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(a) (C) (a) () (Weagte — (2017-2015 Pree PVF gdh 122A 1 Bee Loneve LUNE ee L Mr hye gZ£e DC BAcirFyL ir pnd Brot teat i teu SLI ALIS amie LB Ae kite Note: You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is correct; fill that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to 9 fill the circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question. The unit of amplitude is: newrebic } Hertz 7 ©) eter Second LE @ Newton ve The relation between velocity, frequency and cia Be Gs Bak, vwava lnaiiot Sivovt te ae Penk Ayes E55 Sri (b) wad Ol yaky (d) vealf Pleas An example of a longitudinal wave is web Sitiey 3 Sound waveysis- () Light wave g2/ Radio wave #4 (©) water wave 41 Snell's law is written as: 5 e ee -etolle puiwinee * Sini () Snr Sin r Sini e @ » n Unit of power of lens is: sewing § Hertz 25 (©) Newtons}? Meter A @) Diopter At dis 7 in ae Electric field lines x WBS 6 Always cross each-other (b) Never cross each-other FA hemi eather hits Cross each other in the region of strong (d) Cross each other in the region of weak field field ght fe pot thud iis ate put tbvciuw eh ‘An electric current in the conductors is due to tent LeSS Bie yar 7 ea mute SI Le SSP Lr th, (b 5 ee Positive ions 7 T%32 ©) Negative ions 174 Positive charges 24% 4 (8) Free electrons 2» Lint The direction of induced em.finacircuitisin aye ier Bo wore znciteety 8 accordance with law of conservation of Geb LB Ef BA cor Santis deg < Mass‘ ) chargetup Momentum £2" (8) Enerey B71 fa) Cc) 10 (a) te) a (a) {c) 2 (a) (c) The particles emitted from a hot cathode surface are called: Positive lons u/T% 34 Protons W334 AND gate can be formed by using two ud NOT gatsy* wt NOR gates U® 4 The brain of any computer system is: Monitor Z* cpurdr During the fission of 1kg of uranium 235 energy is released 36x10" 67x10" aaLifegd ntl GAEL Bd () (d) Negative ions of1 42 Electrons os #1 ae Poe sttetul Ue news (b) OR gates PET (ano gotes u*% tui nd ie (b) (a) Memory 9 Control unit 272s” SCAMinkoe Migr Lasty lho 2 ela (db) 3.6x10% (4) 3.6x10") (Deqwse 48:0 Part 1 Q.No.2 Answer any Five parts from the following: @ (ii) (iii) (iv) 9) (wi) (vii) (viii) Q.No.3 Answer any Five parts from the follow w cy ii) Gv) o wi) wi) (viii) Q.No.4 Answer any Five parts from the following: a ii) (iv) (vy) (vi) (ii) (viii) 5x2=10 Define longitudinal waves? ‘What is meant by electromagnetic waves? ‘What is meant by wave length? Write the two factors on which safe level of noise depends? Write two uses of ultrasound? What is the difference between regular and irregular reflection? State laws of refraction? Define power of a lens? 5x2=10 Define electrostatic induction? State Coulomb’s law? Is electric intensity a vector quantity what will be its direction? Define conventional current? State Ohm’s law? What is the difference between D.C and A.C? What is Fleming’s left hand Rule? What is the difference between a generator and a motor? Define thermionic emissi Write two uses of oscilloscope? NAND gate is the reciprocal of AND gate discuss? What is meant by software? Define internet? What is the difference between data and information? Define isotopes? What is difference between atomic number & atomic mass number? (l4:2017-2015 7 frre PSF gdh 71:45:25, i _______2 epee Lerbye Se tbseo2 oa A Sins © seipve cy Mii) tAireLdd pL OW) suena © te te nate aes, WD totiLe SEGA Ul foye Letrbe We tuseo3 @ setaotery Gi) Ver Stee Antisera (ili) tea uty suFowwisges yeacepe (i) adelrtA tects (i) VOU rales Wild) a efeye Leiirbe Ne tubiovd oe rbMtes @ eile eky Mi) re wieLiedig Uli) teripve gir (i) w oe YES ies WD 4 3S part (wil) sedition ete (ili) Part -— eae Attempt any two questions. me a ofoyelewrne Sod Q.No.5(a) Define simple harmonic motion? Explain with an example. () af erboS ee Lii Soot PSP LAE tS ) ‘A convex lens of focal length 6cm is to be used to farm a virtual image three times the size of the object. Where must the lens be placed. «@ eb Vee eile leretbee le KE 6H LLL (SO Q.No.6(a) Define transformer. Explain the working of transformer? () a fortng IbL, BAS? 16 (b) A capacitor holds 0.03 coulombs of charge when fully charged by a 6 volt battery. How much voltage would be required for it to hold 2 coulombs of charge? KG LEE S toed phe tee CAO ILA EY Site SSL () xn (4) Q.No.7(a) What is meant by OR gate? Write its symbol and truth table. 6) PE Aiea veelt iT (b) Carbon 14 has a half life of 5730 years. How long will it take for the quantity of carbon 14 in a sample to drop to one eighth of the initial quantity. “ Baked LL Lenfs lash zis ber de ISTO SIS Oo Cotts2015-17 7) Chee AGEE) Physics(Practical) ie Feeds Time Allowed: 2 22s Hours Maximum Marks: 30 30:45 120 EG Se L road 1- Measure the diameter of a wire by using a screw gauge. OR L Sa tie SHSE Rie bt Find the density of a body heavier than water by Archimedes Principle. 120 bE Ae SU -2 2- Study the laws of refraction by using a glass slab OR b Babee oMulg Study the characteristics of P-N junction. 3- Note Book 3 fe) -3 4- Viva 3 euro 4 Voce.