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Date 19 August 2019 Ref. No. CS-

Project Name
Document Ref. No. MS-GV-EL-009 Rev.00 Received Date 03 August 2019
Contractor Al Seal Contracting & Trading Co.
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Material Submittal Shop Drawing Method Statement PQ MIR Document Transmittal
K&A Comments:
1. Our review is based on the attached Specification, since the Project specification is under review by
the client. The Contractor is solely responsible if any deviations in UDC Approved Specification.
2. Refer our comments issued on PQ for the same subject ref. PQ-GV-038 Rev.00 dated 18 August
3. Proposed manufacturer M/s Visiontek security systems– Canada is not among the Approved
Vendor list for Structured Cabling, IP-CCTV, AV System, IPTV System.
4. Proposed supplier MBR Technologies doesn’t have MOI Approval and do not have sufficient
5. Section-1, Material Description, location of the listed items as per approved IFC drawings shall be
6. Section-2, In Compliance statement, the project specification compliance for selection of sizes,
calculations, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, contractor shall address the compliance.
7. Compliance statement shall be sign & stamped by the contractor
8. CCTV system shall be in compliance with the latest requirement of MOI.
9. As per specification clause 2.13 a) Access control units b) Hard ware specifications and clause 2.14
Magnetic door contact compliance shall be addressed as per IFC drawings by the contractor
instead of "Not in scope of work".
10. Section 3, Highlighted specifications; to be attached.
11. Section 4, Highlighted final approved by UDC IFC drawings shall be attached.
12. Section 6, highlighted original catalogues shall be attached.
13. Section 7, Material safety datasheet/ material safety protection detail shall be attached.
14. Section 8, Method statement for Installation detail shall be attached.
15. Section 9, Country of Origin certificate been issued to view point security systems but the proposed
authorized supplier is MBR technologies, clarify?
16. Section 13, Pre qualification of testing agency shall be attached.
17. Section 15, The calculations for the selection of each type of camera shall be provided.
18. Section 16, Warranty/Guarantee certificate been issued by view point security systems but the
proposed authorized supplier is MBR technologies, clarify?

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19. Section 18, Spare parts quantities shall be provided as per MOI requirement.
20. UPS load calculations, proposed model technical data sheets and original catalogues are missing
in this material submittal.
21. Section 20, Maintenance manual shall be provided.

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K&A Engineer K&A Project Manager
Syed.Khadri Natheef Abuhaweeleh
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