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There is a vast majority of people that derived from middle class country slowly moving in to far more

developed countries to filling in the jobs in several industries such as engineering, computing and
medicine. In response to this current affair, there are some people that have some adverse opinion.

There is some people believe this is an act of stealing their best populace, after some encouragement to
go abroad working. They feel it is not fair, because they feel the richer people deliberately reaping the
things of what they sow for years. Years of nurturing, nourishing, and cultivating are all wasted on other
people’s grasp.

On the contrary, some people also advocate that it is a natural human behavior, to go to somewhere
else that is more beneficial for them. Furthermore, they feel the people that go abroad acting on his
own’s will, base of what they think is the best for their interest.

Base on my low insight perspective, I think there is no such thing as stealing, because we as a human
have a thing called human right, since people are willingly to go to much more developed country to
stepping up their career. So I think it is not entirely right to fully condemn the richer country. Besides,
people that filling in the jobs in the richer country also did not say that they will change their citizenship,
in fact there is some notable figures in the world that were working in other country for several years
before returning to their hometown and ended up becoming as their leader, such as the third
Indonesian president, BJ Habibie. So I think it is totally a fair and aboveboard movement for a richer
country to employ poorer country’s employees.
There is some notion that condemning wind power, solar power, burning waste and water power in
causing environmental damage despite some purpose they were intended to do. There are also some
people that disagree with this conviction by stating that oil and nuclear power do more destructive
causes to our environment.

The notion said, the carbon dioxide emission of wind power, solar power, burning waste and water
power is as immensely destructive as oil and nuclear power does. Since these alternative source of
energy cause the reduction of the ozone layer that can leads to some detrimental effect. The carbon
dioxide emission also leads to some destruction of some ecosystem, notably the food chain that is
already exist for ages, destroyed just in months in the hand of these alternative energy source,
considering that gaining of these alternative source of energy take place is in rural areas that is short
distance off some places of natural ecosystem.

On the contrary, some also believe that the number of the destruction that were caused by these
alternative energy source, are far smaller comparing to how much damage that the oil and nuclear
power does over the couple of decades ago, considering that the countries that are using the alternative
energy source are the countries that are utterly low on natural resource and capital so they use
alternative energy source. On the other hand, the countries that are really abundant in natural resource
and capital have a high tendency to use oil and nuclear power more, since it simpler that way.

On my view, I advocate that the oil and nuclear power have more detrimental damage to our
environment, since I don’t believe the damage of these alternative energy as loud as some people
argued lately, besides the number of destruction of oil and nuclear power are incomparable with the
damage these alternative energy source made.