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Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen on
the Occasion of Eid-ul-Odha
Monday, 15 November 2010 10:03 -

Praise be to Allah.  We praise Him and  seek His help,  forgiveness and guidance.

We seek  His refuge from the whims of our inner- self and from our transgressions.  Whoever Allah 
guides, no one can deviate( him/her);  who ever goes astray,  can find no one as a friend and guide 
(except Allah to guide him).  We testify that there is no god but Allah.  Alone is He and no partner He 
has. We also testify that  Mohammad (peace be upon him) is His servant and messenger. Having said 
that, I would like to further say:


To the suffering Mujahid people of Afghanistan;  to all believing  ethnicities in all parts of the world; to  all nearly  and remotely- situated
Muslims and to the  Muslim Ummah: Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be upon you all.  My heart-felt felicitation to you on this great day
of joy, selflessness and sacrifice. May Allah (swt) accept in His Sight the worship and offerings of all Muslims. Similarly, may Allah (swt)
accept the pilgrimage of the pilgrims who are now visiting the Kabba Sharifa and the struggles and toils of the Mujahideen of the way of
 truth and of their supporters. May Allah (swt) bestow blessing, salvation and victory on the Ummah as a result of the endeavors of the 
Mujahideen? I would like to share with you some viewpoints concerning the current situation of the country and the world.

Regarding the Internal Developments of the Country:

The moments of defeat of the invaders have approached  now due to the special victory and the sincere sacrifices of the Mujahideen. The 
enemy has been defeated at the battle field. Now they rely on media hypes and portray themselves as if making advancement but the
ground realities are what you and we are witnessing. The enemy is retreating and facing siege in all parts of the country day in and day
out. Their life casualties are spiraling up. It is because of this pressure that the enemy has resorted to  spreading the misleading rumors 
of peace talks. Thus, they want to reduce the military pressure which is being exerted on them. But it was the enemy in the first place,  
who invaded our country,  imposing the war on us, so the sole way for our salvation is the  armed jihad in the way of Allah (swt). Our 
Mujahid people will never feel exhausted in the sacred path of Jihad, because it is a divine obligation and a great worship. Fatigue can
have no way into it.  It is a matter of pride that  the Mujahideen and the people,  like brothers,  lay down their lives in the defense of 
their religion, honor and independence of their country. They do not give chance to the enemy to create split among them through
propaganda and other covert machinations. The enemy wants to protect itself from the attacks of Mujahideen by creating local militia
units and utilize them as a shield; we have paid special attention to this task and obtained spectacular achievements. Similarly, some
internal and external enemies are now speaking of disintegration of the beloved country. They should know that the patriotic countrymen
and the Islamic Emirate will never allow any one to put into practice their wicked plan.

Regarding the Puppet Kabul Regime:

The situation of the Afghan people and the beloved country is going from bad to worse during this reign of the surrogate Karzai regime.
Hardships, starvations, poverty, homelessness, civilian casualties, various diseases, aberrations of the youth and cultural and social
deviation in the name of democracy are touching its climax. A few hoarders in the high government slots have control over all items
including the daily consumption items. This is being carried out under the title of the open market system. They are determiner of the
prices. We witness this hard fact, that many miserable families of the country have been forced to resort to beggary. Corruption is at its
epic. This is not what we say but the founders and masters of this regime admit that their puppet regime ranks 2n d at the index of the
most corrupt regimes of the world. This is because the rulers of the regime have been installed by others and they are not interested in
the future and prosperity of the country. They are only hankering after filling their pockets with money and fleecing the masses. Many of
them have foreign nationality and do not consider Afghanistan as their own country.

The Americans are intending to keep in the country, a regime installed under the leadership of some westernized elements-- a regime
which is extremely bereft of any resolve and determination; a surrogate only relying on foreign aid. Thus the invaders want to prolong
their presence in the region and extend their occupation. Every Afghan in this corrupt regime has obligation to desist from supporting the
invaders because of the current ordeals and tribulations that  the Afghan Muslim people are passing through. They should not help their 
enemies of faith to destroy their home. There is no moral and religious justification to work in a regime, being puppet and traitor to its
people. If they are not able to join the ranks of Jihad, at least, they can desist from cooperating with them. Thus they would perform their
patriotic and ideological obligation. They should take care, less  they may not stand shameful before their people and history and Allah 
(swt) on the Day of Resurrection.

The number of those who have left the ranks of the enemy has increased following our previous call to do so. This is a commendable
phenomenon. We have instructed all Mujadeen to favor them  with special incentives and acclamations.

Regarding the Rumors of Peace Talks by the Americans:

The Islamic Emirate still holds its previous stand regarding the current issue of the country. Islamic Emirate believes that the solution of
the issue lies in withdrawal of the foreign invading troops and establishment of a true Islamic and independent system in the country.

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The cunning enemy which has occupied our country,  is trying,  on the one hand,  to expand its military operations on the basis of its 
double standard policy and, on the other hand, wants to throw dust into the eyes of the people by spreading the rumors of negotiation. - Military News for Canadians
Claims about negotiation, flexibility in the stance of the Islamic Emirate,  are mere baseless propaganda. The enemy wants to cover up its 
failure in Afghanistan by wrongfully raising hollow hopes in the hearts of their respective people. The believing people of Afghanistan and
the public of the world should not trust any news report or rumor about the stance of the Islamic Emirate disseminated by any one rather
than  the leadership of the Islamic Emirate or the designated spokesmen, because such new reports are spread by the intelligence 
agencies of the hostile countries. Then the media outlets affiliated with these espionage entities, irresponsibly publish them with great
fanfare. The aim is to play down the defeat ( of the enemy) at the military field through media warfare. But these conspiracies will never
prove effective against our brave people and mujahideen as these experiences have already been tested.

The former Jihadi leaders and influential based in Kabul should know that,  as the invading Americans already used you against the 
Mujahideen in the framework of peace council, they will again use you for their illegitimate objectives besides the puppet regime of Kabul.
We can’t figure out why you are unilaterally coopering with the invaders?  Can the present regime reflect your objectives of former jihad? 
Was the aim behind your 14-years long Jihad to let the place of the Russians to be occupied by the Americans?

If you want to extricate yourself of this dilemma and lead a life like a proud Muslim Afghan, the only way of honor and dignity is the way
of the sacred Jihad and independence of the country. Come and compensate for your mistakes of the previous years by honestly
embarking on the path of struggle against the invaders. This does not mean that every one has to join the stronghold but every one
should utilize his capability in support of the current resistance. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has comprehensive policy for the
efficiency of the future government of Afghanistan; about true security, Islamic justice, education, economic progress, national unity and a
foreign policy based on norms to protect itself from the harms of others and convince the world that the future Afghanistan will not harm

Regarding the Military Situation of the Country:

Our coming military programs will forge ahead on the basis of the climate of the country and the geographical locations as per the plans
now at the disposal of the Mujahideen. The aim is to entangle the enemy in an exhausting war of attrition and wear it away like the
former Soviet Union. This will force it face disintegration after dealing a crushing and decisive blow at it that it would not be able to hold
itself thereafter. To achieve this, we have hammered out short term and long term plans. We are optimistic about the results of these
plans. Our strategy is to increase our operations step by step and spread them to all parts of the country to compel the enemy to come
out from their hideouts and then crush them through tactical raids. This  experiment was  effective in Marja, Kandahar and some other 
areas. Therefore, the Mujahideen should focus on their jihadic efforts more than ever and expand their jihadic operations on the basis of
the given plans. They should try their best to compel the moribund enemy to flee from our soil. They should constantly and unremittingly
remember Allah during the performance of their tasks and be sure that Allah is the ultimate creator and conductor of all affairs;  and must 
 have the conviction that their achievements are the result of the exclusive blessings and victory from Allah;  should increase their 
worship and recite the prayers during jihad which the holy prophet (peace be upon him) usually recited. This will bestow on them solace
and consolation and will strengthen in them the essence of trust, sincerity, humbleness and the desire to seek the pleasure of Allah
(swt). These characteristics of a believer are an asset which even in worse conditions lead to a blessing and victory from the Almighty
Allah. Similarly, do not forget the Islamic moral conduct,  even for a while,  during your journey on the path of the sacred Jihad. You 
should study the Jihad related affairs in the books of the Sayings of the  Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and in the laws of religious 
jurisprudence. Pay attention to the life and property of the civilians so that,  may  Allah (swt) forbid, your Jihadic  activities will not become 
a cause for  destruction of property and loss of life of people. Any thing that is not permissible in Islam, has no place in our military policy. 
Spread fraternity among yourselves and help each other during the time of distress and ordeal. Maintain  close contact with the people,  
seek the advice of local influential and  hear their constructive advice and consultation and put them into practice.

To the Young Educated Generation and Men of Letters of the Country and the Students of Universities:

As a young educated generation and  men of letters (writers) of our Islamic country, you are the leaders of tomorrow of the country. Our 
enemy is turning every stone to spread their cultural and ideological influence over the young generation of this Muslim country and thus
jeopardize our history, religious values and our future. Our religious and historical enemy has cunningly launched a propaganda drive,
spending huge amount of money in order to gradually strip our young generation of their Afghan and Islamic identity. As a young
generation of this Islamic country, you have an Islamic and Afghani responsibility to confront these hostile anti-Islamic and anti-Afghan
endeavors of the enemy with all your capability of tongue and pen and indefatigable struggle. Do not let your historical, religious and
cultural enemy succeed. You should know that the cunning enemy financially and extensively fund some sold-out Afghan circles in a
surreptitious manner to flare up a domestic war on the basis of language and geographical locations. Thus they want to harm the identity
and integrity of the country and take avenge on the Afghans.  You,  the young educated generation,  should not become part of these 
negative movements. Instead,  solely focus on serving the cause of dissemination of  Islamic culture,  independence of the country and 
unity. The honor of a Muslim lies in Islam and Islamic unity. It is you that are able to protect the pillars of Islamic culture and Afghani
identity from crumbling down. The Islamic Emirate is your flank of battle and a  stronghold.

The Islamic Emirate is proud of your support;  your Jihad of words and pen and holds you in high esteem and praise. This resistance will 
increasingly boost through your scholarly cultural efforts.

To Peoples and Governments of the Islamic World:

On this occasion of Eid-ul-odha and on behalf of the Islamic Emirate and as a member of the world Islamic family, I would like to remind
the governments and people of the Islamic world to forget the issue of the occupied Afghanistan and the miserable condition of the
people of this country. You should remember that the Afghan people have played prideful role for the defense of Islam and Islamic world,
offering numerous sacrifices in this way throughout  different stages of the history.  This nation stood as a wall of iron in front of the 
invasions of Genghis, Britons and the communist colonialists,  saving the Islamic world. Today,  this nation is entangled in a complicated 
trial and an imposed war on the charges of their  professing (Islamic) ideology. Every day, men and women of this nation, fall prey to the 
bombardment of the invaders and their children become orphans;  miserable people are displaced internally due to the operations and 
fear of bombardment of the enemy.  The people are grappling with hardship and poverty. But the  Afghans have embraced all these 
sufferings out of commitment to the great cause of establishment of rules of the Holy Quran and the defense of the Islamic faith. So the
Muslims of the world should share and feel (their pain) and have conduct with them on equal terms as pious Muslim. Perform your
obligation of fraternity(  towards them) in your material wealth. The countries of the Islamic world should not feel as being a lien to the 
issues of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and should not spare any effort in this regard  in the framework of their foreign policies. They 
should consider the pains and hardship of these suffering people as their own pain and problem and play positive role in the solution of
their problems.

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To American and European Peoples and to  Members of Parliaments: - Military News for Canadians
Afghanistan is an independent Islamic country. It has a prideful history and freedom-loving people at the level of the region and world.
This nation has not harmed the independence of other countries and,  throughout the history, has not permitted any one else to take 
their independence. Now when your forces have invaded this territory for the achievement of some colonialist objectives and goals, so it
is the religious and humane obligation of the Afghans to stand up to your forces. Think, if your country is invaded by some one else,
would you remain indifferent in such circumstances? What do you think, should our people allow the invasion and aggression in their
country and remain insouciant vis-avis the invaders? And should not they  show any reaction in front of the aggression against their 
honor religious values, national dignity and independence.?

If you  are an impartial judge, you would  yourself give  us the right to keep up the path of resistance against the invaders and even 
shore it up more than ever.

Availing the limited resources at their disposal and because of  their firm determinations and conviction in their being in the right,  the 
Afghans showed to your military chiefs and political leaders in the past nine years,  that you,  invaders,  are not able to force this nation 
to accept your occupation. The troops surge made no change in the status quo and never will they be able to turn the tide,  if God willing. 
 Body counts of your troop’s causalities have spiraled up but still your political leaders and military chiefs stubbornly persist in their failed

First of all, you should find for yourselves the ground realities and then study them. Ponder over them impartially. How long the
governments and people of the world will tolerate your tyrannical policy and your demeanor of taking hostage the people. To relieve
yourselves and the Afghan people from the weariness of this unjustified war, you have to put an end to the war as soon as possible. The
more the war prolongs, the more causalties of your troops increase and the more its economic burden become heavier. Nothing more
than this,  you will achieve.

This is the country of the Afghans. The Afghan will not relinquish of it. The resistance will continue as long as the invaders are stationed
there. You should review the historical facts to learn some essential points from them. It is more rationale to stop adding fuel to the
flames of war by leaving this region.  The presence of foreign forces on our soil, paves the way for intensification and aggravation of the 
war--consequent upon which you will have to face colossal financial and life losses.

To the Neighboring and Regional Countries of Afghanistan:

As an independent country, Afghanistan has been forced to wage a sanguinary war for the attainment of its identity. The colonialist
countries led by America, want to turn our historical and independent country into a military base under various pretexts. It has
persuaded some other countries to align with them and even have compelled the World Body of the United Nations to issue resolutions
palatable to the USA. It has turned the World Body, defacto, into personal entity of America.

I urge you to find for yourselves the ground realities instead of listening to the futile propaganda of the colonialists. Do not forget your
responsibilities in the way of independence of our oppressed country.

On the basis of its  hypocritical policy, America wants to project our legitimate mission to defend our country and the current  resistance 
as a threat to the world whereas they have no convincing proof and evidence on hand in this regard.


To end, I urge all Muslims to remember the families of Muahideen, the prisoners, martyrs and IDPs in these day of sacrifices and
selflessness; they have sacrificed themselves in the defense of this venerable religion (Islam) and the country. Remember their orphans
and heirs and behave with them like you behave with your children, particularly,  favor them with a share in the joy of the Eid.

Once again congratulations on the occasion of Eid and may Allah protect you from grief and anguish.


Peace be on you all

The servant of Islam

Amir- ul- Momineen

Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid







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