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 We at Presentation Convent
School Rawalpindi are committed to
following the vision of Nano Nagle by
promoting the dignity and worth of each
and every child where every child will
be respected and nurtured by all.
 Our school is about developing
the full potential of every child through
child- centered education that promotes
the physical, emotional, intellectual and
moral development of the students while drawing out the hidden
talents of every child in an environment that is child -friendly.
 We provide a safe environment where the protection and welfare of
each child is safeguarded at all times.

 Providing a safe environment for all children.
 Listening to children and addressing any concern that they raise.
 Upholding high principles and standards for all staff.
 Having effective structures for dealing with any allegations and
suspicions of abuse.
 Responding effectively to allegations and suspicions of abuse.
 Reporting any allegations where there is reasonable cause for
concern to the appropriate authorities.
 Taking just action in relation to any person who has abused.
 Giving appropriate, caring support to any child who has been abused.
 Regularly reviewing this policy to ensure that it is working in practice
and updated to accommodate change in legislation and