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Course description:

Code: OJZ 682

Title: TOEFL ITP Preparation Course

Abbreviation: TOEFL ITP

Length: one day (8 lessons)

Level (CEFR): B2 – C1

Credits: 0

Teacher/s: Mgr. Klára Pavlínová, Mgr. Petr Kos, Ph.D.

Number of participants: 15

Target participants: This course is designed for students who want to take the TOEFL ITP test.

Entry requirement/level of the course: B2

If you are not sure, please, assess your level using the diagnostic tools on our homepage (self-placement DIALANG)

Aims: Preparation for the TOEFL ITP test

Content and Approach: The course prepares students for successful participation at the TOEFL ITP examination. Students learn
the strategies for individual types of examination items and practice those strategies on sample tests. They focus on the
development of sentence structures, listening, reading, and other partial skills. Students work individually, in pairs or groups.
The course is carried out in English.

Assessment, Credits and Workload: Credit is awarded for attendance.

Materials: Deborah Phillips, Complete Course for the TOEFL test, Pearson Longman, 2007

Participants will be given the material during the course.

Other requirements: Students of Faculty of Science cannot attend this course without at first registering on-line. (STAG)