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 Haldiram’s has a huge global presence in 5 continents around the world.
 In India, it is the most trusted brand in present in most of the Indian states with
multiple stores. Haldiram’s has been able to provide the converged experience in all
their stores as well as the delivery items.
 Haldiram’s sweets are liked by almost all of the sweet tooth audience be it of any
 Haldiram’s can extend the reach to more people by focussing on sugar free sweets,
may be for 50s to 70s age group people.
 Haldirams’ has been the most searched upon brand on almost every occasion. With
Tin sweets, Haldiram’s has been able to supply more variety of sweets to Indian
homes which it could not in card-board boxes before.
 Over the years, Haldiram’s has been able to build strong customer loyalty through
their quality and tasty food. The company doesn’t spend too much on
advertisements and still they have ever increasing sales revenues. This is an evidence
of customer’s loyalty towards the brand.

 To cater to the needs of urbane population, Haldiram’s started the use of special
purified water for the sweets and snacks preparation. It helped them to increase
their customer base to the foreigners working in India as well who hesitated to buy
Indian food due to hygiene issues.
 As Haldiram’s doesn’t spend much on promotions, it is another factor which has
helped Haldiram’s get ahead of competition.
 Haldiram’s has partnered with several supermarkets like Reliance fresh and big
bazaar to sell their tin sweets increasing their customer reach. Haldiram’s being a
stronger brand can deal with well-famed retail stores to keep only Haldiram’s sweet