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Public Health Engineering Department, Bihar


1. Name Of Scheme : Construction of 300mm X 200mm X 125 mtr. deep High Yield
Tubewell, Pump House, RCC Stand Post, Rising & Distribution
System with Supply & Installation of 12.5 HP Submersible
Pumpset, 63kVA Transformer, 50,000 Gallon capacity water tower
at 18mtr. staging, Boundary Wall, Approach Road &
Electronically Regulated Doser Type Chlorinator (On Turnkey
Basis) O&M of sixty months under Rural Piped Water Supply
Scheme, Nayagaon, PH Division, Chhapra, Bihar

2. Name Of Division : Chhapra

3. Agreement No./Date : SBD No. 09/2013-14, PH Division, Chhapra Dt. 03-Feb-2014

4. Name Of Working Agency : Avian Infrastructure

5. Name Of District : Saran

6. Name Of Block : Sonepur

7 Name Of Panchayat : Nayagaon

8. Location : Nayagaon

9. Actual Date Of Completion of the scheme :

10 Date Of Joint Inspection Done By PHED :

Official And Working Agency


Certified that the above scheme has been inspected jointly and found that the scheme is completed as per agreement
which is ready to run.
Hence the trial run of the above scheme starts from date ………………………… which will continue till the scheme
gets fully stabilized for trouble free running or three months from the date of start of trial run, whichever is more.

Signature of Agency JE AE Executive Engineer