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COMSATS University Islamabad

Virtual Campus
Department of Management Sciences

Deadlines for Thesis Students Activity Deadline

Submission of Proposal with 1st September, 2019
plagiarism report*
Proposal Review 1st September to 10th September 2019
Submission of Revised Proposal along 12th September 2019
with plagiarism report*
Proposal Notification** Subject to approval, can take up to 6
Meanwhile students are advised to progress their work on

literature, key variables, research model and data sources

Submission of Thesis along with 1st October 2019
plagiarism report to Department *
Internal Defense *** 10th October to 20th October 2019
Revised thesis along with plagiarism 1st November 2019
Final/External Defense 10th November, 2019 onwards
Final Submission of Thesis 31st December, 2019

*Synopsis first draft and revised draft both are to be submitted along with plagiarism report through supervisor.
Limit of Similarity index is 17%. Thesis draft and final copy both should have plagiarism reports attached and
should be sent through supervisor.

**Students are advised to submit non-plagiarized work (synopsis/ thesis). Limit of similarity index is 17%. Delays in
approvals may be due to violation of similarity index limit hence the department would not be responsible for it.

***Defense is subject to notification of synopsis.