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I am Mohammed Munawar Ali from Hyderabad. I believe strongly in the quote by Stephen Hawking “We are all
connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”. This quote was something that I read and has stayed
with me always. It is captivating how connected we are in today’s world. Everything is posted and update
constantly on the world wide web. The growth of social networking, the Internet of Things, social media etc. has
taken the world by storm. In fact, we feel that our devices are useless without the Internet. That’s the power of
networking and connectivity in today’s fast-pacing world. It is like a virus spreading its wings rapidly and
consuming large populations. Networking includes operating systems, systems administration, data
management, network security, embedded systems, and network hardware. I am deeply interested in
continuing my learning further in the field of Networking and I want to gain enough aptitude to be able to take my
career to the next level. With this zeal and motivation, I am applying for the Master of Networking Course at
Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Education has been a top priority for me as learning and grasping more knowledge is the only we can empower
ourselves to excel and succeed in this world. Having said that, I would like to emphasize on my educational
background; I have done my bachelor studies in Commerce from Osmania University and passed with a 2 nd
Division. I have done my 12th grade from M.S Junior College with subjects like Economics, Commerce, and
Civics. I scored a total of 53.3%. The Govt. Boys High School was where I completed my 10 th Grade in March
2010. All through my school and college, I have seen my parents lay great importance on education. They have
always supported me and motivated me to learn and grow. They have borne the vision that education is the only
way forward in any field.

Even though I did not do my bachelor studies in the field of Networking, I was always intrigued by the complexity
of network systems, the security systems, firewall, operating systems etc. I was the gadget-frenzy person in my
household and took great interest in the phones, television, computers and how they were wired or how they
functioned to transmit data. The connection between satellites and data transfer is something that still amuses
me. It is magical how data gets transformed into bits and surfaces from device to the other. Given this fascination
and a desire to further my knowledge in this field, I took up diploma courses in this subject.

After my under-graduation, I took up a diploma course in CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate. I did this
course to begin my journey in the field of Networking. I completed this diploma course from GNITT Computer
Education with a first division. The course was my first step on the way towards Networking and its myriad
possibilities. I was thrilled by this course and was deeply interested to learn more. I, therefore, took up another
diploma course from GNITT Computer Education in Networking specifically. This 1-month course greatly added
to my skillset and made me better aware of the field of networking. I scored the first division in this diploma
course and completed it with flying colors. Given my acquired knowledge of networking, I also went on to get a
job in the field of Networking.

I started working with Wealth Zone Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a networking company, based in Hyderabad. I started
working with Wealth Zone in August 2015, right after completing my diploma course. I was assigned as the
Junior Network Associate here, where my job responsibilities included:

 Effectively communicating with all parties involved in any IT initiative or issue.

 Building / setting up computer networks by physically installing, connecting and configuring equipment.
 Installing and configuring network software, including security software and protections.
 Setting up access permissions and issuing ids, configuring firewalls and resetting passwords.
 Managing IT assets - license maintenance; support contract maintenance; etc.
 Maintaining network and communication hardware and software inventories
 Participating in troubleshooting network outages or performance issues.
 Supporting telecom equipment and other connected devices.
 Performing network security measures and monitoring for threats.
 Providing technical assistance to users as needed

After working with Wealth Zone Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. For a period of 2 years, my consistency, hard work, and
efforts were recognized and I received a well-deserved promotion. I was promoted to Network Executive position
in January of 2017. I have been working with Wealth Zone Soft Solutions Pvt. a Network Executive since
then and my job responsibilities include:

 Planning and directing all aspects of the organization's provider network function.
 Responsible for developing the network and negotiating and administering contracts
 Overseeing provider relations and monitoring and directing all provider services.
 Developing and directing major goals to support the broad functional objectives of the company
 Approving and overseeing policies developed within various sub-functions and departments
Doing work as a network executive has brought me to the realization that there is a lot more scope in this field
and to advance my career to achieve those goals, I need to gain more knowledge and training. Therefore, I am
inclined to take up this course in Networking as it will enable me to make rapid strides in my career and gain
bigger work opportunities.

A master’s degree is important in adding to my knowledge as I have only scratched the surface of a deep ocean
of knowledge in the field of networking. The diploma course I did were satisfying but it is not enough to continue
growing in this field. Since Australia is so renowned for its educational standards and technical expertise, I am
inclined to pursue a Master of Networking from your esteemed university. This will really benefit me in taking my
career forward in the right direction.

While I have also considered other countries, like China, Argentina, and Austria, I was not convinced by any
other country, except Australia. In China, I found that there is a need to learn the local language which is
extremely difficult . Also, the Chinese are not very welcoming towards international students. In Argentina, there
are some good universities, but I have read that there is a lack of faculty in Argentina, which would adversely
affect my learning experience. In Austria, the universities were promising, but the cost of living and the tuition
fees is very high and I am not ready to spend that much. Therefore, I have narrowed upon Australia as the most
suitable country to carry forward my education.

Australia has a welcoming atmosphere with various cultures coming together and forming a diverse student
community. In Australia, there are also opportunities for me to take up internships alongside my education and
add more expertise to my knowledge. Moreover, Sydney is a beautiful city with a huge number of universities. It
has the highest population of international students which surely stands to say about its warm, competent
education system. Australia tops my list and I am very keen on pursuing my education in master’s degree in

After researching about other universities like Western Sydney University and the University of Technology
Sydney, I have chosen to pursue the master’s course at Melbourne Institute of Technology for various reasons
where this college has outshone others in terms of different parameters I considered. Firstly, it is the only institute
to offer a specific course focussed on networking alone. Other universities offer a course in Information
Technology or communications and networking. At Melbourne Institute of Technology, I would gain the privilege
of studying this field in particular and in a lot of detail as this course is targeted towards networking. Also, another
big reason for choosing Melbourne Institute of Technology over Western Sydney University and the University of
Technology Sydney they comparatively high fees structure. At Melbourne Institute of Technology the
international fee structure for this course is more affordable than the other universities. These are the primary
reasons I have selected Melbourne Institute of Technology over other universities. There are various advantages
of this prestigious college.

The Melbourne Institute of Technology is my top preference because of its highly recognized programs. The
college has one of the best-structured courses in the country. A degree in networking from Melbourne Institute of
Technology is highly recognized under Australian Qualifications Framework. The class sizes are small in
Melbourne Institute of Technology, which facilitates one on one learning and a better teacher to student ratio.
This will really be a great advantage for me and allow me to grasp concepts easily and comprehensively. The
teaching is closely related to real-world scenarios, which will allow me to become well trained for the upcoming
job prospects.

I have researched about the course and understand that it is a 2 years full-time course wherein each unit is 20
credit points and there are a total of 60 credits per trimester. The course is well designed to give me knowledge
of the upcoming developments in the field of networking. I would become capable of investigating and evaluating
key network technologies and applying them effectively to boost connectivity. The course will equip me with the
skills to generate new ideas and come up with new innovative solutions to networking problems. This will all add
up to my advantage in helping me advance my career path.

After completing the course, I wish to brighten my job opportunities. I want to work as a Network Administrator in
a leading telecommunication company, like Airtel or Vodafone. I want to channel my knowledge to gain a good
package and a good designation in a company wherein I can grow both personally and professionally. This
course would add to my acumen and allow me to accelerate my career growth and land my dream job of a
Systems Network Manager in 8-9 years. At this post, I would get an amazing package of about 9-10 Lakhs per
annum. I have chalked out my career path and am waiting to complete my master’s degree to march on this path
towards glory and recognition.

I want to come back to my country as my family lives in India and I see great scope for this field in India too.
There is a lot of evolution in terms of network connectivity and technology which increases the application of this
knowledge. I would gain very lucrative job opportunities for this course in my country and an international
educational qualification will add to my chances of getting employment at the good, growing companies.
With the growing angst to augment my education, and a growing desire to gain international exposure, I hereby,
put forward my application for the Master of Networking course at Melbourne Institute of Technology. I assure
you of my sincerity and utmost dedication which would not only aid me in performing well but also add to the
glory of the university. I hope you are convinced by my experiences and find me suitable for this course.

Thanks and Regards,

Munawar Ali Mohammed.