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RESULTS Fire detection is the infrared sensor and the

visible spectrum sensor
Our results are favorable since the use of the
device will be very simple since it has a The infrared sensor allows detecting the
software connected to a radio frequency temperature of the elements making it easy
module with sensors that ensure the perfect to detect fire at close range. Long-range
functioning and Connection, this module detection is the most complicated due to the
includes a circuit with arduino and an RF absorption of the atmosphere. The visible-
module that makes it possible to spectrum sensors are based on their
communicate with the robot at a distance of detection in the process of image processing
up to 1 km. The software is created in the techniques and can be differentiated
app inventor program in order to be of between techniques that look for fire
better understanding for any user without patterns and they are looking for smoke.
knowledge of programming or basic
The detection of fire by cameras in the
visible spectrum can be done very quickly
materiales costo using the value that pixels take in space. The
ARDUINO UNO R3 s/.30 detection is not perfect but it allows detect
ATMEGA 328P very quickly the elements that are likely to
MICRO USB be fire.
RITAR RT-1270 The detection of smoke allows detecting the
SENSOR DE s/.6 initial phase of a fire in houses and forest
TEMPERATURA fires, thanks to the color you can know
LM35 where the intensity of the flame is most
SENSOR s/.6 prominent
Table 5. Main material costs VI.RECOMMENDATIONS

IV.OBSERVATIONS Keep in mind that if the program does not

run or does not work properly, the first thing
The realization of this project both the to do is to check the driver, since this is
programming and the implementation is not usually the most common error
so difficult since for the programming we will
use arduino for the software part. REFERENCES

Where there may be small difficulties when

carrying out this project may be in finding
the materials and testing the different
frequencies to capture the one that
represents the fire and its variations.


the project carried out indicates the places of

greatest difficulty of exit in the event of a
fire, the main sensor used for the