpkin. Lobanka 94 (Лобанка. hole. but there is a bit of a nice arched brick ceiling and cellar suggestive name. tel. alongside fries.). Small. options nearby. Kebabs and breakfast are also served. Abdul and a disco ball.24:00. J QOpen 12:00 .23.02:00. even though Freski is not actually in a cellar. the place has a bog-standard menu with feeling. Restaurants 19 Vynarnia (Admiral’s vinnii bar (Винный бар у адмирала) B-2. Also at Krasnaya 23. make this a regular favourite with locals. MNemiga (Немига). QOpen 10:00 Italian . QOpen 24hrs. 284 88 41/ 688 29 restaurant near the train station that’s one step up from fast 41. barrels that have been turned into mushroom style stools 227 81 72. Despite the wine. The voluminous menu offers few the one that we dribbled on. Be warned about the conveniently located beneath Bronx. probably one of the best in Minsk. BS Great outdoor seating in summer.23:00. but the lively atmosphere and fun young tel. the train station. The name says it all – this is a fast-paced pizza café air_grip@anitex. Burritos are pricey considering they are ABS about as Mexican as Borsch. tel. Rainbow Cafe (Радуга кафе) D-1. Nezavisimosti 25 (Независимости (. Romanovskaya Sloboda 1 QOpen 12:00 . (Кирова 1). This cosy and (for Minsk) taste- it. Kirova 1 of-stylish. Svobody 17 (Независимости 78). 203 from all over the world and the staff know their way around 75 05/ 148 33 03. you were really expecting decent 250 38 72. 2 27 02 9 5 QO p e n 1 2: 0 0 . Zolotaya Gorka 14 (Золотая Горка 14. Svobodi 8 (Свободы 8).02:00. Sun 12:00 . Ask for ‘El menu’ and then order ‘El Pizza’ or ‘El Salad’. easygoing restaurant which is one of the hardly spectacular but decent enough to fill an undiscerning best places to eat in this slightly out-the-way location.46). It’s a visit.

tel. modern. 206 48 36. We have it on place with arguably the best fish dishes in town. Zakharova 31(Захарова in to laugh at each other trying to use chopsticks. 334 13 52. These Spanish / Latin American novel new restaurants can get a bit rowdy when locals swarm Casa Agustin Lopez H-4. PJ It’s behind a modern art museum so expect a cosmopolitan sort of crowd. there wasn’t much evidence for it on the Pinta looks more like a tavern and is covered from wall to menu. but generally 31). (Комсомольская 34). www. than-usual surroundings.a staple tel. Quirky fun.03:00. Kozlova 3 P i n t a ( П и н т а ) С-2.planetasushi. JAK Sushi Fusion (Фьюжн) В2.24:00. Although the management insisted this is a by the sign for Spanish beer outside. inspired décor. fax 200 25 91. 210 56 45. www. Some of the food serves as a reminder too. or get them to bring up (so to speak) a cake from the café downstairs.porto.02:00.02:00. Kudos to this ‘Syrian’ Mon Café (Мон Кафе) H-2. Food can choose and point – and there’s more than just sushi. tel. 288 11 53/ 197 0000. tel. Indeed this is cheaper ‘entrance’ to the show. The menu is in English and has pictures for during our last visit.24:00. QOpen interior. PABK Porto Maltese (Порто Мальтезе) H-4. Don’t be fooled maltese. QOpen 10:00 Middle-Eastern . You can also order Japanese from the Planet Sushi restaurant in the same venue.QOpen 12:00 . tel. 203 99 57. No matter. MNemiga (Немига). You can delude yourself that you’re eating at a real sushi bar by knocking back the plumb wine or sake. MFrundzenskaya (Фрунзенская).ru. QOpen 12:00 . Lenina 3 (Ленина 3). stylish and foreigner-friendly. for Porto Maltese is an extremely stylish wall with Soviet posters and paraphernalia. You might as well sit back and it’s a hangout for young hipsters and anyone in need of the enjoy it . Clean.000 rouble note. Sat 12:00 Serbian . But there is nothing at all fishy about Porto Maltese. open parties fire up on weekend evenings. open 12:00 PALBX . Bogdanivicha 6 (Богдановича 6). Nezavisimosti 18 (Независимости 18). in fact. Also at Nemiga 36 (Немига 36). or the fact that inside Serbian restaurant. bars and restaurants in which the bill is rounded up to the nearest 1. Komsomolskaya 34 (Козлова 3).20 Restaurants Rounding things up A new custom has recently emerged in cafés. In any theme. (Мельникайте 2-4). Flamenco and Salsa in town. 200 81 55. a pleasant environment and a good location in a complex that also offers a café and sushi restaurant.a small charge has already been added to your bill for advertised ‘most affordabel (sic) sushi’. A good menu. 220 27 37. A than elsewhere and a peculiarly pleasant place in an Eastern European sort of way.24:00. Mainly happens in the dining room. so you of wearing silly costumes or charging like wounded bulls.02:00. It also has an amazing speaks a word of English but the staff are nonetheless very coral reef-style fish tank to complement the marine-themed friendly and will try their best to help. The case the open two-floor plan certainly makes it loud and main attraction. QOpen 12:00 . The menu is pictographic. this is no bad thing.24:00. It’s hard to decide whether this is really a fallback for any Minsk restaurant with a ‘southern’ or ‘Oriental’ café. Don’t consider it a tip but rather a minuscule service charge. tel. is the loud bellydancing show that echoey when the DJ starts cranking up the volume. QOpen 12:00 . Ispanski Kutok (Испанский куток) C-1. 233 95 84/ 177 77 55.24:00. QOpen 12:00 . reasonably priced and quite pleasing for were setting up outdoor seating on the Independence location us gringo types. tel. a sushi restaurant. Fri. Sun 12:00 . A good range of stir fry dishes at unfashionably reasonable prices is another incentive to eat here. 12:00 . bright. Vokzalnaya 23 (Вокзальная 23). One of the most foreigner-friendly outfits the linguistically or culinarily challenged. 12:00 . PJAB Minsk In Your Pocket . including a good authority that this is. Melnikaite 2-4 restaurant for its bubbly atmosphere and colourful. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it. No one wide selection of fresh fish on ice. tel. Given the multiple digits involved in even the smallest transaction. Yet another new sushi restaurant in sushi-obsessed Minsk. Un-Spanish classical performers occasionally turn up to remind you that you’re not actually in Spain. Waitresses are manner of Spanish clichés but fortunately have stopped short dressed up in space-kimonos. tel. PAGX Planeta Sushi (Планета Суши) C-2. by.23:00. Nemiga 36 (Немига 36). No one seems to know how or why this new custom came about but it helps keep the wad of notes in your wallet in trim. They is mildly authentic.02:00. a sushi bar. Arabian. a nightclub or none of the above. PJAXS Kasbar (Касбар) E-2. It’s the usual deal but in much nicer- Minsk seen from a great height. tel. 210 58 25. QOpen 12:00 . The menu is heavy on the shashlyk . though. They’ve packed in all a slick and sophisticated atmosphere prevails. 328 48 36.23:00.

Dine on the relaxing back terrace in summer. There’s a definite Italian-ness to Air Grip .05:00. Sure.01:00. quaff coffee and just giggle and gabble. though. . MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). J Coffee Inn C-2. A nice spot of 05 08. This newly.QOpen 12:00 . JAB with friends at any time. Don’t expect anything even vaguely person’s suitcase.24:00. 768 90 73. The mod- Krasnoarmeyskaya 3(Красноармейская 3).23:00. 289 50 36). MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). 227 But Coffee Inn does what any half-decent café is supposed 78 67. so it’s the ideal place to drop in Dom (Дом) C-2. All an absolute godsend after a few days in extension where you can sit and observe the locals leisurely Minsk. J town’s recreated ‘Old City’ (as this place is named) has a certain tourist orientation. and you mirrored VIP door downstairs. Q Open 08:00 we visited in May. Might be a cool spot to arrange a meeting with Stary Gorod (Старый город) B-2.23. JAB There are 49 different coffees and about 24 different teas and they’ll happily let you sniff them all before you order.00 . mysterious bottles and labels stuck to opened café is right next door to the superb French restau. Sat. Belarusian bar food is 19). Stary Mensk (Старый Менск) C-2. with your laptop and WiFi-away an hour or two. 328 48 36.24:00. MPloshchad Nezavisimosti (Площадь Независимости). (Независимости 18). MOk. QOpen much an old-fashioned tea room. pick and not finishing all your vegetables first. though. 286 got any. QOpen long-time favourite. for example. it’s also a good place to catch up on the very latest a nice outdoor seating area. MNemiga (Немига). PABK С-2. Unfortunately the menu isn’t extensive and the food go about their business. 11:00 . or find some local friends if you haven’t yet 19 (Богдановича 19). QOpen 10:00 . Probably because it’s just Austrian desserts including strudels and the like. It’s very otherwise check out seating in the funky cellar. and we don’t know if . Muzikalnii 1/2 off. air_grip@ on offer. is on ice-cream and cakes.02:00. It specialises in all kinds of seem to feel very comfortable here. an English breakfast selection of cakes on offer and a curiously Russian-like tent and free WiFi. QOpen 10:00 .23. and the place is about the size of a chessboard. MNemiga (Немига). There are French press coffees.01:00. 328 37 out of your way for. QOpen 09:30 QOpen 11:00 . A bright and 79. but upstairs is a dark café with can also order from the Planet Sushi or Spanish Restaurant a litter of wooden cottage-style tables and chairs. Enter under the gold soviet star. tel. tel. Internatsionalnaya 23 (Интернациона- льная 23). It’s safe to assume that any restaurant set in the Minsk madness. The La Crete d’Or Café (Кофейня Золотой гребешок) size of a tea chest and intricately decorated with all sorts С2. English menus. charming place for a bite. J windmill. the tables so you think you’re eating off a well travelled rant of the same name. 289 14 00. all more edible than enjoyable. tel. JA the staff speak English because they didn’t bother to actually serve us. There’s also a decent English reading matter.00 . With Yukos’s Minsk headquarters next the ceiling add a rustic fire-hazard charm. but Stary Gorod isn’t one to write Ferz Cafe (Ферзь Кафе) B-2. It’s all very nice with a groovy elbows-in resembling a French café. Lenina 3 (Ленина 3). Sun isn’t great. 226 a hot griddle. so inhale before you try to squeeze in here. MNemiga (Немига). A pleasant even if they shyly struggle with English. but more bruised-banana brown than fizzy café with pretty young things swilling about the modern happy-smiley yellow. plenty of teas but rather nondescript little place which does a good cup of (including authentic mate) and a few snacks. JBX July 2008 .03:00. It’s certainly bent.July 2009 . tel. A cinema crowd. MNemiga (Немига). P The emphasis here. 227 22 24/ 227 55 37.00. and most are quite sanely priced considering 50 45. It’s also one of the few places in Minsk that does My English Granny (Моя английская бабушка) water pipes. Storozhevskaya Moka Lokka (Мока Локка) C-1. A haven for lazy or homesick foreigners.QOpen 10:00 . Sun 08:00 . Bogdanovicha local friends. café where they show flicks on a wrinkled projection screen PJAXW while groovy types scoff sushi. tel. tel. They’ve got to . but if you happen to be in the area it’s a all. We don’t know what goes on behind the interior. Service is visimosti 78 (Независимости 78). A strangely attractive place that attracts a diverse crowd.23:00. Sat. Central House of the Army Officers. Mar ska 36 (Маркса 36). Flick through the packed-with-classics Belarusian meals are also served in case you feel guilty about photo-album menu (worth a visit in its own right). QOpen 08:00 . 227 40 41. MNemiga (Немига). In summer coffee and nice selection of gunk-filled pastries and cakes.23:00. Old Mill is probably smaller than a real 10. 284 44 40. but somehow the place is kinda cool and groovy.24:00. Karla Marksa 34 (К. Then head up the creaky staircase at the back and grab one of Grip (Грип) C-2. MKupalovskaya (Купаловская). can be charming or hallucinogenic depending on your mood. The somewhat striking interior News Cafe (Ньюс Кафе) C-2. JA snacks and a few burgers. 105 05 03. Nezavisimosti 18 still got a bit of spunk left in her yet.01:00. No menus in English. Маркса 34). La Crête d’Or is a pleasant feeling. estly trendy interior and reasonable prices attract a young tyabrskaya (Октябрьская).01:00. Q Open 12. tel. The name refers to the Queen in a game of chess the location. but really rather lovely. tel. Good on ya. tel. The lunch menu. Nezavisimosti QOpen 09:00 . Komsomolskaya 19 (Комсомольская the little tables under the stuffed pig. has Italian style 12:00 . but it wasn’t being used when gossip from the Russian energy sector. Twigs on in the same building. Granny’s Café Beze (Безе Кафе) C-2. tel. Beze bills itself as ‘a gallery of sweet mas. booze and milkshakes are also available. Stary Melnitsa (Старая Мельница ) B-3. of old coffee tins.24:00. meaning salads and shashlyk. it has the same owners as the Voglia Matta restaurant. tel. CAFÉS 21 Banana Café (Банана кафе) B-2. it’s a bit frilly and they serve your food on paper doilies. tel. A good option for breakfast or just couching around Sun 11:00 . It’s not worth going anitex. There’s tea. The ‘classics’ of national cuisine arrive at your table on (Музыкальный 1/2). Nemiga 36 (Немига 7(Сторожевская 7). partake. There’s decent coffee. JX . It attracts terpieces’ and that’s a fairly accurate summary of what this young hipsters who drink juice and have pillowfights and just nice old-fashioned café is all about. coffee and cakes in abundance. Grandma! QOpen 09:00 . Neza- snacks. 328 64 09.00. tel. JAX 14 (Независимости 14).it serves a good cup of coffee. It looks like there’s door. Inexpensive like Granny’s place. there’s a quaint bubble-like tent outside. Salads. Just look at this place.

The restored house on the edge of the Old Town is a cosy 34 (Независимости 34).inyourpocket. MOktyabrskaya bright coloured furniture means you can get away with wearing (Октябрьская). You’ll also notice an over-abundance of tables and alleged entertainment. 289 37 54. A perfect place to start clickandbuy off the evening.20. making for some Drozhzhi Irish pub (Дрожжи Ирландский interesting and illuminating night-time VPL spectacles. Prospekt Pobe. tel.23:00. 23). tel. it can actually appear beer gardens that surround it. The kaya 3 (Красноармейская 3). with a range of pizzas. Balls Zhuravinka Bowling Club (Журавинка) B-2. not wooden tables where you can enjoy a nice vintage by the Rio-beach. NX small contribution to the overall feel-good spirit of Minsk nightlife. JEK savvy crowd packs the place out at weekends so get there early if you want a table. QOpen 11:00 . Korchma really comes into its own though in (Площадь Победы). wow. y’now! Despite trying a bit hard with the retro theme T34 Cocktail Bar (Бар Т34) С-2. tel. This delightfully wicked. and vice versa. and a big outdoor deck food is a bit basic.23:00. Kopi Gabana (Копи Габана) G-4. safe and reliable The barman evidently learned customer relations from a option. Internatsionalnaya 27 sackcloth and wood everywhere. tel. Mon a bit like Spanish mountain cottage. QOpen 10:00 jacent to a children’s park. in the same place and in ample portions. tel. overboard on the Irish pub ambience. 289 13 81/. If паб) D-1. A very civilised alternative to the flashy casinos and through the bottom of a beer glass. Zhuravinka and in Minsk it’s Drozhzhi. smooth and hip and the place is so groovy that no one cares that the groovy music. but the theme is Spanish-village. Another thing to keep in mind is that Minsk is a sprawling city. QOpen 17:00 .24:00. JX Minsk In Your Pocket .22:00. and a good. 203 93 55. 328 69 09. but it has a small bar in the back and a handful of be ‘Copacobana’. Staro. tel. It’s supposed to shop. Opposite the spring and summer when visitors flock here to sit out by the apartment where Lee Harvey Oswald used to live. Korchma can be a pleasant place to sip a brew or Skif Café (Скиф Кафе) B-3. Sat 11:00 . Live Irish folk music supposedly happens at weekends. or look at the interior glass.00 . A fun and jangly armour watches over it all. Krasnoarmeys- this can be a happening and effervescent kind of place. Mingling.03:00.22 Nightlife There are two defining characteristics of a night out in Minsk: friendliness and strangeness. MAkademia Nauk 94 35. There’s rope. 292 02 08. X-ray (Икс-рей) C-2. MPloshchad you don’t want to take the skinheads. Nezavisi- diteley 23 (Победителей. Entrance to nightclubs is often pricier for a ticket that grants you the privilege of sitting down. Like. Kupaly 25 (Купалы 25).00. T34 is one of the liveliest bars in the city. 200 54 56. and ad- riverbank and enjoy the magnificent view. M Ploschad Pobedi enough venue. But it’s certainly nothing like a beach. vilenskaya 2 (Старовиленская 2). or at least like what 10. QOpen 10:00 . JA up with mixing kit including a reel-to-reel tape player. . Every and meet an interesting collection of mildly tanked-up Eastern European capital has its ‘genuine’ Irish pub. and a jaunty knight in (Интернациональная 27).by. A young. however. Wine Gallery is actually a wine (Академия наук). We saw a DJ turning and chat. The crowd is young and funky sixties-style place with retro furniture. It’s as if the people of Minsk can’t have a good time if you’re not sitting down. Basically it’s a bar Korchma (Старовиленская корчма) B-2. goodwill and cocktails. Nezavisimosti two. If you squint really hard. Siberian camp guard. With dark wood booths and a bowling is also notable as having the best swivel-chairs menu offering pigs ears with plan your night before you head out and aim for a specific region. JAEB and ropey little restaurant and bar is a very cool hang-out with a mad medieval theme. But it’s a welcome PJALKX escape for anyone willing to shell out the extra cost for a Guiness. QOpen 09:00 . JAE Bars Galereya Vin (Галерея вин) B-1. QOpen 11:00 Dom. but if you manage to look past this Fri.03:00. No menus in English. half decent food. wacky . tel. often buzzing. is better done at the bar or on the dance floor. You’ll encounter Warm up venues both at the same time. it may have gone a bit in the Former Soviet Union. 226 63 90/ 226 mosti 71(Независимости 71). It’s a great venue for a pre-club snack where people can chill out in summer.01:00. Sverdlova 2 (Свердлова 2).com/ models of them. go on a Friday night Lenina (Площадь Ленина). wrought iron. Nightclubs and bars seem to want to be cabaret-style restaurants. Fortunately. various meat dishes and sushi.01:00. tel. Thu. Q Open 13:00 . diakonie@brm. Streets are safe at night. The cellar-like interior is themed around tanks (hence the Russian tank model name): the walls are strewn with photos and little plastic www. J a Belarusian imagines a Spanish cottage can look like. 284 75 41.02:00. QOpen 11:00 . You can’t really bounce from one venue to another in the same area . expat bowling aficionados and their friends. It’s cheap. Eight lanes that go all ultraviolet in the evening. the atmosphere here is one of peace. Downstairs from your I-wanna-look-cool sunglasses at night.

this place is still respectable a male striptease some nights. AK electric chair if the girls are making you drool or you’re incontinent. Wed. 292 80 71. AK children in animal suits. Bar staff keep the crowd amused by juggling lent entertainment and.00. MNemiga (Немига). A predictable yet solid nightclub with a Belaya Vezha (Белая Вежа) B-1. tel. QOpen 22:00 . up to early 30s it seems. You might even find your very own miss nuclear waist you’re bound to enjoy the evening. but it’s highly likely that your eyes will go mixed crowd. Shabby.05:00. AK casino is open round the clock (24 hours a day). radiation-inspired décor. Attracts a depend on who turns up. Reaktor (Реактор) G-4. Sat 09:00 .06:00. There’s a bit of a called the ‘white tower’. QOpen 12:00 not allowed in Belarus—keep their ape ambitions alive with . There’s pop in one of the most up-to-date nightclub environments in something for everyone here: girls in miniskirts wiggle around town. it’s a bit space-ship. a glowing dance floor.00. for all-in fun.meaning go-go dancers in the front.05.00.06:00.06:00. Sun 12:00 .July 2009 .06. It’s certainly lively. Mon. (Немига). blue and (Независимости 25).com. Formerly the rather sleazy Yula. Now this shiny and glitzy R-club is a rather more clubby affair with trance parties. live new venue provides unimaginable silliness in a big tarted-up music and the occasional freak show. www. Raunchy. 203 02 24. JAEK We s t w o r l d C l u b A . God knows what the ‘R’ house. The restaurant is open from 18:00 . Closed Mon. 232 00 38/ 237 38 05. provided you don’t have any snobbish tendencies. popular club in the Oktyabr Cinema puts particular emphasis tel.1 . the most gorgeous gold diggers in town. We used to have to rely on musty old dumps to provide the tel. 20:00 . Westworld is the place where catfish (and other bottom feeders) on your way in and enter apathy and recklessness meet for tequila shots. We think it involves a casino. In a surprising display of egalitarianism.05:00. tel.and press the zero button a seating. Nightlife 23 Max Show (Макс Шоу) G-5. 206 19 10. tel. Don’t worry too mode after midnight.05:00. QOpen sure whether they’re trying to sell outrageous gilded mirrors. prospect Nezavisimosti 19 It’s the best nuke-themed disco this side of the exclusion (Независимости 19). plenty of seating.00 . A glorious period atmosphere. Fri. gets packed. cheesy shows. naughty people.madisonclub. which gave evening. foreign men with drink prices. If you work it out. QOpen 18. QOpen 13:00 . fancy dubbed it ‘Shayba’ (‘hockey puck’). slick young things and one of the better nightclub moustaches stare intently at the prostitutes lingering at the bar options in town. Po b e d i t e l e y 4 (Победителей 4) (Palace of Spor ts).06:00. 200 11 90. Tue. turn right and begin your descent into Minsk weirdness. 226 06 45. popular and fun. tel.06:00. Nezavisimosti 25 наук). Reactor is mainly filled with teenagers locals with few pretentions and few inhibitions. the quality of your night will ies or blokes saying ‘check. according to all reports including our and dropping bottles.00. 200 24 09. QOpen 12:00 .00 . QOpen 23:30 . it also has to seduce the party prisoners away. tel.00 while everyone else gets lost in the sheer absurdity of the whole . tel. no road- is the case with most places in Minsk.being a real thug is own. 288 mediocre facilities has somehow managed to become a hip 10 61/288 29 58.once you see what’s on offer you’ll want dance floor with not much in the way of lighting that quickly to make the most of it. JAK Dankoff Club (Даньков клуб) C-1. AK scene. Check the schedule ahead of with a good sized dance floor. All aboard with Captain areas and three bars. Reasonable the dance floor while being shot with lasers. Sun 09. Surganova 26 (Сурганова 26).OAEK July 2008 . cuddly. let us know. Most of the floor space is given over to restaurant-style want to be let in and fit in.05. www. 226 13 06.06. PAK an arcade style punching bag in the foyer. zone. the pulsing music here will which quickly becomes packed with mildly inebreiated happy make you sterile first.go in on its erotic show programmes . QOpen 12:00 . Locals have a nightclub with mirrored poles. Closed Mon. Closed Mon. a bit surreal and one dark backstage theme to the place with what looks like set to tell your mates about when you get back to planet normality. thankfully. Nezavisimosti 73 Clubs (Независимости 73). Sat. some kind of restaurant stands for. LK staff are a bonus. and a bunch of time to see whether it’ll be a Boris or a Natasha flapping their little cell-like nooks for… erm. shiniest. 288 61 60/ 286 72 32. even though the dance floor is too small. On with the tinfoil undies and fallout-proof shades! Goodwin (Гудвин) C-2. raucous. there’s no accounting for classiest. Tue. with blue plastic swivelling egg-cups accommodating few extra times when making the withdrawal from the ATM some of the prettiest bottoms in town. MOctyabrskaya (Октябрьская). tel. Avoid sitting in the privates in your face. QOpen . ridiculous . PJALEK Night Star (Найт Стар) D-1. This round. a fitting description of lighting and occasional sweaty. Get in among wearing sunglasses bumping into staff who are far from them and. one choo’ all the time. There’s a small dance floor and stage much about the dosage though. This is the swankiest. MAkademia Nauk (Академия Alcatra z(Алькатраз) C-2. Legend holds that there’s actually a reactor in here tel. Say hello to the sleazy and good for a laugh. Huge. MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). but it slumps into a kind of gritty-groovy nightclub rise to all the cool. and happening nightspots. It probably has the best dance floor- Sparkle and his gang of cavorting space cadets for a completely to-seating ratio in town. PJOLKX O v e r t i m e ( О в е р т а й м ) B . fanciest place in town.05:00. S t o r o z h e v s k a y a 1 5 a Madison (Медисон) G-2. Wannabe thugs . It’s for those who paid extra for VIP treatment. Dress nice if you taste. Very Khoruzhey 29 (Веры Round the clock PJOBKXS Хоружей 29). tel.reaktor- club. A bit of a daggy restaurant by day and early somewhere (we don’t recommend looking for it). MNemiga Bronx (Бронкс) G-3. prospect Masherova big square dance floor flanked by various seating and mingling 17(пр. Timiryazeva 9 (Тимирязева (Сторожовская. QOpen 23. www. There’s a small tile before this night out .02:00. various states of nakedness take to the stage just about While it has lost some of its popularity as newer clubs have begun every night. R-club (Р-клуб) G-5. As builders’ scaffolding all over the place but. The 22:00 . the renamed quintessential Minsk wacky factor. It’s hidden under the trade union palace . Friendly English-speaking here. 9). food or girls with no clothes on. Sverdlova 2 (Свердлова 2). 15). but to be honest we’re not night you happen to go there on. QOpen 13:00 . Oh . Really. prospect Maherova17/1 (en. 284 69 22. A big sports-themed hall with trance from Chicherina) (Машерова 17/1).it all depends what and some naughty diversions. They crank out this riverside building attached to the hotel Belarus.bronx. Myasnikova 25 (Мясникова 25).12:00. Closed Mon. The upstairs balcony bit is reserved kooky adventure in nightclub nonsense and unrefined fun.машерова 17).1 . QOpen into orbit after a few moments here. 293 17 98/ 222 17 17.

Then head down Prospekt that go back to the 12th Century) this small collection of Nezavisimosti (formerly Prospekt Fransiska Skoriny) to see cobblestoned streets and buildings you see now is actually some 1940s gems including the Main Post Office (1953) and a 1980s recreation of the area’s 19th-century look that was GUM Department Store (1951). In summer. If you want to see some the more modern Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Beyond those basics though. between Bogdanovi- cathedrals. MNemiga (Немига ). imposing. duck behind near the train station are equally impressive. and it flows Island of Tears B-2. A swanky new multi-level shopping centre is also (the site of settlements located beneath the square. hard to find . locals poke holes through the haunting figures of grieving mothers. Богдановича и ул.24 What to see Be prepared to be blown away by some of Minsk’s extravagant buildings. a stroll along its banks. a memorial set ture postcard. To see cause it’s not really old the best bits. it’s worth a (Oktyabrskaya Ploschad). and Belarusian State University itself is indeed historic building. particularly the the concrete towers on Nemiga and make your way down twin ‘City Gates’ (pictured above). particulaly up in 1988 to commemorate Belarusian soldiers who died near the Old Town or opposite. Grandiose Soviet-era architecture. 9-year war in Afghanistan (1979- for starry-eyed couples. some magnificent Old Town А-2. A nearby fountain features the boy-like figure Minsk In Your Pocket . essence of the Minsk tableau.the city was almost flattened during World The more official name War II. where you’ll be dazzled by the Trade visit and makes a nice break from the imposing architecture Unions Palace of Culture (1954). west bank of river. and an awe-inspiring sense of space are the cha and Starovilenskaya (между ул. it’s polluted. pre-20th-Century houses. On the Svisloch. is almost a legal requirement in the USSR’s disastrous. Buildings more authentic. at its base. J Svisloch river It’s 327km long. statue of Lenin. sisters and widows ice and pull out God knows what. A small footbridge leads the romantic heart of the city and the setting for many a pic. of this quaint. after the dubious ducks 1988). Continue to October Square unceremoniously obliterated during the war. with flee and the surface freezes. near Storozhevs- through Minsk. In winter. The centrepiece of the memorial is the chapel. ri ver- side area is Troitskoe Essential Minsk Predmesti ye (Trini t y suburb). from the Old Town to the Island of Tears. Rakovskaya street. but mostly it’s Stalinist city centre If there’s one defining feature of referred to as the ‘so- Minsk. start from the mostly pre-war Independence and it’s not much of a Square (Ploschad Nezavisimosti) with its Government House town. it’s the funky. Visit museums to get a glimpse of the Minsk of old. Though the area (1934). and on the opposite side of the river. now home to a nightclub. Still. Stalin-era architectural en. called Old Town’ be- semble that stretches through the downtown area. the Svisloch is kaya. Truly historic sights are Старовиленская).

the church is an essential stop. The monument. Of course. the Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union. It was built in 1898 to commemorate church represents Archangel Mikhail giving a nasty dragon the victory of the tsar’s armies over the Turks. July 2008 . with copper domes sparkling more then a film studio. but did not explode. You may notice October Square C-2. Now once again used for its original purpose. Oktyabrskaya Square. and a modern folk belief that if the all the traders. jugglers and people with performing bears bride gropes this poor young lad’s privates. when on their wedding day. while the larger one represen ts Maryinsky Cathedral С-2. MNemiga (Немига). gleaming. MOktyabrskaya anatomy is shinier than the rest. An under- pathways eating sticky candy and spending their money on ground passage circling its foundation. up here. During the war.Независимости). n obl e Polish famil y in the ‘yellow church’ is the oldest surviving church in Minsk. It was installed in 2003.July 2009 . The con. t h e and a Stalinist facade thrown over the front. A splendid little red brick affair with two Independence Square. closed by a right. nobody ever matched the Gorky Park (Парк Горького) along Nezavisimosti. This is explained by the (Октябрьская). The bronze statue in front of the golden onion domes. closed again by the Soviets in 1944 and reopened towers are named after once more in 1992. eternal flame. The two smaller Nazis. ‘square’ right in the middle vent was liquidated in 1852 and the building given to the of d own town’s busi es t Russian church for use as a monastery . the city’s b e s t-k n o wn Ca t h oli c Cathedral of St. Minsk’s two most famous churches are listed under 220 44 15. Rakovskaya church was buil t by a 4 (Раковская 4). J landed in front of the altar. On e of th e m os t events. A huge. she’ll be guar. then closed by the protector of Belarus . good poke with a pointed stick. with between Yanki Kupali and Frunze (ул. Built in 1613. got shoved aside to make way for this yawning expanse. rigged up to cry teardrops. historic touch near the rapidly developing (Козлова 11). J World War II monuments. replacing the frighteningly the names of 566 soldiers who were posthumously awarded decrepit one that used to stand here. but in the 1950s its two towers were knocked down c a m e t o p o w e r. Mikhail is the saintly the Bolsheviks. Независимости и vite invasions. Visitors stroll around the installed in 1954. t h e Victory Square (Ploshad Pobedy) B-3. J The square is the most central in Minsk. round reconstructed. USSR. reopened by the Elena. Don’t miss the bas-relief on Wheel. next (if you happen to be looking) that a certain part of his to Museum of Great Patriotic War. was originally cept when it’s covered with snow). with its wisely closed cabins (think of winter) and views the base of the spire. its star-topped spire and The city’s oldest park is still its most popular green area (ex. demonstrations and protests. the grief of the parents. ул. Sovetskaya 15 (Советская 15). Simon and Helena D-1. The biggest attraction is the enormous Ferris ‘Victory Hall’ were added in 1985. and later became a popular meeting impressively than the Holy Ghost across the road. Crossroads convent`s consecration of Nezavisimosti and was delayed for 40 years Zakharava(перекресток because of the Musco. October Square is (Кирилла и Мефодия most well-known for being the scene of celebrations. Kozlova 11 tower is a nice. The twin towers church became a cinema have since been restored. reopened by the Nazis. This Roman Catholic cathedral survived all the century’s Wh en th e B ol sh eviks wars. This square was a bit of a marketplace Belarusian tradition of newlyweds visiting war memorials and fairground until the first half of the 19th century. anteed children. the children. a bomb crashed through the roof and stick be pointed at you. the building with its distinctive red St. Bet ter ‘Essential Minsk’. Peter and Paul H-1. Svobody 9 (Свободы9). Victory Square is later it was closed altogether by the Bolsheviks. tel. J Church of St. and an underground carnival rides.but half a century street. public 3). lest the pointed Soviets. A little pyramid of Portuguese granite marks the zero-point from which all Cathedral of the Holy Spirit С-2. J Built in 1642 to ser ve B er na din e nun s. M Plos- the original structure was chad Pobedi (Площадь damaged by fire but later Победы). 1908-1910 up on t h e Though Orthodox. was being excavated. Today after proof that when it came to behave yourself. In the 1950s it was instantl y recognisable home to a 10m statue of Stalin. MPloschad Nezavisimosti (Площадь Churches Независимости). Aleksander Nevsky’s Church H-4. the square can symbols of Minsk is this become very pretty when a giant ice-skating rink is set magnificent. it was looted in 1707 by Peter the Great`s premature death of their Cossacks. Simeon and beginning after the October revolution. or the one in the Victory Hall that lists of the city. Those with an archaeological disposition may be two-towered Or thodox interested to know that well preserved mammoth skeletons cathedral in the hear t were discovered beneath the square when the Metro system of the downtown area. The building was closed by the Bolsheviks at the two children. J place for the opposition in the 1980s. In 1741 Захарова). Readers interested in more churches k n o wn simpl y as t h e should check out the ones below: ‘Red Church’. What to see 25 of an angel. In winter. Kirila i Mefodiya 3 measurements are based.

A bit the countryside). tanks and planes parked behind the building. J www. 12(Городской Вал. including a stage made up of a network of QOpen 11. Naturally. Admission: 7. 233 99 32. Jews make up just 1% of the stark and strident in appearance but somehow geometrically national population. J Maksim Bogdanovich fans trying to get into to this apart- ment/museum. tel. three floors are captioned only in Russian (no English excur. J (Независимости 25а). skip this one. If you don’t speak the lingo. QOpen 10:00 You won’t exactly have to fight your way through mobs of .00. but there is still plenty to see. www. they only accept of groups of 20 or more.17. QOpen 10:00 . tel. such as Marc Chagall understand the large dioramas of Nazi concentration camps and Kazimir Malevich. Maksim Bogdanovich Literature Museum. swords. tel. but you don’t need a translator to some of Belarus’ most famous artists. 234 13 57. grand.00 . tel. 227 43 22. Unfortunately for couples and loners. Kropotkina 22 (Кропоткина 22). Artefacts their teachers.even if they can’t book any good acts. Synagogue A-3. Archaeology and ethnology fans will wet themselves at the prospect of seeing the collection of folk garments here. www.some still alive . (Независимости.18:00. This splendid museum may be lacking in sion currently available). J are sprinkled throughout this creaky. Closed Sat. Yehuda Pen. platforms that can be independantly raised or lowered and can change the whole configuration of the place in a couple of Jewish Memorial G-2. be sure to check out the vintage The gallery is divided into a Russian and Belarusian section.000BYR. Today. portraits and even a printing press like the one Skoriny used. stuffy museum. 216 22 44. Visits must be booked in 1942. Gorodskoy Val. Surganova 1/2 (Сурганова 1/2). Closed Mon. is the National Museum of History and Culture D-2. Fire Museum C-5. wizardry inside. 328 68 44/ 227 71 63. To round out your visit. Israeli Cultural Centre H . Grodno. Admission: free. tel. To truly under- stand the profound effect World War II had on this nation’s National Art Museum of the Republic of Be- history . Axe- heads. But then again. 284 27 32/ 284 24 97. Closed Wed.palace. J (Богдановича 15). where school children are herded in by Marksa 12 (Карла Маркса 12).by.18:00. and buried . artmuseum.a visit larus С-2. concert hall and fuction centre. minutes. Elaborate displays on its (Октябрьская). 290 68 47.and continues to have on the national psyche . tel. including repressed works from the 1920s and 30s. with tours conducted by grinning firemen. symposiums. QOpen Great Patriotic War Museum С-2. Karla focus of this museum. there are no explanatory texts Jewish Minsk in English. tel. QOpen 10:00 although the latter is easy to miss as it’s tucked away behind .000BYR. tel. MOktyabrskaya to this sombre museum is a must. Nezavisimosti 25a 10:00 .19:00. Admission: 15.12). So . The ‘palace’ is really a Minsk In Your Pocket .5. 230 18 74. Closed Mon and Sundays in summer.17:00. Closed Fri.17:00. Workers’ Party Museum B-3. Sun.26 What to see Museums Ancient Belarusian Culture Museum G-5. Octob er Square were Jewish (at the time 98% of Belarusians lived in (Октябрьская). Bogdanovicha 15 month entrance is free. Closed Mon. Closed Tue. Mogilev and Vitebsk Palace of the Republic С-2.17:00.inyourpocket. JLK ing a slope commemorates some 5. merkaz@open. Uralskaya 3 conferences and so on. J At the beginning of the 20th Century over 50% of the populations of Minsk. 334 22 73. tel. QOpen 11:00 . get the stage to do a little dance all by itself. they can This sculpture representing a group of people QOpen 11:00 . Admission: 5.000 Jews from the surrounding ghettos who were led into this pit. and keep in mind that tours are in Russian language only. tel. not to mention the remains of an ancient boat dug up a few years ago by a forester from the silt of the river Sozh.17:00. 20). Nezavisimosti 31a Bogdanovicha 7a (Богдановича 7а). The fascinating history of Minsk’s fire brigade. tel. Belarusian prose. Zaslavskaya (Заславская).by. QOpen 09:00 . First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Maksim Bogdanovich Literature Museum B-2. Closed Wed. and hosts a variety of performances. shot. you might as well from the history of Belarus. from cave-men to Communism. Every last Wednesday of the Literary History Museum B-2. 227 56 11. including or the disturbing photos of people being hanged in Minsk some wonderful pieces by Chagall’s teacher. 294 61 22. It has some pretty whizz-bang techno (Уральская 3). Lenina 20 (Ленина. QOpen 09:00 .840BYR. J a very inconspicuous door. 31а). parks. you never know.18:00.

circus was being renovated at the time of writing. tel. 206 69 56. this pet project of Lukashenko’s is partly paid for by money donated ‘voluntarily’ (meaning not voluntarily) by students and school children.anything that’s made of paper and has writing on it.nacbibl.15:00. Admission: history. Stalin’s line (Линия Сталина) 31km west of Minsk along the Molodechno road. Sat and Sun. QOpen 10. The gardens are only open to the public from the Soviet ‘bigger-is-better’ school of architecture. The Arguably the oddest-looking national library in the world. Q Box office open 09:00 . it’ll be big enough to house a whopping 15 million books. Set up in 1932. 15km southwest of the Brest highway (Чичерина 1). Like a Soviet gulag. Main office: Chicherina 1.000 Minsk. 24. Ozertso. May . A fascinating insight into Minsk’s toes. Sat.19. 000BYR.Sep. newspapers. 229 24 94.18:00. 6km from Zaslavl. The National Library only has 8 million books in its collection. http://newbuilding. 226 10 08/ 227 22 45.stalin-line. dating to 1958.20. dubiously trained bears and other leftovers from the 19th Century. QOpen 10.000BYR.July 2009 . Call ahead miss the institution’s pride and joy . at junction of . QOpen 11:00 . Tickets Out of Town can purchased as normal at the Minsk State Circus Kurgan Slavy Memorial Complex (Mount of box office.00 . Nezavisimosti 32 (Независимости 32).000BYR July 2008 . Tour: 30. Tashkents- 41 63. QOpen 10:00 . Some (Сурганова 2а). this say it looks like a diamond. Central Botanical Gardens F-5. What to see 27 Oddities Animals & Vegetables National Library not on the map-close to F-6. where enthusiastic historians dressed in military uniforms this small museum is the most exciting place in town to explain the Great Patriotic War. Closed Wed. tel. but will temporarily give performances out of a tent near the National Library every Wed. but for animals. Fri 10:00 . Now it’s a popular place to bring kids. tel. catalogues . 14:00 Glory) 30km north of . shows how much this was a staple of Soviet-era distraction. 503 Museum of Nature D-2. see dusty mammoth bones and stuffed 209 Minsk Zoo not on the map-close to J-6.00 . Admission: 10.20:00. The impressive building itself.00. Don’t sian but you can bring your own English translator. pamphlets. Worse yet.18:00. Located in the bowels museum complex located in a field some 30km from Minsk of the Museum of History and Culture (see Museums). J 240 23 97. Chizhovka district (Ташкенская 40).21. This 70m high conical hill topped by a spiky monument was constructed in 1969 to commemorate the spot where four Soviet armies joined up before going on to drive out the Nazis near the end of World War II.a nice pile of pota- to arrange an excursion. tel.18. 284 14 84. Surganova 2a tel. Fri.000BYR. Closed Mon. At present tours are in Rus. brochures.13:00. Karla Marksa 12 (Карла 20 22. who love to climb on the row of old tanks parked at the bottom. village: Pashkevich 3. 80-hectare garden belonging to the National Academy of In either case there’s no denying that the collosal. tel. J Moscow and Minsk II highways. QOpen 10:00 . Nezavisi- mosti 116. Sun 10. Minsk State Circus С-3.00.18:00. Stalin’s Line is a historical Маркса 12). Check your political correctness at the door and revel in the spectacle of midget acrobats. Museum of Folk Architecture B-2. When completed.00 .18:00. so there should be plenty of space left over for QOpen 10:00 . Admission: 7. just past Filimonova (Независимости 116). tiny village situated on the picturesque kaya 40.17:00. tel. new home Sciences has thousands more plants than you could ever for the National Library on the city outskirts is an example of sneeze at. We say it looks like the Death Star. Summer 10:00 .00. A charming. banks of the river Ptich. Closed Mon.

so use them if you want to order by phone.28 Getting around Train schedule From Minsk To Minsk Dep.107. Arr. Call 213 17 19 for information about international 03:43 16:23 MOSCOW 15:42 00:53 trains. City Dep. come in the form of plastic. Arr. there are a lot of less-than. or 105 for any train-related enquiries. 23:32 02:06 ORSHA 157 or 184. Avoid peak hours 16:02 17:37 IRKUTSK 11:30 12:01 if you value your limbs (08:00 . 01:20 10:55 SARATOV 11:29 14:42 The going rate per kilometre is around 1. 23:50 05:16 GOMEL 23:581 05:29 02:54 09:18 GRODNO 06:30 12:02 Trams &amp. 14:55 19:32 GOMEL 06:38 11:04 These you either swipe at the turnstyle.20:00). tel. tickets to domestic destinations are sold in the 22:522 07:10 MARIUPOL 12:112 20:46 two narrow halls that flank the main entrance.10:00. so there could be two trains on the same 21:18 08:05 MOSCOW 19:20 03:13 platform. 23:00 06:36 KALINKOVITCHI 21:35 05:21 19:19 12:42 KHARKOV 03:08 20:46 22:52 16:43 KHARKOV 13:32 06:44 Trains 11:31 00:01 20:50 08:50 KIEV KIEV 00:52 18:18 12:56 06:01 Central station (Центральная станция) E-2. 22:03 09:05 MOSCOW 21:09 05:49 International ticket office J-2. Priv. a second later. 213 17 19. magnetic cards. Punch them inside the vehicle or risk a fine. to the right as you face the new 03:01 12:49 MOSCOW 14:06 23:21 building. 16:22 22:03 GRODNO 17:20 23:12 leybus routes and over 100 bus routes. Voronyanskogo 6 22:18 09:20 MOSCOW 22:25 07:29 (Воронянского 6). 16:00 . including a 10-day pass for 07:43 12:35 GOMEL 04:38 11:30 10.100BYR. All three run from 23:32 06:59 GRODNO 23:41 07:21 05:35 to 00:55 seven days a week. Purple plastic 23:501 04:09 EUPATORIA tokens costing 600BYR are sold from booths inside metro 20:121 01:58 FEODOSIA 10:291 18:40 stations. 18:28 21:31 ORSHA 20:44 23:21 honest operators out there. Q Open 09:00 22:37 09:27 MOSCOW 22:55 08:17 . reliable way to get around Minsk. 152. 15:47 11:10 FRANKOVSK 13:09 09:00 like turnstyles. 17:40 20:13 ORSHA 17:07 20:06 as can be expected though. Buses: Minsk has 12 tram lines. epsecially those which lurk 21:18 23:44 ORSHA 22:21 00:53 outside hotels and train stations. look 21:55 00:18 ORSHA 23:59 02:32 for either the banana-yellow state-run taxis. At the brand new Minsk 02:24 15:19 LVOV 23:12 12:40 train station. 01:36 15:19 SARATOV 20:31 04:33 Minsk In Your Pocket . or those run 22:18 00:50 ORSHA by one of the reliable. 08:32 12:39 BREST 11:57 16:40 13:33 17:56 BREST 14:10 18:31 17:29 21:50 BREST 17:40 22:03 Public transport 20:40 00:29 22:48 09:48 BREST BREST 19:42 23:42 21:52 03:28 Metro: Two lines cover central Minsk. 08:25 11:49 ADLER 15:551 06:44 19:19 11:49 1 ADLER 15:55 19:17 19:191 11:12 ANAPA 17:10 06:44 05:10 07:33 BARANOVICHI 06:58 08:37 08:32 10:18 BARANOVICHI 18:55 10:37 13:33 15:18 BARANOVICHI 14:38 16:40 17:29 19:14 BARANOVICHI 17:05 19:28 23:32 01:35 BARANOVICHI 20:00 22:38 15:29 09:01 BERLIN 15:22 10:46 06:25 10:35 BREST 06:21 10:37 Follow the yellow brick. 56 trol. 16:29 23:29 GOMEL 13:25 18:40 ways until they pop back out. they’re also the short phone numbers of the 08:24 05:03 PRAGUE 22:56 21:02 dispatchers. toaster-like. keep in mind that there are platform numbers 18:28 06:00 MOSCOW 18:20 02:58 and track numbers. new private competitors . 17:15 21:31 GOMEL 15:38 20:46 Trains run every three minutes during rush hour and every 19:191 00:15 GOMEL 18:38 23:10 five off-peak. 23:32 10:26 MOSCOW 23:44 08:08 07:54 06:18 MURMANSK 20:04 15:20 16:02 10:40 NOVOSIBIRSK 19:16 12:01 11:31 10:39 ODESSA 14:30 12:56 Taxi 07:059 09:57 ORSHA 08:51 11:36 ORSHA 06:20 09:10 Taxis are a fairly cheap. for some reason.19:00). are still sold in the old train station 00:02 10:59 MOSCOW 10:23 20:06 building (open 09:00 . or shove in side. When looking 08:51 19:54 MOSCOW 16:54 02:32 for your train. After 21:00 metros run every seven to ten 20:50 01:56 GOMEL 22:00 05:46 minutes until 01:00. To avoid hassle. These numbers not only show the company 17:06 23:03 POLOTSK 00:55 08:05 affiliation. Check the signs carefully if you don’t want to end 21:55 08:46 MOSCOW 19:37 06:35 up in Izhevsk.000BYR. Drop those toy tokens into the slot machine.20:00. International 15:30 19:23 MOGUILEV 07:25 10:51 tickets. 23:43 12:06 KALININGRAD 11:47 22:16 16:29 21:16 KALINKOVITCHI 06:50 11:30 Public transport tickets costing 3600BYR are sold at most 17:15 00:13 KALINKOVITCHI 17:45 23:10 kiosks. Other tickets. 19:19 11:10 KISLOVODSK 16:53 06:44 okzalnaya 4 (Привокзальная 4).

4)PARIS(6. Filimonova 63 (Филимонова 63).7)WARSAW(5.7. There’s a 07:00 08:30 M(3.23:00. Vitebsk V – Eastern (Восточный вокзал) E: 06:305-7.6)STUTTGART(6. 18:30.3-7.2.7) 01:30 09:00 subdued Soviet-era station has all the basic amenities. 09:50. 07:20 11:50 E VILNIUS 16:00 20:11 M: 09:00 08:20 12:12 E(4-7)VILNIUS(1-5) 14:00 18:20 11:00 15:12 E VILNIUS 15:50 20:05 Grodno 18:10 20:20 E VILNIUS 05:50 10:00 E:05:55. 07:50.5. 13:00 05:00 E(6.6) 18:10 10:30 M:06:20. Dep. 07:50. 06:00 23:20 E(2)DUSSELDORF(3. 18:00 13:10 E(1. 14:05. 8 902 101 41 14. 12:302-6.7) 17:30 23:00 E: 07:20. For tickets to cities in Western Europe.7) 14:30 23:00 M 20:40 06:12 WARSAW 20:37 08:01 11:30 23:00 E(5. WARSAW(1.7) 13:00 23:00 22:08 05:46 2 SIMFEROPOL 09:25 17:23 2 07:00 19:30 (3. Arr. Departs destination.2) 23:20 10:30 15:10.4-7.4)DRESDEN(6.6. 19:401-3.6) 16:45 10:30 E 12:00 01:40 E(3. 15:307. 18:15 08:00 M(1.6) 12:00 10:30 13:00 11:00 E(6. Arr. Arrives destination. Arrives destination.6)DUSSELDORF(1. window N°11.4)VROTSLAV(1.6)HANNOVER(1) 02:00 23:00 well as a hairdresser’s juyst in case you want to make a good 07:00 10:00 M(3. 09:051-5.7) 21:00 23:00 автовокзал) F-6. 06:50.3.6. Timetable key: Departs Minsk.7. 14:501-5.4) 03:00 09:00 1 Even days. 16:001-5. 08:05. 12:00 05:00 E(3.6) WARSAW(1. Arrives Minsk. 11:50. 17:501-5. 09:101 15:46 SIMFEROPOL 21:541 05:29 07:00 16:30 M (4)AAHEN(6.7) 11:00 23:00 06:25 06:11 WARSAW 16:35 12:51 07:00 15:10 (3.July 2009 . 16:30. 16:20. City Dep. 12:501-5.3. 08:405-7. 09:50. Departs Minsk. 09:10.6) 11:00 09:00 12:57 17:44 VITEBSK 04:28 09:10 07:00 06:30 M(3. 12:55 5-7. E – Eastern (Восточный вокзал) M – Moscovsky bus station clickandbuy July 2008 . 13:40.5) 15:20 00:45 M 19:45 00:45 VILNIUS 20:00 00:30 12:00 08:00 E(3)BERLIN(3. 17:00. 15:00.7)VROTSLAV(5. 08:30.7)KRAKOW(5. 08:00. 20:301.PETERSBURG 18:00 08:40 07:00 17:30 (3.4)MAGDEBURG(6. 07:20 14:10 E KAUNAS 16:00 22:25 Vostok bus station (Восточный вокзал) J-5.6)BRANDERBURG 01:20 18:34 VOLGOGRAD 12:38 04:33 M BRANDERBURG(3. 10:40. 22:351. Getting around 29 Train schedule continued International bus schedule From Minsk To Minsk From Minsk To Minsk Dep.7)IVANOVO(5.4.PETERSBURG 15:00 03:55 13:00 20:00 V (6)BELOSTOK 18:48 09:40 ST. 01:30 05:30 E(2-6)VILNIUS(1-5) 17:00 21:00 16:001.7) 07:30 23:00 Local bus schedule 12:00 11:00 E(3.5) 08:00 17:00 wait.7) 10:00 09:00 03:23 11:33 WARSAW 12:08 23:42 07:00 18:30 M(3. 16:30.7.6)BELOSTOK(4.7) 14:30 23:00 M Gomel 07:00 14:45 M(4.6)POTSDAM(1) 07:00 23:00 E: 08:50.7) 22:15 23:00 small café on the top floor to keep you caffinated while you 09:00 21:00 M(4.6) 05:00 09:00 08:00 21:40 M (5)DORTMUND 07:00 07:00 M(3.4)ANTWERPEN(6. 17:201. tel. 2 Odd days.5. 16:405. Arr. 11:00. 15:40. 14:30. 07:20.inyourpocket.3.4.6) 13:00 19:00 07:00 23:30 M(3. 19:401. 08:20.7) 20:00 23:00 06:00 21:40 M(2)DORTMUND(6. 19:001.2) 13:00 00:40 09:30.6) 17:30 10:30 QOpen 05. 12:001.00. 12:15 6.6)COLOGNE(1. 09:20 M – Moscovsky bus station M: 07:00.4)PRAGUE(5. 17:401.7)PRAGUE(1.5-7. 08:30.4)HANNOVER(6. 18:00. 8 902 101 41 14.7)MOSCOW( 16:00 21:55 E KAUNAS 07:00 12:50 Vaneyeva 34 (Ванеева 34).4)BRUSSELS(6.4)COLOGNE(6.PETERSBURG 19:08 09:10 22:00 05:45 (1. QOpen 05:30 . 11:30. Arr. 14:10.6) 23:20 10:30 12:406. 17:40 05:00 C(1.4)BERLIN(5.7. 08:40. 09:306.2) 12:00 10:30 Brest 11:30 11:30 E(5. 14:40. 12:004-7.7. 18:00 00:35 E KAUNAS 03:35 10:00 Tickets for destinations within Belarus are sold at the first 21:00 00:35 E KAUNAS 19:45 05:50 floor ticket booths. 06:55. Bus station: www. 17:00 09:40 MST.7) 02:00 09:00 Moscovsky bus station (Московский 11:30 22:30 E(5. Days of the week (1=Monday). 12:00 06:30 (6.5.4)MUNICH(5. 07:20.7) 23:55 23:00 17:40 21:59 VITEBSK 22:25 04:39 12:00 09:30 M(3.6) 21:00 19:00 18:48 22:58 VITEBSK 23:44 03:55 18:00 20:00 M(2. 14:50. 06:20.7)MOSCOW(5.7. 11:40. 10:00. 21:00 01:40 E VILNIUS 01:20 05:50 08:50 6.4)STRASBOURG(6.2) 18:10 10:30 15:301. 08:20 18:00 E (4-7)RIGA(4-7) 18:00 08:20 17:413. Days of 20:302.7) 10:00 23:00 M 12:57 05:34 ST.4-6.6) 23:20 10:15 12:00 18:30 E(3.00 . 19:001-5. 11:10. as 11:30 15:00 E(5.4) 06:45 13:00 MVostok (Восток).4) 02:00 09:00 08:00 22:40 M(5)DUISBURG(6.4-7. tel.4-7. 12:00 23:20 V(3.7)LODZ(5.7) 23:55 23:00 Buses 06:00 22:40 M(2)DUISBURG(3. 17:001-5. 07:20. 16:00 21:40 M(2)DORTMUND(3. 14:20. City Dep. 13:00 14:00. 18:20.7) 20:00 23:00 impression on someone at the other end of your bus journey.2.4-7.6) 21:20 10:30 look for the ‘Mizhnarodnaya Kasa’. 10:106. 13:205-7.PETERSBURG 12:45 01:58 12:00 20:00 V (3)BELOSTOK 02:40 10:30 17:40 08:52 ST. the week (1=Monday).3. 09:50. This rather 08:00 23:20 M(5)DUSSELDORF(6.7. 10:00. 16:00.

00 . Minsk Независимости. Also in the For a little bike manufacturer in an odd little location airport Minsk-2 tel. (+375 17) 279 the old design along a bit. 226 90 43/ 203 50 51. 279 10 32 QOpen 09:00 . www.16:30 QOpen 09:00 . QOpen 125cc two-stroke.17:00. J www. Closed Sat. www. While the Soviets certainly didn’t like the Nazis. 19).europcar. QOpen 09:00 . they did take a liking to their motorbikes Airlines & Airports – so much so that a factory was established to produce Air Baltic B-1. There’s even an adventure expedition 09:00 . Prospect Pobediteley 19 (Проспект them in Minsk. Closed Sat. tel. Sun.18:00. tel. Pr ospekt Nezavisimosti 38 cent—are exported. Of course various updates and tweaks have brought airbaltic.00 till 16. MPloschad Nezavisimosti motorcycles—noisy (Площадь Независимости).20:00. 284 71 30. tel. Sat 09:00 . Explore Indochina. All airline tickets. QOpen 09:00 . blue oily smoke. Minsk isn’t just a city. by. Also at Minsk-2.13:00. Europcar (Minsk) Hotel Minsk. Vilnius. The basic design stemmed from an old German pre-war bike. www. + 375 29 694 59 16. river crossings and dodging goats on aua. According to their website. Sun 08:00 .11). Sun.18. seven people. tel. (Площадь Победы). J the Minsk motorcyle.11(проспект Независимости. horses. tel. J company. 211 26 06.) The Motovelo company. like Minsk. Serova bangers made right 1 (Серова 1). with Asian countries taking the (Проспект Независимости 38).belavia. Prospect Nezavisimosti 56 (Проспект Explore Indochina . Also in the airport Minsk-2 tel. was established in November 1945. The Europcar office not just any bike brand. www.exploreindochina. 09:00 . and even a three-piece lounge suite”.lufthansa. Daily from 10:00 . 226 66 28.17:30. airport in Minsk. Nezavisimosti 11 ( be believed. Sun. And +370 5 212 02 07.18:00. QOpen Motovelo – Manufacturers of Minsk motorcycles: 10:00 . Маркса 28). 279 15 39. 210 41 00. fax 209 95 98.17:00. The Minsk Motorcycle Club of Vietnam: LOT Победителей. www. fully operational fish tanks Belavia (Белавия) C-1. and anyone wanting a bullet-proof vehicle that can be maintained using only chewing gum. Nezavisimosti rumour and a kind of . It’s also a brand of motorcycle. On a 279 17 on Minsk motorcycles: Независимости 56). 209 90 91. unpretentious honesty that is refreshing in a time of butterfly-flange carburettor flux- timing two-step-shuffle horizontally-imposed distribu- tor-dictator-power Quintrex-complex computer regulator gaskets and self-lubricating heated airbags.20 QOpen 09:00 . rickety bridges. back- Getting around Minsk motorcycles Car rental Europcar Stuokos-Gucevičiaus Closed Sat. Also in Minsk-2 airport. legend. Daily from 14. 209 90 09.17:00. a key is a luxury. tel. however. The design also inspired bikes such as the BSA Bantam. Sat. Победителей. but one that carries with it a veri. Sat. www. the RT 125. tel. Closed Sat. 6a (Партизанский проспект. tel. 6а). the Harley-Davidson ‘Hummer’ and the Yamaha YA-1. QOpen here in Minsk—are 09. That’s why you’ll find a Minsk Motorcycle Open daily from 04:00 till 06:00. 11:00 till 18:00 QOpen Club in Vietnam. If the stories are to Her t z G-2. tel. dirt roads. Closed Sat. which churns out the Minsk motorcycles as well as various pushbikes and exercise bikes. 7). 7 (Проспект www.18:00. El Al Israeli Airlines C-3. Karla Marksa 28 (К. Austrian Airlines/Swissair (Австрийские Most of the production of the bikes—around 90 per авиалинии) B-3. bikes have been seen “hauling buffaloes. (We may have some of the technical details there a bit wrong but the point remains: Minsk motorcycles are appealing for their simplicity in a world of complexity. J to-maintain nature of the Minsk bikes remains intact. Motovelo have created quite a legend with Sun 09:00 . Sun. Explore more: elal. tel. www. Closed Sun. refrigerators.motovelo. Pr ospect Pob editeley. The origins of the Minsk bike. The bikes have a simple.18:00.18:00. www. cringe.lot. the vehicle of choice of tel. up to QOpen 08:00 . single-cylinder Lada Avtoprokat not on the map-close to J-2. call up-to-date. The fundamental simplicity and easy. but it’s hardly what you’d 25 68. extend back a little further. www. 279 15 Sun. Apparently they are well suited to rough conditions. Partisansky Prospect. Minsk In Your Pocket . beer cans and bits of fuzzy string. Nemiga 14 (Немига 14). Closed Sat. wacky tour- ists and farmers in Lufthansa G-4.00. Closed Sat. 288 25 35/288 25 55. tel. 11).co. kudos. MPloschad Pobedi bulk. Hotel Minsk. in Lithuania can help you with your transfer to and from the table aura of history.18:00. that runs tours exclusively Aviakassa (Авиакасса) ((+375 17) 227 62 54) on Minsk motorcycles. Minsk C-3. Lithuania.

PETERSBOURGH (B2) ––3–––– 10:45 11:15 1–––5–– 15:10 18:35 SOCHI (B2) 1–––5–– 19:35 21:05 ––3–––– 15:10 18:35 SOCHI (B2) until Sep 24 ––3–––– 19:35 21:05 –––––6– 15:10 18:35 SOCHI (B2) until Sep 6 –––––6– 19:35 21:05 1–3–5–– 15:10 17:00 TALLINN (B2) 1–3–5–– 13:00 14:00 ––34–6– 23:40 03:35 TBILISI (B2) –––4––7 04:35 06:30 ––34–6– 23:40 03:35 TBILISI (B2) ––––5–– 04:35 06:30 ––––––7 07:35 11:15 TEL-AVIV (B2) ––––––7 12:15 16:00 –––––67 01:25 05:15 TEL-AVIV (LY) –––––67 19:25 23:15 –23–––– 00:00 03:50 TEL-AVIV (LY) –––––67 19:00 22:55 1234567 05:35 06:30 VIENN (OS) 1234567 20:05 23:00 1234567 17:25 18:30 VIENN (OS) 1234567 13:30 16:25 1–––––– 15:45 15:55 WARSAW (B2) 1–––––– 16:45 18:55 –2–45–7 14:40 14:55 WARSAW (LO) –2–45–7 11:15 13:30 ––3–––– 09:05 09:15 WARSAW (B2) ––3–––– 10:45 12:55 –––––6– 13:40 13:50 WARSAW (LO) –––––6– 14:50 16:30 Airline codes: B2 . Destination Days Dep. Valid until Oct 27.July 2009 .Belavia. unless indicated.Sep 14 ––––––7 09:00 10:20 –2–4––– 13:20 14:10 BERLIN (B2) –2–4––– 15:00 17:45 ––––––7 18:10 19:00 BERLIN (B2) ––––––7 19:50 22:30 1–––––7 23:30 04:15 EREVAN (B2) 1–––––– 05:15 06:30 ––34––– 22:30 03:15 EREVAN (B2) –––4––– 04:15 05:30 ––3–––7 12:35 14:00 FRANKFURT(B2) ––3–––7 14:55 18:05 ––––5–– 12:35 14:00 FRANKFURT (LH) until Aug 30 ––––5–– 14:55 18:05 1–––––– 12:35 14:00 FRANKFURT (LH) until Sep 1 1–––––– 15:00 18:15 –––4–6– 12:30 13:30 HANNOVER (B2) until Sep 19 –––4–6– 15:05 18:05 –2––5–7 08:30 10:50 ISTANBUL (B2) –2––5–7 11:50 14:10 ––––5–– 15:35 17:05 KALININGRAD (B2) ––––5–– 17:50 19:20 –2–––6– 12:20 13:50 KALININGRAD (B2) –2–––6– 14:30 16:00 1–345–7 16:05 17:35 KALININGRAD (B2) 1–345–7 18:25 19:55 1–3–5–7 09:35 10:40 KIEV (B2) 1–3–5–– 13:00 14:05 –2–4–6– 18:45 19:50 KIEV (B2) –2–4–6– 20:40 21:45 ––––––7 09:10 10:40 KIEV (B2) ––––––7 11:35 12:40 –––––6– 07:40 11:00 LARNAKA (B2) –––––6– 12:00 15:20 –2––––– 15:25 18:45 LARNAKA (B2) until Sep 30 –2––––– 19:45 23:05 ––3–––– 09:55 10:55 LONDON (B2) ––3–––– 11:55 16:50 ––––––7 12:10 13:10 LONDON (B2) ––––––7 14:10 19:05 ––––5–– 15:30 16:30 LONDON (B2) until Sep 5 ––––5–– 17:30 22:25 1–––––– 10:45 12:05 MANCHESTER (B2) 1–––––– 13:05 18:05 –––4––– 16:10 18:00 MILAN (B2) –––4––– 19:00 22:50 ––––––7 07:10 09:00 MILAN (B2) ––––––7 10:00 13:50 –2––––– 16:25 18:15 MILAN (B2) –2––––– 19:15 23:05 1234567 07:00 09:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 10:15 10:35 1234567 09:00 11:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 12:20 12:40 1234567 12:05 14:25 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 15:20 15:40 1234567 16:35 18:55 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 22:20 22:40 1234567 19:00 21:20 MOSCOW (B2) 1234567 22:20 22:40 –2––––– 08:20 10:20 PARIS (B2) –2––––– 11:20 15:05 ––––5–– 16:20 18:20 PARIS (B2) ––––5–– 19:25 23:10 ––––––7 15:30 17:30 PARIS (B2) ––––––7 18:30 22:15 –2–4–6– 08:00 08:45 PRAGUE (OK) –2–4–6– 09:35 12:20 1–3–5–– 15:15 16:05 PRAGUE (OK) 1–3–5–– 11:45 14:30 ––––––7 14:50 15:35 PRAGUE (OK) ––––––7 17:25 20:10 1234567 16:20 17:40 RIGA (BT) 1234567 14:30 15:45 1–––5–– 08:40 10:35 ROME (B2) until Sep 8 1–––5–– 11:35 15:20 1–––5–– 08:05 10:00 ROME (B2) until Sep 5 1–––5–– 11:00 14:45 ––3–––– 13:55 15:50 ROME (B2) until Sep 10 ––3–––– 16:50 20:35 ––––––7 21:30 23:25 SHANNON (B2) 1–––––– 00:25 06:05 SHANNON (B2) until Aug 28 ––––5–– 00:25 06:05 1–––5–– 07:30 09:55 ST.Austrian Airlines. July 2008 . Getting around 31 Flight schedule From Minsk To Minsk Days Dep. For details check at airport.Azal Azerbaijan J2 . LO . PETERSBOURGH (B2) 1–––5–– 09:45 11:15 ––3–––– 07:30 09:55 ST. BT .LOT Polish Airlines. 2008.AirBaltic. 1––4––– 20:30 03:10 ASTANA (B2) until Sep 1 1–––––– 09:30 10:30 ––34––– 21:35 03:00 BAKU (B2) –––4––– 04:00 05:45 –––4––– 12:20 17:30 BAKU (B2) until June 26 and from Sep 25 –––4––– 09:00 10:20 ––––––7 12:20 17:30 BAKU (B2) July 6 . Arr. OS . OK -Czech Airlines. Arr.

00. A ers which saw the the city’s population soar to over a complete remodelling job in 2005 has failed to erase the million people.14. Rozy Luxemburg 89. The gleaming new metro finally opened factory look of the city’s main airport. tel. tel. 226 94 85. efficient and safe and manages to shunt some 800. Of- into a crush which led to the deaths of 53 people.00. reliable people helping to meet all needs wi th those who lost their lives in the tragedy.00 .18. Sun. Closed Sat. www. BD16 4NE.000 people a around a day without so much as a vodka-induced Travel agencies hiccup.00. The later stations were a bit more space-age in Station. hotel www. Leningradskaya 5-32 (Ленинградская 5-32). All in all.Люксембург 89/20a). Belorusski Sputnik (Белорусский Спутник) 42km from city it in the late 1970s owing to a massive influx of work. 222 Metro tidbits 54 76. airBaltic. www. tel. tel.18. 211 03 54.00. Minsk In Your Pocket .00 . Registration closes one hour before the flight. QOpen 09. As the name suggests. such as Grodno and Brest.alatantour. Merlintour B-1. for under 5.00 . The stampede QOpen 08:30 . 328 54 03. 283 23 94. Closed Sat. tel. Karka Marksa 36 (Карла Маркса 36).balticsandbeyond. somebody else will take kovskaya line further into the ever-expanding tel. Actually helpful and friendly. Sat. Vneshintourist SP(Внешинтурист СП) B-1. spring thunderstorm caused more than 1. ment beside the metro entrance lists the names of all Friendl y. Prospect Pobediteley 5 (Проспект Победителей 5). 1984. and pleted in 2007. Belarustourist (Беларустурист) B-1. www. The metro now has two lines covering 25 the CIP (commercially important person) lounge. 289 14 36. Storojovskaia 8 (Сторожевская 8). 279 17 30/279 13 00. Sun. Construction work began on Minsk-2 not on the map-close to QOpen www. Visas. tel.00 . QOpen 09. w w w.vlp. Some (notably Nyamiha/Nemiga) are deco.00 . Technically it’s an international airport. . Voyajtour (Вояжтур) B-2.00. Sun. some unspecified whopping fee. Bingley. but the ‘beyond’ bits .by.00. www. www. 226 97 79/ 223 59 06.000 people. West Yorkshire. appearance. They offer a range of tour options and can provide you with a guide so that you really get the best out of your stay. MNemiga (Немига). 200 56 of whom were aged between 14 and 18.19. also find some dubious souvenir shops.18.19. VLP (ВЛП) A-2.32 Getting around Minsk-1 J-2. Sun 10.16:15.00 . but if you’ve dragged to relieved commuters as an eight-station line on June yourself out here. Melni- kaite 8 (Мельникайте 8).avia. you some impressive murals on the standard epic socialist can buy tickets for the airport bus at the Moskovsky Bus themes.18. 206 46 56/226 68 91. car rental. nearby Nyamiha/Nemiga metro station.19. QOpen 09. main hall.00. tel. Sat 10.belarustravel. they specialise not just in the Baltics. at least that means you’re leaving the www. QOpen 09. where you’ll 1990s with the most recent extension only being com. 222 30 22/ 220 37 47. Tanka 30 many of whom had been heavily drinking. Sun. Closed Sat. while others have don’t want to spring for the expensive taxi ride out here. the same floor sells phone cards and lets you pay to surf The stations themselves are rather attractive in their the internet. Find it just 3km from but it is still an attractive example of a major Soviet-era the central Prospekt Nezavisimosti. where for stations and there are projects afoot to extend the Mos. 75. However. It slowly but surely expanded throughout the country. Closed Sat. Per vomaiskaya 12 (Первомайская 12). Minsk’s metro is cheap. +44 845 094 2125.smoktravel.00 . tel. Closed Sat. most fice No 20a (Р. Sun.bluebird. If you rated with Belarusian national motifs. www. here. QOpen 09.00 . A huge crowd of young 21). tel. tel. down the marble steps into the metro underpass turned Belarus Tour Service I-2. Kupaly 21(Купалы terrible tragedy in June 1999.00. ser vice@welcome.17:30. The post office on along with a plan to build an entirely new line after 2010. Lufthansa and Belavia all have offices Soviet way. 284 69 www.and that means Minsk and other bits of Belarus. Closed Sat. Smok G-4.sputnik. the metro was also the scene of a Alatan Tour (Алатан тур) C-3. Closed Sat. tel. QOpen 10. accomo- people had gathered for a rock concert when a sudden dation.17.000BYR. info@ balticsandbeyond. care of all your paperwork while you wait. A moving monu. Masherova 19 (Машерова 19). Blue bird (Голубая птица) Sun. Fri 08:30 . Q Open 09. UK. public transport project.00. trips.00. Chkalova 38/2 (Чкалова 38/2).airport. Travel agencies abroad Baltics and Beyond 1 Amy Street. The departure area is on the third floor. but Minsk I only handles a scant few of the flights from CIS Minsk’s metro may not be as grandiose as Moscow’s countries and some domestic flights. Sun 10.merlintour. guides and other ser vices during your stay in Belarus. to run for the (Танка 30). the VIP lounge.00 . tel.00 . Wow! It’s open by.20:00.July 2009 .by. QOpen the Ploshchadka venues has 26 terminals. 14:00 . tel. Kalvariyskaya 17a (Кальварийская Soyuz Online С-2.tnt. Pobediteley MTS GSM F-5. Nezavisimosti 95 (Независимости 19 (Pobediteley 19). Nezavisimosti 10 (Независимости 10). tel. Closed Sat. Sat. A BelCel G-4. Closed Sat.18:00.17:30. Be warned that mobile phone roaming tarifs can be very pricey: check with your provider before you go drunkenly calling your friends back home. QOpen 08:00 . TNT G-5. tel. Nezavisimosti 10 (Независимости 10). Varvasheni 73. Platonova 10 (Платонова 10). www.23:00).by.16. www. “Diallog” service providers. ISPs Belarus Yellow Pages . Info@soyuzonline.17:30. Internet providers and online magazine in Russian www. 294 80 Kalvariyskaya and at Central Post Office. 226 06 82. sure place to bump into people from every corner of Europe. UPS B-2. info@tnt. including a VIP hall. Sun 10:00 . QOpen 09:00 . Sat 08:00 sian-Belorusian GSM company. www. tel. Nezavisi- mosty 60.17:30. The smaller of beltelecom. 228 73 60. www. QOpen 08:00 . info@mts. but are still cheap. Nezavisimosty 105. A Open Kontact H-2. tel. tel. “Hey – I’m just calling to say I’m in an egg”. Also at Kalvariyskaya 4. and XXI Vek Busi- ness Centre.18:00. Open 24hrs. tel. Sun.soyuzonline.mum. covering a rather nice part of 226 42 43. Nezavisimosti 58/4 17 Nemiga 8 (Немига 6). 328 55 by. Also at Revoliutsionnaya 24b. The information number is 229 49 01 for all offices.mts. www. . by. info@nsys. admin@ok. The first GSM provider in Belarus with a very informative 80.belcel. Closed Sun. tel. tel. Sun 10:00 . web hosting. Sun 10:00 . QOpen 09:00 .com. including mobile networks.600BYR per hour).by. QOpen 08:30 Also at Zolotaya Gorka 16. TNT at Minsk-2 Ve l c o m G S M B . QOpen 09:00 227 25 33. 290 79 74. www. Express mail DHL G-4. 222 49 01. head to the ‘peregovorni punkt’ in hall 1. tel. Sat. Very useful place for those not speaking Russian at all. tel. FedEx (M&M Militzer & Münch) Closed Sun. 283 Ploshchadka (Площадка) G-4. www. MNemiga (Немига). 282 00 18. Rus- by.nsys.minsk. both open 09:00 . operating in Belarus and .by. tel.18:00. 24 hours. buy postcards and make photocopies. info@main. A busy place with 39 machines (1. Nezavisimosti 169. 226 02 79.velcom.belpost.00. www.pic. minsk@tut.07:00. www. web design. Few hotels have LAN or WiFi inter- net access. callcenter@mum. Surganova 476. Closed Sun. Q Open 08:00 www. tel. M e l n i k a y t e 1 4 ( H e a d airport tel. 8). www. Krasnoarmeiskaya 3. 289 30 68. 211 01 21. serve pizza and even let you pay by credit card! What more do you need? The granddaddy of Mobile phones Minsk internet cafés has around 60 terminals.23:00. Zolotaya Gorka 5 (Золотая Горка 5). www. (Независимости 58/4). House of Officers(Красноармейская 3). Closed Sat. office)(Мельникайте 14). QOpen 08:30 . 95).13:00. Sun. 278 11 08. Closed Sat. Mail & Phones 33  The Minsk telephone code is +375 17 One look at the rather ‘retro’ look of the city will give you a clue that Minsk is not exactly at the cutting edge of the information revolution. Also they have express centres at Pobediteley 5. . Sun. Sun. JA July 2008 . they speak English. in the Central 17а). Nezavisimosti 10. Lеnina 9 (Ленина 9). 290 79 74. tel. Rates depend on the time of day. work fine. 217 10 05. QOpen 09:00 . QOpen 09:00 08:30 .b2b. or just 411 from mobiles.17:00. Public internet access Beltelecom (Белтелеком) С-2. nection. 00/284 90 44. on the left (open 07:00 . On the left is the internet centre where people queue for cheap online access. 226 99 tel. Post Central Post & Telegraph Office D-1.19:00. 222 65 11/227 85 12. QOpen 09:00 .1 . website. QOpen 09:00 . Brestskaya 18 (Head Office) (Брестская 18).by. QOpen 09:00 . Head straight through to the main hall in the back to send tel. On the other hand. ADSL internet con. Engelsa 6 (Энгельса Ploshchadka (Площадка) C-1.ok. A Network Systems С-2. or even websites for that Muzykalnyj 3 (Музыкальный 3). For telephone and telegraph services. www. Partizansky 12.500-2. QOpen 09:00 . Main internet provider in Belarus. tel. EMS D-1. www. 279 11 the postal system and phones.

A popular haunt of hungry expats. Starazhevskaya 8 (Сторожевская 8). tel. Italian and German. A grand place with Akademkniga (Академкнига) G-5. Here’s some guidance. Prospekt Pobediteley 11 (Победителей.19. all highly recommended. bit. Sun 10:00 .34 Shopping Minsk . can sell you or rent you a fancy aquarium. MNemiga (Немига ). 227 88 76. Sandra’s House of Flowers (Сандра Магазин so it’s mainly of interest to Russian speakers. Sat.24:00.00. QOpen 10:00 . 234 41 72. Travel books. 223 04 93. There are the usual Kristall (Кристалл) D-3. Every second establishment in Minsk wicker dolls with mad-looking eyes and flimsy folk cos. 227 63 14. stock and.22:00. seeds and pots. 262 32 59.Хоружей 29).QOpen Centralny (Центральный) С-2. Kozlova 4 (Козлова 4). Well worth the Milavitsa. Dom Knigi Svetoch (Светоч Книжный магазин) tel. Sun 11:00 . It Food also some good postcards of Minsk and stationary. Nezavisimosti 23 10:00 . luxury 61. QOpen 10. QOpen 24 hours. Nezavisimosti 14 (Независимости 14).J are cafes. J ter-tasting herbal liquor that provides a gift alternative to Lakomka (Лакомка) C-2. halls in Minsk despite its gloriously Soviet appearance. Books Nemiga 2 (Немига 2). pop Central Book Shop (Knigarnya) (Центральный next door to this place. Sat 10:00 . Maybe it’s just nostalgia for the its excellent quality.20:00.21:00. It has a good selection of fresh flow- книжный магазин) (Книгарня) C-2.20:00. Belarus Sineokaya and Klenovaya are sympathy. even by Slavic standards. there’s little in English. Sun 09:00 bookshop is the largest bookshop in Minsk and is situated . Still. One of the best. available from most book stores. tel. Nezavisi. This one specializes in Be- tumes. J Panorama (Панорама) A-1. tel. Minsk In Your Pocket . Flowers A Million Red Roses (Миллион алых роз) C-4.18:00. the aver.21:00. J What to buy Jubileyny-92 (Юбилейный -92) G-2. and Skoriny 83. Other dig the pong of fish and like your surroundings 100% stain- gift ideas include the popular women’s undewear brand less steel. and if you do get all fish obsessed.19:00. QOpen 09:00 . market is mostly confined to cheap imports and domesti. Closed Sun.20:00. Being Belarus.20:00. QOpen 09:00 . tel. MPlos- takes in most of the major sights (although only the chad Pobedy (Площадь Победы). Sat 10:00 .20:00. As part ficial agents of Interflora which means you can have flowers of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. liqeur and cognac among other tipples. House of Flowers (Дом Цветов) F-4. QOpen 08:00 . tel. Note the price tags. selection of English-language novels. Here are a few you can poke delicately stapled to the leaves. and there’s something is certainly one of the best souvenir choices because of quite magical about the place. Sat. Who knows? These places won’t be around forever. If you super-fit or pressed-for-time should attempt it). this distinguished delivered just about anywhere. whose wares were once widely worn all around stench. QOpen 10:00 цветов) G-4. selection of books in English. 209 None of the shops we found had a particularly good 46 46. tel. . There 203 34 96. Oktiabrskaya 15 (Октябрьская suspects. Sun 10:00 . 284 85 70. tel. 11). 234 52 27. There’s a very good English-language book called (Независимости 19). Zaslavskaya 23/1(Заславская 23/1). Also at: Varvasheni 77. 284 07 08. bakeries and a liquor store on the ground floor and a well-stocked supermarket upstairs. as well as a few overpriced. Considered one of the best by many. 331 09 72. J around if you’re desparate for reading material. Kozlova 2 (Козлова 2). Sat 10:00 . such as Russian dolls. tel. of exciting or original souvenirs. Minskaya Kristall. Nezavisimos. tel. among other subjects. MAkademia Nauk here are proud to announce (in Russian) that they are of- (Академия Наук). 227 63 cally produced goods. ers along with compost. QOpen 09:00 . After visiting the Botanical Gardens across the street.18:00. Along with a rather interesting.a shopper’s paradise? Hardly. Torti (Торты) H-4. Belavezhskaja is a popular. J which outlines in considerable detail a 15-km route that Okean (Океан) B-3.17:00. if random. it ti 19 (Независимости 19). QOpen 08:00 . Everything and Unfortunately.21:00. selling the best selection of processed food in all Belarus. QOpen Minsk in One Day. Open 09:00 . 227 14 05.18:00.18:00. QOpen 09:00 .20:00. Quite extraordinary décor. QOpen 10:00 . JA age souvenir hunter or grocery shopper won’t come away empty handed. foreign items that arrive by way of Moscow. tel. Mostly gross grocer- ies. Sun 09:00 .00 . An excellent little flower shop.21:00. Some of the better souvenir shops do a good you could do worse than contact Belegus 232 89 97). Design a cake and have a babushka bake it for you. Centralny also sells champagne. Berezovoya (made simpler things from childhood. Surganova 76 (Сурганова 76). Open 10:00 .19:00. plenty of delightful smelling flora. 227 49 18. Worth a visit even if you’re not going to buy anything. tel. tel. The consumer Podpisniya Izdanie (Подписные издания) C-2. QOpen 09:00 . Sun 09:00 . or maybe it’s just secret commie from birch sap). Sat. Nezavisimosti 19 vodka. Closed Sun.18:00. Vodka The décor is unchanged in decades. attitude. Cheap fish too. it`s western in style. Kolasa 48 (Коласа 48). Belarusian chocolate is another option although larusian-made vodka. 292 50 43/292 46 52. Very Khoruzhey 29 (В. seems to be a blast to the past. store has many interesting books on history. drop by. tel. Oh. the USSR. tel. most importantly. linen and lots of tacky 15). science and art Sun 9:00 .21:00. Sweets. it also has Belarus guidebooks in English. J Preston Market (Престон) G-4. it’s hardly subtle-tasting. most Western-style food B-1. The nice ladies who work mosti 72 (Независимости 72).23:00. 09:00 . Unfortunately. Belarus doesn’t have much in the way more to fill up your basket. J (Независмости 23).19:00. tel. Sun 10:00 .18:00.21:00. MOktyabraskaya (Октябрьская). 284 37 11. tel. 226 56 12. who range of locally-made ceramics and glassware. opposite Podpisniya Izdaniya bookshop.

MYakuba Kolasa (Я. with a few Soviet military trinkets thrown the back of your throat. Nezavisimosti 44 Na Nemige (На Немиге Торговый дом) C-1. J sociated bits that make them tick. Komsomolskaya 13 (Комсомольская 13). Mainly dolls. Billions of stalls stretching the entire (Площадь Независимости). a hunting clothing store (selling fleece ar- district. Kirova 8 (Кирова 8).20:00. slightly upscale Markets & Department stores department store in a magnificent building near hotel Belarus.19:00.18:00. tel. Not coincidentally situated next to where tour buses stop.19:00. An uninspiring department store in vintage Soviet style will get you everywhere. QOpen 10:00 . a fairly dreary shopping experience. pens and other shiny things by Cartier. such as a good . MYakuba Kolasa (Якуба Коласа). 245 11 11. since Zhilunovicha 4 (Жилуновича 4). tel. Sat 09:00 surrounded by more interesting new ventures. although the choice isn’t huge. Gorgeous local flax and linen. Minsk’s best shopping circumference of the Dinamo stadium.4 . 223 05 09. Motor vehicles and the as.20.000BYR. Sun 11:00 . Car market (магазин автомобилей) Malinovka Find luxury gifts. 289 39 30. hats and the like.17:00. QOpen 10:00 . Very Khoruzhey 6 (В. tel. folk refraining from shoving stuff you really don`t want down art. Komarovsky market (Комаровский рынок) G- 4. MYakuba Kolasa (Якуба Коласа). 220 97 Победы). Otherwise it’s QOpen 10:00 . MNemiga (Немига ). QOpen 10:00 . Sat 10:00 . Nemiga tory sack of spuds. QOpen 08:00 . Closed Sun. CD shop. Sat 10:00 . southwest of the ring road(микрорайон ticles and hiking shoes) and an Adidas outlet. Small. QOpen 09:00 . or else you can tel.00.20:00. Хоружей 2). dried flowers and chiffon scarves. tel. tel. they could come in handy on the Several floors of goods from pens to beds.17:00. QOpen 09:00 . A priceless experience.21:00. Philately 47. . Misteria Zvuka (Мистерия звука) C-1.. tel. Then again. Jewellery.20:00. Roll up for the grand new Stolitsa Shopping Centre. MYakuba Kolasa (Якуба Коласа).19:00. MPloschad Nezavisimosti (Площадь Независимости). Sun 11:00 . Beware imitation centre is a great place for gift shopping as it has pretty much Adidas goods and ladies and gentlemen out to relieve you of everything from clothes to alcohol to souvenirs. 227 88 76. +375 17 283 28 25. amber. whilst War. Коласа). Hardly inspiring. 10.21:00.00 .18:00. A good collection of both grotesquely ugly and staggeringly beautiful folk art.18:00. although there are a few other places selling house- hold items. fake leather and those plastic things people use to 54). Closed Mon. Look out for your wallet and note Impuls (Импульс) G-4. QOpen 09:00 . of nicely priced international and local discs. large Minsky Vernisazh (Минский Вернисаж) C-2. It also has your wallet. paintings. 11:00 .17. QOpen 10:00 . 284 81 44. Closed Sun. JA Luvr (Лувр) C-1. Nezavisimosti 54 (Nezavisimosti shampoo. 227 83 63. QOpen 10:00 12 (Немига 12). MPloschad Pobedi (Площадь Nemiga 8 (Немига 8).22:00. mostly selling women’s clothes. 289 11 63. pants. J labyrinth of tiny shops and stalls.Хоружей 6). QOpen 10. QOpen 08:00 . MPloschad Nezavisimosti saucepans and plants. QOpen www. Minsk’s showcase department have the screening room all to yourself for about 30. Closed Mon. QOpen 10:00 . N e z a v i s i m o s t y 4 8 (Независимости 46). Nezavisimosti 12 (Независимости 12).00. Sun in. J Panorama (Панорама) A-2.19:00. J Soyuzpechat (Союз печати) G-4. Closed Mon. Built in 1951. ceramic candleholders. This popular indoor clothes market is where most Univermag Belarus (Универмаг Беларусь) J-6. Shopping 35 Gifts & Souvenirs Galereya Mastatstva (Мастацтва Галерея) C-2. next to Museum of Great Patriotic What’s more. Very Horuzhei 2 (Веры there’s an ATM on the first floor. MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). Mont Blanc. Sun 10:00 . Sun 10:00 . A . Shoes.21:00. full of stalls selling cheap TSUM (ЦУМ) G-4. 284 21 64. It’s cheaper (Независимости 23).21:00. Sun 11. Sat. No wonder. MNemiga (Немига). tel.17:00. the more people watch the film with you.17:00. . tel. (Независимости 44). 227 65 62. Storozhevskaya 8 (Сторожевская 8). Buy someone you love a bag of stamps. tel. Traditional smelly marketplace riddled Music with grannies out for a knock-down pig’s head and obliga. Art and artsy souvenirs brought to you by the art union.00 . fashion-conscious young women go to shop. 209 80 27. QOpen 09:00 . Independence Square D-2.00. Stolitsa Shopping Centre (Подземный торговый Dinamo Stadium market (Стдион “Динамо”) центр “Столица”) D-1. QOpen 06:00 . MOktyabrskaya (Октябрьская). QOpen 10:00 Малиновка). Slavutya Maistry Gallery (Галерея “Славутыя майстры” Kommunalnaja 6 (Коммунальная 6). Damiani and the like.. Sun 11:00 . stores.19:00. the only place in Minsk where you can watch English films on GUM (ГУМ) C-2. An- the clothes are a snip compared to far pricier designer-label other gross collection of everything imaginable for fair prices. the staff are only too eager to please. store is a must for fans of Stalinist architecture. There’s also a tiny café hiding in one corner. The best CD shop in Minsk that has a roof. metro.00 . 226 15 71. Oktyabrskaya Square.18:00. Large selection Kupalovskij market (Купаловский рынок) C-2.July 2009 . (Площадь Независимости). J although quite good fun.18. J Ly a n o k ( Л я н о к ) G . tel. Nezavisimosti (Skoriny) 23 a largish screen.23:00. tel. QOpen 10:00 Under Kilometer Zero at Oktiabrskaya metro stop.19:00. beat their rugs.inyourpocket. J July 2008 .21:00. Sun 10:00 . cheap CDs and one little stall selling children’s toys.18:00.

Starovilenskaya 57 cial slopes are available. tacis_eu- too. Sun. fax 328 65 59. Sat. tel. Sun. Muzi- kalnaya 1/2 (Музыкальная 1/2).21. J Estonia (Эстония) G-4. Japan (Япония) B-1. 285 36 82/285 36 83. We are assured 11 19. tel. Closed Sat. consulbel@tut. Cuba (Куба) G-4. QOpen 09.18:00. 209 29 44. including schedules of up-coming matches.00 . For some seri. QOpen 10. Kirova 17(Кирова 17). Surganova 2a (Сурганова 2а). 262 Lukashenka is absolutely potty about the game. will be able to tell you more. Closed Sat. belsonet. 226 55 40/226 55 43. www. J H-1.11:30. www. Sun.16:00. tel. QOpen 09:00 .bnb. tel. 11).by. Fri ogo 6 (Володарского 6).18:00. QOpen 9:00 Banks .by. Gertsena 2a (Герцeна 2а). tel. kazemb@nsys. Sun. 289 90 87. fun-filled winter weekends. J 266 28 92. www. Fri 09:00 . Sun. 210 pieces of hardware and printer cartridges. QOpen 09:00 . making for minsk. Prior Bank (Приорбанк) B-3. Kazakhstan (Казахстан) A-3. Sun. Sun.12:30.17:30. QOpen 09:00 . J Foreign representations World Bank B-2. 52 84. Sports QOpen 09:00 . International Monetary Fund (IMF) D-1.13. Closed Sun. 6а). fax 210 25 48. Latvia (Латвия) G-4. QOpen 12:00 - 8 (Кирова 8).gov. C-2. Pobe. minsk@embassy.18:00. tel. 284 93 93. Doroshevicha 6a (Дорошевича (+375-17) 598 43 30. Независимости. 280 09 91. QOpen 9:00 . QOpen 09:00 .36 directory Looking for something very specific? Here’s a quick guide European Commission’s Delegation to Belarus. tel. Sat. Management tel. Kuibysheva 12 skaya (Пушкинская).org. and 99 70. Mr. ously thorough information in English on all things soccer in QOpen 09:00 . QOpen 09. start-up assistance (Крастнозвездная 13). Closed Sat. QOpen 09:00 . Closed Wed./fax 293 19 44.000-capacity Dinamo stadium (the official address France (Франция) С-2. Closed Fri.11:00.00. tel. Sports Palace (Дворец спорта) B-1. Internatsionalnaya 21 (Интернациональная 21). India (Индия) Koltsova 4 (Кольцова 4). Czech Republic (Чешская республика) B-2. Myasnikova 32 (Мясникова 32). tel. Any English-speaking local 6а). tel. Thu 10:00 . 219 88 30. Pobediteley 23 (Победителей Winter Sports (ледовый дворец спорта) 23). Rakovskaya 16 b (Раковская Water Sports Centre (Дворец водного 16б).worldbank.16:15. is Kirova 8.imf. спорта) G-5. fax 284 73 34. D-2. QOpen 09:00 . Sun.12. obsession. tel. germanembassy@mail. Berestianskaya 22 (Берестянская on over to www. 227 50 37. www.delblr. Note the entrance is European Bank for Reconstruction and Develop. Q Open 09:00 .by. tel.mzv. QOpen 09:00 . tel.00 . QOpen 9:00 . 206 66 13. Kirova 17(Кирова 17). QOpen by prior arrangment. 328 65 58. several artifi. Closed Fri. tel. Sun. tel. diteley 4 (Победителей 4). Sun. 223 62 33. Tickets are ment. QOpen 09:00 . www. Very Khoruzhey 31a (Веры Хоружей 31а). All the usual black and white and colour pho- www. Closed Doroshevicha 6a Dinamo Stadium (Динамо Стадион) D-2.bveb.13:00. 87а. this is the N°1 venue to come and share in the man`s Closed Sat. J un. Belvnesheconombank (Белвнешэкономбанк) Xerox Centre H-2. Sat. fax 293 19 44. J Also has a scanner for public use. tel.18:00. 226 Armenia (Армения) D-2. QOpen 09:00 47 87. Consultbel BVBA QOpen 10:00 . J Belgium (Бельгия) G-2. Sun. QOpen 10:00 . J Closed Mon.16:00. Nezavisimosti 20 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (Независимости 20).tu. tel. Yakuba Bulgaria (Болгария) H-4. 217 59 00.21:00.nbrb. Sun. although you`re recommended to buy them Germany (Германия) H-4. actually way up the street. for fun on the piste can head on over to Raubichi. www. About QOpen 10:00 . Sun. 210 shop itself and enter 100m further along. Свободы Kolasa.belarus@ mfa. Closed Sat. 234 9117. tel. Closed Sat. tel. this is the best of its kind in the city.00 .at. tel. surf China(Китай) G-4. 223 44 83. manas@nsys. 26). QOpen .cec. 229 29 69.12:00. 298 44 02. 227 48 76. Belarusian Chamber of Commerce G-2. tel. 200 25 33. You need to walk past the actual ment (EBRD) J as good as 223 67 72. For more information call tel. Closed Sat. and schedules Israel (Израиль) I-4.mzv. at the 50. Closed Sat. Kyrgyzstan (Киргизстан) F-3. tocopying services.18:00. to the city that goes beyond the obvious. 226 00 TACIS branch office С-2. eat (Старовиленская 57). Krasnozviozdnaya 13 consultbel. Sun. and sells miscellaneous Commerzbank Chicherina 21(Чичерина 21). Closed Sat.12:00. QOpen by prior arrangement. Belarus. plus document presentation services.14:30.priorbank. Partizansky 6a (Партизанская are printed in the local press. Kirova (Дорошевича 6а). www.00.12:00. Sun. Sun. QOpen 9:00 . although this information is rather superfluous tel. tel. Local heroes Dimano play 14:00. 9:00 .by. 251 01 00. embacuba@ and representation for foreign companies setting-up in Be. Sun. Zakharova 26 (Захарова in advance from the attached ticket office. People looking (Куйбышева 12). Minsk In Your Pocket . 227 51 53/222 30 72. larus. Belarus National Bank С-2. MPushkin. Closed Sat. J . Sun. 288 10 26. www. Volodarsk- tel. 200 03 83. Numerous places to stay. www. QOpen by prior arrange- as one can see the floodlights from Moscow). amb.minsk. 65 (Якуба Коласа 65). by. Sat. Closed Sun.18:00. Nice people. QOpen 09:30 . J Belarusky Narodny Bank G-5. tel. Svobody 11 ( пл. Engelsa 34a (Энгельса 34). www.16:00. Closed Sat. tel. QOpen 09:00 . embassy. Svobody 11 (Свободы 11). 266-04-73. Sat. Closed J Italy (Италия) D-2. Games are played regularly. J 17km from Minsk on the Logoisk highway. http:// Business connections consulbel. Closed Sat. and drink are provided in the immediate area. Masherava 54-94 (Машерова 54-94). J 22). 888 33 35. Pritickogo 27 (Притыцкого 27). Engelsa 20 (Энгельса 20).18:00. tel. http://sedi. tel. Fri. tel.19:00. Closed Sat. 210 28 68.

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Listings for venues that appear on this map are marked with the Central Location symbol (). Actual street signs appear in Belarusian. or both. Володарского Zaborskogo B-2 Заборскага Заборского Minsk In Your Pocket . English title Map coordinates Belorussian title Russian title Aranskaja E-2/3 Аранская Аранская Bobruiskaja D-1/E-2 Бабруйская Бобруйская Bogdanovicha B/A-2 Багдановiча Богдановича Byelorusskaya D/E-2 Беларуская Белорусская Chicherin B-2/A-3 Чычэрына Чичерина Communalnya B-2 Камунальная Коммунальная Nabereznaya набярэжная набережная Dimitrava B-1 Дзiмiтрава Димитрова Druzhnaya E-1 Дружная Дружная Engels C-2/D-3 Энгельса Энгельса Frunze B/C-3 Фрунзе Фрунзе Gorodskoi Val C-1/2 Гарадскi вал Городской вал Handllovaya B-2 Гандлевая Торговая Hiercena B/C-2 Герцена Герцена Internatsionalnaya C-1/B-2 Iнтэрнацыянальная Интернациональная Kiselyov A-2/B-3 Кiсялева Киселева Kirov D-1/C-3 Кiрава Кирова Kollektornaya C-1 Калектарная Коллекторная Kommunisticheskaya A-1/B-3 Камунiстычная Коммунистическая Komsomolskaya C-1/D-2 Камсамольская Комсомольская Korolya C-1 Караля Короля Krоpotkina A-2 Крапоткiна Кропоткина Krasnaya A/B-3 Чырвоная Красная Krasnoarmeiskaja C-2/D-3 Чырвонаармейская Красноармейская Kuibyshev B-2/A-3 Куйбышава Куйбышева Kupala B-2/C-3 Купала Купала Leninа C-2/E-3 Ленина Ленина Lieninhradskaja D-1 Ленiнградская Ленинградская Marx D-1/C-3 Маркс Маркс Masherov Avenue A-1/B-3 Праспект Машерава Проспект Машерова Melnikaite A/B-1 Мельнiкайтэ Мельникайте Mogilyovskaya E-1/2 Магiлеуская Могилевская Nemiga D/C-1/B-2 Нямiга Немига Nezavisimosti D-1/B-3 Праспект Проспект Avenue Незалежнасцi Независимости Obojnaya B/C-1 Абойная Обойная Oktyabrskaya D-2/E-3 Кастрычнiцкая Октябрьская Osvobozdenya B-1 Вызвалення Освобождения Pashkievich A-2/B-3 Пашкевiч Пашкевич Pervomaiskaya C-3 Першамайская Первомайская Pobideteley A-1/B-2 Праспект Проспект Avenue Пераможцау Победителей Pulihоva C-3 Пулiхава Пулихова Rakovskaya B/C-1 Ракауская Раковская Revolucyjnaya C-1/2 Ревалюцыйная Революционная Romanovskaya Sloboda B/C-1 Раманауская Слабада Романовская Слобода Rumyantsev B-3 Румянцава Румянцева Staravilienskaya A/B-2 Старавiленская Старовиленская Starazouskaja A-1/B-2 Старажоуская Сторожевская Sovetskaya D-1 Савецкая Советская Sverdlov D-1/E-3 Свярдлова Свердлова Tolstoi D/E-1 Талстога Толстого Ulyanovskaya D-2/C-3 Ульянауская Ульяновская Vitebskaya C-1 Вiцебская Витебская Volodarsky C-1/D-2 Валадарскага Ул. and the list below shows all of them for streets that are on the Minsk Centre map on the facing page. Russian.38 Street register You're in the town where the streets have three names.

M. Gorky/Central park .