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Grades 1 to 12 School BOLINEY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Grade Level Grade 11 & 12

DAILY LESSON LOG Teacher BOBBY JOHN A. BALAOAG Learning Area Philippine Politics and Governance
Teaching Dates and Time JUNE 10 – 14, 2019 Quarter 1st Quarter



The learners demonstrate an understanding of politics and political science, governance, political
A. Content Standards ideologies, power, states, nations, and globalization.
The learners shall be able to clearly identify a specific political phenomenon and how it can be studied.
B. Performance Standards

C. Learning Articulate the definition Explore the connection between Recognize the Students differentiate government
Competencies/Objectives of politics. the phenomenon (politics) and value of politics. from governance.
Write the LC code for each and the method of inquiry (Political
Differentiate the various Science) HUMSS_PG12-Ia-4 HUMSS_PG12-Ia-5
views on politics.

1.1 The meaning of politics.
II. CONTENT 1.1 The connection between 1.1 The value of Politics. 1.1 The difference between
1.2 Various views on Politics and Political Science. governance and government.


A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR)
B. Other Learning Resources Philippines Politics and Philippines Politics and Philippines Politics and Governance by:
Governance by: Rhene Governance by: Rhene Tabajen and Rhene Tabajen and Erlinda Pulma pp. 4-
Tabajen and Erlinda Pulma, Erlinda Pulma, pp: 3 5
pp: 1-3 http://youtube/ukqBly7AZSc


A. Reviewing previous lesson (5 minutes) (2 minutes) (3 minutes) (5 minutes)

or presenting the new Teacher welcomes the class 4 Pics 1 Word: Four pictures will be
lesson and introduces himself/herself. shown to students at a time. The Think-Pair-Share “KAW NA” . Name of the student will be
Initializing… students shall find the connection of Each student should take a flashed and will be asked questions to
Teacher tells the students: the pictures. A word that connects partner wherein partner A review previous lessons.
“I am the teacher and I am the the pictures will be guessed by the reviews information with partner
boss in this class, so you will students. B for 1 minute and vice versa.
have to follow me…” They have to discuss what they
think about the phenomenon
Pair and Share (politics) and the method of
Ask the students to pair with inquiry (Political Science)
their seatmate and share what
they felt after hearing the
teacher’s remark..

Answer: NATION

Answer: DEBATE
B. Establishing a purpose for (5 minutes) (10 minutes) (4 minutes)
the lesson Video Clip Viewing Role Group the class into four ( 5 minutes) A short video clip will be shown to
Before teacher plays a 5- groups and ask them to identify an present about government and
minute video clip, he poses article from the newspaper about Picture Analysis governance.
the following questions: politics based on the lesson taken http://youtube/ukqBly7AZSc
a. how did the speaker define yesterday. From their chosen article, The teacher
politics? a representative from each group presents a picture to the class.
b. what are the concepts cited will have to share awareness our The learners answers the
to explain what politics is? present politics. following guide questions:

1. What can be seen in the

2. What does the picture
C. Presenting (5 minutes) (10 minutes) ( 5 minutes ) (10 minutes)
examples/instances of the Semantic Web Map Present a video clip that discusses A WORLD WITHOUT GRAFFITI .Each group will be asked to
new lesson Ask the students to give political science POLITICS: write significant words that will describe
words associated to the word “ The student will engage the video they saw on the cut-out paper
Politics”. Ask: themselves with an analysis of and stick it to the wall.
Why do you think we study politics? different scenario in different
What are the differences and the type of organization where in the
connection between politics and student can see the value of
Political Science? politics.
1. Barangay
2. Classroom
3. Family
4. Work Colleagues
5. Peer (Barkadahan)
D. Discussing new concepts (30 minutes) (8 minutes) (20 minutes) . (5 minutes)
and practicing new skills #1 Based on the Semantic Group Mo, Post Mo: Group the With the aid of a power point PICK MO ‘TO. Two representative from
Web Map you have class to three teams. Concepts that presentation the teacher will each group will have to pick and identify
conceptualized, define define politics and Political Science discuss the following one significant word which refers to
politics in relation with the are jumbled. Those concepts are government and another to governance.
terms provided by the written separately in pieces of bond The values of politics.
students. paper which will be given to each 1. Politics helps you to know
group. Each student is given the your rights
Discussion: chance to post the concepts where 2. Politics clarifies what you
The meaning of politics they belong, whether to politics or yourself believe.
• Politics is the study of Political Science. A time limit is set 3 .Politics is a living, breathing
(who gets what, when and on this game. subject.
how) as Harold Laswell 4. Politics helps you to
states. POLITICS understand our nation’s parties.
• Politics is the exercise - the actual process of how 5. Politics prepares you for adult
of power, the science of humans interact in groups life.
government, the making of - constitute man’s activities in
collective decisions, the the real world
allocation of scarce - the practices of elective and
resources and the practice non-elective political
of deception and systems
manipulation. - the process by which
people try to influence the
Characteristics of politics government
( Shieveley, 2013) - the process by which the
government decides which
1. Politics always involves policies will be enacted
the making of collective - the practice of state and
decisions for group of government
people. - issues, problems, and
2. Those decisions are activities taking place in
made by some members society
of the group, exercising - day-to-day actual activities
power over other of the government
members of the group - relative (varying)
- everyone is involved
- the scientific study of
- study of politics, political
systems, and governments
- focuses on the theory and
practice of government
- theory of state and
- seeks to study the origin,
nature and functions of the
state, government and its all
- universal
studied by few
E. Discussing new concepts (5 minutes) . ( 7 minutes)
and practicing new skills #2 Pass the Mic: The teacher will
show in detail the different The teacher will discuss with the aid of a
definitions of politics and Political power point presentation about the
Science. Each student will be asked concept of governance which is defined
to read the concept one-by-one as the process of decision-making and
while passing the mic. the process by which decisions are
implemented. While government is
defined as the group of people with the
authority to govern a country or state; a
particular ministry in office. (Oxford

Characteristics of good governance:

( UNESCO for Asia and the Pacific)
1. Participation
2. Rule of Law
3. Transparency
4. Responsiveness
5.Consensus Oriented
6. Effectiveness and efficiency
7. Accountability
F. Developing mastery (leads (7 minutes) (10 minutes) ( 5 minute ) (5 minutes)
to Formative Assessment 3) Read and recite. IT BULAGA! The
Group Work: May Konek: The students will be (GAME) Like or Unlike student will have to answer the question
grouped to 6 teams. Each team will The students will be presented stick under their table, if they got a smiley
Politikanta answer the question in a manila with different scenarios and they face then they WON and needs to
The class is divided into four paper. will determine if it show the value answer the question on their paper.
groups. Each group shall think of politics or not.
of a line from a Tagalog song Ask: “Explain the connection or
depicting political statement. A relation of politics and Political I.
representative would present Science.”
and explain to the class what
is political about the song’s
lyrics that they have chosen.

G. Finding practical (5 minutes) (5 minutes) ((20 minutes) (10 minutes)

applications of concepts and
skills in daily living a. How would you use the Ask the students: THE WORLD WITH POLITICS The teacher will facilitate a SYMPOSIUM
concepts in politics to improve ROLE PLAYING. The student where each group will have to discuss
relationships with your family Why do you think that it is will be divided into 4 groups and the government assigned to them (
and friends? necessary for students who aspire will present how politics is valued MARCOS, C. AQUINO, ,RAMOS,
b. How is politics practiced in to be lawyers to take Political in each organization assigned to MACAPAGAL-ARROYO , B. AQUINO &
getting what you want? Science? them. DUTERTE) and the kind of governance it
practiced in the Philippines.
2. Classroom/ School 1. Is there a governance structure in
3. Peer (Barkadahan) place?
4. Barangay 2. If so, what it is? Does it work? How
5. Work Place does it work? How it can be improved?
(colleagues) 3. If not, what do you think might be
10 pts - Content
5 pts – Creativity
5 pts – Showmanship
20 pts TOTAL

H. Making generalizations and 2 minutes (5 minutes) (4 minutes) ( 5 minutes)

abstractions about the The teacher will facilitate Ask the students: What is the difference
lesson Ask the students: “Minute Papers” will allow an of government and governance?
Politics is about human What is your own definition of end-of-class reflection in which
relationships. It is how humans politics and of Political Science? the students write briefly to GOVERNMENT is merely an instrument
behave differently when answer the questions: “What did for the purpose of governance while
dealing with others when there Politics is the actual process of how you learn today?”” And What GOVERNANCE is the exercise of
is cooperation, competition humans interact in groups while questions do you still have?” political, economic, and administrative
and conflict. *(and other social political science is the study of the authority to manage a nation’s affairs..
interactions fromer. Governance embraces all of the
methods--- good and bad ----- the
societies use to distribute power and
manage public resources and problems.
I. Evaluating learning (10 mins) (5 minutes) ( 7 min) ( 6 minutes)
QUIZ (True of False) Slogan Making
Essay: 1. Politics is the actual ( 5 groups) QUIZ(10 PTS.)In a ½ cross-wise paper,
Song Analysis process of how humans Create a SLOGAN that will the students will have to illustrate a
interact in groups. established how the good politics VENN DIAGRAM of government and
A music video will be played. 2. Political Science is the can be applied in our daily life. governance.
Students will analyze by process by which people try SLOGAN shall be displayed in
answering the question; “How to influence their the classroom for at least 2
is politics defined in Philippine government. weeks.
setting and what is your 3. Political science seeks to
political view about the music study the origin, nature and The activity will be scored with
video?” functions of the State, the following rubrics:
Government and its all
Criteria for Grading organs. RUBRICS for the SLOGAN
Content - 60% (12 4. Politics is universal and is 10 pts - Relevance to the Topic
points) always the same. 5 pts – Creativity
Grammar - 20% (4 5. Politics involve issues, 5 pts – Neatness
points) problems, and activities 20 pts TOTAL
Clarity - 20% (4 taking place in the society.
points) ANSWERS
100% 20 points 1. True
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. True
J. Additional activities for Assignment: Bring any old Assignment: Review the lesson (3 minutes)
application or remediation newspaper for tomorrow’s
activity. ASSIGNMENT:
Ask the student to bring a picture of a
known political leader may it be local.

V. REMARKS Not Carried due to sickness Not Carried due to sickness Not Carried due to sickness Not Carried due to sickness




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