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Open your Gmail or Google Chrome

Click on the Google Apps Button

Go to “Drive”
Click on what you want to print
Make sure it is a PDF
Click on the Print Button
Choose the amount of copies you want and click “PRINT”

Open File in OneDrive

“Invoice New”
“Blank Type Up” (Estimate)

Before You Do Anything

Go to the Main Tab
Go to “Save As”
Type customers name as “File
Click “Save”
Fill in the form as desired
After complete click “Save”
Go to “Save As” and hold it
Click on PDF
Click on “Options…”
Change to Page(s) From 1 To 1
Click “Save”
Go to “Drive”
Click “My Drive”
Select “Upload Files”
Select the PDF file that you want to print
When it uploads, Select it and Print copies desired