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kkaggjloajgjgagfgin the interest of terminology standardization and

to assist common understanding, we shall call the
complete system within a missile that steers and
stabilizes it a guidance and control system.
Depending on your experience with missiles, you
may take exception to this designation. And if you
do, there is good reason for it. The reason is shown
in figure 4-1. For example, if you have worked on
the Tartar or Terrier missiles you will consider the
system that guides and controls a missile to be its
steering system. On the other hand, a Talos GMM
would call it a guidance and control system. We
will stick with the latter designation - not because
we favor Talos but because most manuals, and
many Navy publications, use this term.
In figure 4-2 we show that the complete system
for steering and stabilizing a surface- to-air missile
may be considered as consisting of two major
divisions or systems: (1) the guidance system and
(2) the control system, which functions similarly to
an automatic pilot in an aircraft. For convenience,
we will include the control surfaces (wings and
fins) and interior control devices as part of thes