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STEVEN SPIELBERG DIGITAL YIDDISH LIBRARY NO. 00788 LIKHT FUN DORNBOYM Kadia Molodowsky Permanent preservation of this book was made possible by Lisa & Jack Gabow in memory of Sarah & Harry Birnbaum PUNDING FOR THE CORE COLLECTION OF YIDDISH LITERATURE WAS MADE POSSIBLE IN PART BY A GRANT FROM THE DAVID AND BARBARA B. HIRSCHHORN FOUNDATION *¥ NATIONAL YIDDISH BOOK CENTER AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS: NATIONAL YIDDISH BOOK CENTER AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS 413 256-4900 | YIDDISH@BIKHER.ORG WWW. YIDDISHBOOKCENTER.ORG MAJOR FUNDING FOR THE STEVEN SPIELBERG DIGITAL YIDDISH LIBRARY WAS PROVIDED BY: Lloyd E. Cotsen Trust Arie & Ida Crown Memorial The Seymour Grubman Family David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation Max Paleosky Robert Price Righteous Persons Foundation Leif D. Rosenblatt Sarah and Ben Torchinsky Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation AND MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF THE National Yiddish Book Center The goldene pave, or golden peacock, is a traditional symbol of Yiddish creativity. The inspiration for our colophon comes from a design by the noted artist Yechiel Hadani of Jerusalem, Israel. The National Yiddish Book Center respects the copyright and intellectual property rights in our books. To the best of our knowledge, this title is either in the public domain or it is an orphan work for which no current copyright holder can be identified. If you hold an active copyright to this work ~ or if you know who does ~ please contact us by phone at 413-256-4900 x153, or by email at ‘DOUNTNOND VIND ‘pass 8 SABA apathy e AMPOIND aviannn-yra Wie 1965 OSX oYIyIT WRI Wid IA -28 PR 70M 0ID72: DNANYT WT sbIVTIYI OI HIN W UR 2. mew TV & WI TT NR Pu SS WT Pe aS = PT 8 BD BT HD AMS 271 DST YP pwr we DAMN TIDY OT PS — Pn sw 8 BOW yr DYT Typ yur on DMT OT PS NS TY TNS PMSYAWW FP Py Oy po72 PD WISE DY 3 AYMWSI OS PD Pr PS 17 Wy Ty? yo yds DUS TS PA pS AOS WS DIP PS Pa AWS? Y28 Po OT YT YT 2D Ty Bayt AST MP BLD PH’D .DN3 WYP 8 PN’D mony 8$ SI PN WW 8 ys yorays pow prs py .bM2 DYN PT MS 27D TY wast = WIstyy yp ww py’o Jyesayowais .ysyt9g3 nipi> JON YDS TDI TP aypey TS PS wy § TBI — yep PR Yn rpoyS yyorw -PY BSW PT AM II 8 so ON PPRW PT MW 7993-8 Ww — A3I8t S POPS DID YO PS By DST YP per syne yyy 72NB YD PS — ayrya 8 Pr payow 2 pF DST TYP pwr DTT PS PK TY YT AMS PMS PW 8 I PT VT .pron pw BOND DY AN ADOSMYD DN PD PE PS O11 qDosHwyI IMS BAYT AY BsT py son po BAN AVIS Dp PR Ps ASEY PY Po wT Dyn YT pO Ay BIT — BTH PP DWI R’D 8? WIM Y PH’D J°8_ 8 PS PUES TS TS Tsp porn wr pyn 87 BPI PTT ANS sp Ty Bayt — Ay yp ws PR’D AASTBET SF PH’D ADIWOY 8 YS [Iy? S$ ss JIA TDS Ty.’ awiya wd BMH PT PS (BVT PST PVT AMS Ns WO RST PST YT MS NTT TD 1954 TWD ND ym. “TSN IPT BD ayy °7 87 ysyr yar TTY PR pynr23 FST pyyyr ya 380 YT pyns past py — TS9ya Ps ww pT ATV PS DID 8 DEMS BPoyITIND DY IB? PYTS PS OST ASH PT PW TIT PS OPIN! BLT DS pM pops 17 FyMwaSS — Is PT Daya p or as JT PS pyor23 oT wees ppm py 1 Fanyaasy YT BS Asn — BSI PT BI TDY AY INN TTY PS yynrea 17 Bes PND DY Dn PYNS PS DST IBY PT Pw YT PS wy TwWyA Be PH SPST YT PB aye oT 87 yysyr 7 STV PS TID OT 8T yay DT DEYDISD TS ASD S$ IN — T823 PS aS AMS FTV NS yyer23 07 yayr psayy yws BEWOIND PR DY IYO PT MS — 822 PS TMS AMS ATV PS p3s3 93 By 1959 TS ONT PIS SPS OUT YS Dow IP p733224N TS MPyT Hp PS prep sT83y3 PE TY AT wp PS PSN porn wn Bpytsa prypayw vs — PPS PE YWSE yt SDYMDSE § PT Wr PH TN (bya 3 DByY PD SE WoOSN TYIya “Ps Vg WMD Soprysa 8 AST wp VV ¥ — pW Ty sy oyaya Ps Bsn .DYByIS3 MD — YI V3 — ISAT BMD 8 YI WER PN JyIya wws WSWEIMD YP 28? pL WIyn TP AYIMK AMS + DPMNSD OSI WO BIBT AYUYA PRD MYT pw BT RID PS OWT Py PD NB paws TS ayn yo ww! TS ND DY PR aN Dy DYT DD TN PS PS UsTyA Wp Boayrya Pw y — pas Pr ypwre It Thr AVIS F IW PS PS .g2 93 —~8— AY 7D WWE 1 ABWYIPI PS py MOT YS — N92 PDS Trwe yas ysys Ps wes SDS YD — pyr 3 AIT PW T7828 TNT WES pS ByAyA wT pI] WIT yp awd pw TO2yN OT PB YIN AS PY NY BSI WO DYN DEYN AYTINS AMS — BT AyIMd3 INT ps ON yrs AIDS PD paw TS boyn ayT oD PS YY DD -BYIWI IPMS TO pS ypvew yyra oy pyIPIND IPS — MS PE py oyr YDIYI 8 YT ONT pS ps B82 93, TDP PINS DEY ¥ TOYIyI PS voy POT PD Mypsyy ost PTPBAPI ND prysyd ¥ TW Ty s THy2pa Ps wry DTS PD — pyr yo WSAYT yoyrys JOM SSI WwaN pS DS AMS Oe Mw — par Typ 7 Ty2a89 orn 7 Wy2389 ye wn 1955 SIDS IS AMS JIDS TS HS AYOSS PT BAT OMT PS DYN AYR DS MS YOISDWS TVW TS (MOWS PM ISI PS PX DMS PRY JyIsayyt Wyons py yy yn gn SIDE TS ANS JDYPMAD PS BT PS DST AISBY 8183 — Fynw yh DY? wIyI NS Joes PD VT PS PS OMS PS 3 LD ps preyns pp sm JAY BW P3 TS jBos BWS TS po Ben PS DyWs Bw a NS (om PHP Hr 3382 | WPI BOY. PH DISy7 OW PI PS ByWIss BWI TK AIITyT wws SMB! BLS PS 7 8 MN DEI MD OWS PI PS 1957 -1l0- S18 PS ON — pe PS YI YD /AUSIIBSIN OMS "9 ¥ YS ry APTS. PB WN ays yr wes yr ps OMI YS DYT PN wy ANS wIypyr® ry YW PS IV APTS WAY YT — pyr 9Br/D — PO 1S BPR By2 YD ADIYEST NA BY? $ Vn ASD wos AY sTay92. YT Ay. yon np AOMPIY9P22 WIND PS bay peep DD ATIYEYT NB HY? Ow aye poy 27D STYII IWS POM Ow — POI DPS BSI YD MOOS PS WD TN MIYWYI VO PDS PD PX PSD TS PST IID PR ae oYT Wo ay wm Ty3 AYU YT BI WOS PyO8 BST DIYT TY TOMY FO Wy BYwrTBIDWS wyT Os BS PRM DWT JA82P BOP ATM YROEW OT PX WIsT AIVYEYT NP BEY? AT wsyrs DIPS SVT VT NS Bw pr ewy? ps “TOs DY PS ps2 yD 1957 -l- TO8I83 NBT wpnT nya ODA wT 38 NP PTT BVawS oy Wy TOIBIVS TN] PT AMS BT Boynys Wye? Ws woyn py Pa pyyn py ND ww AOISTYI 8 BINT 8 PP Pw 7 yrs 381 BST Bepopw oT DIM DPI 8 ND SONYA AYBSDy; AoW oD wyny vT JNIW DY wyaya DYN? 8 ANN SO PD youn Ip WISP pos wesyo apesy ys p77 DY BSN 8 DY? Jn Te NA Ign AOIPM MD 7379 DIST PS MOD § — yew way? AM230 POIs AMS WPI DNAS WIND DY STST TIpTIBA SANS some yTND say HTD AY JY? DYT — yt972 YT ASD POYOW AYPIIMS YT PS Moyo. DYT AS DY WIMWASD 2 8 BVT AYE TYIPTIBA DD -l- A348 yer OMS ww Ay MyM YIyT AMS WIT pr PNA TW PS PS 8B DYT P| pT PIPIWIYD BIyD TY (O28 PH ONG PPS PT BoyEY Boyn oT NS AB IYDT SAMS — Tyee yt wayt DY AON YT — IYINID AT wy Dy ayn yet 2S DST DAI DY AWISIWD OT wesyo yor7y yt 03 BYDY AYPIMS AT PR Myvyonns NS Dept days pay sTODBIV2 ND PT YT TN 1955 13) nmooan D282 (220 8 TD AND DNS wey TPABTP 8 IWAN Tye ayepryny 1 ps DIS MpoMY PT WD YR PD pyt Trp joyTa pyT on FISTS DYT pe ayy fb 283 ADYIWWS ww TY Po Pw TDI BYT ApIyIw oYyT 1 qOoy? 07 ND ABN yy sB283 y2Nw yet pwBD TOOYLIBE TYND 8 IND Aan § THIS sbya 283 — Po Wyowws sp Po MT Fsw poovay ayy DYT pS 1955 —4- Typryn is ART PD BID By w TUB — SBY-DMYNTYIP IS TS JANN MO! PS Ns DyT — BDyoD OMYE TS STOP BIN yD — 8 BY DAS WD Sop YT SRD MT PE BONIS PN AOIYT PIPPIVNYS OD PS TS APT PM ND MNMIW PR DISIIWD YS VO DW Pes yo PD od oyT PIsTys [pws oyT ayn pyiysgewya pp 2°) DYT OD TS Po 78? SOT TYT DMS Ba DY DST PT TMS 83 AVN yIpWyD PS BSWwT 1955 Sic ITT Ss PT apa AIT OT DS PNT Dps sp B|SWI AYryr YT wD AMD PS MT Ys yD AYN PS MT PIN pms ByOW PT MT ASI pV. — ry oyay9g3 pyT {DMD Ay YIN SAMS Be? BT pS Bens By MP Bsn yp + ‘* JONI PD B31 S38 8 PIS WT Ns BD {PAST PD ND TSBW TPS MID .2sT PP MD IMD AOIBI YM IS wes DIP (DMS OMY IIT TD WWI B_IINA PP WD PP Bwry worp/D SPN WI YT PS opp y JIB Boy INK WI TYE YA F WS pysWwD YRS BYP 8 au Sy TPIS’ PS AM DEY ep pd — DON AyTyy PS’D rp — awa ay ty (DNIAPMAD PP way -py92 MO PRM YD BoD 1954 > = 2 Mywinsp yowwiysys MYQwWIIBD Tywwwrysya I8BISD ANS YOY TS Pw powry pr yt — AYDIND BN PMN Iyp 8 amar’ oy ow ayewry ANS mEsIsS AYDIS| IMT MW VD FS Pr wy ys oy sew Rwy PVT YAMA ASB) WIyIMS p73 TMK BOM INP ¥ = Pw peery per yr VT Tyyt yes JYIPT Mywss Bees PR WD WEI 39D ND BIYAVASD PIST pO ND TPN YT ow yoway et — OBDIS PINT 8 HMSY ApNrysp AyHIs AT Ips DR BN BIST AYPYAYE SY YT PS IPD wD TNyT one vy Bsn aw yeeny pt SDIYMYT WI"? ND ppp powry oyt — BIyWS2 BWI PS WO INI WH PE BIBLE PIST yD NB ypPIwZN YT pow yoery pt 1957 23 y5°5 480 PS Dway pwns ya eye ps mD°) qY3 PN ASM 12 DI DN — py DS Wa PS AST VD OT m2) DYT TY wys mn JOT Popp ty pe SPS PS a pS AYO Hwa PS TYP PR TH MIBYOAND BIN ayn yT AVOMV ABD WI WMT yw Px wry YpVw Wo worp ay DPI WT Os YT PD DIBYW wT SPO BAYT WY TS SYPIBN PT PS DEAS. SYA IN — 18 [yD BE WI" YT AYIIBO PB wspom ays pe OYAIS BYT AIST Ty WSs PAYA aI TTY MDI 8 ND “WYP "7 TS389D AND PN DUYPYT Tp BYA AY PS — ya? pa qp%pyr vy = YM yp Bp opyT sy ayIew poppoyo gs ps PPSpys PS Ps I MYIIT AYORED pN IID AYT ND WISH DYT yt ONMD 93 DIST DION AYT NA By AY 270. 8 Wp woyays ADI AT PP ANN DYT 1957 JTYPoYA OND Pw pap poopy (rrowWO"N AY NS PIVTIY OT) 1D PRY TS TO PS ASIP S TY 8S AYIYIMS TS PS PS DY Aya TAIYMMPyAoS NW! 93 Wow py TY 8 DIDMOY DY NTS By TS DS AYN THM PD opps ps oy “Pysy2 ypormstyayy Mw pp (OD MP BIS PS MT poogrya ‘TY SMT BINT DY IS BE Ty Dy BOMSYA AYA TS ws PT PT EROVTSD FD DY YT YI WIN OT Py pA PN’D Moya PIII Pr TYR TD MT PT BMAD TN TS DS jy By: (DO PS BID 8 YY 8 ND PS BNP MS BY NS BES ONT pT NS Bn 8 FTN 1963 118? PIMPS PH BMT as ee ang —2-— Spb! Pe pee aya a ype ADOW YIMT EY aww APS Po JDyI3 TsyoysawWws §$ bo. J2NK NP XVI OD pwd S PWD In PR HPI pI PPYVOMS Ps pyre DYT ND WISN AT ND BSW Op VIWY 8 pyoys syn pS “opyow § jyoyz Dyn IT SYP perry ays 3 PD INS BD PR AYN YT YM AyT PS aaa PB pwd? PR Jy 1S Tyyrs ayT pywway ayT My syees SSbYTW 8 BSD AMS WIP IT mw sows PypEw yop Ir MPT apes YT saw SBYDISE YI? PR YOSD YOY 18 1 {PRD PD AMWYISI AME PONT PS 1272 VO Tsuda? BO IT yprsysea ANN — BEUrD psrrray Pp PS PN wes pra SPRD PD ABIWHIBD ANN FONT PR 1393 PO YI PR WII OT LDS IY POMIT YT NR SPP MD JDNIT PS ANIwWHII AMS 13"92 WD 9B PK PIM AWTS 97733 TDD PS OTR MD APM perry apps pa yp — JOSIwya yyapr vr SANT YT TS IBS TN — TON ND yay et Toy oN NAT ypDp ps APR MD TIWY yy sy ayy wna WNT DYN Iw oYT ayID ST Py YD TPyNy perry wyIK BST NK ADOT peeTy apps pa TYP BY PR TDP 8 OWEN By INS PS

wasmye Ps Tyspayssa BM OT SIS PN Dy JAYNE ypyay92 Np MEY PS AS MT Ne — Tsapayasa pty yw ps spspasa AVLYA PS DT. BIT pres pt BST TS PMS DMD YT ETyYD D8IwyIBY Ayays. wD -BRTWIWS WAYS OSBY PE AYWYI PS YT BOYS. PAST DST TT MOINS ID 7D S STISTOYISN DY TYE PT wo YMA WB AYA JOM PS TSIBD BOYD PR’D Se JDM PS OYID PS AY Po Iyny PT ww 998 oT DSwIED OY TS — yD Oy? pr Spay 1959 — 33 — BOI porn SEPT PD ,BIsT YON JVPaEs [Pw!D? PP pw? wos SYTIBISHOS ANS AW YOM 8 AMS wBaayr oy AYP_YI BW D Byr PP ABD TYP! MyYPD Vo BuyryT Myyy wre Bs AYO? YS WWD TP wa 8 DYPRWT TOISTIN PD TY IB PS PS JVIST PEDIBE-DIST APN PPT OS TR @ayw pm 7 WET Mn 2p pp NB pH wwNs YT PS AN ApOBIYTPSRD PT WIN? WED TYP PS SDAYPM PINT PD DIMY oT HK ;73 aD 8 PR yp yy 8 P32 PS Qyeyry2 DYPYT ayn AMS BPBYI AT PS sy YD PISIP PO WISISD PN PS PSB AYO pOproDpaBy ys IS pp AYTEYD YHINTWS yy YS PSB Ayesye jAyprayy jjposqyey yopsspys STY2BYIP POSIBSAT7BA Tw WN PD MS PSB es yewars PSA dn ADYTIS YIyTNWABS YT WM WII HT PSB JMS yw TN Yr Pa WISP wo MYT NyD PX PB? IMS Payr Yr APUYAMW PY PS PSD TY DS YIP PH NW PK DYN TSW Po PS PSE LUMPP AYPIMK wp Vo TBI Ya —34— PIT APTS N72 PHD VN ITY wo py’D MINIDV BYYBEY! PX BoP SY pd SISPYM PIE ND IV? 8 PS po TSI PS TYrAyINP op pT Ds Mm -HpD AYBODYT YT wayasyt PD NP PS DYT (T8727 PR ADWwT Py ayT pM wT PYVIVITLOS AMS YT BS ON ND a 8 PO 33 MYSTOT PS TINT _YT PTY ND MNT ps TDD PPS YT UPN IS PS PS JDSTTB| NS Masy wyssyr ww — FY MD WINDSB TIynw $ pr ps sE82py2 BD NW yoy wr pys JAMA AYO 13 WISI YT ND poy oT Wy ow BST BL Po TP asp apT OM MAIN? NB U8? Bs OP DYISIOVIB ANN PHBY PS pIys pw ps AST IS WIT NB pSy9> porn se UID OH TS TS HD pspoynys wera 3 TAY! WT WOM TT... PE YY... po PD UB De ays WT wa? py an AYN! yy PT ND BYPTO MD PN’D SIFPYMY BIYTIWABD PIBT 1 TS — 35 — yONMONS PE yw hy! — ms BIYT DY wy /wuyyo y POSTION. ND AW F WYMIO NS yrs OOD TIBI PS IYO NVES PK Pre? TIS? DYT PS AT MYT Feo TIN? DYT PN Ty wi DYN Dn Wy AMD DN DY OS SOM NS DY OS Fp yD PR ISI BOSD 8 Iya Dy 299 TIYP DYT IS JNU WT PS TS PIP PI PSR yy — hp 3/2 YN TS <9 TB? OYT IS Po wrx ST IMD AYN S PS DWT SND MO PD RB YT PAST PD WIyAWS BIyT TY PDBSIPPYIONN YSMIB PD .D¥I P3'D DYABD Bay wys PDWASS TD ANID § PIT |S 299 TBP PP IND 7 V2? P'IMS AMY Ips PR OST Pp BENT WIS BLT PIS IP Hws — 3 BMY OY oy way’D PoSMIDOS PP AW S TIAN ytd OOS TIN? PS YO NEY TN MODYI MD ABO MD AW OT ND PS ANY] pr payor oN pn PS Bs AP RY PBS WY VID DDND POOIYT 7 T_T W 9S TIBI PS TO VWES TR — 36— TWN TE Wppsmvaw ays (DnDYI) NPY WT NI Pow B OyoyY Py syst 9113 MIBK PS BEDS BYIW YT PS TYD TPN PRE 8 yaw TS 73 ws wos IT “y 8 pnp Bos 11 Ty! en “TY 8 OND PN ANID IMIS PS YOST 1 sD DIpyy ww wAyAya ay w N22 IMS BPS Ty N79 87 ND AYIMN WD WER PS sDOYOW IND TYPSTIMBY 8 WE Pr woyT Tay? 97 AMS pry ys pS — prey DyT pDPST Ns SBI oT yOYD AMS eee POY 8 OPST PS Ty 8 EYBy JPY TDW YT TOMS wes wy U8 BND WI JOY 8 OPT PS TY s wry Ay? TMS py 8 wsge 993 APIBAY IS PAST DST ATYMSAY MpEo 7 2/9 DyT pT Np wa nN NS PD 18? —37— aND § PS — TyPSTIMEY 8 P2 TX Daya "9 I — mays vp |OMAPI PP ansoeh oT ayyA maya ASW yp WIP KY — YT sD 8 PS — WyPSTIMBY 8 Pr PR — piyn yap yr MIYIIAWY NS way wIws (PIWLNB] DIB YD AYyPyTMDY 8 Ps PS AOSD BIW MD PR AYYD TYPNB “7 WW BST 8 PIGS YT TST DN rays ay PYTOD PS OT PNW ABE PR DIB OST (773 pes BOD Sgn PP SIN YT WSS OD'D 1T pow 8 Hy2 PK Wy nya pes Px TN hy OWE PT YEN? TS :pp sou ABOU BT PT PSX WE oY 17 wy FT DIA pss 8 Boy? 17 awn W's SAUSN pYT BHpoN WPS DY — 3nd DysyTaya 8 PBNWw OY TPN oT Nw MSI ND TY"D DYT PK yyw pp DYN DYT By BLT NAY IT 72773 98D PIB NIN DYT 3 TT BYS TN JE PAST YM 17 TH Po NS sy ByTw Ros PP DWIN syys DY — BOs ND pay Ps — pew ny DNTPS OyEy PR YOY NN — 38— PM PS DMB Ty DM PR ry — oy ps ANE Pd 187 — PD 1S Bw 2 DIP TOO WS I NYY “TF — PSTN § P2 PH DEST PS Typsmmay gs ARDIND TD BysWyI JOY PR MS BOONIT PHI. ABO DYT woIp ON YT SPST PMT PR pees BER DY IYI wy oT (OSISWISE TyT BYT ND IT mone yr way ND Ay DOIN MY PT BIYENIY x Spy SPS IPI TYP yas ND SAyMBLNS TYP? S WIAD ND BMP 1 Aypsms aw DyT PD B_SwPIyI °T PS DYT PYS AYT WYIPS YIM ND PS DST SMD 8 HOY ND DMS Bayrw Dyn epmw 8 WS yas yop ys Ne (VIN poww a wuyowy oT px ay Ypsmaw oy Tt HB ODIs 7 PN DST Paya PMT PE MAT PS DST AOIYAYS DYT PPI DYT DM BEN YT IPS YY YP MY SIS TAD wT — PIAS DIMI Yayp BYPOIY PRIS [TTD we PPR FI OMIA ND PABA OS VT KMS PR YP AY7AB? PINT ND YEW YT PT NS PAYTON S$ PR WD BIW. Wp yO oY SYS YIPTPBA WD OW PWS yd YIN NR — 39 — OP PTT Ay! IN wayTiA 9M. OT BD sDyWOw SM PRP AYP yO wo Th TD 8 PS MT BAYT PAY AT OyT Te BMS OT PS YW MT To YT 3ST SM YIP IT WeYI BMI PNT Ne a43y2 PSTN _I9D _BYT BYA DYN MIOW IY? MT NS Mw YI? Wp ot AMTYO 1 YOY? YI PVT PYoMsyP OYT ND TIMB Wyayr Vr J7STwY NyMIs pos PNT ITIP oT NK VID YPYTAYMD Tayh YPN_ OT PS apIMMw pps yr WIN YAS ADS 9M AT YT wy oY APO 8S WINYOSPD PR Pr BIW!SY DY WN NK qwoyAYS 3nd FN ayn ayT oT By POMS BY WyOOMN PR BoP TPs ND VI TWOyID PIMP PPT TS 1 AYpyAyY DYT PP OT YT PR YT DD YPN YT NS Nw ayT Jy9382 ONIN OY op dy AY YOON YT PS YP OMI $ ww TTY B77 — TPPAs? DIT TIS YP MW 8 STAD wT ya YD DMI DYT ND DYND OS IST OSTNS PR IP AYP? NTN OT AYIPS-BEY? PT YT NR APY S$ PMN TO WIND 9 JON ow PML MT AMS TNT AT oF way by Ap! PS BID YON Ip ATNP Me s Tor |S AO8SY3 YS TPP PST wo PT PMP ws YP NS AIO S$ BYr IY IST/> jyopya apny pro PSOSISZ [YRS PT PW PSR Sl pH ps YRSPIN PP YIM yysa eT ay wxn. OSI! ToyM-yHy? S$ HONOYA WD WE Ay HY OT PST PS 17 BYW SF — $I PS DYSYI83 AYN $ PI PS NMP yp apIw ONT PS — EMP PRT pe MPS “MN TOMY? TPs — Ns — B— = DMT PS AT Ts para YOON 8 PS pyar vo DWE OT IT PD Typsn ay oT YRONOW WI MSP Wp yyIyT WAN NS JVPTP YROSWYIDMS PAyTD Wo SYP PMS TS AOYPIWYS PIYMTNS YIP TF ITV qyorp yn op — pProyMeywIn oT PT Py yD {aNd III wy — TeyeY DIN PN oD TyTN NB By yo ,DMS BIYID TID YT FS IMD WM rps YT 3yT/> P78 128) NIP! TPT yoy BSW PS SRT PS APPS AY OT OND TNT ID Dyn ABS TS TS NMP oT yy wayow py AVE Uyy Op ysyp YY HII PWT OT NS JPSPSY YT INP DY ASOIWD BIysya YT payers py ws pe PSPS2 PAST yo poypsw miswny DIY PAOD YT as 3. TN ¥ BIN WIN — AYAIYT PR PS IPI WYP AYOSN PT IA Ps DBL YADNS WIT YT WII’ NPD YPM SF DS AVS IPS WINS YIMT OD Bpws? TY |S ype ys PS Ap wI> way ayy AyT arr MAN JASN BYT AY PS Ps YT TY Bors Ip AYP IN YT ST ATP. 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PR 183 - ee OO ‘pnt mney 2 DONA 1S 14 —-—-——-—-—— (vpyn-opoye) DSW? NE 135 —— He ma 7 —-———-- eee Done TT 18 —-—-——-—-—— —— — — nn ey & 199 —-—————-—--——-- mam 90 ————— ee ee Oe mean wo o——H— eee ee meneind 17 1944 ———-———— RW? TAN? PR 199 ———ee eee bra apan? 7 198 ————-——— ayTPP dDEA 9 —-—-—-———-——----— yy opmn 20 ——-—————--—-—---- spy Opty 02 —-—-——-—-—--- ee won 8 FULGORES DE LA ZARZA ARDIENTE (POEMAS) LIGHTS OF THE THORN BUSH (POEMS) Copyright, 1965 by KADIA MOLODOWSKY Printed in Argentina imprimir el dia 23 de octubre de 1964 en los Tilleres Gedtces TLIO. KAUEMAN SIRL~ Avr Comentes 1976, Be Aires