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1. Scope

Develop and disseminate information relating to the economic selection, specification, installation,
operation and maintenance of overall pulp and paper mill heat and power systems - including steam
generation and distribution, power generation drivers, all fuels and the proper collection and disposal
of combustion by-products and spent fuel, mill condensate systems, and the auxiliaries and
instrumentation associated with these systems — and the application of economically effective
energy management.

2. Organization

The Steam & Power/Energy Management Committee consists of a number of operating,
administrative and technical subcommittees as well as ad-hoc subcommittees (as needed). The
officers consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Membership Chair with 2 year terms each.
Normal progression is from Membership Chair to Secretary to Vice Chair to Chair.

3. Committee Officers

3.1 Qualifications

3.1.1 Each Committee officer must be an individual member of TAPPI in good standing.

3.1.2 Each must signify before appointment his willingness to give a reasonable amount of
time and work in the performance of his TAPPI assignment.

3.1.3 It is preferred that at least one of the offices of Committee Chair and Vice Chair be
occupied by a representative of a pulp and/or paper manufacturer.

3.2 Appointment

3.2.1 Committee Chairs are appointed by the TAPPI President upon recommendation of
the Division Chair and confirmation by majority vote of the Committee membership

3.2.2 Vice Chairs and Secretaries are appointed by the TAPPI President upon
recommendation of the Division Chair, and Membership Chairs are appointed by the
Division Chair upon recommendation of the Committee Chair and confirmation by
majority vote of the Committee membership.

3.3 Term

3.3.1 Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Membership Chair are appointed for a
term of 2 years. New officers take over their duties at the end of the Fall Technical

3.4 Duties

Approved November 1, 2004 1

Reviews and approves all publicity releases prepared by or for the committee. Appoints Program Chairs. Secretary. 10. Presides over Subcommittee Chairs’ meeting. Takes on other duties as assigned by the Chair typically including participation on the Division Technical Products Committee. 3. b. Writes appropriate letter of thanks to committee members and their companies.4. 2004 2 .4. 4. Informs TAPPI of appropriate news items for inclusion in Division Newsletter. d. Represents the Committee on the Engineering Division Operating and Planning Committee. Subcommittee Chairs. Membership Chair and succeeding Committee Chair to Division Chair for appointment. Development and presentation of technical seminars and short courses. Presides over committee meetings and insures all committee meetings are conducted in accordance with TAPPI antitrust policy. Provides leadership and direction to obtain high involvement of members in useful and productive activities consistent with the committee's assignment and objectives. Acts as Chair in his absence. 12. 9. Approves any nominations for awards prior submitting them to the Division Honors Chair. 8. 5. 5. Production of Technical Information Sheets and technical literature through TAPPI PRESS Books and Reports. 2.3. 3. 6. Approves all committee work items. Prepares and submits annual report on the objectives and activities of his committee to the Division Chair . Recommends Committee Vice Chair. Recommends Subcommittee Chair appointment to Chair for approval 3. 3. Identification of industry problems and development of solutions. Preparation of technical programs for Fall Technical Conference and/or Annual Meeting.4.1 Committee Chair 1.2 Committee Vice Chair 1. such as: a. Reviews and approves all applications for committee membership and directs removal of inactive members from committee roster. and Chairs of Task Groups in charge of committee assignments. Reviews and approves all proposed committee activities or projects. 7. 11. 4. c. Responsible for Subcommittee organization and member assignments thereto 2. Presides over Steering Committee meetings and insures that changes in policies or committee direction are consistent with Committee scope and TAPPI policies. 6.3 Secretary Submits agendas prepared by Committee Officers to TAPPI for antitrust review Approved November 1. 14. 13. Prepares agenda for all scheduled Steering and Main Committee meetings .

a. 5. Adds new members to roster. Modifies roster as necessitated by Committee action. a. f. Steering Committee 2. Sends copy to Technical Division Administrator within 30 days of meeting for antitrust review. and implements as directed by the Committee Chair. Takes on other duties as assigned by the Committee Chairman typically including participation on the Division Publicity Committee.4 Membership Chair 1. Maintains Committee Membership Roster. 2.4. c. Ensures that Committee and TAPPI member records are in agreement. Maintains a count of Committee membership breakdown between mills. Maintains Committee attendance records . Updated Work Item Status Report. Advises the Steering Committee which members have elected to drop out due to inactivity or other reasons which impact their participation b. c. Works with members who elect to continue to participate through the Corresponding Member category 3. Develops the Committee's new member recruitment and retention plans. Notifies them of the time of the next Committee meeting. Prepares minutes for the: 1. Updated Committee roster. Takes on other duties as assigned by the Committee Chair typically including participation on the Division Membership Committee. b. 3. Provides the current roster and a summary of membership changes to the Committee Secretary following Committee meetings for inclusion with the meeting minutes. Initiates antitrust review of Minutes. Works with them to obtain all pertinent roster information and Subcommittee preference. Main Committee . Vice Chair. 2. Approved November 1. Processes Committee membership applications. Contacts members who have regularly missed meetings as to their continued interest in participating in Committee activities a.TAPPI distributes minutes (only after TAPPI antitrust approval) to Members. 2004 3 . resignations. supplier. and consultants. Presents names of qualified new applicants to the Steering Committee and Committee Chairman for approval/acceptance to the Main Committee. a. d. b. e. and electronic distribution to Committee Members at least 30 days prior to meetings 2 . 3. Provides attachments to Minutes: 1. Works with TAPPI on maintaining accurate website roster which correlates with master Committee roster. and assigned Division Council Coordinator b. Adds them to the main roster. Division Chair. or TAPPI action (failure to pay dues). Secretary. 4. Sends acknowledgment to applicants on their application.

either purchased or from on-site sources. and related equipment.) 4.Power plant conceptual thermal cycle design and integration .4.3 Energy Objective: To develop and disseminate information relating to the design. (Composed of Chair. Vice Chair. Secretary.1 Administrative 4. past and future Program Chairs.4 Water Treatment Objective: To develop and disseminate information relating to the management of water quality throughout the power plant cycle.Power generation drive equipment and auxiliary drives.2. application and operations in the following areas: . 4.1 Recovery Boilers Objective: To develop and disseminate information and provide best practice guidelines related to design and operation of recovery boilers.2 Technical 4. bark. the economic and technical aspects of energy procurement and sales. furnace. including steam and condensate systems and energy consumption management 4. Past Chair. boiler. boiler feedwater. and industrial cleaning. heat traps. electric power. condensate. cooling water.3 Sub-Committee Chair Approved November 1. wood refuse and municipal solid wastes.2 Program Objective: To ensure continuity in program development from year to year and to select "Best of Conference Paper" from the Committee's Fall Technical Conference program. liquor evaporators.1. Subcommittee Chairs.2. Primary emphasis on solid fuels such as coal.) 4. 4. 2004 4 .1. (Composed of present. non-condensable gas systems. and heat . This includes the management of water supplies. Includes firing systems.2 Power Boilers Objective: To develop and disseminate information relating to steam generation from fossil or refuse fuels. air and flue gas systems up to boiler gas outlet. 4. and Membership Chair. present and future Program Chair. which use heat and power.1 Steering Objectives: To steer the activities of the Committee.Economical and effective energy management technology for pulp and paper mill systems.2. including fuels.Energy policies affecting price and availability .2. Standing Sub-Committees 4.

Becomes familiar with “timetable” issued by Conference Technical Program Chairman and communicates that timetable to the Session Chairs 7. 9. and the TAPPI Technical Program Coordinator 3. 4. Specifically notifies the Session Chairs of the names for the Steam & Power/Energy Management (S&P/EM) Committee Chair. Interacts with other subcommittees as necessary. Assigns members to tasks as needed. the Engineering Division Conference Program Committee Members. 2 . 5 .2 Program Chair Duties 1. Provides leadership to involve members in meeting Subcommittee objectives. etc . Coordinates flow of information to and from Subcommittee to Main Committee. Leads development of Committee Work Items.1 Appointment The Program Chair is appointed at the Spring Meeting by the Committee Chair to serve for the following year's Fall Technical Conference. 7.4. Understands and communicates the organization of the TAPPI Fall Technical Conference. Prepares agenda and sends to the Secretary to obtain TAPPI antitrust approval and distribution to members and Committee officers at least 30 days prior to meetings. Chooses and confirms Session Chairs for all sessions by the conclusion of the Fall Meeting (one year before assigned Fall Technical conference duties) 2. the Engineering Division Conference Chair. 6. 4. Participates on the Division Conference Program Committee.3. Seminars. Maintains open line of communications with Session Chairs at all times 4.4. Ensure necessary reviews by subject matter experts on other subcommittees 4. 4. Technical Information Sheets. Session Chairs. 3.4 Program Chair 4.1 Appointment Subcommittee Chairs are appointed by the Committee Chair to serve not more than five (5) years. the Conference Technical Program Chair.2 Duties 1 . Instructs Session Chairs regarding TAPPI regulations on Technical Program Approved November 1. and internal procedures established by the S&P/EM Committee. Presides over meetings and insures that they are conducted in accordance with TAPPI antitrust policy. 6. In conjunction with Committee Chair. Ensures that Committee-sponsored sessions overlap with each other as little as possible. 2004 5 . Maintains awareness of other committee programs to determine to what extent there is any partial overlap of interest areas. 8. Prepares minutes of meeting and forwards to Committee Secretary for distribution to members. 4. develops the Technical Program for the Fall Technical Conference 5.3.

Refer to latest issue of “Author’s Kit” and “Instructions for Paper Preparation & Presentation at TAPPI Meetings” 5. Certifies the final manuscripts as being ready for publication. 4. and suggested number of sessions needed at the Fall Technical Conference according to schedule requirements 2. panel discussions. etc. and publication rights. tenure. Reviews any TAPPI policy violations ( such as overly-commercial presentations) with the Conference Program Chair and the TAPPI staff coordinator 20. commercialism. 8. 2004 6 . Instructs authors and panelists on procedures and deadlines 6. Responsible for selecting the “best paper” from the S&P/EM program at the Fall Technical Conference. as requested 18. Briefs incoming Program Chair regarding duties 21.3 Session Chair Duties 1. Becomes familiar with the “timetable” issued by Technical Program Chair. enlists the support of the Program Chair 3. tenure. Assists Session Chairs to expedite program development and implement review procedures 11. if any. publicity. panels. Attends Division and Committee Officers’ meeting as requested 17. 16. Supervises the Session Chairs as they review and approve technical papers and panel presentations. ownership. Reviews technical papers and panel presentations. etc). and publication rights. etc). Provides Program Chair with list of tenative titles. commercialism. and complies with its requirements. papers. Attends Technical Program Chair’s breifing session during conference week. With input from Session Chairs. and ensures that manuscripts reach TAPPI Headquarters in accordance with preprint schedule requirements. Writes “thank you” letters to all Session Chairs after conclusion of conference 19. when available 15. Works with TAPPI staff regarding any late submissions Approved November 1. antitrust. determines need for complimentary registrations. Develops internal committee review procedures for papers.4. Communicates feedback regarding program development or the conference to the Conference Program Chair. Enlists support of Program Chair to ensure compliance 4. Assists Division Technical Program Chair. Instructs program participants regarding TAPPI regulations on Technical Program presentations (quality. antitrust. 12. publicity. Instructs Session Chairs on procedures and deadlines 10. etc. Appoints Session Monitors and instructs them on duties 14. Whenever conflicts occur that would threaten the quality of the program or meeting of deadlines. Notifies Session Chairs of meeting achedule -presentation day. presentations (quality. ownership. speaker’s breakfasts. and confirms with Session Chairs that manuscripts reach TAPPI Headquarters in accordance with preprint schedule requirements. 9. and names of authors and panelists. and requests approval from Division Conference Chairman 13. time. Reviews each paper to ensure that each author covers the subject promised in the original abstract.

This designated member shall have sole voting authority in the main committee meetings. Communicates feedback regarding program development to the Program Chair.1 There shall be no limit or numerical restriction on membership on the Committee. Writes “thank you” letters to all panelists. 5. Vendor.2. In application of this rule. This voting restriction shall not apply to members from the same pulp and paper manufacturing company.1. and any internal committee distribution desires (especially Committee Chair) 10. 7. supplier. or consultant companies with more than one member will be allowed one "designated" voting member.2 Each member must be willing to actively serve on an appropriate sub-committee. 2004 7 . will be responsible to notify the respective committee or subcommittee chairman. supplier. Sends copies of all correspondence on program development and administration to the Program Chair as well as TAPPI Technical Program Coordinator at Headquarters and the Division Technical Program Chair.2 Rules 5. Committee Membership 5.1 Each member must be a member of TAPPI in good standing. 5. and the TAPPI Staff Coordinator 5. or consultant company with more than one member on the main committee or a subcommittee. authors. at or before the beginning of each meeting. Ensures all speakers have high quality slides which follow TAPPI guidelines (particularly the non-commercialism guidelines) 9. provided that he routinely discusses this desire to remain a member with the Membership Chair Approved November 1. Reviews any TAPPI policy violations (such as excess commercialism) with the Program Chair.2. Expedites program development and implements review procedures 8. the Conference Program Chair. and presenters after conclusion of conference 11.1 Qualification 5. subsidiaries or affiliates of "conglomerate" companies that in the judgment of the Steering Committee operate as separate entities will be treated as separate companies.1.2 A retired member may be kept on the Committee mailing list. 5. An elected committee member representing any vendor. the committee or subcommittee Chairman will name the designated voting member from those present at the meeting. the company member that will be the designated voting member for that committee or subcommittee meeting In the event a designated voting member has not been so identified.

6. The Steering Committee will be advised of any members who elect to drop out due to inactivity or other reasons which impact participation. The spring meeting will be at a time and place as determined by the Steering Committee.2. providing input. or reviewing TIPS (3) Other input or suggestions on Committee activities The Corresponding Member will be listed as such on the master roster.4 Sub-Committees will meet twice each year in conjunction with the main committee meetings.2. 5. The item to be voted on must be noted to the full committee prior to the voting meeting either by inclusion in the prior meeting minutes or in the announcement for the voting meeting.5 Changes of. for appropriate termination consideration 5.3 Members who cannot regularly attend Committee and Subcommittee meetings. The Membership Chair will routinely review meeting attendance and. 6. may become Corresponding Members.5 Meetings of Ad Hoc committees or special meetings of standing committees may be held at any time or place as determined by the needs of those committees. which may involve: (1) Reviewing technical papers for TAPPI (2) Participating. 6.1 The Steam & Power/Energy Management Committee will meet twice each year. Technical Session Chairs.2 The Steering Committee will meet twice each year in conjunction with the main committee meeting.2. These members may participate in alternate ways. contact members who have been regularly missing meetings (3 or 4 consecutive absences) as to their continued interest in participating in Committee activities 2. and may be calle d upon by Subcommittee Chairs. 6. An exception may be made if a Sub-Committee itself elects to meet at another time or place for its spring meeting. or who do not respond. The fall meeting will be at the same time and place as the TAPPI Fall Technical Conference. or deletions from committee rules must be voted on during a regularly scheduled full committee meeting and be approved by a 2/3 majority of those members present.3 A Sub-Committee Chairs’ meeting may be held in conjunction with Committee meetings and will be scheduled by the Committee Vice Chairman 6. The Steering Committee will also be advised of any members unable to be contacted. Approved November 1. to provide input as described above. etc. additions to. the following procedure shall apply : 1. but who wish to remain involved. 2004 8 . 5. Meetings 6.4 To promote and insure attendance at committee meetings and active participation and support of the committee program on the part of all committee members.

7. each Sub- Committee should be actively working on at least one work item. 7. 6. progressive and aggressive in seeking to attract younger members so as not to become stagnant. 7. "Scope" of these guidelines.3 The membership should be well balanced between pulp and paper manufacturers. 6. Minutes should not be distributed until they have had antitrust review and approval from TAPPI. not competitive advantage . The membership should also be active. 6. Operating Action Plan 7.8 Minutes will be kept for the Main Committee. A copy will be sent to TAPPI for antitrust review.2 In addition to a strong program for the Fall Technical Conference each year.6 All meetings will be held with strict adherence to TAPPI antitrust policies. vendors and consultants. members should always bear in mind that the goal is improvement of the industry.7 Announcements of meetings will be sent at least 30 days prior to the meeting to all members concerned together with an agenda of items to be discussed. the Steering Committee and the Sub- Committee and Ad Hoc committee minutes will be included in the Main Committee minutes. seminar or workshop. This should be done within the TAPPI structure and in cooperation with other committees or organizations as needed.4 In actively participating in the working of the committee. 2004 9 .1 The Steam & Power/Energy Management Committee should actively pursue the goals as set forth in Item 1. Approved November 1. 7.