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Simple, Rugged and Effective family of Firearms

More Rounds on Target, More of the Time About Our Firearms

How the KRISS Super V System works We’re often asked, “Why did you start with .45?” The two-part answer is: First, remember that the initial KRISS firearms were
designed to be MIL firearms and at that time, the Joint Services group was actively out researching and getting proposals
Sometimes, complex problems require very simple solutions. And so it is with the KRISS operating system. from makers of .45 sidearms to replace the Beretta 9mm which had proven so problematic in its early days. Unfortunately, the
The original invention that led to the creation of the KRISS system was the brainchild of a highly original thinker and arms JS group could not decide on a COTS 1911 and threw 2 years and millions of dollars away giving up and going back to 9mm.
engineer, Mr. Renaud Kerbrat. While undergoing a lengthy hospital stay recovering from a serious injury, the idea came The second reason is that from an engineering standpoint, we wanted to prove the KRISS capabilities to the MIL/LE and CIV
to him that it just might be possible to re-invent the way traditional firearms operate. An avid tinkerer markets with the most robust commonly in use caliber, which no one would argue against is the .45 ACP.
with access to a gun and machine shop, Mr. Kerbrat found a financial backer to help with the initial
All the models* below are available in .45 ACP and .40 S&W and we continue to work on other calibers as we grow our
prototyping. (Figure 3)
Now, some eight years later, it is remarkable how similar the original, hand-made KRISS mechanism
is to that which is contained in today’s KRISS semi and full-auto firearms. The KRISS mechanism as
executed in the KRISS Super V family of pistol caliber firearms is a gas operated delayed blowback design
firing from the closed bolt position. The key to the whole system is the bolt-slider assembly. And while
KRISS Super V Vector CRB/SO Semi-auto Carbine
appearing to be a very simple design (and it is), many years and millions of dollars have gone into understanding the variables Folding and fixed stock models. 16” standard
that define the performance parameters of the KRISS. (Figure 4) Note that the bolt is very small and very light weight. It weighs length barrel with 18.5” version available for Canada.
about 15% of what a traditional 1911 .45 bolt weighs and the UMP .45 bolt weighs nearly 10 times what
the KRISS bolt weighs.
How can the KRISS bolt be so small and light? The simple answer is because the bolt is not asked to KRISS Super V Vector SBR/SO Semi-auto Short Barrel Rifle
perform any other task other than to engage with the slider mass, strip and eject the spent round and
chamber a new round on the way back to the in-battery position. With a round loaded, an overhead
Folding and fixed stock models. 5.5” standard
hammer swings down and through a channel atop the bolt and impacts the firing pin. As the gases begin length barrel with custom lengths optional.
to push the bolt backwards against the slider mass, the motion is delayed slightly by the notch found in Not available in all States or municipalities.
the slider rails, which once overcome, allow the bolt and the slider mass to rotate downward into the bottom of the firearm.
In addition to being light, the bolt literally only has to travel a slightly longer distance than the length of the cartridge. As the
return spring returns the slider and bolt back to firing position, a new round is stripped
and chambered. KRISS Super V Vector XSMG Full-auto Submachine Gun
Note that this mechanism is exactly the same no matter what KRISS firearm it is fitted to; Folding stock only. Restricted to LE/MIL sales only.
the same mechanism can run our SMG at 1100 rpm as well as our semi-auto firearms. In Standard 5.5” barrel with custom lengths available.
years of testing and after hundreds of thousands of rounds, no major part has ever failed.
Can be built as semi-only or semi + two round burst.
Here’s how a full cycle of the KRISS mechanism works. Figure 5 illustrates the KRISS
mechanism in battery; a round chambered and ready to fire. As the hammer falls and the round fires, the bolt is held in place
momentarily by the notches cut into the slider top rails. When enough gas energy is created to overcome the détentes in the
top rails, the bolt engages with the slider mass and pushes it downward against the return spring. Note how even the bolt
KRISS Super V Vector SDP/SO Semi-auto Pistol
rotates down and away from the operator, transferring its energy to the slider mass which by virtue of being held captive by ATF approved pistol variant of KRISS SBR/SO.
the slider rails, has nowhere it can go except downward. By doing so, it overcomes the Standard 5.5” barrel with custom lengths available.
barrel’s tendency to rise as shown in Figure 6.
Not available in all States or municipalities.
We mentioned simplicity before, however, it took a major cooperative program between
KRISS-TDI and the US Army Small Arms Center of Excellence, ARDEC Picatinny arsenal to
determine the optimal relationship
between the weight of the bolt and
KRISS Super V Vector Semi-auto Lower Receiver
slider mass, the angle in which it sits in the firearm and the spring rate. Available in .40 S&W and .45 ACP, this lower-only option
Finally, in Figure 7 the mechanism has reached full stroke with the slider enables an owner of either a .45 or .40 firearm a fast and
and bolt pushed far down into the firearm and ready to start the return affordable option of using his KRISS Upper Receiver on
path for the next round. The result when firing the KRISS is remarkable. either caliber lower. (Uppers are completely interchangeable.)
Even when firing our SMG one-
handed at 1100 rounds per minute
the KRISS maintains its level profile
*Models shown with optional equipment
and permits the operator to continue

to put rounds exactly where he
wants them to go. Try that with an
UMP .45. M-F 0800-1700 ET • Phone: (757) 821-1089 • Fax: (757) 821-1094 •
technology and specifications
The KRISS family of firearms has grown from our very first demonstration prototype SMG
developed 4 years ago in cooperation with the USA ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal. As such, Equip Your Kriss to Fit Your Mission
the KRISS SMG, and now all its follow on products, are all designed, built and constructed
At KRISS-TDI, we recognize that
to MILSPEC standards for reliability, ease of service and long life. We have used the
finest in materials in order to deliver on the demands of harsh military environments.
In fact, the KRISS SMG’s were subjected to the USA’s Aberdeen Test Center rigorous
“one size does not fit all.” As such,
we’ve developed an Accessory
assortment to help you get more
The Kriss family of firearms
Environmental and Endurance testing (same tests that all USDOD firearms are subjected
to, and passed with flying colors…..30,000 continuous round without a single serious
from your KRISS. These great More Rounds on Target, More of the Time
accessories are available from your
failure. Of course, we didn’t pass the Sand and Mud tests; but it is rumored that the only
local KRISS Certified Dealer, or
weapon in history to pass that section of the test is the AK-47.
from the KRISS-TDI website.
What’s important to us and our customers is to field a firearm that delivers on very high
We offer such items as the MagEx The Problem: Unmanaged Recoil
expectations for accuracy, reliability, ease of service and a very long service life.
30-round magazines (photo 1), If the basic objective of a firearm is to put a round exactly where the operator wants it to go, then why is it that every other
Feature Technical KRISS Super V KRISS Super V KRISS Super V KRISS Super V slings and sling mounts (photo firearm in the world works against the operator’s ability to accomplish his mission of consistent accuracy?
Specifications CRB/SO SBR/SO* SMG/SO SDP/SO* 2), custom lights (photo 3),
Models US 16” Carbine: 5.5” Short Barrel: 5.5” Sub-gun: 5.5” Pistol: All traditional firearms share a common operating system trait; all the forces created by firing a
suppressors (photo 4), and cases
Folding Stock Folding Stock Folding Stock No Stock round are driven back right into the operator’s shoulder, causing high levels of felt recoil as well
(photo 5), all designed to enhance
Fixed Stock Fixed Stock N/A N/A as upward rotation (muzzle climb) of the firearm.
Canada (18.5” Fixed Stock your KRISS. And, like all KRISS
available for Canada) N/A N/A N/A products, warranted against defects What’s the result of all these recoil forces driving the operator backwards and the muzzle climb?
Market CIV CIV LE/MIL only CIV in materials and workmanship for It’s simple; the operator must constantly adjust his balance and re-acquire his sight picture
Operating Closed bolt, delayed 3 3 3 3 the lifetime to the original owner. before firing another round! The result is more misses and greater delays in firing the second and
Action blowback, semi-auto patented Super V System subsequent rounds accurately as the operator constantly has to re-aim the firearm.
Caliber .45 ACP*** 3 3 3 3 Words and pictures are great, but
.40 S&W*** 3 3 3 3 nothing beats getting your hands on The other significant problem with all other traditional firearms is that the only way they can
Standard MWI Custom Flip up tactical sights a KRISS firearm and experiencing attempt to mitigate the forces of linear recoil is to build firearms that are larger, heavier and less
Equipment Picatinny rails top and bottom for yourself the only firearms in maneuverable than they should be. The larger and heavier the frame, the more recoil the frame
Glock magazine the world that actually help you put absorbs.
Custom clean kit more rounds on target more of the
Custom cable lock But, who wants a firearm that’s bigger and heavier than it needs to be… especially a firearm that
time. After all, isn’t that the point? needs to be re-aimed after every shot?
Light receptacle cover
Grip storage module We have nearly 100 committed
Magazines .45 ACP: 13-round 3 3 3 3 KRISS Certified Dealers who each It doesn’t matter if the operator is a civilian spending a day on the range, a SW/SR law enforcement officer engaging in urban
Glock 21 have a KRISS demonstration CQB or a special ops professional who’s kicking down doors, size and accuracy matter a great deal. When lives and public
.40 S&W: 15-round Glock 22 firearm in their stores. Drop by and safety are on the line, wouldn’t the operator want the most accurate and controllable firearm he can get?
Optional 17-round KRISS MagEx kit provides 30-round capability**. pull the trigger, and we guarantee
Fully compatible with newer G21 and G22 model mags.
Dim. /Wt. Length open 34.8” 24.3” 24.3” N/A
it’ll make your day.
The solution: The first major advance in firearm operating systems in more than 120 years
(US Fixed & Open Stock) That’s the question that KRISS engineers had in mind when they invented
Length folded** 26.5” 16.0” 16.0” 16.0” photo 1
what we now call the KRISS® SUPER V SYSTEM™. This patented operating
Height 6.9” 6.9” 6.9” 6.9”
Weight 5.8 lbs 5.6 lbs 5.6 lbs 5.4 lbs
system is based on the very simple notion that it was possible to build an
photo 2 operating mechanism that actually works with the operator to help get
(Unloaded without accessories)
Fire Ambidextrous 3 3 3 3 more rounds on target more of the time.
Control Fire/Safe settings
How did they do it? Sometimes simple solutions can solve very complex
Muzzle (Using Std. 230gr. 875 FPS 850 FPS 850 FPS 850 FPS
Velocity FMJ ammo) problems. The KRISS engineers designed an operating mechanism that
Performance Max. Effective Range: 150m 100m 100m 100m instead of slamming back into the shooter’s shoulder, absorbs and re-
Groupings 100m: <6” <12” <12” <12” directs the recoil impulses down and away from the shooter’s hand, arm and shoulder. No one is claiming that the KRISS
Groupings 25m: <1” 1” 1” 1” photo 3 engineers have somehow re-invented Newton’s 3rd Law, but it’s fair to say that they’ve bent it a bit. Instead of slamming
Barrel Twist: 16:1 back into the operator’s shoulder, the KRISS System absorbs recoil energy and re-directs the energy down and away from the
Design: CR-MO Steel, hexagonal rifling operator. In essence, the KRISS System minimizes the amount of recoil generated,
Construction Meets/exceeds TOPS/MILSTD 810F absorbs the energy, re-directs it downward; everything that in traditional firearms
Advanced metal components: A2 and 4340/4140 chrome-moly steel alloys, heat hardened/manganese
slams back into your shoulder is re-directed in the KRISS.
phosphate treated with aerospace 7075/6061 hard-anodized aluminum alloys.
Aerospace polymer components: Lightweight injection-molded housings of 15% fiber-reinforced Remember the size and weight discussion? Because the mechanism of the KRISS
Ultramid™ Nylon 6/6 composite alloy treated for toughness and environmental protection. System minimizes and re-directs recoil energy, KRISS-TDI does not have to rely
Popular KRISS MagEx 30 Round Magazines on the size and weight of the firearm platform to absorb these energies. Net? For
photo 4
Options Aluminum and Titanium Suppressors
example, the KRISS SMG .45 ACP submachine gun runs at 1100 rpm and is smaller
Single Point Sling, Slingmounts
Surefire Custom 80 Lumen Tactical Light and lighter than the H&K MP5 firing 9mm. In US Army testing, the smaller and lighter
EOTech 512 Holographic Red Dot Sight KRISS, firing .45 ACP 230gr ammo produced 60% less felt recoil and 95% less muzzle
Threaded Barrels (M16x1 LHT) rotation than the heavier and larger MP5 shooting 9mm! For you folks who remember
photo 5
MSRP $1,745.00 $1,895.00 Call for quote $1,645.00 geometry, the KRISS experienced 1.8 degrees of muzzle rotation per shot; the H&K
*Not available in certain States/municipalities. Requires Fed tax. MP5 9mm rotated 18 degrees per shot.
**Not available in certain States.
***Use ONLY KRISS Approved Ammo. No Reloads. Use of unapproved or reloaded ammo voids Lifetime Warranty. Now, which firearm would you reckon can help you get more rounds on target?

M-F 0800-1700 ET • Phone: (757) 821-1089 • Fax: (757) 821-1094 • M-F 0800-1700 ET • Phone: (757) 821-1089 • Fax: (757) 821-1094 •
KRISS® is a registered trademark. Super V™, CRB/SO™, SBR/SO™, and SDP/SO™ are trademarks of TDI, Inc. KRISS® is a registered trademark. Super V™, CRB/SO™, SBR/SO™, and SDP/SO™ are trademarks of TDI, Inc.