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RSC21 Controller

RSC21 is a compact intelligent controller that can be used in a number of remote site management
applications. It can interface multiple field I/Os using external instrumentation buses that are natively
supported by the controller, including MODBUS and BacNET industry standard field buses. Due to
the highly modular nature of the design, it is straightforward to extend the RSC21 software in order to
support other bus types, including proprietary vendors’ protocols through the available serial ports.
Direct connection of analogue or digital I/O signals, is accomplished using off-the-shelf remote I/O
RSC21 controller provides full TCP/IP support, and can be integrated in network transparent
management frameworks. It features built-in logic for detecting, prioritizing, combining and processing
alarms, for recording signal values locally, and for performing complex but configurable logic

• Alarm processing and reporting
• Local recording, filtering and processing of signal values
• Control and monitoring of electromechanical equipment
• Building management and automation
• Industrial automation
• Energy management
• Monitoring of IT equipment
• Security and access control
RSC21 compact controller • Fire control
• CCTV control
• Telemetry applications
• Maintenance management

• Linux (kernel 2.6) operating system Benefits
• Advanced control platform adopting • Highly qualified and reliable embedded
modular application structure system
• Extensive control logic library for various • Real time and multi-processing operation
• Built-in intelligence to ease application
• Network transparent control architecture development
with full networking and TCP/IP support
• Reliable connectivity with Server Site
• Advanced communication interface to
• Local Site integration with equipment and
third party systems through several
• Native support of several field alternative options
instrumentation buses
• Integrated remote site management
• Support of several digital interfaces
• Secured remote software upgrade
including Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and
• Various system access levels down to the
control signals
• Remotely managed software
• Various server side utilities (OPC server,
• Network and application access security
data logger)
• Advanced development tool chain

inaccessnetworks. please contact us: inAccess Networks SA Fax: +30. Two more RS232 ports can be provided through the USB ports and RS232-to-USB converters.02. Communication with the central office is achieved either through an always-on IP connection using the built-in Ethernet port.. Sorou Str. All rights Reserved. If more than one RS485 port is needed external RS485-to-RS232 modules can be used to convert one or more RS232 ports to RS485 ports.210. Direct connectivity to analogue or digital I/O signals from field sensors and equipment is accomplished with the use of off-the-shelf remote I/O devices. 3xRS232 (DB9) plus 2xRS232 through USB Console access Ethernet (RJ45) Mobile network interfaces 1xGSM/GPRS/3G optional (external) For more information.258 Copyright © 2008 inAccess Networks. GR 15125 Maroussi. Greece Email: info@inaccessnetworks.RSC21 Controller Typical application In typical remote site management applications the RSC21 controller is connected to the supervised equipment either through the one RS485 port or the three available RS232 ports. Tel: +30. or through an external dial-up modem connected to one of the three available serial RS232 ports.68.61. inAccess Networks reserves the right to make changes to product specifications at any time without notice.300 Web site: www.210. Hardware Specifications Parameter Description Processor RISC-CPU@400MHz Network interfaces 1x10/100 Ethernet port USB interfaces 4xUSB 2.0 Memory (SDRAM) 128MB Storage (FLASH) 64MB Serial interfaces 1x RS485 half duplex. .99.