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@ (eget AbLyQ&h Sobol dagoal dally yi Wahah Electric Supply Co of Saul Arabia (Uc) gas one (28 August 2017 10 |McDERMOTT MIDDLE EASTING. 'P.0.80X No, 16361, JEL AL, ‘DUBAI, UAE. arreon "WHOMSOEVERIT MAY CONCERN suocr “CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE od P.0.Nos (06875-PO-0923-ALL€E801-0003-001 (Rev. 1) ‘WESCOSA 0810: 50635-M {USTACHMENT: IAL INSPECTION UST FOR INSPECTION LOT 2, A) CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE This is to certify and confirm that, WESCOSA has suppled MeDERMOTT MIDDLE EAST, INC. against Purchase Order No. D6875-PO-0923-ALL-EEBO1-0003-0-01 (Rev. 1), BI-10-00909-BRRI 2 JACKETS, 2 PDMs AND ASSOCIATED FACILITIES" Project, the fittings, covers, and accessories, according to PO descriptions, its technical requirements, and other applicable standards eo an A OIE ENGINEER [SeeoO\ Chau actos (2 a aesca P68 1M cna anu NsrEcTOR Beoermee oe AD es Latin sae G aoe Ra Weceaeiiioec fe ceestsee——wetceneGwesconncom a wrtsthgac et aha Elec Supply Co. of Sau bi as) (QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT Doane, + seem P0.Ne: purer ALL-HeRO: 2084.01. ‘The CABLE TRAY DEPARTHENT tt ied owners nh preicon Tie | ean ps para Si [aera [rf oa [aap = | aneay wr e| teach ry es — re Pee ar ra] oe | aneserwrwne | Ff rae | a ea + aa me Hae ua aera [et | i nr oo [mabe name | —F—exet| eh ma ge _|-— wise an wa to Riecesawerenay | 1 | tact | — aa ra fm ten 80 hve con Fone maLY JERS EQiN) supper can ‘quauiryinseecron wascasy, ona Eee Supply Co, ofS aba id) 4 unr sanmance nessa ee FATTY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATE SUPPLY chain ‘uaurvingpecton pea {TY ASSURANCE CERTIFI re aT gene ee eee at Heese} ae eae fe 2 eee peered eee eee ee Heer tt so aenamer——ttt See ae SUPPLY CHAN QUALITY INSPECTOR Wiahah Electric Supply Co. of Saud Arabia (Ls) ‘QUALITY ASSURANCE DEFARTMENT rea ‘QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATE Joan, + swaasMt PON _D6r7-P0-0923-ALL-EEBO-000-091 (ev. 1) ‘et in orn with te stn shown lw ‘Cate Tay Sn ornare ‘NEMA VES esi Th “ag anay [ta [Ba apa Date pte ea —| —aeonsvborv ar exc | Bena Wa 165] — ACuASVISOrVL2 Ske | a Wa eg | —aoaa-tavisevis [sexe | sage Wa 168 —| — AGI SVIOEV-2 = sca] sas Wa 190 | —AGoa aVBOEV: aac aa ie ‘ACZA-6VIESEV-26 2 [exc Awe IT 195—| Re savico- 300 [3 —| “exc | 3A 196 —| "aca VBORS 19 —| $ext a OES 2 FAC Baw Tre | neta isovisrs-iof | 4 —[ Exe Tr 1 Tas —| —Acsazev@Orv ae —[—$—| “Exch — Fee 1 Ts | —ACraG nVIGFS-38—[ 3x] akg Ta? 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_| Material Staines see 316 Mee ‘Ory: 485000 Mpes ~/_ Sample Sie + 32 Sampies pln. 180, 9209-2000 AULSI.U AZ MFR: Aozhan Indusval CO, LTD. MFR Date + Apci3@2017 [MER Aodhan Indus CO, ET. | Date often 25/0872017 Standards, ANSV/ASME BIR 21-8 ‘Dinensionslnspetions_(veasuremeat By Milner) ‘Aste Requirement | Testesuie [ACO RE esd Dinar 1125-1196 | 1126.11.96 | 32 0 Head Height 40646 07a 32 a zs ‘Sol Dep 208276 209-276 7 0 Major Dismeier 6.12632 6.15.630 32 a Lent 729-1903 |is30.908 | 32 0 Appears ‘ASTM F7S8N OK a0 0 ‘Thead Gauge GONOTCO) ——_|_31-16UNCIA OK 2 o Mechanial prope “Awl ‘Teeth Requenent_[ Teroals Hess (R) “ASTM Fene-02a | B95.c32 [PASS “Teasile Suen) ‘ASTM FSD6-028 Gin | PASS Chemical composition Anis %4 Hest oe cf s|umlr [os | ow Nifosonaxoror | cars [use | 09s | oom | oom [ios TESTRESULT, PASSED (GAMANAGER a ‘Kun Wang Tamong Ls [AGPECTION RESULT SAMPLES TESTED ConrORYffo ALL QEREETTPEATION AF ABOVE THE REPORT MUST NOT BEpEpBeOUCED EXCEPT ACPA. ITEM(S TESTED ONLY. WHENEVER. TESTIN Ane Rox Sgt ours suertycHain : auntie mrcror wt SRE CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION. ‘Cericate No 170508-006 inspection ceificats DINEN 1020420003.18 | PoNe._OGI7I00093, Customer ; WESCOSA : [er No; roso7icoaoi ‘Object and dimension + HEX NUTS Heat No-_Ni70324AWO8-0F Tavoice No: A712017030801 Size = 1/420UNC Material , Stainless stels 316 Mark + IN 316 (QTY: 008.000 Mpes “ same Size 32 Samples plan + 180s 3269-2000 ‘AQL=1.0_Ae=2 MFR; _Aozhan Industrial CO, LTD. MFR Date = Ape23 2017 Date oftesting: 25042017 Standards, ANSUASME BI822-2a [Dimension inspections —(Measreneat By Milinete9) ‘ibe Requirement | Testresuls [ACC [RED ‘width Across Fats 1088.11.12 1090-1110, 32 0 ‘Wiath Across Comers 12.40min 1243min 32 0 Thickness 539574 5405.72 ae aaa Minor Diameter 4985.25 5005.24 32 0 ‘Appearance ‘ASTM F812M OK. w “ Thread Gauge (GONOT GO) 14-200NC.2B OK 32 0 ( Mechanica properties Seaaannee ‘Atibate ‘est method | Requirement [Test esas Hlardess (HR) ASTM FaD6.02 1B95.C32 PASS “Sires under proof load) ASTM 606-0 Ss ‘Chemical somposition Analysis _% Hest we ce} si[mn] ep | s | ml ce) mo] cw) N Nivoszeawoa.or | 0015 | 039 | 095 | ove | ooo | To0s [176,203 | 038 TESTRESULT. PASSED ‘QAMANAGER DATE un Wang Jinhong Li May.088,2017 INSPECTION RESULT: SAMPLES TESTED CONFORM TO ALL OF SPEAIRCATION AS\ABOVE THIS: REPORT MUST NOT BE REPRODUCED EXCEPT IN FULL AND TH Trea TESTED ONLY. \WHENEVER TESTING DISCREPANCIES ARER/IPTECTED OR DRPARTURE. FROM, DOCUMENTED: POLICIES AND PROCEDURE OCCUR, OWN TNE “) “segpgeen Rex2iA —/ surety cHAIN [aUALITY INSPECTOR JRE BA CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION Caries No TORREY (Taspection cenificate DIN EN 100082008 3.18 Tro No: OG17100083 Canons + WESCOSA LatNor FAMOFL God) Cie td dimeason SPRING WASHERS en No 11 SOKO? Invie No.” AZIZO1705001 Size / ANSLIA ~ Material “Shik sess 316 Mask 2316 x. 1003200 pcs Sample San Samp plan + 150; 3269-200, AQL=LO Ac? MFR Aodhan ids CO. LID. MER Date Apr2i°2017 Ds fn, 27002017 : Sands” ANSVASME BIE3T2 Dinsson Ispecons Glee By Milint=) ‘bats Reqursnen [terreus [Ace] Res sie dine suse | «nas. | | 0 Tikes isa [assis [ | Section wi 277Min 20 20 Cipdtnee ax 76 ao Angers {Swe wi8212 | ox | ‘Mechanical properties Atel Tinaiod TARDNESSINRO) TS06St8200 ‘Chemical composition Analysis % . Tea pee ca Fa [elles |e en eel eon |e Te1120x11-03 [O16 | O41 | 096 | Oaie | OI | Toor) Te34 | 205 | O34 | CHEST RESULT, PASSED = (QA MANAGER ew DATE Kun Wang Jianhong Li INSPECTION RESULT SIMPLES TESTED CONFORM TO ALL OF SPECIFICATION AS ABOVE. THIS REPORT MUST NOT BE REPRODUCED EXCEPT IN FULL AND TO THE ITEMS) TESTED ONLY WHENEVER TESTING TISCREPANCIES ARE DETECTED OR DEPARTURE FROM DOCUMENTED POUCIES AND PROCEDURE OCCUR THEY YB SHOWN REMARK, fe Set: AZQDORIH ReWIA ssupeiy eHain QUALITY INSPECTOR nomowonns | xoaHo Ww | AAVAAN ‘so aa19345N0 we streams i EO zae0 a e860 = sro = 00 7 s2e0 rr S60 7 [eo a 860 me 230 wa | 3 eansn oo onows ‘car | wie | 073 | met ‘GOnoUIsOaNGD WoMaHO Waa ‘SO OBE LEO PIMPS RASL 3S} eo-u0-9102 ‘180 020019150 ON 19810 ALVOISILYAO ALIMWVND St fi TW of Seva rm, yeaone | ANWANN ABaaio3dsM wR ‘eno cosine STA wc | OT SaLaas0us WONWORN NE 8-0-8102 Hea 8020019190 6Ns9P10 ALVOISILYSO ALITYND. bf In ol WSOOSAM sewoysN