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1-Which of the following OSI layers offers reliable, connection-oriented data co

mmunication services?
2-Router interface Ethernet 0 has been assigned the IP address 25 What is the network IP address of this interface?
3-Examine the graphic with current configurations. The New York Offices of ABC C
ompany recently upgraded the computers in the administrative office. Shortly aft
er the upgrade, Host A in the clerical office failed and was replaced with one o
f the retired administrative office computers. However, the computer can not acc
ess the company network in the new location. What is the likely cause of this ne
twork access issue for Host A?
MAC address incorrectly entered
*default gateway incorrectly entered
subnet mask incorrectly entered
IP address incorrectly entered
4-Which of the following increases the potential for a collision to occur?
the use of an active hub instead of an intelligent hub
the use of an intelligent hub instead of an active hub
a reduction in the number of devices attached to the hub
*an increase in the number of devices attached to the hub *
5-What is attenuation?
opposition to the flow of current
measurement of electrical signals relative to time
*degradation of a signal as it travels along the medium
amount or volume of traffic that is flowing on the medium
6-Two peer hosts are running applications that exchange data using UDP. During t
he current session, a datagram fails to arrive at the destination. What is true
concerning the retransmission of the datagram?
Datagram retransmission occurs when the retransmission timer expires in the sour
ce host.
Datagram retransmission occurs when the retransmission timer expires in the dest
ination host.
*Datagram retransmission is controlled by the application layer protocol.
Datagram retransmission involves only the data with sequence numbers equal to or
higher than the sequence number of the current datagram.
7-What is significant about the ping command?
*It verifies the operation of the TCP/IP protocol stack on a host and is called
an internal loopback test.
It verifies connection to the remote host with the IP address
It verifies whether the router that connects the local network to other networks

can be reached.
It verifies the route packets take between the local host and the host with the
IP address
8-Which LAN switching mode has the highest latency?
fast forward
latency forwarding
9-Which of the following application layer protocols use UDP segments? (Choose t
10-Which cable specifications are indicated by 100BASE-T?
100-Mbps transmission speed, baseband signal, coaxial cable
100-Mbps transmission speed, broadband signal, twisted-pair cable
*100-Mbps transmission speed, baseband signal, twisted-pair cable
Equal to 10-Gbps transmission speed, baseband signal, twisted-pair cable
11-When is a crossover cable used in a network?
when connecting a host to the router console port
when connecting a host to a switch
*when connecting a host to a host
when connecting a switch to a router
12-Refer to the graphic. What must be configured on Host A to allow it communica
te with the e-mail server? (Choose three.)
IP address *
subnet mask *
default gateway *
router name
switch name
NetBIOS name address
13-Which cable diagram displays the end to end pinout for a crossover cable used
with Cisco devices?
Cable A
Cable B
*Cable C
Cable D
14- Which type of address is
*host address
network address
broadcast address
multicast address

15-How many collision domains are shown in the diagram?
16-When is a straight-through cable used in a network?
when connecting a router through the console port
when connecting one switch to another switch
*when connecting a host to a switch
when connecting a router to another router
17-How does network cable length affect attenuation?
Category 5 cable that is run in metal conduit has the highest attenuation in the
shortest distance.
Shorter cable lengths have greater signal attenuation.
*Longer cable lengths have greater signal attenuation.
The length of the cable has no effect on signal attenuation.
18-Which of the following statements are correct about CSMA/CD? (Choose three.)
It is a media access method used in LANs. *
It is a media access method used in FDDI WANs.
When a device needs to transmit, it checks to see if the media is available. *
A device sends data without checking media availability because all devices have
equal access. Multiple devices can successfully transmit simultaneously.
*Only one device can successfully transmit at a time.
19- Which of the following must be present for current to flow? (Choose three.)
*closed loop
bit-generating device
insulating material
*source of voltage
20-If Host A pings Host B through a newly installed switch with no entries in th
e MAC address table, which stations will receive the ping packet?
B only
A and B
B and switch
A, B, and switch
B, C, D, and switch *
A, B, C, D, and switch
21-Which devices shown in the graphic must have a MAC address?
only PC
only router
PC and router
PC, hub, and router
*PC, printer, and router

It enables a switch to perform as a router.128 .255.0 255.) 255.252.224. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 28-Which of the following subnet masks could be used when subnetting a Class B I P address? (Choose two.168 .0 255.0 *255.50. It enables a switch to dynamically choose the best switch mode. The ad ministrator discovered that the IOS and configuration files need to be updated t o meet the LAN specifications.0/27 4 networks / 62 hosts 6 networks / 64 hosts 32 networks / 8 hosts *6 networks / 30 hosts 8 networks / 32 hosts 2 networks / 8 hosts -------------------------------------------------------------------- 26-A network administrator is placing an older router back in to service.0. Which application layer protocol is used to trans fer the new configuration files into the router memory? SNMP SMTP HTTP *TFTP -------------------------------------------------------------------- 27-Which of the following best describes Spanning Tree Protocol? It enables a network to span across multiple physical segments. *255.-------------------------------------------------------------------- 22-What kind of connection is represented in the graphic? *console connection Ethernet connection ISDN connection leased line connection -------------------------------------------------------------------- 23-Which of the following is the decimal representation of the binary number 110 10011? 203 204 *211 212 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 24-Which type of cable is required to make a connection between a router console port and a PC COM port? straight-through cable crossover cable *rollover cable DB-9 cable coaxial cable 25-Determine the number of useable networks and hosts for the IP address 255. *It enables a switch to eliminate switching loops.

bits data. frames. 3 and 6 * 3 and 6.-------------------------------------------------------------------- 29-How is data encapsulated as it is moved down the OSI model? data. segments. 7 and 8 4 and 5.) configip ifconfig *ipconfig *winipcfg winipconfig -------------------------------------------------------------------- 35-Which type of address is 192. bits data.111/28? host address network address *broadcast address multicast address ------------------------------------------------------------------ 36 Which of the following networking devices increase the number of collision domai ns? (Choose three.17. segments. segments.) *switch . packets. bits -------------------------------------------------------------------- 30-Which of the following describes latency? the noise generated from outside a cable the degradation of a signal as it travels along the media the time required for a NIC to place a frame on the network media *the delay between the time a frame leaves its source device and reaches its des tination -------------------------------------------------------------------- 31-Which of the following is the binary representation of the decimal number 111 ? *01101111 01111101 11110111 11101101 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 32-Which LAN switching mode begins switching after reading only the first 64 byt es of the frame? fast forward *fragment-free latency forwarding store-and-forward ----------------------------------------------------------------- 33-When using Category 5 UTP cable. segments. packets. frames. packets. 4 and 5 1 and 2. 7 and 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 34-Which of the following commands could be used on a Windows-based computer to view the current IP configuration of the system? (Choose two. frames. packets. which RJ-45 pin pairs are used to exchange d ata between hosts on an Ethernet network? 1 and 2.168. frames. bits *data.

) connection-oriented protocol connectionless protocol* reliable protocol unreliable protocol * routed protocol * routing protocol -------------------------------------------------------------------- 42 Which of the following describe the token-passing logical topology? (Choose two. PC2 and PC3 NICs are from the same vendor. Token-passing logical topologies must also be physical ring topologies. and PC 3. ) *FDDI is an example of a token-passing network. Light is bounced at different rates in opposite directions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ 43-What is the maximum length of a media segment used for 100BASE-TX? . One of the disadvantages of the token-passing logical topology is the high colli sion rate. Colors of the light spectrum are separated into transmit and receive streams. *PC1 and PC2 NICs are from the same vendor. Transmit speeds are so high that half-duplex is acceptable.hub *router repeater *bridge -------------------------------------------------------------------- 37-What information can be determined from the MAC addresses of PC1. Computers transmit data after "listening" to the wire to detect other traffic. *Computers are allowed to transmit data only when they possess a token. as shown in the graphic? (Choose two. PC2 and PC3 NICs need to be replaced because they have different OUI identifiers .) PC1 and PC2 NICs need to be replaced because they have the same OUI identifier. *PC2 and PC3 NICs are from different vendors.) *DSL Ethernet Wireless Ethernet *T1-Carrier Token Ring ----------------------------------------------------------------- 39-which one of the router connectors shown in the graphic would be used for a L AN connection? Connector A Connector B *Connector C Connector D -------------------------------------------------------------------- 40-How is full-duplex capability typically achieved in fiber-optic cable? *Two fibers are encased in separate sheaths. PC1 and PC3 NICs need to be replaced because they have the same vendor-assigned address. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 41-Which of the following are characteristics of IP? (Choose three. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 38-Which of the following are considered WAN technologies? (Choose two. PC2.

It links all computers to a main computer that controls all traffic on the netwo rk. *It is a four-pair wire medium.1 was successful. *It relies on the cancellation effect produced by the twisted wire pairs. Although a ping to 127. *It provides maximum connectivity between all network systems.0. It uses a hub or a switch as a central point to connect all wires.* It is difficult to terminate the cable. It is not affected by EMI or RFI. the rep lacement computer can not access the company network. What is the likely cause o f the problem? IP address incorrectly entered network cables unplugged *subnet mask incorrectly entered network card failure -------------------------------------------------------------------- 47-Which of the following describes a physical full-mesh topology? It requires termination at both ends of the cable.) repeater *bridge *switch AUI hub -------------------------------------------------------------------- 45-Which of the following are characteristics of UTP cable? (Choose three. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- 46-Examine the graphic with current configurations. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 48-Which two statements describe the TFTP protocol? (Choose two.0.) *Each wire is covered by insulating material.*100 meters 185 meters 400 meters 500 meters -------------------------------------------------------------------- 44-which of the following networking devices divide a network into separate coll ision domains? (Choose two.) FTP *UDP SMTP TFTP *TCP ----------------------------------------------------------------- 50-Which type of UTP network cable connects two Cisco switches? straight-through *crossover rollover patch . Host A in the Clerical offic es failed and was replaced.) uses authenticated file transfer procedure provides connection-oriented service *provides connectionless service provides more features that FTP *lacks most of the features of FTP -------------------------------------------------------------------- 49-Which of the following are transport layer protocols of the TCP/IP model? (Ch oose two. It is more expensive than any other type of LAN cabling.

* They are aware of the complete network topology. 3. Which three statements about routing protocols are true? (Choose three. They do not include subnet masks in their routing updates. OSPF can convergence more quickly because it can find a feasible successor in it s topology table when a successor route goes down.-------------------------------------------------------------------- 51-How will the MAIN router dynamically learn a route to the 10. RIP does not support classless routing. It uses multicast instead of broadcast to send routing updates. * They offer rapid convergence times in large networks. They rely on decreasing hop counts to determine the best path. * It uses triggered updates to announce network changes if they happen in betwee n the periodic updates. bandwidth. What does RIP use to reduce convergence time in a larger network? It reduces the update timer to 15 seconds if there are more then 10 routes. load. EIGRP uses broadcast traffic to establish adjacencies with its neighbors. 4.10.) . It uses random pings to detect if a pathway is down and therefore is preemptive on finding networks that are down. 2.16. and reliability metri cs -------------------------------------------------------------------- 53-How many broadcast domains are shown in the diagram? *three four five six seven eight -------------------------------------------------------------------- 54-Which of the following are advantages of UTP cable? (Choose three.) * OSPF elects designated routers on multiaccess links. * EIGRP supports unequal cost load balancing. Which two statements are true regarding link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.) They do not work well in networks that require special heirarchical designs. * RIP does not advertise a route beyond a hop count of 15. What can be determined from the output shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.48/28 subn etwork in the diagram? with a routed protocol *with a routing protocol with a static route with a directly connected route -------------------------------------------------------------------- 52-Which of the following describes the RIP version 1 routing protocol? Cisco proprietary hybrid protocol *distance vector protocol that uses hop count as the only metric * link state protocol supporting multiple routed protocols distance vector protocol that uses delay.) *less expensive than fiber optic *flexible and easy to run in a building distance between signal boosts is longer than it is for coaxial *transmits data at a faster rate than any copper-based media receives less RMF and EMI interference than other types -------------------------------------------------------------------- Which of the following devices extend a collision domain? (choose 2) *-hub *-repeater -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. They pass their entire routing tables to their directly connected neighbors only .

1? static route to 10.168.0/24 will be in the routing table.x. An administrator consoled into the Waldorf router can ping the Brant router.168. 192. What is a logical next step that the network administrator should take to troubleshoot the proble m? Reboot the routers.0.1. * Routes to networks 192. The network shown in the diagram is having problems routing traffic. All of the routers are connected to Montgomery through an Ethernet switch.4. All routers are con figured for OSPF in area 0.10. * Montgomery has Layer 2 connectivity with Cumberland.1.16. Check to see if the cable is loose between BOS and JAX.0.168. * Brant.5 have auto summary disabled * router 3 is load balancing traffic to the 172.168. Which of the following should be considered when troubleshooting a problem wi th the establishment of neighbor relationships between OSPF routers? (Choose thr ee. Refer to the exhibit.168.0.0/23 RIP route to 10.168. 9. A network administrator is trying to figure out why BOS does not have the 10.0. What two statements are true based on the output shown? (Choose two. Refer to the exhibit.10.0.0/24 network in its routing table.168.1. Change the OSPF process ID on all of the routers to 0.5 and 192.0/24. Check to see if CDP packets are passing between the routers.3. Refer to the exhibit. and Potomac are directly connected to Montgomery.) the reported distance to network All router interfaces are configured with an IP address and are operational.16. It is s uspected that the problem is with the addressing scheme. A default route is automatically installed in the routing table to allow connect ivity between the networks. Layer 3 connectivity is operational for all of the devices listed in the Device ID column.0/0 via 192.) * OSPF interval timers mismatch gateway of last resort not redistributed * interface network type mismatch no loopback interface configured administrative distance mismatch * inconsistent authentication configuration 8.0 is 2172416 192. If no routing protocols or static routes are configured. Which route will be selected for a packet with a d estination address of 10.0.0/24 * 0. The routing table will be empty because routes and dynamic routes have not been configured. and 192.9 and 192.3. * Use show and debug commands to determine if hellos are propagating. w hat information will be included in the show ip route command output for router A? All of the 192.0 network across its serial interfaces all interfaces shown on Router3 are in the passive state and will not send EIGRP advertisements 10. Fisherman.Annapolis is a 2611 router that is connected to the S0/0 interface of the Montgo mery router.0. The results of the show ip route command are displayed in the graphic for Router R2.1. Refer to the exhibit.0 networks will be in the routing table.1 6.10. What is the problem wit h the addressing used in the topology? The address assigned to the Ethernet0 interface of Router1 is a broadcast addres s for that subnetwork.10.2.0. . 5. The links between the routers are operational and th e administrator is able to ping between all router interfaces.168.9 are feasible successors * neighbors 192.0/22 RIP route to 10.168. 7.

Which command will save the administrator the time and trouble of configuring t his default route on Router_B and all of the other routers in the OSPF area? Router_A(config-router)# ospf redistribute default-route Router_B(config-router)# ospf redistribute default-route * Router_A(config-router)# default-information originate Router_B(config-router)# default-information originate Router_A(config-router)# ip ospf update-default Router_B(config-router)# ip ospf update-default 17. 11. What summary address can Router2 advertise to Router1 to reach the three networks on Routers 3.) * As new neighbors are discovered. If the feasible successor has a higher advertised cost than the current successo r route. and 5 without advertising any publi c address space or overlapping the networks on Router1? 172.16.0/10 * 172. Which of the following are required when adding a network to the OSPF routin g process configuration? (Choose three.16. Which of the following are primary functions of a router? (Choose two.* The subnetwork configured on the serial link between Router1 and Router2 overl aps with the subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router3.0/8 172. What is the function of the OSPF LSU packet? used to confirm receipt of certain types of OSPF packets used to establish and maintain adjacency with other OSPF routers used to request more information about any entry in the BDR * used to announce new OSPF information and to reply to certain types of request s 12.0. 16. Refer to the exhibit.) * network address loopback address . entries are placed in a neighbor table.0/13 172. 4.) * packet switching microsegmentation domain name resolution * path selection flow control 13. Which three statements describe the operation of routing with EIGRP? (Choose three. What is the first step OSPF and IS-IS routers take in building a shortest pa th first database? * learn about directly connected networks send hello to discover neighbors and form adjacencies choose successors and feasible successors to populate the topology table flood LSPs to all neighbors informing them of all known networks and their link states 15. EIGRP builds one routing table that contains routes for all configured routed pr otocols. The subnetwork assigned to the Serial0 interface of Router1 is on a different su bnetwork from the address for Serial0 of Router2.0/20 14. A network administrator has configured a default route on Router_A but it is not being shared with adjacent Router_B and the other routers in the OSPF area.16. DUAL must recalculate the topology. EIGRP maintains full knowledge of the network topology in the topology table and exchanges full routing information with neighboring routers in every update. * The reported distance is the distance to a destination as advertised by a neig hbor.0.16. then it becomes the primary route. * If hello packets are not received within the hold time.16.0. The subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router2 overlaps with the subnetwork ass igned to Ethernet0 of Router3.

The packet will be forwarded to the gateway of last resort.31.16.32 * B(config)# router rip * B(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0 A(config)# no router rip 19. Refer to the exhibit.0.0 0.autonomous system number subnet mask * wildcard mask * area ID 18. 24.3.26? * The packet will be dropped. EIGRP uses bandwidth as its only metric.1.25.168. Neighbor 172.0. The packet will match the 192.0.0. Which statement is true regarding how the routers in this topology will respond to this event? Router4 will learn about the failed route 30 seconds later in the next periodic update. Netwo rk 10.0/19 in area 0? R1(config-router)# network Refer to the exhibit. Split horizon will prevent Router4 from fowarding packets to the 10.168.0. 21.16.0. The network administrator issues the command no ip cla ssless on Router1.255 area 0 R1(config-router)# network 172. Refer to the exhibit. * DUAL will query neighbors for a route to network 192.0 0.255 area 0 R1(config-router)# network 172.2 will be promoted to the feasible successor. What command would the network administrator apply to a router that is runni ng OSPF to advertise the entire range of addresses included in Traffic destined to the 192. * Router5 will send Router4 a triggered update with a metric of 16 for network 1 0.0.64 A(config)# router rip A(config-router)# no network 192. A network administrator has enabled RIP on routers B and C in the network di agram.16.15. 20.168.0 goes down.0 network and be forwarded out Serial 0/0. What forwarding action will take place on a packet that is re ceived by Router1 and is destined for host 192.168.0. What will happen if interface Serial0/0/1 goes down on Router1? The Dijkstra algorithm will calculate the feasible successor. Router5 immediately flushes the unreachable route from its routing table. The larger metric generally represents the better path. .255 area 0 22. Refer to the exhibit.0.48 B(config-router)# network 192.0 network will be dropped immediately due to l ack of a feasible successor.16.0 0.168.0 Which of the following commands will prevent RIP updates from being sent to Router A? A(config)# router rip A(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0 B(config)# router rip B(config-router)# network 192. Which statement is true regarding routing metrics? All routing protocols use the same metrics. * Routers compare metrics to determine the best route. networ k until the holddown timer expires.168. How many routes are both level 1 and qualify for use a s an ultimate route? 1 * 2 3 4 5 6 23.0.255 area 0 * R1(config-router)# network 172.0. The network is running the RIP routing protocol.25.

besides the one it entered the router on. The router changes the source IP to the IP of the exit interface.2.0.0/22 198.0. R1 knows two routes.0/24 network not be able to ping hosts on the Fa0/0 L AN of the JAX router? The JAX router has the wrong process ID.The packet will most closely match the 192. The router sends the packet out all other interfaces. * The JAX router needs the network 10. * The route via Path A is installed because the static route has the best metric to network 10.0 goes down.255 area 0 command.0.18.18. Path A and Path B.0 0.0/16.0.0. The network is using the RIPv2 routing protocol. The route via Path B is installed because the EIGRP route has the best metric to network 10. Refer to the exhibit.48. The BOS router needs the network 192. If ne twork 10.18.168. area 0 command.168. * The routers must use the same dead interval. The route via Path B is installed because the EIGRP route has the lowest adminis trative distance to network 10.) The routers must elect a designated router.0. decrementing it by one.0. Refer to the exhibit.2. The router changes the destination IP to the IP of the exit interface. Which route will R1 install in its routing table? Both routes are installed and load balancing occurs across both paths.0. The routers must exchange database description packets. * The router maintains the same source and destination IP. The routers must exchange link state requests.0. What are two tasks that must be completed before two routers can use OSPF to form a neighbor adjacency? (Choose two.8 subnet and be forwarded out S erial 0/1. * The routers must agree on the network type.0.168.49. to the Etherne t network attached to R3. The JAX router needs the network 192.0/ area 0 command.0.0/16 * 198. R1 learned Path A to network 10. Which three statements are true regarding the encapsulation and de-encapsula tion of packets when traveling through a router? (Choose three. what mechanism will prevent Router1 from advertising f alse routing information back to Router2? triggered updates poison reverse * holddown timers split horizon 29.0/23 198. Hosts on the BOS Fa0/0 LAN are able to ping the Fa0/1 interface on the JAX router and all interfaces on the BOS and ORL routers.0 from a static route and Path B to network 10.0/16.0 0. 31. What is the most efficient summarization of the routes attached to router R1? 198.0/22 27.0.52. Refer to the exhibit.0/23 198.48.0/16 from EIGRP.3.2. The route via Path A is installed because the static route has the lowest admini strative distance to network 10. 26. What is the purpose of the TTL field within an IP packet header? clears an unreachable route from the routing table after the invalid timer expir es prevents regular update messages from inappropriately reinstating a route that m ay have gone bad .0/16.0.) * The router modifies the TTL field. Why w ould hosts from the 198. 25. Refer to the exhibit.32.18.0. * The router changes the source physical address to the physical address of the exit interface.18.

0.0? (Choose tw o. Refer to the exhibit.0? D 192.168.1 172.255.0/24 [1/0] via 192.0 network 33. Pings are failing between HostA and HostB.168.0. Ethernet0 O 192. The network administrator is testing network connectiv ity by issuing the tracert command from host A to host B. which three statements are true? (Choose three. Which of the following could describe the devices labeled ? in the graphic? (C hoose three. The missing information for Blank 1 is the command debug ip route.0 routes have adjacent boudaries and should be sum marized.0 S0/0 * ip route 192.0. Which statement is true concerning the routing configu ration? Using dynamic routing instead of static routing would have required fewer config uration steps.1.168. 00:00:17. it is important to int erpret the output of various router commands. * The missing information for Blank 3 is the letter C.0.0 255.168. Ethernet0 R 192. Refer to the exhibit.0 255. The 10.16.) * The missing information for Blank 1 is the command show ip route. * The missing information for Blank 2 is the number 120.0. Refer to the exhibit. 34.16.16. What are three features of CDP? (Choose three.) Router1 is missing a route to the 172. 00:00:22.0.0 192. The missing information for Blank 3 is the letter R.0.1.0/24 [120/1] via 192.) ip route 172. The missing information for Blank 2 is the number 100.0 255. Assuming Router2 is configured correctly. Which route will be used to reach network 192.0 network Router2 is missing a route to the 10.16. 00:00:09.2 ip route 192.removes an unreachable route from the routing table after the flush timer expire s * limits the period of time or number of hops a packet can traverse through the network before it should be discarded used to mark the route as unreachable in a routing update that is sent to other routers On the basis of the exhibit.0.200.0/24 [110/1012] via 36.168. The static route will not work correctly. 38.0.) tests Layer 2 connectivity * provides a layer of security operates a OSI layers 2 and 3 enabled by default on each interface * used for debugging Layer 4 connectivity issues * provides information on directly connected devices that have CDP enabled what are two possible routing table issues on the network? (Choo se two.) * DCE . Given the exhibited ou tput on host A.1 * ip route 172.0. which two static routes could b e configured on Router1 to enable Host A to reach network 192.16.0/24 [90/2195456] via network Router3 is missing a route to the 192.0.0 network * Router3 is missing a route to the ne twork. Ethernet0 * S 192.0 network *Router2 is missing a route to the 172.0.1 172. The network administrator discovers that Router1 does not have a route to the 172.0 255.0.0 S0/1 35.168. When troubleshooting a network.0 S0/1 ip route * Packets routed to the R2 ethernet interface require two routing table lookups. A router has learned about a network through static and dynamic routing proc esses.0/24 and 10.0 network Router1 is missing a route to the Refer to the exhibit.0 255.0 S0/0 ip route 172.

What is a possible cause of this problem? Router JAX has the wrong autonomous-system number. The router installs all routes in the routing table but uses the route with the best metric most when load balancing.29. Automatic summarization is not disabled on the JAX router.29. All interfaces are active and properly addressed.0.198. 45.0.168. The Richmond router is in a different autonomous system than the Suffolk router. when the workstation on network 172.29. Network 172.16. what criteria do es a router use to determine which routes to add to the routing table? The router selects the routes with the best metric.16 can best be reached using FastEthernet0/0. Network 192.0/24 network? The router chooses the first path that it learned and installs only that route i .168. The routers in the exhibit are running the EIGRP routi ng protocol.17.0.0 can only be reached using a default route. The Suffolk router is directly connected to the networks shown in the graphi c and has a default route that points to the Richmond router. What change by the administrator will correct the problem? Set the encapsulation on both routers to PPP.0 is missing from the EIGRP configuration on the JAX router. What are the effects of the exhibited commands on the router? All passwords are encrypted. 42. 40.1. * The ip classless command is not enabled on the Suffolk router. 44. When presented with multiple valid routes to a destination. The res ulting routes are then prioritized by metric and the routes with the best metric are added to the routing table.0.* CSU/DSU LAN switch * modem hub 39.200. Which three statements are true of the routing table f or Router1? (Choose three.0/24 network in its routing updates.5.0/16 network to the 192. * Router1 is running both the EIGRP and OSPF routing process.0/24 sends a packet to destination address 172.) The route to network 172.2. What statement is true regarding how packets will travel from the 1 72. 41. All rou tes with the same lowest administrative distance are added to the routing table. The ORL router is unable to form a neighbor relationsh ip with the JAX router. Pings are failing between the two routers. Routers 1 and 2 are directly connected over a serial l ink. Decrease the bandwidth on Serial 0/1/0 on router 2 to 1544. Only Telnet sessions are encrypted. 43. The ip subnet-zero command was not configured on the Suffolk router. All routes that have the sam e best metric are added to the routing table. * Only the enable password and Telnet session are encrypted. * The AD of EIGRP routes has been manually changed to a value other than the def ault value. * The command network 192.198. What can be a reason for this result? The ip classless command is not enabled on the Richmond router.1/30. Refer to the exhibit.168. Refer to the exhibit.0 has an AD of 156160. The router first selects routes with the lowest administrative distance. * The router selects the routes with the lowest administrative distance. Enable and console passwords are encrypted.168. Change the cable that connects the routers to a crossover cable. Router JAX has the wrong IP address on the Fa0/1 interface. * No default route has been configured. * Change the IP address on Serial 0/1/0 on router 2 to 192. it is discarded by th e Suffolk router. Refer to the exhibit.16. Only the enable password is encrypted. Refer to the exhibit. 5. The route was ignored if the Richmond router did not include the 172. However. Refer to the exhibit.

When the show cdp neighbors command is issued from Router C. .0.1 * 172. B A. What is a logical next step that the en gineer could take in order to make the static route display in the routing table in R1? Enter default routes in R1 and R2. Refer to the exhibit. It was giv en the host address of 192.0.0.) * 10.1 When the engineer enters the show ip route command on R1.16.0/16 128.100. The router chooses the path with the lowest administrative distance and installs only that route in the routing table. * 192. Enter the copy run start command to force the router to recognize the configurat ion.168. Serial0/0/1 51.0 192.168. Configure the static route to use an exit interface instead of a next-hop addres s.2.1.168. Th e PC is not communicating with the network properly.0/24 192.168. A new PC was deployed in the Sales network.0/16 172.n the routing table.16.0.0/24 network take to get to the 10.107.0 255.0/8 64.0/20 [1/0] via 192.0.0. Packets destined to which two networks will require th e router to perform a recursive lookup? (Choose two. SWH-2 * B.10.0/24 * 192.16.0/24 network? ADC ABC It will load balance the traffic between ADC and ABC * It will send the traffic via ABC. SWH-2 A.1.16.28. SWH-2 47.16. All R1 and R2 interfaces are correctly addressed per the graphic. the routing table does not display the static route to the 10.255.1 6.0/24 48.0.121. D.1. and will use ADC as a backup path only when ABC fails.168.0 network.31 is the broadcast address for this subnet.0 192.0.17 0.0.0. A.31 with a default gateway of 192. * Enable the R1 and R2 serial interfaces. Refer to the exhibit. 49. SWH-1. * The router installs all the equal cost paths in the routing table and performs equal cost load balancing to send packets out multiple exit interfaces. holding the others in reserve in case the primary route goes d own.16.9 172.1. D SWH-1.2. B. D SWH-1.0/20 [1/0] via 192.168. 50. What is the cause? The address is in the wrong subnet. Refer to the exhibit.0. A packet enters Router1 with a destination IP of 172.1. which devices w ill be displayed in the output? D. The router installs all the equal cost paths in the routing table but sends pack ets out only one.40. A company network engineer enters the following commands i n the routers: R1(config)# ip route 10. 46.1. Refer to exhibit.255.0/16 [1/0] via 192.0.0 255. Refer to the exhibit. Which routing table entry will be used to forward this packet to the d estination address? 172.2 R2(config)# ip route 10.168. B. is directly connected.168.10. The router chooses the highest routing ID based on the advertised network IP add resses and installs only that route in the routing table.168.255.0. Which path will traffic from the

Router5 because it has the best metric. Serial0/0 C 172.16. What is the meaning of the highlighted value 192? It is the value assigned by the Dijkstra algorithm that designates the number of hops in the network. what is the next step in the router boot sequence af ter the IOS loads from flash? Perform the POST routine.executes diagnostics at bootup * NVRAM . Search for a backup IOS in ROM.0 is directly connected.loads the bootstrap RAM .0 [1/0] via 172.16. which is cost.1. Which three statements are true of holddown timers? (Choose three. Router2.168.stores the operating system Flash . The host address and default gateway are swapped.stores the configuration file ROM .) * Paris(config)# router eigrp 100 Paris(config)# router eigrp Paris(config-router)# network 192.2 * S 172.1.255. 52.2 command.1. How will this route appear in the routing tab le? C 172.stores the backup configuration file * POST . It is the administrative distance. 55.) * used by link state routing protocols to prevent routing loops prevent update messages from reinstating a route that may have gone bad allow routers to still forward packets to destination networks that are in holdd own * limit the number of hops a packet can traverse through the network before it i s discarded * prevent a router advertising a network through the same interface from which t he network was learned permit lower metric updates received from any neighboring router to reinstate th e route to a possibly down network 56.2.16. Router3. Refer to exhibit. Given the topology shown in the exhibit.2. * It is the metric.The default gateway is incorrect. Serial0/0 S 172. Which protocol will be used and how wi ll traffic between the Router1 LAN and Router5 LAN be routed through the network ? RIPv2 will load balance across both paths between Router1 and Router5.16.) DRAM .7.16. Using default settings.2. All routers in the network are running RIPv2 and EIGRP with default routing protocol settings and have interfaces configured with the bandwidths that are shown in the exhibit.0 172. The network administrator configures the router with the ip route 172. Load the running-config file from RAM. 54.0 . Router5 because it has the lea st hops. Refer to the exhibit.0 is directly connected. EIGRP will load balance across both paths between Router1 and Router5. It is the value used by the DUAL algorithm to determine the bandwidth for the li nk.16.0 [1/0] via 172.16. what three comman ds are needed to configure EIGRP on the Paris router? (Choose three. Which two router component and operation pair are correctly described? (Choo se two.16. * Locate and load the startup-config file from NVRAM.runs diagnostics on hardware modules 58.255. * EIGRP traffic will use the path Router1.1.0 255.1.2 57.6. Refer to the routing table shown in the exhibit.0 * Paris(config-router)# network 192. RIPv2 traffic will use the path Router1. Load the bootstrap program from ROM. 53. Router4.168.

0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Convert the binary number 10111010 into its hexadecimal equivalent. encoding and dialog control * uses TCP and UDP protocols packet switching * reliability.) glass fibers * copper * gold plastic .0 Paris(config-router)# network 192.3 seconds 6. ) neutral and neutral neutral and positive neutral and negative * positive and positive positive and negative * negative and negative 7 Which of the following are considered the best electrical conductors for use i n data network communications? (Choose three.168. 156 158 160 * 162 164 166 3 Select the necessary information that is required to compute the estimated tim e it would take to transfer data from one location to another.4 seconds 2 seconds 0. flow control and error correction 6 Which combinations of charges will be repelled by electric force? (Choose two. 85 90 * BA A1 B3 1C 2 Convert the Hexadecimal number A2 into its Base 10 equivalent.) path determination handles representation. (Choose two.0375 seconds 5 What are features of the TCP/IP Transport layer? (Choose two. Select the corr ect answer from the list below.2 seconds * 21.075 seconds 0. Select the correct answer from the list below.* Paris(config-router)# network 192. how long would it take a 4MB file to be sent over a 1.9.) * file size data format network in use type of medium * bandwidth of the link 4 Using the data transfer calculation T=S/BW.168.8.5Mbps connection? 52.

) * frame format media connectors * timing * multi-part encoding 13 Which of the following does 1000BASE-T use to accomplish gigabit speeds on Ca t 5e cable? the use of four conductors in full-duplex mode the use of two multiplexed pairs of wires.) * inter-building connection mid-length voice video conferencing * vertical wiring * horizontal wiring diagonal wiring 15 John has been hired as the network administrator of a local company and has d .) bit speed * attenuation wire map saturation limit * analog bandwidth 9 The highest capacity Ethernet technologies should be implemented in which area s of a network? (Choose three.silicon * silver 8 During cable testing. simultaneously 14 For which of the following is Ethernet considered the standard? (Choose three .) between workstation and backbone switch between individual workstations * between backbone switches * between enterprise server and switch * on aggregate access links 10 What device must be used between an AUI port of a networking device and the m edia to which it is being connected? a transducer a transmitter * a transceiver a transponder a port replicator 11 An ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) is composed of how many signaling channels ? * 1 2 3 4 12 Which of the following items are common to all 100BASE technologies? (Choose three. which of the following are used to calculate the informa tion carrying capacity of a data cable? (Choose two. simultaneously the use of three pairs of wires for data and the fourth for stabilization and fo rward error correction * the use of all four pairs of wires in full-duplex mode.

Whic h of the following does "CompA" broadcast to find the MAC address of "CompB"? MAC request * ARP request ping Telnet proxy ARP 17 Which of the following is a term associated with replacing hubs with switches to increase the number of collision domains? encapsulation latency * segmentation layered model broadcast domain extended 18 The accumulation of traffic from which of the following can cause a network c ondition called broadcast radiation? (Choose three. Which of the followin g has been caused by John's inexperience? * collision domain extended an increased number of collision domains increased network performance increased bandwidth extended bandwidth 16 "CompA" is trying to locate a new computer named "CompB" on the network.ecided to add more hubs to the company's existing network.) anonymous FTP servers telnet sessions * video over IP applications NAS services * ARP requests * RIP updates 19 Which of the following describes the use of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)? resolve routing loops eliminate Split Horizon errors limit collisions * resolve switching loops 20 Which term describes an ARP response by a router on behalf of a requesting ho st? ARP RARP * Proxy ARP Proxy RARP 21 Which OSI layer encapsulates data into packets? session transport * network data link 22 Which OSI layer defines the functions of a router? physical data link * network transport session .

each subnet capable of accommodating at least 20 hosts.255.) TFTP SNMP * POP3 .) RIPv2 * IGRP OSPF BGP RIPv1 * EIGRP 24 A company with a Class B license needs to have a minimum of 1. Which of the f ollowing is the appropriate subnet mask? 255.255.255. whi ch protocols could the administrator use to remotely access those files? (Choose two.240. Which mask below is the appropr iate one? 255.248 to a Cla ss A address.255.0 255.) a temporary connection to establish authentication of hosts * a connection used for ASCII or binary mode data transfer a connection used to provide the tunnel through which file headers are transport ed a command connection which allows the transfer of multiple commands directly to the remote server system * a control connection between the client and server 29 Which of the following protocols are used for e-mail transfer between clients and servers? (Choose three.255.0 255.192 * 255.0.) NFS ASCII * TFTP IMAP * FTP UDP 28 What is established during a connection-oriented file transfer between comput ers? (Choose two.255.224 * 255.23 Which of the following are Cisco proprietary routing protocols? (Choose two.255.0 255.255.240 26 When a network administrator applies the subnet mask 255.224 25 A small company has a class C network license and needs to create five usable subnets. subnets wit h each subnet capable of accommodating 50 hosts.255. for any given subnet. how many IP addresses are available to be as signed to devices? 1022 510 254 126 30 * 6 27 If a network administrator needed to download files from a remote server.255.255.

a technician should adhere to whic h rule? the 4-5-3 rule the 6-4-2 rule the 3-4-5 rule * the 5-4-3 rule 36 Which of the following wireless standards increased transmission capabilities to 11 Mbps? 802.11a * 802. * The version operates at a transmission rate of 10 Mbps. The maximum frame length is 10 octets. Frames can travel 10 meters unrepeated. 34 How is a MAC address represented? four groups of eight binary digits separated by a decimal point four Base10 digits separated by a decimal point six hexadecimal digits * twelve hexadecimal digits twenty-four Base10 digits 35 To make sure timing limitations are not violated when implementing a 10 Mbps Ethernet network involving hubs or repeaters.11d 37 Which protocol functions at the internet layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite? File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) * Internet Protocol (IP) User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) .* SMTP * IMAP4 postoffice 30 What type of wiring problem is depicted in this sample of a cable tester? a fault a short * an open a split a good map 31 Which layer of the OSI model covers physical media? * Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 32 What type of network cable is used between a terminal and a console port? cross-over straight-through * rollover patch cable 33 What does the "10" in 10Base2 indicate about this version of Ethernet? The version uses Base10 numbering within the frames.11c 802.11b 802.

awsb.38 Which of these workstation installation and setup tasks are concerned with ne twork access layer functions? (Choose represent? government education network * non-profit 45 Which of the following services is used to translate a web address into an IP address? * DNS WINS DHCP Telnet 46 Which part of the URL http://www. It is only locally significant.) configuring the e-mail client * installing NIC drivers configuring IP network settings * connecting the network cable using FTP to download application software updates 39 Which part of an IP address identifies a specific device on a network? first two octets third and fourth octets network portion * host portion only the fourth octet 40 Which of the following are features of the Internet Protocol (IP)? (Choose tw gives the name of the domain . used primarily on local area networks. Which cable type will best mee t this standard? coaxial screened twisted pair shielded twisted pair unshielded twisted pair * fiber optic 42 What is the recommended maximum number of workstations configured on a peer-t o-peer network? 25 15 * 10 5 2 43 What is the maximum distance that 10BASE-T will transmit data before signal a ttenuation affects the data delivery? * 100 meters 185 meters 300 meters 500 meters 44 Which type of institution does the domain suffix . the network administrator has decided to use a medium that is not affected by electrical noise.) * It is the most widely implemented global addressing scheme. It allows two hosts to share a single address on a local area network. * It is a hierarchical addressing scheme allowing addresses to be grouped. 41 In a new network installation.

ca 47 Which of the following will test the internal loopback of a node? ping 10.9.1 * ping 127.1 ping 223.? www http:// /teacher * awsb. * It provides a service to the network layer.223 ping 255.0.30 * 123.3 ---------------------------------- 1 Which installation option should be chosen when the current operating system is too damaged to work properly? upgrade multi-boot clean install * virtualization 2 Where do ISPs get the public addresses that they assign to end users? ISPs create the addresses themselves.132 128.92.) It links data to the transport layer.39.1 * 111. 51 Which of the following are useable Class A IP addresses with a default subnet mask? (Choose three. ISPs are assigned addresses through the RFC.) * transistor microprocessor power supply * capacitor * light emitting diode hard disk 50 What is important to remember about the data link layer of the OSI model when considering Peer to Peer communication? (Choose three.223.1 0.1. It encodes the data link frame into a pattern of 1s and 0s (bits) for transmissi on on the medium. .1. It encapsulates frames into packets.255. * Its header contains a physical address which is required to complete the data link functions.) 127. ISPs obtain their addresses automatically. * It encapsulates the network layer information into a frame. ping 192. discrete components found within a personal computer? (Choose three.0.2.255 48 Which of the following is the Layer 4 PDU? bit frame packet * segment 49 Which of the following are small.38.0.2 * 105.

It shows the current IP configuration on the client. What type of domain is this? . An RJ-45 connector is used on only one end of the UTP cable. It forces the client to clear all the MAC address to IP address associations it has learned. 6 What layer is the first point of entry for a host into the network? core layer access layer * network layer distribution layer 7 What data communication technology uses low-power radio waves to transmit data? copper cable fiber optic cable wireless * radio 8 Which type of computer uses an integrated monitor and keyboard? pocket PC laptop * mainframe server workstation 9 What is the function of CSMA/CA on a wireless Ethernet network? to prevent collisions * (Carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance) to broadcast messages to select the least congested channel to establish an ACK between devices 10 All hosts within a domain receive the same frame that originates from one of the devices. * (tricky not sure) Up to 2 to 3 inches of cable may be untwisted at each end of the cable to allow for easier installation of the RJ-45 connector. The domain is also bounded by routers. * (forces to give up its c urrent IP address lease to be correct) It forces a client to give up its current MAC address.ISPs obtain address blocks from registry organizations. 5 Which statement is true about UTP cable termination? Cables with RJ-45 connectors are always preterminated. * 3 When is the use of a DSL modem necessary? when a cellular telephone provides the service when a high-speed connection is provided over a cable TV network when a high-speed digital connection is required over the regular telephone line * when a satellite dish is used 4 What is the purpose of the ipconfig /release command? It forces a client to give up its current IP address. The RJ-45 connector should be pushed over the wire jacket for a smooth connectio n.

0. * .22.255 13 What is the default subnet mask for the IP address 128.107. Assume that the exhibited output is from a host that is co nnected to a Linksys integrated router. What is the first thing that should be c hecked while using a bottom-up troubleshooting approach? the default gateway on the host the IP address on the host the IP address on the router the link status LED on the front of the router * the subnet mask on the host 15 Which two values represent the network number and default mask for the address 2 09.0 to 192.255.) IP address * subnet mask computer name * default gateway address operating system version 12 Which three address ranges can be used to depict private IP addresses? (Choose t hree.255 * 16 Which two statements are true about network applications? (Choose two. * 255.255.255 * 127.255. * Network applications are installed on a special type of computer that supports o nly network applications.200.0 to 172.0 to 200. Network applications are accessible from a remote computer.0.0 to 14 Refer to the exhibit. 255.0 209.0 to 150.255 * 255.255 150.0.0 * 209.225? Class C (Choose two.0.0.0 255.255.255* to 10.0.broadcast * collision local multicast 11 Within a local network.0.255.0 255.) Microsoft Word is an example of a network application.100.1. which two items must be unique on a computer for it to s uccessfully connect to the network? (Choose two.0.0 255. Network applications are installed on a network server.168.255.0

) the wireless client configuration for DHCP * the default gateway the firewall configuration the SSID the physical connectivity between the server and the client * 23 Refer to the exhibit. * (WORKSFOR ME) The user can specify high-performance components to meet specific needs. sounds reasonable) to work with applications that require less bandwidth 20 Which of the following are transport layer protocols of the TCP/IP model? (Choos e two. What is the effect of setting the security mode to WEP on the Linksys integrated router? The WEP security mode enables the AP to inform clients of its presence. 22 Refer to the exhibit. * .) CLI GUI * kernel third party software shell* 18 What is the meaning of the term crosstalk? interference of signals between wire pairs * (almost sure) loss of signal strength as distance increases damage of the signal when two bare wires touch strengthening of a signal by a networking device 19 What is the most common reason that ISPs provide symmetrical transfer services? to address data transfer needs of home users to download significantly more than upload to host servers on the Internet * (not sure. The WEP security mode encrypts network traffic during transmission between the A P and the wireless client. 17 A learner wants to interact with the operating system of a computer. The waiting period for assembly is negligible.) FTP UDP * SMTP TFTP TCP * 21 What is an advantage of purchasing a custom-built computer? It is beneficial for less knowledgeable consumers. Given the output that is shown in the exhibit. what two things should the netwo rk technician verify first to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two. A wireless DHCP client is unable to access the web server. Which two m ethods can be used for this? (Choose two. The cost is lower compared to a computer that has been preassembled.Network applications are accessible by one computer at a time.

* The commercial license-based operating system is released free of charge. 30 Select the connection that would require a straight-through cable. * It manages the domain that clients are assigned to. It prevents the display of advertisement windows. The commercial license-based operating system ensures that everyone can particip ate in the enhancement of the product.) disconnected cables * improper operation of cooling fans (WTF??) incorrect MAC address * incorrect default gateway incorrect subnet mask 29 What is the function of the DNS server? It maps the IP address to the MAC address. 24 Which protocol is used by a client to browse the web server? (Well that depends but most commonly HTTP) FTP HTTP * POP SMTP 25 What is the purpose of pop-up blocker software? It detects and removes spyware. The commercial license-based operating system provides structured support. Which troubleshooting approach is being followed? bottom-up divide-and-conquer * (He's an idiot but probably he uses divide and conquer) top-down trial and error 28 Which two causes of networking problems are related to the physical layer? (Choo se two. * O_O LOOOL It removes unwanted e-mail 26 What is an advantage of selecting an operating system that has a commercial lice nse over one with a GPL license? The commercial license-based operating system ensures full access to the source code for everyone. 27 A user is unable to send e-mail.The WEP security mode generates a dynamic key each time a client establishes a c onnection with the AP. the netw ork technician uses the browser on the PC and tries to access some popular Inter net websites. To begin troubleshooting this problem. The WEP security mode identifies the WLAN. It accepts HTTP requests from clients. a switch to a hub a router to a switch * a switch to a switch a router to a router . It translates a computer or domain name to the associated IP address. It detects and removes viruses.

It detects and removes viruses. What type of s ecurity policy is being applied? identification and authentication remote access acceptable use * (didn't know this one :O ) incident handling 32 How does a crossover cable connect two routers? It connects the pins that are used for receiving on one router to the pins that are used for receiving on the other router.) . A * (almost sure) B. C. They interconnect local network segments. * (LOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this question is uberstupid!) 34 For an IP address. D. C. A. It connects the pins that are used for transmitting on one router to the pins th at are used for receiving on the other router. D A. * It disconnects the transmit pins and uses only the receive pins. The Ethernet header and trailer are removed. C. It prevents the display of advertisement windows. C. What is the correct sequence of these steps? A. * They interconnect the company network to the ISP. It uses the same pins for transmitting and receiving. The IP header is removed and the contents are passed to the next layer. B. B. B. They interconnect multiple companies. D. It examines incoming e-mail messages to identify the unsolicited ones. D 36 Which statement accurately describes what network devices do in the distribution layer of the three layer design model? They interconnect individual hosts. D B. The TCP header is removed. 33 What is the purpose of spam filter software? It detects and removes spyware. A C.31 Your school network blocks all websites related to online gaming. what component decides the number of bits that is used to rep resent the host ID? default-gateway host number network number subnet mask * 35 TCP/IP data transmission between the source and destination host is de-encapsula ted in four steps: A. B. C. Bits are decoded and the destination MAC address is recognized. 37 Which two statements are characteristics of DHCP services? (Choose two. D.

There is a negligible waiting period for assembly.2 55. High-performance graphics and gaming applications are supported. * 38 What are two advantages of purchasing a preassembled computer? (Choose two. 43 What information within a data packet does a router use. * This type of computer is useful for knowledgeable consumers with special needs. to make for warding decisions? the destination MAC address * the destination IP address the destination host name the destination service requested .A DHCP client determines the lease time for using the IP address that is supplie d by the DHCP server. HTTP using browser) HTTP 42 Which statement is true about packet filtering? It recognizes and filters specific types of attacks. The user can specify high-performance components.) The cost is comparatively lower. * (WORKSFORME) 39 Refer to the graphic. What feature can be installed on the Linksys integrated ro uter to convert private IP addresses to Internet-routable addresses? authentication DHCP encryption firewall NAT * WEP 40 What are two examples of peripheral input devices? (Choose two. * (or first. tricky) It is performed from a host network device. An integrated router acts as the DHCP server to provide the IP address to the IS P.255.* The DHCP server maps the IP addresses to host names. The integrated router acts as a DHCP server for internal hosts on local networks .255. It permits access based on IP address. DHCP clients send a DHCP Discover message to the destination IP address of 255. dunno.) external modem barcode reader * digital camera * plotter printer 41 Which protocol is used by a client to retrieve an e-mail from a remote server us ing a TCP/IP connection? DNS FTP POP * (if using a mail client. by default. It translates an internal address or group of addresses into a public address th at is sent across the network.

* MAC addresses are always assigned to network devices by a network administrator. The AP is not physically wired to the local LAN.) 0 * 1 * 2^0 A F 49 A network technician is required to provide access to the Internet for a large c ompany. a computer science student needs to present data in binary for mat. Host A sends a message to a group of four computers out of the ten computers on this network. IrDA and RF ar e technologies. Which type of message does host A send? broadcast multicast * simulcast unicast 45 Refer to the exhibit. not sure can be also RF) radio frequency (RF) 48 As an assignment.4 and 5 GHz. . MAC addresses are Layer 3 addresses.) MAC addresses are used to identify a specific NIC. * MAC addresses contain a network number and unique host identification. What are the two possible values that the student can use? (Choose two. This configuration is found only in an ad hoc wireless network. Which statement is true based on the information that is s hown in the exhibit? All wireless devices that are connected to this AP must have an assigned SSID of University. 46 Which two statements correctly describe MAC addresses? (Choose two. What is needed to accomplish this task? ISP private IP addresses for each host * static IP addresses for each host DHCP server 50 A small company owns one older AP that provides a maximum data rate of 11 Mb/s. 47 Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is commonly used by wireless LANs? Bluetooth infrared Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) * (ISM because Bluetooth. * Any wireless client that is attached to this AP must have the same IP address an d SSID. MAC addresses are physical addresses.44 Refer to the exhibit. part of a spectrum is a band in this case ISM I think 2.

always been shitty with cables ) open reversed pair short * split pair 52 The area covered by a single AP is known as what? ad-hoc network * basic service set * independent basic service set (Wtf is independent BSS?) extended service set distribution system ------------------------------------------- . What two wireless standards are referenced in t his scenario? (Choose two.11d 802.11b* 802.) 802.The company wants to add a newer AP that will provide a faster data rate but be compatible with the existing AP.11 802. What cabling fault does the exhibit represent? ([Bad Word] dunno.11a 802.11g* 51 Refer to the exhibit.