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Lately, there have been a few requests and some protests too to write Astro-

Articles. J Here is an attempt to give something heavy-Metal / thought-inducing if

not provoking article on Astrology.

Please note that I have been putting some quick snippets on my Facebook page on
Astrology almost every time I logon to Facebook:

You hear this term in Astrology quite a bit. There are other terms like Mul-Trikon
rashi, Mitra/Shatru rashi for planets but uchcha/neech gets a grand attention.
Following are the uchcha neech rashis for the planets:

1. Surya : Mesh is uchcha and Tula is neech (The 10th degree �paramochcha� / Ultra-
Uchcha or Ultra-Neech)

2. Chandra: Vrishabh Uchcha, Vrishchik Neech (3rd degree)

3. Budh: Kanya uchcha, Meen Neech (15th degree??)

4. Shukra: Meen uchcha, Kanya neech

5. Mangal: Makar uchcha, Kirk neech (28th degree)

6. Guru: Kirk uchcha, Makar neech (5th degree? I will need to check I am not sure)

7. Shani: Tula uchcha, Mesh neech (15th degree?)

8. Rahu: Mithun uchcha, Dhanu neech

9. Ketu: Dhanu uchcha, Mithun neech

10. Harshal: Not available in Sanskrit granthas but obvious that Harshal is uchcha
in Kumbh

11. Neptune: Not available in Sanskrit granthas but obvious that Neptune is uchcha
in Meen

I never used PLUTO in ANY horoscope and never saw any effect of Pluto in a
horoscope particularly.

The uchcha planets are always very good from health perspective and show a good
optimal level of health in the aspect shown by the planet: Surya: Spine, Heart,
quality of eyes, Father; Moon/Chandra: Water, Mind, Mom; Budh: Brain/Nuro; Shukra:
Skin, hair and beauty of eyes etc. Mangal: Blood, Siblings, land etc.

The uchcha planet in the horoscope shows a very good past karma with respect to the
area of life the planet shows for a horoscope. Mars shows
sports/speed/blood/internal reprod organs etc but it could be the owner of the 5th
house in some horoscope (Kids/Buddhi) and it will also show something in that
respect. The mahadasha or antardasha of the uchcha planets is always very good,
unless, there are some very bad influences on a uchcha planet. Also, whenever
gochar Guru puts drushti on this natal (birth-time) planet � it results in good
pay-back of the instant karma (kriyamaan karma) which is again driven *mostly* by
your horoscope baselines! (Even a neech planet, when Guru is opposite/one to it,
shows great results.)

So you have Sachin setting up great records whenever Guru is in Makar or Kirk with
FUILL drushti on his natal Mars. Also Managl antardasha in each mahadasha or even
Mangal bhukti results in great scores by him. His worst period was from May2005 to
July2007 when Shani was Kirk rashi opposite his Mangal. Of course Guru balanced
this when Guru was in Vrishchik from Oct2006 to Nov2007.

The uchcha / neech concept is not too difficult to explain:

1. Surya is uchcha in its best friend�s (Mangal) sign, Aries, which allows
expressing the brilliance and sunny side of Surya the best way. The Surya�s energy
gets the best channel in Aries/Mesh sign. However Surya�s ego and side effects of
Surya being in own rashi of Leo are not seen when Surya is in Mesh. The results are
more important than the self/ego when Surya is in Mesh. For Aries the end result is
more important than the method adopted.

2. Surya is neech in Tula but you can see that MOST of the STARS / Actors or other
artists are born with Libra Sun sign (from Oct16 to Nov16) or when most planets are
in Libra (also Kanya!). The Surya neech does not mean less money but certainly
lesser aggression/engineering aspects than Surya in Aries/Mesh. You would not see
Tula-Surya in Military but certainly Aries and Scorpio Sun in Military for sure.
But yes Libra Sun shows lesser resistance power at the time of adversity. Hence
having neech Surya is not a problem at all if you are in a creative field where you
do need to show your guts every now and then!

3. Similarly, Vrishabh gives the Moon the most stable sign which allows it to
ridicule others easily! J Also it is good for health (water content in the body).
The Vrushabh moon provides a very good temperament, calmness etc which easily puts
away many diseases indirectly.

Indian astrology is quite �philosophical� in giving uchcha status apart from the
health angle:

1. Mangal, the fiery/red planet is uchcha in Makar which is the Earth element and
not in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius as the Makar the ultra-serious sign gives a great
focus and channel to this Mangal�s energy (Sachin T, Pete Sampras) than Aries Mars
(Kapil Dev) which has some great sudden flares but some extravagance which is not
the best as per Indian astrology! Mangal in Leo shows �that-baat � Shining etc�
more than actual hard-work. Mangal in Sagittarius (Warne, Nadal) shows great
direction (Guru�s sign) and focus but shows extra-force or use of legs and also
period of ups and down; Also, the expressive sign is not the best thing for fiery
planet like Mangal � a lot of energy goes in talks/expression.

2. Shukra is not uchcha in Vrishabh or Tula despite it giving the person access to
the best stuff! J J J But Shukra is uchcha in Meen rashi which is of Guru/Neptune
which shows commitment and uchcha abhiruchi and sublime thoughts about love,
romance, partner than affinity to the physical stuff or worldly matters which is
shown by Shukra in Vrishabh mostly and also in Libra but with a balance! Shukra in
Aries and Scorpio shows the aggression/possessive etc attributes in relationships
and also art. (Aspects shown by Shukra in our life: Movies, Any form of Art, High
class Wine, High class life style, Night clubs, Romance, Relationships, secs etc).

3. Rather Shukra in Meen and Dhanu which are owned by Guru are known to stay
unmarried! Shukra in Dhanu and Meen ensures marriage in a good, religious (Dhanu)
and uchcha (Meen) family but most of the folks without marriage or with less
affinity to physical association have Shukra in Dhanu and Meen. i.e. a soul which
wants to have a clean slate in a given life would want to take birth with Shukra in
Dhanu (Mool Nakshatra: Swami Samarth ran away on the day of his marriage) or Meen �
Of course CAUTION � PLEASE do not make generic assumptions else this article goes
for a toss � What I mean is that Shukra in Meen does not mean uchcha Shukra would
ensure multiple groovy relationships! J Rather it shows marrying to someone who
they really love and can develop some great sublime thoughts etc. Shukra in
Vrishabh would prefer a spunky partner more than a emotional partner! J J There are
1/12th folks in this world with Shukra in each rashi so let us not jump to
conclusions based on only 1 yoga. Shukra Mangal close in Meen could show multiple
relationships BUT still the commitment to the current relationship will be always
high/sublime etc. Great Skin & hair is almost a given with Shukra in meen. (Unless
Shani Mangal and Rahu with that Shukra!!)

4. Budh is uchcha in Kanya as it allows good trading, good articulation and memory.
Budh in Meen shows bhulakkad / bhola nature (Sachin T). Budh in meen shows buying
something that is of 5 Rs for 7 rupees mostly from folks who are born on 5, 14, 23
or with Budh in Kanya rashi without the Sun! J But Budh in Meen shows that a person
remembers all the names except than the person they come across **now**. They will
remember every other information about the person than what they need at that time!
J But PhD folks are oft7en with Budh in Kumbh Meen or Sagittarius which are not the
best signs for Budh � as it reduces their trading ability, articulation/crisp
communication etc. More so in Meen � They speak a lot to express something quickly!

5. Guru is uchcha in Kirk /cancer a water sign but it is considered neech in Makar
as it is a �adhi-bhoutik� i.e. materialistic sign. Guru is supposed to give
direction and not production itself.

6. Rahu is about materialism, hedonism, �insatiable desires� (�Akral-Wkiral�

mahatvakansha) These attributes get the best channel in Budh�s sign & reduces the
aggressive or destructive nature of Rahu. So Rahu is uchcha in Mithun and own rashi
in Kanya. Rahu�s ability of creating various �images� and going after something
glorious/undefined/unexplainable etc is better channeled in Budh�s sign. Rahu is
also almighty in 3rd and 6th house of a horoscope (as it is in 3rd and 6th Sign)

7. Ketu is religious, spiritual and religious and spiritual places � it gets uchcha
rashi as Dhanu and own rashi as Meen. Both owned by Guru! Similarly, Ketu is great
in 9th and 12th house of the horoscope as it is in 9th and 12th sign!

Although a planet might be uchcha in some rashi �it is still susceptible to the
extreme Nakshatra or extreme stars in that sign. i.e. Ketu in Sagittarius is uchcha
which shows a great good-will of Maternal Grandfather but Ketu in 1st degree of
Moola say aspected by Shani or Mangal could show some drastic event etc with
respect to the grandfather! Being uchcha does not mean that in past karma about
that planet is completely fool-proof! J Else Sachin would not get out on 0 despite
having Ultra-Uchcha Mangal and Ultra-Uchcha Surya!! J

So uchcha neech is certainly an important aspect for sure but it should not be
considered as �THE BEST�. Mangal in Makar is uchcha and great for sports but it
shows accumulative tendency than outright making a statement in a given match. Mesh
Mangal would have some great examples like Kapil Dev�s 175 not out from 17 for 5 or
4 sixes on 4 consecutive balls to avoid follow-on and next ball 11th player gets
out etc. These sudden flairs might not be seen in Makar Mangal but you would see
consistent, serious attempts and continuous improvements.
Neech planets do show some lack of karma in the field of governance of that planet.
They certainly show some lack of vitality with the health and the area or part of
the human anatomy.

1. Mangal in kirk could show some element missing/lesser in blood (usually

hemoglobin) and it shows the need to eat red vegetables and fruits. Mangal in Kirk
(or ill placed with Shani or wakri etc) also shows slower/in-efficient blood supply
to the fingers � it would be reflected in knotted finger nails.

2. Moon in Vrishchik is neech which is again more like philosophical as these folks
have many times very venomous thoughts, do not like criticism, personal humor and
tend to show �Khunnas� either expressed or unexpressed. They also tend to be
secretive and hide information as power. This is all considered neech in Indian
philosophy! J

3. Surya in Tula � you would not want to chose these people for a physical fight
with someone! J They are docile, easy/lazy mannered, finding middle ground in case
of a conflict/chaos. There is certain creativity and artistic approach in this
sign. There is also some effortless-ness in this sign which can be seen in Sir Viv
Richards batting (he has Tula rashi Mangal: Sports) or Zaheer Khan�s approach on
field (Tula Mangal: Sports)

4. Shukra in Kanya tends to show skin related issues (also at times in Makar). It
is not bad for art etc but it does show �vaishayik� approach towards relationships.
It also shows �a bit� bad �Nazar�! J Again PLEASE do not make generic assumptions
for the next horoscope you see! J � Shukra in Guru drushti, Shukra with Budh in
Kanya or Shukra with Surya in Kanya � these effects are dramatically reduced!! One
distinct effect of Shukra in Kanya without Budh or Surya is a possibility of an
inter-cast marriage. It also shows perfectly all right partner but from a lesser
background (who would tend to have Meen Shukra & hence partner from a better
family!) J

5. Rahu in Dhanu or Meen is a misfit � right? You have an utterly hedonist person
in a sign which forces it to be gentleman! J Similarly Ketu which is spiritual
religious etc in Mithun or Kanya rashi � Like a Priest forced to do day-time
trading in Share market! J J