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When we go to child’s hospital first time we find a valet to park our car in safety
parking at parking area.
Frist sight are admissions office and maddies room at the admission office they
allow us to ask anything, you need to go to emergency departement when you
feel injury or very sick, in the emergency room in the corner of it there is waiting
room you can wacth a video, play game or do something else. There is a specialis
doctor that just threat kids we can call pediatric hospitals, they threat and do the
best care. In the cafetaria you can find many foods and you eat it in the dining
room. Beside chasier there is ATM. If you need break area you can go to garden.
We find thats all in the first floor
We can find padiatric unit at thirth an fifth floor to go three we can use elevators
there are two elevators. If you come in for care over night we gets facilities like
at home they are TV, free wifi, bathroom, room seervice, and places to put your
stuff. There are doctors and nurses very smart and cares make us healthy as soon
as possible. If there is some one visit you she has to come to informasion
depatemen to check in and she should press the buzzer for come in and go to the
front desk and you can ask to see the patient. If the patient isn’t ready we can wait
in the waiting room right outside and there is play room for kids and for lounge
older kids, family resource, and outside play area.
If you ready to leave you can come a day only for check up in UCLA medical
plaza. Children’s health center is on second floor, our parents should check in the
front desk and you can go play in the waiting area.
To see your doctor you can go to exam room, and you come to padiatric infusion
center to treatment. It righth to the hall in the child health center.