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Vijay Kankane
Mobile: +91-9899218267

Career Objective:

Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information technology industry that offers security
and professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Experience Summary:

 Currently working with Apna Solution Pvt. Ltd, Noida as a Software Developer since Oct 2008 to
till date.
 Experience in Core Java, Servlet, Jsp, Jdbc, and SQL.
 Knowledge in Struts, Spring and Hibernate.
Role and Responsibilities:

 Involved in Design and development of forms using Java.
 Involved in Design & creation of database in oracle 9i.
 Responsible for the coding and deploying the components.


 B.Tech (IT) from MANIT (Deemed University) Bhopal, with scored 74.3 % in 2008
 12th from Kendriya Vidhyalaya Shivpuri (M.P), with scored 76.2 % in 2003
 10th from Kendriya Vidhyalaya Shivpuri (M.P), with scored 69.4 % in 2001

Technical Skills:

Operating System Windows 98/2000/XP
Language/ Framework C , C++ , Java
J2EE(Java Beans, EJB)
Struts ,Hibernate, Spring (Knowledge)
Database Oracle 9i and SQL Server
Web Design/ Scripting HTML, CSS, Java Script
Web/Application Server Tomcat 6.1 ,Glass fish, Web Logic Server
IDE Net Beans 6.1, Eclipse , Navi Coder
Design Patterns MVC , DAO, Front Controller

Project Summaries:
#1 Project Title : EPMS (Employee Performance Management System)
Client : New River
Platform : Java, J2ee (Servlet, Jsp, Session Bean)
Database : Oracle 9i
Application Server : Web Logic 7.0
Design pattern : MVC 2, DAO, Service Locator
Duration : November 2009 to till date
Role : Coding & Database
Team Size : 6.

A job seeker could find the jobs available as per his/her qualification and choice and for companies they need to register themselves on the site with their requirement. #2. mid & final year review of performance of employee according their target which is set during start of the year . HTML and SQL Server 2005. Noida. This is very new field and awareness about this issue is very less among the people is very less. caste. Irfanview etc.The whole application is compliance with window look & feels with state- of -the-art features for navigation. modify the existing details. every transaction in the system is carried out with proper set of validation. The database containing the information of the various job seekers can be used by the companies for selecting the right candidate and then can inform them further processing user can maintain the employee personal information like name.2 Synopsis: This software is being prepared for New River for their employee performance for one financial year. Organization : Apna Solution Pvt Ltd. Java Script and CSS Database : MS Access. Responsibilities:  Design & creation of database in Oracle 9i.  Responsible for the coding and deploying the components. New Delhi.  Design & creation of database in MS Access. This website was developed in a way to help both job seekers and the companies aiming at recruiting the talented candidates. Synopsis: This website was developed for paradigm consultant. Synopsis: This website was developed for clinic for the help people to get the medication easily at very low cost. Noida Client : Bhopal Test Tube Baby Clinic.0. category etc. CSS etc. This is purely knowledge based made up of static pages with Java Script. Team Size :4 Responsibilities:  Design and development of pages using HTML.  Responsible for the java script validations at the client side. Java Script. Team Size : 4. Environment : Asp 3. It has three phases first. Project Title : Web Site Development. VB Script. The server used is smart FTP (32 bit) to load the pages of the site on the remote server. date of birth. Project Title : Job Portal Development. report generation (Crystal Report). #3. Environment : HTML. Client : Paradigm Consultant. It includes functionality to add detail in the database.  Responsible for the coding and deploying the components & report creation. Organization : Apna Solution Pvt Ltd. Role : Software Engineer. Duration : February 2009 to November 2009.  Design and development of pages using CSS and HTML. For Client Side Validations Java Script is used. Role : Software Developer. System is menu driven which consist of many menu pad. This website included the macromedia flash file and image editing by Photoshop. . Web Server : IIS.  Responsible for the coding of windows. delete the unwanted details. New Delhi that is one of the major job consultants. Bhopal Duration : October 2008 to February 2009. each menu has its own related drop down item. Responsibilities:  Design & creation of database in SQL Server 2005.

west. This Proxy cache replaces your terminal browser cache and offers some extra features for allowing offline browsing. Apart from caching the proxy server also implements filtering. easy to understand and flexible HTTP caching proxy server.  Participated in MAFFICK.  Get Best student Award in my school. Hindi Passport : Applied . kill blue.  Lead football team at school and regional level as Skipper. Achievements:  79th rank in National Mathematics Aptitude Test of Bright Career. Sector 22.P Govt. Extra Curricular Activities:  Worked as Executive member in the event Techno search 05.P) Language Known : English. The main purpose of the proxy server is to use as an HTML Caching. The goal of this project Development of a HTTP Caching Proxy Server was to implement a simple. sandy.) Address : H-260. 2nd Floor. reservation for train. sharp.07 the cultural festival of NIT Bhopal.4 and later is required.  Participated in Drama at school level. Personal Information: Full Name : Vijay Kankane Date of Birth : 1st June 1986 Father’s Name : Ashok Kankane (Education Officer.  Active member of DRISHTANT. It is basically the software which convert an image into different formats or say convert into new image which have same base but different structures like kill red.  Minor Project: IMAGE (6th semester) Synopsis: It is purely based on the java technology and the programming skills of the programmer. south and hotels detail. north. M.  DBMS Project: E-Traveling (4th semester) Synopsis: It is the project based on dbms with front hand in java and backend in oracle .3 Academic Project:  Major Project: “HTTP CACHING PROXY SERVER”(7th & 8th semester) Synopsis: It is full –featured HTTP proxy caching server and we forwarder written entirely 100% pure java (java 1. Noida (U. fog. kill green. black & white etc. the literary society of NIT Bhopal. taxi facility etc are provided by us .It is the software tour to India in which we divide India into 4 zones east.It is friendly user protected by username and password with full registration form.