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Res: PLOT NO.79, 6th STREET,
“NGO is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the
United Nations “



[Statement is made against circular received from NGOs and the Commission for Social
Development towards Promoting Social Integration under sub theme Poverty Eradication
for submission at Forty-Ninth Session, New York, 9 -18 February 2011]

Global social integration can be redeveloped by adopting the following
three factors:

[I] An Art of Governance must prevent unnatural deaths and forced migrations by
controlling the human error of war, errors in handling of Technology and diseases.

[ii] An Art of Governance must stop inducing antagonism in social policy and program for
effective law and order to shun violence, human isolation and disorder.

[iii] An Art of Governance must consult or reveal methodology of self-similarity in
magnifying ratio of conversion rate and price fixing on bio or non-biodegradable commodity
and project evaluation from the bottom level of end users to gain employment at all levels
and achieve equity, avoid senseless migration and poverty of societal destruction.

These three factors should be followed by Nations and United Nations to promote global
social equity and integration to resolve crisis in natural way. World inequity ratio shows
0.560 and need to be achieved 0.173 to reach first ranking over Netherlands to improve
further and resolve global crises at zero level for solidarity.

The sub theme of Poverty eradication is just one among those three factors given above for
NGOs to submit statement to resolve societal destruction caused by poverty. One of the
factors out of three mentioned above that the Poverty eradication just plays one of its parts
to promote social integration. This has been not observed by corporate, government and
common people all over the world from history. But, how to eradicate poverty in natural way
where most of the man- made commodities are non-biodegradable without achieving
Equitable Principles on pricing, conversion rates and project evaluation are fixed by
government bodies who favor corporate, game theories and media foul plays to groom their
own lifestyles. This way none can change social and cultural behavior to achieve integrity.

The urges among media, corporate sector and game theories of one individual does better at
another's expense are in gaining profits: the urges among Governments are in obtaining
Power from common people: and the urges among common people are in getting relieved
from inequities, poverty and unhealthy conditions. The urge of profit making in human
memory and intellect must be treated in natural way via bio-remediation of mutual-ism
to achieve Equitable Principles on pricing, conversion rates fixation and project evaluation
from bottom level of end users on bio or non-biodegradable commodities by governments to
stop senseless migration, achieve equity and eradicate poverty.

Decorations & Medals :( EX-INDIAN NAVY) Poorvi Star
Sangram Medal
25th Independence Anniversary Medal
Long Service Medal

Pumping of unclean economic values encoded by gender/genetic inequities into global social
systems may gain votes, majority and not eradicate poverty as humans experience today in
present world. At the same time, it promotes population explosions, unclean technologies
with the support of prevailing unconstitutional elements held in uneven social sequences.
The contaminant unconstitutional elements positioned in gender/genetic inequity remains in
societies to repeat the above -mentioned three factors of diseases, disorder and destruction
throughout history to destroy human civilization.

Human civilization is busy in grooming themselves by depleting the aesthetic values held in biosphere
without experiencing the hidden moral ethics in Atoms of human beings who bonded with Universe as
whole! It is time for humans to broom their profitable urges in intellect and memory via bio-remediation of
mutual-ism to eradicate poverty and dissolve social classes around the world for rebuilding Global social

Thank you.

Author and Founder,
Childcare Consortium, Chennai -89, India.