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Flexibility to Change

Torsion Add-On 2.0 T-Slot Table Automated XY Stage AutoX750 AVE 2 Extra Wide & Extra Tall Systems
The Torsion Add-On 2.0 easily mounts to any new The T-Slot Table is available for testing components, The Automated XY Stage is designed for automated High accuracy automatic contacting extensometer The AVE 2 is a non-contacting video extensometer Standard and custom extra-wide and extra-tall models
or existing 5940 or 5960 system to enable bi-axial parts, or unusual shapes. The table mounts to the compression or tension testing of components with which produces reliable and repeatable results that provides accurate and repeatable strain are available to suite a variety of unique applications,
testing of components such as bone screws, Luer load frame base and uses standard hold-down multiple and repetitive test points such as electronic with no manual steps. (Biaxial model shown) measurements without affecting material properties. such as large samples and high-extension materials
locks, electrical knobs, etc. clamps to secure the test piece. (Wide model shown) or medical devices, syringes, pills, or keypads. (Extra tall and wide model shown).

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