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1. What do you call the basic unit of life?

A. Cells

B. Tissue

C. Prokaryotic

D. Eularyotic

2. Which of the following levels in the heirarchy of biological organization inxlude all the levels in the list?

A. Community

B. Organism

C. Organ system

D. Organization

3. The statements below hold true for all living things EXCEPT.

A. Living things are made up of cells.

B. Living things undergo growth and development

C. Living things are protected by cell wall

D. Living things are products of daptation amd revolution

4. Where can you find the chromosomes of a eukaryotic cells?

A. Cytosol

B. Nucleolus

C. Plasma Membrane

D. Mitochondria

5. A cell with DNA, ribosomes, plasma membrane and mitochondria could be a cell from what?

A. A Plant only

B. A bacterium only

C. A plant, animal, or bacterium

D. An animal only
6. The Oparin-Haldin hypothesis postulates that

A. Life came from other planets

B. Life comes from pre-existing life

C. Life comes from premordial soup

D. Life arose in the presence of water and energy

E. Life comes from inorganic molecules

7. What is the most primitive living organism?

A. A prokaryotes that can photosynthesize

B. The prokaryotes that feeds on the other prokaryotes

C. A single-celled eukarotes

D. A protobiont

E. A virus

8. The following characteristics are shared by all prokaryotes and eukaryotes, EXCEPT.

A. Plasma Membrane

B. Cytoplasm

C. Cell wall

D. Ribosomes


9. What is the correct order of classification of the Philippine Tarsier?

A. Kingdom Animalia - class mamalia - phylum chordata - order primates - family tarsidae - carlito

B. Kingdom Animalia - Phylum Chordata - Order Primates - Class Mamalia - Family Tarsidae - Carlito

C. Kingdom Animalia - Class Mamalia - Phylum Chordata - Family Tarsidae - Order Primates - Carlito

D. Kingdom Animalia - Phylum Chordata - Class Mamalia - Family Tarsidae - Order Primates - Carlito
E. Kingdom Animalia - Phylum Chordata - Class Mamalia - Order Primates - Family Tarsidae - Carlito

10. What is the correct way of writing the scientific name of the Narra tree with genus name
"pterocarpus" and species "indicus"?

A. Pterocarpus indicus

B. pterocarpus indicus

C. Pterocarpus indicus

D. Pterocarpus Indicus

E. Pterocarpusindicus