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Recreate By Bohemia!!!

Every episode of the show will be creatively carved with Folk

song and modern music and Live studio Performances where
Bohemia will host, and audiences will be offered with the
deep insights about folk songs and story behind that!!
The Indus region is known for its vibrant and passionate music.

Spreading from the realms of folk, dance, to Sufi, music permeates across one and all and is an
integral part of the ethos & lifestyle.

“Recreate” as the name suggest brings together a unique musical blend of tradition (folk) and the
modern milieu – in a Studio environment.

Reviving the magic of immortal compositions and folk styles like “Challa”, “Jugni”, “Music of The
Langas and the Manganiars”, “Sultan Bau”,“Ragini”,“Kalbelia”, “Bihu”, “Baul” and many more.

To include performances by artistes from all over the

globe including India, Pakistan, UK, US & Canada.

The finest Indian folk brought alive in modern “Studio” environs

The classics infused with modern flavors. Featuring the living legends, the current superstars as well as
the young talent knocking on the doors.

A series of 10 episodes. Each episode will feature 2 song performances. Episode duration of 30

Performances to include some of the greatest folk and sufi numbers - all reinterpreted for today’s
audiences as well as absolutely fresh tracks exclusively created for the show.

The performances will be supplemented by “behind the scenes” footage so that audiences enjoy the
“making of the song” process – this lends an incremental emotional connect.

Show Concept
• “Sound” will be an amalgamation of Live Guitars, Drums, Keyboards accompanied by Dhol, Tumbi, Algoza,
Sarangi, Iktara & the works

• Audiences will relish the experience of seeing a song “taking form” in front of them and being performed
“live & exclusive” for them

• Bohemia along with other singers will recreate the folk songs

• The “Behind the scenes” footage would be shot and edited in a very candid manner giving it a real touch and
making the audience get of feel of being there.

Show Treatment
Talent Pool
A sure shot connect with the
Will be seen as a Pioneer as audiences as the program
never ever has been a show offers the biggest stars with the Program will have “stickiness”
Will have dedicated & engaged
of much magnitude and scale best of their works and thus enhancing channel
been executed in the Sufi presented in a manner that will ratings as well.
arena. connect with audiences
young and old.

“Owned” content with repeat

value. Content can be
monetized across a Massive opportunity for “Ground
Prestige in the artiste fraternity.
multitude of platforms Activation”.
including online, mobile, physical
in addition to satellite.

Advantage Creator !
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