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1. Kumpulkan perkelas paling lambat tanggal 22 september 2019
2. Kerjakan di kertas folio
3. Tulis jawaban beserta soal
SUGGESTION Bob : Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice! You
I. Give an advice for the following situation! know I dont like a fantasy movie!
1. Yanti got a bad score on mathematics test yesterday. Bella : Oh, Bob!
2. Dion has a terrible headache. Bob : Really, Bella.
3. Bella doesn’t have enough money to buy a jacket. Bella : Come on, Bob. It’ll be ________ in the theater.
4. Nael wants to go to the beach, but it’s raining outside. It’s half past sevent now. I’ll buy _____ online.
5. Saras doesn’t know how to make pancake. Bob : Ok,_____.

II. Decide the following sentence; asking or giving Snowy let’s go there our tickets
suggestion! Nice and warm It’s snowing! The heat
1. Have you tried to talk with your mother? We go out should we do theater
2. How about if we walk around the school? Down the street
3. Be sure that you have prepared your luggage.
4. The best way is to study harder this semester. IV. Read the dialog bellow, and then write “T” if the
5. Do you think I should to cut my hair? statement is true or “F” if the statement is false!
Vira : Hi, Mira. Why are you sad?
III. Complete the following conversation with the words in the Mira : Hi, Vira. I really miss my parents in Indonesia.
box! Vira : Why don’t you go back home and meet them?
Bob and Bella is a spouse. They live in London. The Mira : I want to go home to see them. But, I can’t leave
weather is snowy now. Bob has just arrived at home from my study in here. I am so sad about it.
his office. They are talking together in the living room. Vira : I know your feeling, Mira. I suggest you to call
Bob : it’s freezing here! What’s wrong with _____ them. They will really happy to listen to your
anyway? voice.
Bella : I have no idea! What_____? Mira : Oh, that’s a good idea, Vira. Thank you for your
Bob : I will check the heater. advice. You are my best friend.
Bella : I think it’s because the weather. It’s so _____ Vira : You are welcome, Mira.
Bob : So, what should we do now? 1. Vira and Mira live in Indonesia. _____
Bella : Why don’t_____? 2. Vira really miss her parents Indonesia. _____
Bob : Out? In this weather? __________? 3. Mira cannot go home because her study. _____
Bella : I mean let’s go somewhere_____. Why don’t 4. Vira told Mira to call her parent _____
we watch a movie? Think Batman vs. 5. Mira is happy with Vira’s advice. _____
Superman: Dawn of Justice is playing at the