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eMO dop eMO  employee cornereMO ID  password viewregistered offices submit
ePayement doadmin_jhansi jhansi_1234*do  employee cornerePayement ID  password viewoffice not called
R-Net (MIS) dop india India Employee CornerR NETMISIDPassword Rnet enabled offices select
post officesselect datesubmit
R-Net (KPI) roagra roop12345* India Employee CornerR NETKPIIDPassword
Speed Net dop india India Employee CornerSpeedNETMISIDPassword toolscommunication
(MIS) statusselect circleselect regionselect divisionsubmit
Speed Net (KPI) jhansi doadmin* India Employee CornerSpeedNETKPIdivision officeIDPassword circle hub
reportsdelivery PO performanceselect RMS officeview
Parcel Net roagra roop12345* India Employee Cornerparcel netIDPassword
BPCOD do_jhansi parcelnet123 India Employee Cornerparcel netIDPasswordlegacy data
sanitizationDisposal entryArticle received for delivery select office nameclick article
noselect disposalsubmit
SPCOD do_jhansi do_jhansi India Employee Cornerspeed net misIDPasswordcodpending article
Disposal of pending articleselect office nameclick article noselect disposal remarksubmit
ePOST Office wise Office wiseePostuser IDpassword
Account MIS dop accts India Employee Corneraccounts IDPasswordproject arrowdivision wise file
(DET) receivedselect circle name select region nameselect file not received select dateselect
view report
Project Arrow po123
Geo Tagging dojhansi dojhansi@284001 Geo Tagging URL –
Mapping http//
e-Health dopcircle_up dop@up e-Health-
Sify complaint- WEG(office code) dop@123 http//