SAT Test Dates for the 2010-2011 Year Mark your calendars now!

Make sure you take note of the registration deadlines as they make take a bit longer to process that you may realize. Get started with your SAT prep by viewing some of our preparation lessons! 2010-11 Test Dates June 5, 2010 Oct. 9, 2010 Nov. 6, 2010 Dec. 4, 2010 Jan. 22, 2011 March 12, 2011 May 7, 2011 June 4, 2011 Early Registration Regular Registration (must be received by) (must be received by) SAT and Subject Tests April 29, 2010 May 13, 2010 SAT and Subject Tests Sept. 10 Sept. 24 SAT and Subject Tests Oct. 8 Oct. 22 SAT and Subject Tests Nov. 5 Nov. 19 SAT and Subject Tests Dec. 23 Jan. 7 SAT Test Only Feb. 11 Feb. 25 SAT and Subject Tests April 8 April 22 SAT and Subject Tests May 6 May 20 Test

International Registration Deadlines Important Information
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International deadlines apply to anyone testing outside of the United States, U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico. International registration materials must be received by the international deadlines. There is no late registration for international testing. Online and telephone registrations must be completed by the international deadline dates listed above. Students registering through International Representatives must submit their paper registration with full payment by the early registration deadline. On March 13, the SAT is not offered outside of the United States, U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico.

How to Apply? Registration for SAT There are three methods of registration for the SAT : Online: The quickest method to register for the test is the online method. However to pay the registration fee online, one should have a credit card which could be any of the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB or American Express For online registration of SAT, go to the site of College Board. A link for the same has been provided here: However, you cannot register online if: » You are registering for the first time for Sunday testing.

Mail: Registration by mail is available for anyone. or credit card.» You are testing in Kenya. » You are younger than 13 years old at the time of registration (applies primarily to Talent Search). To order the registration bulletin free of cost. Payment can be made by check. Please note that you cannot register for the SAT by phone the first time you register. Phone: You can re-register by phone if you wish to register for the SAT or SAT Subject Test again. fees. » You are registering for School-based ELPT. test center codes. The additional fee for telephone re-registration is $10. However. the same as in Online registration. Your completed registration form must be returned in the envelope provided with proper payment. Nigeria.Usefi . instructions. you cannot use Telephone Re-registration if you are: » Using a fee waiver for payment » Requesting testing closer to home » Testing in Kenya » Taking the school-based ELPT™ in April SAT Test Centres in INDIA City Ahmedabad Ahmedabed Armritsar Bangalore Calcutta Cochin Harayana Haryana Haryana Hyderabad Indore Kodaikanal Kolkata Center Code 63122 63113 63238 63100 63120 63130 63157 63159 63255 63161 63162 63166 63127 Place Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Intl Sch Ahmedabad-iaes-usefi The bulletin contains the registration form and the return envelope apart from information related to test dates. etc. Benin. log on to the following website: www. Ctr Punjab Spring Dale Senior Sch Bangalore Bishop Cotton Boys Calcutta-assmb God Church Sch e Cochin Sacred Heart College Harayana Pathways World Sch Haryana G D Goenka World Sch Himachal Pradesh-akal Academy Hyderabad St Anns Degree & Pg Indore Swati Jain Coll Kodaikanal Intl Sch Calcutta. Togo. Credit card is required. and necessary if you require special testing arrangements. registration deadlines. or Ghana. money order.

and Math Level IIC Subject Tests. you need to do some homework on which universities you’re finally going to apply. For reporting to each additional university. or graphing calculator on the SAT I and Math Level IC.Amer Embassy Sch New Delhi 63202 New Delhi Usefi New Delhi 63212 New Delhi-st Michael's Sr Sec Pune 63235 Pune.Pune U Reporting The Score College Board has the provision of reporting your SAT scores to a maximum of four universities of your choice. the College Board charges you $6. scientific. the cost of which is built into the SAT fee you pay. 280).50 (approx. payable by an international credit card or a dollar denominated draft. based on the score that you expect to attain. Rs.Maharashtra 63224 Pune-mahindra United World Col Mumbai 63107 Mumbai Teachers Training Coll Mumbai 63108 Mumbai-s L & S S Girl's H S New Delhi 63200 New Delhi. You have to mention the universities to which you want to send the scores in the SAT application form. This implies that even before taking the SAT. You are not permitted to use: » Hand-held minicomputers or laptop computers » Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices » Pocket organizers (PDAs) » Calculators with QWERTY (typewriter-like) keypads » Calculators with paper tape » Calculators that "talk" or make unusual noises » Calculators that require an electrical outlet University / College Rankings for SAT . Calculator Policy You may use almost any four-function.

Following are rankings for different colleges/ universities for SAT. Ranking University/College Name 1 Princeton University (NJ) 2 Harvard University (MA) 3 Yale University 4 Stanford University(CA) 5 University of Pennsylvania 6 California Institute of Technology 7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 8 Duke University(NC) 9 Columbia University(NY) 10 University of Chicago 11 Dartmouth College(NH) 12 Washington University in St. Louis 12 Cornell University 14 Brown University(RI) 14 Northwestern University 14 Johns Hopkins University(MD) 17 Rice University(TX) 17 Emory University(GA) 19 Vanderbilt University(TN) 19 University of Notre Dame(IN) 21 University of California—Berkeley 22 Carnegie Mellon University(PA) 23 University of Virginia 23 Georgetown University(DC) 25 University of California—Los Angeles 25 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor 27 University of Southern California 28 University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill 29 Tufts University(MA) 30 Wake Forest University(NC) .

50 for each report $10 Order additional reports by phone service plus $9. fee) add $9 All other Subject Tests (add per test to basic reg.S.50 Fees for Sending Your Scores Score report requests at registration* 4 reports included Each additional score report request* $9.50 $27 plus Rush reporting service $9. territories.50 for each report .50 (available only if you have registered before) Change fee (test type. center. and Puerto Rico) Additional surcharge for testing in India and Pakistan $23 Fees for Receiving Your Scores Early scores by Web Free Official score report Free (automatically mailed after you test) Scores by phone (fee per call) $12. U. fee) Additional Processing Fees (add to test fees) Register by phone $12.SAT Fee Test Fees SAT Reasoning Test™ $45 SAT Subject Tests™ $20 Basic registration fee add $20 Language Tests with Listening (add to basic reg. or date change) $22 Late fee $23 Standby fee $38 International processing fee (for students testing in countries other $26 than the United States.

.Retrieval fee for archived scores (additional fees may apply) $21 Answer Services Fees SAT Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)** $18 SAT Student Answer Service (SAS)** $12 Additional Services Fees Multiple-choice score verification $50† Essay score verification $50† Refund processing fee $7 (for overpayments and duplicate payments) **Fees are nonrefundable. †Reduced to $25 for fee-waiver users. except those noted with a double asterisk.

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