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The Sycamore

November 15, 2010
at Naropa University
Vol. II No. 6

Eyes On United Naropa
Editorial Board

As this semester draws to a close, atten- The departure of U.N.’s adviser, Ms.
tion should be paid to United Naropa Glemming, marked a moment in which
(U.N.), the University’s student gov- U.N. was forced decide its future as
ernment. This body, which has dealt an independent student entity. Yet,
with enormous changes over the past in the face of such a decision, U.N.
few months – including an influx of acted in a manner that was develop-
$40,000 in new funds thanks to the mentally anachronistic: it retained
recently enacted Student Activities the role of the adviser to “ensure [its]
Fee as well as the exodus of its advis- longevity” through Dean Bob Cillo.
er, former Associate Dean Jenevieve
Glemming – has made a number of We believe that as the student represen-
praiseworthy strides this semester that tative body, U.N. should be lessening
will enhance the student experience at its dependency on the administration.
Naropa. Additionally, the community While retaining a relationship with the
should also pay close attention to this University’s various offices is important
body to ensure that U.N. (which man- and necessary, requiring an administra-
ages $66,000 annually in student dollars) tor to be instrumental for the longevity
continues to represent the interests of of Student Government contradicts any
the student body in all of its decisions. definition of student representative de-
mocracy. In comparison, CU Boulder’s
Specifically, students should be interest- student government manages $36 mil-
ed in the following two actions taken by lion annually and is wholly student run.
U.N. this semester: 1.) The institution of
a semester stipend for all S.U.N (Student U.N. is capable of functioning as an
Union of Naropa) members and 2.) independent entity removed from ad-
The retention an administrative adviser. ministrative involvement. In fact, this
semester alone U.N. has initiated a
Following the approval by the Board number of important actions: It de-
of Trustees last winter, the University manded that the administration re-hire
introduced a Student Activities Fee of a dedicated diversity advocate, took
$25 per semester. These funds, totaling action on improving the Consortium
approximately $40,000 per year, were al- Agreement with CU, permanently
located to S.U.N, which is comprised of funded the Green Team, and requested
U.N and S.L.P (Student Life Program- that the University investigate a full-
ming Board). With the addition of these scale transition to Google Apps for
new dollars, U.N., along with S.L.P, has its email hosting services – all without
approved a $200 per-semester stipend the insight or presence of an adviser.
for all of its members. This stipend –
if disbursed among S.U.N’s 35-mem- It is in the long-term interest of Naropa
bers – accounts for 20 percent of the that all students from within the com-
student government’s operating budget. munity join U.N. to ensure its continued
progress. Ultimately, we must demand
Our concern is that there is a severe lack that U.N. move toward modeling the
of awareness in the community about best practices of student democracy by
this stipend. Given that the activities fee electing its members. However, until
was approved by more than two thirds elections are institutionalized, all stu-
of the student body under the mandate dents bare the responsibility of keep-
of “develop[ing] a richer Naropa expe- ing a keen eye on U.N. to guarantee
rience” for all students, the community that it always represents their interests.
should earnestly consider if it is a wor-
thy expenditure to pay $14,000 a year to
its Student Government, especially since Editorial Board: Mohammad Usman,
the fee was proposed to the Board as a Editor-in-Chief, Emma Courtney, Staff
method of ensuring that Student Gov- Writer, and Rebecca Koval, Staff Writer.
ernment would be transparent and finan-
Cover Art by Ju-Ju Jiamjid cially accountable to the Student Body.
Page 2 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

Where Did The Sycamore’s Tree Rocks Go?
Cody Spkyer
Staff Writer

When returning students arrived at the Arapahoe Main tree?” Consensus was that the rocks could stay tempo-
Green this fall, there were some that stood underneath rarily; two to three years, and up to five years at the most.
the massive Sycamore tree pondering, “What’s different
here?” Missing from the scene was a fairly prominent That was indeed the case until autumn of 2009. “I start-
image of Naropa University: a collection of round, grey ed seeing symptoms on the bark,” Aytes said. “So I start-
river rocks of various sizes suspended in the air from the ed pushing up my chain of command to get it removed.”
branches. Seemingly overnight, the rocks were removed
and many were left wondering where they had gone and During the winter season shortly thereafter, a branch
why. broke off, and months later in the fresh growth of spring
and the leafing out of the tree, Aytes was struck by the
Some students recognized the inherent ephemeral na- extent of the damage being done by the installation. A
ture of work such as this, like Visual Arts Senior Staci closer look overhead revealed a canker on the corner of
Dickerson, who also felt some surprise at their sudden one of the weight-bearing branches. In his words, this
removal. canker “oozed like puss from a wound.”

Another student, Aaron Pincus, noted his own interac- This visible development led to a decision; the rocks
tions with the rocks. While juggling beneath the shade were removed at the end of the summer season to pre-
of the Sycamore, he recounted that “…In my heart of vent any further damage. In October another arborist
hearts, I always thought those rocks shouldn’t have been visited the campus and examined the tree, deeming that
there; rocks in the trees were edgy.” He talked about the there was no major damage. Much longer though, and
depth of the experience when the rocks knocked against the common thought is that the Sycamore probably
one another; more of a loud feeling, rather than a sound. would have lost that branch, adversely affecting one of The Sycamore Tree Rocks Exhibit - Mary Mouser of The Sycamore
Regardless of their personal thoughts on the installation, the most central social areas of campus.
most just requested a more thorough explanation as to Of the same opinion is Costen Aytes, who proposed that
their removal. Settling into this change has given some a fresh perspec- the rocks be hung in the atrium of the Nalanda campus.
tive. As Tom Weiser noted, “I liked the rocks but I felt “I would like to see it hanging on something not living.”
So what’s the story? Naropa University’s Landscape bad for the tree.” He lounges back in his chair near to
Manager, Costen Aytes, was acquainted with the rock the spot where the rocks once hung, “I’m enjoying the Ultimately, the health of Naropa’s dearly loved Syca-
installation from the start, and so could reflect on the light, the view and the space to watch people.” more was endangered by the installation, and in the spirit
timeline. of contemplation the campus community is asked: How
The option remains to re-hang the installation some- best in the future can we create art which exists in har-
In 2007, Naropa commissioned local artist- John King- where else, as the piece is still property of the Univer- mony with its surroundings? Fortunately, in this circum-
to create six or seven different installations around the sity. This was a common suggestion among those that stance, the wellbeing of the Sycamore was paramount to
campus. Then-president Tom Coburn and his wife Lee enjoyed their integral presence as part of the Naropa the aesthetic quality of the rocks, and serves as an ex-
were taken in particular by the Sycamore piece and so experience. Student Nathaniel Janowitz commented that ample for potential artistic vision at Naropa University.
Naropa University purchased it from the artist, there- he would like to see the rocks hanging somewhere else
fore ensuring the presence of the rocks for longer than than the Sycamore because “…the trees are so old, we
was initially planned. At this point, three arborists were ought to treat them nicely.”
brought in to answer the question, “Will it hurt the

Climate Change Scientist Speaks to Naropa
Lauren DeGaine making sure mitigation action takes place, Linda cited Additionally, NCAR’s research has found through ob-
Staff Writer the statistic that, while developed countries are re- servation and comparison that the climate model based
sponsible for 20 percent of the population, they con- predictions which proved to be correct were the ones
As a Senior Scientist for the National Center for At- tribute 46 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emis- that factored in both the human and natural forcings.
mospheric Research (NCAR), Linda O. Mearns’ can sions. Additionally, underdeveloped countries have
lecture to willing ears on global climate change issues less ability to adapt to natural disasters caused by hu- Linda says that the “rates of change and concentra-
and solutions. During an hour and twenty minute pow- man-induced climate change, like rising sea levels and tion” of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, meth-
er-point presentation last Thursday, students and faculty drought. Another topic discussed in the arena of miti- ane, and nitrous oxide, “are unprecedented.” This data
in the Arapahoe campus art room listened to science- gation was how much mitigation is actually necessary. is collected by observing ice cores, which trap the gases
informed evidence for human-induced global warming. in compact layers during the winter, as well as track-
She also explained that current temperature increases ing pollen counts in lake sediments that have accumu-
With a late morning coffee in hand, Linda spoke on are mostly due to human-caused greenhouse gas emis- lated over time. Tree ring widths also show scientists
subjects pertaining to climate change responsive- sions. In studying the climate, NCAR has come up how temperature and precipitation has changed over
ness. The two current high-priority actions, Mearns with ways of measuring and predicting greenhouse gas time. Linda says that since 1958, CO2 levels have been
explained, are adaptation and mitigation. Mitgation – emissions with climate models that factor in human recorded in real time, and high-quality long-record re-
or the effort to reduce greenhouse gasses – must oc- and natural “forcings.” Natural forcings are the natu- search shows that “natural variability” does not mean
cur immediately, while adaptation pertains to eventual ral variations in the earth’s atmosphere, often caused that the world isn’t warming. In fact, Linda explained
responses to climate change. According to Linda, a by volcanic eruptions and the varying intensity of so- to those in attendance that 11 of the last 12 years are
combination of both is essential to a successful future. lar radiation. Changes in atmospheric condition due to globally among the 12 warmest years since 1950, and,
natural forcings tend to be temporary, and future climate on a more local scale, almost every area of Colorado
When explaining exactly who should be in charge of models do not indicate the condition to balance out. Continued on Page 3
Page 3 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

Administration Hosts Student Forum on the State of Naropa
Rebecca Koval ferings are expanding. According to Sig-
Staff Writer man, Spanish should be offered by Fall
2011 and by next Spring there will be new
On Wednesday, November 3, President Stuart Lord courses offered in the natural sciences.
hosted a student forum designed to give the Naropa
community an update on where the University cur- Dr. Sigman will also be working with Dr. Susan
rently is and where it is headed. The president was Burgraff, psychology professor and Associate
joined by members of his cabinet who included Pro- Dean for Undergraduate Education, in the
vost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Stuart creation of student focus groups. The purpose
Sigman; Cheryl Barbour, Vice President of Student of these groups will be to get student feedback
Affairs and Enrollment Management; and Susan Be- on Naropa’s new changes as well as to work
nally, Associate Provost for Institutional Planning on the re-organization of the new curriculum.
and Assessment. The president and cabinet members
spoke about the major changes and re-organizing the Susan Benally also discussed the importance
university is currently undergoing. All expressed op- of student feedback with regards to diversity
timism in Naropa’s ability to adapt to these changes, on campus. She is currently involved in a cam-
thus becoming a stronger and more stable institution. pus Inclusiveness Committee that includes
Dr. Lord Speaking at Student Forum - Mohammad Usman of The Sycamore some faculty and staff, as well as six students.
Dr. Lord began the discussion by presenting the goals Working with the group is consultant Nita
that Naropa is presently working toward. One of these as well as a full year of faculty/staff salary increases by Henry, from the Denver Kalidascope Project, a
goals is to improve the university’s retention rate and en- Spring 2010. Dr. Lord discussed the fact that many Naro- community-based organization in Denver, which pro-
rollment. The administration is currently working with pa faculty members are forced to work another job. He vides consultative services to communities undergoing
consulting firm Noel Levitz, which specializes in recruit- explained that by relieving the stress of another job out- change. The Inclusiveness Committee’s main goal is to
ment and retention. The hope is that enrollment will be side of Naropa, faculty members would then have more create a blueprint that will aid Naropa in its attempts to
expanded within the next 3-5 years, eventually increasing time to devote to the classroom and to student’s needs. implement a campus-wide diversity initiative. This blue-
to up to 5,000 students. Cheryl Barbour explained that print will “identify institutional level goals for diversity,
Naropa’s undergraduate enrollment rate has remained Dr. Stuart Sigman also echoed the importance of a bal- actions to achieve them, and accountability indicators”
steady over the years while the graduate program has anced budget, which the University has failed to main- to measure achievement, according to Benally. Naropa’s
seen a slight decline due to a cancellation of programs. tain in the past. Academic Affairs is working towards ability to respond to external accountability demands
Dr. Lord continued by saying that part of the purpose of this goal by creating a divisional re-organization, which is becoming increasingly important, as Naropa will be
the new Title III grant is to help the University to contin- will result in the consolidation of Naropa’s 16 academic held accountable by the U.S. Department of Educa-
ue to invest in retention. The $1.97 million grant, which departments to 5. The names of these 5 departments tion if it fails to meet the goals of the Title III grant.
the Dept. of Education awarded to the University in Oc- have not yet been figured out; however, the hope is
tober, will help to provide grant scholarships to students. that that they will produce greater efficiency, as well During the question and answer session, some stu-
as a more serious faculty assessment analysis since, ac- dents expressed the concern that Naropa may lose its
Because over 90% of Naropa’s revenue is dependent cording to Dr. Sigman, the University is currently not distinctiveness as a result of these changes. However,
on enrollment dollars, it is imperative that the univer- doing a good job with faculty performance reviews. President Lord disagreed, stating that these chang-
sity improves its ability to receive funding from sourc- es will in fact help Naropa do what it does even bet-
es other than tuition, such as alumni, officials noted. Faculty teaching load will increase along with salary. Most ter. He stated that when he first arrived, the school
Currently, only 5% of alumni are giving to Naropa. courses will go up to 4 credits. Faculty will also become was considered to be an institution “at risk” and
The goal is to increase this figure up to 10% this year. much more involved in direct student advising. In addi- that currently, “the verdict is not out yet on this.”
The University will also be hiring a new Vice Presi- tion to this, first year students will soon be taking classes
dent for Development and Fundraising as well as set- in learning communities made up of about 20 students. Although anxiety is present among the student body with
ting goals for a budget that, according to Dr. Lord, Several faculty members will teach and lead these learning regards to Naropa’s rapidly changing structure, officials
is “balanced, priority-driven and future oriented.” seminars, which will be an integration of the core classes were firm on asserting that such changes are necessary
that students are currently required to take. It is the admin- for the overall health of the University. In concluding
Currently, Naropa is doing fairly well financially and is in istration’s hope that through creating these communities, the forum, the president encouraged students to con-
the process of creating a sustainable budget, according to new students will have the opportunity to experience a tact his office or cabinet members with any questions
Dr. Lord. The University is “living within its means,” Dr. more coherent and comprehensive first year experience. or concerns should they have any. He also welcomed
Lord remarked. Naropa’s current budget provides for a compliments because, he admitted, “we need those too.”
restoration of retirement match for all faculty and staff In addition to these major developments, course of-

Naropa Learns Climate Change
Continued from Page 2
has been warming at an increasing rate since 1936. systems. Citing Hurricane Katrina and 2003’s summer of global surface temperature by 2 degrees Fahrenheit
heat wave in Chicago, Linda displayed scientific research could mean the melting of Greenland and the Antarctic.
Linda is also an author of the Intergovernmental Panel in the form of climate models evidencing the influ-
on Climate Change assessments, which have come out ence of global temperature increase on the frequency Indeed, the future is hard to predict because natural
in 1990, 1995, 2001 and 2007. Since 1990, the reports of natural disasters, like drier atmospheres leading to variability in the climate every year adds to the “un-
have changed stances; first stating that “increased tem- increased wildfires. The intensification of the hydro- certainties about how the entire world will develop
perature could be due to natural variability or man-made logic cycle due to ocean warming is also an issue, Linda economically, socially, politically, [and] technologi-
factors,” and then stating in 2007 that “discernible hu- says. She explained that most of the warming is hap- cally.” However, according to the IPCC’s reports and
man influences include ocean warming, continental pening in the northern latitudes. Photos of the sum- Linda’s personal commentary, we can expect massive
average temperatures, temperature extremes and wind mer ice in the polar ice caps compared its size in 1979 changes in the global environment – from drought
patterns.” The next report is due in 2013 and 2014. to 2003, showing that melting happened “even more in Africa to population displacement due to sea lev-
According to Linda, global climate change is danger- quickly and more extensively than the climate models el rise in North America – if there is no action tak-
ous because of the rapid alterations in the earth’s eco- have shown.” Linda explained that a future increase en to mitigate the causes of global climate change.
Page 4 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

Creative Naropa
Construction Aerating, I Move
Lauren DeGaine
Jamie Pockrandt Staff Writer
Contributing Writer Aerating, I move,
gliding through the room,
for a moment,
from my own being.

Cleansing, cleaning,
I remember the world
as a place that’s not so bad.
Simple things
like the hint of the world’s whisper
like damp skin,
-tion (shen) like Newton’s law.

: the act of _____ing Is that where we hear
the voice of time,
: the state of being _____ed space,
: the thing that is _____ed an unintelligible language
tapped into
and channeled through.
The moon that night was bright, A suffix forming
pumpkin orange, with shadowed nouns of condition, I hope to dream of you
cellulite dimples. His face beaded sweat which action, result, and of an endless existence
trickled from hairline down effect from verbs. the reincarnation
smooth forehead to the edge of an eyebrow, collecting and Quite literally of nighttime conversations.
falling along the side of the nose, forming that which I hope to hear your voice
along the embankment of the nostril to is in motion into speaking to me through guitar strings,
the edge of soft, that which is static. the pluck of fingers
parted lips, Stopping movement, allows you to sing.
into the black stubble of his chin. and so pausing
His kisses were perceived existence.
salty. Forcing the idea of action to become concrete. Creating concretion.


(v. kuh n-struhkt n. kon-struhkt)

: v. to build or form by putting together parts; frame; devise

: n. something constructed

: n. an image, idea, or theory, esp. a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements

My body, Deriving from the
a construction of love. latin com- meaning
Variable to the magnitude of “together” plus struo
devotion spent upon it. meaning “I heap up,
His skin was pile.” To heap up
sacred, soft and and pile together,
subtle. His whispers warm thereby creating a
and wet upon my earlobe and construct. Being that
to know the future would be to diminish the present. anything from the
To know that destruction is inevitable physical to the
would be to cauterize every conceptual can be
nerve ending at the surface of the skin so considered a con-
numb. struct. A building. An
Clear, frozen flames. attitude. A history.
snowflake sparks, clear and stilled flares, The heaping of
static. Quite thankfully impossible. various nouns to
For then, create other nouns
our skin was skin together. Nouns being what the
Warm flushes and perceived concrete
fading caresses. . world is constructed
Page 5 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

A Monologue
Charles Ray Hamilton
Contributing Writer

First, I’m walking downtown to see what the fuss is all over, no matter what you said to her. Finally, I just gave ing and crying like she’d been stabbed or something. It
about on 6th Street. They say it’s the absolute best place up and looked over at the band. They were pretty decent. wasn’t that bad. I mean, she was probably in shock but
to get a drink in the whole word. Well, if there’s a decent I would’ve stayed to listen a bit but the old bartender was still. It wasn’t that bad. Her boyfriend just stood next
bar around, I haven’t been to it. The guys were either frat- still agitated that I asked her so many questions. She asks to her not saying a word to her or the crowd that was
tastic or, like, suburban thugs and the girls were the really to see my ID even though I didn’t order anything. Then gathering around or even to the Pizza Hut delivery guy.
loud type that’s always tripping and falling and spilling she accuses me – yelling again – of being under 21. It The yelling blond girl kept screaming at the delivery guy
her drink on you. And then doesn’t even apologize for it. says my age right on my license. Then she says she’s nev- “You couldn’t have STOPPED? How could you? How
er seen my sort of license before and it’s fake and I need COULD you?” All drunk. It was actually kind of funny.
Anyways, I get to talking to this girl and she seems re- to “please” get the hell out of there. By that point, I’m I don’t like to be sadistic, but sometimes an idiot get-
ally nice. In fact, she was the one who came up to me. ting ran over can be really, really funny. But then
She said she really liked my jacket and where did I get it. there was this angry mob gathering around us.
I said I forgot. The truth is my mom bought it for me They started pushing the delivery guy around,
a few years but you don’t just say your mother bought yelling at him and calling him stupid and retard-
you something a girl says she likes. In any case, we get ed. It wasn’t really his fault he hit those people.
to talking about all these pedicabbers. There are all these They just were mad some stupid “hot” girl was
hundreds of pedicabbers around downtown, it seems crying. Then things started getting racial cause
there can’t possibly be enough drunk people to cart the driver was Mexican, I think, and they kept
around. But there’s still hundreds of ‘em. I start tell- yelling at him to “go back across the border”.
ing her my theory on excess and waste or something, It was terrible. I thought they were going to kill
but she’s not really listening. I asked her if she wants him, things were getting so crazy. Well, that’s
to take a ride to another bar I’d heard about with all how I got a black eye ‘cause I stepped in the
these live jazz musicians. She said she likes jazz which middle of it and told them to leave the poor guy
really impressed me for some reason. Girls don’t usu- alone. But they all just told me to shut up. They
ally say they like jazz even if they do. I don’t know why. were just out for blood, just wanting some-
thing to get all riled up about and fight about.
So we go outside and wait for a pedicab and everything I shouldn’t have done it, but there was this
cause we decided these poor guys could use some busi- one guy who was getting pretty dangerous so I
ness and besides, it’d be kinda fun. So I’m sitting outside punched him right in the face. I admit, I thought
with a cigarette, talking to her about some philosophi- about running away after I hit him. I didn’t want
cal thing – I think I was asking her what she thought to fight. But before I could do anything, he got
of gentrification or something -when all of a sudden me right in the eye. And that’s when the police
she gets up and says she’s got to go inside and take showed up just in time to start arresting every-
care of something and to give her just two seconds. I body for being a crazy drunken mob. I don’t
say OK – two seconds. Well, I wait and wait and start know ‘cause I ran away, but I just know they
to get more anxious all the time waiting for her. I get arrested that poor delivery guy instead of the
so anxious I’m checking all my saved voicemails and guy who hit me and he probably got fired from
listening to them over again just to not look like I’ve his job and the stupid blond girl probably said
been stood up. When you’ve got all these loud and she’s permanently damaged and traumatized
crazy couples around you, you don’t want to look like and got a million dollars from suing Pizza Hut.
you’ve just been stood up. Twenty minutes later or so
she comes out with this super tall hipster guy and just
leaves with him. I didn’t even say anything or look at
her when she walked by. It’s like we never made plans
together or anything. Then I really started to feel terrible. pretty mad, just desperate to sit down somewhere and
not bother anyone else, but she says my license is fake
So I stood there for a minute before I said “fuck it” and and I need to get out. When I tell her probably everyone
just walked to the jazz bar myself. On the way there, I in the whole fucking place had the same license as me,
tried to meet some people, but they ended up being either she acts all scared like I’m about to assault her or some-
too much of a drunk asshole or too psychotic. There are thing over a stupid drink. Old women are always acting
a lot of schizos in downtown Austin - you can’t just talk scared of black people for no reason, I swear to God.
to anybody. And this one guy almost threw up on me. It
was terrible. At the bar, I try chatting up the bartender, I wouldn’t have felt so bad about leaving if she hadn’t
this older lady like in her 50’s with dyed red hair and gotten so scared of me. I didn’t have too much time to
long red fingernails. Red lipstick too. I felt bad for her, get down about it though, because right as I was leav-
to be honest. I bet she didn’t have a husband or a kid or ing, I saw two people get ran over by a car. I swear to
anything. Maybe a cat. But no happy old lady wears so God. This really hammy, meaty type guy was crossing
much red stuff all over her. Anyways, I’m trying to talk the street with his girlfriend who was basically yelling her
to her about drinks, ask her recommendations or what’s drunk head off. They saw cars were coming, but some
the most popular drink there. You know, just to get to people think the whole world revolves around them. So
know someone. Well, she gets all irate about it. She keeps this Pizza Hut delivery driver who was kinda mentally
saying – yelling, basically – “It’s whatever YOU LIKE! slow to begin with just slams right into them! The yell-
How am I supposed to know what YOU like?” Over and ing blond girlfriend is in the middle of the street wail-
Page 6 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

“...then asks Bohemia” One
Paul Tucci Christina Meares
Contributing Writer Contributing Writer

the thought of you lingers
Up from heavy sleeping, dreams
and cooks through seasons
linger like unwanted guests.
like the old straw hat
of the old, dead farmhand
Sugar stirred into coffee
left over there (succumbing; embody-
black as closed eyes.
to compost
In the sun, the strict grip
on my sight relaxes.
the sound of you is a crackle
in sun and heat as your skin
Pale glare on home windows
disappears into the earth,
shuts them like a veil.
but not very quickly.
your Mother Sun will make new
The scent of lemon juice masks
what time - the great predator -
ash and stains of last night.
and The Great Predator
have rendered otherwise useless
Recognizing impulses worth
reacting to. Surviving.
as four gluttonous seasons pass
sweat and vermin turn your remains
Working to demolish certain
over and over and shit you out,
shanties of the past.
you transpire: my redemptive qualities
Ole’ Pliny cannot distinguish
Light draining as if poured,
you from his ashes at Pompeii
shade reassembling in corners.
upon which whole civilizations have
once again been built.
Cars stumbling home,
pastel feathers in the west.

Breath releasing in rhythm
high plains wind of bodies.

Bottled Water Free Naropa?
Ayries Blanck
Contributing Writer

tion is due in part because of health cautious Americans fill it. The bottles that are not recycled produce 3 billion
Behind me sits Naropa University, wise and contempla- who have been trained not to trust public water services. pounds of waste. It can take 450 years for a plastic bottle
tive. Before me looms the University of Colorado, in- A little research will show that 40% of bottled water is to decompose and as this bottle decomposes it does not
timidating and awe-inspiring. Orange, gold, and brown from a public source, and of this water 22% contains turn back into organic matter. Instead, it is broken down
leaves both litter the ground and paint the trees while chemical contaminants above state health codes. The into small particles called “plastic sand” that never de-
at my feet flows Boulder Creek. As I observe its current FDA’s standards for bottled water are less stringent than compose fully.
I see something glinting upstream. Like a small ship it those set by the EPA for tap water. This allows water
bobs ever closer, sparking my curiosity. It is a Dasani bottle companies to not state their source, or test for If human and environmental health is of no concern,
water bottle. It passes me by on its unknown journey. I E. coli. They are also not required to publish yearly then the privatization of the world’s water supply should
watch it pass and wonder why I did not wade in and grab water quality reports. If this is not enough to persuade be. In the United States the privatization of the water
it and recycle it in the containers less than 500 feet from health-conscious Americans, several recent studies show does not seem particularly relevant. However, in the last
where I sat. Well, it’s late October and my feet would that the plastic that is used for water bottles leaches the few years it has become commonplace for city waterways
get cold, wet, and uncomfortable. Logical excuses run bisphenol-A (BPA) into the foods and liquids stored in to be sold off to private investors. Supporters of water
through my head and validate my actions but I cannot it. Repeated exposure can cause cancer, miscarriage, and privatization state that it will lower the costs and create
shake the image of myself letting that plastic bottle float birth defects such as Down Syndrome. So is one really cleaner, healthier water. In the past, this has not proven
by. Where had it come from? Where will it go? Why is being cautious and safe in regard to their health if they to be so. The profit motive that drives corporations may
something so unnatural and synthetic even present in habitually drink bottled water? The answer appears to be provide private water companies with incentives to avoid
such a pristine place? a simple “no.” conservation, and efficiency measures since profits de-
pend upon volumes of water sold. Also, the privatization
The Boulder Creek eventually joins the Mississippi, Health aside there is the environmental impact that can- of water utilities has posed risks of rate hikes, negative
which then flows into the Gulf of Mexico. While this not go unnoticed. 17 million barrels of oil are used yearly economic impacts, inadequate customer service, reduced
may seem irrelevant, this one bottle preludes to a much for the production of water bottles, which is enough to local control, and raises questions concerning public ac-
bigger problem facing our oceans, and the world. Each fuel 1,000 cars for a year. Of the 70 million water bottles cess to information about water systems. If these com-
day in the United States 70 million water bottles are sold. sold daily, only 1 in 5 is recycled, and it takes three times panies were given control of the water sources in the
This phenomenon has many factors, but the largest por- the amount of water to produce the bottle as it does to Continued on Page 7
Page 7 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

Without Bottles
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United States, then almost all public water sources would be owned and distributed
by a private corporation, in either the form of bottled water or private water sys-
tems. These companies would not have to follow the EPA’s standards for water test-
ing, and could increase prices as they saw fit. This price increase could deny some
of the poorest in America access to water.

It would only seem in the best interest of Naropa University to desire a water bottle
free campus. Currently, Naropa’s Green Team is spearheading a Bottle Water Free
Initiative. The Initiative has been officially supported by the UN, the President’s Of-
fice, the Environmental Studies Department and The Facilities Department. As the
initiative moves forward, the Green Team will be looking for commitments from all
offices, departments and retailers on campus.

At present, the fountains on campus are all filtered. This delicious, free water source
is available on all campuses. Only 9 schools in North America have gone Bottled
Water Free. Naropa, as a cutting edge institution, aims to be the 10th in supporting
water as a basic human right.
There will be a forum held on Wednesday, Nov 24th at 12pm in the Student Center
If students would like to get involved or show support for a bottle water free campus for anyone in the Naropa community who would like a space to voice their concerns,
they can paint their own water bottle in bright colors. If you’re interested in being questions or to learn more about what it means to be a bottle water free institution.
involved in the movement, contact Nathaniel Janowitz at njanowitz.students.naropa.


Title: Touch the Sky Artist: Chloe Frisella Kunst
Page 8 The Sycamore November 15, 2010

Upcoming Events
• SPRING REGISTRATION they like. Contact: Mike Ricci- 970-
BEGINS 530-0436;
Tues, November 16th
• MOVIE NIGHT: The Prestige EXPLORATION on Wed, No-
on Tues, November 16st, 6PM to vember 24, 12:00pm – 1:20pm in
8PM in the Student Center Lincoln Studios Room

Who: Anyone who enjoys a cinemat- No previous experience of the Al-
ic adventure... What: Naropa Cin- exander Technique is necessary, and
ema presents THE PRESTIGE... drop-ins are welcome. We’ll engage
(PG-13, 130mins) Where: Student in structured activities in which we
Center in the basement of the ad- experience how the principles of the
min building... When: (Every) Tues- technique can help us stay open, re-
day at 6pm Why: Because not only laxed and energized in body and mind
do people enjoy movies, but people in whatever activities we undertake.
enjoy watching movies amongst
friends and in a larger format than If you’re interested, you can join
the typical house. Light and lim- the ATE student group on Naropa-
ited concessions will be provided... Link (http://naropa.collegiatelink.
Future movie suggestions are not net/). If you do, your involvement
only encouraged, but appreciated... in the group will show up as a co-
Any questions, comments, concerns curricular credit on your transcript!
please e-mail
• TEACHBACK on Wed, Novem- AT THE LORDS on Thurs, No-
ber 17, 12pm – 2pm in PAC. vember 25, 5:30pm – 8:00pm on
Students Shape Undergraduate Cur- 2437 20th Street, Boulder, CO
riculum 120 Seats Available Six or
more Small Groups will answer the President Stuart Lord and Mrs. Ad-
following Question, which is fo- derly Grant-Lord invite you to join
cused on the following Topic Areas: them for Thanksgiving Dinner at
What methods, techniques, or pro- their home RSVP to bcillo@naropa.
cesses do students wish to encoun- edu and include your phone number.
ter as they acquire these core skills in
their Undergraduate Education? Please note seating is limited to the
first 36 students who respond. Reply
• SUN/AAF TOWN HALL on quickly to ensure you have a seat at
Wed, November 17, 12:00pm – the table!
1:20pm in PAC.
Directions to the Lord’s home: 2437
• FALUN GONG Thur, November – 20th Street, Boulder, CO From
18, 3:50pm – 5pm on the Naropa south Boulder, take 20th Street
Green. north past Bluff (before Mesa). The
Join us! We practice together the ba- Lord’s home will be on the left side
sic exercises of Falun Gong: A short of 20th Street. From north Boulder,
meditation and gentle Qi Gong take 19th Street south; 19th Street
movements. (It is easy to learn.) Fa- becomes 20th Street at Mesa. The
lun Gong is always free and open to Lord’s home will be on the right side
all! of 20th Street.

• WORLD MUSIC AND DANCE Title: Jail Artist: Rika Rossing
CONCERT on Sat, November 20,
8pm – 10pm in PAC.
The African dance class headed by
Maputo Mensah presents dances
they learned during the semester for
Events Calendar Manager: Brian Stone
the community. Admission: TBA.
Layout Designer: Richard Bordoni
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