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During the growth and development of plants, they constantly absorb nutrients from the

surrounding environment for their own growth and development. Applying fertilizers to
crops can increase yield, save resources and reduce wastage. Fertilizer can be divided into
organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. Common organic fertilizers are manure, animal
and plant residues, bean cakes, oil residues and other fermentation and decomposition.
The common inorganic fertilizers are urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, ferrous
sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate and so on. The suitable fertilizers for different plants are
different, and the multi-functional fertilizer granulation production line is suitable for
various fertilizer formulations and production.
This fertilizer manufacturing process is more suitable for small enterprises. It can produce
inorganic compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, organic (inorganic) compound fertilizer,
biological organic fertilizer and other products.

Introduction of Multiple Granulator Machine Commercial Fertilizer Manufacturing


The qualified raw materials such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and fermented
compost are transported to the weighing and batching system, and the raw materials
prepared in proportion are transported to the horizontal mixer to stir vigorously and

Material is conveyed to granulator by large angel belt conveyor for granulation. The
multi-function fertilizer granulating system is equipped with new type organic fertilizer
granulator, disc granulator and flat-die granulator.

Organic fertilizer granulator

It is specially used for granulating various organic substances after fermentation. Without
drying and crushing the raw materials before granulation, the spherical particles can be
processed by direct mixing, which can save a lot of energy. There is no need for binder in
granulation, and the granules produced are spherical.

Disc fertilizer granulator

The granulator machine is an inclined disc. After mixing all the raw materials, it enters
the disc and rotates. In addition, the spray water rolls into particles and dries them. The
equipment is simple. The formulation needs viscous material and has certain formulation

Flat die extrusion granulator

The extrusion granulator machine has good granulating effect on organic fertilizer raw
materials with low bonding rate, more cellulose and poor forming conditions. Flat die
extrusion granulator is mainly suitable for crude fiber granulation, such as sawdust, rice
husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed coat, weeds and so on. Flat die granulator can make these
raw materials into cylindrical particles, which can save a lot of energy. The machine can
also be used for granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer and
compound fertilizer.
The granules made by the flat die extrusion granulator are polished by the polishing
machine, so that the cylindrical granules can be rolled into spheres at one time, with good
shape, high sphere forming rate and good strength. In the multi-function fertilizer
granulating production process, flexible arrangements can be made, combined with the
simultaneous use of organic fertilizer granulator and disc pelletizer machine, which can
solve the disadvantages of single granulator which must be equipped with a single round
thrower, such as complex process, large investment in equipment, inconsistent quality of
finished products and so on.

Fertilizer particles are transported to rotary drum dryer for heat exchange with heat from
hot blast stoves.

The dried granules can not be packed immediately. They are easy to absorb moisture and
agglomerate, which is not conducive to storage. They need to be transported to rotary
drum cooler to cool fertilizer by natural or forced cooling air. At the same time, the dust
of drying, cooling and workshop should be discharged after the treatment of cyclone dust
collector or dust collector room, so as to avoid environmental pollution.

Screening of fertilizer granules is an important part of fertilizer granulating production
line. The granules are transported to the screener machine. After screening, the fine
granules are directly returned to re-granulation, and the large granules are crushed by the
grinder and then returned to the material mixer.
The qualified products after screening are transported to the automatic packaging
machine for weighing, packaging and storage. This packing machine can automatically
quantitative pack powder and granules, suitable for flour, starch, feed, food, chemical
industry, light industry, building materials industries.

The above fertilizer manufacturing process has been tested and improved by our company
for many years, and we can design process drawings according to customers'sites. Other
fertilizer production lines can also be provided. If you are interested in our products, you
can contact us directly, we will try our best to help you find the right product.