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This philosophy concerns with the actualities of life, what is real.

 The school head does teacher observation through an organized and systematic study
through the use of rubrics free from bias and subjectiveness.
 The school head creates policies based from experience and scientific reasoning.


This philosophy states that ideas are the only true reality, the ultimate truths for matter is nothing
but just a mere representation of ideas.

 The school head built statues of Jose Rizal and other heroes as an example for character
 The school head sometimes lets faculty and students create theme for activities and events.


This philosophy asserts that what is experienced and observed is true. Hence, what is useful is true.

 The school head sees the whole picture, effects and implications included, in decision
 The school head provides practical and functional solutions rather than short-term solutions.


This philosophy aims to awaken the consciousness of individual about social issues, concerns and
problems that confront him.

 The school head emphasizes the importance of teachers as an instrument to encourage and
lead students in the program of social reforms.
 The school head creates policies and progress that will bring social reforms and orders.