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ii. Inter ventions for local economic xiii.

Long term strategies to track and ensure

development through skilling solutions retention

iii. Interventions for safe migration and support xiv. Institutional arrangements for transparency
services including proactive disclosures

iv. Development of systems for sustained skill xv. Institutional arrangements/ partnerships
interventions for technical assistance, capacity building
and alumni management
v. Enabling greater infrastructural access
/availability and innovative rent sharing The template for SPIP preparation can be accessed
from It is expected that the
vi. Enhancing access of and outreach to the
States would submit their SPIP in the year following
most vulnerable among the poor
their designation as AP.
vii. Areas of long term engagement of the CBOs
of the poor and their capacitation for the 4.7 Eligibility for a PIA-Categories and Criteria
In order to be eligible to apply for a project, an entity
viii. Long term mobilisation, including should be:-
participatory identification of the poor
(i) Registered under Indian Trust Acts or any
ix. Convergence platforms and their continued
State Society Registration Act or any State
Cooperative Societies or Multi-State Co-
x. Employer engagement and opportunities for operative Acts or the Companies Act 2013 or
skill augmentation and reskilling the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2008,
xi. Projects that target formalization of informal
sector employment (payment terms, (ii) A Government or a semi-government
protection and benefits, credible tracking of organization at the State and National Level.
Category of PIAs and corresponding project sizes and
xii. Quality management including certification project periods for which they will be eligible under
of courses, assessment and monitoring the DDU-GKY is as follows:

Table 5: PIA categories

No Category of PIA Eligibility criteria Project size & period (Rs.)

1 Category A Up to Rs. 50 crore per project

(a) Foreign placement PIA, i.e. an entity
which has annually placed 500 or more (total approved cost including
overseas jobs with a minimum salary of State share). Project period
USD500 or more per month in the last maximum of five years
two years from the date of application
for a project; or
(b) a Champion Employer who has a valid
“Champion Employer MoU” with MoRD;

No Category of PIA Eligibility criteria Project size & period (Rs.)
(c) a Captive employer, i.e. an entity which
has provided 500 or more captive jobs
annually in own or subsidiary agencies/
companies the last two years from the
date of application for a project; or
(d) an entity owning an industry with a
turnover of average Rs.100 crore in
previous three years, and placement of
500 or more candidates in own or
subsidiary agencies /companies in last
two years from the date of application
for a project; or
(e) an Educational Institutes of high repute,
i.e. a PIA, which is an educational
institute with a minimum score of 3.50
on CGPA out of 4.00 in NAAC grading or is
a Community College which has
received funding from UGC or AICTE in
the last two years; or
(f) a PIA who has completed three or more
projects under DDU-GKY (or SGSY-SP) in
the last five years and has been issued a
project closure certificate; or
(g) an entity which has given training to
20000 beneficiaries and has provided
placement to 70% trainees during the
previous 5 years
2 Category B “(a) a PIA who has annually placed 200 to 499 Upto Rs. 15 crore per project
candidates in overseas jobs with a (total approved cost including
minimum salary of USD500 or more per State share). Project period
month in the last two years from the minimum of three years
date of application for a project; or
(b) a PIA who has provided 200 to 499
captive jobs annually in own or
subsidiary agencies/ companies the last
two years from the date of application
for a project; or
(c) a PIA who has completed at least one
DDU-GKY (or SGSY-SP) project in the
preceding three years and have fulfilled
all the conditions set in the project; or
(d) Training institutions who have not
implemented DDU-GKY (or SGSY-SP)
project of the Ministry in last three
years, but are well established skills
providers (defined as being more than
five years old and having annual
turnover greater than Rs.15 crore, in
each of the last three years); or
(e) an NSDC partner, i.e. where NSDC has a
stake, either through equity or loan will
fall under this category.

Programme Administration 53
No Category of PIA Eligibility criteria Project size & period (Rs.)
3 Category C 15
All other entities who do not qualify as Upto Rs. 5 crore per project (total
Category 'A' or Category 'B” above or who do approved cost including State
not have prior experience in skilling, and share). Project period minimum
have undergone PIA orientation course of three years.
organised by MoRD.

Explanation: Where two PIAs form a consortium and for project delivery have to be met by
apply for a project, the PIA category applicable for the the Lead Member in case the applicant
purpose of the project shall be the highest category PIA fails to do so.
applicable to the individual PIAs.
e. The Lead Member undertakes to
develop the capabilities of the other
Besides the above, the following eligibility conditions
member also.
have to be met by all three categories.
f. The Lead Member shall also fulfill all
i. More than three years old at the time the
financial eligibility criteria in terms of
application is received by MoRD.
the Guidelines.
ii. Not have negative net worth in at least two
g. The applicant PIA shall be responsible
out of the last three years.
for delivery of the project as per
iii. Have a turn over that is at least 25% of the sanction.
size of the proposed project.
h. Both the PIAs in the consortium shall
iv. In the case of NSDC partners i.e. entities in fulfill all non-financial eligibility criteria
which NSDC has an equity stake or provided stated in the Guidelines.
loans, the minimum existence for a period of
i. The project shall be sanctioned in the
three years and the negative net worth
name of the applicant PIA, and it shall be
requirement will not be insisted.
clearly mentioned that the project is
v. A consortium of two PIAs with PRN can also being undertaken as a consortium.
apply for a project provided they meet the
j. There is a clear division of
following conditions:
responsibilities between the Members
a. The consortium shall be based on a in the consortium.
legal agreement between two PIAs
k. The oversight mechanism of the Lead
where the Lead Member of the
Member is explicit and adequate.
consortium is clearly stated.
l. Both the members of consortium may
b. The Lead Member of consortium need
claim credit for the work done under a
not be the applicant PIA for a project.
consortium for categorization in future
c. The Lead Member shall bear entire projects.
financial responsibility for the project,
vi. PIAs can also work through the
including fulfilment of demand /
franchisee/outsourcing arrangement. If the
recovery by the Government in case of
project proponent plans to operate centers
any default or deviations in the project
through a franchisee arrangement this
or for which work has not been
should be clearly mentioned in the
completed as per the sanction.
application and in the project sanction order.
d. The Lead Member cannot walkout after The core components of DDU-GKYs are
the project is approved. All the training and placement. If the PIAs intend to
commitments as per the sanction order outsource the implementation of core