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Kimchi fried rice served steaming hot

Service = efficient and food was served in a jiffy. Heard the
meat dishes were good, but only had the stomach for
something lighter.
A heaping plate of hot and tangy rice coated richly with kimchi
juice is what you get for $4.50. Wanted some yolk action on the
rice, so topped up $0.50 for a half boiled egg.
A decent meal in itself, nothing to shout out about, but
personally, for a more filling portion, consider adding $1 for a
choice of either chicken or pork; or if feeling fancy, $2 for a

Pan cake - blast from the past

Min Chiang Kueh to us but peanut cakes to Ang Mo tourists.
PAN CAKE is a must try! Owners are friendly but more
importantly, kueh here is generously loaded up with filling and
dough is lightly flavoured with pandan. Had the peanut MCK
which was soft and nutty, delightfully fragrant and literally
melted in my mouth. At Pancake tho, the MCK is rolled up
instead of flat - you don’t get any roasted pancakes but you do
get an evenly cooked, non-overly chewy MCK

Woong Kee Traditional beancurd

Simple, minimal and fuss free. Ice cold reprieve in the heat but
nothing to shout out about. Tried the black bean soya bean
drink, siu dai (they don’t actually have a function for sweetness
level on the app so you have to physically be there to
customise it for drinks, I guess). The owner said black soya
bean is a healthier brew - but this was quite bland. They do
homemade hula Melaka on chendol $2.50 so - may try that


A wide variety of sweet treats here, although at higher price
points due to the location of Oxley Towers. But serving portions
big. Although cakes happened to be on the oilier side, instead
of buttery and moist; they were just the right amount of
sweetness, so you won’t be gelatos. Fillings not as substantial
as some other shops in the vicinity but there’s bound to be
something for everyone though because of the choices offered.
Feel free to try your luck and share your reviews

Ah. 8/10 lunch, a hawker version of Yoshinoya, except, with a
runny onsen egg and consistently tender pork slices that has
an equal ratio or fats. Seasoned lightly with chilli flakes,
definitely a light spice kick to it. It first smells like steaming
hot Maggi noodle soup. Service was brisk and waiting time
short but being a pubescent intern in the CBD, I definitely
wished they gave more rice. Will keep going back but not too
sure why they put so much chives for this dish. Is fusion or

Naughty chef - $9 for Italian food, SAY WHAT?!

Tucked away on the 3rd floor, Naughty Chef is tiny, but packs a
punch. The original flagship shop is in Bedok. prices are
relatively reasonable, 5-10 min waiting time depending
Unique Agile Olio coated with oil, comes with sun-dried
tomatoes and Porchetta rubbed with spice and roasted in
house, slightly charred around the sides but overall still tender
and flavourful. More like our SIO BAK. They asked about spice
level, the dish came packed with small chilies. Not bad, will
return to try others.

It’s juice time

It’s juice. Nothing to nit-pick but for a dollar of OJ you get 1-2
full oranges; pineapple juice, freshly cut in front of you; 1/4.
Quite a good deal, if you’re going for refreshing and healthy
espies when CBD is saturated with pricey “healthful” options
and artisanal coffees. Got 2 $1 juices for free courtesy of the
xindot promo

Heng Heng Chicken Rice

Rice gelatinous, but perhaps slightly overly salty? Maybe if you
favour a more savoury taste, this is def the stall for you. Saving
grace was definitely the tender chicken, juicy and bursting
with flavours, skin was also soft AND FATTY enough. SHIOK
melted in my mouth. MUST: combined ginger sauce and chilli
sauce for dipping the meats. Stall owners service sometimes
curt during lunch hours.

Kitchen Mafia
Smallish portions for Western stall standards. Lamb chops
came out looking tender and soft. However, it was somehow
slightly lacking in flavour. Drizzled with enough gravy, but the
wow factor stopped there - possibly lacking in Worcester sauce
or wholesome herby flavours. Read that in the past Chef made
coleslaw fresh everyday and if that’s still true, slaw is fab -
crispy veg and irresistible sauce. Sunny side up - no complains,
but shouldn’t be a talking point. Has potential, but maybe only
if you chose the right dishes? Saw revolving daily specials ie.
Sambal Grilled Fish - may be back to tr


Springy qq noodles, glistening with oil and lard. Came with
their famous pork belly, crazy luscious, delectable and well-
prepared. High standards in a nondescript-looking store. None
was left, 3 thumbs up indeed. Def be back to try their signature
pork chop. Recommend a gym visit beforehand.

Meticulously-kept shop and staff provided great service,
patient with me even though I took slightly longer to decide on
what I wanted to get (kudos). Got the salt-baked chicken with
rice, huge veg portion is possibly one of the freshest for
hawker stalls. Also got the salt and pepper pork chop noodles -
loved the gravy, accompanying chilli sauce and
Oh, do also get the hainanese-type chill sauce for that extra
kick. Slightly salty, a bit of lime zest and sweetness. Servings
very generous, and def value for your lunch money.
CHAI TAO KUAY - curious case of chye tao kuay
Now a food connoisseur so will just lay out the facts. Pros:
Tinge of sweetness; crispy charred bits here and there, heavily
laden with egg and chyepoh with every single mouthful. Cons:
dry texture, and no greasy goodness, maybe because less oil
used. Looks better than it tasted, but can work for those health
conscious/ elderly/ and on a diet

Tanjong Pagar by MAVIS

Chicken soup for the soul <3
Although there’s usually always a queue of more than 5 people
during lunch hour, this stall is definitely a must try. Although
not a looker-chicken looks lean and bald- but the soup is
irresistibly rich, savoury and rich. Auntie double wrapped it and
simmered it for the longest time, and it’s as good or even
better than your canto mum’s cooking. At the end of the meal
you’ll find yourself digging through the gluey broth for more.

Sliced fish stall

Ordered a mixed fish soup pre-Christmas feasting. Soup was
plain, only slightly salted to taste but included generous
servings of fish chunks and assorted vegetables. Fried fish was
encased in crisp batter that was light, not greasy at all and
fresh to the taste. Soup was pretty bland although
Meiyouyuxinwei. Maybe owners can add some spice? Chilli
dipping sauce included

Banmian fish, under Raf account

Order came wrong:( Ordered it with Maggi mee but opened my
takeaway box to find they gave me banmian instead - but never
mind, I can eat anything. Like previous reviewers have
mentioned - huge fish chunks. Good on them for separately
packing fried fish and soup. Banmian was tasty too, a bit
niamniam and chewy just like Meh Hoon kueh!
Curry on steroids with just the right amount of kick and
creaminess. Very fragrant too, so betting it has coconut cream
in it. More-ish but not too much.There were two large chunks of
bone-in chicken, we probably lucked out and got the thighs
which were well cooked and irresistible. Perhaps not sufficient
for big eaters. Must get rice to go with it.

Jinfan by Rafael
I had the normal white chicken rice, that tasted very average
Taste: 4/10, forgettable and underwhelming. Bland chicken but
rice was okay;
Texture: 5/10 slightly stringy;
Portion size: 7/10 which included an egg, was filling;
Price point: 8/10 no more or no less than an ordinary store;
Q time: 10/10 no queue
Overall verdict: slightly below average

SIN Hong Kong CAFE Pork chop LIZ

Tender slices, possibly pounded flat so it can be evenly cooked
throughout and also tasted slightly sweet. Combination of
flavours was addictive Thoughtfully topped with a tamago egg,
which I had mixed into the noodles because I like my noodles
slightly creamier. Noodles were the right texture and had a
great bite. 10/10 would recommend

giraffe - soft salmon, generous portions. However due to the
size of the salmon, some parts turned out more tender than the
others. Drizzled with a sweet umami sauce, no complains.
Portion was generous but food irresistible that I managed to
finish it all. But the egg bed below was like an
afterthought..tasteless and unappetising.

Rayyan 5.80
I had the Ayam Penyet, samba was refreshing and spicy, with
bits on ikon bills. You know when you dig into a good plate of
Nasi Lemak, you just never want to stop?
Taste: 7.5/10, no real complaints;
Texture: 10/10 Deep fried chicken was crispy but at the same
time succulent succulent;
Portion size: 11/10 very filling, need to share;
Price point: CHECK;
Q time: 10/10 no queue;
Overall verdict: slightly below average

Liz Hor Fun PLUS POINT/ FUN FACT: you can request to add
Heard good things about this horfun that supposedly hails from
Ipoh. Possibly a slight misnomer because I was expecting thick
horfun noodles, so imagine my surprise when I saw a thinner
variant of kwayteow. Curry was more creamy than spicy, heavy
handed on coconut cream for sure, lacking in wok hei… It
tastes different, but nonetheless still addictive and fragrant -
slurped up the last of the noodles despite being on a diet. I
asked for a half portion of everything (700 kcal/2) I know this
stall has gone digital (instagram) so feel free to support them
in their pursuit of modernity.


$5 for 3 paus, good value. Pau came neatly packed in a bento-
looking box for takeaway, 5-spiced Chinese flavours
substituted with a lighter shoyu sauce, a mod-sin take. Pork
was charred on some sides, with juices and overall
complemented the warm buns. Worth mentioning is the fresh
lettuce that held up against the sauce and didn’t wilt. Paus not
as fluffy as hoped.
Giraffe: Lagoon
Sometimes you run out of things to eat, bc Lor Mee? Or Prawn
Mee? Or Chicken rice? Saw this shop with blue rice, apparently
natural colouring courtesy of blue peas. Rice doesn’t taste of
anything, but seems healthier. Thick piece of salmon with
scorched mental on top. Less salty than expected. Owner
didn’t stint on veg, I guess this easily makes up half the
serving of veg you need a day. Great fare when you want to
detox from sinful foods

Ginger Juice, spicy, mildly sweet and special

Jaded about drink choices, didn’t do my usual teh tarik and too
early for a beer so I settled on a ginger juice, which was light,
peppery and milky. Wished the ginger taste was stronger, but
googled the health benefits and now have a new found love for
ginger drinks! Value for money, if delivers health promises

Worthy contender of TianTian, kid you not. Succulent chicken
10/10 will send you to heaven
Taste: 8/10, no real complaints;
Texture: 10/10 Deep fried chicken was crispy but at the same
time succulent succulent;
Portion size: 7/10 semi filling for a pubescent intern but comes
with veg on the side;
Price point: CHECK;
Q time: 10/10 no queue;
Overall verdict: Hits the right spot

Shanghai XLB Jeslyn

More a proper meat and chives dumpling than a soup dumpling,
which was unfortunate because I was expecting the latter.
Although jam packed with meaty goodness, with a pillowy soft
skin, it was slightly bland, requiring vinegar. However, meat is
fresh from the market and skin all hand-made and kneaded in
front of you. A rarity in today’s utterly commercialised and
outsourced world.

Tried the pork bento, definitely good value for what you’re
paying, and a refreshing change from the usual hawker fare. $
X.50 gets you ….thickly bread , cut into X, stacked, drizzled
with tonkotsu sauce and a heaping serving of X Perfectly fried
Cheap and good - only gripe is:
Not quite a full menu but

Pan Cake (Jeslyn)

Soft and chewy like previous reviewers mentioned. Coconut
feels less substantial than peanut or perhaps owners slightly
light handed on
By 1pm most things were almost sold out.

A quirky and colourful concept.
Brought my angmo colleague here, we shared the chicken
burger and pulled pork burger. Portions were petite, although
meat was chunky, juicy and succulent. Tangy sauces such as
citrus and sweet chilli helped to lock in very refreshing
flavours. Particularly fresh and generous were the salad
servings but we couldnt stomach more food after the creamy
potato mash

James Quesadilla
Salted egg pasta.
Spice level: not-western
Not only an instagram-bait dish, but also SO GOOD. My third
time ordering from this store and I’ve never been disappointed.
Salty enough, creamy enough and sweet enough, complete
with curry leaves and chilli. A great complement to the lighter-
tasting creamy pasta. Addictive, but pasta gets gelat after
awhile, unfortunately.


Boon Lay Huat Hokkien Mee, Ernest

Being a picky eater and a (part-time_ health conscious freak, I
am glad the app allowed me to customise my order. More pork,
more pork lard, half noodle servings. I am a walking irony. But
this combiner’s works! Noodles were perfectly cooked,
swimming in zhup. Huge servings for its price. These days,
where to get Hokkien Men with pork belly?!?!? Only prob is
chilli no kick :(

Ernie Ang ZH
As usual, Zhong Hua does not disappoint. Thicc chicken slices,
still crispy despite being a takeaway. Came with a single
mushroom - juicy and large - description seems a little obscene
(emoji). Earthy smell of mushrooms, creamy potato chunks and
a healthy serving of broccoli. Worth it.

33 bean and juices - Jeslyn

Had the tauhuay. Worthy contender of Laoban - pillowy, soft
and silky. Possibly the same recipe, only, less sweet. Loved
this particular version, because I always found Laoban’s a bit
too sweet and powdery. Skip the drinks and go for this light
mid-afternoon treat. REMEMBER TO REFRIGERATE IT
otherwise it’ll not hold :’(

33 bean and juices, Giraffe

Avocado taste evident, quite fresh tasting even and also quite
sweet. But definitely not what I’m looking for taste wise. This
was a bit too thin for my liking
James quesadilla
Salted egg yolk chicken pasta
Not for the weak hearted, delightfully spicy,

Oinkers and buns braised pork rice - giraffe

Pineapple slices

Wanton: juicy, fresh, thin noodles that didn’t turn to mush

despite being dab

Rayyan Chargrilled Chicken

Succulent, soft thighs. Bring a friend, because you will not be
able to finish this yourself. I swear,, it’s like they’re either
cooking for a starving boy undergoing puberty; or fattening a
geese for foie gras. Anyway, there was a queue which I
managed to skip with the app. Cornflour bits not as crisp or
flavourful as Amoy’s Golden Nurs, but chili most definitely
packs a punch. Food coma guaranteed. Will definitely be back
to try their new ebi

Not like Yoshinoya - pork slices were too thick and chewy. Meat
cannot be overcooked, unless boiled. Resulted in tough and
overly chewy meat. Would like the owner to look into this -
maybe cut along the grain, or shorten the meat strands or thin
them out. Rice was tasty, thats about it.

Owner desperately needs to expand menu - expect to spend
above $6 for a meal. Although the name of the game is
“healthy”, thought it was quite under-seasoned except for the
mayo sauce drizzled on top. Didn’t fancy plain corn and side
veg. Plus points: colourful and quirky.

Big Bowl - unpopular opinion: overrated

Finally got my hands on the insanely popular mentaiko bowl.
Scorched, with onsen egg, spinach leaves, sliced cucumbers
and halved cherry tomatoes. Felt a little underwhelmed after
the ravings, and unpopular opinion but maybe the bowl is
overrated, because its under seasoned and lacks umami taste.
However, everything does seem fresh, and portions are great. I
expected more from a meal that cost $10

Han Guo Liao Li

If you like Japchae you’ll for sure like this (huge) version of it.
Fair warning: carbo overload. Incredibly fragrant with wok hey,
I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste. I inquired about the
exact Korean sauce but the owners coyly dodged my question.
Noodles: opaque, smooth but springier than normal glass
noodles (possibly sweet potato based); served with decent
amount and decent-sized chicken chunks, although owners
seem flexible, you can possibly customise the order further. I
definitely did not finish the dish although I thought it was
delicious. Chicken was tender.

Popiah at Maxwell
Owner was obviously quite generous with the portion size,
although it was slightly cold by the time I got the food. It gets
spicier with each bite which was enjoyable. 2/3 of us liked this,
but one colleague complained the peanut filling was
overpowering and slightly off-putting, lending a peanut butter
taste. Hefty portions, beansprouts were only semi-crisp and
not seasoned, also egg slices could be more substantial.

My tip: skip the steamed one go for the fried, flavour-filled ones
Gave them a second try after a 3-week break. I found that I
much prefer the fried dumpling to the steamed one. Fried food
is always better, obviously, but this one, so fragrant that all my
colleagues swamped over like bees to honey. Pork was well
marinated, moist and had a subtly Chinese herb taste to it.
Definitely minced onion and coriander as well, very potent and
well done. Yes, it was semi oily but not overly greasy. Good
when you have the munchies.

Lad & Dad

Bacon butty looked deceptively thin, but was filling
I love salty comfort food and Lad & Dad really delivers on this
front. The bacon butty was completely made up of grease, salt
and everything bad for health, so it tasted delicious. Bite was
crisp (harsh brown), salty (bacon) and a tad runny (sunny side
up). This medley of textures continued til the last mouth. Taste
wise, it was skewed salty, so have a drink beside you. Soft bun
was slightly crisp on the outside, perfect. Would probably taste
better if there was a soft filling (minced patty) but then that
might be an overkill, and too much food.

Beancurd at Maxwell Firm but possibly overpriced

Saw on the app that the beancurd seems to be a popular
choice, healthy too I expect, so I bought it. It was firm, grainy
and a had slightly soy aftertaste, which I didn’t fancy. I’m not
particular about the texture of my beancurd, but if you prefer
plush, soft, pillowy (conventional tauhuay) or watery, light and
slightly powdery (laoban) then this is most definitely not for
you. The Gula Melaka seemed a tad too sweet, although
slightly aromatic but couldn’t taste any hints of coconut. I
think it is a healthy snack (will request for less sugar) and
would repurchase if not for the price point.

Taisho Great black garlic ramen, 10/10 rec, but needs moe
Is it ever worth it to spend more than $7 at a hawker centre?
For Taisho’s black garlic ramen, yes. The depth of flavours
really hit you with the first spoon of soup. It was creamy but
not overly so, milky, but the kind that married well with garlic
and oil. The char siew was a good cut of fats and meat that
was boiled to a fault that it became oh so tender. However,
there was only one piece. I think for the price, that’s penny
pinching on the hawker’s part right? It came with an egg,
bamboo shoots and other toppings, but one piece of meat?!
Simply not enough.

Kueh Ho Jiak - Skip the ang kukueh. Ondeh Ondeh 7/10

Had both the ondeh ondeh and the ang kukueh. No added
colouring - sweet potato colouring was use to tint the skin,
which is made of sweet potato flour. Skin is significantly
chewier and stickier in texture, but slight thinner than
conventional kueh. The first time I tried the Ondeh ondeh, it
was yellow, then purple. Gula Melaka bursts in your mouth, no
complaints. But ang kukueh was a tad disappointing, overly
sweet. I guess you can’t just replace tradition, for some things.

Hong Lim beng cooks,

A medley of interesting flavours, tasty proteins, modern veg
Broccoli baked to a crisp, with olive oil and salted, slightly
charred and beautifully tasting. Chicken was tender, well
marinated with herbs and light-tasting (although one piece was
undercooked). Came with a sauce you can pour over, mine was
sweet. Further customised my orders with some mushrooms
that tasted vaguely oriental; as well as halved cherry tomatoes
which I didn’t like because the black pepper tasted too harsh.
Overall a healthy bowl yet more delicious than the common
poke. Portions could be more generous

I chose the red rice for health reasons, and it was affordable
for sure with egg, veggie and a meat. They give a good service
but maybe it wasn’t the best idea to have this as a takeaway.
The brocoli was steamed, fell apart fork tender and
underwhelming - not the way I like my veg. You can however
smell the herbal (star anise?) on it. Pork was minced, soft and
lacked the spicy I like. You know, the kind that burns your
mouth leaving a chilly sensation?

Zippy burger (Macs if you will) BUT THEY HAVE TRUFFLE

FRIES; high price points
Ordered the chicken burger which came with a healthy (okay
maybe healthy isn’t the right word) drizzle of mayo dressing.
No regrets. On first bite, I swooned because it tasted exactly
like Mac chicken. So good, and probably less additives and
artificial flavourings than Macs. However, some points set it
apart from Macdonalds. Specifically the softness of the bun
(possibly fresher); thinner shreds of veg (not ideal) and the
blend of patty (more finely blended meat) or the breading
which meant it had a softer bite than Macdonalds’s burger.
What are your thoughts? The meal was decent sized.

Also, not sure if they’ve realised the high price points, adding
$2.50 to make it a meal.

Rayyan (taste is clearly subjective, but if you like indomie)

Like all reviewers previously mentioned, the chili packs a
veritable punch! In fact it was so potent that 0.5hr later my
mouth was still burning from it. Let me come right out to say
that I hate Indomie, and this was a rendition of indomie, only,
sweeter. Much much sweeter. My colleagues couldn’t help
getting seconds and thirds from me, and in the end they
finished half my packet of noodles, but I hated it. Texture-wise
it was springy, and they gave a copious amount of noodles.
They also, for some reason furnished the noodles with a
curious dressing of mayo that was mixed with lemongrass or
some herb. Tastes and flavours jarred, but delicious separately
no doubt. Nothing to shout out about for the prawn katsu, that
was slightly too thickly breaded and possibly fried. I would
stick to other tried and tested favourites.

Market Str (Please wash your blender to circumvent mixing of

A bit disappointed this time, although I always go to them for
my fix of ginger milk tea (fragrant, sweet and spicy). This time I
tried the avocado milkshake and it had notes of ginger. Not
extremely obvious, but ginger taste is quite distinct, whilst
avocado not so much. I remember the queue was very long
(peak hour) but I think Al Bismi should think about washing out
the blender for the next customer. This ruined my experience
and I didn’t finish it. But I fully recommend their other drinks
like kopi Gao.

Roast at Tanjong Pagar unpopular opinion - I loved the duck;

everything else was so-so
I always see queues snaking at this stall, so it’s apparently
quite famous. Once, ordered the combination for four (small
eaters), that could easily really feed four. This is quite value for
money, because 12.20/4 = 3. Generous portions but do remind
them to debone it. We thoroughly enjoyed the roast duck
(thigh) and some fatty bits of char siew, but found the rest of
the meats quite average. May try the drunken chicken next but
honest advice, stick with the duck.

Rayyan Chicken:
Rayyan’s is for when you need your fill of piquant Indo fix:
crispy fried Chix, honey chargrilled boneless thighs, spiced
ginger black pepper beef, a dry toss of shredded carrots and
lettuce on a mound of soft white rice. The honey glazed option
is by far still my favourite, as it comes laced with black pepper
and clove, intensifying the flavours. However it does seem like
the portions have became smaller quite considerably, I
finished my meal for the first time this time.

Siam sensation I expected way more.

Quite underwhelmed by this - smells, tastes and textures wise.
Firstly, the sweet and sour pork skewed on more tarty than
sour; it also wasn’t crispy nor sweet enough. Additionally I
added a $2.90 veg portion that I’m not sure reflected in my
food portion even. Expect limp broccoli and cauliflowers
without strong seasoning, but to be fair, it did come with a
smear of sweet sour sauce. I would say among every
component in this takeaway, I was most impressed by the
crispy sunny side up.

Basil: Well seasoned and succulent (need more charr to it)

I ordered MooPing for everyone at the office. It’s the Thai
version of our satay, flat pieces of pork neck, marinated and
slightly sweet or comes with a dipping sauce. Moo ping at this
store was enjoyable - delightfully succulent, slight garlicky
after taste, great fats to pork ratio and had a good firm bite,
without being overly chewy. I would recommend this to
everyone. Wish it had more charred taste, but that’s just me
being quite picky.

Herbal soup, slightly too sweet for my tastes

At less than 5 bucks for piping hot chicken drumstick soup
with a side of rice, this feels like a deal too good to be true. It
turned out arite, Except I found the soup too sweet (apparently
double boiled). Apart from the sweetness, there was a faint
tinge of Angelica and dangui (scraps present in the soup). Cute
boss made the purchase better, but still too sweet for my

Lad & Dad Homely, rich and comforting

For those who have lived abroad in cold places, this thick broth
of root vegs, soft mash and beef evokes nostalgia. A
heartwarming choice and good with bread, I would say the
portion is quite small, on a rainy day, but substantial
otherwise. I think Lad & Dad used to have this with a option of
pasta but that is no longer available.

Taisho Brilliant fiery red, with spicy to match but little else
Taisho’s humble storefront is mostly nondescript but still a rare
sight. Here you see giant bubbling stockpots and it feels
somewhat sacrilegious to pay over $5 for a meal in a stuffy
hawker centre. I tried the Sambal Ramen for novelty’s sake and
to my delight it was brilliantly red. First mouthful took me by
surprise - obvious sambal tastes. Unfortunately it spiralled
downwards - more spiciness than full-bodied and broth lacked
the thickness I’ve been accustomed to. Noodles were springy
and a good amount but the meats too slight for the hefty price
tag. If you’re a small eater this might work for you, but black
garlic is still a better option.

Drinks Tanjong Pagar sugar free kiwi juice, tarty but healtthy
Caught this man at a bad time, pre peak period about 11am so I
guess he was slightly curt with me, I enquired about the sugar
content, and he wasn’t too pleased. Anyway, slightly higher
prices, but tahan because no sugar added. Kiwi slightly sour,
great kick, and 100% no sugar, just the way I like it.

Ben photos: Taisho normal, sambal spicy, lad and dad, full
meal, me and mavis, stew, kueh ho jiak, TP full meal, TP full

MAVIS PHOTOS: century egg with chicken, Tanjong Pagar

My own: beancurd, mooping, kinobe and chopchop

I like that the app
Huge, egg odd shape, dubious looking, huge bowl, short wait,
each salad will Look diff

Roast chicken with ginger taste, crispy, clean , reset my body

Chicken with mushroom sauce
Tender, a great portion, fries seem freshly fried
Long wait despite using the app

Zhen Hao Wei

KL soy sauce Curry Chicken bee hoon
Flavourful, full-bodied curry. KL style y and flavourful without
being overpowering. Light enough so no food coma, tender
chicken chunks, a mix of breast and thighs with some fats; soft
charsiew lacking flavour but otherwise tender

Not chillingly spicy, light, pleasant, slightly creamy

33 juices beancurd

Beng cooks

Chop Chop
Salted egg yolk chicken: very chicken, fried, yolk with less
taste of salted egg
Spiced rice separately great but together off


Han Guo Liao Li other food

Ho Kee Ba Chang

Lor Mee

Yuguo curry rice

Flavour is Deep, nutty, salty, slightly musty
Other good juices. An irresistible. Go for
Sprinkle of
You must not skip
Lock in the flavour and moisture
So obsessed with X over the last few years that other soups
have been neglected
Old-fashioned look with a slew of scrumptious dishes
A lot of fanfare
After reading so many raves about X, I wanted to try it for
This humble shop
Worth ordering
Doesn’t stint on
Stuff your face
Copious amount, elevating flavours
Hearty serving

broke the hearts and maimed the stomachs of its long-time customers