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RBH List Sit EI HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION RICH gas MOGGA Se CCCMNLET SHORE SHS AU Hes ARES SHA STOO CEE. RHHBESRCD, SECOSEE ERAN CE SAE eSICMLUI— AIC, BEL VCLET. [S4yvtv7) For the past 90 years, HYODA INSTRUMENTS has developed with transition of transformers. Blessed with technical guidance by manufacturers of heavy electrical equipment and with continuous effort in the whole process from trial manufacturing +0 merchandising, the company could have provided a variety of protective devices for transformers including temperature relay, oil gauge and pressure relief valve On the wealth of technological knowledge stored so far, HYODA INSTRUMENTS is determined to strive further for develop- ing highly reliable and new protective devices. AEROLHENORMREE IEBRUEBEERL CUBS, # oR VADORAYF Microwiteh src 1-28 1-2 Comets SERENE ROBES FEL J] Ses Rains AC25OV-5A Lsoeintuve. genre EFI VBA unrsnttonert const E.FIR 248% upper amt Lover Consst FIR HERE Lover Conact, JO— hei : NBRSEHaIRE 8 @& M:0~10.0~100% 9 BREE HALT 4~2OMAD BSED MIELET. Material of float : NBA (Acryionitrle-butadiene rubber formed plastic) Dial plate Oto 10, 0t0 100% © Output signal 4 19 20mA Is also available by using a signal ‘converter in combination, HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION type PV G— Fa (Strcnrenretem) type PVO—2., PVOA—Y [J] (Sairtretrenay ) oR See CLEVER [ite ‘Swith Rating AC250V-5A Lyon inde Bo FIRS TIAS ABBR D TIRATIE) Sich Ces By Test Nile RAND SMETH LARCH FLT RRC AMEE a al by catching sharp prossure ise Pvo0-2u PVOAYOR! Ou _ HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION Bae niZiie SIN eR Cm crete Renn Mur ont RE ee 0.04~0,1 MPa REMI (om®) 28 a a Relet Ares BOR SDhA IF, VETISCHER ‘wich Limi Site 2 Swichos FERUEH, RAAT Nonsnducive: AC2SOV-10A, SwithRaies AWS ndcive: AC2SOV-6A EOLA CRELICRA TY I CAMO TORE RRA CROSS» eee Ome. BECRGIBREMEMESE CESS : ste crn sei conden ostadautaty by ETRE RSENS NUS SESE OS monet Teas PRIOUE, PRISOB, PRZOOS | aaa A a 3 ig)_| 200 | 20 ¢ a eT 5 13 | an | 250 a 7 e e t ee Soe Oil Flow Meter for Oil Immersed Transformer BR YAODAT YF, FORT ETRE Swish ‘Micon or Cont BARE ALARM : 6002/min Swich Seng RUN — :10002/min RES ACI25V-5A Sieh Reing AOBBOVEA Lactate RECORD RENT ANIC DANE SHLET. ANNE FLEE EO RM CORRES ET ESTHLET. SSAA TREN TETS. ‘*Qillow gensed by the bade ig venemited 1p the porter Through the magnet coupiing for flow contra. ‘eAnallim is trggered alen Bi flow comes dun oa preset oS#e Gas Flow Meter available, pare mau ora ‘Sco tyes OFF HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION eee Pec mom mer tee LDA— 1a, LDA—2a Pe] LOATa LOA2 UaRato 1 a om eon ae MAX.OCHERBE-O.5A ‘fesamt 7-y ara Sich Lead Cae Wie “emia Box eae 40cm’ ——-185em'£1096 aES & OL ft eve Widow Novant ced ©7O—hHE : NBREEHE OKA SMOBNERT CHEOM CRRA EC ET SSeHLED. ‘git of feat: NBR (Acelniie butadiene rubber fomed pas: ‘SHialdrin Striggeree at Conn level ot water oro leakage LDA-Ta HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION PPP) 4) al Relay for Oil Immersed Transformer type BR— 1 551 BREE ‘BIHAN: 4500m" nt Ste ‘Gas Accumulation RHEE ‘shia : 50~100cm/s Ses Sass it ow SAE ACI25V-5A [HR Cott Rate AC250V-5A Lsoainsicie O88 1 URI : AIRES SRCEEAENE : GRRE ohm: BMA. TAK AIMS ema T4218, 28. 3B ‘Operation ofthe frst stage: Gas Detecting Relay ‘Operation of the second siage : Sudden Oil Fiow Relay ‘eSpocial spec. “Each stage 2 switches, ith tost nozzle ‘Conformity pipe size» hinch,2ineh sine HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION E—IDEKSYAAY1 VDE PR m Nn meneame CR emE yt tye 4a, MS (@100) (975) aed 0~2000 (60/1 bv.) “Teng, Knee eae 3m (SUS304) Coit IER. 25h Senin Bal Sol i, a She REIS ACIOOV-0.48 [iatiea ot Rang AC2O0V-O.2A LNonintave ORBAEM NACI SETI eYIADBNETIEL, ADRIRRICEU VERDUN. feThe temperature senstive units designed thin ang smell ‘20.28 to'be inserted ilo coll gap eno realize indication Sioser'o actual temperature. | tame (oom) be (ee) ) iat type B, 1 (Taromene) (@75) (4~20mAsE Ane ) type BY | pressure Relief Valve (100) ines type aw (Bienen) Type Yaya: —35~1800 Type Y3PT : 4~20mA/—50~1500_ Type vas case ab aeLy “Temp. Renee Tyne Y3UA, Y4C Saat AC}OO"D4A aE | ee ACBOOV—0.2A [Non inten] onmaeom ABMICRSTUET. feThis thermometer Is, designed g0 ag {0 withstand the level chvibretign Yo which bulet rains (Shnkansen trans) are Supjectea, YSUAM(YSPTH) vac! HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION 10 Plein hr Decent ‘or-Relay for a variety of Heavy Electrical tye BMGSw, KB SEAR. SRERELAR it ant Winding Temperature Ini BAULIORF) Comacs Mist) I~ ABA comacs HERVEIAGEARA) ac 125, 250/50, rich ‘Rewaaiee ——DCTZBV/0.5A, DC250V/0.25A e-hatL (CREAT Feng hee tibia ler Ce sam auaiints Ptio0 a emt Resig Device onan ens Bah BELLY Y-~~-0~100, 0~120 0~160,-20~130[0] Temp. Range oH B36, 10[m) ‘Capllary Tube SRB HRLT4~2OMAD BSUS DWELET. ‘*Output signal 4 10 20mA can be given by using a signal ‘converter in combination MI (RAI yay Co. Vibration = Proof plate spring is additional spec-(Option) | emesw =m = | Kem HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION "1 SUR A bas ean eee = — DETAR OMISM ET REC Icolty te TPMw, TPRa, TPSH (BVA For owdoor) (BIFFA For Oudoor) (EBPLFA For indoor) BSS tous) |) een EIEN Pam IMPa O55MPa ar seat | VIDOR AF es ee ToameSvh 2 «Gems Meio? Cas Hraets DC240VO17A AC 125, 2500-154 GEREN, Do z0v038A 00 125, 250054 LC KO AARL EAL, BRB LOM SEAT SESSILIS. ‘This switch warns an alatm of, locke when, gas. densi ‘Zonvatted nko prossura goes. down below te releronce fevel Oning to temperature changes. TPMa sco | at ys ar) Sree MC Ulan mee eel ll MY—FIA I Search Co Bs hy AB A awe or Tansomer Ter Motor aeey aE BIE “ThemomcerSensrs P00, CuO Pon em SERS STRIBIRRIEARER Pocket Mtl Fige Plat Shape Resin iat MgO>—2ie REE ination Poot Sheath Tae Resin Mold RMA a RBIS RFICKORIEL ET. FENRIS ey ICRA TRS ESMCLTOORT. 194 resistor type tomporature-sensing element is used for ‘measuring emperature change. fhe type Tor motors 1s designed thin 60 as to be inserted ‘directly nis col Geb. MeN FIA (bY 2B) Search Col with Hester Coil for Transformer mee mB “Taemometer Sense aon, C1100 E-hatb een Nese Cait Ca Ream Pooks Met Pipe HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION 3 Bit oii RENE, (Beat) CDT SASOPORMADLUAERSG ACMA MEGA SHEcR = TUTIECREORASOT IPEBUNIERELICLS Be | AMRUGFBAOI—F 7 FUBICDUT REX CMA CRBSAT IMI NRE UCD DPMS, AIS, WERNBEE OIF PRRs HRMRELTHEURMDOL. RIL) Rus eect WIE? DU Lene TURE BF MUBAGECHOT OBOE ER. Ti $Y SLSVRREEDRRERIC OUTS URMODE. RMLICLET. Rae I BERR Rw BRE VFI Sav viet A GRiAreEms A amarens See EE TRS B Fy7mRLYUL— SFoHARER YF | se nigmt ‘© samt (La) ‘© 8), pat (Gs) RARER Berxsvigseet | ame ‘nae 2 mane [eno [ eae Product protection from damage caused DEW sean nce ep nen Soe acces Spicraieetecnemraran este menoheanhomercee coor ate tino Srerneseran aes ono. fe gas snb pes fon say oe SESS 2 ES Ea ae ig, bow 8 eo Seaman Painting Teentnirta nectar ‘wc pn ens phe Te see ee ah Eosthepuarttamss carom eee rig Toe, Sen sue) ase Peers ete Moat I Protective Relays for Transformer | Temperature Indicator-Relay Bf Search Coil BE Dial Ol Gauge lB Sudden Gas Pressure Relay lf Sudden Oil Pressure Relay II Pressure Relief Valve 1H Oil Flow Meter Bt Leak Detector If Thermometer with Oil Gauge | Buchholz Relay I SFs Gas Pressure Switch I] Dial Thermometers BH Liquid Filled System 8 Gas Filled System |B Vapor Pressure System Bl Bimetallic BE Thermocouples lH Resistance Thermometer Sensors I Thermal Switch & my Rest Leestatt a ® AESESA Hou mA28%7A SAT AI PR. BABAR, FLL. 8) 1509001 288E NO.NQA-9807192A, Name HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION Foundation March 1917 Establishment JULY 1953, Branch (Osaka, Tokyo,Nagoya,Kanazawa, (Okayama Hiroshima Fukuoka 1809001 CERTIFICATE NO.NQA-98071924 MAGS (Ht) ARM LABS S/ ASE NHARH LS (tt) BARRIER 14 RH st el RRNA St AURUTS Toro00s AMG MAM MUS AAMT Oe Hs (072) 962-1121 (1ER) FAX (072) 968-2959 Esmal :hyeda@axeloenne jo WRES T0004 AMMAR TIT A 6H 108 RURABS is (06) 6590-1291 (FER) FAX (06) 6530-2517 Emad tyodahanbalusin@mins.oca.nep Emal:tyodaco@arelocinaip RESERS Tio KRKBRRMHLT ASSES WOREMM WIS (03) 9502-1771 ER) FAX 09) 3582-2756 E>mal :hyodatky@cronos.oen.8 jp PBASBRM Tassos SERMMERA RMT ATS ‘SSRERM (GEIR) ‘1S (052) 681-1488 (CH) FAX (052) 678-1008 E-mal :hyodana@crest.ocn.neip HESERM 7550-0014 AMHBRLETITEcHI0s MERI WHE (08) 6698-1201 ((eH) FAX (06) 6531-7660 mall: hyoda.oo@muse.ocn.nejp Luween) 79200027 @ RABAT T AS08255 SRE vey ANTHIOSS) ‘Ris (079) 224-6338 (xueen) Froese Mle RRS TE 2S ITS PIUIIEIR UBIt7 221038) FAX (076) 224-6999 FAX (086) 271-2788 PRR 7792-0052 ME ORE IETZT 1016 Upstrxe7.5038) ‘815 (002) 262-2027 AX (082) 262-2028, E-mail: yoda ioshima@hyoda.cop AREA To12-0000 MATHS AST AI2 EIS is (092) 573.2018 (feH) FAX (092) 578-0882 E-mail: yoda keBcrestoonne.p URL; mn yd. HYODA INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION 1S Teumertonmach Higash-Osaka, Oseka 579-8034, Japan tovtoraeaar area (op Yaw re Geb ise $< Oversons Tasing dyson in als Oe Weibel Soames hops) “eae Oa) Guat ES hyods.coWaxolcen ep