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John Reiven G.
Point of Operation Functions o Hazard – Crushing body parts where material
1. Cutting is inserted.
2. Punching o Machines
3. Shearing - Power presses and press brakes
4. Bending - Tubing benders
5. Compressing o Actions
-Drawing or stamping
1. Cutting Machine and Actions
o Hazard - Cutting action, flying chips or scrap
material cut the fingers or maybe strike the 4. Compressing Machine and Actions
head or body o Hazard – Crushes body parts.
o Machines o Machines
- Band and circular saws - Compactor
- Boring or drilling - Molding
- Lathes and milling - Concrete
o Actions o Actions
-Rotating, reciprocating, or transverse -Squeezing, extruding, and pressing


2. Punching Machine and Actions

o Hazard – Fingers can be crushed where o Guards – these are physical barriers that
material is inserted. prevent contact. They can be fixed,
o Machines interlocked, adjustable, or self-adjusting.
- Power presses o Devices – these limit or prevent access to the
-Ironworking equipment hazardous area. These can be presence-sensing
o Actions devices, pullback or restraint straps, safety trip
- Blanking, drawing, or stamping controls, two-hand controls, or gates.
o Automated Feeding and Ejection
Mechanisms – These eliminate the operator’s
3. Shearing Machine and Actions exposure to the point of operation while
o Hazard – Crush or tear body parts where handling stock (materials).
material is inserted, held, and withdrawn o Machine Location or Distance – this method
o Machines removes the hazard from the operator’s work
- Hydraulic shears area.
- Mechanical shears o Miscellaneous Aids – these methods can be
- Pneumatic shears used to protect both operators and people in
the immediate vicinity of operating machinery.
o Actions
Examples include shields to contain chips,
- Powered slide or knife to trim or shear sparks, sprays or other forms of flying debris;
metal or other materials holding tools that an operator can use to handle
materials going into the point of operation; and
awareness barriers to warn people about
3. Bending Machine and Actions hazards in the area.
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