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Ain't No Sunshine Words & Music by Bil Withers ‘Arranged by Gitixa Partington d=ss {al P SOPRANO 13. Ain't no sun-shinewhen she's gone. 2) ‘Won ~ der this time whereshe’s gone ALTO 1,3. Ain’eno sun-shine when she’s gone. Its not warmwhenshe’s a - 2) gone, Won-der if she's gone to P, TENOR 1,3. Ain't po sun-shine when she's gone. Won - der this timewhereshe’s gone, P BASS 1,3: Ain't no sun shinewhen she’s gone. G) Won der this timewhereshe’s gone. Dm An Do Rebsaral ‘accompaniment : . ———= === 355; ee pot warmunensir'e 9 = a ene, so two oh. SRR & fs SS S =——— 2 : aE me ‘An'tno son-sbinewhenshe'sgone. she’s al = wav gone 5 = Aig mn Uae when tes gone Tr fools "sr sane “bo ——— ° SS = ¥ Ie’s not warm when she’s @ - Way. Gone, gone ‘too. We LTE REG gone co” sp. ee = 5 a eS_ = = mor warmwienshe’s a ~ we Gone, sie to HE. BE "EM ihes ence co” Sy foo =o 2 Lm at Pe hm ae z SSS = SSS cn nd frri — f 7S Oe 2 eye 4 4 © coh 197 nvr Muro Comparaton, (UnheraMCA Muse Lined ‘nRghsPosoned. Merton! Copy Secied long. home, Jong, an-y time fhome, an-y ume long, home, ong, home, fe: ¥y time she goes a ¥ timeshe goes a way, ~ 2, Won-der this time where she's y time she goos a - way. Y time she goes a time she go know, know, know, P she goes & - way. Shegoes away. P P ams y ams y Da know, know, I know, know, know, I know, know, know, T inow, know, know, T know, Dnt a way, time she goes = — know, Pe i 1 bow, Tow, 1 know, 1 know, itn know, kaow, kaow, ow, know, vey “ny. way On Ne 1 know. 1 know. 1 know. 1 know. at T T know, T know, T know, T know, I know. T know, know, D.C. al Fine know, T P Won - der this time whereshe's gone. ™p Won-der this time whereshe’s gone. P Won = der this time whereshe’s gone. this time whereshe’s gone. Won - der if she's gone to stay, Ain't no sun ~ shine when she's gone, — this house just ain't nd: —— Won - der if she'sgone 10 sty. if she’s gone to stay. time she goes a - way, she goes a - way, an = y time she goes a - way. time she goes mp T know, T know, I know, I know,know, ef Tknow, Uknow, Linow, Iknow,know, know, Tknow, Tknow, Thmow, T know I know; Iknow, know, Tknow,I know, I know, know, 1 kaow, Iknow,l know! know, Iknow,know, I knows know, I know. sun ~ shine when she’s gone. 49 sun = shine no sun-shine when she’s gone, ssun-shine when she’s gone, when she's an-y time she goes a ~ way. P, Fine ‘san-shine when she's gone. ‘sun-shinewhen he's gone, ssun-shinewhen she's gone.