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IJSO Question (WithansAns.

) Date : 14-11-10

1. In a group if 60% of people drink tea and 70% drink coffee, what is the maximum possible
percentage of people drinking either tea or coffee but not both?
(A) 100% (B) 70% (C) 30% (D) 10%

2. Mercury is closer to the sun than venus. But venus is hotter than mercury because :
(A) Mercury has no atmosphere and venus has a thick atmosphere which can retain the heat
(B) Mercury is mostly made up of sedimentary rocks while venus contains igneous rocks
(C) Mercury is closer to the sun, hence absorbs the heat of the mercury
(D) All of the above

3. When same quantity of electricity is passed through different electrolytes, the masses of substances
deposited are proportional to
(A) Their chemical equivalents. (B) Their chemical potentials.
(C) Their electrode potentials. (D) Their chemical reactivities.

4. As compared to mitosis, meiosis has –
(A) exchange of chromatid segments
(B) no telophase
(C) daughter cells similar to parent cells
(D) duplication of chromosomes occur during anaphase