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Eunice Grace M. Dela Cruz

Security Guards have a major role when it comes to protecting people, assets
and property. People may find security guards in different places but what caught my
eye is a tired, hungry and sleepy man waiting for his shift to be over.

He is a 28-year-old man named Allan Manuesca working at the Victory Liner,

Olongapo branch for almost 6 months. He finished guiding the bus driver to park when I
took the photo. He seemed worn out while walking towards to that spot wherein we are
close to that area. I didn’t get a lot of information about him because he said that he
needs to go back to his work because of nonstop buses that keeps entering.

To sum up, security guards aren’t receiving a lot appreciation from people. From
a lot of hours standing, guiding, helping and dealing with people day and night, they
deserve a lot of attention and recognition that they deserve. People should respect and
give importance to our dearest security guards that keeps us safe and protected at all