Tips To Be Organized

Getting things organized on time is the key to minimize your stress. If you are the kind of a person who keeps things pending for the last minute and then end up in a mess, then perhaps it is the right time to gear up and get things organized to avoid those last minute scrambling. It can be often challenging to get things organized if you are doing that for the first time. However, if you are ready to take some extra efforts, you can help reduce your stress level to a great extent. But, what is actually meant by getting organized and from where to start are the two obvious questions that come to mind when it comes to getting organized. If you too are contemplating on where to get started and to become more organized in day to day life then here are some tips to help you get started. Getting Organized Time Management Are you always in hurry and rushing for your daily chores? Do you find yourself in a mess and do you find it difficult to remember things? If yes, then perhaps you need to organize your time more efficiently. Maintain a To Do list and schedule all your appointments in a notebook. Stick to only one notebook instead on using multiple calendars to schedule your appointments. Check the notebook regularly so that you don’t miss any appointments. This way you can avoid overtaxing your brain with preoccupying thoughts. Do not overbook yourself with tasks, find some time for relaxation too. Catch up with friends and spend time with families so that you don’t overstress yourself. Organizing Home Do you live in a cluttered home filled with unnecessary things? Does cleaning home sound a herculean task to you? A cluttered home can drain both your time and finances. A nicely organized home not only creates an abode of peace, but also impresses your guests. If you too want your home to look simple and organized, why wait for the springs? Any time is the right time to create a soothing, simple, and organized home to return to. If you are living in a messy home, set a schedule for your home cleaning agenda. Hire help if required. If you have the money to invest, call a gardener, a decorator, or a professional organizer to get things in order. This will also help you save a lot of time so that you can do some productive work. Make

cleaning a fun activity so that you don’t get bored and give up the task. Include your kids and other family members to help you in the job. Take a break at intervals, sit back, and relax. Making things in order is great but maintaining things in place are difficult. Take necessary steps so that your cleaning doesn’t go in vain. Getting Workplace Organized Is your work desk always filled with clutters and old stationeries? If yes, then try getting your workplace more organized. Check your pen holder and get rid of old pens that do not write any more. Don’t feel bad to throw out unnecessary items. The more you dispose out clutters, the more organized will be your workplace. Organize your desk drawers and make room for subtle items. If you don’t have a drawer, use the place below your monitor to give home to your calculator, PDA, wallet, keys, phones, etc. Organize your files and folders and label them appropriately so than you don’t have to hunt for them. Do you grab an envelope to scribble telephone numbers and addresses and then couldn’t find them when needed? Rather maintain a notebook for this purpose so that you don’t have difficulty finding them

Psychosocial Stages Of Development
It is quite fascinating to grasp and understand how a person grows into an individual with a set of responsibilities from infancy to adulthood. This developmental process in a human being is explained and defined by many psychoanalysts and social scientists. One such definition comes from a Danish-German-American developmental psychologist Erik Erikson. Erikson is famous for his theory on the stages of psychosocial development in a person. Erikson’s theory holds and explains eight stages of development through which an individual passes, namely from infancy to late adulthood. These stages defined by Erikson throw new challenges for an individual which he/she hopefully masters towards the next stage of development. Each stage depends on the successful completion of the previous stages, and if a person fails to master a particular stage, then

he/she might experience problems in later stages. Let us discuss in detail Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development here in the sections to follow. Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages Of Development Basic Trust Vs Mistrust This is the stage which starts with the birth of the child when he/she has no knowledge of the world and is completely dependent on his/her parents, especially the mother. The parents become the basis of their existence and it is the type of environment they are brought up in, which influence their behaviour later in life. This is a stage where the child develops the value of hope and learns to love and trust people because of the loving and caring environment the child receives. This stage lasts till two years of age. Autonomy Vs Shame And Doubt The second stage in the psychosocial development of a person is when the dependent infant grows up into a toddler. This is the time when the child learns to move around freely, and with this freedom of movement he/she explores the things around them, make choices of food, toys, games etc. If the parents grant this freedom to their child and encourage their child’s independence, then the child will grow up to become a competent person. However, if parents become overprotective and keep a check on all the movements of the child, then the child will lack in confidence and competence to take risks in life. Initiative Vs Guilt This stage begins when a child turns 3 yrs of age and continues till the age of 5. This is the first social experience of the child where they attend preschool and make friends, interact with them, and explore his/her power and control over peers while playing. This is the time when the child should be encouraged to socialize and stay in the social environment so that they can develop a sense of purpose to achieve something. This stage also develops the leadership quality in the kid, who if discouraged will lack these qualities and will find it guilty to take initiatives. Industry Vs Inferiority The fourth stage of development starts from 5 yrs of age and continues till the child is 13. This is the stage where children start attending school, experiences a greater degree of independence, start understanding and differentiating between people and cultures, learn reading, writing and presenting amidst other skills which they try to master. Children should get full support in this stage not only from their parents, but from their teachers also. They should be encouraged to participate, learn and take failures in a positive way and not get demotivated by them. If the kids don’t get enough

Ego Integrity Vs Despair This is the last stage in the stages of psychosocial development where a person’s ego identity is fully developed. A person who is scared of commitment and intimacy will stay isolated and depressed. If people fail to achieve this sense of care. This is the stage where a person learns to care for others and give back to the society what he/she has received from it. society. The parents in this stage needs to be very careful in handling the behavioural changes of the growing teenagers for them to grow into confident and responsible individuals. This is the stage where a person becomes an adult. This is a stage where teenagers are confused because they are expected to act neither like kids nor like adults. However. Generativity Vs Stagnation This stage is totally dependent on the success of the other stages of development. .support and guidance in this stage. has his/her own identity and is ready to share their sense of identity with others by forming intimate relationships based on love and commitment. they get stagnated and experience a life without any meaning to it. Identity Vs Role Confusion This is the stage of adolescence and is the most crucial stage among all the stages of development. Intimacy Vs Isolation This stage encompasses people between the age group of 20-40. If a person has achieved success in all the earlier stages he/she develops a sense of integrity and wisdom. This is the stage when the person is in the middle of adulthood and has his/her set career and family. especially friendship. it will affect their growth in later stages of development. The teenagers in this stage try and develop their individuality in relationships. if a person has experienced failures then he/she develops a sense of despair for his/her life. careers etc. This is a stage where a person reflects back on his/her life and analyzes the achievements and failures. The environment in the previous stages has a great role to play in judging a person’s behaviour in this stage. They develop a sense of faithfulness and start attaching importance to relationships. This is a stage when the teenagers need to cope with his/her physical changes and understand gender roles.

Pick a paintbrush and paint the world! The clock will tick its way to the next week and you may not even feel the pinch of loneliness. Accept the change that is your state of aloneness and bask in the novelty of it. Most of us can barely survive an hour without a cell phone. So why don’t you drown your entire state of mind into a hobby? Take advantage of your solitude to be productive. There are countless remedies to combating loneliness. by the time you arrive at the bottom of this page you might find yourself whispering. A Marriage annulment. You will soon encounter your new companion that fails to blabber like a fool.“I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind” Who wouldn’t want to follow the footstep of the genius that discovered the Theory of Relativity? No doubt. it is foolish to think that finding happiness alone is impossible. living alone is no sane person’s fantasy. Not everybody is Einstein. Ways To Be Happy Alone Get a Hobby Wonder why Einstein loved his solitude? The only logical justification would the fact that he occupied himself with all those creatively stimulating experiments. . No external factors to dissuade you. Fly a kite.How To Be Happy Alone The world’s most popular scientist Albert Einstein once wisely confessed. Experience the inexperienced as you are now privileged with the liberty whatever your heart desires. In fact. Explore deep into the confines of your body. However. a select few would leap out in joy at the mere prospect of solitude while some just have no choice. Silence impregnates their surroundings and threatens to slaughter all scope for joy. Of course. others desperately try to fill the void. Re-discover the real you! You never know where you really belong. While some people choose loneliness.“Every Cloud has a silver lining”. death of a partner and isolated job transfers are typical case scenarios that exemplify the birth of loneliness. Change Is Good Obama said it and was soon after crowned the president of United States. Nevertheless. certainly yearn for the warmth of a human being. mind and soul. Learn an Instrument and form a garage band. let alone live a week in solitary confinement. And for those that aren’t. the absence of a separate human entity can land a devastating effect on a lonely soul. Master the art of pottery or photoshop.

a social service community. you are pretty much a lost case. even a goldfish encircling a tiny circular bowl vanquishes the gloom triggered by lack of companionship. Whether you are brimming with energy for an important presentation. Joining a gym would benefit your health. So. if you know the art to convey your message clearly. Remember. Allow the music to reverberate within you. then even the toughest opposition can become a pushover for you. You know you will always have somebody to welcome you home! Be Physically Active Learn to be happy and comfortable with your solitude. people can act difficult and can cold shoulder your views and opinion. Dance or sing to any background music.Join A Community It could be a book club. chairing a conference or simply running for a plum job offer. Browse the internet or scan the yellow pages and you will stumble upon a group activity that inexorably will grab your attention. Exercise in your spare time and release the endorphins that reward you with bouts of ecstasy. you cannot expect to get ahead without good people skills. Register yourself and get to know more people. but if you do not have the right interpersonal skills to complement your credentials. Volunteer your time to those less fortunate than yourself. Nevertheless. if you can’t cope with loneliness. Now you certainly aren’t bound by family or social obligations. consider buying or adopting a pet of your choice. your social life and more importantly. relinquish all thoughts of discontentment. Absorb yourself in new tasks and get accustomed to news ways of living. Get A Pet Do you miss the comfort of having your sibling or roommates breathing heavily before you fall into a slumber? Find solace in the warmth and compassion provided a fuzzy little dog. Strong interpersonal communication skills are . cat or rabbit! Irrespective of the breed or size. yoga classes or a trekking camp. Take long silent walks along the beach or jog around the neighborhood. Interpersonal Communication Skills You may have the most impressive line-up of degrees and may boast of refined skills.

views. But. so you better mind what it says! Body language is one of the crucial parameters of non-verbal communication and an effective instrument of interpersonal communication. loud. you better buck up your tone. Remember. In case you do not have the required interpersonal skills. posture and gesture to convey the right message. nobody fancies an aggressive. Read on to know more on effective interpersonal communication skills. Remember. . rude and snob person.a necessary tool to evade workplace conflicts and even stub away personal miscommunications. then your soft skills are pretty much a bummer. it also encourages others to revert to you with concentrated attention and zeal. you are definitely on the losing end. effective communication begins with effective listening and one of the best ways to make the most of it is to belt up and listen. but can be easier said than done! It is easy to bump into people with different opinions and ideas. you will be deemed as a schmuck who blows out lots of smoke. Get A Grip! You may possess the daintiest of demeanors and may be the suavest of talkers. The key objective is to interact with others in a positive way and ultimately get them to know you better and appreciate you. you better buck up to make the most of your abilities. Be On The Ball Handing criticisms is an impressive quality. One of the most endearing traits of successful interpersonal skills is deference. Imagine being turned off a job or a deal just because your body language did not respond convincingly or worse did not back your words! So. but if you do not have ears for your audience. If you cannot respect others and make them feel comfortable. Mind Your Body Language! Your body blurts out oodles about you. Not only does it leave you with a fair idea of others’ feelings. but if you cannot connect to your audience and appreciate their views. opinions and ideas. The cue is to pay attention to people and make them feel worthy. Listening is deemed as one of the crucial parameters of all interpersonal dealings. Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills Listen Up! You may have a million-dollar look and mouth a million worth words.

criticisms can be constructive too. Also.that doesn’t really have to bog you down. Stop Being A Pushover While it is good to be perceived as a nice guy. Take a heed and get trotting! . you put undue strain on your spine that not only escalates your chronic back pain. You will be amazed to see what a slimming effect a tall. Do away with that spare tire and flaunt a more silhouetted figure. you aren’t vying for a robot-like body! So. everywhere. Remember. Remember. make sure you do it tactfully. roll your tongue and speak out your worth. understand that being treated like a pushover at the expense of your career. but you would also get high on confidence. Now. stay calm and preserve your dignity. When you let your body sag. dump the myth and work towards a more perfectly coordinated posture. but also causes your body to stoop over time. How To Improve Posture How often have you romanced the idea of losing your paunch without having to toil hours on the treadmill or guzzling gallons of carrot juice? Nothing underlines an unwanted paunch like a sloppy stance. without offending anybody’s sentiments. while handing out criticisms. confidence and interpersonal relationships is not worth it! Stop being a walkover and assert your worth by learning to say ‘no’ and expressing yourself ardently. Here are some ways on how to improve your posture. in case you are putting in all that extra effort to eat right and exercise right. Who knows it may be aimed at your betterment! The mantra is to adapt to the situation and learn to toy the dynamics of the conversation. you might just as well put in some effort to stand. but if you cannot stitch a few words to assert your worth and make yourself appear valuable. you may have the skills and abilities. sit and walk right. Remember. The right posture will not only leave you feeling fit. Asserting is a sign of the winner! So. In all cases. right posture doesn’t have to mean that you carry a poker-straight body every time. erect posture can have on you. So. then your deeds and feats are useless. Just take criticisms with a pinch of salt. just by holding your body in the right posture.

Strenuous hours on your chair can get the better of your spine and get it slouching. • This one is especially for the high-heeled ladies out there! Heels are indeed the worse affliction women can subject themselves too. it is never too late to work towards a healthy body.always ensure that your posture is correct! It’s important for your body to stand in perfect alignment. shoulders and hips in complete coordination. However. Thinking so will get you posing upright naturally. If you are caught in a desk job. getting the right lumbar support can make a big difference. All you need to do is to make sure that your ears are aligned with your shoulders and you are done. Heels tend to non-align the body posture and alter body’s center of .Improving Posture • How often have you slouched in your couch and pinned about your flagging gait? Correct posture is something that doesn’t come easy to most of us and it definitely deserves an all-out effort to stop one from slumping. Nonetheless. which is wrong. trying to heave you upwards. Always rest the soles of your feet flat on the floor while seated. the simple balloon trick can elevate your posture. Try this little mind trick every day to do away with the hunch and sport a fitter you! • Do you remember being snubbed by your mom. Walking once in every thirty minutes will save your muscles from tiring out and also save you from the hump later on in life! • Doesn’t matter if you are hanging out with your friends in the club or reclining in your office cafeteria . Kick the bad habit and dump the chair and get moving. heave your chest and draw your head back to the chest. your nanny and even your teacher for bending over your desk when expected to sit erect. when expected to stand tall. always make sure that your spine is in sync with the backrest. you definitely regret now about not having taken a stand then. Ensure that your chair’s backrest has a natural curve that fits into the hollow of your back.Standing straight doesn’t have to mean that you tense up your back. • The way you sit often makes a difference on the way you stand and how you carry yourself. While it is easy to sit erect. Always hold your ears. there is indeed no escape from lot of slumping around. When seated. without unnecessarily stressing your spine. While you inadvertently filed away the flak then. if not get you flying! All you have to do is stand straight and imagine a balloon tied to your head.

someone tells you that your shooting hasn’t been too good recently? Though confident players would just ignore such a comment and move on. In true sense.gravity. confidence helps us in going ahead and choosing the subjects and sports that we prefer. instead of leaving us on the mercy of our own grades or teachers. those who are low on confidence will be affected badly and their game will deteriorate further. but in personal life too. You will never be able to touch the high points of life. Just bend your knees. don’t crouch or bend from your waist. Confidence is related to your mental well-being and determines the actual course taken by your life. Life without confidence is like a racing car. when you bend to lift anything. • • Imagine a situation wherein you are supposed to hit the court to play an important basketball game and just when you are dressing for the impending match. Confidence is something that is inculcated in you through your own efforts and unlike physical strength cannot be attained by brutish training. people who are low on confidence are seen to falter in future. what testosterone is to a man. we have provided detailed information about the significance of self confidence in the various stages of life. The common conditions like stage-fright and nervousness also occur due to the lack of confidence. running on a 100 cc engine. The more you flex your spine. it’s suggested that you settle for a more modest kitten heels than perch yourself on the stilettos. • • Significance Of Self Confidence In Life • • Role Of Confidence During Education • In school and college life. if not more. In the following lines. if you have to bend at all. If you are a heel freak and can’t do without your high-heeled footwear. Sometimes we are . Not only in scholastic or professional life. The cue is to never bend your spine. • Last but not the least. the more likely you are to be left with a curve posture. if you are unable to find the self-reliance required for it. • • Importance Of Confidence • Confidence is to life. dearth of self-belief can take away all the fun in the roller-coaster ride named life.

a person’s growth in his life. run businesses and corporate houses as each decision of theirs affects multiple people and enterprises. . Leading a successful life is a bigger challenge in today’s world than ever before. In such situations we need confidence to do things we are not accustomed to and improve in them. professional and social remains stunted. Confidence is also vital for coming out victorious during crucial times such as exams. Important decisions regarding your career at a crucial phase can only be made if you have confidence in your self. Just stop worrying about failure and afraid of picking up something. you are bound to break and fall apart. life is going to throw new challenges towards you at every turn and corner. Right from your first baseball game to your marriage. everything depends on the amount of confidence you instill in yourself. then confidence is the first weapon you need to have in your repertoire.• • Role Of Confidence In Professional Life • In professional life. Without confidence. If you wish to become a pioneer of sorts by leading your field of work. Confidence helps us in choosing what we want and not the least that we are eligible for. confidence is your ticket to success. If you lack confidence. confidence is the key to success. Lack of confidence will lead to missed opportunities. Achieving pleasing results for newer things gives us a new high. in which we are not good enough. personal. confidence plays the role of a leader. which keeps you standing through all the whirlwinds in life. friend. Confidence is like that steel back bone. Self confidence becomes more important for people who are self employed. Keep in mind that confidence can be yours. Right from getting selected for a better job to winning the coveted promotion. partner and protector. remorse and even wrong decisions taken out of misguidance. This is vital for enabling us to learn new things and becoming better at known things. • • Confidence is the growth hormone for an individual’s personality development. Remember. A lot of young people suffer emotional stress and mental disorders due to the lack of self believe and eventually get detached from their surroundings. further increasing our confidence levels. • • Significance Of Confidence • In personal life. if you leave fear.

in a game that you are winning. Quite often we jump down to conclusions thinking that our neighbors are doing better than us. a contract worth $11. Staying Motivated • Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. they just do the same things you do but in a different fashion. while singing your own song in a new commercial starring you. Remember. winners do not do anything different from you. and I will not sleep until that happens. Whether you wish to be famous or rich. If you continue to think the other way. This single word can help you overcome insurmountable obstacles and garner your life just the way you want. you can say that they do the same things with confidence How to Stay Motivated Have you people seen the film “Jerry McGuire”? If you have. A chartered accountant thinks that the job of a financial analyst is better while a school teacher might think that a job of a researcher is more fulfilling. “ Jerry aka Tom Cruise manages to stay afloat through all his miseries and finally secures Rod. playing a Sega game featuring you. But how can you be so sure of the fact? You have chosen your own career path and every form of work is pious and satisfying if you believe so. When a reporter asked Arnold Schwarzenegger how he managed to top the charts in bodybuilding. can you guess what he replied? “Drive” was the word. getting more perks and the chain of thoughts in towards you goals. In simple words. broadcast during the Super bowl. Believing in yourself can be the key to success. staying motivated all through is all that is required to achieve success. you surely vividly remember the scene where Jerry talks to Rod Tidwell and says “I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke. his only client.2 million! This is nothing but motivation. working in a better office. This article gives an insight as to how can you stay motivated and benefit your life by achieving long cherished goals. it will do you no good but sink you in grave . leading a far more decent life. wearing your own shoe.

• Ignite the competitive streak within you. Constantly gear up yourself and see what your competitor’s weak and strong points are. It is not necessary that your idol should be world figures specifically. And once this thought triggers your subconscious. Mould yourself accordingly. If you become such a weakling and plan to give up easily without striving hard and giving your best shot to achieve what you want. remember that your dreams are not yours alone. • To surrender is the last thing that should strike your mind. you have not lived your life fully and in turn cheating yourself and the one who has created you.depression. Do not sidetrack yourself as a loser who is fond of giving up. After all. • Always have an inspiration in life. Keep repeating to yourself that no one else but you can do it. Even someone as close as your mother can be your inspiration. Also. you need to have a healthy competitive vibe. In order to gain things in life and March forward instead of sliding back. It is just that the seemingly impossible tasks take a bit more time than the rest. Put in your heart and soul into the task or a situation and stay firm and undeterred till your last breath. And how exactly do you stimulate yourself for this? Find someone worthy in your class or office to compete with. Your close ones are counting on you and every crucial step you take in life matters to them as well. you are liable to your children back home. This thought would prevent you from taking any wrong step in life and you would stick to the path carved out for your own well-being Importance Of Time . negating your own weakness and stay optimistic that you would surely win at the end. you surely don’t want to experience the humiliation of defeat. Do not succumb to them and keep in mind that nothing in this world is impossible to achieve. Shed your instincts to keep comparing and instead work with diligence. conviction and stability and you are sure to gain success. Have enough strength to hit back to the challenges. there would be magic. you would always have this thing throbbing in your mind that whatever you do. while competing with someone. For instance. by considering your children to be your inspiration.

practices and tools which when rightfully applied can help you utilize your precious time and accomplish what you want. each small task that you do without wasting time counts in achieving your long term bigger goal in life. This article deals with the importance of time management in our day-to-day living and framing our overall personality. • No matter what you want in life. we take time for granted and indulge in activities which are simply nothing. It is a special resource which cannot be stored and saved for later usage. How often do we sit back and ponder upon the importance of time in our life? Though we all are acquainted with the oft repeated affirmations such as “time and tide wait for none”. you can never get it back again. skills. Anything worthwhile in life needs time to be achieved. involving ourselves in learning new things every minute. Time is a scarce and finite resource and the very foundation of proper time management begins with setting up your personal goal and developing your priorities. but very little or no time left to do it. he has lost the game already. With a limited time . If one sits and waits for the right time to achieve his set goal or waits for some free time to get his work done.for it is the stuff life is made out of". time management can help you utilize your time in a better way so that all your tasks of primary. Every man on earth gets the same amount of time each day and how each person utilizes this given time determines his or her eventual success. but a serious waste of time. secondary and tertiary importance can be accomplished within a specific limit. we should keep moving. Time management is a compact set of established principles. you need time to get it. It is something which cannot be replenished again. However. • Time is scarce and you must have had a feeling like there is so much left to do. Almost always. unpleasant relationships. Just like each minute contributes to an hour and each hour combine to form an entire day. Like a ticking clock. do we actually understand the coded meaning of it? It is ultimately a choice we make for ourselves. we go on to blame our unachieved goals.Benjamin Franklin rightly said "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time . If you don’t utilize your time wisely. poor finances and even our inability to get enough exercise to the lack of time. Importance Of Time Management • You should keep reminding yourself that time is limited. it all depends on our time management skills. Whether we want to effectively utilize time or lead a haywire life without purpose. Quite often.

Since you have a finite amount of time. time management is all about managing your activities in relation to time and ultimately achieving what you want at the end. • Once you begin to use the improved time management skills and tools. before it amplifies.span of 24 hours in each day. The best would be to get rid of inferiority complex as soon as possible. you end up accomplishing more with less effort. • In today’s world. he is so intelligent and successful!” “She is so attractive!” “Why am I not like them?” “I’m not that good enough”. Given here are some symptoms that . it is advisable to choose activities that are of the highest priority to you first. This leaves you with more productive time throughout the day which you can utilize in some other task. While all of us have physical defects. you can spend time in a multiple possible ways. Time management helps you by making conscious choices so that you can spend quality time doing important things that in turn add value to your life Inferiority Complex Symptoms “Gosh. Now that you know that time management is in a way a type of self management. as it can otherwise lead to depression. these things embarrass few of us more than others. While most of us do comprehend the underlying problem of why we are always dissatisfied with ourselves. few of us do not even realize that we have an inferiority complex that should be treated. This not only allows you to indulge in a wide range of activities. Do these questions keep haunting you within? Are you always dissatisfied and constantly blaming yourself? You probably have an inferiority complex. mental limitations and social differences. but makes your life a balanced one. you hone yourself in such a way so as to reduce the amount of time you usually wasted. In order to attain success. or a sad and unfulfilled life. an intelligent planning on how to utilize the given time needs to be done. You need to learn to utilize time in a way so that you find enough time for things that are important to you.

you do not want to be complimented or appreciated simply because you feel the comments aren’t from the heart. the environment in to accept your mistake and hold the definitely suffering from inferiority Lack of Sportsmanship Competitions where you are required to test your abilities against the others are always kept at bay. Read on. You are so desperate to hear that even if you do not get any comments. such as “Do you think I did great?” or “Do I look good tonight?” Avoiding Compliments While some people love to get complimented. and so on. such as poor luck. some prefer to refrain from receiving any accolades. As such. If you lose competitions. it is just a way to make you feel better. On rare occasions. This is known as crab mentality. Finding Faults As you cannot keep yourself happy. where we pull others down as well. If you are not able universe responsible for it. what you have or what great work you have done. Different Signs Of Inferiority Complex Love to Hear Compliments You always want others to compliment you for even the smallest of the achievements like how you look. The Universe is the Cause Any mistake or failure committed on external factors. since you are not worth getting them. you are constantly finding ways to point out their imperfections and making them feel bad about themselves. you feel you are not good enough to compete with anyone. when you take in that step. In case you are one . you are complex. Rather. you cannot accept others feeling happy as well. Even if you have done well. You do not take any step towards achieving success. You feel that the positive comments are not justified.can help you identify whether or not you are a victim of inferiority complex. general. how you worked on that article. chances are that you discourage yourself saying that you can never achieve it even in your wildest dreams. your part is simply put on various bad company. you start pouring in questions in order to receive compliments.

Dress up with extra care and make an effort to look nice. Agree or disagree. The feeling that they are not smart and as interesting as others pulls them to a corner unnoticed by anyone. This self image contributes to our self esteem. warmth and social skills are far more influential than looks. Avoiding The World People with inferiority complex often avoid social gatherings. be sure not to attach too much importance to your external appearance. it is high time you start thinking about your positive . If you are also one amongst those. All efforts trying to make this person speak fail. How To Boost Self Esteem Self esteem is based on how much a person feels valued and appreciated. Read the article to know how you can give a boost to your self esteem and live your life to the fullest. interaction with people and our experience. they prefer to stay back alone keeping the world unknown about their flaws. debates and forums. looks. Rather. However. Boosting Self Esteem Groom Yourself As clichéd as it may sound. meetings. Low self esteem can affect the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. achievements.of such people. Kill Negative Thoughts Most people focus on their shortcomings than their positives. since they think they will make a laughing stock out of themselves. Attributes like confidence. We all mentally construct a self image based on our abilities. there is no denying the fact that looking good definitely does make you feel good. A good reflection in the mirror will always make you feel good about yourself. unless you stop competing with others. all of us have been a victim of low self esteem at some point or another in our life. know for sure that you can never feel confident and superior.

The key to success is not to overcome your weakness. Don’t write-off the achievement as minor. A personal goal defines who you truly are and what you intend to accomplish in life. Accomplishing these goals will give your self esteem a big boost. because it may be a part of your bigger plans. Stand Up For Yourself There may be times when other people misjudge you and let their own insecurities get in the way of their reaction. know that with that achievement in your kitty. It will give a sense of purpose to your life. you are one step closer to achieving your goal. Experiment with different activities that will help you get in touch with your talents. Set Personal Goals Living an aimless life will make you feel empty and confused. You may get upset when things don’t go your way. no matter how minor it may be. Voice your opinion and thoughts. everyone has strengths and weaknesses. self image based on other person’s negative belief. Don’t distort your. just go to bed and wake up next morning with a fresh and focussed mind. Also.aspects. Tell yourself repeatedly that you have tackled this obstacle in an appropriate way and that you can deal with other bigger and more demanding projects as well. If you had a bad day. Realize that nobody is perfect. Each day is a new beginning. Putting yourself down as a loser or failure will only hamper your ability to achieve your goals. Invest some effort into developing your interests and skills into your strengths. but to develop your strengths to an extent that they can outweigh your weakness completely. don’t let it stop you from achieving your goals. Don’t be too critical of yourself. everybody is good at something. Realize Your Limits You may not become an Olympic medalist or a pop singer. . but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful. Remember. Steer clear of negative self talk. Stand up for what you believe in. Decide what you want to achieve at your personal and professional front and slowly work towards these goals. Pat yourself on the back every time you achieve a goal. Celebrate Achievements Give yourself full credit for your achievements and reward yourself. Never allow others to make you feel inferior. However.

Does the problem sound . Don’t fret over what you don’t have and what you haven’t accomplished. Volunteering will give you a sense of being part of a noble cause. thereby weakening us emotionally. Volunteer Make a contribution to the society. Join a volunteering organization to help the less privileged. The fear of talking results in delay in picking up important calls and delivering speeches in public. eventually they start taking complete control on us. Not only does it stop the person from contacting loved ones. Start off by keeping yourself involved in activities that interests you. Appreciate and acknowledge what you do have and be thankful for it Fear Of Talking Fear in any form can be terrifying and paralyzing. The feeling of being appreciated and valued can do wonders for your self esteem. Be Thankful For What You Have Attributing considerable importance to certain goals and aspirations may also pose a problem. the best way to overcome our fear is by mastering it and preventing it from controlling us. mentally and physically as well. Frequently plan outing with your friends and family members. Socialize People with high self esteem generally have a large social circle and a busy social life. Join clubs or groups of similar interests. fear of the unexpected or the fear of losing a loved one. has become a common problem seen in most people nowadays. Keep yourself busy. Hence. Remember that life is governed by factors which aren’t entirely in your control. causing anxiety and distress. The fear of talking. Take up new hobbies .Get Active Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Fear.learn to dance or take up painting lessons. thereby giving a boost to your self esteem. There may be period of setbacks when everything will not work out the way you have planned. if we are unable to control our fears. it also blocks work and business opportunities. Take out that list of resolutions you gave up on and start working on them. However. whether on the phone or in public. be it the fear of failure. Being part of a community big or small will give you a sense of belonging and acceptance. is unhealthy. in general. Keeping yourself active will give you no time for negative self talk. Volunteering will help you improve your perception of self-worth.

similar to what you are facing? Looking for ways to overcome this problem? Scroll these lines to find tips on overcoming the fear of talking on the phone as well as in public. Overcoming Fear Of Talking Phone Calls • Make a note of all the conversation that you would be talking on the phone. Most people are scared about forgetting what they intend to say to the other person on the phone. The best way to deal with this is to write down all that you will speak. This would help ease all your worries. Most people panic when they receive a rude phone call, as they do not know how to react to such calls. In such a case, ask your friend to behave like one of those people. He/she might enact the way your boss or the bill collector does. Practice your responses in order to better behave when the actual call rings. If you are into a marketing job where you have to promote various products to strangers, it is natural to get anxious about the questions that the customers would pour in. Hence, gather all the possible knowledge about your product to speak confidently and answer the questions accordingly. While making calls to an unknown person, some people fear that the person on the other end would respond negatively or start cross questioning. To overcome such a situation, prepare for the negative reaction in advance. Always make a call when you feel comfortable rather than talking when the person feels better. Do not worry about the time that you would be calling, simply focus on your comfort level. For example, if you are a morning person, it is best to make calls in the morning rather than when you are dull.

• •

Public Speaking • Always pick up a topic that you are comfortable with, such as sports, television, fashion or anything that interests you and puts you on the front. Gather all the possible extensive knowledge on that subject. • While speaking, always look at the audience and make eye contact. Though this is the basic rule of public speaking, it takes considerable time for a person to get adjusted. Many new speakers always look over the heads of the audience or at the floor or ceiling. Never ever converse with the first friendly face that you find in a gathering. Try and make efforts to talk to everyone present. Eye contact plays a vital role here in keeping the audience glued to your talk. Practice speaking by recording your speech in a small tape player and listening to it later on. Initially, you will be surprised to hear to your voice but with time, you will love to hear it. While recording your voice, start looking into a mirror reflecting how you project yourself in front of the audience. This will give you an idea of what gestures and expressions you pose to your listeners and how you can work on them so as to improve

• • •

Positive Self Talk
Self talk is nothing but the constant process of thoughts that goes on inside us. Every moment of our lives, we affirm a string of thoughts and these very thoughts create and frame our life experience. They grow with us and end up being our beliefs, our prime source of existence, and our definition of life. Few beliefs that have stayed with us since childhood may work well for us, while others may be working against us and depriving us from achieving what we want. So, we should keep in mind that our thought pattern is not formed from a skewed perspective, but has a solid foundation base. It is thus essential to stress on positive self talk. It is the fuel for your success and good health and can take you to new level of ecstasy altogether. Positive self talk involves positive statements, which when repeated several times trigger your subconscious to indulge in a positive action. If you repeat these statements with a lot of conviction and desire, you are sure to succeed. It is all about challenging and undermining the burgeoning negative thoughts within you and getting them transformed into a positive flow of energy. It helps you to focus on your inner self; constantly reminding you to have control on your thoughts and words, thereby modifying your inner selves all through. So, whether you want to transform your life on a personal level or want to gain a competitive edge by applying this technique professionally, a positive mindset can do the trick. In the following lines, we have discussed why do positive affirmations work. Why Positive Self Talk Works Positive self talk or affirmations do work, but the question is why do they work? Here is an explanation. When you think of a positive affirmation, your subconscious responds to it in two ways—either by avoiding the entire concept or going for a reappraisal. The bigger the issue, the bigger is the gap between the positive affirmation and your own perceived inner truth. In most cases, instead of challenging your inner truth, the subconscious sticks to it. However, there are times when your mind instantly responds to the affirmation and you feel a sense of well-being within. When this happens, know that the positive self affirmation has finally started working. Believe it or not, more than often, we keep repeating negative statements and eventually fall into undesirable situations. Negative thoughts like, “I am too lazy for this task”, “I am surely going to fail in this paper” or “I don’t have enough inner strength to overcome this pain” make our subconscious mind accept them as truth. Consequently, the corresponding events in our life happen just the way we thought they would, i.e. negatively. We should always remember that words and statements work both ways and help in building as well as ruining our life. So, it is the way we use them that matters. Remember, it’s all a mind game. Your mind is what you are.

So, why don’t you choose positive affirmations for yourself instead? These thoughts have the power to wisp away even the strongest resistance. Your subconscious would re-examine the core thought pattern and very soon the troubling dysfunctional thoughts would get replaced by your own reformed inner truth. Positive affirmations reform your thought pattern in totality and completely change the way you think and feel. Now that the stringent dysfunctional beliefs would be replaced by positive ones, there would be a positive vibe all around you. Getting reflected on the exterior, your life would be experiencing seismic changes in all aspects. Here are a few examples of positive affirmations, which you can repeat to yourself to lead a gratifying life. Positive Self Affirmations • • • • • • • • • • • •
• •

I am healthy and happy. Wealth is pouring into my life. I am sailing on the river of wealth. I am getting wealthier each day. My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way. I have a lot of energy. I study and comprehend fast. My mind is calm. I am calm and relaxed in every situation. My thoughts are under my control. I radiate love and happiness. I am surrounded by love. I have the perfect job for me. I am living in the house of my dreams. I have good and loving relations with my wife/husband. I have a wonderful and satisfying job. I have the means to travel abroad, whenever I want to. I am successful in whatever I do. Everything is getting better every day

• • • • •

How To Overcome Fear Of Heights

this therapeutic treatment has one drawback. the fear of heights is the most common of them all. While there are many phobias. they may not be required as the person recovers from them. Exposure Therapy Guided by professionals. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy This therapy alters your way of thinking. By following a few weeks of hypnotherapy. the person suffering from acrophobia is taken through different stages of height. Hypnotherapy creates a relaxed atmosphere. Medications.Do you avoid accepting job offers for the simply reason that the office is located on the 15th floor of the building? Sounds funny. This fear increases with time thereby leading to acrophobia. there are past events which lead to fear of heights in people. as it focuses on complete relaxation of the body. Friends and Family . the fear can be reduced to a great extent over a period of time. which is important for the treatment. it can even induce panic attack. fear of heights is an irrational fear. this treatment has a very low success rate. Nonetheless. hypnosis renders the mind free from the phobia. such as tranquilizers and antidepressants are used in the initial stages. huh? However. wherein people experience a panic attack at a high place and become too restless to come down immediately. Tips For Overcoming Fear Of Heights Hypnosis Hypnosis is a treatment used at bedtime. However. Browse through the following lines to get some tips for overcoming the fear of heights. Psychotherapy aims at identifying that single traumatic event and taking steps to heal it. nausea and dizziness. In extreme cases. Your unwanted emotions are transformed into positive thoughts that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Aromatherapy The symptoms of fear of heights can be reduced through aromatherapy as well to a great extent. acrophobia successfully gets reduced and replaces the fear with confidence. there are a number of therapies that can help overcome the fear of heights. Since agitation and anxiety follows fear. it is significant to overcome stress and comprehension first. However. Indulge yourself into a light massage along with some relaxing music. At first. this is a problem that most people are facing. thereby eliminating the unwanted thoughts. With the right approach and the guidance of professionals. Psychotherapy The root cause of the fear of heights is extracted through psychotherapy treatment. This eventually helps in desensitizing the fear and getting comfortable to varied heights. At times. or acrophobia. Also known as acrophobia. but with time. By discarding the deep-rooted fears from the subconscious mind. the person is allowed to experience virtual reality views of high places and then graduated towards real heights. It is not successful in cases where a person is suffering from extreme cases of acrophobia.

take those bad feelings as a challenge and make efforts to minimize them. Do Not Procrastinate Once you have set goals for yourself. friends and family form an integral part. work twice hard and prove them wrong. social life. a look at the notepad would remind you of the targets. Self motivation is the most efficient way of improving your confidence and self-esteem. as the patient is likely to hesitate initially. Unset goal in life is like starting a business without having a capital to invest. do not make excuses to delay them. Nonetheless.While treating any ailment. Hence. However. This is where self motivation techniques come to your rescue. but hesitate to act on? Do you find yourself subject to lack of self motivation at times? Although you are a motivated person in general. these friends and family should be really patient and ready for setbacks. thereby creating bad feelings that are worthless and rubbish. be it career. They can come to rescue the victim struggling from acrophobia. being by the side of the person can be a great help. spirituality or personality development. you have a hard time working on an important task. “Don’t get mad. Though there are numerous ways to improve your self motivation. Given here are some secrets of self motivation that can help you accomplish your goals and tasks in a more effective manner. relationship. it brings about a change in your personality and character as well. As the popular saying goes. Never let procrastination come in your way of . Hence. Self motivation is required in every aspect of life. get even”. Apart from giving you strength to achieve your goals. Moreover. people try to divert you from your goal. only a few are highly useful. Simply. at times. before you sleep in anotepad and place it right in front of you. else you will never be able to achieve them. Often. And anything out of mind turns out to be out of sight. Every morning when you wake up. Whenever you feel someone is trying to pull you back. make a note of all the goals that you intend to achieve. Stay Focused Another problem with most people is that they get influenced by other people easily. they should continue to support even if the symptoms worsen during the treatment Self Motivation Techniques Are you one of those often caught daydreaming at work? Why is it that you have a number of ways to improve. health. Secrets Of Self Motivation Set Goals A major mistake made by most people is that they set their goals only in “mind”. make realistic goals that can be achieved.

. Spend adequate time with family and friends who themselves are positive and motivated. at times you tend to simply give up and lose it. The situation has worsened further by noon and you are finding it difficult to hold back. self motivation gets easier and attainable How To Be Calm You have got up on the wrong side of the bed and everything seems to be going wrong since morning. tell and discuss about your goals with these people. This will allow you to respond in a controlled fashion. you are increasing your self-esteem. How long can you save things from falling apart you wonder? How long can you withstand the constant conflict between the mind and heart? Although such emotions are an inevitable part of your life. Enough. Thus. People who are discouraging and pessimistic should be kept at distance. as they help you to continuously stay inspired and dedicated. Confidence and optimism serve as your best friends in your tough and rough times. you need to confront such negative emotions with enough strength. Conquering small battles is the best motivation secret for moving on to the next goal. Stay Positive In case you are finding it hard to stay focused on your goals. Breathing deeply can ease your tense muscles and reduce your stress level like nothing else. Break down the goals into small bits to make them easily achievable. Reward Yourself The best and perfect way to keep motivating yourself is by rewarding yourself on completing a particular task. you say. The best way of keeping it at bay is to start working on the goals immediately.accomplishing the tasks. Hence. you will be motivating yourself to achieve the set goals since you would never want to let down these people. Share Your Goals Family and friends are the best motivators to look on. You need to keep your calm even when your life seems all turbulent. Through rewarding and congratulating yourself. in order to succeed in life. By sharing your dreams and aspirations to your near and dear ones. However. This article deals with ways as to how you can lead a healthy life even under stressful conditions. the best way is to stay optimistic and positive towards reaching the final line. Very soon. Tips For Staying Calm • The first and foremost step to keep your calm is to take a deep breath.

Easier said than done. Avoid thinking of anything in particular and simply catch up with some sleep. Take a nature walk. Tracing a butterfly’s trail or noticing a woodpecker peeping out of the tree trunk hole can be sheer joy. So. If the person you are confronting with raises his/her voice. the other person might switch over to your state of control. remember to keep your voice mellow and modulated under such stressful situations. Whenever you feel at complete loss and it seems like you had enough of life. It is enough to distract you for the moment and regain your calmness. all that you require is your I-pod. if you got a bashing by your boss in front of your colleagues and you are filled with anger and shame.the waves of epinephrine running through your veins will become manageable and soothe you from within. even if it is a virtual pleasure. A long. Be it the mundane sound of the swirling fan above you or the chirping crickets. Visit your nearest mall and pamper yourself with clothes and accessories. Let your nerves ease and relax. Stand under the shower. For instance. For some. close your eyes and drench in your favorite melodies. be calm thinking you at least have the job when everyone around is losing theirs. Close your eyes and try recalling some happy and amusing memories of the past. Even facials can help soothe your tensed nerves. • Relax for around five long minutes doing simply nothing. How about visiting a beauty salon? Get a nice head massage done. Do not yell. going out on a shopping spree is a great remedy to shed anger and remain calm. Nothing better than this can bring your senses back to normalcy. Listening to music is another such activity you can choose to indulge in to help you calm down. Take a quick nap. • • • • • • • • • . Seeing you behave well. nice shower can also help you regain your peaceful state of mind. Plug in the headphone. This would enliven your senses and calm you from within. Or think of the day you got a promotion and your boss wholeheartedly appreciated your abilities. calmness is contagious. You can also try eating your favorite dish. your natural response is to do the same. Try planning for your next vacation even if the plan is shelved for months away. Try listening to the natural sounds around you. Or try viewing things in a positive perspective. These will help your mind to get distracted from those depressing thoughts. concentrating on these sounds can keep you calm. But this is no solution to win the game or even come down to a solution. know for sure that this is the only way to win the war. All that would result out of it is irreversible damage. Give your disturbed state of mind some amount of rest. A spa-treatment is another option to rejuvenate yourself from the stress and calm down. Moreover. Feel the coolness of the water all over your body and relax. This will take you places you’ve always wanted to be.

Causes Of Low Self Esteem
Have you ever met a person who felt that he is worth nothing and could do nothing right? If you have, then you should know that it is possible that the person is suffering from a case of low self esteem. Now, before we get deeper into what causes this, we need to understand what self esteem is. Self esteem is a character trait that psychologists feel is the most enduring of all other traits. Self esteem is an assessment of how you feel about yourself and can also be referred to as self-worth or self-regard. There are theories which associate self esteem to motivation in a person and are a related to the need for respect from others and the need for self respect. However, more modern theories suggest that self esteem is a way to measure our acceptance in our social environments. Some of the most common symptoms of low self esteem are an inability to express ones feelings, lack of personal boundaries, denial and blaming others for everything. Low Self Esteem Causes Now that we know what low self esteem is and how one can recognize the symptoms for it, it’s time to explore the causes of low self esteem. • The most common cause of low self esteem is neglect and it is most prevalent in children. When parents fail to pay attention to their children and help them by providing them with support and affection, it causes them to feel abandoned. This eventually will lead them to find it difficult to assimilate in a society. You must have heard of positive reinforcement? It is the practice of encouraging a person to do better by praising what he or she has done so far. If you were to do the exact opposite of it and try to motivate someone just by pointing out their faults and mistakes then you are bound to be successful in DESTROYING their self esteem. There are times when a person may suffer from low self esteem as a result of ridicule. This ridicule can be based on anything from the person’s weight to his or her features and looks. Being ridiculed over habits or interests can also result in low self esteem. Since most of the times low self esteem is something that develops in childhood, abuse during childhood can also led to low self esteem. This abuse includes verbal, physical and sexual abuse as well.

Since it was mentioned earlier that self esteem can be seen as a measure of acceptance in a society, there can be times when a person will develop a low self esteem as a result of impairment in leading a normal life, like being out of a job or not being able to exercise the same financial freedom as others close to you. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about all the bullies of the world, but there is something you can do about yourself. Whatever you do, don’t ever let yourself feel like you are lesser than others or not good enough. Do your best at everything and be satisfied with the results of your efforts

How To Develop Habits
Human heart and mind is like a stone slab which was used in ancient times for writing inscriptions. The inscription started to be carved from the day we opened our eyes and since then there were new things written, erased and re-written every day. Human habits are the part of these inscriptions and they need constant changing and re-writing. The quandary situation here is that the positive habits won’t get inscribed on their own unlike the negative one’s which come as a compliment of human experiences. Good habits require a writer, and the writer is the person himself. Now it depends on the writer how he/she goes about carving out the good habits on the slab which will become the input for the body to function. This makes it clear that instilling a good or eradicating a bad habit is a conscious effort that needs to be carried out with great deal of discipline, determination and thoughtfulness. To grab the tips on developing conscious habits read on. Developing Good Habits Self Talk Self talking is the best way in which you can instill any good habit and give up a bad habit. Keep speaking to yourself about the change which you want to see in yourself. Repeat the statements which will help affirm the particular new habit which you want to create a part of your daily life. Directed Imagination Another effective way in which you can incorporate a new habit consciously is by imagining yourself performing the action relating to the new habit. Visualize yourself performing the new activity or a role and see how good you sound and look. This visual imaginative role that you will see yourself in, will help you easily make the habit a part of your daily routine. One Habit For 30 Days It can so happen that you want to bring about a number of changes in your behavior at a time. In such a case take up a single change that you want to see in yourself and start practicing it daily consciously for 30 days at a stretch. After 30 days you will realize that you no more need to practice the change you want to be because it has now become a habit. After 30 days you can take up the next endeavor. Use A Trigger A trigger is a small ritual which you perform before getting used to a habit. A simple habit which you want to inculcate like not watching excess of television, can be

triggered by setting a self-timer in the television. The time you want the television to get switched off, set the timer to that time so that the T.V will get switched off, forcing you to engage yourself in something more productive. You can use such small triggers to consciously develop a habit. Replacement Replacement is the key word to develop a new habit. In order to remove something from the system without damaging the other files it is necessary to fill in the gap which was created due to the removal of a file. Similarly if you are giving up a habit you need to fill up the free space by a habit that fulfill the same requirement as the old habit. For eg. giving up watching television means you need to find some other relaxation medium for yourself. This approach will make it simpler for you to get used to the change you want to be. “But” To Kill Bad Thoughts A prominent habit changing step can be to force out all the negative thoughts from your mind. The moment you think negative about yourself and find yourself incapable of taking a strong stand, use the word ‘but’ and bring in the positive about yourself. This negative positive game will help develop your self-confidence and will make you believe in the change you are going to make. Write It Down You can even write down a particular habit in a piece of paper and stick it to a place where it will be visible to you. This will keep reminding you about the commitment you made to your brain and will help you in working towards living that change you wished for. Get Leverage Catch hold of your sibbling or a friend and hand them over a 100 rupee note. Instruct them to return you the note only if you successfully cross all the hurdles to reach your goal. Make a public commitment in front of everyone you know that you will stick to your plan. The necessity to keep up your words and dignity will force you to consciously work towards developing the new habit. Keep It Simple Changing for the good is beneficial both to your personality and to others as well. But, you should keep in mind that changing is a small process and your body and mind should first get used to the new introduction. Therefore, don’t get too harsh on yourself and keep only one or two rules simple rules and not a dozen rules regarding the new habit. Simple rules will help you create habits, whereas complex rules will just put you in a more complex puzzle. Consistency Is Key The point of a habit is that it doesn’t require thought. Make sure that your habit is consistently being followed everyday without fail. This consistent performance will drill in the habit in you instead of multiple habits loosely conditioned.

A person with a healthy personality will not follow convention without due cause. The key to having a healthy personality is to strike a balance with all the elements that make up day to day life. Healthy personalities are also indicative of emotional stability. • • . A person with a healthy personality will have a lot of common sense and will display presence of mind when it comes to solving problems (big and small). When faced with a personal tragedy. a person with a healthy personality is cheerful and does not get stressed easily. It also enables a person to be able to understand others easily. it indicates that he or she is in good mental health and can be trusted to conduct themselves in a respectable manner and set good examples to follow. A healthy personality allows a person to function well independently and as part of a team. If a person displays a healthy personality. a healthy personality allows a person to overcome the tragedy without falling prey to depression and contempt. The greatest plus point about having a healthy personality is that it allows for a fulfilling and meaningful life. People with a healthy personality have strength of character and have individuality of their own. The healthy personality lets the person be comfortable with whom they are and the way they look. A healthy personality will enable a person to think clearly and with reason when everyone else is following a convention. A personality is a combination of all the small factors that add up to make a person’s mental constitution. A healthy personality is magnetic and attracts other to it. Traits Of A Health Personality • • • • • • • A person with a healthy personality has the ability to adapt to his or her social environment. On the face of it. A healthy personality ensures that a person takes great care of his outward appearance and always presents himself with dignity. Having a healthy personality plays a key role in defining the person who wields it. The healthy personality enables a person to see others for who they are to be able to handle them accordingly. A person with a healthy personality will always display a positive attitude and be cheerful. A healthy personality allows the person to be a good listener and a better advisor.Characteristics Of A Healthy Personality We often hear people comment that a certain person has a great personality or that he needs to develop one. It also allows people to be able to express themselves without hesitation or offence.

and try to emulate these characteristics into your personality. Look for traits that you would like to change in yourself and remind yourself occasionally to change that particular character flaw. you will come across as someone who is trying too hard to change the way they are. You also need to figure out how you would like to feel on the inside before you start thinking about changes you could make on the outside. to be a more compelling personality or to be less imposing are all examples of what you could want to change in yourself. A healthy personality is also displayed in a person’s desire to stay healthy (physically).• • People with health personalities do not feel the need to make everyone conform to their views. added. You need to look for people with strong traits and whether any of those traits appeal to you. Look for traits in people you admire. It is recommended that before emulating be absolutely certain that the particular trait is a desirable one. or suppressed to make you feel more confident and good about yourself. • • • . be it a student’s profile or that of a professional in a work force. The right way to go about would be to look within you and determine what characteristics require to be polished and what needs to be changed. Opting for a softer or a tougher outlook on life. Therefore. which need not always work in your favor. it is recommended that you first ascertain what type of a makeover you would prefer. Different people in different environments require different changes or makeovers to their images to suit the environment they are in. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go about an image makeover: How To Change Your Image • You need to have an image of you in your head and zero in on the traits that make you feel uncomfortable on the inside or the outside. If the change is sudden and drastic. An image makeover does not work overnight unless you are only thinking of a fabulous hairdo when you’re talking about an image makeover. especially when it can help in your personal growth. Easy Ways To Change Your Image Ever thought about changing certain undesirable characteristics that have become part of your personality or appearance? Changing an image that has been inculcated over the years requires a certain amount of determination and will power. It is not impossible and never too late to develop a healthy personality.

only for the fear of hurting them in anger. at least. There are many who keep away from or maintain distance from loved ones. it is best to learn to control one’s anger or.• The way you look on the outside can influence the way you feel on the inside. Look for those particular traits that you are particularly dissatisfied with and opt for a change. After you have followed all the above steps. Here are some ways in which anger control can prove to be advantageous for us. the blood pressure. Anger is cited in ancient texts as one of the biggest enemies of a human being’s body and soul – it can have grievous consequences for the way the body functions too. Many of them do not know when to give up the fight and almost none can take a joke on themselves. and causing other forms of damage too. step out and look for clothes you feel comfortable in and that will boost your self esteem. There are several benefits of learning to give one’s anger a better route than by breaking the vase (literally). If you feel that. There is no point in changing your hairstyle and your wardrobe if you still maintain your old image in your mind. Sometimes a simple hairdo or a change in wardrobe can make you more confident. and remember what you are trying to change about yourself. make sure the eyes of the person in front of you sweep up to your face and stay there. which are the most valued part of a human being’s existence. increasing stress. You never know what wonders it might do for your social life. make sure you walk with confidence. be it your makeup. and might even change attitudes that others have towards you. hairdo. your clothes don’t do justice to the rest of your personality. In a situation like this. Advantages Of Anger Management Here are some ways in which controlling anger can be advantageous: Judgment We all know that anger makes us incapable of being able to take stock of the situation . always keep in mind that you are a more attractive and sophisticated person than you previously were • • • Benefits Of Anger Management The problem is more rampant than we all imagine – an alarming number of men and women find it extremely hard to deal with their anger and end up blowing situations out of proportions. can make a person violent and could even cause the person to lose out on his/her relationships. It impairs judgment. How you look on the outside will almost always mirror the reactions towards you. Once you have changed certain characteristics of your old self. learn to channelize it in better ways – in ways that are constructive rather than destructive and harmful to the individual. wardrobe or something as complex as the pattern of your conversation. Choose clothes that flatter your body type.

Controlling anger and channelizing anger better will make the person concerned more capable of leading a life that is relatively free of ugly scenes or outbursts of anger How To Avoid Bullying Whether on the school playground or at the professional workplace. Exercises in anger management are often aimed at channelizing the anger better so that you do not lose control when you lose temper. When you begin to develop empathy for the other person and try to see life from their perspective. you can often find yourself as the target of bullies. Not only do they frighten you by shaking your confidence levels. It is important for us to see where it begins and be able to nip a possible dispute in the bud. Being able to control anger will definitely help avoid silly disputes. it makes them feel strong and . there will be no room for conflict at all. stay away from their loved ones when they realise that they are hurting people with their anger. they also cause you bodily harm and injuries. help you analyse situations better and make you capable of taking stock of situations. Bullies look for weak people and prey on them. Better Communication Anger is often caused by misunderstandings. Empathy Training in anger management is extremely beneficial for developing empathy for the other party. This can only be done when one is able to treat differences in opinion as just opinions rather than personal attacks on someone’s belief. Many a times. and making us prone to making mistakes in sound reasoning. in turn. Closer And More Healthy Relationships Many people who have serious anger related issues. impairing our better judgment. Controlling and channelizing one’s anger in a constructive and non stressful way will not only open up lines of communication further but will also turn you into someone who is approachable and easy to talk to. which would decrease chances of further conflicts and disputes. anger builds up because the party involved refuses to see the situation from the other person’s point of view. which helps one party understand the other better. This would in turn. By doing so. which are.well. Fewer Disputes Disputes are conflicts that go out of control and conflicts are differences of opinion. Bullying has increasingly become a widespread problem haunting people across the globe. which are expressed rather aggressively. Since the people we love are closest to us. they are often the first victims when we lose control. A lot of anger and the stress that it causes can be avoided by opening up communication lines and making oneself available to dialogue. caused by faulty communication between the two parties involved.

it is important to distract yourself and keep your mind occupied. such people bully those who do not stand for themselves. There are chances of getting hurt in the fight as well. thereby escaping an attack. to avoid thinking about the bully. Do Not Bully Back If someone is bullying you or your friends. Acting as though you haven’t noticed or do not care would be like giving out no reaction. simply ignore and walk past them to a place of safety. Usually. principal. Find a person who is trustworthy and can come to your rescue. Stand Up For Yourself Be brave and confident and stand up for yourself. Hence. in turn. While avoiding bullies is not easy. If you agree to the bully’s terms. soft spoken and weak people become the prime targets. you are likely to face more bullying ahead. If he/she is demanding something. Moreover. Keep yourself busy until you are out of the situation or at a safe place where you can show your feelings. Since bullies are expecting you to react largely to their teasing and meanness.powerful. How To Improve Working Memory . You can also have some other people standing by your side to tell the bully to stop teasing or scaring people. If you counterattack or retort. Hope these tips come to your rescue! Tips For Avoiding Bullying Ignore The Bully Try your level best to ignore the bully’s threats. taking certain steps can help you avoid situations. can stop the bullies from portraying such a behavior. satisfying the bully. In case you are facing bullying at work. remember. parents or friends. Do Not Show Your Feelings Getting angry or showing that you are upset by the behavior of the bully will only induce him/her to take further steps in bullying you. Keep in mind that the person wants you to react. This. Students are likely to stop bullying when teachers come to know about it. At school or college. Read on further to find tips for avoiding bullying. kick. it is best to stay with others. seek help from teachers. push back or get into a heated argument. Raise your voice and speak out to let the bully know that you are not weak. stand up and say “No”. stay safe and take help from an adult in an out-of-hand situation. Talk To An Adult Let an adult know about you being bullied. you would be solving his/her purpose and thus. since they are afraid of being punished by their parents. report to the concerned authorities and let them handle accordingly. do not hit. Hence.

Tips On Improving Working Memory • Eating right to think straight! Surprised! Here’s is how it works. your brain too needs fuel to think and process. address and more. phone numbers. can put you in a better position. generously gorge on berries. So. It is just that of all the things and facts you tend to take in all throughout a day. Read on for more on this. Experts have found that music. that does not necessarily imply that you have got a frail memory. one can boost retention capacities to the hilt. Even minor stress can impair your cognitive skills and cause brain block. such as memorizing passwords. chances are that you might very well recall what those things were. however. and broccoli for a shot of extra memory. • Of all the things that can possibly boost your retention. Brain filters information randomly. you can fight away the memory blues. despite of much brain racking. when away at the departmental stores. A deliberate attempt to remember things. How often you have landed up in a grocery shop and gone blank wondering at the list of items you wished to buy? This is a common symptom that plagues many. • • • • . but can’t manage to remember easy things. such as where you left your car keys last night or where you kept your wallet? Most of us counter countless facts daily. just after we have met someone. However with a little care. which explains why we fail to recall a certain item while on a grocery shopping. Most often we tend to skip things not because of frail memory. only a part of it gets filtered through the brain box. preps up brainpower and enhances retention abilities. music certainly ranks high. A little bit of brain exercise can go a long way to save your memory from passing out. However. which explains why we tend to forget name. It’s confirmed that with a little extra care and effort. especially classical music. spinach. tune in to your beat box. Just like a car. just dump the stress and relax. Working memory is something that we use in our every day life to accomplish our daily tasks. If you can just manage to cue the things. names. that feeds on fuel to run. That possibly explains why you usually miss out on that one or two grocery items. Here are some interesting tips on how to improve your day to day working memory. Thus. It is found that higher levels of stress can freeze your brain and cause your mind to go blank. So. it is important to eat more often to keep the brain from starving out of energy.Do you find it a cinch to remember long pin numbers and passwords. Also. This might help you to remember things better. which isn’t very good news for your memory. It will help you sort out your work and life in a better way. If you are one of those few people who tend to have a problem remembering day to day things. next time you fail to remember where you left your keys. Listen carefully and try to retain the information in mind. but due to poor attention. If you wish to remember more things at work. don’t despair. only to remember a handful of things at the end of the day. it is important to keep your brain boosted with wholesome diet that is rich in omega-3 fats and antioxidants. Just try this simple mental exercise and experience the difference.

Dig more on how to make powerful first impression with the following tips. events. the next time you head for a quick appointment or an interview. So. . Read on to get smart. A brisk walk can leave your brain with more than one reason to thank for! Walking is known to boostblood flow to the brain.The trick is to calm down completely while reclining on a couch and start your exercise by paying attention to yourself. hippie. Try to recall back all the activities of the day and remember as many things. This will heighten the sensitivity of your senses and boost retention. What's more. it is important to put your best foot forward to get the game going in your favor. not many of us can resist the temptation of overplaying our aptitude and tagging someone as posh. All you have to do is sensitize your senses by doing simple activities like eating. More blood would mean more oxygen and more energy in your brain. names. Nothing makes a more sure-footed statement than a warm. Doing so will make your mind more agile. cordial smile that arrests all interest and gives one an edge over any situation. • Another interesting way to improve your memory is to enhance your senses. punk. faces as possible. This is a simple task that is likely to leave you with great memory. it is important that you put your best self across. This simpleaerobic workout can help your brain get rid of the clutter and think and retain more clearly • How To Make Powerful First Impression While it is wrong to judge a person just by his/her dress or demeanor. Sometimes a quick three seconds is all it takes to build or kill credibility and create that first big impression. Thus. and no matter how much we may deny going with the cliché. or hottie in the very first look? Good or bad. unfeigned. we all tend to get swayed by the first impression. just remember to wear that smile on. it helps to break the ice. set all differences straight. Tips To Make Great First Impression • There comes a time when our destiny rides high on the impression we make and little else succeeds in making that power-packed quick impression like a 1000-watt smile. creates an aura of ease and comfort and puts one in a win-win situation. When meeting new people. Keep repeating this exercise. it is true that first impression does count. washing or even dressing up with eyes closed. at least you can learn to feign it convincingly to make a compelling impression. If you don’t have one. For this you essentially need to have a pleasant demeanor.

be polite at all costs! It’s easy to be a good speaker. Wear colors compatible with your basic coloring. People with cool coloring look best in blue-based colors like blues. a gesture that is likely to be appreciated by the speaker. it’s only wise that you put your best foot forward and get your outfit right. He was also the smallest kids in his school and was bullied and racially abused by his school mates. you cannot afford to look away when the opportunity strikes. Also. you never get a second chance to make a first impression. but also adds to one’s charm and opens channels of communication. He . make sure you never interrupt the person. Eye-contact is one of the few things that extend an indelible impression. Also. current F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was an exceptionally talented kid at school.• As it is rightly said. A strong stare or looking away when interacting with the other person can leave one in a sticky situation. People with warm coloring look best in yellow-based colors like gold. but it takes some skills to be a listener. However. Dress modestly. hair and skin tone would help you determine whether you are cool or warm. Your eye. steer clear of mindless babblings. warm reds. thus. Dress to impress is the new age adage to that fabulous first impression. a business meeting or just a casual date. when he/she is speaking • • • • Self Confidence Exercises As a gifted five year old. enunciate rightly and speak fluently and clearly to make a deep-seated impression. Paying heed to others can put you up in the ladder and create a good name. greens and winter white. it is important to choose your words correctly. he dealt with it with extraordinary strength of character at that young age. to avoid leaving a wrong impression. remember to ask questions to reveal signs of authentic interest. wrinkled shirt and worn-out fabrics at all costs. slangs or too much of a colloquial verve. which would further assist you in determining what colors look best on you! When looking to make that first big impression. and yes strictly avoid jaded jeans. The right colors can be flattering to your persona and can make a killer impression. golden browns and rich ivory. A warm pleasantry may not be pleasant if done in the wrong way. Remember to nod or chime your head in agreement. hot pants. Human beings are one of two colorations: warm or cool. Pitch your tone properly. A punch line can make or mar your impression. Not to take the circumstances as a victim. it is important to underplay your fashion sense at time and be sensible with what you wear for an interview. Thus. An eye-to-eye interaction not only testifies one’s confidence and reliability. While evolving fashion has left us with plenty of options to dabble with. And yes.

Remove self doubts from your mind. Instead. ‘I am improving every day’ or ‘I deserve to be happy and successful’ or ‘I am confident in handling whatever comes up today’. In a nutshell you might be struggling to live a life of your own. • • • • • • . books. social life can become painful. Exercises For Building Self Confidence • Self confidence gets affected when you think too much about your past failures and negative events. “If you have no confidence in self. you have won even before you have started. Some people have naturally high levels of self confidence. I developed self confidence. while others can definitely develop it. This helps to develop self confidence and personality. Later on he reported.took lessons in martial arts and went on to become a black belt holder by the age of twelve. write down any experience in which you have received positive responses and compliments. When you start your day make positive statements about yourself. make an effort to schedule one interview. Imagine yourself as a victorious public speaker. At least record one positive thing about yourself each day and acquire the habit of praising yourself. People who are uncertain about themselves lack in self confidence. The bullying stopped and more importantly. Marcus Garve stated that. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day and exercise for 30 minutes daily.” Self confidence gives you that freedom to make mistakes and deal with failure without feeling guilty or hopeless about the situation. meeting new people can become a struggle and can have terrifying experience facing stressful situations. For instance if you have stage fear. Face the situation that you have been avoiding for a long time. But as you require physical exercises to keep your body healthy. travel to new places and gain experience. Avoid writing anything negative about yourself. If your boss appreciates you for your work. Gain knowledge and experience by reading current happenings. if you were contemplating a job change for a long time and not doing it for fear of interviews. Diversify your interest. At the end of each day. you are twice defeated in the race of life. remind yourself of the past occasions that you have faced successfully and handled well. With confidence. Pen down observations about your advancement. Your work might suffer. Repeat these positive statements several times in the day. This can have devastating effects in your life and result in lower self esteem. Challenge yourself and take risks. jot it down on paper. Think of the positive things that you have done right be it big or small. develop new skills. magazines and updating yourself with latest developments. You can say to yourself. visualize and imagine yourself as effectively performing a task which you fear doing. and perform your work efficiently. For instance. if your mother tells you that you are the best child write it down in your diary. “It was a horrible time but I told my dad I wanted to start karate so I could learn to protect myself. your mind also requires exercises. reflect on your positive things.

• •

Make changes to your physical environment. Rearrange and redecorate the furniture of the room. Paste quotes and pictures of successful people and keep reading them again and again. Read autobiographies of successful people. Keep your body language positive, look and feel confident. Always walk straight, with your shoulders straight, chin up and chest out. Have an authentic, warm and friendly smile on your face. A positive body language sends out positive signals. List all the goals that you want to accomplish in life and then take one step at a time. Break these goals into smaller reachable goals. Concentrate on self improvement and self development. Keep your cool and calm in every situation in life. Too much of emotional outburst can spoil the situation and make things difficult to handle. Hence take things in your stride and handle it smoothly. Do not think or worry about what others think about you. Stop imagining and bothering about unreal things and situations and blaming yourself for being wrong so often.

• •

You can follow this confidence building exercise by writing these things. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences: • • • • • The best thing that I can do is … Something that I have accomplished is … One of my best character traits is… I am proud of myself for…. I am working to improve…

Confidence Building Exercises
“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.”Lauren Bacall. Yes it is the ‘I’ factor that makes that difference. No one can beat a person who strongly believes in himself and has made an identity for himself. Why do you think Mahatma Gandhi had so many followers and why did they follow him blindly to give their lives believing in non-violence! It’s nothing but his confidence and actions that inspired millions to join him. Success is the synonym of confidence. Never will a person with a low confidence can dream to make it big in his life for he loses the battle in the beginning itself. But the one who considers every failure as the stepping stone to success will cut a path for himself. It is always a

pleasure to watch someone speak with his/her head held high, answering questions assuredly. Ratan Tata, Azim Premji or Narayan Murthy are nothing less than living legends only because they have the confidence to face anything and everything that comes their way. They consider every new problem not as an obstacle but as a new objective. Here are a few tips on how you can go about boosting your confidence. Exercises For Boosting Confidence Think Positive Optimism is the word that has to be circled in the dictionary. An extremely positive mind is what you need to gift yourself. ‘I can’ should rule your mind when you are not able to cope up with negative things that come as hurdles on your way. Know how to love yourself and be proud of whatever achievements you have made in life, big or small. You can stick a few posters with quotes on success and confidence on the walls of your room and get inspired by those words each time you read them. Life becomes exciting only with things that you can do and not with the ones you dare not try. Learn to say ‘I Can’ aloud. Find Right Objectives Be sure about the objectives that you set. Set each goal as per your strengths and your abilities. Categorize the objectives as per your skills and talents and at the end of the day you will be able to harvest the fruit of your confidence through these fulfilled objectives. Prioritize each goal, like go for the easier tasks first then slowly raise the challenges. Remember failures can interrupt you but take it as a challenge and march forward. You have to reach the final lap to take the trophy of success securely in your hands. Meditation Listen to yourself. Meditate each day for a new beginning and a fresher day that is in the offering. Consult yourself for taking decisions and persuade your mind to make the best of the decisions. Body Language There are many things that boost confidence in a person from the file that he is holding to the tie that he is wearing. Choose the best outfit that gives you that comfort zone and elevate your confidence. Walk straight with your head held high. This itself exhibits the confidence that is abundant in you. Make the first impression the best one. From a good hand shake to a beautiful smile, everything counts.. Breathe Properly Whenever you feel that you are low in confidence, try taking some deep breaths. This is a great exercise to tackle nervousness and can revitalize you

How To Develop Self Discipline

The term ‘self discipline’ is defined as the behavior which is guided by the ‘mind’, rather than by the ‘heart’. The selfdisciplinarian attitude is very much essential to become successful in life, as it entails foregoing the momentary enjoyments and gratifications in order to achieve something big in the long term. But this sort of self-monitoring attitude has to come from within each person, as it cannot be heaped upon by any external force. That voluntary spirit or will power will help you in setting and accomplishing your goals. Some people think that discipline is linked to liberty. On the contrary, those who are disorderly are deficient in enjoying liberties that accompany those who have the talent and dexterity required to execute certain tasks such as adventure sports or learning new things. Many people know the importance of practicing self discipline but are still unable to do so. This socalled ‘inability’ is nothing else but the lack of will and purpose to achieve the goal. The secret to overcome this hindrance lies in the person’s strong sense of determination, which should be inculcated to really become successful. As they say, “Success does not come easy”, you have got to strive hard to gain what you really want in your lives, and the first step is to cultivate self discipline. Fortunately, for those who desire to build self-discipline, there is a way out. By adopting the tips given in the article below, you can instill self-discipline in yourself. Tips To Develop Self Discipline Getting To Know Yourselves When you act according to what you know is right rather than what you feel like doing is known as discipline. For that, you need to delve deep into yourself, and know yourself better. This can yield optimum results when you put your thoughts in a written format. Doing this, will provide you a thorough perception of what you are and what your mission in life is, and what you have to do to fulfill your ambition. Dedication By,just writing down your resolutions, you cannot hope for miracles to occur and that too overnight. A concerted and sustained effort over a period of time is required to help you gain self-discipline. If you find it tough to stick to your resolutions then you have got to ensure that you abide first by what you have planned, and then follow them one by one; not all at once. In this way, you can surely adhere to your resolution, and implement them dedicatedly. Boldness Usually, disciplining the self is by no means an easy task. It requires you to overcome your desires, temper, temptations, and a host of other stimulations, both internal and external. And, it is easier said than done. But, it can indeed be done through a series of constant auto-suggestions, which are capable of continuously reminding you of your goals, ambitions, and aims. You can never hope to escape from these distractions, but you can steel your guts to confront and tackle them. This can make you stronger mentally.

it is also known to boost one’s cognitive skill highly. Today. you need to be extra attentive in what you learn. there are others for whom picking up a new lingo may be a jaw breaking deal. Remember. which makes it worth a try. the need for learning a new language extends more than just a hobby. However. more so when you are new to an alien tongue. will boost your determination and thereby enhance your focus to accomplish the seemingly difficult jobs with relative ease. When you find the going tough. Problems In Learning A Language The tongue trying a new taste is similar to the brain grasping a new language.Auto Tutoring Talking to yourself can do wonders to your self confidence. The following points are geared to help you identify with some of the most common problems in learning a new language. Not only does it give one an upper hand when travelling to foreign territories. fluency is a skill that only comes with the right kind of intonation and accent. associate it with your every day life and practice it more often. Difficulties In Learning A Language Doing It The Right Way! Learning a new language is not easy and getting to master one often requires more than just will power.Learning a language isn’t an easy bet. you can always fall back on yourselves by reliving certain positive moments. which forms an integral part of our lives. by diligently implementing the above techniques. . loads of practice. Treading an unfamiliar territory doesn't come easy. The biggest impediment towards mastering a new language perhaps lies on one’s take on it. Pronunciation Pronunciation is perhaps one sticky ground where most language learners tend to bungle. we can definitely develop selfdiscipline. and developing it requires a little skill and not to forget. Read on for more. The biggest blooper most people tend to commit when trying to learn a new language is that they often fail to take it seriously. While learning a new language can be a cinch for some. before you get down to the learning experience. Thus. acquainting yourself with some of the most common problems which come in the way of mastering a language will help. A person who is self-disciplined can achieve whatever he sets out to. we fumble and give up. Most languages come with irregular rules that may not make much sense to you. and also motivate you to pursue your tasks with renewed vigor. the number of professional benefits attached to learning a foreign language. Doing so. as he has trained up his mind to overrule his heart. Add to this. This is the foremost reason as to why many of us find it extremely difficult to pick up an alien language and even before we learn to mumble a few new words. To avert these kinds of hitches.

as said before. Visual reinforcement is one tried-and-tested way of effective learning and it stands true for learning new languages too. it is important to get your words right! Words. Getting a grasp on the words will help you in coming up with a meaningful sentence! Grammar Getting the grammar right can put one in a fix. unintentional though. perseverance pays. it is important to choose your words carefully. Well. Things do not just end with learning the right pronunciation. Word Order When mastering a new language. While it is likely for you to fumble when trying to speak a new language. Try to speak the new language as much as possible. it is important to hold your reigns and put in your efforts in mastering a language as diligently as possible. Nearly every language relies heavily on words to convey the right meaning. Thus. it will also give you an edge over the other speakers and help you to evolve as a fluent spokesperson.However. At times of failure and disappointment. The idea is to connect the words with the objects and establish a basic relation between the two. let this thing not be deterrent to your efforts. Visual Reinforcement Visualize everything you hear and you are likely to remember it for long. For instance. remember. can come across as a puzzling jumble to others and mar communication. Not only will this make you into a confident speaker. Patience! Most people. Nearly all language has its own set of rules that may be befuddling to one’s general grammatical sense. How To Grow Old Gracefully . Voice it! Do not fear to lend your voice to the new language. Next would be to clearly fit them into a sentence to make more sense and less confusion. learning a new language never comes easy to many. who struggle to learn a new language. it is important to rise above your reservations and understand how a word is perfectly pronounced. without the knowledge of the same. if not rightly arranged. A good grasp over grammar is perhaps the cornerstone for a successful learning experience. more so when you are trying to tame the grammatical rules of a foreign tongue. The extra effort that you put in would help you sail out of all the problems and difficulties. You need to practice it on your own to get a grasp of it. in some languages the verb comes before the subject. A person is likely to commit major bloopers. Thus. often quit it midway after months of pointless struggle. while in some others it is reversed.

weakening bones. making crochet. Of course. there is very little that can stop you from either listening to music or reading or watching your favourite films on DVDs. especially if it is not too hard on your eyesight. In any case. It will also serve to bring back a purpose into your life. If your mobility is limited. Learn anything new. Defying age is not as much about the body as it is about the attitude and the outlook towards life. studies say that if you have the will to live. Also. this is the right time for you to pursue them once again. deteriorating brains and. What’s New. Follow What You Left Behind You must have always had a hobby or interest that you used as a stress buster or to unwind and rejuvenate. If you are suffering from physical ailments. which are often the cause of your complaints with life. However. You could teach your grandchildren to sew. It is easier said than done to adhere to the ‘why-afraid-of-death-when-it-is-certain’ saying but it is best not to think about it. especially if you haven’t kept in excellent health with regular exercise. Many of us waste our lives – especially by treating our bodies badly – and end up fearing each day because we know that we have played havoc with ourselves. . there are ways by which we can age gracefully. Women can also take the liberty of knitting. cook. or writing. you will live. from operating the CD player so that you can watch movies or play music CDs.Ageing is something that people fear – it brings with it the natural decay of the human form and mind. or teach them a few home remedies. If you are still alive and do not have any major life-threatening ailment. wrinkles. you could develop a new interest that could keep you busy and happy. You may have all the valid reasons to sulk and complain but you must remember that people like to be around happy and cheerful people and not around wet dishrags who constantly complain that life is being unfair to them. finally death. you should take care of your body and mind. However. Tips On Ageing Gracefully Here’s what you can do to age gracefully: Thou Shalt Not Sulk Or Complain Sulking or complaining about what you do not have will never let you come out of the past and will prevent you from being happy and your true self. It will give a purpose to your life and also take away the bitterness that you feel. You could also learn to use the computer and keep in touch with family members – grandchildren or even other family members who live abroad and you cannot contact them ever so often over the phone. they should be told to your doctor or physician and not to anybody among your friend circle. people have so many problems of their own and need not carry the burden of your problems too. inspite of all the problems that we face. at 60 you cannot hope to go mountaineering. Is Knowledge Learning something new will bring back the life that you think you were losing. Here are some tips on ageing gracefully. physical ailments. Since you have fewer responsibilities now.

Friends Are There… Make friends who share the same interests rather than those who share the same ailments! If latter is the case. Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs The road to entrepreneurial success is typically characterized by an incredibly intricate labyrinth of hardships and setbacks. which sets those successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the teeming millions is woefully missing in most of the aspiring entrepreneurs. and that is that they are all very successful entrepreneurs. and help yourself to a sampling of some of the outstanding traits that make an entrepreneur truly successful. exceptional passion. extraordinary vision and the irrepressible desire to make it happen. Joyce Hall. and learn to strike that elusive gold on your own steam in the process. and your friends will only end up spending your quality time complaining rather than being happy. Persistence. clarity of purpose. You need to laugh together. Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey – have more in common than just being names on the ‘Rich and Famous’ list to most of us at first glance. success eludes most of us because the passion. Nothing sells like the business of getting rich. share experiences together and inspire each other to come out of the sulking modes. overcome only by the relentless perseverance of the inspired few. However. with a little help from those who have it down pat from close personal encounters with adversity in the pursuit of their own dream? The characteristics most successful . Donald Trump. And since few successful entrepreneurs are naturally born. Bill Gates. they say. Friends should pull you out of your complaining spell instead of only feeding into it. is often the next best thing in life to inheriting a fortune. However. Rupert Murdoch. so take heart. lies at the core of most entrepreneurial success stories. People of your age may also tell you how best to deal with your problems – physical or otherwise The Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs Most of us can confess to being quite sold out to the idea of getting rich someday. Tips To Achieve Entrepreneurial Success Striking it rich on one’s own. why go through the wringer if you can do it right from the start. We tend to randomly rush into a mirage of the mythical pot of gold at the end of an illusory rainbow. you. sincere effort. and the pursuit of prosperity sends most of us into quite a tizzy. History bears ample testimony to several such stories of entrepreneurial success.

Survey The Market There is no magic potion to ensure success. Adapting and adjusting are the mantras to stay in the reckoning. Make an impact with a well-timed. well-placed launch strategy. So make sure that your venture fills a much felt void. To sum it up. thereby helping one identify the best possible way to approach his/her dream for entrepreneurship. andThreats. It is a simple but very authentic exercise done quickly by jotting down honest observations under each section. and identify untapped audiences and buyers. Chalk Out A Realistic Launch Plan Visibility matters most in the launch of a new venture. The spirit of enterprise is what these shining examples from history have made a habit of living up to. and it won’t be long before one can justifiably earn the title of a “self-made” person. Characteristics Of A Leader . Stick To The Master Plan Do not stray from a well designed venture plan unless it is to keep course with market dynamics. some learn from trial and error. It is a quick assessment of your Strengths. and drawing up a conclusive overall assessment of one’s plus points and areas of development. but it is in the individual application of these tried and tested formulae wherein the fate of an ingenious venture lies. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of your venture makes all the difference. but it should also has a solid and sound economic ground. ideally all year round. While some get it naturally right from the word go. translating lessons from past failures into future successes. Weaknesses. the traits of successful entrepreneurs may appear rather easy to emulate on the face of it. Conduct A SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis is the quickest peep you will get into your entrepreneurial prospects. Reinvest earned revenue back into an appropriate sector of your business for better future returns. Entrepreneurial success is often determined as much by one’s past achievement patterns as by adherence to a smart blueprint. Opportunities. and save up the rest as contingency for unexpected setbacks.entrepreneurs exhibit and which have been briefly explained below. Make The Economics Work A venture has to not only be financially viable. Success comes at the end of hard labor and a little bit of luck. even before your plans have gone to the drawing board. are the best known ways to get there. without altering the original game-plan too much. Make your venture count with clever promotions and advertising.

Whether the characteristics are natural or developed. a leader. While most of the characteristics are acquired through learning. a great leader will always work upon the best of these traits to achieve excellence. should be in a position to think quickly and make the most of a given situation. A leader when chosen is expected to accomplish all the tasks and duties as stated and anticipated. some people are born with them. He is a hope who can bring about change and improve the field to which he belongs. A good leader must have confidence and be able to fulfill the set targets. Confident While having a set vision is quintessential. in the present times. they are not born. It so happens that prompt decisions without knowledge turn out to be erroneous for the future of the organization. one must have a vision to take his team and society further. a leader’s plan is useless. which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile. quick action is essential for a great leader. possessing good communication skills is important. A team of efficient members is ineffective if it does not have an envisioned leader. Given here are some leadership traits and characteristics that define a leader in today’s world. for communicating."Leaders are made. Quick Thinking Thanks to the stiff economic competition faced by businessmen and professionals alike. training. which can be done through good communication only.Vince Lombardi. He must possess different characteristics to help him show others the way to success. who has set his goals and knows how to achieve them. being aware of all the developments taking place and having a proper knowledge of the field in which a person is working is essential for becoming a successful leader. A leader should be a visionary. development and experience. Hence. opportunities and challenges change unpredictably and hence. They are made by hard effort. Knowledge Quick thinking will not be appropriate if a leader does not have the right knowledge. for the betterment of the entire organization. accomplishing it with confidence is equally important." . Leadership Traits And Characteristics Vision To be a great leader. Thus. Additionally. Without confidence. a leader should be able to motivate people around him effectively. Markets. becoming a good leader is not easy for a person. Good Communication Skills Without communicating the plan of action to the team members. . However. a leader would not be able to take proper decisions to lead his group.

Thus. He should know what to do and plan out an organized approach to accomplish the tasks. Humility The qualities of a leader make him stand apart from the rest. Do you have a constant fear of being rejected by the woman of your dreams? If yes. Hence. which is very essential while approaching a woman. If you are also one amongst them.Discipline A leader is one who leads a team of individuals and looks after more than one area. Let out that side of yourself that you had always been too afraid to examine. Democratic A leader should not start leading his team in an autocratic style. wherein you sit back in the shadows and wait for life to happen to you rather than making a life of your own. then fret not. This will make communication between a leader and his team better. A frightened and apprehensive leader takes the team no where. Thus. Read on further to find some tips to help you overcome your shyness among women and build your confidence. Risk Taking A leader must be courageous enough to take risks as every opportunity comes along with some amount of risk. no one will. . who knows you might end up losing your dream girl to some other guy. a leader should first set an example through his character. This increases the chances of a team being successful tremendously. if you do not take charge of the events that happen in your life. allowing the leader to know about the problems faced by his people. best left to ‘little’ girls. one of the most popular situations wherein shyness dominates the scenario is when a guy wants to talk to a girl. having a good moral character is one of the most important qualities of a great leader How To Overcome Shyness With Women Shyness is a wasted emotion. All this is just due to the lack of confidence. a leader has to be disciplined in order to handle all such situations patiently. Talking about shyness. men take a step backward and prefer to admire the girl from miles behind rather than going ahead and talking to them. a leader must be approachable for his people. Have Character To motivate his people. This would also pave the way for the team members to chip in valuable suggestions. Often. Remember. Enough democracy should be permitted to allow people to think freely and come up with new and innovative ideas. Shyness is a way of avoiding conflicts.

Accept this situation of being rejected as a learning experience. Practice Talking to Women The best way to overcome shyness with women is to practice talking to them. You have just spotted a cute girl in your college and are dying to talk to her. improve your learning skills and figure out different topics to talk with them. participate in team activities or become a part of large groups. Be Prepared To Be Rejected On the road to overcoming shyness. while approaching women. Since women have their personal reasons for rejecting men. Make the most of this opportunity and talk to them. At such places. Have small conversations without focusing on whether they will talk to you or ignore you. try to figure out what incorrect actions of yours made them take such a step. this is simply not acceptable by women folks and they are likely to find it boring. get hold of some topics to talk with girls and begin your conversation with her. handsome guys have experienced failure. but do not have the courage to do so! Pass a simple smile and say a “hi”. which you should accept with honor. etc. You can look up to women from different age groups at different places. Join a gym. This would give a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. Learn To Listen Since shy men do not know what to talk about with women. do not get depressed. Even the jaw-dropping. you will meet a number of people where you can interact with them. they often end up talking about themselves most of the times. do not expect to get their personal contacts or convince them to come on a date at the very first meeting. etc. grocery shop. Instead. Also. . to get them involved in the conversation. Gradually. A simple way to overcome shyness would be by concentrating on your positive attributes. so you are no exception. interests. You can start off with questioning her something that will trigger some response from her side. Try your hand at learning new things. Note. This will help you in getting rid of your shyness and will increase your confidence level. New hobbies add a new dimension to your personality thereby enhancing your overall being. like library. such as a foreign language or a new sport. You can question them on their family. friends. thereby ignoring their positive qualities. Hence. Socialize Socializing can be another way of improving your self esteem and confidence. thereby overcoming shyness. remember that you are likely to be rejected many a times. a hobby club. You will also find girls that share similar interests as yours. Proceed Steadily Take small steps to approach girls to overcome your shyness. Concentrate on your conversation and overcome your shyness with them initially.Tips For Overcoming Shyness With Girls Emphasize Your Positives Most shy guys focus on things that they do not possess.

all those who are trying to enter the show business in our country often end up working as waiters at popular restaurants. the better it is. you may not have a job that pays you well. Thus. but how you judiciously you spend the money is completely up to you. only in that case there is a lesson that can be learnt out of it. Also. no amount of regretting will change that fact. Regret not only lets a person wallow in the complacent mud-pool of self-pity. If. However. that man has ever known – regret. the same regretful feelings – of having lost money. you must snap out of it as quickly as possible. Here are ways in which you can get rid of regretful feelings Ways To Rid Yourself Of Regret Here are some ways in which you can get rid of regretful feelings: Is It In My Control? You must never forget that not everything is in our control – many a times not even how many years we shall get to live. but also stops one from moving ahead with life. there are thousands who cannot afford a decent meal in a day.How To Get Rid Of Regret Someone rightly said “’If Only’ are the two saddest words in the world. and would not hesitate to take up any job that others would consider ‘menial’. People who do not have satisfying jobs often forget that. Also. Many of us who have gone through a failed relationship tend to forget how many men and women go through life without ever experiencing love at all and have to lie to themselves to say that it is unimportant. many a times. Smell The Tulips. what we can do with what is available to us. In fact. Wake Up. is definitely under our control. just to make a living. jobs or friends – make us incapable of appreciating what we do have and can do. It is pointless to blame oneself for what is beyond our control. if you find out that what you are regretting was beyond your control. in a country like India. Take Charge It would really serve you best if you realise that what you seem to think “went wrong with you” was really your own choice and the sooner you accept that. It is for this reason that we have to train our minds to get rid of such feelings of guilt and self-pity. it is all the more important to get rid of such feelings of regret. Forget the Poison Ivy Another major problem with regret and regretful feelings is the fact that they do not let one enjoy and appreciate what is good. for there is no lesson to be learnt out of it. So. A serious reality check will throw .” Those two words signal one of the biggest enemies residing within one’s psyche. For instance. what went wrong with you was something you could have helped.

Hence. of strong men” . ask your friends to observe the same and help you out. On the road to success. Go through the lines. Analyze The Cost & Benefit . Never Give Up To continue working towards your ambition and prevent from falling down on the numerous bumps on the road. Instead. where a person steps onto it and undergoes a lot of hard work to finally reach the top. adversity.Martha Graham. one must also remember that the time that is lost will not come back and that it is worthless to think about it. It requires absolute will power and determination to be successful.some light over the fact that you were the cause of what has happened to you. Since many of us nowadays are in a position to make the choices that we want instead of what we have to do or what is available to us. the journey towards success is not an easy one. the end fruit would surely be a sweet one. as you are likely to face a number of pitfalls and obstructions. What you do with the time that lies in front of you is what you must focus on How To Quit Quitting “Fire is the test of gold. but you need to realize that quitting will not make your task any easier. However. you have to regularly motivate yourself. In case you are unable to observe yourself. instead of telling the truth. No task can be mastered at one go. it will only leave you back with a feeling of guilt. A lot of heartache will vanish once one has learnt to accept one’s fate and mistake too. Inculcate a habit of writing down your goals. It is seen as an act of cowardice to not accept one’s mistake. Tips To Quit Quitting Keep Yourself Aware Do not let your laziness or fear urge you to quit or procrastinate. Success is just like a ladder. Close friends are more likely to know you better and will definitely come to your rescue. Nonetheless. remember. doing daily affirmations and finding out new ways of keeping you on your toes and dealing with approaching problems. you would be tempted with the thought of quitting the task. to find tips on how to quit quitting and achieve the success you had long been aspiring for. being perseverant is essential to achieve the keys to the door of success. Perseverance forms the most significant key to achieving success in any field. it is important to stick to those choices or accept one’s fault and make amends. Observe the situations when you are looking for excuses. Bear in mind that perseverance is what distinguishes the average person from a genius.

clouding his/her current thinking and forcing the person to think negatively. you need to first overcome stress in order to achieve your goals in a better way How To Get Rid Of Fear Of Rejection The fear of rejection most commonly has its roots in childhood incidences. which in turn helps you to overcome the fear of rejection. Most people have felt rejection and the way they tackle it after being snubbed determines if they would develop a fear of rejection. There is no use to move ahead and try to accomplish an ambition that is likely to cost you and your family the entire life. These bad habits could be either simple negative thinking or fighting procrastination. That is why it is very necessary that in order to maintain a stress free life the fear of rejection should be overcome. Think practically and make an honest and positive decision. cannot flourish in a negative environment. Perseverance. you will be less dependent on others and also develop a confident outlook. They also tend to develop a reluctance to ask anything. Happy thoughts build up the self-esteem. even if it is for help. thinking that their advance will be rejected. The person can become over dependent and may always look for loyalty signs in others. Comparisons and competition is fairly common among children and this result in one or other form of rejection. taking all the factors into consideration. Tips On Getting Rid Of The Fear Of Rejection • The fear of rejection leaves a very depressing mood. They tend to focus more and more on other people’s reaction to their actions that they tend to become paranoid and miserable. So. Stay Away from Bad Habits Do everything possible to put a complete stop to all your bad habits. Stress Management Stress management and level of perseverance are highly related. This state of mind can harm the relationship that he or she has with other people.Observe and calculate the cost and benefit of what you are planning to achieve. . on the other hand. to achieve success and quit the habit of quitting. Most of the time the pain the person feels due to rejection conditions his or her mind where the person tends to withdraw into a shell fearing future rejection. Stress overwhelms a person. To know more read the article below for the various tips on getting rid of the fear of rejection. One way to counter it is to create happy thoughts. Try to get rid of any behavior that is stopping you from achieving your goals. When you create your own happiness. Concentrate on a single bad habit at one time so that you can deal with the problems in a much better way.

Acting confidently is what makes the difference. Learning from mistakes will also teach you to be more careful later. Let your mistakes be your teacher. If you do not expect anything. you can appear confident and speak assertively as well. Set an attitude where you give unconditionally. You will have to go slow and adopt a systematic approach. While you are in the relationship it is better that. While aggressive people do not respect others’ perspective and can hurt others when influencing them. so much that it hampers your growth and productivity. Assertive people. However. people who are docile are unable to defend their own state of being and hence. don’t expect too much. Being independent will also teach you to address your needs on your own. Self-sufficiency will ensure that you do not get helpless when you experience the signs of separation. The main fear of rejection stems from feeling of helplessness that stems from being unable to control the external outcomes. Depending on people will enhance your rejection phobia. when and where it all went wrong and then address the issue. Almost everyone feels anxious or wrong footed in some situations or the other. when you are independent you will also develop a better ability to take care of yourself. • • • • • • How To Be Assertive Most people who consider being assertive to be a difficult task often assume that others who are assertive find it easy to be one. With a little bit of practice. on the other hand. Learn to appreciate things even if you are not interested in it. reality has another story to narrate.• • Be optimistic. Find out how. This is the best way to do things that you truly enjoy. . Set goals that you can reach. you will be better able to rectify them. aggressive and docile. Don’t rely on your friends and family. The fear of rejection can only be conquered steadily. Try to be as independent as possible. Your focus should be on your actions rather than how people will react. Also. Often. While expectation is good. Cultivate hobbies. If you are in a shaky relationship then it is better to end it before you start developing the symptoms of rejection phobia. get influenced by the aggressiveness of the people. the fear of rejection won’t be so profound. you be yourself rather than what others wish you to be. A cheerful disposition and positive outlook will help you create happy thoughts and a cheerful atmosphere that will uplift your spirits. When you know your mistakes. In fact there is a thin line between being assertive. people confuse between being assertive and being aggressive. Indulging in hobbies will take your mind away from the problem.

Also. If you look intimidated. . When speaking to a group of people. This would give a boost to your confidence levels and make you feel positive and secured. A sense of gratitude and a smile on the face can do wonders for you. For a positive impact on the person or group. such as “I want” or “I feel”. Use the “I” language. plan in advance your speech. Never ask people to do you a favor else they will consider doing a favor as part of their job. Instead. Start off with a positive statement to set the tone for the conversation. Do not expect others to read what is on your mind. you will speak with more authority and be better able to deal with things coming up. Be Prepared When you are prepared. nagging. smile and feel in control of the situation. Articulate exactly what you expect from others and the reason behind your expectations. Tips For Being Assertive Expectation Prepare yourself mentally and set your expectations clear to others. Do not raise your voice in manner of shouting. Use Of Voice The tone of voice has a major impact on whether you will be heard or not. Think Of The Language You Use The language that you use while conversing is extremely important. Create Rapport Connect with the group that you are speaking to during the introduction itself. Remember To Thank If people have done as expected by you. This way. others too would be nervous andanxious. This will incline the people to put themselves out again in the future. simply state your message in a matter of fact voice. Physical Presence Your body language plays a major role in determining what others feel about you. you will be better able to take control of the situation and achieve your expectations. Always hold your head up high to show that you are a force to be reckoned with. Creating a good rapport would ensure effective communication. respect the other individual’s views and opinions. Sustain your voice by taking a deep breath and think about the message that you would be conveying. acknowledge their efforts by thanking them.are balanced individuals who though pour out their mind at the time of influencing others. Always use a voice that can be heard and should be interesting in pitch and delivery. whining. friendly. Given here are some tips on being assertive and confident. Create positive boundaries to know what you are most comfortable at. be open. and so on. make sure that you do not intimidate others. to acknowledge the other person’s feelings or situation and stand up for your rights.

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Thoughts Shoot At Sight You’ve got to be quick here. exercise.If You Do Not Get What You Want If you are not able to achieve success. Be calm. Basically. Remember. It’s not really easy to stop these thoughts from popping in your head. as soon as you realize that you’ve been thinking those ‘unwanted thoughts’ – Open fire! Get rid of your unwanted thoughts. something that makes you feel good as this will help do away with your unwanted thoughts. You can eliminate your unwanted thoughts by indulging in an activity that keeps you away from thinking them. do not threaten. read a book. They are such an issue because they tend to have a negative influence on your personality and psyche and at times can even take a toll on your health. Start thinking of something else. watch a good movie. a distasteful relationship. before the thought envelops your mind. bully or shout. Distract yourself. play a game. but it’s also not impossible to eliminate them from your mental space. Sleep It Away Sleep is a great doctor. the thoughts that are derogatory to you and your life. in fact. maybe a bad experience. A nap or a good night’s rest can help you get . you’ve got to be quick. Meditate Meditation is a discipline through which the patron can exercise control over the mind and dwell in a state of relaxation and heightened awareness. Indulge In An Activity A sure shot way to deal with unnecessary thoughts is to sail away from them. and do not complement your overall sense of well-being can safely be considered as unwanted and unhealthy. Unwanted thoughts can orbit around anything. Repeat yourself again and ask your audience to consider the implications of not doing as requested by you. Remember the timeless adage – “where there’s a will. Make up your mind and read on ways to get rid of your unwanted thoughts. learn to destroy it. Your thoughts play a big role here and regular meditation can help you get rid of your unwanted thoughts. you don’t want to be caught in a web of derogatory thoughts. the thoughts that nag. Binge on an activity that does not see you thinking the thoughts you shouldn’t be thinking. a healer. or simply go on a walk. an enemy. How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Thoughts What are unwanted thoughts and why are they such an issue? Unwanted thoughts are the thoughts that shouldn’t be a part of your thinking process. there’s a way”. cook. annoy. persistent and stay in control. your work and maybe even your life.

Some unwanted thoughts may be an issue. go ahead. you feel better and refreshed. Be Enthusiastic A good leader should be enthusiastic. and when you feel refreshed.rid of your superfluous thoughts. When you’ve had your eight hours of sleep. An effective leader is one who guides his followers in the right direction and helps them attain the desired goal. Most people may not be too proud about a visit to a psychiatrist. You need a psychiatrist who can help you deal with your unwanted thoughts. What Makes A Good Leader Set An Example A person has to be trustworthy and possess a good character. Bear in mind that leadershipskills are not inherited. Sleep is a great weapon against pestering thoughts. The thoughts on these issues may lose themselves while you sleep. you need help. A leader. dreaming and devoting oneself towards the fulfillment of the dreams. and can vary from a temperate to a serious psychological disorder. in order to be a good leader. before going down to the qualities. The best way to lead subordinates or juniors is by setting an example through his/her life and actions. This is when you need to be going in for some expert advice. A leader’s keenness. If you’re troubled by something and if someone’s getting to you and you’re feeling a bit obsessed. Read on further to know the traits and qualities which make a good leader. you can sleep over it. but developed. enthusiasm and openmindedness assists in encouraging his/her followers to take more efforts towards the goals and achieve them. you need to get a few things straight. should have an undying and enduring . hence. you think better and healthier. Apart from being committed towards his/her work. However. How To Be A Good Leader With people and organizations changing drastically. making sure of the completion of the work and meeting the deadlines and targets. as they would be accompanied by action. Only then will the words be effective. if you think. The interest that he takes in realizing the goals motivates his followers to work effectively. maybe the issue is a lot more serious than you think it is. but there is nothing to be ashamed of. Leadership is all about daring. effective leadership styles too has undergone immense change. This comprises of delegating work to others. get yourself some. So. This change has lead to an alteration in the required qualities of a good leader as well. The unwanted thoughts syndrome is a common disorder and a fair amount of people have been plagued with the same. Consult A Psychiatrist If you’ve tried the above remedies and have still failed to get rid of your unwanted thoughts. a good leader should also be concerned for his people.

To be an effective leader. Hence. All the circumstances should be handled with a cool mind. In fact leadership skills are much more than speaking confidently and carrying a serious demeanor. Make good selections. delegate them responsibilities and choose people who will implement your decisions successfully. A confident leader is in a better position to take the right decisions and effective actions. And remember. without which he would not be able to earn the trust and respect from his followers. it is rightly . at the right time. the leader achieves excellence which is a key determinant for a good leader. A good leader is judged by fair and right choices that he makes. Be Confident A true leader is undoubtedly confident. A leader should be self-confident. Hence. it can be safely assumed that it is the people who make a person a leader. The right leadership style is required in every walk of professional life. which would otherwise result in incorrect decisions. Therefore. it is the success of subordinates and juniors that makes a leader successful Effective Leadership Skills The secret to great leadership is about having the leadership skills to be able to deal with people in a delicate yet powerful manner. For proper execution of your work. Keep Your Cool An important characteristic of a good leader is the ability to keep cool in all kinds of situations. a leader can take the subordinates and juniors to the path of success. understand the potential of your people and allocate duties accordingly. Know Thy People Know and understand your people to become a good leader. whether you own a business. which leads to repentance. leader should not overlook the expectations and problems of his people. one must possess an exclusive set of human relations and interpersonal skills. By effectively executing the tasks. manage it or are an employee looking to make your way up to the corporate ladder. hasty decisions are often the result of stress and anxiety. Be Reasonable & Understanding A leader is mostly chosen as a result of unanimous decision by the people or the group. While calmness and composure helps in taking the right decision.enthusiasm about the work or specified goal in order to give the subordinates a boost to attain or meet the targets. especially in case of critical situations. By sorting out the weaknesses and lauding the strengths. A leader should not lose his control in such situations. they requireinvestment of time and energy to perfect and craft your skills. Effective leadership skills cannot just be stumbled upon.

A leader should be secure. he should also be quick and alert while doing so. The person must be able to adjust well and have the psychological maturity to deal with anything that he/she is likely to face. Traits Of An Effective Leader Emotional Stability A good leader should be capable of tolerating frustration and stress.said. Since he/she has to face lots of risks and criticism. He/she should have an undying spirit and enduring enthusiasm about the work and should be capable of inducing the same attitude into his team. High Energy A leader should be highly energetic since he would have to invest in long hours of work to raise the company. A good leader establishes an adult-adult relationship with his employees to encourage and motivate . while being a leader. One must be mature enough to recognize that more can be accomplished by empowering others. they tend to be demanding in character. Maturity Personal power and recognition should be put aside to focus on the development of the employees in order to be a good leader. Tough-mindedness A good leader should be practical. He should be competitive and capable of taking decisions on behalf of his entire team. Hence. Conscientiousness Since leaders are dominated by a sense of duty. rather than ruling them. free of guilt and unaffected by prior mistakes or failures. a leader must be low in sentimental attachments and insensitive to hardship. Dominance An effective leader must be assertive in his thinking style and have a confident attitude. Team Orientation These days. while dealing with other people. An effective leader must be optimistic and open to changes coming across him. However. Self-assurance Other common characteristics of an effective leader are self-confidence and resiliency. more emphasis is laid upon team work by business leaders. Enthusiasm Leaders are assumed to be active and expressive. A leader should possess a never-say-die-spirit and should always to ready for challenges. logical and to-the-point. Read to know the different traits of an effective leader. well-honed leadership skill is the most important component for being successful in the businessworld. a successful leader should be very self-disciplined and have a need for order and a high standard of excellence.

A handshake is one such gesture that is used to greet others. character and professionalism. Read on further to know what our handshake says about us. wherein the former orders and the latter obeys. Did you know that a lot can be deduced about a person from a single handshake? While a firm handshake with the hand facing downwards and arm extended shows that you are confident. rather than an adult-child relationship. meet new people or close a deal or agreement. What Does Your Handshake Mean Flabby Handshake A flabby handshake is made by a person who is a pessimist. this is considered as the most unimpressive handshakes among all. a hand pointing upwards is a weak handshake thereby indicating that you are shy. Charismatic leaders are better capable of arousing strong emotions among the employees by defining a vision. What Your Handshake Says About You Body language is one of the forms of communication that makes use of various body areas or parts to convey a message. It conveys power. confidence. resulting in personal rewards and values. This simply shows that the person is simply not interested and is indifferent towards you. Charisma Since leaders are perceived larger than life by most people. Also known as a limp-fish handshake. uncomfortable or nervous. not willing to give it back to you. charisma plays an integral role in gaining the trust of the employees. Prison Handshake A person making a prison handshake will offer a firm hand keeping your hand in his for a long duration. Through this vision.them. People making such a handshake seem to be expecting something from your side. Jackhammer Handshake . thereby unifying and captivating them. The way we shake hands shows the kind of a person we are. Robot Handshake A robot handshake is one that is offered automatically without any noticeable thought or feeling. a leader better motivates employees to achieve their future goals.

This is done to cover up their feelings of diffidence. Making an eye contact while conversing signals your presence. looking elsewhere while in a conversation with someone is actually considered to be an insult. Using eye contact effectively proves to be boon for establishing close relationships with people. Also. maintaining too much eye contact can make the other person uncomfortable. Squeezing Handshake People who tend to show their strength and power make a squeezing handshake. This handshake indicates a sense of superiority. this is the best handshake to execute. it is difficult to lie while looking directly into a person’s eyes. this is what you can do.People who are a little inflexible tend to make a jackhammer handshake as they think that their way is the right one. with an exception of very few people mastering this technique. Also. To convey confidence and professionalism. How To Use Eye Contact For Conversation Success Eyes have been the windows to the soul. instead of his palm for making a handshake is said to be making a Queen’s handshake. come what may. At some places across the world. Queen’s Handshake A person who offers his fingers. Next-to-the-body Handshake People who are not willing to take risks. communicates your confidence and translates your sincerity. For most people. How To Use Eye Contact Properly In Conversations • Make a good balance between making eye contact and looking away. it might reflect over-confidence and impudence. Normal Handshake A normal handshake is one that is made briefly and firmly. It is also advisable not to stare directly into the eyes of a person. Read on further to find tips for using eye contact for successful conversation. Some people assume this handshake to be a sexual connotation. While avoiding eye contact during the conversation can indicate that you are nervous or trustworthy. Do not look into the person’s eyes • . make a next-to-the-body handshake. A lot can be conveyed from a person’s eyes. In case you are one of those who feel uncomfortable at looking directly into a person’s eyes. such as politicians. making eye contact with another person provides a feeling of intimacy and openness. This is made by keeping the arm close to the body and bending it only at the elbow to perform a handshake. They will make a dynamic and forceful handshake indicating their power and determination.

and even trigger reactions from them. invoke emotions. However. Glancing too much towards the room or looking at other people around makes the person feel dejected or ignored. while it’s a challenge for others. Keep your facial muscles relaxed and change your facial expressions. which is highly regarded. which marks the success of speech. So. thereby making the other person uncomfortable. “My first rule of public speaking…if you don’t strike oil in 3 minutes…stop boring!” The ability to deliver a great speech in public is the skill. Essential Public Speaking Skills . In some cultures. like smiling. Hence. look gently at the eye area. while conversing with such people. Just the knowledge of the subject is not enough to make your speech a success. While some are born with this trait. such as the eyebrows or bridge of the nose. In case you are one of them. making contact is not allowed for a woman towards a man who is not related to her. allowing your eyes go a little bit out of focus. which will help you understand and acquire the skills needed for public speaking. others can develop it by acquiring certain skills. to let the person know that you are interested in the conversation. A great public speaker has the power to spellbind the audience. instead. by saying. soften the stare by glancing away from the person at a gap of few seconds. Here are some pointers. While you are conversing with a person. make sure that you make only the required eye contact. make sure that you bring back your attention to the person’s face with whom you are conversing. Mastering the art of public speaking is easy for some. While Caucasian people living in North America prefer making a lot of eye contact. nodding and gazing.directly. most talks are easy to forget because they lack the impact. people from Oriental countries avoid doing so. This makes you look friendly. This would help you remain in your comfort zone without showing that you are nervous. do you have to rack your brains to remember one? Sadly. let him/her know that you are listening intently. Include facial expressions. • Some people stare too intently into the eyes of the person without looking away. Show keen interest by gazing at his/her face every now and then. with the change of the conversation. Think of the last memorable talk or presentation you attended. In other cultures. a woman making eye contact is considered to be sign of an unrespectable woman • • • • Public Speaking Skills King of bollywood. necessary for making it memorable for audience. Shahrukh Khan gave tips on public speaking to all. It’s the ability to inform and keep the audience interested. Every culture has its own rules with regard to eye contact. There are many more ingredients to it.

There might be a variety of aspects to the topic you are dealing with but you can’t cover all in your short speech so give main points or highlights of the topic to your audience. While giving a speech. your priority should be to keep the content of your speech simple and interesting so that your audience can grasp it well. like causes. • • . less is always more. when delivering a speech. They should effectively complement your ideas. you need to do is to plan a beginning. If you are using slides in your presentation then limit the content of each slide to a few bullet points. which connect well to your core idea. The next important step. What? – What here stands for what you wish to communicate via your talk or speech? If you are giving a talk on air pollution then you should mark down the topics you would like to cover under this. quotations. which is simple and easy to grasp by your audience. it is important to research the topic well. just don’t include them for the sake of using. it’s a good idea to add humor. However.Your audience should understand. You should communicate to your audience. Why? In order to convert your audience into dedicated listeners. • When it comes to wording your message. that what you are speaking is something valuable and will be useful for them. If your audience consists of school students. Or convey your idea wrapped in the form of story. you need to know why they should listen to you. whenever you are speaking on a topic.Who here stands for audience. Good speakers always research before conveying their message. You should follow a logical pattern. and why it’s important for them to listen. you will determine the objective of your talk keeping in perspective the audience. it’s important to keep in mind the following: Who? .Understand What You Want To Achieve Before you start working on your speech or presentation. How? – How here stands for understanding the best way you can communicate your message. Stories are easy to understand and are loved by all. What kind of audience you are addressing to? By answering this question. that what you are speaking is being heard and absorbed by the audience. and remedies of air pollution. Vital Public Speaking Skills • Before beginning on a topic on which you have to give a speech. stories. If you are speaking about air pollution then it’s important to make audience aware about its causes before jumping to effects. take effective pauses to make sure. In this. Add facts. the kind of language you will use will play an important role. When? It is important for you to develop a sense of timing. and the end of the content. why you are speaking on the topic. For your audience to grasp the idea easily. Use language. middle. effects. and statistics. to your speech.

This will make your speech effective. the decision of ‘what we ought to be’ is not decided by the standards we set for ourselves. • Unforgettable Delivery You can make your speech or presentation unforgettable. Your second step should be to interact with the audience. we see ourselves not for what we are. voice. but by the straitjacket. If your opening words are unable to bind the audience then you lose half the battle. but what we ought to be. this will open the channel of discussion and your audience will get involved. No wonder most of us never feel good about ourselves. Nevertheless. Same is the case with the closing words. when delivering the speech. pay as much attention to opening and closing words as you pay to the body of the speech. Your first step is to maintain an eye contact with the audience while delivering the speech. They should make an impact on the audience and force them to think on the topic you have just spoken about. the society carelessly throws us into. So. Ways To Feel Good About Yourself Most of the times. if you follow these useful tips: • • • • • • Understand the purpose of presentation. while making a presentation. Pauses play an effective role. there are some simple rules that you can follow if you wish to feel good about yourself. Easy Ways To Feel Good About Yourself Here’s what you must do to feel good about yourself: Life’s No Enemy . While making a speech or presentation. It’s essential to keep your body up-beat. Here’s how to bring in the ‘feel good’ factor about yourself. tone. it’s very important to connect with the audience. However. fall right back into the very trap.• Always remember that your opening words and closing words make the most of the impact on the audience. afraid of what we might see ourselves as – since we tend to define ‘successes and ‘failure’ in extremely conventional ways. Don't stay stuck behind a podium. Use a variety of vocal pace. when given the opportunity to do the same. and volume. Use examples to bring key points of your speech to life. Don't talk too fast. when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Many of us do not like to see ourselves in the mirror at all. Be precise and concise. Ask questions to your audience. We long to break free from all such pretentions. yet.

The problem with the desire to have what others have. Most people appreciate a sense of humor more anyway. or when the self becomes too much with you. To inculcate a more positive outlook on life you need to understand that most people are way too busy managing their own lives to take the pains to hurt you. is not a compliment that people give anyone. Meeting people would require them to be friendly. while “You are pretty or good looking” is a compliment that is as carelessly thrown around as any pleasantry. some people are out to get us. much to our chagrin.Most of us often feel that everyone on this earth. Look around you and appreciate the things you do have instead of focusing on those you don't. if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him [her]. there are people not far from you who are far worse off than you are! . Green Isn’t Good Though most of us might believe that life will improve once we've bought a bigger house. or at the very least. The only problem with being too humorous is that not everyone will have the same sense of humor as you and can get offended. then good for you . we find that it hasn’t. No matter how much you may try to match up to the lifestyle of someone else. Being friends is far more pleasant than being enemies so why would they want to put so much energy into something they'd have nothing to gain from? The ‘Ha! Ha!’ Is On Me A good sense of humor is more important than being what most people consider "beautiful" in the conventional sense. apply the following test. Don't fall for it! If you get the things. Likewise. you'd like to have. Therefore. which you believe you too have a right to possess is that those wishes never diminish. there will always be something else that would fall short.” No matter how little you think you have. Also. will it lead to swaraj [freedom] for the hungry and spiritually starving millions? Then you will find your doubts and your self melt away. If you are constantly suspicious of others' motives and keep believing that they have some hidden agenda that involves hurting you. you'll keep people at arm's length and never make new friends or improve the friendships you already have. Remember the talisman Gandhi ji gave.just don't let them hinder your chance of happiness along the way. humor has the potential to last far longer than physical traits. for this reason. been on a foreign holiday or re-decorated the living room. the result is that they make any excuse to not go out in the world with a positive outlook. Will he [she] gain anything by it? Will it restore him [her] to a control over his [her] own life and destiny? In other words. For the person who's trapped in his or her own shell of negativity. What we refuse to acknowledge is that there is always something that will make you feel better than you are right now. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man [woman] whom you may have seen. had a baby. Having a sense of humor can make it easier to be friendly even with strangers and makes tough situations less stressful. “Your sense of humour is wonderful”. it is best if you try to feel out the people around you before you start joking around. which they consider to be not worth taking the pain. there may be situation where making light of the situation could actually prove to be rather inappropriate. “Whenever you are in doubt. and ask yourself.

Grammar is the basic of any language which need to be mastered in order to speak the language accurately. People who know the language well modify their language by using idioms. Depending on your need of the language choose the version or level you will have to master. It is only through enough • • • • • . and slangs depending on the situation. then learning becomes easier. Learning English and speaking it fluently is an easy task. It takes years of exposure to the language for someone to modify the language according to the situation. Do not try and use any such phrases or idioms till the time you are confident of their correct usage. Knowledge of English will help a person develop his/her self confidence by giving them the power to take part in conversations. phrases. It becomes easier to express and communicate with others. Practice using new words in real situations by integrating them into conversations. therefore only little bit of hard work and dedication will make you fluent in the language. even if English is not someone’s mother tongue.How To Speak English Flu ently Language is the tool used for conveying and expressing feelings and emotions. English has become the most common language and widely spoken language in the world today. English is quiet easy to follow as it has aspects of several languages in it. good command over English has become a necessity. Practice is the only key here. In fact in the present era. as you cannot learn everything. Pick up around ten words and sentences from the particular area everyday and practice them thoroughly. It is just a matter of your dedication and sincere efforts. Choose a friend or a partner with whom you can practice speaking the language. Tips To Speak English Fluently • The first and foremost step towards speaking English fluently is to decide the purpose of learning the language. Try and learn even the antonyms and the synonyms of each word and the correct structure in which you can use the word. Having a person who knows English to speak to will help you improvise your usage of words and formation of sentences. Try and avoid any form of grammatical errors when speaking. Depending on your use of the language. Language helps in communicating and conversing with one another. Determine whether you want to learn the language just for day to day use or for a specific purpose. as you have your own comfort zone with them. The trick here will be to use simple recognized version of English by keeping the usage correct. which you as a beginner cannot expect to do. If the person you choose is your good friend. decide and put aside the vocabulary and the sentence construction which is ideal for you to learn. if the conversation is in common language.

This lifestyle is but natural to bring along with it lots of worries and tensions for people. leaving us with no time to smile and relax.practice that you will be able to get the grammar correct. If you think that you cannot dance. This will help in getting rid of the negative energy from your work place as well as your home and give space for some positive energy to flow in. you will start feeling happy and be able to get rid of any worries. it becomes very necessary to them to make efforts to perk up and have some fun. reward yourself with something that you love. Once you are done with the task. say an aromatic bath or a bunch of flowers and • • • • . One can make use of any such facility and get professionally trained in the language How To Cheer Yourself Up Almost all of us have faced a bleak moment or some kind of depression at one point of time or the other. Push back all your worries by forcing a smile. It is an undeniable fact that clearing out what you no longer want makes life easier. in the present world. even if you don’t feel like smiling. There might be some worries bothering us every now and then. Finish any such pending work. do not let that stop you having fun. it will surely make you feel good. Their natural zest for life is infectious and will cheer you up as well. which will help you become fluent in its usage. Turn the music loud and dance to the beats. This article will provide you with a few tips on how to get away from worries and cheer yourself up. instead of putting it off. They will make you love your life. leaving them with moments of gloominess. This is a proven fact that if you think and act as if you are happy. forget about family and friends. • There are many institutions that provide both classes and online education for oral and written English. Getting rid of your past and all your worries will give you an immense sense of freedom and will give you the confidence that the future holds only happiness for you. A spontaneous hug or a chubby little hand in yours will bring joy and add life to that moment. This will trick your brain into thinking that you are happy. Some unaccomplished project or a simple household work. in our life. Spend some time with children. At such times. Put aside or clear out all the clutter around you. might be continuously nagging you. everyone is so busy and preoccupied with living life that they hardly take out time for even his/her own self. In fact. Best Ways Of Cheering Yourself Up • Put on your favorite music and dance out your worries. which you hate to do. Sing at the top of your voice instead and continue to enjoy yourself.

you put your heart and soul into your work . Let your feelings flow out in a painting or a drawing. Never think that your day is going to be boring and lethargic. Visit an old friend. If there is a situation that is worrying you the whole day long. this will help reduce your burden and give you space to think logically.chocolate. there is no need to despair and think that someone has jinxed you. however. my day is going to be great. redecorate your room. sketch a portrait. plan a garden. Share jokes. The peace of mind that comes from having got the job done will be the greatest relief and reward of all. narrate your experiences. get rid of it. Needless to say. Visualize yourself successfully completing the new project and the benefits it will bring to your life. in your body. Try and talk out your problem to one of your friends. Play games. Make something! Be a bit creative and bake a cake. and go in for a drink. Endorphins induce a feeling of euphoria and change your mood from sad and dark to happy and bright. Almost all of us have faced setbacks at some or the other point of time in our life. • • • • • • Dealing With Setbacks You have worked long and hard towards that right moment to propose to the girl of your dreams. might get the ball back in your court! . Or. but will help develop high self-confidence and self-esteem. Having fun and getting involved with friends will help cheer you up. • Think positive and keep repeating to yourself whenever you leave the house that ‘today. This will not only occupy your mind. take music lessons or do something you always wanted to do. rather than thinking negatively about it. watch comedies. Plan out a day with him/her and have a blast. learn a new game. only to find out that she is engaged to someone else. put on the daily jokes option on your mailbox or simply throw a party. it is going to be a lot of fun’. The reality is often less stressful than sitting alone worrying about it. setbacks are not something we like to put up with. trace your family history. Take up something new. rather visualize it with some new excitement waiting for you. It will help you release the “feel good chemicals” called endorphins. Indulge in exercise or perform yoga whenever you feel you are down with a worry. or paint a landscape. This will help you come out of your worries.just to find that your colleague has got that much awaited promotion! Do such scenarios sound familiar to you? If they do. Spending some time with your old friend will bring back the young and cheerful person in you. Learn a language. especially when everything else seems to be so right and perfect! Just taking life with a pinch of salt. Have fun when you are down.

By the . better person. hold your ground.Remember. rather your unwillingness to accept it and refuse to give things a try is. smart enough to profit from them. It will give you a chance to start over once again and do things in the right way. An objective consideration of the situation may help you to assess it better and take the right corrective measures. accept them and then take steps to rid your system of these feelings. Doing this can go a long way in helping you dissipate your anxiety. How To Deal With Setbacks • ‘A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes. failure is not a setback. consider and act. Look for opportunities to come out of it and work your way to success. we join a competition and end up competing with everyone around. you can start making lemonade. Remember. Once you have done so. we conjure up impressions of things that are far beyond the reality. Instead. distress and dejection in yourself. at times. Here are some boosters for you to take heed of. Often. Stay positive. The low would soon disappear. Failures can make our reasons go for a toss. Read on and know all about dealing with the setbacks that have been plaguing for life for sometime now. Don’t sit and cry over your failures. When the situations seem drab. Just let go off all feelings. your own fault anything that might have caused the setback needs to be figured out. Don’t be harsh on yourself. evaluate. a street-brawl. A bad day at work. when suffering from setback. things may not be as bad as they seem. and strong enough to correct them’. Running away from your problems is no way to deal with them! Acknowledging your problems is the first big step towards solving them. assess.says Maxwell. It is likely to get you nowhere. setback is just a phase of life that is likely to get over soon. Once you have a smile back on your face and are feeling good about yourself. Remember. At such times. there is hardly any reason to despair. try to think of all the right things you have done. Keep a tab over your feelings and look out for possible signs of despair. in order to gain an accurate perspective. a misunderstanding with your spouse. The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work. it is better to distance yourself from them. If you have suffered a slowdown in life. Think before taking the escape route. “when life gives you lemon. Holding yourself in the midst of adversity and fighting out of it will just make you a wiser. The next step is to understand the cause behind the setback. look towards tomorrow. Instead of concentrating on wrongs. including ourselves.” • • • • Personal Goals In Life The moment we are born.

when you can do it or when you can devote time to it and how long would it take you to do so.time we are old enough to boast of surging hormones. Financial When you set out to work and began to work. they might want to get a six pack abs! Here are a few personal goals that will make your lives worthwhile. It is one goal that you cannot afford to lose track of. contrary to that notion. Even as a person aims to reach to a certain level in their career. You should have a clear idea about where you wish to reach in your life. So many of us set goals at a time when we should be enjoying. you may have to plan ahead as to how much money you will have to save for it. Though education features first on the list. we are asked to set our goals. Career You must have set goals about the profession that you are following. You may want to keep track of your daily expenditure to know how much money is going in which direction. which will decide the way we live our lives. you could set your goals with first priority on something else – you must remember that these are not in the order of importance or significance. and by the time we think we have achieved all our goals. even as they work and earn. support many causes that may touch a chord with them – some of them may want to associate themselves with AIDS . That is because we reach stagnation after that. Goals are supposed provide a definite direction to our lives and help us identify our final destinations. You might also want to know what you do with that money. You could device your own priority list. you must have thought of the amount of money you will need to build a home of your own. so that you can cut down on wasteful expenditure. Also. Others may want to start with the profession only after they have acquired that knowledge. Community Service Many youngsters. You should know when it is time for you to enhance your knowledge or acquire some new skills. It is like asking yourself the very typical interview question – where do you see yourself after a stipulated amount of time. goals are all-encompassing and are also include the personal and familial life of a person. If you plan to buy or build a house or acquire other assets. Some people might decide to get a certain degree or attend classes after many years of having worked just to keep themselves updated about what is happening in the industry. Education This refers to any kind of knowledge that you may want to acquire. How To Set Personal Goals In Life Here are some ways to decide upon various personal goals that you may want to set for yourself. Many of us do not know that goals are to be changed and ‘updated’ from time to time. There is no point in reaching stagnation in your career and studies prove that people cannot be satisfied with their jobs or professions until it offers them challenges and more responsibilities at regular intervals. we feel that something is missing. Employers also invest more in people who know where they are headed. most of us might think that goals are only associated with career. what all you will need for it and so on.

such as smoking. How To Control Your Cravings • No matter what you are craving for. be painful and even exhausting. sometimes even parents-in-law. You should also know why you are associating yourself with the cause and how much time you can devote to the cause as a volunteer and in which way you can contribute to the cause that is close to your heart – whether it is spending some time with homeless veterans at Helpage homes. at times. your children. remember that there is a big difference between desire to fight the craving and actually taking steps to fight it. which is your prime reason for earning a living How To Deal With Cravings Do you. the families that they build. This is especially true when you are trying to fight a bad habit. such as drugs and tobacco. your siblings. and face frequent relapses. It could be in ways like helping your child with his physics lessons or helping your wife cook lunch every day because she is going through a painful menopause! It could also be in the form of taking care of ageing parents or. at times. These responsibilities are not only in the material sense and go beyond the monetary duties. but to no avail. make sure you stick to it.” This quip might strike a responsive chord in you. Read on to explore how to deal with cravings. It is something that your heart longs for and as long as the longing remains unfulfilled. You will need to ask yourself what kind of responsibilities you have towards your family members. . I know because I’ve done it thousands of times. following some simple tips to control it will help you win the fight against your inner drives and desires. Mark Twain once said: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. a desire that you feel you just can’t control? This desire is called a craving. because there might be something that you might be trying to resist for quite sometime. These cravings could range from something as simple as food to bigger things. However. your parents. you tend to go through emotional turmoil. it is better to chalk out an action plan as well.awareness or may spend some time taking care of differently abled children or some others may want to lend a hand at the Helpage India Foundation. have a strong desire to do or to get something. your spouse. as well as. Trying to curb these cravings could. preparing to lend services as a volunteer for various activities or so on. the ones they were a part of. When you have decided to take active steps. Family Men and women have responsibilities towards their families. Whatever be the cause that you want to associate yourself with. You have to know how much time and energy to devote for the family. no matter what the craving is for. parents-in-law too.

This will help them avoid. Monitor your progress. if you concentrate to control your thought process. Keep yourself busy. the chances of your mind relapsing into an idle state are less. Expect relapses and do not be too hard on yourself. if you are on a diet. In time. even unwittingly. Get the help of others. self esteem and sound health while your bad thoughts can ruin you gradually. Be realistic and balanced. being the cause of aggravating or triggering off your cravings. Once you have identified the triggers. Some of them might stem from habits that have been developed over years. until you have better control over yourself. If you feed your mind with good thoughts. They can be included among the triggers and you can try your best to avoid those circumstances. you will be able to have better control over them and fight them completely • • • • • How To Utilize The Positive Power Of Thinking Norman Vincent Peal may be the first person who comes to your mind when somebody talks about ‘the power of positive thinking’. habits or desires. you will find that the intensity of cravings has reduced.• Write down the cravings that tend to overtake you most frequently. Take a few minutes everyday to reflect on how successful you have been. You will find that. which are associated with earlier memories. You can achieve the whole world if your mind is in your control and if you feed it with . reading recipes of burgers. For example. they will give you peace of mind. Write down the triggers besides each individual craving. Remember that you will not be able to overcome your cravings overnight. in time. You may have heard that there are two kinds of thoughts. Therefore. Thoughts are tiny packets of energy. He is one author who wrote many books about the power of positive thinking. write down the circumstances led to them. Good thoughts are called as positive thoughts and bad ones as negative thoughts. if you give in to cravings periodically. as you keep yourself busy. There might be triggers that set them off. The mind takes time to heal and so do the cravings. If there were relapses. You will find that. so that you do not come across these triggers. high confidence. at fighting off the craving. if you feel that you cannot handle your cravings on your own. pizzas and foods with high caloric content will get you craving for them. Positive thinking has worked miracles in the life of terminally ill people. you will need to give yourself time to get over them completely. Inform your family and friends about how you are trying to deal with them. when you gave in to cravings. analyze situations that you can avoid. Each of your thoughts have immense energy that can empower you to achieve whatever you want to.

It can be a reason for failure in life. Never think of the negative things which you happened to commit in your life. compliment them for it from heart. If you put seeds of virtue and peace. You should walk like a king. if you put the seeds of negative thoughts in your mind. This will make you feel better about yourself and that will reflect in every activity you do in life. If done rightly. Never wear a posture of a tired and inferior person in your life.good and beautiful thoughts. It is the lack of control on your mind which makes the weed of negative thought grown in your mind. Think of the good things your neighbor or your friend did in life. It can prove to be an impressive tool for flirting as well. it is an effective way to impress. You should think borderless and limitless. Read on the article to know more about how to utilize the positive power of thinking. you will also feel good about yourself. • One effective exercise that can help one to develop a good attitude is giving more compliments to people. Tips To Build & Use Power Of Positive Thinking • You should feed your mind with positive thoughts and good things will happen in your life. . Think of the good things you commit in your life. mind is almost like a garden. People will start listening to you when you talk things with an air of confidence and authenticity. There is a mentality in majority of the human beings that they think themselves as very bad people which in fact they are not. humor and knowledge to your listeners. This limitless thinking will provide you more richness in material and spiritual sense. It helps you make friends. you might end up being a snob. They will feel better and they will treat you better. You will gradually become darling of the masses • • • How To Have A Witty Conversation Being witty in your conversation is a significant way to showcase your intelligence. On other hand. Nonetheless. have a good time and feel comfortable at parties. it would lead you to high guilty conscious which can burn your inner peace forever. When you shower people with compliments. they can affect you adversely. Never keep a bad image about yourself in your mind. If your listener isn’t able to grasp your wittiness. a witty conversation is best when your audience too is an intellectual match. This image will help you to gain more confidence and it will reflect when you talk things. Your new confident personality can achieve you more friends in your work place or in college. which you never dreamt of. Basically a compliment is a chicken soup for a human soul. they would grow in your mind’s soil. Compliment yourself as much as possible. According to ancient sages. network and ease the tension. If you think of those things. This will give you more confidence and will reflect in your body language. You should think of yourself as the best person ever born on the face of earth. It takes high stress to convince yourself that you are doing well but you should take burden for being a person with positive thinking.

Be a good listener. movies or significant and famous personalities. Be sure to match your speech with the person who is conversing with you. A playful smile and a raised eyebrow could add on a nice touch. wherever applicable. This will also show that you have been listening to the person. Dress yourself to enhance your wit. Read on further to know how you can be witty. • • • • • Tips • Do not make the same references over and over again. Do not laugh unless the opposite participant makes an equal witty or funny comment. How To Be Witty While Conversing • • • • • • • • • Do not laugh at yourself. . intelligent people are often stereotyped as wearing glasses. Use relevant quotations from various books. The wittiness not only demands creativeness on how you link ideas and draw comparisons. Use of the right body language will be an added advantage. Familiarize yourself with words and sharpen your vocabulary. by comparing his/her statement to something else. Be careful on jokes. In some situations. in responding. as you have spoken other people's mind. Be careful on your witty gestures. A beret or another hat will also help in. to make it look like saying them comes naturally to you. Be attentive. but also how quick you are. Your witnesses will start doubting your wittiness and intelligence. it would do good to use phrases from his/her language. be sure that the other person too understands your reference. You would be respected. Observe the speakers and pick up humorous comments that other people would probably not notice. the better you look. In case you are talking to someone from another country. The more trendy and up-to-date you are. Be quick as well as creative in your replies. physical humor such as props can also be appropriate. Although this will make the statement wittier. Use puns wherever required. since every person has a different sense of humor. Keep your witty remarks in a casual tone. Study and notice your audience. Do not hesitate to make comments that may not be typical to you. A commonly known. while in a conversation. Reflect the words of the other person in a different way. Maintain a straight face.or just plain weird.

• • Do not use your wittiness to put people down. temporary and self destructive. Gratitude It is important to be thankful to God for everything that you have. however. If you start by taking these little things less seriously. you will appreciate what you do have and will value it better. Do not try too hard to be witty. Here are some tricks that could lead us straight to positive outlook. No matter how big the tragedy is. What are the character traits of those who think positive or maintain a positive outlook? Do they just go around saying “Aall Izzz Well” like the refrain from the runway hit 3 Idiots? What makes them so chirpy all the time? Why does negativity not affect them like it does to others? How would they handle a news or situation that normally invokes feelings of negativity from others? These are some of the questions that people ask themselves when they think about those who always seem to find something positive about everything. the relief is. Not all people would like wittiness in their everyday conversations about work and other nuances Positive Thinking Tips And Tricks “Be Positive”. It may give you temporary relief to think of yourself as a victim. many of whom do not know what it really means. you may also take the bigger challenges that life throws at you with minimum negativity or anger. we must explore some of the traits and tricks that such people possess to get over all negativity. try to think about and concentrate on what you could have lost and did not. be thankful he did not hurt you. In any circumstance that may elicit a negative response from you. Now that we all accept that tragedy can affect the most happy-go-lucky people and it is only in the perspective wherein the difference lies. It makes you feel like you are perpetually the victim and never lets you think about what you could do to improve the situation. not to mention to your natural state of happiness. we are often told by our friends and loved ones. Tips To Maintain A Positive Outlook Here are some things that will help you develop and maintain a positive outlook: Humour It isn’t necessary to take life too seriously all the time – you can let go and laugh away life’s little miseries like missing a bus or train or spilling coffee on your dress. If a chain snatcher snatched your gold chain. This way. instead of fretting about what you do not have. Getting Rid Of Self Pity Wallowing too much in self pity and feelings that hold you back from progressing in the right direction are detrimental to your development as a person. try to be thankful for what you did not lose. This is considered low and insensitive. .

try and reach out to someone who may need you and try to help them see the better side of their situation. . Self Esteem Building Activities Most people think bad about themselves from time to time. phobias. belief in yourself. Find inexpensive and simple ways to reward yourself for all your achievements and accomplishments. You can also add your achievements in life and your simple accomplishments. It is very important to find something in you that you can be proud of. List some of your strengths and a few things that you admire about yourself. read the article to find some activities to help you on the same. Develop Positive Affirmations Make positive affirmations and statements about yourself that make you feel good and better about yourself. Some such positive affirmations can be: • • I feel god about myself.Reaching Out Many people who were often plagued by negative thoughts and self destructive behaviour and thoughts. You follow it too. psychosis. I am a good person. anxiety. Depression. Ways To Build Self Esteem Create Affirming Lists Making a list about your strengths and positive aspects and rereading them often will make you feel better and positive about yourself. Low self-esteem is a constant companion for some. malice. Think of ways you would like to feel about yourself and make such statements to yourself. by far the most powerful positive feeling that has the capacity to heal any emotional wound. That it happens to majority of us doesn’t imply that it need not be worked upon. Belief is. who are simply too judgmental about themselves. find all their negativity melting away when they reach out and help someone and make that person feel better about themselves. don’t let it become a reason for your arrogance as everyone is unique in some way. delusional thinking may also accompany them as all these issues are interrelated. belief in your abilities and in the fact that everything will be alright in the end will heal you of all the negativity and self destructive behaviour. Make sure to leave all your own negativity behind when you reach out to the other person or else your negativity might transfer to them too. In case you wish to know how to build self esteem and thwart negative thoughts about yourself. Never lose the faith with which you began your life with – a child does not know mistrust. However. Belief No matter what the situation is. disbelief or cynicism. Be childlike in your belief in yourself but at the same time be realistic about your goals and achievements. negativity. Your feeling of low esteem may be triggered by a critical remark or being treated badly by others.

Read Inspirational Books Read books that inspire and motivate you to look at yourself in a positive light. I eat right and healthy. talents and achievements are the reasons you should be confident and selfassured. Your special attributes. Remember that n body is perfect and people can just strive to achieve perfection. I am taking good care of myself. You might as well find some solution to help yourself through these books How To Cure Loneliness A thin line separates the distance between being lonely and being alone. Loneliness mean different for different people. I spend time with people who make me feel good about myself and are nice to me. Though there might be many things that you don’t like about yourself. This can make you feel under-confident. To look at it constructively. Books can be great source of motivation and inspirational books can serve to foster positive thinking and encourage one to think and feel better about oneself. Try To Reinforce A Positive Self-Image Instead of feeling low and demeaning yourself over some of your drawbacks. do exercise and do other things that I enjoy doing.• • • There are many people who like me. However when people are forced to loneliness they experience extreme emptiness and unworthiness. you can feel lonely in a crowd and at other times you busy with yourself even while you are alone. Sometimes. Most people tend to be someone else and their self identity becomes the first casualty in the process. a means of self discovery. There is a whole range of inspirational books that thrust upon the fact that being judgmental about oneself brings down the self-esteem of a person. Some people fall into a depression because of loneliness while some nurture their creativity through it. you will definitely find something adorable about yourself. Make copies of the list and keep them at several places. You can also share the points mentioned in the list with others whenever you feel like it. . which will help you to cultivate self belief and selfesteem. This is all fine when loneliness is voluntary and there are options from breaking away from it. loneliness is the path to oneself. so that whenever you chance upon reading it your selfesteem gets a high. One of the main reasons for people staying lonely is that they don’t have the strength or the inclination to move away from it. Loneliness is a state of mind. you should focus on your positives. You may find many such books in stores. You can also create a list of positive affirmations and keep it handy and read it whenever you feel low on confidence or indulge in self-pity.

Read books and watch movies that lighten up your mood • • • • • • • • How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood . Your work will be the best antidote to medicine. Indulge in sports or go gyming. Cultivate a hobby. strike a friendship with them . Remember that loneliness is a choice and you always have the option of choosing otherwise. Don’t withdraw yourself when you can go out and have fun. So. Go for a peaceful neighborhood where you will have more chance of making friends. if you are one of those people who consider loneliness a burden then read the article below to know how to cure loneliness.It becomes a part of their lives. If your house is bright your mood will be light. Boredom breeds loneliness. These are no solution for loneliness.G Wodehouse and you will see time flying by. Even if you are unacquainted with any of the people. Try to organize neighborhood get together and charity events. • Get involved in your neighborhood activities. To constantly dwell on the fact that you are lonely won’t help you in curing it. Cultivate the habit of reading as it is the best solution against boredom. There are many people who are lonely and trying to cope with it. instead they make you even lonelier. In order for you to get involved it would require some time and a lot more attention from your part. If you are working then lose yourself in the work. You can join a club or volunteer for some nonprofit organization. In this way you can be more active and also get to meet other people. Sometimes the environment around you can drive you to loneliness. Help people who feel lonely and you would cure yourself of loneliness. Being happy and cheerful is the sure shot way of driving away loneliness. being near them will lift your spirits up. Find something that interests you so that it keeps your mind away from your loneliness. How To Handle Loneliness • The best way to cure loneliness is to keep yourself busy. like a cramped house or an unhealthy neighborhood. Try P. Try to stay near people as much as possible. Don’t do things that make you feel lonely like reading depressing books and watching sad movies. Just go out and do something. Don’t fall into the drug or alcohol trap. Take a house that is airy and full of light. If you can.

through blogs.he performed. but will also provide a less stressful environment for the people around. they write blogs. someone who is neutral and will listen to you without giving judgment. But. In order to deal with a bad mood. When you are in a bad mood. diverted them to positive actions of achievement. Ways To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood Quickly • When you are in a bad mood. it is best to divert your thoughts. he said there are three things that make him mad and put him in a bad mood. Comments from strangers on your thoughts. a whole mental paradigm shift has to take place. you feel that talking to someone about your personal thoughts is not possible. Occupy yourself with something else. as you get to travel through the melody that pleases your ears as well as your mind. you could also vent out your frustration. Music is known to be one of the best ways to relax. doing paperwork or watching a movie will divert your thoughts for a while. also known as ‘Thorpedo’. It is bad to bottle up your negative feelings and speaking them loud in front of a loved one will surely help you feel better. which is very much required to get out of a bad mood. until your mood improves. Phelps did not let Thorpe get the better of him . Michael Phelps did have incredible ability. When Phelps was asked about this comment. In case. Cleaning. we tend to lash out at others (through blatant or passive aggression) or become self destructive. While some people maintain diaries. He had commented that the upcoming champion. what you need is a ‘sounding board’. towards positive thoughts and actions. We have to inculcate in ourselves the ability to redirect our negative feelings. Playing your favorite tune is relaxing and tends to calm nerves as well. This will not only help us become more relaxed. was a world champion swimmer who won eight gold medals in the 2000 Olympics. but would not be able to win eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. If you have close family members or friends.Ian Thorpe. This negative reaction is harmful for us as well as our loved ones and a conscious effort has to be made to change the mindset. Discussed ahead are a few ways on how to get out of bad mood. Take a walk or change the scene. It is a known fact that a person’s true personality comes out during bad moments. in today’s Internet age. give that non-judgmental third person point of view. ‘fatigue. It helps you be positive. not all of us have such a strong personality. However. he participated in eight events and won gold medals in each one of them! It is great to see the sportsmanship with which Phelps dealt with his negative feelings and constructively. as the competitive spirit would be too intense. you could write them down. Being in the place or in front of the person who put you in a bad mood will only rekindle the negative feelings that you are • • • • . Any activity that is mechanical or mundane will help in getting you immersed into thinking of nothing in particular. In most situations. when we are in a bad mood. muscle soreness and taunts from Ian Thorpe’. In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

the unknown. start picturing to yourself the various object near you. Children.trying to divert. naturally. It affects both children and adults alike. the mind conjures up images that reflect our greatest fear. So. • It is also good to exercise. It is a tendency inherent in man to fear that which is not known. Fair enough. And say . creative outlets like pottery. In case you cannot find any. Getting some fresh air or maybe a cup of coffee will give you space to distract yourself and clear your head. You are alone in a room and suddenly the lights go out. If you can’t switch on the lights then throw something at it. See In The Dark Since darkness is the best friend of fear it is always better to locate a source of light. However. Try activities like dance. Gradually the victim must be taught to apply logic to the situation. In this way you can counter your fear with facts. Since you cannot see anything in the dark. Read the article below to know how you can overcome the fear of the dark. painting or anything that interests you and lets you retain your peace of mind How To Overcome Fear Of The Dark Everyone has faced this. its very necessary to get rid of this fear. In that case some other person must take the responsibility of explaining that the fear is illogical. overdoing physical activities when you are down may not be advisable. but when the fear starts leading towards the irrational then it is classed as a phobia called nyctophobia. like a pillow. but after sometime a sinking feeling sets in. fear the dark and it shouldn’t be any cause for worry. Shadows hold the darkest secrets. When we are in fear we tend to see images and the best way to drive these is to counter it. when you are in a bad mood. More often than not you will manage to drive out a cat or your sibling. The problem is that fear numbs the mind so much that the person cannot exercise his or her logical faculties. Investigate You see a shadow in the corner and curl up on the bed not daring to go to the next room. In situations like this investigation can drive away your fears. That’s the power the dark has over us. Suddenly some stories and incidents come to mind that shouldn’t be thought in the dark. The fear that something indescribable “is always near” is forever in the mind. switch on the lights and see what the shadow is. You are confronted with unknown terrors that cannot be banished through rational thought. Instead of sitting. Tips For Overcoming Fear Of Dark Logic Fear may be emotional but in most cases it is not logical.

It requires a combination of a number of qualities and skills. goes a long way in driving it. You also need to keep yourself inspired and motivated . act as if you are not alone. To know more about how to develop leadership skills go through the info given below. In addition to that. From afar it might look like a privilege to lead the masses but reality is something else. You need to be focused and completely dedicated to frame yourself as a leader. Also remember that silence heightens the fear and so hearing your own voice. In this way when you are faced with fear you can relax your selves and think about these things. Better still sing as you can make yourself oblivious to the fear. For most of us this is just a popular phrase and often we tend to overlook the inner meaning of these words. Psychotherapy If the fear is extreme then psychotherapy is advised. Read inspirational books or anything that warms the heart. Tips To Develop Natural Leadership Qualities • Constant or periodic evaluation of one’s strength and weaknesses is very essential to set the foundations of leadership. Sing Or Talk Sounds funny but when you are alone and fear grips you. . It is truly a great responsibility to lead and direct people in life and in any situation. One will be able to perform better only when one is aware of one’s drawbacks and shortcomings. it is equally important to be aware of one’s potential as this acts like the motivation or the driving force to keep one going. you also need to get yourself acquainted with different situations and conditions. At the same time. Relax Learn to relax. How To Be A Natural Leader One very often comes across this phrase from the popular movie ‘The Spiderman’ – With great power comes great responsibility.them aloud. The trick is not to remind yourself of the fear. As long as you don’t realize fear. either in singing or in talking. you won’t have fear. Like you can say that “on my right is the TV”. In therapy the root cause of the fear is analyzed and the patient is slowly brought to terms with it. The therapy goes on or an extended period of time and varies from individual to individual. Thrillers and mystery novels are great as they engage your complete attention. “on my left is the cupboard” and so on and so forth till you can visualize everything. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend.

speak only words of kindness. and for poise. It is only through a better understanding of your surrounding environment can you aspire to influence them with your words and actions. look for the good in others. losing complete control over their body and mind. It is extremely vital that you understand how such people think and act in order to inculcate their ways. buckling under stress and anxiety. suspicions and worries. and physical poise through health andfitness of the body. Rather. It is not mandatory that you agree to and follow each and every instruction jotted on paper. All you need to do is establish a fine connection between your own ideas and the already established ones of proven natural leaders. it is not necessary that you actually mimic their actions. In our day to day life we come across people. It should be kept in mind that a leader never dilly-dallies or puts off issues. It totally depends on you how you gain control over your anxieties and lead a life that is inspiring for others. it is but natural that you will come across qualms. and nothing sums. where the mind and body is in perfect coordination. pursue mentors to help you in the process. It is only when you truly assess a situation can you think of leading others in a particular situation. • • • • • How To Improve Poise “For beautiful eyes. they try to come to a conclusion in a timely manner. The ability to make quick and sensible decisions is very important for a leader. Try to follow the example of other leaders and if possible.• Natural leaders take in-depth information about their surroundings and assess people around them. This synchronization leads towards a faultless balance that is called poise. Leadership is not a quality that is absolute and complete. However. walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Being human. You can also critically evaluate these issues either personally or with a group. Knowledge is the key to all answers and one can only gain information through regular and constant reading. It requires frequent appraisals and refurbishing. Books are a great way to come across different kinds of opinions and ideas and get different types of outlooks about a particular issue. You can either seek the direct help of the mentors or try to figure out their line of thoughts and actions. Mental poise is achieved through calmness and the strength of will power of the mind. every failure as a stepping stone which will lead you closer to your goal as a leader. It is only through such constructive criticism that one can aim to inculcate and adopt the inherent characteristics of a natural leader. for beautiful lips. Consider every obstacle. Learn to judge a situation in terms of both pros and cons and act accordingly. You may .” This line was said by Audrey Hepburn. both mental and physical poise more beautifully. Learn to gain control over your fears. Yes. poise is the control that the mind has over the body and reversely the body over the mind.

Don’t see your flaws through the magnifying glass and criticize yourself constantly. Slowly stretch the legs behind. Think of the benefits and interest yourself in your work. • This is known as the swan pose (hamsasana). Spread the legs while standing up straight. with the palms facing backward spread the arms out. Repeat a few times relaxing in between. read the article below so that you can know how you can improve your poise. Poise is necessary so that we can eliminate negative and destructive thoughts and focus on the positive and constructive ones. towards the ground and bend the elbows. This will help you to utilize all your mental faculties. Now straighten the right leg. Bring your right foot to the front and bend it at the knee. Release and repeat for the left leg. Put your palms on the ground and placing the stomach on the elbows lean forward slowly till your forehead touches the ground. Now point the palm backwards. Now bend and place the hands on either side of the right leg. This will help you to make peace with yourself and be more confident. Sit on your knees with the heels spread apart. in solving the problem. and rise on your toes and then inhale and exhale. Above all show your commitment and belief. Focus on a place in the ground and hold the breath for some time. Then lend a little more and breathe evenly. • • • • Don’t Judge Yourself Relax • Hold Your Head High . This is known as the crane pose (bakasana). Don’t take undue panic. Lead forward. This results in a balance against gravity creating a state of extreme lightness. Stay calm and composed.ask why poise is so necessary. Tips For Improving Poise Physical Poise Improvement • To improve the physical poise the bird yoga poses are especially good for creating a lightness of the body. At the shoulder level. Mental Poise Improvement Concentration • • Be comfortable with what you are doing and give your hundred percent attention. and lift the left leg and straighten it. Keep your feet together and stand straight. • This is known as the flying bird pose (panshee). Have a clear purpose and a strong desire. If you constantly get freaked out your poise is going to suffer. This makes the life calm and composed. So. one at a time.

You will have a far more effective influence if you hold your gaze strong and make eye contact. On accomplishing the tasks. be it in terms of your career or your family. Thus. Stay Organized Stay organized by managing files on your computer as well as organizing household or office itmes. it will help you know how to get back on the task. How To Organize Your Time Plan Ahead Plan your tasks for the day and know the time frame within which you have to complete them. organizing time is essential for success. Follow these simple guidelines to easily and efficiently manage time and reach your goals successfully. you will feel that you have done a good job of managing your time. This will keep you organized and it will be easier to manage time each day. as you will know where you have kept everything. You need to organize yourself to achieve your goals and do the things that you want and need to do. This will help you save time that you would have otherwise spent on looking out for items you will require. you can experience failure. time is required to accomplish goals. In case. Know Your Priorities Place the most important things at the top of your list and give yourself time to get these things done. If something unexpected happens or some sort of interruptions take place. Have a Routine Trying sticking to a certain time frame everyday. This will help you see what you have to do and how much time you will need to do it. You can use this time to do other imortant tasks. The only thing you can do is manage the way your spend your time. Always Have a Plan . That is why timid people have such a bad poise as they do not make eye contact Tips On Organizing Time Time cannot be managed per se. you will realize that the things did not have the right deadline or they weren’t really important. as you cannot speed it up or slow it down. It is important to use the right resources and stay focused on what you have to do. Compare this with the time you have in hand and try to organize the tasks properly. Read on further to explore tips on organizing your time. else. in order to successfully implement propertime management. One of the most precious things.• Show your confidence by standing tall and head held high. you haven’t completed them.

Track Your Time Keep a track of how much time you are spending doing certain tasks. to accomplish your goals. Have Extra Personal Time Whenever you plan out the day. friends and extended conversations can end you off schedule. it is not possible for a writer to be both author and editor to his or her own work. without constructive feedback to guide us. Use Right Resources Find and stick to one type of system or process that works best for you. You will find plenty of people around you who are willing to support you in your tasks. Utilizing Constructive Criticism Criticism is one of the most overlooked. It often happens that you are not spending enough time doing something or the goals are requiring more time than you had estimated. keep time for yourself as well. This will help you focus and find more energy for the rest of the day. For an author. For example. refocus your goals and tasks for the next time. Read on further to know how to utilize constructive criticism. yet vital requirements for any person. which you can use to relax or have a meal. Eventually. Such a criticism is an integral part of our lives. ask for help from someone. Constructive criticism is important as the feedback and support of others helps us to fully develop our talents. it is significant to receive advice for improvement and follow it without losing the soul of his or her writing. since you will be wasting time in accomplishing your goals. Externally. this will help you prevent problems and even the complaint that you didn’t have enough time to complete the task. Do not spend too much time searching for something new. How To Use Constructive Criticism . Save time by setting goals and how much time you will need to accomplish these goals. as our work is incomplete beyond a certain limit. Stay focused and do not let these interruptions influence you. Don’t Waste Time It is possible that procrastination and low motivation can come in the way of your accomplishing the goals internally. Ask For Help In case you have lots of goals to accomplish and you are unable to find a way out to get them done.Always know what your need to do and outline the time you need to do the task in.

explaining the way you have set up a particular point. then only go ahead. Make notes of all the reviews as they will help you summarize the feedback and rectify yourself accordingly. If you can utilize your critic’s advice in your life without losing your own perception. who reject criticism at the first instance. Perhaps. but to know how you can improve the clarity and impact of your work. or anything else. you would be able to make the best possible use of constructive criticism How To Be More Thankful Life may seem unfair to most of us and the feeling of discontentment can raise its ugly head at the slightest provocation. in order to learn to be more thankful. without compromising on your original being. If you interrupt your friends or reviewers while they are giving their honest thoughts. personality. behavior. Receiving constructive criticism is often difficult for any person at all levels of experience. you have to fight such negative vibes and look at the brighter side of life. you want to jump in and defend yourself. Avoid interrupting or challenging until they have completed airing their views. To be a good critic taker. to listen openly to everything that is being said about your work and second is to ask for clarification on anything that you may have not understood. you have to craft a compromise between your intent and your criticizer’s views. However. Question your reviewer on why he disliked your stated views or work and how he would suggest you to improve your views/work found undesirable. Stay Open Avoid behaving like most other people. but it should be noted that the discussion is not to convince him/her of your point of view. Listen to your critics carefully. The following approaches will help you to receive and utilize criticism in an easier and productive manner. However. .Receiving constructive criticism includes two parts. Try to keep an open mind and do not respond to comments instantly. remember that you are the ultimate authority on yourself. Stay True To Yourself & Your Character Although constructive criticism is important. Undue comparisons. Your criticizer’s remarks may often be helpful to you. Read the article to find some useful tips on how to be more thankful and enjoy your life. when you get responses to a particular aspect of your life. note down scrupulous notes on everything they point out and jot down your own reactions. a bad day at the workplace or a petty fight with your spouse can make you feel distressed and dejected. Keep Quiet Often. the idea behind constructive criticism is to let your reviewer tell you what they think of that aspect. this will sabotage the chances of your improving. Learning to be thankful about the simple joys of life will make your life better and more fruitful. If you can do so. First is. a great deal of it is triggered by our tendency to not to be thankful enough for the good things we posses in life.

or entertain the listeners. Value Your Family & Friends The tendency to take people for granted equates to devaluing them. for there are many who continue to struggle all their lives. Be grateful for the numerous exciting opportunities that might have come your way and helped you to become what you are today. but it should not stop you from being pleased with whatever you have got. You just have to realize that you have so much to thank for. but it is always better than the worst. Don’t forget to be thankful to your friends and family just because they are always there. To a certain extent. Be Grateful For The Opportunities You Got Appreciate the opportunities that you have had in life.Tips To Be More Thankful Appreciate Your Good Health No matter what your physical or mental health is like. You may be suffering from a dozen ailments. you should always appreciate the fact that it could have been worse. You should be thankful for the current status of your health. This is not to say that always draw such comparisons that make you feel better. for whom a meal per day is a luxury they can’t afford. When was the last time when you thanked your family and friends for their constant support? They have always been around and have been your pillar of strength standing by your side in the toughest of problems. Consider yourself lucky to have things going your way. Public speaking is also one of the human race’s greatest fears. We realize the value of certain things when we know that we can’t have them forever. translating to. even as you feel disheartened for some of your dreams not being fulfilled The Art Of Public Speaking One can define public speaking as “the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured. influencing. influence. or simply entertaining the audience.” It is a powerful tool used for motivating. There are millions of people around. deliberate manner intended to inform. Value The Material Benefits You Enjoy You may dream about owning a palatial home one day. informing. The very thought of forgetting the lines or saying something entirely wrong boils down to the fear of being publicly ridiculed. Look at people who have a poorer health than yours and you will realize how you are better off than a lot of people. feeling nervous before giving a speech is natural. rejected and humiliated. What you have in life may not be in proportion to your expectations. Be grateful for what you have than cribbing over that it could have been better. persuading. but don’t disown the fact that you have a safe roof over your head. whenever so happened. food to eat and other necessities. but too much of the .

Practice many times. Practice using the microphone and other visual aids. Pause. Given below are some tips to control your butterflies and help you give better presentations. Tips For Speaking In Public Know Your Material The first step towards mastering public speaking is choosing a topic of your interest. to attain the right flow and comfort level. Relax Begin your speech by addressing the audience. clear and confident. arrive at the location early and walk around the speaking area. Get Acquainted With The Venue The day you have to indulge in public speaking. It is important to know about the group you would be talking to. Visualize the audience clapping and agreeing to what you are saying. Do not make people criticize you. as this will give you time to calm your nerves. You can start with greeting some of the members when they enter. This will make you feel more confident. smile and count to three before saying anything. This will surely give a boost to your confidence. Ease yourself by speaking to a group of friends. Practice Arrange all the equipment that you would be using and rehearse out loud. This will help you remember what to say. Transform your nervous energy into enthusiasm. rather than strangers. Explore The Audience Most people overlook this strategy. Gather more information about the topic than what you are including in the speech. Include humor and personal stories in your speech and use a conversational language. so let it go off. Set atimer and allow time for the unexpected. It might be possible that the audience hasn’t even noticed it. These tips will help make the art of public speaking less stressful and create a more relaxed and confident you. You can get a family member or friend to observe your rehearsal and give a constructive feedback. Do Not Apologize In case you have committed a mistake. the audience always wants its speakers to be interesting. do not apologize for any nervousness or problem. Visualize Yourself Imagine yourself speaking loud. Remember. Practice while taking breaks. by your own doing. Concentrate On The Message . as it can help you tailor what you will be speaking. stimulating. informative and entertaining.same can prove to be detrimental.

Do not ever forget just how happy you felt singing. it is well said that a happy man is just one happy person. This emotional downturn affects their daily interactions with people within and outside the family circle.Divert your attention from your own anxieties to your message and audience. often get addicted to the newfound independence that comes with pursuing a career. In this context. just the circumstances that are responsible for you having to stay at home. Ways To Stay Happy At Home No Pity The first thing to do is to come out of this apparently comfortable habit of pitying oneself. but also gives back a lot in terms of independent thought process and the ability to define themselves in their own terms. Hobbies You may have been a good singer but never found time to practice music all the while you worked. during a lay-off. Now is the time. If you do not love yourself. especially those who are professionally inclined. How To Stay Happy At Home Women. imperative for a woman to stay happy. It is thus. or perhaps. It will turn you against the whole world. If such women are to be made to sit at home. you may have loved to paint but never found time to. Or. you cannot expect others to love you. Many of them begin to sink into depression and blame their husbands or grown up children for their mood swings. giving you the false notion that everyone else is responsible for your condition. Since you need to be at peace now more than at any other time. Diamonds cannot teach you . It is not only vulgar but also destructive. Stay focused on your material and consider the audience as your friend. the modern refrain is to replace the word “diamonds” with the word “internet” (!). you must pursue your interests. and not according to terms defined by their man. taking pictures. Learn Something New Though the old saying was “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. while it is only you. even as she is at home. painting. you have all the time in the world to pursue your interests. when they turn mothers. whereas a happy woman equals a happy family. when they take a hiatus or after retirement. they may even enter into the destructive habit of self-pity. It teaches them a lot about life. or cooking. as these were the things that gave you peace of mind. which is the key to effective public speaking as well. after getting married into a different state. This will help make you successful. they often feel wasted and purposeless. experience will help you build confidence. Read on to learn how to stay happy even at home. In any case. in fact. Gain Experience Your speech should characterize you as an authority as well as an individual.

writing a short story.because if you can laugh at to use Adobe Photoshop so that you can design birthday cards and other such things. You need to have a positive attitude towards people and life. Increase Self-esteem Think wisely and speak more positively about yourself. . than what is required to remain optimistic and hopeful. Reduce Stress Firstly. Diamonds cannot teach you how to make pepper rasam that you love but could never make. Rightly said. and then discover healthy coping mechanisms to overcome the same. Apply for an MBA or some other qualification. be proactive and decisive about your life and engage in active listening. Study ahead and gain a few more qualifications. “laughter is the best medicine” . such as using your less dominant hand. it is essential to make efforts to improve our mental and emotional health too. Thus. Remember. Study Contrary to what you might have thought. Develop and implement relaxation techniques that will work for you. Choose to talk about your progress and not your troubles and set boundaries for yourself wherever necessary. This strengthens our resiliency to bounce back when we are confronted by hefty problems and issues. you need more energy to worry and fret. Ways To Stay Mentally Sharp & Strong Exercise Your Mind Sharpen up your brain by doing simple tricks. How To Become A Mentally Stronger Person Just as we exercise our physical body. Staying mentally strong is not difficult. it was not your money but your knowledge that gave you all that power. solving puzzles and riddles. bypass the diamonds and give yourself an internet connection. all that matters is the choice you make. Eliminate unnecessary stressors and accept situations that you have no control over. or learn a new language that would help you better your prospects when looking for a job. Read on further to know how you can become a mentally stronger person and stay mentally fit. View all challenging situations coming your way as opportunities. detect the source of your stress. if you feel the need to pamper yourself. or even reading a book on a new subject. You will feel more worthy and will have something to do through the day. you can find humor even when some things go awry.

by scheduling out time from your routine. Spend Some Time Alone Spend some positive time in solitude. use your abilities. You can try downtime activities that are inexpensive. smell. not loneliness. Use your imagination and instincts to examine problems and solutions. Tap Into Your Creative Genius Start thinking out of the box and view situations from different perspectives. believe in yourself and create your life well. Just because you do not want to deal with something. and so on. sight and hearing. instead face it and feel the importance of what you are doing. Try strengthening the relationship you have with yourself. do a life review and determine what’s out of balance and what can be done to correct it. and renting funny movies. Many people often look down on others as if they are much better than everyone around and this starts the creation of division . going to the library. Appeal To All Your Senses When dealing with new material in your life. Build Strong Support System Engage with or choose people who have a positive attitude and keep away from the ones who drain your energy. passion and abilities by indulging into writing. such as bike-riding. drawing. How To Keep From Having A Judgmental Attitude It is in human nature to be judgmental. Frequently compare yourself with your own progress in the past and not with someone else’s. knitting or woodworking. dancing. Maintain a sense of humor and work on your productivity. Honor your natural talents. writing. do not avoid it. Analyze and work on a challenge by drawing pictures. before narrowing down to a decision. of taste. Develop a network of people that help you remain motivated and aligned with passion and purpose.Improve Coping Skills Have a positive attitude. Analyze yourself. Enjoy Leisure Activities Engage yourself in fun activities that bring you joy. touch. Be Resilient Make it a habit to bounce back from negative situations and throw out thoughts that no longer serve your purpose or are of no use to you. researching.

it will save us from being critical. but we shrink thinking what someone else would think or feel about us. their way of life on others. Open Your Eyes To Truth When you find yourself looking at something that you don’t agree with. Often. And most of the time. Consider yourself being in that situation and then narrow down to a conclusion. Put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine their background. Learn To Love . Live your life to the fullest and let others find own peace in their life.between people. it is essential to avoid being judgmental and build a bridge instead. To top it all. assuming that we might end up losing our loved one’s respect. Tips To Avoid Being Judgmental Remember Everyone Is Unique You need to remember that not every person you meet will be like you. if we keep in mind that even we don’t feel good about being judged. this is not at all something that affects us in one way or the other. we step back from expressing something different. remember that not everyone would agree with you either. Reserve your energy for your own future use. they find it difficult to keep from having a judgmental attitude. Know Judging Is Not Healthy Stressing yourself by thinking what you cannot change is simply risking your health. Read on further to know how you can keep from having a judgmental attitude. Close your eyes to all the unnecessary stuff and try to notice only what concerns you. faith. class. as in what they do or think. Hence. etc. Free Yourself It is not necessary to agree with the decision of other people. Avoid having a judgmental attitude of what others think and do in their private time. They see people and pass judgment based on their looks or actions and often the opinion is not completely objective. as this will only cause a lot of stress to you. but you should learn to respect their right to feel and speak. Avoid spending days and nights worrying about others. While judging other. This only tends to increase differences between two human beings. let others too enjoy their right of being free. No effort is made to know the person or understand them either. Remember and celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and not the same. their habits. Just as you would want to feel free. People come from different cultures. A combination of these factors make the world seems alive. Close Your Eyes To Judgment We think of what other people are doing and judge them on that basis. People who have a judgmental nature often wish their beliefs. This will help you in being critical of other people’s actions. Try To Be In Other’s Shoes We often have our own ideas that make us happy. sexual orientations.

Always remember that there are miles to go before you sleep! Discipline Your Thought-Process Thinking like a millionaire involves disciplining your mind and thought process.Once you have accepted a person for what he/she is. light skinned or dark. Express your love to old or young. Don’t allow yourself to gloat on the initial gains and feel gratified. Train your mind to ask for more. Once a long term goal or objective has been visualized. Thinking Like A Millionaire Think Long Term Successful people have a tendency to think long term and invest in the future. Read on to know what it takes to have a millionaire’s mind. but by their superior thinking and strategic planning. change your hatred to love. If you have hated him/her in the past. The biggest difference between successful and normal people is a positive thinking mind and a confident personality. but very few who actually make it big. Unless you really learn what millionaires think and how they strategize. Delay Gratification The feeling of fulfillment doesn’t come easy to millionaires or they would have never made millions in the first place. While you should not lose yourself in the quest of success or money. Millionaires make millions not by some sheer stroke of good fortune. you will have trouble making heaps of money. Think Positive & Be Confident Have you ever tried to find out how many skeptics have become millionaires? Just a handful! People who believe in themselves know how to take calculated risks and failures do not thwart their way. rich or poor and find the world becoming a much better place to live in How To Think Like A Millionaire What separates extremely successful people from the unsuccessful ones is nothing but. This article brings you some valuable tips on how to think like a millionaire. it is important that you don’t feel satiated with what you have achieved so far. There are many people who think big. Be a positive thinker and plan you strategies while calculating the risks. You have to think of the long term consequences of the decision that you are taking at the moment and then take a final call. you need to adjust your daily behavior accordingly to ensure that those goals are achieved well in time. try loving and understanding him/her. People who have made astronomical sums of money have worked hard to climb the monetary ladder. This is where . their different thinking. you will have to train your mind to think like the big shots. If your goal is to retire as a millionaire. male or female. Smart minds know when to hit the nail right on the head.

it would be good. “To err is human. Think over where you want to set the limit and to what extent will you stretch yourself to realize your dreams. Here are some other ways to get someone off your mind. Would it not be better if they found a way to get over the hurt. Success will come hard and you will have to face testing situations. Ways To Get Someone Off Your Mind Busy Bee The busier you are. to forgive divine. The moment we stop seeking solace in being a victim. The best way to do it is to stop loving the image of victim that we have created for ourselves. No one. as there are a few things that your own mind will tell you better How To Get Someone Off Your Mind It is a commonly seen phenomenon – of people who cannot get over someone who has hurt them. you will find it easier to rid the memory of the person who caused it too. Stop pitying yourself and come out the cycle of self-pity. the person who has had to bear the hurt is seen to wallow in self-pity for as long as they can. just the way millionaires have it! Decide The Limit Your mind knows your limitations. although you are certainly not bound by them. . You don’t need to think like a millionaire to set your limit. When you do not carry the negative feeling and have done away with it. especially about something or someone who left you with negative feelings. purposefully or unknowingly. everyone loves the comfort it provides. save you. we will accept any positive change in others and ourselves that we may encounter. Keeping yourself busy with anything and everything that needs your attention is the best way to keep negative thoughts from plaguing you repeatedly. however. Thinking like a millionaire doesn’t imply that you will have millions in your treasury in just a matter of days. the less time you have to think. it is the surest way to get someone off your mind. In such cases. Forgive And Forget Though this may seem easier said than done.disciplining your mind is factored in. A disciplined mind will delay gratification and keep you focused on your goals. In the long run. this attitude will bring more ruin as it does you no good and only deepens the feeling of hurt.” Make sure there are no traces of any memories of the hurt and all negative feelings towards that person have been completely dispelled. Even if it is completely clichéd a sentence to utter. can turn you into a victim. or at least till their near and dear ones allow them to. and the person who caused them that hurt. A structured and well-organized thought process will help you to develop a futuristic perspective. No Pity! It is very convenient to wallow in the sewer called ‘self pity’. all by themselves? Of course.

but not in case of everything. If the person is your colleague. It is. Take The First Step Any task or project can seem to be impossible if you start looking too far into the future. Do not try to think a lot. to come up with the perfect plan. decrease your interaction with the person who hurt you. for a later time. You will feel great and you would not have hurt anybody at all. avoid thinking too much and simply do the task in the way you feel that it will come out the best. There are light procrastinators and heavy procrastinators. a lot of thinking and planning can result in opposite effects. Invest in a punching bag and hang it in a place in your house. High procrastinators find it difficult to do even a single task. Read through the following lines to know how you can stop procrastination. Even if you do not have a plan. but you need to shift your focus to today and the present . the bag will not hit you back like a person would. as long as you keep working on your plan. You are bound to make mountains out of molehills. There is no plan that is foolproof and will lead to no mistakes. They assume that they cannot manage time well and hence. Some of them are true procrastinators and do not get any work done. who you cannot avoid for very long. It is fine to plan for the future. end up doing only little work. A procrastinator is someone who puts off the work that he/she is supposed to do. this way. you can protect yourself from failures. which is usually not visited much. the more will be the hurt and resentment that will plague you. Do what you feel is right. However. Less Interaction As far as possible. The more you get to interact with that person. Start Doing It is necessary to plan a little bit to achieve want you want. Light procrastinators procrastinate. thus. better to plan a little and take action on it. Tips For Stopping Procrastinating Stop Thinking. you’ll have to find other ways to get him/her off your mind – the most effective of which is to forgive How To Stop Procrastination One of the biggest problems that people today suffer from is procrastination. However. no pain or no difficulties. Don’t Blow A Task Out Of Proportion You would not be protecting yourself from pain if you overthink and put off things for later time. say a huge storeroom or your study! Imagine the punching bag to be the person who hurt you and punch it with all your strength.Punch It Out It is always easier to hurl blows on a punching bag than a human being.

so that you can start afresh again How To Reinvent Yourself Are you tired of living the same old mundane life? Why not throw off old habits and customs and embrace new ones! Reinventing yourself is never easy. dreams do turn true. such as making important calls. While procrastinating. but you need to overcome them and work towards success once again. However. Reinvent yourself and discover ways to bring new meaning and joy to your life. By taking an action over and over again. you would be building self-confidence and a self-image of you being a confident person. answering big piles of emails or completing the last pages of your paper. So. Go . Since sitting idle and not taking action is unnatural. With a new day. Learn to accept that failures do take place occasionally. you will be lowering your self esteem and signaling back to yourself that you are a lame and indecisive person. Whatever be the task. I’m doing this. but you do not know the reason behind it. Be affirmative on your decision.moment. but only if you are willing to make the needed efforts. effort and patience. it is better to complete the tasks and projects that you are currently involved in. You always wonder what would have been the result had you taken more chances. but not finishing what you have started can leave you in a sort of negative funk. Finish It Not taking the first step towards accomplishing something can only make you feel bad. generate confidence within you and take action. they also bring along a vague sense of being unfulfilled and pangs of regret for all things you never dared to do. Try finishing them as soon as possible. just get it out by doing it first. it makes you feel bad. doing so is possible and the rewards will surely be positive and unexpected. By doing so. Start With The Hardest Task Start your day by doing the most important and toughest tasks. Remember. as you would be going against patterns that have been established for years. with determination. no matter how hard they seem. cool”. Simply take the first step today and you will notice the change in your mental state from resistant to “hey. you will feel relaxed and relieved for the simpler tasks. You will become more positive and the subsequent steps will follow on their own. Though easy choices come with a sense of comfort and a certain level of success. give yourself a new look and a new identity. The rest of your day will be a lot lighter and easier to get through. Make A Decision It is natural to be decisive and take action. Face Your Fear It is hard to face your fear of looking like a fool or making mistakes or take responsibility of your own life. You are stressed and feel fatigued.

such as collecting coins. reactions and words. but you can surely deal with them powerfully. like platinum blonde from a mousy brunette or auburn red. Change your thinking and transform yourself. You can choose the spiritual path. take action and enjoy the whole new you. Throw and flush out old behaviors. Join a health club. smile more. life affirming ones. Join a new class to learn something new. riding a bicycle or tinkering with car parts. mindsets. View the world with a new eye and different vision • • • • • • • • How To Increase Word Power To express with clarity and to communicate coherently and logically requires only one thing and that is words. Join a church. shop at a different store. You cannot stop thoughts from entering the mind. Ways Of Reinventing Yourself Now • Have a make over and change your appearance. Saturate yourself and learn everything possible about what you want to become. speed up your walk. You will have to start thinking the same way as the person you want to be like. reading.ahead. take an evening walk. Spanish. German. Make use of new words. have new reactions to different things. Change your career. In case you are bored and unsatisfied with your current job. Discover a new hobby or an activity. learn how to paint or mold a pot. Create a new personality. Choose to volunteer for your favorite charity once every week. set your goals. Words are the bricks that build up the foundation of any . why not try a new opportunity and field? There are unlimited opportunities waiting for you in the industry. bible study or prayer group. read through the following lines. To know more on how you can reinvent yourself and become a completely new person. Discard all negative thoughts and replace them with positive. you are a new creature. You can take a new route to your office. Schedule a new routine or change one aspect of your routine. try a new hairstyle or adopt a new wardrobe to give you a fresh outlook on life. knitting. Take a chance to see the other side of the city or your neighborhood. The most important part of reinventing yourself is attitude. With a new day. try a new restaurant or a new drink. You can opt for learning a new language such as French. or even take up piano or guitar classes. Make sure to find one that matches your interests. Japanese or Italian. could work well. Even a new hair color.

Because in the English language. Reading also keeps the words rotating through your mind. shift to reading novels. When you listen. Etymology Every word has a history. Newspapers and magazines use a limited vocabulary to facilitate the lay reader. Note these down so that you can look it up later. and magazines like the ‘Reader’s Digest’ and ‘The New Yorker’. This is also a good way to keep the words in your fingertips and not somewhere in the mind where you cannot find it. . Thus. Words. Studying the etymology of words will also familiarize you with the other words of its family. but also with the quality of their language. Tips For Increasing Your Word Power Read Extensively Reading is the most effective and efficient way to develop excellent word power. Read widely so that you encounter a variety of words. it is also important to keep oneself updated. you will automatically learn the word. Listening carefully will also throw up many words. So. Moreover. you can realize the exact usage of a particular word. which you find out by listening are also easy to remember. when you know the story of the word. You can encounter unfamiliar words every day. and also you can get an idea in which context it was used. great orators enthrall the audience not only with the content of their speech. In this way. Every year thousands of new words are added to the human lexicon and hundreds of other words get ‘extinct’. Make a note of any unfamiliar words you find and then check the usage and meaning. because you are sure to encounter the words many times. So. Newspapers and magazines are a good way to start but later graduate to more exclusive readings. and checking and using them can increase your word power to a great extent. Try using alternative words and see if the effect is as good. Increasing the word power is a very interesting journey and the added advantage is the power it gives in our hands. Check Unfamiliar Words Don’t bypass any unfamiliar words. Involve yourself in finding out the origin and history of words and by the time you finish. which you have forgotten due to non-usage. read the article below to know more on how to get started on it. if you want to increase your word power. Cultivate a habit of reading regularly. No doubt. Lack of an efficient vocabulary hinders effective communication and spreads misunderstanding. Listen Listening is the key to any good conversation. that word would have been ingrained in your mind. you may come across some words that you don’t know. Solve Crosswords Crosswords are word games that stimulate the brain and give you an understanding on how to use them. In addition. in many words. and then commit it to memory. It gives us the freedom to choose how we express ourselves. when you have developed the habit of reading. the meaning changes according to the context in which it is used. make a note of the context in which it is used. when you see any unfamiliar word. Listen to the speeches of great orators and learn how various words were used.language and so a good word power is not only a necessity but also an obligation. particularly English classics.

ensure that depending on the topic and situation. How To Give A Great Speech There are many famous speeches that are remembered over time and some of these are even included in school curriculums. Read on to know the tips for giving a great speech. For example. Practice your speech. then it’s time to make some changes. Overconfidence never helped anyone make a great speech. you use your life experiences and research to customize your material. You should be open to taking risks and get into a routine of daily action to make your speech come out great. Using words will also make you take interests in the words. If you find yourself dropping off to sleep listening to your own voice. If you don’t. And make sure that you have a complete understanding of the words you are using. Remember that you will not become a great speaker overnight. Be truthful. practice. Tips For Giving A Great Speech • • Choose a subject for which you have a passion. you can give a great speech that will be remembered by your audience for a long time to come. You will only be open to ridicule. your audience will not trust what you are saying. While you might not be able to give a speech that makes history. Move toward your goal with a willingness to make adjustment along the way. Only then. If you try to sound bombastic. Record your speech and play it back. Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address is very well known speech and has made history. Get as much support as possible so that you can succeed. Speak from your heart and be completely authentic. It is better to know the usage of twenty words then to know two hundred words and not know how to use them. Persistence is what defines whether you are going to be perceived as a person with expertise in speaking. don’t throw high flowing words simply for the sake of showing off. Be persistent. Patience and persistence go hand in hand. Remember that a good speaker is more than a good talker. • • • • . When speaking. you will be perceived as a real speaker and not just another stereotype. However.Use The Words You Learn Adopt the words you learn into your daily vocabulary. Share your mishaps and foibles. then it’s very easy to forget them. Practice. You can do a good job of your topic only if you care about it. practice. A great speech is the product of hard work and creativity. The mark of a good speaker is not just to do all the right things all the time.

Consider your fear like a room that is to be painted or some similar task. once identified. Overcoming the fear of abandonment requires full determination on the part of the person experiencing such things. Add in a bit of humor. Get used to the way the fear makes you feel. You can also include auditory and kinesthetic aids which will keep your audience’s attention riveted to you and which will get the message across. You could go with a good. Pay attention to your opening statements. Your enemy. namely. How To Overcome Fear Of Abandonment • • Identify your fear in detail and name it. . Modulate your voice when speaking and speak with warmth and enthusiasm. Ensure that your introduction arouses interest. but don’t include sarcasm. Some possible causes of fear of abandonment can be loss of a near one. wholesome. People learn best from these and tend to respond and retain information better. disturbed childhood and some social or personal trauma. This is what. This process helps you in getting closer to the fear each time you are around it. Your speech should not be a rhetorical address. and chronic anxiety which is better known as phobia. Include illustrations in your speech. will help you present the material in a way that will appeal to your audience. View your opportunity to give a speech as a privilege. rational fear that is based on logical premise. is just like any other challenge to be dealt with. It can be of two types. Know your audience. Fear of abandonment can well be described as a psychological disorder wherein the person feels uncontrolled fear and anxiety when he/ she encounters situations that require facing the difficulties of life alone and without any support. Given below are some ways and tips to overcome the fear of abandonment. you have just 30 seconds to connect with your audience. short quotation or a funny story that is relevant to your speech. Speaking is an art and your idea can best be propounded when you are creative. A process known as systematic desensitization is often used by most psychologists. Avoid using jokes. Use visual aids when speaking.• When you are making a speech. broken relationships. and innovative • • • • • • Overcoming Fear Of Abandonment Fear can be termed as a necessary part of life.

it shows he is a citizen of the world”. Although this is challenging but it is very necessary. Worrying is a slow poison that eats you up daily. Do not preoccupy yourself with fearful or troubling thoughts. Through graciousness. • • • • • • • • • How To Be Gracious Francis bacon said. so do not be too hard on yourself. That is the importance that graciousness can have in a person’s life. Examine your fears and see how foolish or crazy they are. it must be taught and absorbed. it can be stubborn and determined. hence. This can be practiced on a daily basis. Read the article below to know more on how to be gracious. You’ll feel free from fear.” You may often think that fear can rage like an inferno. Stop over-analyzing any situation. Gracious behavior depends on the upbringing and the environment. Develop a habit of taking every experience positively. Turn off unwanted thoughts in the same impersonal way as you may think of your stomachrumbling. Graciousness is all about how you make the people around you feel. Pen down the reasons why you are paralyzing yourself by those fears. Mistakes are part of life and so are bad experiences. Pleasing and affectionate are the hallmarks of a gracious person. “If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers. any situation can be resolved. Through constant practice. Forget the past and start moving ahead. where as in reality it may be nothing but a little more than a candle flame. there goes my brain rumbling again. People are not born with gracious behavior. Gracious behavior. . Sometimes. Avoid thinking too much. “Oh. Inculcate healthy habits like yoga and meditation. Laugh out your troubles and let life free for sometime. Graciousness is a treasure that people throng to. peace and serenity will manifest your life. if taught from the childhood can lead towards the development of a successful human being. as self-interest is not its characteristic. jealousy and attachments. Overcoming the fear is a time-consuming process but the reward is worth it. Old fears raise their head from time to time. Do not waste your energy fearing too much. As you become rich inside yourself. do not carry the burden and delete them from the memory. so a gracious person is never short of people near him or her. Be patient and determined and let yourself be exposed to the change.• • Do no try to get rid of the fear. Prepare yourself well and be committed as fears become more uncontrollable at first when you challenge their hold on you. Stop being obsessed with anyone and anything. it can be inculcated into your way of life.

More often than not. Timidity or lack of confidence can embarrass or deter the other person. Don’t wait for anyone to ask you for it. To help when asked is good. Kindness.Learning To Be Gracious • Take compliment with a smile. Faking your feelings. Sounds are shaped by various articulatory organs whose proper coordination makes one speak in a lucid manner. are all signs of graciousness. you will fill him or her with a good feeling. the impulse to ‘shoot off’ is very great. Offering your help will always make the other person remember your graciousness. While accepting an invitation. it will automatically teach you to be gracious. Small acts of understanding lead to greater acts of graciousness. but when discovered will hurt more than if you had been honest. hurting anyone is not graciousness. empathy. as these are the sign of gracious character. then it is considered gracious behavior. be sure to thank the host or convey your reasons for not accepting the invitation. Similarly. from the subconscious and not as a forced entity. make these good qualities a part of you. will carry you for a short time. Practicing these positive traits will make graciousness a part of your character. More often as not. if the person is criticizing you for your own good. being on the right is not that important. . so. emotions and other sensibilities. Remember that graciousness should come unintentionally. A smile and saying ‘thank you’ will be a good return for the compliment. articulation exercises are very necessary as they hone the verbal communication exercises. patience. which will be ungracious. Sometimes and with some people. And. When you understand a person. can do immense good to some people. when you invite someone. The content and the significance are lost in misunderstanding. but to help when not even asked is better. the message is lost in pronouncing and accent barriers. and also accept the reasons for someone who is unable to come. That is if you keep the interests of others in front of you. thank him or her for accepting the invitation. respect. Therefore. Better articulation results in better understanding. Do not fake. Make the other person feel that he or she is acknowledged. In the face of criticism. it is better to wait and cool off. etc. Waiting allows you to collect your thoughts and makes the other person feel the depth of your maturity. • • • • • • • • Articulation Exercises Clarity is the hallmark of a good speaker. Be forward with your help. and he will consider you a gracious person. “I think sometimes it’s more important to be gracious than to win” said Dorothy Kilgallen. If your being wrong.

through these articulation exercises. Gradually repeat faster till a level of clarity and lucidity is reached. Regular practice will strengthen the articulatory organs by developing the face and body muscles.Practicing the articulation exercises regularly will make you more understandable to your audience. However. Speech imperfection does not only result from speech impediment. The reading should be done aloud. Neither did he have his billboard! Articulation For ‘F’ Type Words: Four furious friends fought for the phone Articulation For ‘H’ Type Words: How was Harry hastened so hurriedly from the hunt? Articulation For ‘J’ Type Words: Jack the jailbird jacked a jeep. . Articulation is often the thin line. articulation exercises will make him or her a clear speaker. But Moses supposes erroneously. The board bill bored Bill. Good articulation always has an impact on the listeners. As Moses supposes his toes to be. since everyone is not blessed with a coherent speech. as most people. because of language and cultural differences fail to speak with clarity. Then the board bill No longer bored Bill. For nobody’s toes are posies of roses. and speak smoothly. So Bill sold his billboard And paid his board bill. Bill also had a board bill. Articulation For ‘B’ Type Words: Bill had a billboard. Articulation For ‘D’ Type Words: Did Doug dig Dick's garden or did Dick dig Doug's garden? Articulation For ‘S’ Type Words: Moses supposes his toes are roses. Read the article below to know more on how you can straighten your voice. which divides a speaker from an orator. But though he had no board bill. Types Of Articulation Exercises Articulation exercises must be spoken slowly and carefully and must be practiced regularly without fail.

even the calmest of person would agree having faced a situation.Articulation For ‘K’ Type Words: My cutlery cuts keenly and cleanly. it makes us land up in embarrassing position. most of you would agree that more than often. Quicker kiss. Articulation For ‘N’ And ‘U’ Type Words: You know New York. resort to any of the following ways listed below and relieve yourself . While some psychologists may claim that anger outburst is a good way to give an outlet to the negative energies. If Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. when he/she lost temper and experienced an anger outburst. You need New York. Articulation For ‘R’ Type Words: Round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran. Where's the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked? Articulation For ‘L’ Type Words: Larry sent the latter a letter later Articulation For ‘Q’ Type Words: Quick kiss. You know you need unique New York. Articulation Of ‘V’ Type Words: Vincent vowed vengeance very vehemently. Articulation For ‘P’ Type Words: Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. How To Control Anger Outbursts Life is full of meeting unwelcome people and facing unwanted and annoying circumstances. Quickest kiss. Articulation For ‘T’ Type Words: Ten tame tadpoles tucked tightly in a thin tall tin. As such. Controlling temper is the first step to ensure reduced stress levels and improved relationships. Just when you feel that you would be gripped in temper tantrum.

did you know that by indulging in regular meditation or can either use it negatively or make it as a stepping stone to overcome the stimulus that caused anger in the first place. undoubtedly. For this. is one of the most beneficial ways to avoid anger outburst. Next step would be to act ‘Objectively’.e. Believe in FLOW This might seem French to you. Just when you think that you might get trapped into a pool of bad mood and anger. but using the FLOW technique is the best way to deal with anger outbursts.your anger would be heavily subsided!! Tune To Music Did you know that music has healing properties? If no. all you need to do is just close your eyes. do not get scared as herein. However. Many people have claimed that anger outbursts are best dealt with this technique. thereby helping in anger management. would help you know how to control anger outbursts. ‘Listen’. you need to first ‘Focus’ at your mental state. There are two ways to use the energy created by anger . It helps soothe your negative energies and provides a relaxing and calming feeling. go onto the next level. A sixty second indulgence in this technique and swoosh . This way you can curb the anger outburst and at the same time conquer your flaws. the next step would be to listen to the other’s point of view and try to rationalize it. Once this is done. Music goes a long way in dipping the rising anger levels. you might be able to control your anger outbursts as well?Meditation and yoga have positive effect on the mental and physical being of a person. Instead. The last step would be to ‘Wait’ for the right time. Also. Anger mostly arises due to conflict or disagreement. No matter what is the intensity of your anger. then you are definitely in for a revelation. switch on the music system and listen to some of your favorite songs. Ways For Controlling Anger Outbursts Deep Breathing Though you might have heard it a number a times. think objectively as this will help you understand the situation in a mature way. thereby cooling both the mind and the body. This way you would instantly dip your anger or rage and get back to the normal state of mind. The techniques. Repeat this for several times until the message has sunk deep into your mind. So. regular indulgence in the two ensures better mind control. Tell yourself that you would not explode your anger.from the anger outbursts. Energy Conversion Does this sound physics or mathematics to you? Well. Meditation & Yoga Experts have claimed the benefits of meditation and yoga for the mind. When we are angry. relax your mind and take a deep breath. soul and the body. Most people . energy conversion is the phrase given to convert the negative energies produced by anger into positive driving force. deep breathing. we mostly take things or arguments personally. explained in the following lines. i.

you are able to make better guesses and determine the course of the stories or fictional novels you read. Why Reading Is Important “A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others” is a famous perspective on the importance of reading by the erstwhile U. which should ideally be the other way round. Expands Knowledge-Base Irrespective of how much knowledge your mind can store. our mind also seeks nourishment that comes through reading. When you read a story. Apart from developing your mind. when your power to imagine develops. It keeps your mind active and dynamic. This often makes you imagine a sequence of events in your mind on how the story will unfold further. the scope to feed it with new things. you are constantly wondering what will happen next. Most people tend to speak more and listen less. Waiting is the best indicator for anger management. Abraham Lincoln. Gradually. Read on to know why it is so important. Gaining knowledge empowers you mind and broadens its range. Activates The Flow Of Ideas .would agree that instant reaction is the main problem for angermanagement. Reading enlightens your mind. You should wait and reflect for sometime about the consequences of angry outburst. broadens your horizon. Just as our body needs its daily dose of nutrients. Reading involves creative imaginations thereby promoting ingenious thinking. The Importance Of Reading Develops The Mind Our mind needs regular exercise to develop and reading is the most effective way to do that. The more you read. Reading books also help to develop one’s listening ability which is very important to succeed in every aspect of life. reading also develops your listening ability. the more enlightened you are. and there is no denying the fact that ‘Knowledge is Power’. A well-read person is a reservoir of knowledge as reading helps one to know about new things and analyze them in his/her own inventive way.S president. Develops One’s Creative Side Reading is one of the best ways to give a creative orientation to one’s mind. The article dwells at length on the importance of reading. Reading the written word and developing an understanding of it is a skill that is cultivated overtime by the habit of reading. always remain wide. expands your knowledge and opens up new avenues for you.

there are great chances of none of the commitments being fulfilled. it will enable you to . Lack of reliability does not necessarily mean that you are deliberately careless. You will then realize what it feels like to have gained someone’s trust. Also. Taking up only the required number of tasks will help you deliver great results and people will appreciate your reliability as well. arrogant or disrespectful as a person. Active reading ignites your mind and arms it with new and creative ideas. A dynamic flow of ideas also makes you an interesting person to be with as your mind is not static and you will always have something vital to contribute to every discussion. without letting things overload and backfire on you. the desire of making every single person happy is often misguided. Ways For Becoming More Dependable Watch Your Promises Never make promises unless you are ready to fulfill them. Rather. you will stay committed to it. by making them happy. This will help you organize what is to done on immediate basis and what can wait. as it usually produces opposite results. a learned person knows that he maintains a slight edge over other people. which you can use in just about every aspect of your life. it is good to be precautionary by not being wrapped up into the belief that you can solve all the problems of everyone. Boosts Your Confidence Ever wondered why erudite people are so confident? Since knowledge empowers your mind. A well-read person is always oozing with confidence for “he/she knows”. Prioritize your tasks and plan accordingly. There are different ways through which you can become a more reliable person. It is not mandatory to volunteer for everything and also. no matter how talented they are. reliability means that if you have accepted something. Improve At Conveying A ‘No’ We all love to make a good impression on people around us. try not to lock yourself into anymore of them. And then.It is rather interesting to note that people who are fond of reading soon transform into a bubbling cauldron of fresh ideas. you should not agree to compromise on your precious time and happiness to do such a task. Also. it is very difficult to juggle out your schedule and personal life. Overpowering yourself with excessive commitments will only lead to unnecessary stress and tension. Knowing things makes you feel self-assured and gives you the confidence to voice your opinions and be assertive about them. Nonetheless. Read on further to know you can be more reliable and dependable. It conveys more about your ability of being organized and dependable. How To Become A More Reliable Person In today’s world. If you are already preoccupied with some commitments.

but prove to be more helpful than you can think. of the serious need for a daily routine. There are times when you have to move forward only by taking a few steps back and reevaluating the situation. so you must be resolute. and live like a recluse. people willing to start a daily routine must have patience. the excitement coming from the unpredictability that life throws up. it rolls on. they generally have all their complexities worked out. in order to take control of the situation. How To Start A Daily Routine A daily routine is a part and parcel of a disciplined life. while not compromising on his/ her reliability. It is better to do what you perform best. This. lead a very balanced life. Try To Bring Out The Best Most people have the tendency to perform all the tasks by themselves. This is not to say that you leave everything behind. After all. Since. They remain untouched by the rush and bustle in life. So. It is always better to maintain a daily routine from as early as possible in life. in turn. try to shift the burden a bit.arrange time to enjoy with people and the things that are more close and important to you. In case you are already besieged by worries and stress. a daily routine should not be a burden. External factors will contribute a great deal to hinder you. but the next time. they follow a strict pattern. People. It is likely possible that he may not get it back at the same moment. Adopting a daily routine is tedious but once the habit sets in. Read the article below to know how you can start a daily routine. he is sure to get it back. . A person knows himself better than anyone else does. as it takes a long time. to show that they can never be wrong. This would definitely be hard to do. Flexibility A person willing to be flexible with other people will receive the same flexibility from them in return. Many people consider having a daily routine as boring. whenever he needs a favor or a little leeway. Tips To Help You Start A Daily Routine • To start a daily routine the first thing to be done is to prepare oneself mentally. Most of the time people ‘jump the bus’ midway due to lack of commitment on their part. The secret of a daily routine is to lead a balanced life and to have everything in balance. who follow a daily routine. in view of the other person. will enable you to remain focused and motivated towards being your best.

without turning your routine upside down. then over the years. then review your routine to include those aspects that satisfies your spirit. sex or race. love to talk about themselves. and reach your target. Unforeseen events may disrupt your daily routine. as a buffer for accommodating sudden calls. so. irrespective of age. Without a goal. so that in the end. as a sign of success. It encourages you to accomplish. than others seem to make in a lifetime. Have a plan. you develop a routine. every now and then. rather than those who try hard to gain the interest of others. say. In this way. Develop a habit that is constructive and stimulating. have benefitted from the daily routine. Most good conversations start with small talk. . emotional. These are the people. people want less to do with how much you know. what kind of reaction to give and so on. In this way. to adopt a daily routine. Setting a goal will also make you stick to your routine. writing. you don’t have to rush things up. for reading. You can have both a long term and a short-term plan. Daily routine is all about leading a disciplined life. in front of whom. they seem to know exactly what to talk about. keep in mind these tenets – people. will be the lighthouse that will show you the direction. who have mastered this art. It will show you the road ahead. in short. what you need to do every day. or gardening. Adopt a vision. A goal. be it at a date. mastery of the art of conversation is regarded. Read on to know how to effectively make powerful conversations with just about anybody. If not. Most people. they flow from small talk to hard talk. and more to do with how much you care. while others just stare in awe and envy. who seem to relate to everyone. and habit. people will be drawn to those who take a sincere interest in them. check your development. If you can cultivate a habit. That is the reason daily routine should be flexible. you won’t have any idea or motivation. and having a clear vision is one of its tenets. or a social gathering? In fact. it is good to be prepared. you will know what and how to achieve every day. See if your spiritual. it would develop into a strong habit. where you can measure your success by the target reached. Have a daily target. emotion. Once you are on your way to a daily routine. you will have little idea of what and when to do.• • • • Set a goal. and end up making many more friends in a day. Flexibility in your daily timetable allows you to indulge in breaks. Without a plan. which would anchor you to the routine. Leave an hour or two every day. With these tenets in mind. and habitual aspirations. • • • Mastering The Art Of Conversation Have you ever found yourself wondering how some people effortlessly strike up conversations.

we may also find ourselves being swallowed by the feeling of guilt. Benefit Of Doubt Most people don’t really mean to harm anybody new with their words. All Ears Listening is also an integral and. . ending up losing thefriends. but if you support the labor party. you will perhaps also be regarded highly. by making us forlorn and sad. they have instead of making any new ones. express it freely. rather than running the risk of opening it to all kinds of meanings. acceptable to all parties involved. non-patronising manner is a quality that. The first part of is the small talks. for having had the courage to be different from the crowd. Expressing one’s opinion in a positive. even if it might seem like they’re trying to be offensive. The second part will merge all small talk into the main topic or purpose of the conversation. to make effective conversations effortlessly. Since people don’t come across honesty very often. nonthreatening. You may be sitting in a room. for whom the Communist Revolution was the dance of the Devil. intended and unintended. Many a times. what is spoken by others. In such a case. give them the benefit of doubt for their words. One-Two-Three Keep in mind the flow that a conversation is supposed to follow. So. If you listen to people with sincere interest you will understand the true meaning of what they are saying. In the third part. when they see it. will you strike up an interesting debate. opinions and so on will flow into a satisfying end. part of making effective conversation. often overlooked. all these views. most leaders swear by. It will lead to less misinterpretation and. most of them welcome it. How To Forgive Your Own Mistakes Forgiving your own self can prove to be more daunting that pardoning others. This gesture will prove that you give people respect for who they are and are not unnecessarily judgmental. not being able to forgive our faults can make our life miserable. Read on and learn how to move on in life. full of right wing conservative people. Not only. Holding ourselves culpable only adds to the misery of committing the mistake in the first place. which includes exchanging pleasantries. people who are none the wiser about art of conversation misinterpret. consequently. Follow this flowchart. The article brings you some valuable tips on how to forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty. less misunderstanding. Worse. be it business or sharing of personal views. inquiring about family members and others.How To Master The Art Of Conversation Free Expression Freely express yourself. as most of us have not been taught how to forgive our own mistakes. This may be because we have been conditioned to own up for our mistakes and errors in judgment. even if they sound ambivalent. whatever it may be.

Being judgmental equals to being disapproving. surely is! We learn from our mistakes. Don’t Judge Yourself The worst people can do is to judge themselves by their mistakes. Probably. A reflection of what you have learnt from your mistakes would be a perceptible change in your behavior. To err is human and to learn how to avoid the same mistake in the future is also within human capacity. You can always share your mistakes with others and warn them of the consequence that you suffered from. And. If at all you want to grade yourself. the biggest lesson life teaches us is to move on. as we have to pay a price for them. do that in a balanced way. Pardon yourself by pouring your heart out before someone you know will make you feel better. but a manifestation of the good things that you do in life.How To Forgive Yourself & Stop Feeling Guilty Learn From Your Mistakes Trying to learn from your mistakes is a very healthy way of dealing with them. Unburden Your Heart If you believe that your mistake is too big to be forgiven and keeping it to yourself is killing you. Disembark yourself from past mistakes and march ahead! Share your mistakes Holding things to yourself will make it increasingly difficult to forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty. as life is a continuous learning process. Always remember that you are not a reflection of your mistakes. but repeating it. Active Listening Activities . Confess your mistake in front of a close friend. which are generic. whose guidance you trust and value. Languishing in past will not give you an opportunity to time-travel to the bygone times and change things. Remember that your mistakes always add to your experience. rather dismissive of the subject of our judgment. which is always brighter and full of hope. Forgive yourself completely and look forward to the future. A guilt-free existence is only possible when your mistakes are not perpetually weighing on your conscience. speak up and lift that burden off your heart. You will also get a chance to vent out your frustration in a more constructive way. Remember that committing a mistake is not a crime. it gets worse when we are disapproving of your own self. not being overwhelmed by your errors. You can’t afford to keep wallowing in guilt over your wrongdoings. Encourage Yourself To Move On Realize that your life is not going to end or stagnate just because of a mistake of yours.

The participant group has to arrange itself in a circle. It is then that the supervisor will reveal it to the participants that they were part of a quiz. and one of the fundamentals of communicating well. the teacher will call out someone’s name and pass a soft toy/ball to him/her. The first topic could be fun and easy to speak on.Active listening helps one improve his/her ability to understand and grasp verbal information. It is no secret that good listeners also make good communicators. Active Listening Activity Ideas For Students Group Juggle This activity requires a large space as physical activity is involved. Once the discussion ensues. which can then be followed by more difficult ones. The article brings you some active listening activities that will help improve your listening skills. and is supposed to be debated upon by them. The element of surprise in the game will make the students listen with attention and carefully watch out for their name. For Adults Quiz This activity is to be performed indoors and requires a supervisor. The speaker is then given a topic to speak on and the listener has to listen to the speaker actively. The teacher can also participate in this game. On a simple note. to the one standing in the front. Group Discussion This activity just requires a common topic that will be given to a group of students. After the speaker is through. It is a communication skill that facilitates effective communication of your ideas and concepts. the listener will have to recall . the supervisor will ask the members to recall which member had given what answer. The other participants will ask three questions relating to themselves. Then. Then. to check whether they listened carefully or not. the teacher will stop the speaker in the middle and ask any other student to continue the discussion from the same point where it has been left by the previous speaker. Once everyone gets a hang of the activity. Active Listening Discussion The group of participants is to be divided into pairs and each pair is to have a listener and a speaker. The toy/ball will continue to be passed till all the students are covered. all the students become alert as they are supposed to catch the ball as soon as their name is called. In this activity. the teacher can randomly pick any of the students and ask him/her to continue speaking. after calling his/her name. who will pass it to another student. is to listen carefully. Each member of the group is supposed to go to the front of the room. gradually. a communication process actively involves a speaker and a listener. The supervisor will make a note of the answers given by each of the participant as their turn comes.

Showing kindness towards others is the best way to endear you to them. This can also be followed by a swapping of roles among the two. he or she also won’t give any attention to you. if you don’t respect yourself. then it’s a life well lived as it is the hardest thing to get. will convey your respect to others. Listen attentively and show interest in whatever is said. To earn respect you must first. If you can earn the respect of your peers and fellows. you are not taking him or her seriously. Merely saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ doesn’t mean that you are being respectful. as people get a sense of respect. no one else will respect you. • • . Respect can never be forced as it comes straight from the heart. This can be configured as lack of respect as the person may think that you do not consider him or her at par with you. The listener is supposed to interpret speaker’s content and offer solutions and feedback to the supervisor accordingly. Good manners are the essential quality to show respect. makes the other person feel that. as. even taking up an entire lifetime. It also shows your lack of respect for the person. the next time. not showing attention. as you want them to treat you. True respect only comes when you empathize with the other person. Tips To Be Respectful • • Be kind. which will make him or her feel respected and so return the favor. cultivate good manners. Do not stereotype other people. Good behavior automatically earns the respect of others. you are stereotyping. Stereotyping makes. Then the speaker and listener can critically analyze and review each other’s performance. So. give respect and give it to yourself too. A simple act of kindness can show your respect towards others. This exercise helps improve the business communication skills of the participants and the ability to coordinate with one another How To Be Respectful Towards Others Treat others. when they interact with a wellmannered person. we have forgotten the moral obligation of respecting others so that we are also respected in turn. A person may respect another because of fear but that is not true respect. So. In the daily grind and stress of everyday life. To put other peoples need before yours. you come across as a narrow-minded person. Respect is the pillar that supports the bridge called relationship.and rephrase the speaker’s content. Many a times. Given below are tips to help you be more respectable towards others.

don’t pressurize anyone to do something which he or she is not willing to do. value other people’s opinion. gives rise to the fear of intimacy. the more it grows and the harder it becomes. conveys your sincere regret and the person will appreciate your sense of love and respect for him or her. to overcome. You cannot respect anyone whom you mock. The fear of intimacy can also be due to the fear of losing. It can be due to a traumatic childhood. The causes are varied. The fear of being dominated by the other person also develops. This does not mean blindly follow whatever they say. hurt. can show how much you respect the other person. So. a fear of getting intimate. This shows your commitment to them. and then present your reasons for agreement or disagreement. you used to back bite or tease. which leads to emotional stagnation. Once you start respecting the people. . How To Overcome The Fear Of Intimacy • The more you bottle up your fear of intimacy. When you give priority to someone’s right to choose. is to face the fact that you have a fear of getting intimate with people. like and dislikes. you will gradually develop the sense of respecting everyone. The fear of intimacy stems from the fear of getting hurt from a relationship. He or she is unable to develop a connection with other people and feels lonely and isolated. the first task in order to get over this fear. tease or backbite. and steel yourself to come out of it. you must also respect his choice and free will. So. the person withdraws into a shell. Don’t dictate or belittle anyone because of his or her background. Apologizing for your mistake. abusive relationship. A person suffering from the fear of intimacy is always faced. or social status. rejection. You must show your understanding of his or her opinion. but also signals bad breeding. you show him or her respect. When you respect someone. Throw these out and you will feel respect for people. Given below are tips to help you overcome your fear of intimacy. It is the other side of the fear of rejection. with the question ‘What if’ this or that happens. religion.• • • Understand other peoples. It is not only ill mannered. or loss of a loved one. When you apologize for a mistake or a hurt you caused. • • • Overcoming Fear Of Intimacy The fear of intimacy is a psychological disorder that hinders a person from forming a relationship with another person. To show respect. As a result. This inability to act after the supposed betrayal. Hiding behind emotional barriers will only weaken you. emotional trauma. and not knowing how to cope later.

• • • • • • How To Forgive And Forget When Someone Hurts You Dealing with hurt and anger is important and the one who is not able to do so ends up becoming a bitter person. Overcoming the fear of intimacy is a long process. to get over it. Value yourself. Be honest to face your fear. by other people. or to a restaurant. so that you get your hidden fear out. keeping nothing hidden. other than an understanding and honest partner. gardening. to overcome this fear a person must value his or her self. Seek out areas. you can’t afford to let the anger remain within you. So don’t get disheartened and withdraw to your shell. since it doesn’t come easy. where you both are compatible. and have a determination. and so they gradually begin to develop a fear of getting intimate. like cooking. and nurture those. at a time. This shame for the self can cause people to develop a fear of intimacy. Most people with a fear of intimacy have a feeling of worthlessness. step by step. Do things. Therefore. This is perhaps the only requirement. By talking. fear. That is why. However. as they are subconsciously ashamed to face others. in overcoming your fear of intimacy. Moving on in life is the key to forgetting the hurt caused to you. It is more than difficult to forget things and move on. and gradually move on to the difficult. Involve your partner in day-to-day activities. Stacking up . This will help you to be transparent. holding feelings of resentment can affect your peace of mind and ruin your happiness. hiding nothing. Share and exchange your thoughts and personal experiences. Forgiving Someone Who Has Hurt You Forget What Happened Hostility and bitterness survives in people who find it difficult to forget the past. or simply go for a movie. and experiences. the fear tends to dissolve. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. The most difficult task is to get it out. Share and discuss your pain. Pardoning others and putting a hurtful incident off your mind needs to be worked upon. which they do not want other people to find out. we are at your service. Go one. Follow the article to find some tips on how to forgive and forget when someone has hurt you. Be honest. in between. In case you need some help in this regard. as if nothing has happened. Start from simple ones. Develop a friendship with your partner.• • Bare your heart to your partner. deep down themselves. no matter how important it is to do the same. which will give you self-satisfaction and a creative boost.

never forget that time is the biggest healer. especially if the person is close to you. intentionally or unintentionally. it is important to remember that “the joy of revenge is only for a day. It is important to realize that conversation will allow the other person to offer an explanation for his/her hurtful behavior and help you overcome the same. Communicate The Hurt Rather than holding a grudge and allowing it to thrive.hard feelings for someone who has hurt you will not allow you to bury the hatchet and you will constantly find yourself dwelling on something that cannot be changed now. It is a popular myth that people are only born with the gift or ability of impressing others. leave the healing on time. look forward to the future and bury the bad memories of the past. The choice is yours! Let Time Heal There are times when the hurt is simply impossible to forget. Remind yourself that even you would have hurt others at one point of time. Bitterness and bad memories pertaining to an incident will fade away with the passage of time. Would you want others to hold that against you forever? Allowing others to apologize will save you from becoming bitter to them. and it makes them averse to communication. but cannot acquire . make sure that you do not shut down the lines of communication completely. Once you get a heart-felt apology from the person who has hurt you. While some people believe that revenge is the sweetest joy. is to master the art of making the right impression. you should communicate your feelings to the one who has hurt you. Realize That Everyone Is Human Realize that it is only human to make mistakes and most of us don’t hurt others intentionally. Live in the present. forgiving and forgetting will become a lot more easier. If you can accept this premise. you will be able to put it out of your mind. While moving on is easier said than done. Many people tend to keep things to themselves. Eventually. for sadistic reasons. Wonder how? All that you need to do. it becomes easier to forgive him/her. Allow Others To Apologize Sometimes. If forgetting a hurtful incident is impossible for you. Therefore. even after you have forgiven the other person. we are so infuriated and hurt over an incident that we do not allow the other person to buy time and come up with an apology when things cool down. but the glory of forgiving remains forever”. to be the talk of the town. How To Impress People Look around you and you would be surprised to find that even dorky-looking guys and gals can have the crowd eyeing them. for all the comprehensible reasons.

For the other half. Each one of us executes certain vibes to the people around. emotionally and psychologically and voila. it is always about your reaction towards what took place and how well you were able to cope with it. One such tip is that you need to groom yourself. This would give a tremendous boost to your personality and in no time. Get that killing look and you would surely have the eyes rolling!! The Right Mix Most of you would agree to meeting a lot of people who look charming. physically. Rather. This would reflect much about your personality and make you a notable person wherever you go. you need to look striking as well. Remember. prefer to look like a prince/princess and talk like a scholar. Dare To Do Did you know that most people are bowled over by people who dare to ‘do’? Confused! Look around you and you would be surprised to find that almost every other person you meet has words like ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ in his/her vocabulary. Get That Killing Look Ask anyone and you would know that looks do matter. And if someone denies the fact. your aura can make you the most arresting person in a crowd of hundred as well. did you know that it’s your very own aura that can make much of a difference in making you an impressive person? Believe it or not. intelligence and humor. you need to have the right mix of beauty. but just an art. the more you find yourself running into them. but with a tinge of humor and wittiness added. which you can master by following the right tips. you would be amazed to see people talking about you. Just being attractive or extremely genius is sure to goof up your persona. And remember. the trick is to balance the bad emotions and act as if nothing bothers you at all. it's never about what happened. . all you want to do is run away. you would have people following you. you would be the most-talked about person in the society. the tips given below would surely be of help. having striking looks is the task half done. In case you are still wondering how to impress people. If you really want to impress someone. Remember. you need to bear in mind that impressing others is no gift. the one who is talked about the most is naturally impressive!! Balance Bad Emotions It is a well-accepted fact that the more you run away from unpleasant situations and people. know for sure that he/she is the biggest believer of the same. However. Instead. Rather. However. The secret is to radiate positive and healthy vibes and within the twinkling of an eye. Imagine meeting a person who is shabbily dressed. the best way to do so would be to learn to replace the words ‘I can't’ with ‘I can’. but when they open their mouth to speak. has unruly hair and scruffy looks! The only expression that comes to your mind is ‘aaghh’! Isn’t it? Remember. Impressing People Around You The Aura Much is said and discussed about the aura that each person has.the same. if you lack the other parts. to be impressive.

How To Overcome Procrastination You may remember the story of ants and grasshopper. Work On Achieving The Goals Remove all the tasks. Take time and clear it out. to guilt. It will motivate you to do the tasks and to reach your goals and you would be happy to do that afterwards. which you can do without and which will not obstruct you in reaching your goals. Although almost every one of us procrastinate one or the other time in our life. if there are some works which you don’t like to do but are important in order to achieve your goal. or because you want to escape something or at times you are too overwhelmed by a task that you put it off. the grasshopper found itself at the mercy of ants. In addition. It will clear your mindset and would not even take more than your ten minutes. And how in winter. health etc. Believe In Yourself . which range from missed opportunities. Keep your eyes on the things. is to get clear ideas on what you want to do in life. Tips For Overcoming Procrastination Get A Goal The most important thing. Most people procrastinate because they have no goals. It will help you stick to your program. link those tasks to your goals. Plan Your Day The best way to keep yourself away from procrastination is by planning the day. relationship. stress. Don’t make a very huge list as it might get too overwhelming for you. like career. Set a time for whatever chore you are taking for the day. the causes for procrastinating may or may not be same. which will keep you alert and away from procrastination. and even resentment. Does it sound like a familiar story and not because you have heard it over a million times but because you find the grasshopper as your alter ego. financial. doing it on a regular basis can pose serious problems to your career and personal life. when there was no food. Procrastination is the habit of putting off any work to the last minute. Make short term and long-term goals. Sometimes it can occur because of laziness. Read on the article to know some practical tools to overcome it. how the grasshopper wasted his time hopping and singing in the summer while the ants toiled and moiled. There are various effects of procrastination. Make goals in various fields of your life. people don’t have the will to move ahead in life. In addition. which would help you reach your goal. With no goals. Sometimes we procrastinate simply because we don’t have any schedule for the day. which you have to do.

Read on and know how to become a positive thinker. that we don’t even know when we start getting frustrated and take unnecessary stress. Challenging situations can leave you harassed.The most important thing to achieve success is the belief in oneself. as it will keep you in for long haul. Stick to your time management but allow for little cheats. which will improve your working ability. have a clear idea about your values and then use them as a navigational compass in all the decisions you make. you wouldn’t have been able to walk itself. The article brings you some exercises and activities which will help you to think optimistic. Problems in life are generic and affect everyone in almost the same way. Break Down Big Tasks Breaking down big tasks in smaller components would help you concentrate on that particular task for the moment. discouraged and feeling negative. Sometimes we get too involved in a thing. Respect Your Values Almost every one of us wants to do several things. Remember that failure is just a stepping-stone to success. Follow your inner desires and success would follow you. And that may put you off from the whole idea itself. the tough gets going’ and the driving force behind tough souls is a positive thinking mind. Positive Thinking Exercises It has been rightly said that ‘when going gets tough. As the habit of not procrastinating will take time to cultivate. only positive thinkers know how to overcome the most testing of situations. but actually how many of us do it? The problem is that we don’t respect ourselves and we don’t respect our values. recognize that you are doing it and thrive to change it. and if you are too hard on yourself. This will keep you focused. you won’t be able to do much. Break down the big tasks but schedule it in your time limit so that you don’t spend too much time on a smaller task. will provide better results and will not overwhelm you. Unless you believe in yourself. Don’t Overdo It Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Delete the ‘impossible’ word out of your dictionary and remember that you can do it. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself. you wouldn’t have walked because of the fear of falling. frustrated. First. However. Have faith in your abilities and the power to turn things around. If in childhood. you would snap. . Even if you do procrastinate. Take Breaks Take breaks when you feel less motivated and are tired.

Be Happy The easiest way to think positive is to be happy. Confidence and self-assurance is the cornerstone of positive thinking and you will notice the difference instantly. Forgive Yourself Remember that you are human too! It is important to realize that you don’t run the world and there are things beyond your control as well. Believe In Yourself Most negative thinkers are those who suffer from a lack of self belief and continue to nurse doubts about their abilities. Just sit in a comfortable chair and listen to soothing music or perform deep breathing exercises that are good for relaxing your mind. once you build faith in yourself.Activities For Positive Thinking Early Morning Walk An early morning walk can be of immense help in keeping you in a positive frame of mind throughout the day. It is also the only thing. If you are in a happy state of mind. The best part is that you don’t have to necessarily meditate in a static body posture. Always remember that one should remember only the good things of the past and drop the bad memories from the mental landscape. Meditation Meditation is one of the simplest. which can occasionally go wrong. The moment you start forgiving yourself. you will automatically think positive. which probably requires the least effort on your part. Forgetting the negatives of life encourages positive thinking. you will begin to feel positive. Try To Forget Negative reminiscences of something that has passed over and can’t be changed now can take you down the memory lane and hamper a forward-looking positive approach. more so from your successes in the past. Inspire Yourself It is important to inspire yourself. yet the most powerful techniques to foster positive thinking. but keeping yourself happy is completely a matter of choice. . Write inspirational quotes and place them at your office desk or at home. It will work as a great stress buster and ward off any negative emotions trying to overpower your mind. Listen to inspirational songs when you are driving and lift up your spirits. There is no denying the fact that you will keep finding yourself in trying circumstances. where you get a chance to read them as often as you can. Holding yourself responsible for everything is not going to alter a situation for the better. Make sure that you take a walk early in the morning and take time out to appreciate the beauty of nature. to conquer any negativity in your mind.

and find out what a beautiful personality you are. This is the greatest teaching of Zen. Just make a list of positive traits. confident person would have handled the situation? Study your favorite personalities and analyze their activities and behavior pattern and act like them. imagine yourself as the wise man on earth. You never want to hurt your best friend. you pamper him and convince him that he didn’t commit any. Gracefully accept the compliments of others. Just refer it again and again when you feel so frustrated. unless he is confident. A person without confidence is like a ship without a captain. When you are feeling very less confident. Think about how a wise. Confidence Building Exercises • • • • • Imagine yourself as the perfect person. Write them down on a book or in a laptop. Treat yourself as if you were your own best friend. Your subconscious gets designed in a positive way when you accept the compliments from others. Be kind to yourself with your words and actions. we would not be able to achieve anything in our life.Confidence Building Techniques Imagine a scene where you are on an operation table and the doctor who is doing your surgery is bathed with sweats and is wobbly with apprehensions. then you might as well be suffering from lack of self-confidence. Do not hurt yourself by complaining about your weakness and negative traits. Even if he does a mistake. Now come to think of it. So what are you waiting for? Go on read for yourself the techniques for confidence building. Would you want him to operate on you? The answer certainly is ‘no’ by all means. You imagine yourself as an epitome of talent and virtue. which you want to achieve. Even though the doctor may be very experienced and good. If you feel you lack in confidence. you will never have confidence in him and better say you are off without him. Self-confidence is of utmost importance in every aspect of our lives and unless we are confident. Analyze those qualities from roots. Focus on the positive things about yourself. Nobody is by birth a confident man/woman. There is nothing wrong in accepting the compliments from others. Never let you down in any case. When you reach a • • • . You already have things. it is cultivated and it is never too late to cultivate it. are you like the wobbly doctor? Do you struggle to take decisions? If yes. Use positive motivational quotes from the good books you have ever read. Never think of yourself as a loser or a joker. Treat yourself with the same approach. you can use confidence-building techniques to increase and enhance your confidence.

Explore this article to know tips on how to avoid being rushed in the morning and route your day to a smooth. which is designed to shock you. for a long’s days work. to breeze out the process of getting ready in the morning. The morning alarm signals the start of a race for most of the parents. Most of news. calm and joyful beginning. It also requires a great deal of planning and scheduling the next day’s routine. dress and set off to the office. it gradually turns into reality. Instead of exposing yourself to bad news. etc. or read the news just before bed. listen to. Do some weight training exercises and build yourself a good physique. and music. . gloves. in the night. It comes with a detailed course of action that is to be followed regularly. Then it’s the turn of the parents to eat. Always keep a lot of friends. you can find in any newspaper are negative. praise yourself to the Himalayan heights. • Set out shoes. This will prepare your children to assist you in the growing years. sent to school. coats. You will feel more contented and relaxed. Never shut the door to people. The children are to be fed and dressed. Imagine your life is already fulfilled and full of joy. News is polished version of facts. Try to help others honestly. • • • • • How To Avoid Being Rushed In The Morning The knack of parenting does not come easily. If you can think of your imagination as the reality. Schedule and start off a routine when the kids are still young. Tips To Avoid The Morning Rush • Prepare all the clothes and outfits for yourself and your children before hitting the pillow. Whenever you achieve a minor goal. There is a saying “look for the silver lining in every cloud” which means see positive traits in whatever happens even if that is a negative thing in a normal sense. So avoid the habit of reading the newspaper in night before you sleep. Don’t be too pushy on success. Do not watch.higher level of confidence. Practice meditation and yoga. It is better to make your mornings a smooth drive rather than a mad dash. • • Praise yourself million times a day if possible. recall the entire positive experiences of the day. hair accessories. you don’t need other’s compliments to feel contented. fun. A strong physique is the foundation of good mind.

Charge your cell phones the night before. you should be focused and extremely determined and should have a strong mind set. For this. Start your morning with some upbeat music to keep you on your toes. Once you are sure about your opinions.• • • Designate one place to keep your keys. In case any forms are to be filled in. Pen down the duties and divide them among the family members. particularly during a gathering or discussion. It is only those people who stand . This will help manage each child’s routine and keep everyone move along and keep the pace. papers. This will enable you to start the day with a few peaceful and quiet moments and help you tackle the needs of others. In every stream of life there are millions of people struggling to carve a niche for themselves. in case one of them has a habit of staggering in the bathroom. Prepare the office briefcase in the evening. to save time and the frustration of searching for the things in the morning. early to rise makes a person healthy and wise”. Put in their lunch money. Pen down all the necessary things to do on a sticky note. to clear up your head. This will give you more time to do the necessities and make you fell less hurried. to avoid rushing in the morning. • • • • • • • • How To Lead A Discussion It is often said that if you want to make yourself heard and your presence felt. wallet and cell phones and make a habit of keeping them at that place only. notebooks and other supplies in the night itself. you will not only be able to move ahead in life. Discuss the short-cuts to ease the burden of time constraints. it is vital to take the lead. This statement is true for each and every aspect of life. to reminder you of the same in the morning. It totally depends on you whether you want to be just another face in the crowd or stand out as strong independent character. Lack of sleep will make you sluggish and not help getting up in the morning. Get up early and before the rest of family members. fill them up before going to bed and do not leave them for the morning. then only will you be able to voice out your thoughts and convince people regarding the same. Pack your children’s bags in the night. Have your children get up at different times. This way. Remember “Early to bed. Be sure that you and your family members are well-rested by calling the night early. but will also be able to bring a change with your thoughts and ideas. Set your alarm 15 minutes before the regular time.

Apart from the big questions. • The phrase “practice makes a man perfect” would probably sound like a cliché to some. Particularly emphasize on the quieter participants and try to get them involved as much as the other members. In case you want to be one of them. you should frame the correct questions for the participants. These questions should always be open-ended in nature. Such people are able to do so only because they can forward their thoughts among millions of others and lead discussions. The main idea is for a constructive solution after a prolonged period of discussion. To start a discussion and keep it going. Try to find a balance between the different types of personalities and give every person involved in the discussion a chance to speak out his or her thoughts. We have provided some very interesting tips on how you can lead a discussion and progress in life. Judge the pros and cons of every side. You can even use a recorder to visualize how you present yourself and how much more you have to improve. to keep the fire within the discussion burning. you should be well prepared with a list of questions.up for their beliefs and rights who bring about a change in the society. You can even have an imaginary presentation. Nobody should give blank statements. without grounds to explain them. while facing the crowd. They should never be limited to ones that can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no”. but history has proved it time and again that the more you practice. read on. Finally. based on evidences and verifications provided by the members. give a summary or conclusion for the discussion. which allows the listeners to follow up with answers or further questions. Try to infuse arguments. to shoot at the participants. Make it a point that everybody gives proper reason and backup for his or her opinions. Leading Group Discussions • Whether in school or at office. as this is the only way you can come to meaningful conclusions. wherein you make your speech in front of an imaginary crowd. The more you know about the subject matter. do your homework well and explore the topic of discussion in detail. • • • How To Achieve Success . Jot down the important things or make a mental note and find out all the probable questions that you would probably face during the discussion. • • As a leader. the discussion should also have several smaller ones for each main question. the more confident you will feel. one after the other. the more perfect you get with your presentation.

Tips To Be Successful • Have goals – long-term goals as well as short-term ones. There will definitely be obstacles in your path to success. and filling their homes with the latest gadgets. Therefore. The following steps will help you understand what you would need to do in order to be a successful person. without wavering. and to turn them around and use them to create a new path to help you reach your goals. driving the latest cars. This will help you greatly when dealing with others. be like a horse with blinkers and look straight ahead at your goal. If you have a negative attitude. you will find that the obstacles become more difficult to surmount. the lives of many people have proves that success is more than just materialism and the quest for wealth. Look after your physical and emotional health. However. Goals and the path to success cannot be trodden upon singlehandedly. When you approach your goals to success. Read on to know how to achieve success. Be focused on your goals. Be positive. staying positive will help you be more successful in the end. you do not need to trample on others in order to reach out to success. defining who you are by what you choose in life. Steadfastness is required here in order that you do not give up once obstacles come your way. make sure that these are practical. Ensure that you get proper food. your attitude counts a lot. which might make you stray off course. To this end. and adequate sleep. However. it is essential to communicate well and effectively. Trying to aim for the moon will only result in failure. but taking care of your health will ensure that you are in good shape to pursue success. you would need to be creative as well as flexible. This might seem to be a strange tip. Flexibility is needed in order to allow you to keep yourself open to changes that come along with changed circumstances. Some visualize themselves in huge mansions. Contrary to a prevalent attitude. If the road to success gets rough. Have a list of short-term goals (for the day or for the week) and work towards achieving them. • • • • • • • How To Be Assertive Without Being Arrogant . Things may not always work out the way you wanted them to. Viewing your goals as a chore will not lead to success.What does success really mean to you? To many. Be committed towards your goals. Build your long term goals upon the short term ones. True success lies in reaching your goals. When you set goals. Creativity is needed in order to make the best of the changed circumstances. You might have to change your plans or the way that you wanted to work towards a goal. There might be a lot of things that come in the way of reaching your goals. good exercise. the words success invokes the idea of dollar signs glinting before their eyes.

but stand solid on your position. it makes sense to keep your options open. read on. . benefits more than hoisting your own flag. sometimes. tend to over do it at times. some insecure people. The dividing line between the two can appear to be very thin. Look For A Middle Path There are certain situations where it becomes imperative to work out a middle path. which is deemed appropriate. Be An Active Listener Being assertive is not only about conveying your point across in a firm way. Only you can tame your over aggressiveness. often brand assertiveness as a mere reflection of superciliousness. Imagine if the other party is as forceful and pushy as assertive are you! Under such circumstances. However. almost blurred. You will find some valuable tips on how to balance your aggression and be assertive without being arrogant or pushy. rather than incessantly locking horns with others by being too assertive. no matter what. in certain circumstances. Conversely. Be humble and civil with others in your dealings. Be Modest & Unassuming Modesty and an unassuming demeanor gel very well with assertiveness. Reaching a compromise. it also involves listening to the other party patiently. It doesn’t imply that you are giving others a chance to convince you when you have to be assertive. The idea is to strike a fine balance and use your assertive communication skills in a manner. It’s just that others should not feel that you are self-absorbed and only concerned with yourself. The plain dichotomization between assertiveness and arrogance is that assertive people climb the ladder without stepping on other people’s rights and arrogant people simply fail to see that others exist. rudeness coupled with assertiveness is naturally seen as arrogance. Those who don’t listen to what others have to say epitomize arrogance in the most apparent way. Listen to others. Identify such situations and be willing to work for a compromise when required. Assertiveness is a remarkably positive trait and selfassured people are sure to succeed. You have to guard against this tendency. ‘Being polite yet firm’ is the golden rule and you would do well to remember that. In case. who do not possess this brazenness. There is a bright possibility that you may come across as arrogant. if you don’t want to be written off as an aggressive freak. where you have to communicate your needs without bending. It is such a fine combination that you would never be associated with elitism and snobbery. Tips To Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive Use Assertive Communication Appropriately Those who are not assertive don’t speak their usual self and those who are.Being assertive is often equated with being arrogant and bigheaded. at least in the professional arena. you don’t want this to happen. Your insolence can make you feel alone. which is very important to succeed.

Be friendly. Ask Questions Prepare some questions in advance. How To Have A Great Conversation The art of conversation has very little to do with talking. Listen well. Do not hesitate to compliment him/her as it can prove to be beneficial in terms of beginning a talk. more than just a yes or no. Hence. These topics often result in limitless conversation and reveal about the character of a person. no one will one come to your rescue. once the wrong shot has been fired. Following are some tips that could prove beneficial for a good. they will feel that you are interrogating them and this can result in closed off relationships. first impression is the last impression. Practice Active Listening Skills . Having A Good Conversation First Impression As said. It just requires a little knowledge. smile and ask questions that probe answers. shake hands and focus on the conversation. Make the right movements and noises to specify that you are listening and very much involved in the conversation. Forget Yourself Get yourself interested in people. speak politely and maintain good eye contact. Simply relax. Read on and know how to have a great conversation. Listen Listening to the speaker forms the most significant part of any conversation. Compliments can prove to be ice-breakers. Observe people carefully and put in more questions. in advance. give your introduction. practice and patience to converse effectively with anyone. meaningful and entertaining conversation. Be sure to ask them politely and do not sound like a stalker. Space out your questions well. In other words. It is more concerned about listening as well listing. guard against offending others and try to be modest and gracious. Conversations give you an excellent opportunity to learn from the speakers. Do not think too much about yourself and what the person might be thinking about you. rather than convincing them to get interested in you. conversation is all about understanding what your partner is trying to say and convey to you. They often lead to personal stories and anecdotes. Other Person’s Interest Study and research on some significant points about the person with whom you would be conversing.

not completely truthful. At the same time. to leave a good impression on the other person. By using the following tips. who reminds you of a bull in a Spanish bull-fighting arena? He/she seems to be breathing fire down your neck and there’s nothing you can say or do that would stop them from jumping down your throat each time you open your mouth. you would be knocking down their communication blocks to the point where communication can occur – and you have won the argument. Do Not Panic Over Lulls When a particular topic has taken exit. etc. and then trapping them. Know When The Conversation Is Over Every conversation has an end to it. you need to build good eye contact and make comments wherever required. to let them know that you had been actually listening. Use Your Words To Paraphrase Back What You Have Heard Conversation happens in a process wherein each person is given a chance to listen and then speak up or respond. How To Win An Argument Have you found yourself in a situation where you are confronted by an angry person. make sure that the person also knows that you are listening. You can use phrases like ‘yes’. Some even suggest that the best way to win an argument is to irritate the opponent into exaggerating. You find a person interesting only when he/ she is a bit like you and a bit different from you. and. do not end up agreeing on everything as well. ‘that’s interesting’. Judge Your Response Before Disagreeing Do not disagree on a point merely to set apart yourself. put forward questions to clarify about their thinking and feeling. Take interest in knowing about the person and his/ her hobbies. etc to tell them that you are involved in the conversation and are not diverted. Mention that you would be delighted to talk to them over time. ‘I see’. ruthless. Ask Clarifying Questions If you find the topic of the conversation is interesting and appealing. use the time gap to think over and introduce a new topic or put in a question based on the previous conversation. which suggest that the reader should be rough. dislikes. oftentimes. Remember to smile while leaving and end on a positive note. However. . calculating. So how do you win an argument? There are many write-ups available for reading. For this. likes.When you listen. This will help you better your understanding and affirm it. Use significant points from other people’s talk in your speech. the best way to win an argument is to win the person as well and not to out-argue them.

It’s similar to verbal martial arts. This is about getting your opponent to shut up – and then using the facts with logic to win the argument. as they compromise on their own priorities. You would also want to convince the other person. not by means of a frontal attack. the sting of the attack wears off. Imagine a person who is in a boxing ring and swinging his arms around trying to hit out at you – but you are not there fighting him. Focus on the other person’s behavior and words. don’t concentrate on bandying words. The article brings you some very useful tips. This will make both of you more deeply fixed on your own views. so as to meet the requests made by others to them. do not retaliate. Just repeatedly deflect the person’s arguments back to him/her. not that he/she is wrong. no matter who was the more dominant arguer. never take things personally. Aim To Reach A Goal Aim to reach a goal. The other person’s resolve will only be strengthened further and the argument will never end. when to say ‘No’. which will help you to learn when to say ‘No’ . If you wish to win the argument at any cost. Since the goal is to win the arguments. Do Not Retaliate No matter what happens. Similarly. Similarly. but what is even more difficult is to determine when to say ‘No’. Also. Never attack – when they attack you just redirect the attack back to them. is to know how to say ‘No’ and more importantly. There are many people who simply can’t say ‘No’ to anyone’s request.Ways To Win Arguments Tips And Tricks Start Off With The Right Attitude Do not start off trying to prove yourself right and your opponent wrong. you’re right you will most often end up provoking the other person. then the price you might have to pay is your relationship with the other person. This gets them into rough waters quite often. You cannot win an argument with resistance. but that you are right. Remember that the best battles are won. The key to succeed in meeting our priorities dot on time and not bother ourselves with other people’s work when we really don’t want to. How To Learn When To Say No Saying ‘No’ can be a very difficult thing to do. let the arguer run out of steam and then handle the situation. go in for an entirely different goal. Use Strategy If you try to prove that. Therefore. rather than aiming to convince the other person that you are right. they will still own the item that they purchased for you. but by means of strategy. if you do not accept the gift. If a person gets you a gift and offers it to you. He will get tired after a while. when you do not accept the verbal attack.

but finds it difficult to accept them. You have been observing since long that people always take it other way round. it has to be the key if you don’t want to upset the tasks on your agenda. However. You will also need others once in a while. If you can conveniently help others at the expense of some of your time. you should always go ahead. When you know that the other person is simply taking advantage of your feebleness in saying ‘NO’. it only pitches in your priorities. is also the criterion to decide whether its’ time to say ‘No’. This is a common problem with most of us. if you think that you don’t have the required time for others. Somewhere down the line. you can simply cite some other tasks that you have at hand. get on with your work without a second thought. If you think that the concerned person is in a capacity to the job that he/she is entrusting upon you. which you can’t compromise on. Determining whether you are really needed for a particular task or not. it is obvious that you are a sweet person who receives compliments. if they know that you find it difficult to say ‘No’. but know where the threshold is. How To Take A Compliment Since you have landed on this article. disallowing you to heed to his/her request. People will try hard to convince you to get their job done. it . Determine Whether You Are Really Needed If your mind is not conditioned to know when you are indispensable. A ‘No’ should always be polite. Do what you possibly can for others. instead of saying ‘No’ right on the face of a senior. for any of your random jobs. In the professional arena. Be polite and gracious when refusing something and you will never fall in anybody’s bad books. when you react to their compliment. you will have to train your mind to learn that. you simply can’t say ‘No’ in a crude manner. if you think that you are really needed in a particular situation and it just can’t work without you. you should certainly consider helping the other person. Factoring in your convenience is not to say that you should abstain from helping or saying ‘Yes’ to others. In fact. unless your intention is to deliberately snap back at the other person.Learning When To Say No See Your Convenience While it may sound a little self-centered. You need to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. On the contrary. Don’t Let Others Take Advantage Of You Some people just make it a habit to fall back on others for their tasks and people who are ‘pushovers’ are obviously the softest targets around. Learning How To Say ‘No’ As much as learning when to say ‘No’ is important. learning how to say it is equally vital. there is no reason why he/she can’t be refused. it is the time to firmly refuse to oblige him/her.

This is taken as an insult by the person who is giving the compliment and he/ she will definitely re-think before complimenting you in future. Taking A Compliment Gracefully • The first and foremost thing to do when you are complimented is to acknowledge it. Never do the mistake of underestimating yourself. So. Even if you feel that the compliment is in a sarcastic tone. We are here to help you out on the task of how to take compliments gracefully and bring sunshine in your life. This will again reflect you as a negative person and close doors for further compliments. without acknowledging it. if the compliment is from someone you love or admire). The two words. Avoid the temptation of bragging about yourself. If you are complimented upon the way you are dressed. Don’t argue with your admirer or compare yourself with another person. Immediately say ‘thank you’ with a kind smile and it will turn into a compliment. avoid doing it. acknowledge it and initiate the conversation by letting them know the place you bought it from or how great the shop was. Never give a sarcastic grunt or an eye-roll. as it is considered highly rude. You can also say that the compliment means a lot to you or something along the same lines. When someone compliments you. else it will depict as if you don’t believe in the compliment or aren’t confident about it. ‘Thank You’ come out very genuinely and make the other person feel that you have accepted the compliment. when you receive a compliment. don’t let the other person know how bad you have felt about it. who might not be looking as great as you are. • • • • • • • • • . To gain confidence. This will only show that you are too self-obsessed.always comes across as either you lack confidence or are a proud person. don’t change the topic. egoistic and impolite person. Compliments should make you feel special and bring a smile on your face. So quickly brush up with the tips given below and be a dear amongst all. if you have received a compliment for your good work or the accomplishment of a task. after you have taken the compliment. by infusing a negative remark. It should also make the other person feel that you have accepted it whole-heartedly and value it. Avoid looking here and there. This will go extremely rude and depict you as proud. especially when you are receiving a compliment. Your body posture should not over shadow your confidence. Be confident (you can blush too. Make an eye contact and give a smile. but never focus on how much you shelled out to buy that one. practice receiving compliments in mirror and saying thanks with smile. it will confuse the admirer and make you come across as a rude person.

It is an effective tool in building up a relationship.How To Improve Listening Skills “A good listener is not only popular everywhere. Improving Your Listening Skills • • Pay proper attention to what the speaker wants to convey. Always wear a positive body language towards the speaker. An effective listener is equally praiseworthy as a powerful speaker. Make an impression on the speaker that you are interested in his speech. Avoid pseudo-listening and try to actually focus on what the speaker has to say. conversation among other groups. etc. Let him vent out his feelings and relax himself. to get this positive trait in you. which will make him feel that you are actually listening to him. However. Proper listening enables a person to know and understand the matter efficiently. Look at the vocal tone of the speaker. be patient and lend a listening ear. sound of moving vehicles. You can use such verbal expressions like “I understand what you mean”. You can ask brief questions in between his conversation. Smile wherever necessary and show gestures like holding hands or offering a hug. rather than conveying your own view point. Free your mind from all other things and concentrate only on what he wants to say. These can encourage the speaker to convey his point further to you. Make your environment free of barriers that can cause a hindrance in the proper communication system. Always remember to maintain eye contact with the speaker. be careful not to use these expressions to start a speech from your end. says Wilson Mizner. Interference will only make the speaker frustrated and lose the track of what he was saying. but after a while he knows something”. Read on and practice the tips consistently. You need to listen to the speaker. as a listener. you can help him focus on his message. Concentrate on the words of the speaker. Avoid your temptation to interrupt in the middle of the conversation. Listening is a skill that not many a people are gifted with. Show appropriate actions that go well with the conversation. In case the speaker looks tired and exhausted. to know his mood. rather than indulging in finding debatable issues in the conversation. We bring you some effective tips how to improve effective listening skills. Remember that your task is to be an • • • • • • . which will help you in many walks of life. The common environmental barriers include TV or music system. Choose proper solutions for overcoming these barriers and ensure that the messages are well conveyed. let the speaker complete and then give your feedback or opinion. First. Listening skills can also be developed and nurtured during the life time. Suppose the speaker is angry.

This will encourage the speaker to further elaborate on the conversation How To Improve Your Social Skills They say. we have provided tips on how to improve social skills. trust me. While some are just inept and incompetent. Having sound social skills is extremely important in the present times. Just focus on qualities listed below and who knows. And it is when you are in utmost comfort that you indulge in free conversation and interaction. Ideally. Be Responsible One of the vital components of social interaction is to know that art of carrying yourself. So. rather than proving yourself to be a winner in a debate competition. but believe me. given to the fact that interaction and conversation forms the basis for everything we do. • At the end of the conversation. However. While being too shy and withdrawn is enough to repel people immediately. from being ineffectual. be responsible for your actions and act according to the situation. remember. Find out the points on which you mutually agree with the speaker and present them occasionally in between the conversation. does everyone possess social skills? Most of the people do not know the art of speaking. In case you pretend to be someone you are not. Do not change your inner self for anything in the world. you would be lonelier than ever before.effective listener. This will be highly inspiring and encouraging for the speaker. being too loud and outgoing would not do much good either. you cannot be perfect overnight. it is not the end of the world. You can improve your social skills by just putting in a little effort. you might just turn out to be the ‘apple’ of the social meets. a human being is a social animal. If you also face difficulty in interacting. just for you. Improving Social Skills Be Yourself Only when you are your own self do you feel comfortable. it would be worth the wait. Just strike a delicate . Be Open & Approachable Imagine talking to a person who is an absolute introvert or extrovert! Extremes of personality often turn off people. A person behaving in an undesirable and unacceptable manner is usually avoided by people. there are others who lack confidence and yet others who do not havep98 mannerism and etiquettes. you can use expansion statements like “This is very interesting”. Remember. you should have a fusion of both the characters. It is very important for you to know what to do and how to behave in a social gathering. but the question is. It would take some time. In the following lines. humans have this innate quality of discovering whether a person is real or fake.

close your ears and numb your senses at the time of interacting. For instance. it is also advisable to be diplomatic. sugarcoating the truth is very necessary at times. Be it a business meeting. Also. Keep a keen eye on who are your friends and who are your enemies. “first impression is the last impression”. If he looks uncomfortable or is simply disinterested. It sheds off all the apprehensions and nervousness and gives a good impression. personality and confidence. How To Make A Great First Impression The phrase. So. impressive conduct. While being honest and forthright definitely pays. just move on to the next topic. oozing confidence and a winning smile are some of the determining factors for making a striking first impression. watch if the person you are talking to is comfortable with the specific topic. the trick is to be an attentive listener and people would definitely talk to you. Be Attentive The art of listening is a stepping stone for conversation and interaction. Making A Strong First Impression Right on Time . but no one is ready to listen. Alas! Not many have it in them. Apart from being polite. the first date or the first day at work. Great styling. which is why most of us long to make a great first impact on people. Be Polite Being humble and down-to-earth is an excellent way to break the ice. it is very necessary that you create a great impact. It would speak miles about your manners. do not interrupt or chip in a piece of advice or suggestion just when the other person is in the middle of a subject. the best bet would be to move out of the scene. so that the person has positive feelings or thoughts of you. If you want to arm yourself with all the tips on how to make a great first impression. As such. In case he/she is not interested in talking to you completely. has struck a note in the minds of all people alike. Do not confront everything to someone you have just met. If you would have attended a social gathering. Be Cautious It is advisable to keep your senses active. keep reading the article. Be Aware It is very important to be aware and observant of people’s behavior.balance between both the personalities and you would be the ‘star’ of the social gathering. the first impression would go a long way in establishing and imprinting your position in the mind of the person you are meeting. Do not shut your eyes. you will know that everyone wants to talk.

Since you are meeting a person for the first time. grooming and styling should be the mantra for you. a warm smile can shed off all the initial apprehensions and make both of you at ease. Make sure that the attire you are wearing gives a boost to your personality. with all the details. If you are projecting your own personality to the person you are meeting.Imagine meeting a person for the first time and opening your introduction with a sorry or an excuse for being late? What a loser you would look like! Being on time is the first step towards making a great first impression. so apprehensions and nervousness would be common between the two of you. going clean shaven is a must. the rest depends on how impressive is your introduction. wear a scowl and have wrinkles”. However.confusion and nervousness!! To avoid such a scenario. And if you are calm and confident. chances are that the two of you barely know each other. even he/she is meeting you for the first time. Result . Remember. at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to the preset time. Make sure your hair-do serves as an add-on to your look. Winning Smile George Eliot rightly said “Wear a smile and have friends. Dress appropriately before stepping out of the house. (I’m sure the other person does not want to know how many teeth you have or how big your tonsils are!!) Oozing Confidence Did you know that your body language contributes more than 90% of your communication? Thus. Remember. it would be best if you start off with a bang. the other person would automatically feel relaxed. Remember. Smartly introduce yourself and fill in the other person with all the necessary details that he/she should know about. do not lengthen it. a winning smile and a firm handshake would talk a lot about your personality and the person you are. In such a case. Nothing can be more depressing than to meet a person who is dressed up without a smile. if you want to create an impressive impression. it is very necessary to project appropriate body language. So. standing tall with the head held high. Style Yourself Well Believe it or not. you would be utmost confident and completely at ease. keep the nervousness locked in your cupboard. do not go overboard and laugh with your mouth open. Just be Yourself Most of the people go way beyond their individuality to create a good first impression. However. untidy clothes and messy hair-do is enough to make you look under confident and sheepish! Impressive Introduction While looks would create the 50% of the first impression. Small things like eye contact. Here. making you look all the more stunning and stylish. . the trick is to smile and win the heart and mind of the other person. the first look can go a long way in making an impressive first impression. the deal is to be yourself. Remember. An impressive introduction is one that is short and crisp. Plan your day in such a way that you reach the assigned location. For men.

For those of you who want to arm themselves with all the information about positive communication techniques. negative or corrective messages are necessary to communicate. Do not interrupt a person while talking. most of the times. This would not only help you understand the other person’s point of view. As such. but also formulate the right opinion. you not only build a healthy relationship. Correct Translation In case you are talking to a person who comes from a different country or follows a different language. Good manners and courteous behavior lay the foundation for any relationship. This way. communicate in a way that it leads to positive outcomes. In such circumstances. It makes the communicator lose the trail of thoughts. people do not engage in healthy communications. when topped with healthy doses of positive comments. such messages make way for easier learning. it is best to translate the information in a language that the receiver can interpret correctly. Words that mean good in our language need not necessarily mean the same in other language. This can be done if you follow two simple tips . However. Talking in a common language is best advised. Effective communications are those that bring in positive results.Chivalry at Best Do we need to elucidate on this point? Needless to say.first.switch off your mobile while you are with the person. Remember. Sometimes. the results are far from being positive. communication should be carefully conducted. try to introduce positive words in your communication and second. creating the best first impression. thereby disrupting the whole process of communication. Listening sets the base for any communication and it is when your listen attentively that perfect communication takes place. reading this article is a great idea. but also make way for better communication. Starting On Positive Note Starting your communication on a positive note sets the pace for effective messages later on. you are here to create a good impression on the person you are meeting and not on the person whom you are talking to!! Positive Communication Techniques Did you know that communication is the key to opening the doors of success and victory? However. Respect & Kindness . A rule of the thumb . men and chivalry should go hand in hand. Positive Communication Skills Proper Attention Being attentive is one of most vital components to engage in positive communication.

Pose forward a right body language and you would surely have the most positive communication. who has continued to win laurels for his tremendous potential as a speaker. making it extremely unconstructive and pessimistic. Remember. It negates chances of positive things in the communication. hands and body posture communicate more than you ever thought. The magnetic qualities that a successful speaker possesses draw the masses towards him/her. not everyone is endowed with these attributes and this is where the tips given below will come handy. it is normal to face a situation wherein there is a difference of opinion.S president Barack Obama. which is why it becomes crucial to time the communication well. while you are in a conversation. Do not compel the other person to agree to your school of thought. For instance. when two individuals communicate. Playing the blame game would take you nowhere. Such communications do not result in a positive outcome. The present U.Every individual is an entity and has opinions and view of his own. Right Body Language Did you know that almost 90% of the communication is done by your body? Sounds unbelievable. Arrange for the time that is favorable for both of you and a place that allows positive communication between the two of you. but it is true!! Your eyes. However. As such. No Blame Game It is very important not to play the blame game. imagine you are in an important board meeting and someone suddenly yawns – it’s a perfect give away that he/she is bored to death. it is best advised to respect each other's viewpoints and opinions. we mean that the time and the place of communication should be proper. In such circumstances. The article gives some excellent tips on how to become a good speaker and enthrall your audience. is a shining example of phenomenal oration skills. It is not feasible to have important discussion in the middle of a hallway or office corridor or around nosy co-workers. you can only indulge in positive communication when both the speaker and the listener are in a calm mood. Become A Good Speaker Sound Sincere With What You Say . How To Be A Good Speaker It is certainly a great honor to be heard by people and only a good speaker can manage to bring that honor upon him/her. Well Timed Communication By this. Use tact and good judgment to come to a common solution.

for a good speaker. One of the greatest qualities a good speaker should posses is the ability to modulate his/her voice to for effect. Hitting the nail right on the head is all about being able to convey your thoughts and make the audience feel what you are saying. Maintain Eye Contact With The Audience The golden rule to be a successful speaker is to maintain eye contact with the audience all through your speech. Cultivate Knowledge On The Subject For a good speaker. Learn To Modulate Your Voice Every word that one says carries a different emotion and these emotions need to be transmitted to the audience in an expressive way. if they feel you are for real. try to cultivate an insight into the subject and expand your knowledge base.Sincerity in your words tops the order among the attributes of a good speaker. An excellent content laced with humor and an equally witty disposition to carry it off will work as icing on the cake. content is extremely important to stand out as someone who is intently heard by his/her audience. This habit can be very off-putting for the audience and the speaker will fail to garner enough attention for himself/herself. to strike a chord with your audience. Excellent speakers are those who are not just good orators. Voice modulation may call for some practice. a drab content will soon wither away the interest of the audience. The key to appear sincere is to speak in a conversationalist tone. People appreciate knowledgeable speakers and delivering substantial and interesting information will hold you in high esteem with your listeners. Speak in a way you talk to people in your day. Performance anxiety is also called ‘choking’ by some people. as if you are talking to your audience. as far as performing in front of an audience is . to keep the audience amused. but it can be easily mastered over time. Exploit your confidence to the limit and maintain constant eye contact with the audience. in all likeliness. How To Get Rid Of Performance Anxiety If you begin to sweat profusely and tremble at the very thought of your scheduled life. but also come across as genuine. A lot of people have a tendency to look anywhere. it can grip even those who own a wealth of experience. Add Humor To Your Content No matter how great an orator you are. will always go prepared for the speech. Holding the interest of the audience for long is a great art that can be perfected over time. If you already know the subject you have to speak on. People will pay heed to what you are saying. You need to make the session interesting by adding a dash of humor in your content. just like a good professor. as you speak. A good speaker. Apart from the novices. you are suffering from performance anxiety. but in the eyes of the person or the group they are addressing.

If you have decided upon taking anti-anxiety drugs before setting on to perform. In the instances of social phobia. Your anxiousness may be the result of your under-preparedness for the performance that you have to deliver. Read on to know how to perform your way to glory. it is advisable that you consult a professional for the right recommendation. So. However. Practice your performance as much as possible.concerned. it can just be a simple case of stage-fright. get the worries off your mind and have a blast on stage. Self-doubt and a lack of confidence are the most common reasons accounting for performance anxiety. Try to get familiar with the venue of your performance and the stage where you are going to perform. the ‘devil may care attitude’ can help in bringing down your anxiety levels dramatically. How To Stay Mentally Sharp . The idea is to have fun when you perform and in this context. Always remember that hard work and practice is the key to success and you can conquer your anxiety very well with mock sessions and rehearsals. Get Your Mind Off It It is important to keep reminding yourself that it’s just a performance and not the end of your life. The article brings you some valuable tips on how to get rid of performance anxiety. to make it flawless and feel confident about your ability to make it successful. when nothing else is working out. In fact. The worst thing that can happen is that your performance will get blotched and this is certainly is not going to ruin your life forever. This will surely help you cope up with nervousness and make you feel self-assured before your performance. Get Familiar With Performance Venue This is one of the most successful tricks that work pretty well to bring your anxiety levels down. It is important to remember that the more potent drugs can lead you towards a tendency to depend on them every time you have to give a performance. clinical anxiety is often treated with the help of drugs. While it may not be possible if you have to give an office presentation. many of the seasoned performers suffer from anxiety and nervousness as they set on to perform another time. You can simply reach the venue before time and rehearse on the stage once. sometimes. you can try the idea in case you are doing a skit or a play. Tips For Overcoming Performance Anxiety Practice Your Performance It has been rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Keep Anti-Anxiety Drugs As Last Option Anti-anxiety drugs should always be kept as a last option. with all the props.

30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation in a day are enough to keep your mind healthy and increase its sharpness. Mediation helps banish negative energies from your mind. keen observation is also one of the best tricks. engage in activities that are mentally testing. which in turn makes it difficult to concentrate well. Try to observe the things around you keenly and rest your mind. Drink Lots Of Water Drinking lots of water is not only healthy for the body. An ideal diet should include all the important minerals. it is also essential to keep your mind active and sharp. You can also couple it with some form of physical exercise. Our eating habits have a profound impact on our mental abilities. It may not be easily possible to achieve a razor sharp mind. like yoga. To cut the long story short. resides a sound mind. to keep our brain working sharp. like iron. once in a while. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day. potassium. which will help your brain as well. Meditate The benefits of mediation are known to all and sundry. to rejuvenate it. chess. Eat Right It has been very aptly said that in a healthy body. it is important to constantly challenge your mind. If you are facing concentration problems and forgetting important things on the agenda.While mental sharpness and alertness is a natural gift for some. . Follow the article and know what it takes to keep your mind functioning proficiently. Intelligent conversations sharpen your thinking and analytical abilities and endow your mind with alertness. It helps revitalize our mind and body. attempting crossword puzzles or doing Sudoku is a good way to give a workout to your brain. Be An Observer As much as striking intelligent conversations is important for an alert mind. Observing the nature is also a good way to be in touch with your spiritual side. magnesium and essential vitamins. to keep your body hydrated and your mind energetic. there are many who struggle to keep their brain active and responsive all the time. Playing scrabble. Researches have well established that physical exercise also enhances mental activity and bears a positive effect on our mind. Paucity of water in the body can lead to dehydration. Water makes up to one-half to four-fifths of your body weight and accounts for 85% of your brain. Tips To Keep Your Mind Sharp Challenge Your Mind For enhanced mental sharpness. Interacting with others is also a fitting mental exercise. but it’s certainly within your power to sharpen your mental faculties and utilize them in a more competent way. it also helps our mind function in a better way. you may do with some helpful tips on how to stay mentally sharp. This will give your mind the much needed invigoration and refresh it to stay as sharp as ever. A healthy and nutritious diet is not just important for our over all well-being.

which may confuse the child as to what he/she really wants to be. if you anticipate a situation which may force you to behave in a particular way. Mostly. Be Your Leader Instead of being led by your friends. this crisis continues throughout one’s life. though it may seem. Only a confident person can make others follow his/her footsteps. They can be your inspiration. try to set the norm and stop feeling undue pressure to fit in a given group. Hard. Always remember that you have to live with the choices that you make in life and you can’t let your peers dictate what you choose. . in consonance with the friend’s circle. be your own leader. undoubtedly. You need to remind yourself that you have a unique personality. Have you ever wondered why is it that only some people set the norms. you can avoid it by constantly reminding yourself that you won’t fall into such traps.How To Get Rid Of Peer Pressure Every one has to deal with peer pressure at some point in his/her life. For instance. You are a different individual with a separate identity. Lead yourself and act according to your diktats. the key to combat and avoid peer pressure. building self-confidence is the best way to counter peer pressure in a successful way. This is. due to their tender age. The biggest threat posed by peer-pressure is a burgeoning crisis of identity. This article dwells on peer pressure at length and suggests tips to get rid of it. You can be what you are and still be an integral part of your friends’ circle. you will tend to give into peer pressure. Peer pressure can be understood as the pressure among any age group of children. while others follow them? People look forward to those who are self assured and confident and try to be in their shoes. Build The Mental Toughness To Resist Not every one is gifted with the kind of mental toughness required to resist the pressure or avoid the temptation to be one of ‘them’. Be Comfortable With Your Choices Peer pressure may force you to alter your original choices and that’s exactly where it becomes problematic. just as everyone is different from others. teens are known to be more vulnerable to peer-pressure. Tips To Combat Peer Pressure Be Confident Of Yourself No matter how clichéd it sounds. but you will have to be assertive to resist their influence on the options you choose in life. after all. In some cases. Therefore. provided you train yourself the right way. to conform to a group norm or act in a certain way. As long as you remain a part of the crowd. You will have to be very headstrong to resist peer pressure and this is very much possible. Read on to know how to best combat peer pressure. practice is known to make a man perfect.

which contains not just written words. before you begin to memorize the signs. it is important for someone trying to learn sign language to understand these differences in the first place. Instructional videos will be of great help. In case you need any help. A video or DVD course or an online course with animations may also suit your purpose. explore this article to find some useful tips on how to learn sign language. when trying to communicate in sign language. with the help of arrows depicting hand and arm movements. Flash cards can be of great help and are offer a realistic and effective way to practice sign language.How To Learn Sign Language Sign language is the means of communication used by deaf people. There is also an option to learn sign language from books. to learn and understand this elegant language. sign language has gradually grown and evolved to suit the needs of the deaf people. by Juan Pablo de Bonet. for learning the sign language. Finding a good teacher or taking good sign language lessons is the key to learning the language in right way. Along with books. This will help you in improving your hand movements. The range of sign language books may advance from ‘survival’ level to ‘upper intermediate’ level. Private language schools and community college also offers sign language courses and you can choose accordingly. You can arrange for them quite easily as well. Learning sign language involves learning gestures. Sign language flash cards carry pictures of either a hand or a person forming the sign. Learning Sign Language • Since the methods of learning sign language are different from those used to learn spoken languages. by choosing some basic books on sign language to start with. A school or organization for the deaf is also the right institution to get in touch with. You can also watch sign language users on TV. join it for greater interaction with sign language users. If you can find a local sign language club near your place. The grammar system of sign language is unique and it’s better to get a hang of the sign grammar. Although it may be a little difficult to find someone you can communicate with. The first book for teaching sign language was published in 1620. which consisted of manual alphabets. you can also get yourself a sign language dictionary. you will have to be a patient and mature student. However. it is important to • • • • • • . using sign language. Practice what you have learnt. but sign pictures as well. hand signs and finger spellings and using them effectively to communicate with those who have lost their hearing ability. Try to interact with the users of sign language. Since then.

. Tips For Convincing Others Hear Them Out If you really want to end up convincing your subject. by putting forward strong arguments against the existing notions in their mind. ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Interviews are known to be grilling and it is always better to improve on your knowledge quotient. In case you want to learn some more valuable tips on how to convince others.practice the language. Remember. to present sensible arguments. you have already won half the battle and you are most likely to convince your subject. Your confidence is to be your weapon and it has been witnessed that confident people sail through the roughest waters smoothly. One should never assume that the person he/she is trying to convince knows nothing on the topic of discussion. once they get started. discussions are impromptu and you may not have the time to gather information to substantiate your claims. Be Assertive & Confident The more confident and assertive you are in presenting your ideas. even in the least. Here. The key to convincing others is to display a positive and assertive body language. Many people tend to be over-aggressive and do not let the listener speak. How To Convince Others The ability to convince others is a rare talent and not every one is gifted with this valued asset. Listen to other people peacefully. many times. when it comes to convincing others. Come up with realistic examples to back your point of view. You can even try to find someone with similar interests. scroll through the article. Give Examples If you can support your argument with meaningful examples. as it does not leave the listener with much option. be it any sphere of learning. Persuading others is all about succeeding in changing their opinions on a particular issue or being able to induce a change in their belief patterns. Be supremely confident of your opinions and make sure that you don’t doubt what you are saying. quick thinking will work. As much as a natural ability ‘convincing’ is. This is an excellent idea if you are set to appear for an interview. so that you two can practice sign language together. it can also be acquired and mastered over time. without interrupting them and once they are through. give him/her an opportunity to present his/her point of view as well. the ball is in your court. However. Acquire Knowledge On The Subject Acquiring a profound knowledge on the subject of discussion will make the convincing part a cakewalk for you. the less time it will take you to shake the existing beliefs of your subject.

Actually. our life becomes directionless. It may be positive. but the impression of desperation has to be strictly avoided. Don’t Appear Too Desperate Don’t come across as someone who just wants to convince others at any cost. Tips For Changing Your Attitude Have An Aim A life without an aim is like a ship in the sea without knowing where it is going. in reality too. attitude is the driving force in our life and without right attitude. it may take you some time before you succeed in your efforts. every one of us can learn so many things every day if we keep our senses alert. It is attitude.other than accepting what you are saying. didn’t have a goal in life and how his life changed when he found his goal. Actually. you may have no idea about how to go about it. The more desperate you sound to convince others. you would roam like the aimless ship. whether you . Actually. there remains no difference between us and other animals. how Ranbir Kapoor’s character Sid. It may be done to maintain a standing or sometimes to preserve ourselves from certain outward “harm”. as it helps in shaking other person’s beliefs. Therefore. Mitchell May be you have heard this quote and you really want to change your attitude towards life. attitude is kind of one’s expression towards life and others. negative. You can repeat your point of view for added effect.” ~ John N. Think of what you want to do with your life. Without the right attitude. How To Change Your Attitude “Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us. However. Explore the article to know how to change your attitude. but avoid trying to dominate or impose your line of thought. Have you seen the movie “Wake up Sid”. We keep on living without an aim and complain about life. if the person on the other side is too smart or skeptical. Be Ready To Learn Nobody is perfect and if you think. many of us are like Sid. Actually. Attitude will follow you. which distinguishes humans from other animals. you don’t have anything to learn from this life then you are living with a wrong attitude. indifferent or something else. Right attitude can be developed with the help of certain things. You have to present your case strongly and firmly. A positive attitude is very important for generating a successful and satisfying life. the more skeptical they will become. Listen to your heart and then head towards your goal. Remember that aim is a fuel of life and unless you have a goal. All the people develop an attitude while growing up. Even if you are brilliant and you have never failed in your life. there are many other things to learn from this life. However.

unless you are self-sufficient. to change your attitude you need to develop confidence. Shyness is a common trait. home or anywhere else. Confidence helps us sail through bad times. In fact. confidence and everything else. how will you make other people value you? Self-respect is not only necessary for self-development but it is also important for inner peace. face it with positivity. your life will not be in your hand. Try to keep yourself self-sufficient. shyness can just be a by-product of your lack of self-belief and confidence in your personality. Be Self-Sufficient You may have all the positive attitude. Have Self-Respect Self-respect is deemed as self worth and if you don’t value yourself. A positive attitude is a choice of being positive with oneself and others. then in all likeliness. found in many people. This article brings you some valuable tips on how to cope with your shyness and bring out your confident side. To cut the long story short. you are a very shy person. be ready to learn and you would feel so much satisfied.are at work. estimates show that almost three out of every ten people are overtly shy. enthusiasm and sense of purpose. be ready to help others and rather than ignoring any crisis. it will let you understand others too. inferiority complex and hidden fears. Your shyness and introvert attitude can have varied manifestations and can be rooted in your insecurity. physically. Confidence will help you change the way you look at things and you would perceive things positively. Be Positive Positivity is the drive of life. How To Cope With Shyness Do you always experience an adrenaline rush and feel self-conscious when you have to interact with strangers? If the answer is yes. It is about being happy and content. A positive attitude will inspire and will help you deal with anything positively. Develop Confidence Confidence is the key to right attitude and to success. People who are self-respecting generally keep a calm front even in the time of crisis. It doesn’t only affect you psychologically but also helps you mentally and physically. Ways To Combat Shyness Be Proud Of What You Are . sure of yourself how are you going to chase your dream? A right attitude can come only to confident people. However. It will not only help you understand yourself properly. Unless you are. It can alter your life for good almost magically. mentally and psychologically. Therefore. Lack of self-respect almost always results in lack of aim.

Feelings of jealousy can be deep rooted in your hidden fears. Identifying your talents will help you develop self esteem and conquer your shy attitude positively. seek answers as to why you are shy and try to overcome your coyness. in combating shyness. insecurities or have varied other reasons. Remember your strengths are your advantage. so that socializing becomes a habit and he/she doesn’t always end up looking ways to overcome his/her shyness. Take inspiration from the people who are proud of what they are and are always brimming with confidence. It takes very little. it won't be long before you overcome your shyness. It is a demanding process. but if you bring yourself to succeed. especially if other things are failing to bring the desired results. your edge over others.Nothing explains shyness better than a lack of self-confidence. Practice Though it may sound a little far-fetched. Nothing works better than self-discovery. the shyer you will become. try to turn this awareness inwards. Try To Socialize Shy people tend to avoid socializing and boosting contacts with other people. which is the reason why they struggle in their interactions. You can ask your friends to help you out and conduct practice sessions on how you will converse with a new person or a group of strangers. by developing belief in yourself. Discover Your Strengths The ability to discover your strengths is probably one of the most crucial abilities a person can posses. The more you avoid meeting people. Ideally. How To Know You Are Jealous Of Her One of the basic traits that are often associated with a woman is her enviousness. Instead of being so aware of people. Your practice should basically include how to volunteer to talk. in most of the women. You need to realize that people have different personalities and you are unique in your own way. but practicing social interactions can work well for you. to trigger off a jealous explosion and they are known to be very competitive in their own way. However. Transform Your Self-Consciousness Into Self-Awareness Just remember that people are too busy looking at themselves and they are not trying to screen you wherever you go. a shy person should pounce upon every given opportunity to interact with other people. Ensure that your mock sessions yield good results. Meeting new people will make you more confident and the plus point is you get to learn new things as well. Find things you are good at and focus on grooming that talent. it is important to recognize and determine whether you are really . You may be feeling that you don’t match up to other people and therefore. your opinions may not be valued. It seems that feelings of jealousy have been very intricately woven in the behavioral pattern of women. Observe your thoughts.

This is when we may not know that we are actually envious of the person we are trying to compete with. Know If She Is Weighing On Your Mind You may be subconsciously thinking about her always. Determine Whether You Compete With Her Or Not We have heard of healthy competition n-number of times and we also know that it is not fostered by jealousy. without even realizing how much time you are devoting to let this green eyed monster prosper. This article comes up with some valuable tips that will help you to know if you are jealous of her. if you don’t want to believe in her positive traits. Jealousy always results in unhealthy competition.jealous of any other woman. It is actually your covert insecurity that is bothering you and you can't even accept that you really are insecure. You find her presence threatening due to your jealousy. Your feelings may be continuous.” . to say harsh things about their subject of jealousy.Leo F. If she has been weighing on your mind unnecessarily. because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things. Tips to Know You Are Feeling Jealous Of Her Know Your True Feelings Towards Her Do you try to compete with her for no real reason? Do you wish you were in her place? Do you greet her with a fake smile almost always? Your reactions and behavior towards a particular woman are an important determinant of your jealousy. And. This is precisely the reason behind the tendency. They want to become somebody else and live all their life in misery and anonymity. How To Accept Yourself “Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself. what else can it be. their appearance and their life. If you have been trying to compete with a woman in almost about every field. you are right in determining that what you are feeling is jealousy towards her. is even visible to others. If you don’t find favor with this quote then you may be among people who cringe on seeing themselves in mirror. it is a sure sign of your jealousy. even on things that should concern you the least. You will say harsh things about her and will try to de-credit her from everything. Buscaglia. which is fierce in nature and many a times. which haunt you even when your competition is not around. And to . this just proves you are envying her secretly. in a lot of women. so that the strife within your mind could be handled well. What they don’t realize is that we become what we think. they are not happy with their job. If you find yourself scheming on how to establish your self superior to her. it is a sign of your jealousy being rooted deep in your insecurities. other than plain jealousy? Know If You Are Threatened By Her If you feel threatened by her and keep dreading that she will prove herself to be better than you.

Explore the following pointers to know the ways for accepting yourself. So instead of focusing on the greener grass on the other side. which you feel. You would soon start to feel important and accept yourself. Better Your Life It is important to accept you as you are but it is also important to strive to better yourself. focus on what you have achieved and be happy. It will help you understand your uniqueness. . work towards something. Remember that happiness doesn’t lie in earning millions. For instance. After you have written. After you have gained your self-confidence. Jot It Down Writing all your qualities will help you.become a successful person we need to accept ourselves. work on eliminating them. or possessing all the luxuries. you would soon find change in your outlook towards life. which you want to do. Stand in front of the mirror and focus on all the features you like about yourself. Develop self-confidence by telling yourself constantly that you are a unique and beautiful person. and you would soon start to accept yourself. It will not happen overnight. It may be because of some flaws. and you would start accepting yourself. are negative. if you feel you are too emotional and get hurt easily. Write all the qualities no matter how trivial they may be and then read them. the world will not accept you. If you feel that you are not able to focus on your career. think about the root cause of it and work towards bettering it. Get Real Remember that you will have to work towards the goal of accepting yourself. Accepting oneself is important to live a happy and content life. Restore Your Self-Confidence Self-confidence is essential element for accepting oneself. Find Happiness In The Basics Happiness or sadness largely depends on oneself. You can also write all about yourself. Ways Of Accepting Yourself See Yourself As Success It may be very difficult for you especially if you have grown up disliking everything about you. Work on inculcating self-confidence and you would soon see the opinions of others changing towards you. Remember that nothing is more important than your opinion. work on it to do away with it. Take pride in your success and see yourself as successful. because of negative thinking or because of other people’s opinions. You always find yourself not good enough and by saying that you were not just being humble. Keep in mind that you are a unique person and unless you accept yourself. happiness lies in one’s mind otherwise all the millionaires in the world would be happy. Focus on all the positive qualities you possess and you would soon start to see yourself in good light.

you need to remember that you can't let the conflict escalate. Just keep your mind calm when you deal with them. or they will start taking more liberty with you. Don’t Take Them Personally It is important to remember that difficult people do things habitually and you are certainly not their only target. This article provides you some proven tactics to handle difficult people. However. It's apparent that people with a hostile attitude will irritate you with their behavior. Tips For Handling Difficult People Confront Them Without Fighting It is important to confront difficult people. but you have to deal with them in a positive way. you have to deal with them almost on a regular basis. you should ask the person straight on if he/she has anything personal against you. if someone is trying to ruin your reputation in office by spreading malignant rumors. For instance. Do not allow their verbal attacks to shake your confidence. In case you are amongst the unlucky ones. There is absolutely no need to be defensive in turn. They have the same freakish behavior with everyone and trouble everyone they know. Stand up to the situation and confront the person confidently. Don’t let their negative attitude weigh constantly on your mind. However. If you argue with them on pettiest of things. Don’t Be Defensive Let the attacks of a difficult person wash over you. Do Not Give Up . sometimes. It's natural for a person to end up meeting difficult people once in a while. constantly fretting over someone who is getting under your skin is not going to help. Some people have a hard time adjusting with others and going easy in life.How To Handle Difficult People We often complain that some people are just too difficult to handle. You can confront them on important issues. Read on and know how to deal with the people immune to the usual methods of communication. Therefore. be it at work or home. Keep A Positive Frame Of Mind Don’t let difficult people affect your mental peace. but defending yourself on everything is certainly not the right way to handle them. It is. it's not wise to take them personally. You will have to devise strategies to deal with hostile people in a successful way. rather than paying them undue attention. You just need to acknowledge that they have a personality and perception different from that of yours and they need to be handled tactfully. better to just ignore them. it is only going to weaken your position and allow them to throw their weight around.

You need to remember that these strategies don’t change difficult people. while the losses are something from which you need to learn. How To Avoid Negative Thinking ‘If you think you will win. Think of a wonderful situation. which can be mastered over a period of time. You will get success in your efforts sooner or later. you are wrong. then check out the tips given below and know how to avoid negative thinking.developing their concentration. A person who considers himself to be a loser and feels that he is worth nothing will hardly be able to achieve anything in his life. much before the positive? Do you want to get rid of this habit? If yes. Are you one of those who always end up thinking about the negative side. On the other hand. The wins have to be taken seriously. Rather. it is full of surprises. there are chances you can. Keep practicing your art and don't loose hope. where everything is happening as you planned or as you want. The moment you feel your losses gaining over your mind. twists and turns! At times. they just limit their ability to interfere in your life. Best Ways To Stop Negative Thinking Get Creative Whenever you feel that negative thoughts are creeping up on you. try to think of those situations where success kissed your feet. being loved by your near and dear ones or even getting appreciated from all the quarters. the best bet would be to turn your imagination creative. Look Back Into The Past Life is never the same. See yourself becoming successful in your endeavors.’ This quote aptly describes the important of our thinking. you win even without trying and during others. Remember the sense of accomplishments and vow to make them happen again. someone who has oodles of confidence (but not over confidence) and believes that he canachieve something in life will most likely become successful as well. You may face some difficulties in the beginning. having a control over . If you think you will lose. This would go a long way in helping you overcome the pessimism. but your tactics will show results with practice. you definitely will. Indulge In Meditation In case you are thinking meditation is only for those who want to lead a spiritual life and stay away from the materialistic world. in the outcome of our efforts. you lose even when you make a lot of effort.Tackling difficult people is very much an art. People meditate for different reasons . feeling one with the god.

can hamper or block the expansion of one’s psychic potential. As soon as you feel that negative thoughts are trying to creep into your mind. Consciously Block Out Negative Thoughts If you want to stop being pessimistic and think about the brighter side of life. funny quotes or even funny SMS and start smiling! How To Develop Psychic A bilities Though we all posses psychic abilities to a certain extent. It will help you remain in a balanced state of mind and keep you away from the negativity. will be of great help. However. Occasionally. buy some from the nearest bookstore and start reading. Read on to benefit from some valuable tips. by indulging in activities that you enjoy or that make your laugh. because of our intuitive powers which are the result of a developed psychic capacity. ‘I have to think about the positive things happening in my life’. ‘I will not let negative thoughts come into my mind and affect me in any way’. it is equally possible to develop your psychic potential even further. important . Most of us never realize our full psychic ability. Negative thinking and skepticism to a certain extent. If you have internet at home. log on to the sites that list jokes. Our hunches and premonitions come out to be true not due to some bizarre coincidence but. If one aims to achieve his/her full psychic potential. It has been established by psychological researches that a positive state of mind enhances the psychic abilities of an individual. The article explores the subject and comes up with profound insights on how to develop your psychic abilities. It is therefore. Keep A Positive Mind frame A positive mindset is the first pre-requisite to develop your psychic ability. Tips To Develop Psychic Abilities Acknowledge That Psychic Abilities Exist Only the one who realizes and rightly acknowledges the importance of a psychic capacity among humans can be able to expand his/her psychic powers. Make Yourself Feel Happy One of the best ways to get over negativity is to make yourself feel happy. It is the last purpose that you have to solve with meditation. accepting that psychic abilities exist and can be developed overtime with practice and effort. If you are fond of comics. while it is very much possible to do so. start telling yourself ‘I do not have to think negatively’. For instance. and so on. it is very important to become conscious of your drift towards negativity.their thoughts. etc. all of us mention about our intuitions coming true. we never wait to ponder the reason behind such possibilities. you can rent the DVD of your favorite comic flick and laugh your heart out.

it might even embarrass you but gradually. Trust your sixth sense rather than ignoring it Meditation Meditation helps you to attain concentration and peace of mind. Breaking a bad habit is like coming out from a tangle or a web. others have simple social habits that make tick people off. Initially. Your inquisitiveness will eventually lead you towards surprising results. If your assumptions about your imaginations are coming out to be true. Test yourself with your imaginations and their meanings. for instance inspirational movies or literature. Talking about bad habits. it will not be easy to do so. Breaking A Bad Habit Self-Evaluation . Evolve Ways To Utilize Psychic Abilities Remember that regular practice will assist in the development of your psychic abilities. While some habits take the form of physical addictions. you would be surprised to know that even the most pious of people would tell you they had a bad habit in the past. Think about things which generate your curiosity in an unusual way. then you are at the right place. Try to evolve and practice ways through which your psychic potential could be furthered. you will definitely be able to get rid of a bad habit. you will realize that your feelings hold a certain meaning in a specific context. we have provided useful tips on how to break bad habits. squirts of discipline and loads of patience. and finally solving it. The power of imaginations assists you in visualizing possibilities and happenings and mediation will help you to nail down the right meaning of your imaginations. Remember. A calm mind has the potential to act as a fertilizer for the development of an improved sixth sense and psychic abilities when accompanied by some other measures such as developing the faculty of imagination. Ignoring your gut feelings can even get you into trouble. it means you are on the right track. which we perform regularly. In the following lines.that one maintains a positive thinking mind and keep feeding it with uplifting doses which could be in any form. Mention your strong intuitions to your close ones and keep check on whether they come out to be true or not. Involuntary actions. but with dollops of will power. Pursue Your Feelings Don’t neglect your feelings and instincts for the fear of being mocked at. This will also help you in finding connecting links to a problem. are what make our habit. habits are definitely under our control (if we really want them to be). How To Break Bad Habits Trapped in a bad habit? Want an escape from it? If yes. Though automatic behaviors.

rise up and get back to your healthy behavior. giving into the impulses or being carried away would be extremely easy. Being Disciplined Remember. the best bet would be to maintain a journal and note down every time your bad habit gets the better of you. Replacement Remember. Positives Of Dropping Once you have realized the negative impacts. they would be more than happy to help you move out of the bad behavior. say you will become a better individual or have enough time to look into important matters. Negative Impact While you have determined the cause of the bad habit. Patience Patience is the key to achieve your resolution. Believe me. it is the time to figure out how the bad habit initiated in the first place. it would act as a motivation to modify your behavior and get out of the web. This would help you keep a record of it and also analyze the cause of the same. Consider the positive ways of meeting the same needs through a good habit and start practicing. Just get comfortable and talk to them about your decision. There needs to be a replacement of the bad habit. Instead. The Cause Now that you have evaluated yourself. For this. do not pity yourself and say that the habit has got the better of you. you would realize that it is not logical and does not make any sense.e. it is the time to focus on the negative repercussions of the same. The moment you realize the cost of a bad habit and what it is depriving you of. All you need is willpower. Weigh the negatives against the positives. you just cannot leave a bad habit and force yourself into doing nothing in its place. Who knows. Supporting Role Do not hesitate to call friends or family members. or even start becoming sociable. they might be able to provide some advice or encouragement that you normally wouldn't get otherwise. List the negative impacts and the cost they are charging you. If you fall back to the bad habit. If yours is such as well. You have to work hard and bring in a lot of discipline in your being. Most of the bad habits provide a person with instant gratification. remember. by a good one. you can beat the habit. asking for support. Analyze why did you start the bad habit . the advantages of leaving the habit. it is time to look towards the optimistic side i. to get over a bad habit.Was it peer pressure? Was it depression? Was it just for a 'try'? Was it to be 'in vogue'? Was it an escape from some life condition? Once you get hold of the reason for the action.The first step to get rid of a bad habit would be to be practical and realize the number of times your bad habit wins over your will. changes do not just happen. discipline and patience!! . Remember.

Having a good reputation is very important in each and every sphere of life. your reputation is formed. If you are a big shot. try to change your habits. to a major extent. However. you will first have to look at yourself and seek the reality.How To Get Rid of A Bad Reputation Your reputation is nothing. So. then it is the time to take some action in the regard. call a press conference to dispel the rumors. people are bound to form a similar opinion about you as well. Unless and until you acknowledge that a problem exists. In other words. try to bring your anger under control. Is there any truth in what the people say about you? Have you really done something to make people form such an opinion about you? If you want to be objective. etc. Dispel The Rumors If you have to fix your bad reputation. Change Your Company There is an adage that goes 'you are known by the company you keep'. whether you are like them or not. If you are infamous as someone who has a very nasty temper. in the eyes of others. Rather. it is very important to dispel the rumors that are working against you. . in a non-threatening way. talk amicably. it represents what kind of an image you have. In other words. In case you have been stuck with a notorious reputation. In case you come across as uncooperative to other people. a bad reputation will only take you closer to failure. through the tips given below. make sure not to get angry at the person or start fighting with him/her. it is advisable to seek new company right now. seek a second opinion from close friends or family members as well. it is the time to get rid of the same. take some action. but the public opinion about you. Whether you want to excel in your career or win the affection of the person you are in love with. by the type of friends you have. be it because of you own faults. dressing style. How To Fix Your Bad Reputation Know The Truth If you want to get rid of a bad reputation. and resolve the issue. In other words. If you are aware of the source of all the gossip. If they are known for being rogue and outlandish. untrue rumors or a bad company. in case you feel that your group is largely responsible for your infamy. try to go out of your way to help them. Take Action If you feel that there is some truth in what people think about you. Such a behavior would only cement your bad reputation. you will not be able to trace its very roots and solve it. In case people have raised a finger on your character. confront the person and set the record straight. We can help you know how to get rid of a bad reputation.

Just ask yourself a question . Sweet Talking Tips Give Respect Give respect to everyone. How To Sweet Talk According to Rig Veda. Don’t lose hope midway. stick to this motto and see the world changing around you. Give a bright smile to your colleagues as well as the others around you. You would start feeling the change from the next day itself. Humor Mechanism Everyone likes funny people. even a raise or promotion. but incorporating it in our respective life is a completely different ball game altogether. lift from a total stranger and sometimes. just keep on making efforts and soon. or your chauffeur. a person who talks sweet spends all his/her days in happiness. When you are happy. However. when you respect someone. Remember 'impossible' itself says 'I m possible'. poke harmless fun. So. the latter. the world will also be happy for you. the best treatment at a restaurant. when he opens the door of your car. you would wonder why you didn’t integrate it in your life earlier. how can we expect to justify our humane side. Tell jokes. Be Sympathetic We. pleasant one. don’t be a miser for words and let people know that you care. you need to exercise a lot of patience and stick to your efforts. an acid tongue lasher or a sweet talker. A sweet talk can get you the window-seat in a plane. a simple smile from you can make the entire day of someone. Moreover. It will take time for people to remove your old. So. you are in least danger of hurting him/her and there is the score for you. especially when he/she has gone through a really bad phase in life. Don’t you love it when your friend sympathizes with your grilling schedule at work? So. Now. Never forget to thank the liftman when he opens the lift for you. people will get used to the image of the 'new you'. bad image from their mind and replace it with the new. Integrate humor in your life and try to search the sunnyside up in everything. So. are given the power of understanding and if we don’t integrate it in our life.Exercise Patience Your bad reputation has built over a period of time. help from a colleague. . how many of us really know how to sweet talk? Our tolerance level has gone so low that even a small provocation is enough for us to start hurling abuses (even at a complete stranger). We all know the power of sweet talk. Everyone wants sympathy. So. Sometimes. Do not expect to get rid of it within a few hours or days.who you think will get your help first. why not incorporate it in your life! Read on to learn the mechanism of sweet talking. The answer is pretty clear. However. You would soon find the ultimate secret of being happy. if you make yourself consciously aware of the benefits of even little sweet-talking. and see the gloomy mood changing in an instant. as human beings.

It should come out in a spontaneous manner. rather it is earned. Be Spontaneous Whenever you say something. You can practice with your friends and family members and then employ it elsewhere too. Be a confident and levelheaded person. Stick to light humor instead. only a few of us are actually able to evoke respect for ourselves. Don’t discriminate amongst people and refrain from using harsh. as only a few of us can really pull it off without hurting someone’s feeling. cold words. However. A little flirting with your client can help seal yoursuccess. as the world will start using you then. However. There are many ways to speed up the process of earning respect from others. you need to respect others. if your colleague is donning a new shirt. How To Get Respect Let’s admit it! We all want to get respect from others. Congratulate your colleagues on successfully finishing a project. who doesn’t talk much. giving a genuine appearance to your words. we need to build up respect to get ahead in life. If you are a serious person. make sure that it doesn't look like a prepared speech or something well thought of (in advance). For instance. you will have to first know that respect cannot be taken. as respect is directly proportional to reputation. Period! Treat everyone with respect and you will get respect too. to educe immense respect from the people around you. . while others get sidelined. Want to explore them? If yes. Apply this in your life. You also need confidence. who knows what he/she is doing. Help others when they need you. don’t forget to shower an admiring compliment on him/her. In case you are among those who cannot understand how some people get all the respect they want. then read on and find the best way of getting people to respect you. Be Confident For sweet talking. Make sure the world knows it too. Flirt A Little A little flattery never hurts! Be the first one to notice the positive change in a person and compliment on it. it’s time for you to open up. However. being sympathetic alone is not enough. Don’t let yourself be cast out as too mellow or pushover.refrain from sarcasm. The age-old adage of 'reaping what you sow' is true to its core. If you want to know how to gain respect. never ever give a cheap remark or go over the top in flattery. you have come to the right place. Getting Respect From Others Respect Others To get respected. Don't give anyone a chance to take advantage of you or typecasting you a patsy or a softy.

Rather. if you have been showing your pearly whites from long and people dismiss you for being childish. give your opinion or suggestions. you'll likely have no success. However. clean. However. honesty. take a good look at yourself in the mirror. It’s true too that smiling or not smiling is all the matter of perspective and depends on the environment where you work. Although almost everyone in this world is criticized. Is there some techniques of handling criticism? Indeed. failure is nobody’s favorite word. we hardly think of being successful. Be serious and speak only when it is necessary. if asked for.Malcolm X This quote aptly describes how important criticism is. A well fitting. dressing the part doesn’t mean that you need to wear a Cavalli suit or Prada shoes. kindness and be self-effacing. Read on and know how to handle criticism.Dress The Part If you are a person who is trying to get respect. A person of respect is a person of caution. it is directly proportional to failure. there are and in the following lines. And certainly. as for most of us. mannerism. Keep Your Mouth Shut It doesn’t mean that you should play dumb. The best way to get people to respect you is to respect yourself. then it’s your turn to switch off the grin and smile only when it’s needed. but is not able to do so. only a few of us how know to accept it with grace. Powerful people smile only when it is needed. then you are wrong. A confident person attracts respect like a moth to a flame. and ironed dress shows that you take yourself seriously. while a crumpled tee. How To Handle Criticism “If you have no critics. Handling criticism is never easy. If you smile at anyone and anything. in our life. Be A Miser Smiler Smiling is good. However. we have listed a few of them. but not so much that you become a tissue paper for people to sniff their snots. a ripped jeans or a dirty shirt is bound to give a bad impression. and you will extract respect from even an otherwise reserved person. especially when at workplace. However. Are you a well-dressed person? Do you dress according to occasion? If you dismiss dressing well as an act of showing off. And the best way to respect yourself is to have confidence in you. so stick to this axiom. speak only when you are spoken to. . It just means that whatever you wear should compliment you and up your position in other people's eye. but they won’t respect him. Have a good body posture. but excess smile is bad for repute.” . People may like a person who wants to share all his details in the first meeting itself. people will think you are mellow. Be Humble But Confident Be humble enough to be a shoulder to cry on. when we are bombarded with criticism all the time. Silence is gold in true sense.

if it’s something that will help you be successful. Don’t jump up the gun and starts hurling abuses on him/her. you find yourself loser. And it’s also not necessary that feedback is always enlightening. It may be harsh and you may have trouble adjusting to the words. It is enlightening only when you want it to enlighten you. urging you to stop doing whatever you’re doing now. Make a mental note of them and mend your ways accordingly. Feedback is something given to you to improve your performance. until you’re ready to perform on it. make sure that you’re not going with them. When you’re criticized. but never ever let anyone bully you. but it . There are people who cannot find good in anything or anyone and you should not let such people worry you. criticism is downright negative. instead of you. If someone is going the dirty road. Don’t leave something because other people want you to. you are in hands of a bully. are angry with yourself and your critic has convinced you to leave the thing you are pursuing. On the other hand. If. Don’t Let Anyone Insult You Criticism is okay. never let yourself feel down. Take Criticism In Your Stride It’s very important to remain composed in any situation. A criticism is mostly negative. Learn From Criticism Listening to something won’t help you. but it is eventually true and will help you if you work on those areas. until you allow them to. Similarly. Draw The Points To Help You The most important trait of successful people is that they are able to draw out the points that are useful to them.Tips For Handling Criticism Distinguish Between Feedback & Criticism It is very important thing for you to understand the difference between feedback and criticism. Don’t let him/ her harm or insult you. If you’re a singer and people say that you cannot sing different kinds of songs. Remember. from almost any conversation. no one can make you feel bad about yourself. They may be plain jealous of your success or they might full of negativity. try to incorporate it in your life. at the end of a conversation. try to be friendly. If a person is always negative about you. It’s Not Always About You It’s the truth. try to focus on points that are common in all the criticisms that you encounter. Let It Go Never let a criticism decide what you want to do next. A justified criticism may urge you to better something. but getting over the top is not. be calm and listen to the person. then it might be possible that something is wrong with them. Getting excited when someone attributes praise to you is natural. if someone criticizes you. you need to try to get versatility. It’s not essential that the feedback comes to you in sweet and encouraging words. If you work in a firm and you’re always criticized of not being able to create rapport with your colleagues. No matter what you’re criticized for. So.

which give poor impression of a speaker and divert the audience much before you start speaking. you will have to make sure that you know your subject well. Tell A Story When you tell a story preferably. and parted legs are all the gestures. Speak With Authority When you want someone to listen to you. Read on to acquire the quality of a good speaker to whom people listen. Most of the people just want others to listen to them but are themselves not ready to do so. Then this article is for you. and be a voracious reader. and confidence and you are bound to attract audience. Everyone here thinks that he or she can speak better and sometimes even they speak altogether to make matters worse. Be authoritative on whatever you are speaking on. then you make your audience a part of you after sharing your narrative and that interest them. Also. If you think. smiling eyes. How To Make People Listen To You How to make people listen to you is a million dollar question in our society. Eat. unless it’s something you can improve. Forget what is being said about you. where everyone just wants to speak and not listen. . Add in some jokes and ask questions and you will surely attract people’s attention. Acquire proper body language like alert body. these things are meant to be forgotten. sleep. Good or bad. and do your work the same way you were doing. frown. be aware of the current situation. before the criticism popped your way. tense eyes. be interesting and discuss it too. Have eye contacts with as many people you can and look pleasant. Watch Your Body Language Shaky hands. make sure that you listen to people if you think they have some valid points. Prepare yourself for your subjects. To be a good speaker you have to be first a good listener. Don’t shout or scream but be audible and confidence. If you wonder how some people have so much influence over others that makes people listen to them and you want to be like them. Be Interesting Most of us are very impatient and if you are not able to attract the audience in few minutes from the start. You can even get much knowledge just by keenly watching everything around you. Articulate powerfully and clearly and modulate your sound according to your speech. Then they don’t remain audiences but become participants. A little knowledge and beating around the bush will not attract listeners. Therefore. a personal one. you possess the quality of a good listening. you may lose them altogether.will never advocate for you to leave it. That is why it’s important to be a good listener to be a good speaker. you are at the right place.

So always. Learn from the greatest speakers of the world. To give shape and support to your idea. Know Your Audience Before speaking. Listen You may be a good listener but being an active listener is very important. from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and from Steeve Jobs to Barack Obama. wherever you go try to imbibe some of the good qualities of a speaker. If you are speaking in a boardroom and people are interested in numbers. which unfolds few sequences of a story. based on the facts that you have compared. try to form an idea. Make a point and support it with examples. it is very essential to know your audience.Dress Appropriately “Clothes maketh a man” and it’s true in any society. However. Analyze Text By analyzing a given text. Now. After assimilating the information. How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills Process The Information While reading something. you will be able to develop the critical thinking skills. to figure out their similarities and dissimilarities. If it’s a casual discussion then wearing a power suit will only make you the odder one. Developing Critical Thinking Skills Critical thinking is a process that involves the analytical evaluation of a situation. the best way to learn it and register it in mind is to process it first in your mind. After reading the . By thinking critically. try to comprehend the key points. for a casual discussion you need not present charts. wear powerful clothes according to your society and your audience. The aim is to derive the best possible solution for a particular problem. try to make logical connections between the facts. So. If you do not know much about developing critical thinking skill.dress according to the event and let your clothes reflect your sincerity. by weighing the substantial and insubstantial as well as concrete and abstract factors governing a situation. Compare And Construct An Idea It is very important to analyze the key components first and then compare each of them. you will be able to discriminate the different points of view associated with a situation. Take a comprehensive passage. the following lines will surely prove to be of help. The skill will enable you to find every possible way of solving the problem. Don’t beat around the bush as it’s an audience repellent. What is the use if you don’t get anything from all that listening? So. then stating statistics will pull you through. evidences and assumptions present in the information. Assess the arguments.

. this exercise will help you to think out of the box. How To Become A Motivational Speaker While a good speaker 'just' conveys his/her intended message. Do not hide your hands inside your pocket. Even if you fail to answer all the questions. Make use of gestures to emphasize your point. Apart from being interesting. Being well prepared before the speech reduces the stage fear as well. family member or a colleague. before formulating the speech. you will be able to analyze the concepts. Solve Puzzles Solving a puzzle can help you learn how to develop critical thinking skills. Be certain about what you have to say. Motivating people through speech is not as easy as it seems. You should exude confidence through your body language. before presenting it in front of the audience.passage carefully. It requires special skills. Research You must have the thorough knowledge of the subject that you are going to address. Answer Questions Disciplined questioning also promotes critical thinking. A motivational speech includes all the elements that can create impact on the people listening to it. you will be able to distinguish between the facts and the assumptions. which can be acquired only after practice. Mind Your Body Language A good speaker is identified with the way he/she presents himself/herself on the stage. Complicated and challenging though. To improve the analyzing skill further. give stress to the voice modulation. it makes the audience 'think' for a positive change. This could be a simple exercise of connecting a number of dots in a predefined manner. because lack of research will be reflected in the speech. Study the subject well. try to assign a title for the passage. Explore the tips given in this article to know how to excel in motivational speaking. Apart from connecting the dots. While doing this. Learning to become a motivational speaker is a systematic process. Maintain an equanimity in your speech. to form an image. Rehearse your speech with your friend. create a logical link between the events of the story. it is an effective way to gain the skill of critical thinking. Maintain good eye-contact with the audience during the speech. Motivational Speaking Tips Practise To motivate people with your speech you need to practise a lot. a better speaker 'moves' the audience through his words. This will make the session even more interactive. One of the most effective ways to develop critical thinking skill is to answer the questions based on a few hypothetical problems. Moreover. while speaking.

Develop Positive Attitude An important step towards socializing with people is to develop a positive attitude. How To Socialize With People Socializing with people is a behavior that is innate to human beings. we often find loners in the society. A good conclusion will always leave an impact on the audience. Generate Interest Apart from being motivating. Make an eye-contact while smiling. without mingling with others. in today's world. cultural background and lifestyle. When . because the choice of words depends a lot upon the mental level of the people listening to the speech. if you want to create the maximum impact on the audience. Learn about their age group. Consider the taste of the audience. We are here to help you with some tips. A prior knowledge about the people will help you with the purpose. do not worry. Give A Good Conclusion You should summarize your speech in the most convincing way. with an effective conclusion. Be positive and live in high spirits. Socializing With People Smile Your million dollar smile can act as a gesture to show that you wish to socialize with others. spending their lives in solitude. wear a pleasant smile on your face. They will smile back. This is due to the fact that our ancestors used to hunt in groups for food and even worked together. your speech should be interesting as well. See how people respond to this. their education. Conversing with the audience will also help make the speech an interesting one. If you are one of the people who find it difficult to go out and make friends with people. You should have an optimisticoutlook towards life. which will help you learn how to socialize with people. When you are with a group of people. You may ask questions to them in between the speech. Some of them may even be ready to initiate a conversation with you. Make use of metaphors. You should bring about a positive change in them. They should feel satisfied after listening to your speech. This is perhaps because of the fact that they lack the characteristics required to socialize with the people around them. while preparing the speech. analogies and anecdotes to make the speech interesting.Know The Audience Know how your audience needs to be motivated. However. Create interest in your audience by making the speech interactive. It will surely be a positive response.

it is not what you feel that counts.communication skills. as we have provided below some of the effective ways and methods to manage your intense emotions. unhealthy relationships and sometimes even termination letter. If you succeed in finding similar taste or interests. You should be able to relate to people. This brings out another quality needed to socialize with people .you go out and meet people.bad behavior. try to find a common interest. However. When you are with a group of people. do not be aggressive while presenting your viewpoint. by listening to their words carefully. . leave all your tensions back home and fit into the environment of the place. when you are in a social circle. Controlling Emotions • The first step would be to identify those emotions. One must understand that there is nothing wrong in feeling strongly about something. you need to build a rapport with them. Find A Common Point When you are with people at a party or a social get-together. listening to their as well. You should present yourself as an approachable person. Communicate Effectively Share your views. How To Control Your Emotions How many times have you goofed-up a particular situation or a scene because of your anger? Almost all of us have faced such an incidence in life. when it comes to public places. Be a good listener. it will be easier for you to proceed further and develop familiarity with them. The habit of listening to others will also give you an idea about the level of sophistication of the people around you and present yourself according to the situation. making them feel neither inferior nor superior to you. This will make you more knowledgeable about the people surrounding you. do not worry. You will be able to judge them better. is what you do with those feelings. This will give you a chance to open up yourself to others. when our emotions had completely taken over our mind. Build Rapport To socialize with people. which you need to control. If you have been facing problems in controlling your emotion. Right from angry flare-ups to disgust. there are numerous emotional displays that you might need to restrict. Controlling emotions is essential when you are in a public place or in your place of work. what matters. Remember. you should share your point of view with others. Result . In the process. you have to lend your ears first and speak your mind later on. who has many things (or at least few things) common with others. problem occurs when it comes to expression.

technical and physical as well. Believe it or not this would be a great way to escape from the stressful or high-anxiety times. the best bet would be to focus all the energies towards breathing. It can be artistic. ask yourself the reason for the anger. be actively attentive of your feelings and emotions. So. if you get easily angered. Not every talent requires being profitable. Remember. it gets very difficult to suppress your emotion. You will surely feel relaxed! • • • • • • • • How To Find Your Talents Talent need not to be related only with intellect. but directing all the energies towards a far-off stable object does a lot. Another popular way would be to count backwards from 20 to 1. Trust me. Another effective technique would be to acknowledge or recognize the emotions you were feeling at the time of emotional outbursts. just pick up a glass of water and slowly gulp it down. Drinking lots of water is a good way to rule out the negative emotions. in turn. It can be a snapshot of a beach. In such circumstances. often tricky also. mindfulness holds the key for controlling emotions. it just needs to be useful in a positive way. Give vent to your feelings and then return to the scene. Breathing in and out a number of times. excuse yourself from the group of people you are with and go to a lonely place. react less. Visualization is yet another great way to control the angry flare-ups or stress. Try to picture something that would produce a soothing image in your mind. You would. You would realize that it is generally the negative feelings that you want to control. Finding Your Hidden Talent Find Your Interests • • • • . This is found effective in controlling the heighten emotions. the mind gets diverted from the emotions and feelings. when you come across similar situations. a candle. when you are focusing your attention towards breathing. In such a situation. Finding the talent that sets us apart from the crowd can be a long process. This might come as a surprise to you. Knowing the reason is likely to help you in future. Many of us are still in search of the talents that are hidden within us. It needs observation and analysis of one’s own self. It would also benefit you in terms of health. At times. the tips provided in the following lines will surely come handy. So. you would feel much better. in terms of relieving a person off his intense emotions. If you want to learn how to find your talents. Remember. reduces heart rate and accentuates the oxygen flow in the brain. moonlight and so on.• • • • For instance.

This will help increase your depth of knowledge. teach what you have learnt. Find Your Passion You may be a person of various interests. Go through the following and know how to get people to like you. Locate a safe environment. Know what makes you struggle. Therefore. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach. Improve Yourself After you come to know about the areas of your interest. What sorts of things do you like to read about. watch or do? What are your favorite shows on television? Which column of the newspaper and magazines do you like to read? Try Out Different Things If you want to find out your dexterity in each of the things that interest you. You will then come to know about your talents as well as the areas that you need to work on. The mere feeling of being liked and loved by others fills the heart with warmth and happiness. Find out the things in which you are not a pro or lag behind. In this process. you will be able to discover all your hidden talents and skills. then try them out. What is the one thing that you love to do the most. Know Your Limits In the process of finding your strengths or talents. If you are one amongst the latter type of people and are looking for ways to make others like you. it is the time to improve yourself. but there will be only a thing or two.• • • • The first step towards finding your talents is to know your interests. where you can try out different things without anybody’s interference. • • • • • • • • • • • • How To Get People To Like You • • The world seems to be a wonderful place when every one around you likes you. the guidance given here will come handy. you should not ignore your weaknesses as well. Ways To Make People Like You Be Cheerful • • . However. Carry out experiments and explore things. we should know that not every one is born with this knack. Some people have the inherent quality to make others be fond of them. with utmost enthusiasm? Get the answer for the question and you will come to know what exactly you are passionate about. Read lots of books and learn from people. which you are passionate about. Know your limits.

People will begin to open up to you more. Being kind means speaking politely. Devoting time to people will help you a great deal in developing a good relationship with them. However. Listen Listening to others is a great thing to establish a rapport among them. Remember. If you have this quality in you. Therefore. you are able to engender closeness with them. be ready to turn heads and have more than expected eyeballs running in your . Every act of yours should show that you care for others and are considerate about their feelings. feeling the pain of others is even better. This kind of behavior will project you as a kind-hearted person and get people to like you. this will show that you are reliable and a person to depend upon. If you want others to like you.• • • • People would always like to accompany a smiling and cheerful person. This act will show that you care for them. in a soft tone and never shouting at people when you are angry. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • How To Look Gorgeous Every girl wants to be noticed. you will surely become a person whom almost everyone likes. Empathize Feeling bad for someone who is going through troubled times. such as helping others without being asked to. they will treat you much more warmly. will help you win their confidence as well. It is a quality that very few of us have. Be Helpful One of the best ways to get people like you is to go out of the way whenever they are in need. if you act happily. Doing good things. When you carefully listen to what others say and respond to them appropriately. Devote Time A majority of people would like someone in their life who gives time and attention to them. is good. then pay attention whenever they are talking to you. You should not be their last resort. be a person who is always optimistic and upbeat. you will feel happy as well and make other feel good with your presence. Moreover. rather be the first person who helps them. although it seems 'easier said than done'. It is always nice to show kindness. as they will be sure that you will always be there to lend an ear. If you are tired of looking plain and simple. who spreads positive energy around him/her. Empathizing is not as easy as showing sympathy. Be Kind Do not frown at others’ wrong deeds or misbehaviors. In addition.

bronzer and blusher for a smooth looking and radiant skin. Scroll down to find some more tips that can make you look beautiful and gorgeous. If you can choose nothing. The way you carry yourself is what you need to add magic to your looks and personality. Wear a glossy lipstick to that glamorous and gorgeous look. Next is choosing right shade for eye shadow.• • • • direction. It does not imply that you have to indulge yourself in heavy exercises or count each calorie you consume. Use right products that are of better quality and work on your hair until you get it right. as water will rid the body of impurities. A multi-layered make up is not what will make you look gorgeous unless you look beautiful and healthy. Correct Make-Up . It can cost you some more. Besides this. Highlight your eyes and lips. Don’t starve yourself or become anorexic in order to look thinner. Shop a lot and watch out for the hottest fashion trends. Keep up with the latest trend and get a hairstyle from a good hairstylist. but the extra money is all worth it. Apply foundation. • • • • • • How To Ignore Rude Comments . making it look natural at the same time.Sometimes you will hear that you do not need the blusher or eye shadow. go for a shiny pink. The truth is that a healthy body and proper diet are the primary factor for the attainment of a gorgeous look as it brings radiance and glow on your face. Brush regularly and clean you hair clean and conditioned. it can result in severe consequences. If you hear it very often. It goes well with every dress and suits all skin complexions. Now this is what you hear from every second person. To look gorgeous. a basic fact that many of us tend to ignore. Wear anything that looks cute on you and make you look trendy. A proper coat of mascara and black eyeliner will define your eyes. if any. make sure that it looks good on you. you have to know the right styling and make up to enhance what you are blessed with. Hairstyle . Always wear a smile and be natural. concealer. but this is the most effective way to get beautiful skin and great body. Get a flat iron. Just eat proper diet and exercise regularly to keep your body in a good shape. Dressing Style and Right Attitude . Jeans and T-shirts are something that can never go out of fashion. one needs to look healthy. it is something people will remember more than how you look. a curly iron and straightener and make sure you apply mousse and hairspray after styling your hair. Make up is a must and a foremost factor for the attainment of a gorgeous look.Drink a lot of water. but some precautionary steps will do. Looking Beautiful Healthy Skin and Body .Be super stylish keeping with the latest fashion trends. but make sure not to wear clothes that are too revealing and leave nothing to imagine.Whatever hairstyle you wear. you have to apply some tricky make up that enhances your features and cover-up the flaws.

race and religion to their nature and temperament. They don't have the slightest idea on how to make polite conversation and often end up hurting the people around. go through the lines below. People pass rude comments to make you angry and get an agitated response. just greet them politely and go your away. don't reply back. Remember this always! When somebody behaves rudely with you.The people who live in this world differ on a number of factors. it is much easier to find a frowning face than a smiling one. Stay away from such people as far as possible. If things become worst. However. by their rude comments. not pass rude comments. this basic element of life has lost its meaning. Most of you would agree that it feels good when you see someone smiling. there is one particular category that comprises of discourteous and insensitive people. If it is not possible to avoid them altogether. the latter two differences are much more enhanced than the former. If he/she resorts to comments. This would make the person shut up. Never ever let the rude comments of others belittle you or make you feel inferior. so don't let other people's opinions affect you. they will slowly start backing away. nothing you say will make a different. Amidst the different types of people. You know what you are and what you are not. you can work out steps to seek the joy and bliss for yourself. Never ever try to justify yourself. so don't even try. we will tell you how to handle rude comments. Do you want to know the secret of staying happy all the time? Happiness means different things to different people. You first need to figure out what happiness means to you and then. How To Ignore Rude Comments • • • • • • Believe in yourself. answer them back politely. They are only trying to hide their own insecurity behind the rudeness. Today. You will hardly find two people who have exactly same personality. In fact. How To Be Happy . though there might be some major similarities. In the following. If they don't get that. If you want to get some more tips on being happy in life. right from their nationality. with busy schedules and the need to get to the top of the ladder. How To Be Happy Happiness holds the key to lead a successfullife. A person who wants to hear your side of the story will come and talk to you. while watching someone grimacing acts as dampener on your spirit as well. Almost all the people who say rude things to others are suffering from inferiority complex. React as if you didn't even hear his/her comment or it makes no difference to you what he/she thinks.

music and your hobby. friends. you first need to find what is important in your life. indulge in having one. What was the particular thinking or feeling that made you feel happy? Be with the person or visit the place again and experience the same emotions. to come up with something to talk about. interacting with people is easy.was it the place you were in or the person you were with. you can make others happy as well. If you love ice creams. job. It's easier to put up a smile on your face than to have a frown on. like values. However. it is the time to catch up with old pals on a movie date. maintain a diary where you write all the good things. you will see the people around you smiling as well. It might not be possible to immediately start doing everything that makes you happy. once you know the right ways to start the discussions. If you were once a movie buff. Make it a habit and soon. The ability to start a conversation effortlessly and to carry it out is a quality which is inherent only in a few people. Think positive things about yourself. There are certain things which take a prime concern in your life. family. go through the following lines. Think of what made you happy . etc. your partner and life in general.• To be happy. when you were very happy. If you are also one of those who keep looking for ways of starting a conversation. If pessimistic thoughts creep easily into your mind. • • • • • • How To Start Up A Conversation Starting a conversation is not everyone's cup of tea. Start small and then. family. Given below are tips to help you with the problem. They criticize and grumble about everything which happens in life and fail to see what good things they have in life. It might sound strange. and bring a smile to your face. You need to realize what holds the key to your happiness. like going for a walk. Be optimistic in life and shoo away any negativity. smile always. For such people. It would help you get rid of the pessimism. You need to take time out of your busy schedules to do things which are important to you and make you feel elated. is extremely stressful. talking to friends. Recollect old times. Make happiness your priority in life. How To Start Up A Conversation . but most of the people face difficulty when they have to start up a conversation. In no time. such as health. friends. Be appreciative of the main aspects of life. Take 15 minutes off from the routine life and do things that make you smile. money. It is often noted that people who are of the complaining sorts are mostly unhappy. work your way ahead. etc. By smiling yourself. reading a book. you would realize that you are feeling happy all the time. Read it often. Lastly. love life. but can be developed by almost everyone.

You might agree or disagree with it. Start the conversation with a compliment. How To Be Funny • Just Relax: The first and foremost requirement of being funny is to have a relaxed mind.• To start a conversation. However. This would make you appear relaxed and calm. their life. Put questions to them. You can make others cry in just fraction of a minute. Use this as a conversation starter. you need to know many things related to humor. . It is noted that people love to talk about themselves their success. timing. Compliment if you like something about the person. you are sure to get better at starting conversations. at your presence. You can either ask a question about it or offer an opinion. You also need to make sure that you come across as hilarious. Practice conversing with people. in case he/she thinks it as derogatory. but to make them laugh is a hard nut to crack. Many people think that humor can be dealt with very easily. Be inquisitive in nature. It requires a lot of skill to bring that 'million dollar smile' on the face of a person. Have a smile on your face and look into the eyes of the person while talking. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Be confident about yourself. • • • • • • • How To Be Funny Being funny is not a joke (pun intended!). etc. like the situation. if you want make others laugh. In both the cases. When you are up-to-date with the current affairs. If some opinion has been expressed by the other person. Look around to find something interesting or unusual to talk about. Take initiative to talk to people when you are stuck up at different situations. Always try to be cool. You should be positive about yourself. Observance is very essential for a communication to take place. you will have a lot of things to talk about and can knowledgeably participate in discussions.conversation has started. but are not marked as clown. etc. To be funny. their ambitions. In the following lines. but make sure that you offer a sincere one. you should be aware of what is happening around you. but do not let go of the opportunity. Even if you are not confident. Crack jokes that make people laugh out loudly and not PJs that might make them stifle a yawn. play it safe and do not compliment on the looks or body of someone. the deal is struck . The best way to start a conversation is to be well-rehearsed. we have provided a number of tips that will help you in being funny. With practice. or at least smile. take it as an opportunity to talk further. It is good to prepare in front of the mirror. act as if you are. This is not true. taking care not to get too intrusive or personal.

• • • • Signs Of An Insecure Person Security is something. It gives pain. However. That is why it is important for all of us to be comfortable with ourselves. You should know whom you are talking to and what the situation is. . but humor is written all over the scenario! Humor Yourself: Put a pause to your dull routine life. Try to find humor especially in the situations that do not turn in your favor. That is perhaps the best way to be in 'good humor'! In fact. analyze the situation well before introducing humor into it. Be Ready For All Situations: You never know when a situation calls for humor.this can make a dull story funny and interesting. if you want to know what are signs of an insecure person. Insecure people are self promoting and constantly talk about themselves. keep checking yourself to eliminate any signs of insecurity that might creep in. read on. Crack some jokes and humor yourself. Just make sure that you crack the jokes with good amount of humor. one should try to be confident of himself. have meaningful relationships and be respected by others. For this. this leads to insensitivity towards others. Be animated and alive when you are talking . On the contrary. Ease up on life and yourself. An insecure person becomes overly accommodating and tries to gain other people's approval. so be always ready. Know Your Audience & Situation: This is another important thing to take into consideration. forget about making other people smile. Signs of Insecurity • • • • • • An insecure person becomes overly selfish. A reserve of jokes can come handy. He tries to surround himself with possessions. An insecure person craves for other people's attention. which is achieved when other people laugh at their jokes. if you can't' make yourself laugh. It is about cracking them at the right time. Nobody would like to get witty at a mourning ceremony. isn't it? So. A secureperson is more likely to achieve success. which is desired by everyone. Excessive joking is also a mechanism for coping with insecurity. attitude and the way you project yourself also count. They need validation from other people for their actions and qualities. Though it is impossible to be completely free of doubt. insecure people find it very difficult to manage things in every aspect of their lives. They are not comfortable with their own-self.• Take It Easy! Don't get too serious or tensed at tough situations. Your mannerism. Falling down on a banana peel is the best example. Insecure people can't enjoy silence and they try to fill it with unnecessary chatter. accolades and attention. Insecure people tend to be very defensive and cannot handle criticism. Learn Timing & Mannerism: Being funny is not just about delivering great jokes.

This is visible in constant questioning. Insecure people even become abusive if they fail to control their partners. Popular people are generally friendly with almost everyone around. restraining from any sort of controversy. who desperately wish to don the spotlight but do not how to become popular. do not be a bugger. in case you belong to the category of people. So. Also make sure you choose light and safe topics to talk about.• • • • • • • How To Be Popular Insecure people are even threatened by others and therefore by bullying they try to crush their opinion. Over competitiveness is also a sign of insecurity. They are scared of losing and so they always keep themselves at the edge. To be precise. make sure you just attempt a small talk with people you are not well aware of. As everybody does not acquire the talent of being popular. here we are with some valuable tips to relive you off your worries. Everyone wants to be popular and win the praise and attention of all. make a small conversation. Be friendly and social. friendly conversation with anyone in the room. Over jealousy is yet another sign of insecure people as they lack trust in their partners. who crosses your path. If you receive a response. Tips on How to Be Popular • Be bold enough and step out of your comfort zone. Try to decipher people's body language to understand their signals. you will have to come out of your shell in order to become popular. just smile and give greetings. wondering how others do it. Don't be nosy and clingy. Even if you are a shy and introvert person. Overly sexual behavior also portrays insecurity as the person treats his or her sexuality as a crutch to get other's attention. people often remain clueless on the topic. Insecure people tent to be overly authoritative as they tend to compensate for their lack of confidence by taking out their frustrations on their subordinates. This is because if you do not believe in yourself. mistrust and altercations with the members of the opposite sex. Keep your attitude casual. be in good enough terms so that you are able to hold a short. However. Being materialistic also shows that person is insecure because he feels that by acquiring material wealth and showing it off he will be able to gain people's attention and acknowledgement. On the contrary. It is very necessary for you to interact with people to gain their attention. don't • • • • . In effect. one of the basic things to remember here is that it is very necessary to be self confident to become popular. Be polite and respectful towards people's privacy. In effect. nothing will come easily to you. Try to talk to everyone. Make it a habit to know people around you.

• Stop thinking too much about yourself. Try to make a connection when you meet people. One of the easiest ways of building rapport is by listening to people. but soon you will get used to it. Tell them that you wish the best for them. this characteristic can be achieved over a period of time. remain relaxed and maintain an upright posture. On the other hand. to make things work for you. • • • . shoulders thrown back and head at level with the ground. pleasant expression fixed there. exuding a subdued joy. • • How To Be Charming Being charming is the quality of an attractive personality. don't interrupt and most importantly. but at the same time. Maintain eye contact when you interact with other people. don't be annoying. don't brag.invite yourself anywhere. to bring them to a point where you have a natural. Whenever possible. Keep your spine straight. You can definitely mould these as per the situation you are in. It will not only make it easy for you to remember that person. there are others who vie to attain that charm. which reflects in their conduct. While walking. which will give an impression of self confidence. Nod and smile subtly. Some people have an inherent charm to their personality. but find themselves clueless. read on. Not to forget. It may feel awkward or overpowering in the beginning. when they talk and offer to help somehow. when you meet them for the first time. Try to relate to people around you and be interested in them. instilling the above qualities certainly is. through practice and patience. it is the most important prerequisite for being popular. Relax your facial muscles. Talk to them on common grounds so that they find you compatible. To know more on how to be charming. avoid overdoing it. However. Though it might sound cliché. Ways to Be Charming • To start with. but also send signals across that you like them and they would warm up to you. Though it's not necessary to be attractive and talented to be popular. try to lend out a helping hand. improve your body posture. Try to remember people's names. Don't be hesitant. be yourself. it's not only necessary to know everyone but also equally important to be in good terms with them. Empathy is a virtue you cannot do without if you want to be popular. For popular people. One of the basic ways to become charming is by putting effort and careful attention to the needs and desires of others.

it does not mean that others cannot be the same. Though some people are born with an innate quality of leadership and turning things in their way. In case there is something negative that pops up about the other person. your reputation will be in shatters and people will shun you. in the lines below. who either have a subdued personality or are extremely shy. talk about a game or a sports team. Initiate conversations on topics that would interest the people around you. they find it difficult to mingle around with other people and do not get to socialize much. Even when you are meeting a new acquaintance. Be affable in accepting compliments. It just requires a little effort on your part to change your attitude and soon. apart from improving your social relationships. who will be adored by others around. The content should be in accordance with the surrounding. Once the truth is reveled. We have listed a number of tips for being more outgoing. like a coworker. For instance. This will make you a charming personality. Remember that everyone wants to be liked and complimented. In case you want to master the art of socialization. This will help you move ahead in your career as well. However. • • • • • • Tips For Being More Outgoing There are a number of people in world. especially in today’s competitive world. as it will make them feel uncomfortable. enjoying people’s attention almost all the time. you will be an outgoing person. so that the person finds his effort worthy. Praise others. Focus on being purely interested and impressed by other people. As a result. everybody will find it easy to trust you and confide in you. Being outgoing is a necessary quality to possess. at don't be too nosy. a classmate. Try to be interesting and open while conversing. find out about their immediate family and interests. mention something positive that is likeable about him. while talking to them. This way. read on. especially when you feel there can be evidence floating around in the open. Your voice should reflect your sincerity. Keep a control on the tone of your voice. Show your feeling of gaiety on receiving the compliment. Give generous compliments to people and raise their self esteem. Try not to lie while talking to someone. Be warm and genuine when interacting with people. Follow restrain and do not talk much about yourself. How to Become More Outgoing . if you are in a sporty crowd. etc.• Show interest in people. Appreciating other people's efforts and helping them in improving upon their skills will increase your importance.

You must feel worthy of yourself and then only you would be able to project this outside.• • To begin with. Do not be afraid of failure. People who love themselves always stand out in the crowd. so that you can be at ease. This will reflect in your conversations and interactions as well. • • • • • • How To Look Your Best We have always heard that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. you will feel charged to meet people and mingle with them. the more you will tend to avoid mixing up with others! If you feel you are too shy. Most of us are unhappy about something or the other in ourselves and wish to have the perfect look and be adored by others. A pinch of confidence and an ounce of smile would make you look your best even in the most unfavorable conditions. as it shows your respect and interest towards them.‘try. The more nervous you are. Maintain eye contact while talking to other people. This will make them take interest in you too. if you do not try for the fear of failing. Make more friends. you cannot learn how to be more outgoing. Once there. Do not avoid going to parties. Keep the motto in mind . give a pleasant smile and show that you are interested. This will boost your self-esteem and you will feel better about yourself. However. expanding your social circle to quite an extent. no one likes to move around a pessimist. make new friends as well. Remember. When you will feel you can do things as per your own wish. try again. you should try to be more social and interact with people. How to Look Your Best • The first step towards looking good is to feel good about yourself. you need to avoid uncomfortable situations as much as you can. who is full of negative views about life. Avoiding people’s gaze is taken as a sign of boredom or a lack of attention and might make people pull away from you. One fact that almost all of us overlook is that ‘looking best’ factor is more on the inside than on the outside. try. for the fear that you would not be able to mix up with people. So. as there is not going to be any success. Be positive about life and be in the company of people who make you feel positive. When you feel happy. With time. Read on to find ways and tips on looking your best all the time. you look great. until you succeed’. When someone approaches you. Your friends might also introduce you to some more people. . Give yourself credit for doing things. Unless and until you meet people. the fact remains that all of us make efforts to look best every time we are seen by someone else. as it will help you build self-confidence. try to interact with others and if possible. start initiating conversation on your own. make sure you pursue what you want to do.

Wear clothes that fit you. Select attires that suit you and accentuate your complexion and figure. one just needs to pay attention on his or her appearance as well his character. This will help your body look and feel its very best. will make you fat and clumsy. instead of something really fashionable that would make you look bad. Simple make up. it can surely be enhanced to a great extent. Devote at least 10-15 minutes each day to exercise. Spend time in front of the mirror and search for the beauty in your features. which cannot be generalized. but confidence makes you swiftly sweep past the crowd and look outstanding!! Feel good. which would enhance your best feature. on the other hand. as they will make you uncomfortable and you will also end up showing all the bulges that you wanted to hide. Do not follow the fashion fiesta blindly and look atrocious at the end of it. Make sure you take good care of your skin. Thus. On your everyday encounters. Most of the times. Moreover. push ups and skipping. look for your . So. the prettiest things in life are often subtle and hidden. Wear colors that match your skin tone. better take care. notice the people you find beautiful. Do not indulge in insensitive buying. Loose fitting clothes. Everyone in this world has at least one unique quality and you must be proud about your own. While natural look is always in. by working upon one’s persona. Wear a warm smile on your face and move out with your chin raised high. Though it is believed that beauty is god gifted. In addition. tummy tucks. which need to be looked for. Tips to Look Beautiful • • In order to look beautiful one should know how to define beauty. Overconfidence kills. weight or structure. look good! • • • • • • How To Be Beautiful Being beautiful is a desire that almost everyone wishes to see getting accomplished. beauty is something subjective. being healthy is also a prime requisite for looking beautiful. for being attractive. Look for colors which would enhance the beauty in you. while subduing others is the best mantra to follow. Given below are some tips on how to be beautiful and attractive. Take notice of the beauty in yourself. it would show on the outside. Do not wear too-tight clothes. Avoid being out in sun for a long period of time and put on a sunscreen whenever you go out during the day.• • • Stop cribbing about your height. you can go for make up only if you feel it’s necessary. Selecting footwear is an important task. So. This is because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Wear footwear you are comfortable in and don’t plunge into the fashion race uselessly. Simple exercises include crunches. pelvic tilts. If you are uncomfortable.

make sure you try to acquire as much knowledge as you can • • • • • How To Be Cool Being stated cool is the hippest statement amongst guys and gals. • One you have realized your beauty. So. For inspiration. Though you should be immune to other people’s opinion about you. which can be in the form of smooth and well-proportioned etc. This might sound contradictory. it becomes a secret wish for everyone to be termed as cool. If the person is wise. one needs to have a beautiful inner self as well. flawless forehead. Have a positive outlook towards life and stay happy. thereby making yourself beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. So build your character honestly. remember your inner beauty will always radiate and never get faded. Brush your teeth daily and floss them when required. it is better if you live your life the way you like. Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed. The next thing to do is to develop your inner beauty. So. Wear minimum makeup. which actually implies that to be beautiful. you should keep a check on how they perceive you. Bathe regularly and smell good. Thus. which can be achieved by emphasizing your attractive features. It is said that beauty is not skin deep. but carries significance. Make efforts to enhance your physical beauty. Keep experimenting until you feel you have given your best features the representation they deserve. rather than bothering about the world. giving preference to your innate good looks. with the help of make up. it should be noted that being cool just requires a bit of attitude change. Most of us are always concerned about what other people think of us. Just highlighting your features. rejoice in it. Wisdom always gives your beauty a boost. Another thing that makes someone attractive is his intelligence. is the best way to look pretty. This is what makes the beauty last forever. which is very essential in order to look beautiful. Happiness exudes natural beauty. A cool person is generally referred to as someone. who does things in his own distinct way and does not care much about the world. It just takes a little effort to look beautiful. then people surely want to seek his company and admire him. so avoid being sad at trivial things and enjoy life. Being cool is all about learning how to perceive yourself • . Though many people feel it is difficult to achieve the milestone. perfectly-shaped shoulders. Remember that it’s not possible to please everyone. Follow a regular hygiene routine. Avoid applying heavy make up in public places and try to look natural and composed. Read on for some tips on how to be cool. Cool people have a charismatic personality and are popular amongst their social community. Tips on Being Cool • Do not care about what people think of you.

With regard to physical appearance. but do not be overly excited. it is good to be respected for what you believe in. Don't be disruptive and annoying or have unpredictable mood changes. smile generously. defending someone else or taking interest in something that no one else dares to do. do not stare. Speak your mind. Another thing to be remembered is that for being cool. Be confident about what you speak and don't bother if people disagree with your opinion. • • Present yourself in the most comfortable and confident way. Find real friends and stay in their company. Being known for your passion is certainly deemed cool. that too with a good pace. make sure to maintain a good posture and look them in the eye. stand/sit up straight. etc. Everyone can become smart by acquiring the required skills. Cool people usually speak confidently and clearly. art and the like and pursue it with excellence. take a deep breath and mellow down. Do not force yourself on people. From kids in school to adults in corporate world. At times. but not excessively eager and clingy. music. one has to follow some simple tips. you need to look and feel positive. one should create his own identity. In terms of body language. • • • • • • How To Be Smart Everybody wants to become smart in today’s world as it does not remain that easy to survive any more.better. Remember being cool essentially states finding humor in moments of clumsiness and discomfort. However. to fight and sustain in the rat race of the contemporary world. It’s good to be outgoing. body odor. For this. beware of bad breath. this does not mean chattering uselessly. If at times you do feel vulnerable. bursting into tears or losing control. People who break against the tide and question the status quo are quite often regarded as the coolest. Smile and be genuine. Make sure you say what you mean and vice versa. making you feel positive and happy. which will bring about a . Real friends respect you for what you are and cherish the time spent with you. Though some people are born with such qualities. Cultivate the habit of laughing at yourself. and end up losing your temper. Find your talent in terms of sports. While interacting with people. look and feel confident. it should not be considered a norm. whether it means standing up for yourself. but people will like you for being so earthly. being smart is the need of the hour. etc. For acquiring the respect of others. Being cool is all about staying relaxed and comfortable in any and every situation. Don't shy away from being different. You will not only gain respect for it. Your serenity and steadfastness shows your coolness. Be friendly and social.

change in his/her lifestyle and personality, eventually making them smart enough. To know how to become smart, read the tips given below. Tips to Become Smart •
• •

To become smart set important goals for yourself once a week. Make sure you do the important things first. Try to improve your vocabulary by reading good books. This will make your language rich, enhancing your skills. You can even read one word at a time in the dictionary and grow intellectually gradually. Excel in your education by getting good grades. Excellence in your educational field gives you confidence as well as knowledge. Watch news and be aware about the recent events taking place around the world. This will increase your general knowledge and current affairs. Grab more information on subjects like interesting facts, funny and inspiring quotations, good books and movies, scientific studies and interesting inventions. This will give you information to help you in interacting with other people and sound interesting and intelligent. Be organized and plan each day. For remembering your schedule, keep a notebook or small digital planner and maintain a record of the due dates for important events. A weekly planner or a monthly calendar can also be used, wherein you can note down birthdays and big events. Being a good listener is very important, when it comes to being smart. Listen carefully to others' opinions on controversial things or otherwise. It’s not necessary to agree with them but try to extract the maximum knowledge from others. Keep an open mind and socialize freely. Be nice to people around and show genuine care towards their well being. It is a sign of maturity, class and intelligence, which will make people to look up to you. It’s a good way to feel confident. Be friendly with people you find smart and who follow the above practices. It will help you in following the path with determination. Exercise your brain by solving puzzles. This will make you sharp and your reflexes quick. Practice math sums mentally to increase your speed. Learn varied tricks for doing complicated things to keep yourself ahead of others. Try as much as possible to feel in control of your life. Be happy for others on their achievement and encourage them by congratulating.

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Effective Leadership Qualities And Skills

Whenever group activities are required, the emergence of a leader becomes imminent. A group always works effectively when there is a leader to guide the members and keep them motivated on their way to success. Without a good leader, a group will not be able to perform to the best of its abilities. However, as much is it necessary to have a leader, it is also essential that he has all the right qualities and skills. Having a bad leader is even worse than having no leader at all. In case you want to be a leader, that too an effective one, you need to cultivate certain skills and qualities in you, some of which have been listed below. Effective Leadership Qualities and Skills • In order to become a leader, a person should be aware of nitty-gritty of the work that his team has to handle. Unless and until he knows about the work, he will not be able to lead the team in the right direction. • • • • An effective leader needs to set example for his team members and become a role model for them. If he is lazy, dishonest and shirks from responsibilities, how can he expect others to be meticulous and sincere! A leader should be totally unbiased. He should not have personal favorites in his team, to whom he gives more authority or less work. All the members in a team should be treated equally. Patience is one of the most essential qualities needed in a leader. Since he has to guide his team, he must have the patience to make them learn what they need to and get the work done from them. Constructive feedback is one of the skills that a leader should possess. He should always praise his team members if they perform well. At the same time, if they do wrong, he should be there to tell them where they went wrong and how can they put things back in order! However, the criticism should always be constructive and not demeaning. A leader needs to motivate his team, so that they happily contribute towards the team work. He should be aware of the stimuli of different members and make judicious use of them. When a person becomes a leader, he needs to delegate his duties as well as responsibilities amongst his team members. For this, he should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and delegate accordingly. Leader is the one who sets goal for the team and help them achieve it. He should possess the vision to aim right and at the same time, be able to mobilize people towards those goals. A leader should always be receptive to new ideas. Just because he is the leader doesn’t mean that the suggestions made by others will be useless. He must accept the useful ideas of his team members. An effective leader should have loads of understanding and always focus on the betterment of the group, as a whole, and not individual members. At the same time, he should be honest, trustworthy and easily approachable.

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How To Control My Feelings When Upset

Feeling upset is quite natural. It comes to you automatically when things do not favor you or do not turn out to be the way you thought that they would. However, the phase should be temporary and not something that stretches over to a long period of time. It is very essential to learn how to control one’s feeling of being upset over matters or things, because being too depressed could hamper your behavior and thus, affect your regular mode of living. Read on further to find some tips for controlling your disappointment and depression. Tips For Controlling Anger • The best way is control anger to take a deep breath and count the numbers backwards, from 10 to 1. It would make you feel calmer in no time. Now, pick up the phone and talk to the person whom you are upset with and clarify all the issues. Write a list of things that make you upset and irritate you. Now, tear the page and throw it in the dustbin or even go for burning the page up! This might just give you some mental respite, as you are venting out your frustration by tearing or burning the paper. Do things that you enjoy. Indulge in your favorite past time activities, like singing, dancing, cooking, listening to music, reading or going for a walk. Do things that make you happy, as they will help you to take your mind off a particularly upsetting instance. Play a game or a sport you love. It would lighten your heart and would give a boost to your spirit. Exerciseand sports are very rightly considered to be stress busters. They will also help you to distract you mind. Call your friends. Have long chats with them or even plan the day out. Catch up with them and do things that you love doing. Having fun with friends will not give you the time to think over things that make you feel upset. If you have the habit of maintaining a diary, write all that you are feeling in it right now. You might realize that you are feeling 10 times better after doing it. Make a list of things that you are good at and enjoy doing. Try refreshing your mind with your own positive qualities and things which you are best at. This would help you regain your spirit. If you are upset and angry about something, the best you can do is give yourself some space. Get out of the particular situation that you find unbearable and try to soothe your nerves. This will also help you avoid instant reactions to situations that irritate you. Analyze whether the matter is even worth being upset about or not. Many a times, we simply worry too much and waste a lot of time fretting over things that are just not important. Try to dispassionately analyze the situation that is bothering you. Most of the times, you will not be able to figure out any credible reason to be upset!

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they are unable to cope up normally in a situation where talking and speaking out is essential. It will help you become an emotionally stable and fun-loving person. Just stand in front of the mirror and have an impromptu conversation with yourself. Check out how to open up with people. It could be something traumatic or something that may have left a bad impact on your ability to open up. Talk about it to your closest confidante. Indulge in things that make you happy and feel light. You know yourself more than anyone else. share ideas and experiences. no one else will think the same way. That way. Ask them to analyze how you speak and tell you which places need improvement. The more places you go. However. you will know your weak points and you can always strive to work on them in order to open up. Practice talking to yourself. It helps a lot to open up when you are in public. smile and laugh or get angry if anything unpleasant incident took place. All it needs is a bit of perseverance and dedicated efforts from you. It will be very helpful talking about this to a professional as it will help you gain a good insight into your problems and also find a solution. try talking it out to a counselor. you will be able to gauge your expressions and reactions and have a fair idea as to how would you look while talking in front of people. That way. Analyze yourself and see if you have a personal issue that has been bothering you for a while. one must realize that there is a solution to every problem and this issue can be tackled too. you will start building a positive image about life and yourself which will ultimately lead to a better personality. They feel they can’t talk as others do and often have low confidence due to that. Tips for Opening up to People • The first and foremost step is to be confident of yourself. Start by talking openly to your family and closest friends. As a result. Start going out and meeting new people. If you think you can’t discuss with anyone. Do whatever it takes to respect yourself and think good of yourself. Talk about what happened during the day. Have a attitude in your personality and believe in yourself. you will become confident of yourself in no time. Unless you think you are good.How To Open Up To People Many people have a problem with opening up to people or even talking freely in a gang of friends. This finally leads to inferiority complex and that individual cannot help but feel miserable forever. This way. the more will you be able to talk to new people. • • • • • How To Be More Social • .

with people who you make you feel comfortable and gradually move on to others. Tips To Become Social & Overcome Shyness Practice . practice makes a man perfect in this case as well. Similar to other skills in life. Always speak confidently and listen to what people around you have to say. Watch TV . Smile . Just be natural and speak up what comes to your mind. it just doesn't go away. To help you a bit more in this regard. you just can't flip a switch and be loving and friendly towards everyone instantly. but for some of us. Perform . colleagues. as this would improve your social skills. you can build it into an automatic part of your life. Be Friendly . we present some tips and techniques to get more social and gain back that confidence. If you are not chatty at that moment or are reserved in general. likes. Do not try to imitate the character. The world around you is not bad. but with a small start. Listen . Mostly. how to talk to others and how to be more assertive. This way.Take a step forward and perform in front of an audience. by asking them about their life. it’s really amazing how a simple act like smiling can go a long way in reducing the stress of dealing with people. Be Interested In People . interests. make up your lines and speak loud. show interest in the conversation. Mute the button when it is his/ her turn to speak.People who are great at socializing make other people feel comfortable around them. etc. but that is the way to build up your conversation skills.• • • • • People often wonder how to be more social. dislikes. It usually vanishes as we mature. Smiling relaxes you and makes you more approachable. The simple act of listening can help you being more social with the people around you.Converse with people. It sounds a little strange.Be a good listener and talk only when it is your time to talk. self consciousness is the reason for shyness and loneliness. you will gain confidence and the attention will be on you. by being truly interested in them. The more you present yourself in front of yourfriends. Now. and classmates. It does take a lot of energy. Initiate conversations.Yes. their • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .This is perhaps the first step towards being social. say hi to people and make the first move.Switch to your favorite show and pretend to be one of the characters. Start small. by being genuinely interested in what he/she has to say. Converse .Try to be friendlier. the easier it would be for you to open up in front of strangers. While talking to someone. Most of them loveto speak about themselves. so smile and be happy.

Encourage / Motivate yourself . Second that it’s okay to feel scared because confidence doesn’t mean not feeling scared. While there can be varied reasons behind your lack of confidence.Never forget to compliment people on various suitable occasions. However. libraries and other such sources. Compliment . Infact. their dreams. for any reason. only you can help yourself. If attending conferences is not possible. But remember that you can definitely turn around the tables if you so want. First that in this case. All you need is the willingness and determination to overcome your flaws. See what and how you can incorporate these tips in your daily lifestyle.esteem with the passage of time. just remember that you do not deserve this and don’t have to live like this your whole life! While lacking confidence is one thing. Be ready to do your extra bit. etc. Last Tip . This could be things like cooking well. It is a feeling that will slowly start getting mirrored once you begin appreciating yourself truly. So list down all the positive traits you have in yourself. this can also lead to one having low self.• • • preferences. Compliments prove to be great conversation starters.Who Moved My Cheese and The Alchemist can also help you. interact with strangers? Do you keep criticizing yourself constantly for doing things the wrong way? All these traits just point one thing – that you majorly lack in self confidence. then try searching for information / reading up on this issue on the internet. confidence means overcoming your fears! Tips on How to Build Confidence Like Yourself The very first key to becoming self confident is by liking yourself. Remember two things on the onset of this mission. Try to draw out common aspects between the two of you and move on with the conversation. etc. make sure that you are genuine while doing so. Attend Seminars on Self Confidence You can also attend seminars themed on building self-confidence. just see this list and remind yourself that you too possess praise-worthy qualities like others. where you can get important tips and guidance in this aspect from experts. Reading famous inspirational books like . How To Gain Confidence Do you cringe each time you view yourself in the mirror and sadly wish you were someone else? Do you get tongue-tied and nervous when you have to. It’s just that some of us have to take those extra steps. being courteous.Remember that each one of us has the capability to be the most social person out there. When ever you feel dejected.

tell yourself repeatedly that you can do it and do it well. It is just that you have to take it in a positive way. One should try to do away with such negative thinking first of all. It teaches you to survive when things are not going smooth. but success is bound to come to you sooner or later. Accept Failures Failures teach you more than success does. Though maybe in varying degree. accept it and move on. Try Overcoming Fears Some people nurture a secret fear that they will not success at anything they do. . It keeps you grounded. Another way to motivate yourself is by jotting down three to four things on the paper that you did well each day. It is as much a part of life as success is.Whether you have to appear for an interview or make a presentation. Think positive and put your 100 per cent in what ever you do. Encourage or motivate yourself each and every day and you are bound to find your self confidence blossoming. it makes you crave for success more strongly and it also teaches you to appreciate success in the true way when it finally comes. This will make you feel good about yourself and boost confidence. So failure is not all that bad as many label it.

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