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Q1;- What is refrigeration and air conditioning?

Ans:- Refrigeration may be defined as the process of removing heat from a substa nce under controlled condition. Q2:-What are units of refrigeration & define that units? Ans.:- Tonne is unit of refrigeration & tonne is defined as amount of refrigerat ion effect produced by the uniform melting of one tonne of ice from 0°c in 24 hrs. ITR = 1000*335 kj in 24hours = 1000*335/ 24*60= 232.6KJ/ min. Q3:- Define C.O.P of refrigeration ? Ans:- C.O.P is ratio of heat extracted in the refrigerator to the work done on t he refrigerant. C.O.P = Q/W Q4:- What is relative C.O.P? Ans:- Relative C.O.P= Actual C.O.P / Theoretical C.O.P Q5:- What one tonne m/c means? Ans.:-One tonne of ice when meets from end at 0°c in 24 hours, the refrigeration e ffect produced is equivalent to 210 kj/min. Q6:- What is the value of C.O.P? Ans.:- The C.O.P is always greater than one. Q7:- In a closed air refrigeration cycle, the operating pr. Ratio can be reduced which results--------------- c.o.p. Ans.:- Higher Q8:- Which cycle is used in air conditioning of aeroplane in which air is used a s refrigerant? Ans.:- Reversed brayton cycle. Q9:- What are advantages of closed air refrigeration cycle? Ans.:- (1) Since it can work at a suction pressure higher than of atmospheric pr essure therefore the volume of air handled by compressure & expander are smaller as compare to an open air r efrigeration cycle system. (2) The operating pressure ratio can be reduced, which results in higher c.o.p.

Q 10:-What are cycles on which air refrigerator works? Ans.:- Cycles on which air refrigerator works are:* Reversed carnot cycle * Bell coleman cycle. Q11:- What is capacity of cooling system required for ordinary passanger air cra ft? Ans.:- 8TR

Q12:-What are methods of air refrigeration systems? Ans.- (1) Simple air cooling system.

Which refrigerant is commonly used in domestic vapour compression gerator? Ans. Systems over air refrigeration system? Ans.sub cooling liquid refrigerant is to ----------cop Ans.In boat strap air evaporative system whether the evaporator is provided th en at which place? Ans:. It has less running cost. C. Q22:.It has smaller size for the given capacity of refrigeration. Refrigeration air cooling system. Q17:_ What are advantages of VC ref. Q13:.(1) The vapour refrigerant leaving the evaporator is in superheated (2) The compression of refrigeration is neither isentropic nor polytr opic.What are main deviations b/w theoretical cycle & actual cycle? Ans.(2) Simple air evaporative cooling system.Freon-12 refri Q21:-In a VC refrigeration system .:. Cycle with superheated vapour after compression Cycle with superheated vapour before compression Cycle with under cooling of refrigeration.Cycle with dry saturated vapour after compression. Q16:.What are components of VC refrigeration system? Ans.:.:. (3) The liquid refrigerant before entering the expansion valve is sub -cooled in the condenser. Q20:.:-Increases .Which cooling system is used for supersonic aircrafts? Ans.It have two cooling turbines & one heat exchanger.Regenerative air cooling system. Q14:-How many turbines & heat exchangers a reduced ambient air cooling system ha ve? Ans.P is high.:. Q15:. Boat strap air evaporative cooling system. (4)The pressure drops in the evaporator &condenser.:.O. Cycle with wet vapour after copression. Q18:. Q19:.(1) Compressure (2) Condenser (3) Reciever (4) Expansion valve (5) Evapor ator. * * * * Boat strap air cooling system.:.Yes the evaporator is provide b/w second heat exchanger & cooling turbine. Reduced ambient air cooling system.What are effect of superheating the vapour before suction to the compres sion in vc refrigeration system ? .What are the various type of cycle? Ans.:.

some of it evaporates.What are the three fluids used in electrolux refrigerators? Ans. 3) In vapour absorption system the liquid ref.In aqua ammonia absorption refrigeration system.:.O.1)The vapour absorption refrigeration system uses heat energy to change t he condition of refrigerant from the evaporator.What are advantages of vapour absorption refrigeration system over VC refr igeration system? Ans.:.Condenser.:.:.:. Q23:. 2) Size of two cylinders may be adjusted to suit the volume & pressur e of refrigerant.When the higher pressure liquid refrigerant from the condenser passes thr ough the expansion valve. 4) It give uniform torque.What are components of vapour absorption system? Ans.Why hydrogen is used in electrolux refrigeration system? Ans.What is refrigerant? Ans. Q25:.:. Leaving the evaporato r has no effect on the system except reducing refrigerating effect.:.Pmax = ?E/?G = ?E/ ?E=(TC-TE/TE) (TG/TG-TC) Q29:. This partial evaporation of liquid refrigerant is known as flash.What is formula of ideal vapour absorption refrigeration cycle? Ans.In VC cycle what is flash? Ans.1) Generator 2) Condenser 3) Expansion valve 4) Evaporator 5) Absorber Q26:. 2) The operation of vapour absorption refrigeration system is essenti ally quiet & is subjected to little wear.:. .Ans. system.:.hydrogen.O.The refrigerant is a heat carrying medium which during their cucle in th e refrigeration system absorb heat from a low temp.1) In creases heat rejection in condenser.P depending upon refrigerant.1) It reduces the leakage loss. Ans.Where heat is rejected by the refrigerant in a refrigeration cycle? Ans. Q27:.What are advantages of compound VC cycle? Ans. system & discharge the heat so absorbed to higher temp. incomplete rectification leadss to accumulation of water in --------------.Amonia.Hydrogen is used in electrolux refrigeration system so as to reduce the vapour pressure ammonia in evaporator. 2) Increases work of compression. 3) Increases or decreases C.Condenser Q31:.:-C. Q32:. 3) It improves the volumetric efficiency for given pressure ratio. Q30:. Q24:.:. & water. Q28:.

Q.:. Q40:.Name thermodynamic properties of a refrigerants ? Ans:. According to location of prime movers.:.:.:.Brines are secondary refrigerants and are generally used when temp. Q.What are different types of primary refrigerant ? Ans.Environment protection agencies are again which refrigerant &why? Ans. of working strokes.According to method of compression. Freezing temp. Critical temp and pressure 6.A refrigerant compressor is a machine used to compress vapour refrigerant from evaporator & to raise its pr. 2.:.Commonaly used brines are Nacl.1. of stages.:.37.are r equired to maintain below the freezing point of water. Q39:. Q34:.Primary refrigerants and secondary refrigerants . 36.What are refrigerant compressors? Ans. 3.What are desirable property of an ideal refrigerant? Ans.:.Chloroflouro carbon because they react with ozone layer & deplete it.:. According to no. .:. Cop 5. According to no.:.How compressors are classified? Ans. So that corresponding saturation temp.What are the azeotrope refrigerants? Ans.1) Low boiling point.Q33:.Why R-12 is preferred over R-22 In deep freezer? Ans. 3) Low specific heat of liquid. Latent heat of vaporization.1) Halo-carbon refrigerant 2)azeotrope refrigerant 3) inorganic refrigerant * hydrocarbon refrigerant Q35. 4) Low specific volume of vapour. Q41:. 2) High critical temp. Boiling temp.:.A zeotrope refers to a stable mixture of refrigerants whose vapour and li quid phase retain identical composition over a wide range of temperature. According to drive employed. CaCl 2.Classify the refrigerants ? Ans. is higher than that of cooling medium. Q42:.Because R-12 is miscible with oil over large range of temp.:. Q38:.What are the secondary refrigerants? Ans. Evaporator and condenser pressure 4.

Q51:.What are reciprocating compressors? Ans. 3) It gives more uniform torque. Q48:.What are advantage multistage compression? Ans:.When the compressor & motor operates on same shaft &are enclosed in a com mon casting.The compressor in which the vapour refrigerant is compressed by reciproca ting motion of piston is called reciprocating compressor.What is the formula of volumetric efficiency of reciprocating compressor? Ans.1) The size of cylinder will be to large. Q46:.What is condenser? Ans:. Pv n = c Q49:.?v= 1=c-c( p2/p1 )1/n C = Clearance factor P1 = Suction pressure P2 = Discharge pr. Q45:. . 2) The friction losses & running cost are higher. Drop in intercooler. n= index of expansion. 3) The compression in both LP & HP cylinders is polytropic.1) leakage of refrigerant is completely preunted.What are assumption in two stage compressor with intercooler? Ans:.The condenser is an important device used in the high pressure side as ref rigeration System.The compressor in which vapour refrigerant is compressed two or more cylin ders in series is called multistage compressor.Q43:. Q50:.What are advantage of hermetic compressors? Ans:. Its function is to remove hot vapour refrigerant discharge from compre ssor. they are known as hermetic sealed compressors. Q44:. Ans.:.:. 2) It is less noisy.1) It improves volumetric efficiency . 3) It required small space because of compactors.What are drawbacks if we employ single stage compressor for producing high pressure. 4) It reduces cost of compressor. 3) Volumetric efficiency is low. Q47:.:.1) The effect of clearance is neglected. 2) It reduce leakage loss. 2) there is no pr.What are hermetic sealed compressors? Ans:.What are multistage compressor? Ans:.

Q52:. which is to be cooled by refrigerant.1) According to type of construction.High.How condensers are classified? Ans:.What are factors which affect the heat transfer capacity of evaporator? Ans:. .Evaporator is a device used in the low pressure side of refrigeration sys tem. Q60:.1) Mechanical draft cooling towers are smaller in size. 2) In mechanical cooling tower cooling capacity can be controlled. * According to operating condition.What type of evaporator used in home freezer.In ammonia refrigeration system what is the material of tube used in shell & tube ? Ans:.s Q59:. ice cream cabinets? Ans:.What is evaporator? Ans:. 2) According to manner in which liquid refrigerant is fed. Q57:. 2)Water cooled condensers 3) Evaporative condensers Q53:. * According to mode of heat transfer. Q58:.Steel. 2) Thickness of evaporator coil wall. 3) Contact surface area.What are the ways in which evaporators are classified ? Ans:.pressure side of the refriger ation system. 3) Mechanical cooling tower can be placed inside the building. Q54:.What are advantages of mechanical cooling tower over natural cooling tower ? Ans:. Q56:. The function of evaporator is to absorb heat from surrounding. Ans:.1) Velocity of refrigerant .1) Forced draft cooling tower. 4) Temperature diff. Q55:.1) Air cooled condensers.The condenser is used in -----------------. 2) Induced draft cooling tower.Plate evaporator.Name different type of cooling towers? Ans:. 3) Natural draft cooling tower.

Of refrigerant. Q64:. 5) High side float valve.1) Capillary tube. 3) Thermostatic expansion valve.e. 4)Low side float valve.1) It reduces high pressure liquid refrigerant to low pressure liquid refr igerant before fed to evaporator.e COP is low because very high pressure ratio.1. When the thermostatic expansion valve operates? Ans.1) The costing capillary tube is less than all other forms of expansion de vices. Q-66 .What are advantages of using capillary tube in refrigeration system? Ans:.Q61:. which deals with study of moist air i. It operates on the change in the degree of super heat at exit from the evap orator. What is cryogenics? Ans.dry air mixed with vapour or humidity? .It is very frequently applied to very low temperature.What is expansion device? Ans:. 2) Hand operated expansion valve. It is connected between receiver & evaporator.Difficultly encountered in operation as equipment at low temp.What are functions of expansion devices? Ans:. Q:-67. Q. 2) The refrigerant change in a capillary tube is critical. The crygonics is derived from greec word kryon which means cold. Q63:. 2.What is psychrometry Ans:-Psychrometry is the branch of science. Q:-68. 3.65.What are main type of expansion device? Ans:. Q62:.Expansion device is important device that divide high pressure side & low pressure side of a refrigerating system.What are the limitations of VC refrigeration system to produce low temp? Ans. refrigeration application cycle such as in liquefaction of gases.e VC refrigeration system can not produce low temperature due to solidifi cation temp.

: -76.:-It is the difference between the dbt and wbt at any point.Name any four psycrometric process.: -Sensible heat factor is ratio of sensible heat to heat SHF =SH/TH=SH/SH+LH Q.What is psychometric chart? Ans:.1.1) Sensible heating. Dehumidification:. The WBD indicat es relative humidity of air. WBT:-It is the temp. Q72:. What are methods of obtaining humiditification? Ans.:.:-It is the ratio of actual mass of water vapour in the given volume of mois t air to mass of water vapour in the same volume of superheated volume of superheated air at same temp. without change in DB T is known as humidification . Ans:-It is the temp.: -Effectiveness=Actual increase in dbt/ideal increase in dbt Q. -77.: -79.The addition of moisture to the air. of air recorded by thermometer when the moisture present in it begins to condense. Q70:. and pressure. Q. 2) Sensible cooling 3) Humidification & dehumidification.WBT.: -80 What is DPD.Define dew point temperature.It Is the mass of water vapour present in 1 kg of dry air in terms of gm/ kg of dry air.The removal of moisture from air witout change in i ts DBT is called dehumidification. How effectiveness of humidification is expressed? Ans.? . 4) Cooling & adiabatic humidification. Ans:. What is WBD? Ans. when it is not aff ected by the moisture present in air.Indirect method Q.Define DBT. of air recorded by a thermometer.Humidification:.What is humidification & dehumidification? Ans:. Direct method 2. when its bulb i s surrounded By wet cloth exposed to air. Ans:.. Q73:. of air recorded by a thermometer.It is the temp.It is graphical representation of various thermodynamic properties of mois ture air. Q74:.Q69:-What is humidity? Ans:.: -78 What is relative humidity? Ans. What as sensible heat factor? Ans. Q: -75.DBT:. Q. Q71:.

Effective temperature 2. Q. . .: -Zero Q.: -88. What are the factors affecting comfort air conditioning? Ans. .: . Relative humidity of human body.: -81 What are the factors affecting human comfort? Ans. of air *Humidity of air *Purity of air. Q.. *Motion of air. 2.What is room sensible heat factor? Ans.accordind to the purpose. Q.duration of stay 5.: -Sensible heat gain and latent heat gain.GSHF=TSH/GTH=TSH/TSH+TLH TSH=Total sensible heat TLH=total latent heat GTH =grant total heat. What is grand sensible heat factor? Ans.. 3.: -ERSHF=ERSH/ERTH=ERSH/ERSH+ERLH ERSH=Effective room sensible heat ERLH=Effective room latent heat. What are the sources of sensible heat gain? . What is effective room sensible heat? Ans. Q. . Q.: -82 What is effective temperature? Ans. Density of occupant.. arrangement of equipments.: -83 What are the factors affecting effective temperature? Ans.It is defined as the index..:. -84 At what heat stored in the body.moist control of air 5.heat moisture losses from human body..1.. 4. 2. Climate and seasonal difference. .kind of activity.: -86 How air conditioning system classified? Ans.heat production and regulation in human body. Q. . season of year.:-*Temp .: -90.air stratification..: -89. which correlate the combined effect of air temp.: -1. ERTH=Effective room total heat.: -91.:-RSHF=RSH/RTH=RSH/RSH=RLH RSH=Room sensible heat RLH=Room latent heat RTH= Room total heat. Q. 3. Q.. 3.: -87. the human body feels comfortable? Ans. 6..:-It is difference between the DBT AND DPT of air. . What are components of cooling load? Ans.Age and sex 4. Q.. .: -1.: -85...Ans.

:-Iron sheet metal.: -92 What are the sources of latent heat gain? Ans. *Heat gain due to condensation of moisture by the process such as coo king food. Heat liberated by occupant.Tube axial fan 3.: -*Supply air duct *Return air duct *Fresh air duct *Low-pressure air duct.: -97.1. galvanized sheet metal.Heat flowing in building by conduction through exterior walls.: -*The heat gain due to moisture in out side air entering. Q. What are the different types of fans? Ans. The fan is a kind of pump.: . Q.Propeller fan 2.: -94 How ducts are classified? Ans.1. *Heat gain due to condensing of moisture from occupants.: -96 What is fan? Ans. Q.Ans. Q. Ans.: -1. aluminum sheet metal. Q. Q. which is used for pumping air through entire duc t system and conditions of space.Vane axia All rights reserved 2008 . 3. 2.Heat gain from fan work.: -98 Name some of the axial flow fans.: -95 What is the material of duct? Ans.:-The duct convey the conditioned air from the air conditioning equipment to the air distribution point. 4.Heat received from solar radiations.Centrifugal pump 2 Axial fans Q.: -93What are ducts? Ans.