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Federation University SOP.

After working for more than 2 years, I realized the need for a master’s degree as it will
cut short the amount of time which will take me to get to the higher positions in my field.
Hence, I chose to do a master’s degree in a field relevant to me i.e. Enterprise Systems
and Business Analytics. I resigned from my job and will be relieved soon enough so that
I can concentrate on my master’s completely. Federation University is a great
experience and will allow me to start a career in Enterprise Systems and Business
Analytics. There is no hand holding, no babying, and no excuses. We are given
assignments, due dates, and all the proper material to perform. It is completely up to us
whether I succeed or fail. The lessons taught are applicable to my career each day and
it will only benefit me studying here. The Australian education system has established a
standard curriculum so all scholars will be given the same quality of education. There
may be some states at which this curriculum is modified a bit, but the change is not that
significant. The actual curriculum set out in Australia education system is based on
important abilities we must have in our life: Literacy, Numeracy, Information and
communication technology, Critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability,
ethical understanding, and Inter-cultural understanding. I want to specialize in a specific
branch of mine and start taking bigger challenges and for this I have chosen the degree
of Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics) at Federation
University. I wish to apply for jobs like Business Planning Analyst in different companies
like Wells Fargo, JP Morgan & Chase, Accenture etc where I’ll be earning anywhere
around 7-8 lakhs