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“18 Jesus came to them and said: I have been given

all authority in heaven and on earth! 19 Go to the

people of all nations and make them my disciples.
Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and
the Holy Spirit, 20 and teach them to do everything I
have told you. I will be with you always, even until
the end of the world.”

Glenn Martinez De Guzman

National Director


Dear Ministry Partner,

We are grateful to the LORD for allowing us to share this overview of our Ministry Essentials for your
consideration to partner with us in servicing your church’s needs for an effective, Christ-centered, biblical,
and Filipino-culture sensitive approach to holistic discipleship. Our ministry’s mission and vision come as a
result of many years of searching, learning and grappling with the realities of life as believers and
followers of Jesus Christ waiting for His return. I, as the founding director of this ministry have had some
of the most complex experiences as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. As the Apostle Paul would
say of himself, I have been the worst of sinners, having failed numerous times in my “journey” as a child
of God and a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. However, God’s grace has been abundant and lavish in
my life hence, I’m able to persevere.

Attached in this letter is an overview of our ministry essentials to inform you of what lies in the heart and
core of our approach to biblical-holistic discipleship. Our essentials embody our convictions and our
passions. Further, our essentials communicate the ideals and the visions that we live-by in the areas of
modern-day Christian discipleship. In a nutshell, what lies at the core of our essentials is the firm belief
and conviction that God has revealed a “holistic design” for the people He calls His children and that
they are called to pattern their lives after such holistic design. God’s original, holistic design for all of
mankind became marred by the willful rebellion of man through Adam but through Jesus’ birth, life and
death, God reintroduced such holistic design and He then mandates His ekklesia – God’s own chosen the
people whom He’s called out of the darkened world into His wonderful light which became known as
“THE Universal Church” – to disciple the “ethnos”, i.e. the nations (communities of people) back into His
holistic design. This is why we refer to our discipleship as biblically-holistic discipleship because we
believe that for our discipleship to be true and according to God’s Word, it has to be biblical and holistic
in perspective and scope.

This letter expresses our earnest desire to share with the life of your ministry specifically in the area of
discipleship. If you’re interested to know more about how we can do this together, we will be grateful
to receive an invitation from you for a meeting to discuss our offer.

More of Jesus in our lives.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Back to the WORD! Ministries, Inc. Overview
A training, mentoring and consulting resource for local churches, church organizations, families,
couples and individuals on the areas of biblical-holistic discipleship of believers and followers of
Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement
To disciple fellow believers and followers of Jesus Christ to discover God’s design for His children’s
lifestyle, rooting them in God’s WORD, building them into spiritually mature individuals and families
to become responsible stewards of God’s opportunities, able to achieve lives that demonstrate the
reality of God’s presence in their lives.
Vision Statement
Communities of modern-day disciples of Jesus Christ in local churches, families, peer groups and
individuals being transformed towards Christlikeness in their relationships, lifestyles and pursuits

Who Are We?

We are teams of pastors, husbands, wives, couples and single individuals who believe and follow
Jesus Christ called to be mentors, passionate to pursue God’s creative order and design for
human flourishing, willing to model and influence fellow believers and followers of Christ on the
path of biblical and holistic discipleship.

Our Affirmations
We affirm our passion to obey God’s Word first and above all, inspire, lead and instruct fellow
believers to do the same.

We affirm that as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we are God’s children first then we are
all that God calls and allows us to be.

We affirm that biblical-holistic discipleship is a pursuit to discover, learn and apply God’s design
for man and woman, for families, local churches and communities.

We affirm that a believers’ daily lifestyle is a life of ministry.

We affirm to support the local church’s goal to respond biblically to the Great Commission
mandate to make disciples of all believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Core
Our core expresses where our passions and convictions come from. These are the cries of our
hearts. These are what drive us and keep us going.

 We are committed to the glory of God alone.

 We love God with our utmost. We love others as well genuinely.

 We believe that life is a God-given opportunity to demonstrate the reality of God’s Being.

 We are committed to a full-testament view of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures as our sole
ground and basis of all our beliefs and practices.

 We are committed to the holistic discipleship of believers and followers of Jesus Christ in the
Four Spheres of Daily Life.

 We are committed to excellence and progress.

Our Approaches
We refer to our approach as employing the power of influence. Influence is key in any leadership
function. Influence is inspiration. Influence is aspirational. Influence is challenging. Influence is
impact. Influence is tons of work. Influence is complicated. Yes, you are right, influence is difficult.
Once we’re able to get a grip on it though and learn how to be a positive and effective influencer,
we can help add great value to people’s existential (daily) lives. 1 Tim. 3: 1-7; 12; 1 Tim. 5: 8;
Titus 1: 5-9.

Here’s at least three ways we want to influence fellow believers strategically,

1. Influence believers to seek to achieve their God-designed roles passionately daily;

2. Influence believers to demonstrate that Christlikeness is best displayed through a distinct,

dignified, peaceful, and responsible lifestyle personally and amongst others.

3. Influence believers to pursue lifestyle that demonstrates productive stewardship of God-given

gifts, talents and opportunities.

Our Ministries

Back to the WORD! Holistic Discipleship Course

Focused on creating, designing and facilitating programs and activities geared to provide spiritual
growth mentoring, and leadership development, for modern-day disciples into a life of
contemporary biblical and holistic discipleship.


Organizes & facilitates orientations, seminars and trainings to equip believers and followers of
Jesus Christ on various ways to help them achieve their personal and professional life goals

 Professional Wellness Coaching and Mentoring

 Family Life Wellness Coaching
 Financial Wellness Coaching
 Health and Wellness Coaching
TentMakers Plus

The funding, revenue, and capacity program of Back to the WORD! Ministries, Inc. to enable the
ministry become self-sustainable at it pursues to promote and advance its holistic approach to

We believe that God is the original creator and designer of human industries. Industry, as a
system of existing, living, working, producing and providing, in our view, is a monolithic holistic
whole, decreed by God from eternity to benefit mankind. We coined the phrase “ministry in

industry in ministry”. It’s new; it’s revolutionary; it’s ground-breaking; it’s pioneering; it’s inventive;
it’s out-of-the box; it’s avant-garde. Tactically, we aim to take advantage of the challenges and
opportunities this perspective of industry offers. We see huge communities of churches, ministry
professionals, couples, parents, men and women that demand the services and products that we
create, design, market and promote. We plan to pursue opportunities from the following

 Retail and Trade

 Financial Literacy and Management
 Real Estate
 Supplies and Services