A town once busy and full of life and bustling with daily routines now lay in a cold sort

of emptiness, a silence replaced the noises that were before. It was l ike the colour and life had been sucked out of it. Everywhere was just a shadow of what it used to be. It was like a different world. Except for a few stray ca ts and dogs, there was not much left here... It was like all the people had aban doned the land, perhaps in search for greener grass than the dead kind. In this town lived a man. Jake woke up in his house, which somehow remained intact, and went to the shower, only to discover that there was no longer any water coming o ut. Suprised by this, he went to investigate the cause. As he looked around, he peeked out the window with a quick glance. Shocked in disbelief at what was outs ide, he turned back and stared outside. He could not believe what he was seeing, and in his disbelief wondered if he was still dreaming. Upon pondering on this for not long, he sat on his bed and put his head in his hands and his fingers in his hair. Rubbing his forehead, he thought about what was going on. It was real , and he would somehow have to accept this... He took another look outside, and noticed that the town was dark everywhere, even the weather was dark and broody. .. Even stranger, though, was the fact that every house he could see from where he was was in ruin. Like a town that had been left deserted for a few hundred ye ars, enough to let the houses decay and fall apart. Every house but his own... T his was so strange to him. So lonely, it seemed... And yet, so quiet and unburde nsome. But a mystery, nonetheless. Was some unknown presence doing this to him, perhaps even the gods themselves, as a joke? Perhaps this was the case, either w ay, what ever way he could look at it, he was in this situation... Everything in the house was as it was left from the night before he went to sleep. The milk i n the fridge, the cereal, the bowls, everything. He tried the electricity next, but to no avail. All that was different was that there was no power nor water in the house. His phone still had some battery left, there was still money in his wallet also. He tried calling his friend James. No reception. How could one feel more alone..? He got dressed, had breakfast, attempted to turn on the tv, but a gain, no power... Then he decided that he would leave his house and go on a jour ney, as far as it would take to find out what was going on. He was fairly fit, w ell built and excersised regularly and this would help him. He felt a sort of ex citement and wonder about taking this sort of journey... He sung a song out loud ly, at the top of his voice confident that he would not be heard by anyone, as h e packed his bag. He put in his hunting knife, a sleeping bag that rolled and fo lded up to be really small, into his bag he put this, along with whatever food h e could find that would not need to be cooked to be eaten. Tinned food, ham, som e milk and bread, all which fitted into his bag that was nothing really big, jus t a plain sack. All these things were light in his bag for him, and he carried i t on his shoulders with ease. He went upstairs then and got a few pairs of socks and some underwear, and decided to throw on his leather jacket. He then ran do wn the stairs and opened the door to walk outside. Outside, everything was a bit dull and grey. He took a look around before shouti ng at the top of his lungs HELLO! With no response, he shrugged his shoulders an d started skipping and shouting in the streets. This was a freedom he could not enjoy before, but now who would say anything to him when there were no eyes to s tare? A few dogs and cats he saw around were somehow managing to survive despite the seemingly lack of life in the town. Where could they be getting their food he asked himself. Surely the supermarkets too would have long ago run out of food by the looks of things... As he approached a pack of dogs, they seemed startled by him and afraid, shocked even, and ran away. He then decided to follow them to see where they might lead. They ran past many places that brought back memories to him, memories of a place that was and now was in ruin... Perhaps following t he dogs may bring him some answers. What else would make more sense at this poin t..? He followed them and they went into the woods. After some time of following them into the woods, he seemed to lose track of where he was, and eventually, l ost track of the dogs as the day seemed to get darker. He had two lighters in hi s pocket which was at the front of his bag. Feeling that it would soon be dark a nd hard to find wood, he searched the area around him for a suitable place to re

How s it goin said Jake. This was the last thing he remembered of h is dream before waking up in his bed with a slight feeling of dizziness. Hey Rachel.. half-asleep state. the signs of life were around once again. Terry lived here with his girlfr iend Rachel. He gathered wood for about an hour. Maybe going to the beach and telling everyone about it. he began eating them cold without a spoon. pu t on his bag and stood up straight and listened. never any plans . and noises like chants around him. almost like they would pierc e his eardrums before he turned away and ran like he never ran before in his lif e. Anyway. She answered the door.st. in the trees somewhere. but his gaze th en suddenly stopped. when al . just tilti ng the can up to eat from it. until the footsteps seems to get closer. we headin ? Rachel: Yup. and the town appeared quite busy from his wind ow. drinking at the beach seemed like a fu n idea to Jake. me and Terry were just g g to head out there. Once he had finished his cereal. He lied down against the tree which was behind him. which looked as though he was drinking from it. he was relieved to find himself in his house after this strage dream . but also the idea of wishing he had a girlfriend would weigh on his mind at such a time. Any plans for the day ? You know me now. It was not too cold. he saw these two r ed eyes and heard a noise like voices in his head and a hahahahaha . and lit the tinder underneath which enabled the fire to grow and catch on to the lit tle twigs above it. He heard what he thought were drums. he threw some more wood on the fire and felling tired. when the fire had gone down to a few embers and the moon had move d so that there was not as much light where he was. Jake: Yeah okay. and meeting up with so me friends he had planned to catch up with the day before. some strange figures surrounded him and put him through a lot of pain. The sun was shining today. decid ed to call it a night and took out his sleeping bag to go to sleep. He looked around. He got to sleep soon after this. feeling the cold after coming out of his blanket. said Jake. gr abbed his things around him that he took out of his bag and put them into it. He then heard a noice like a scream that seemed to hurt his ears. but not overheating. and put him into a drowsy. and something like footsteps nearby. gettin g dressed etc. peopl e talking in the streets. water in the taps. He pulled out his knife. and talk about their plans for the week. The sun was just about gone down now. Okay.. It sounded like KAW ! He w oke up and said to himself what the fuck ?! and quickly got up and stood up straigh t. He stood still for another bit. and this caused him to sort of squint. Terry come s to the door. Someone who he could share these moments with. thou gh which he was relieved to find. In the darkness. and said hi with a smile on her face. Then . They all walk out into town. he began to rest. Terry: Cool we re just gonna call over to a few friends of ours if you wann a come . before taking some cooked sausages and beans in a tin from his bag and openi ng the tin with his knife. perhaps due to the shade fro m the trees above him. the sky still a bit red but overall it was dark. He shook off last nig hts dream. He knocked on the door of the two story detached house in a quiet area. He took out some bread and milk and had a snac k. Terry: Hey man what s up ? Jake: Nothing much how bout you? Terry: Ah nothing much ever happens in this town. while staring at the moon which just happened to be full on this night and made it a little brighter outside . which looked like he was sort of frowning. lying sidewards with the fire in front o f him within a comfortable distance so that he was warm. These would catch on to the bigger fuel in time. making sure he could get as mu ch as he could before it became too dark to do so. where all the houses looked alike. He then set up the fire. He found a smooth patch of ground which was sheltered under some large trees . who was also a good friend of Jake s. He could hear something like br anches breaking. nothing out of the ordinary here. as thou gh he was drinking the night before but he wasn t. The sun was very bright today. he was awoken by a strange noise. A yel low light flashed around him. and walked down the stairs to go outside. lik e the opposite of his dream. Car noises. Then in the middle of the night. with flat ground and a bit of a bump in the ground which would serve as a pit for his fire. I ain t got much better to do really . and focused himself on today. Feeling he had done enough for the fire. Wh en he was finished. she said. He felt somewhat excited about going into town today. it was like they were experimenting on him. Everything seemed normal again. He decided to stop by the shop and get some food before going to his friend Terry s house.

We don t . that was all. it is. but also there was the unwillingness of people to want to change. he thought t o himself. haha! S ee. This made him feel alone. you remember that day? Said she s in love with you.. I asked. Jake thought a lot about this. t he lack of jobs was an issue.l his friends were with people. He was more the shy type. and no visible community spirit to speak of. us ually groups of youths that were probably doing every type of drug imaginable. going to t he shop when i see her all by herself. he thought. misunderstood. and how this made his friends think of him. Jake: Soun ds cool . He found it hard to face certain truths ab out the way things are. How do you two know each other . God knows yoou ve been single for ages. it would not be long before they wound up hated by all that they tried to help. Jake. and the locals didn't seem to be too pleased with people they deemed "different". Thought I could just be a good friend and do the right thing for ya .. He seemed to be in his own world a lot of the time. Terry: Hey Jake! You listen ing ? Jake: Oh sorry man. when we were down by the lo cal beach with the gang.. After a bi t of a pause. he could n t really shake the feeling of loneliness.. Jake often thought about trying to leave this town and going somewhere else. I think you ll like how she looks. consider it a good thing. someone out there does want you. Jake thought. even when he was with his friends. and he had thought he had scared girls off before because of this. He felt he was just. And he would consider the possibility that she would not like him after she got to know him. quite busy on a day like today with the sun shinin g and people going about their days. Jake: Oh well thanks for that . sure . So I suggested set ing you two up. Jake: Like who? Terry: Well. I was just walking up along by the wall above the beach. coming to look at the local landmar ks of the area also... and the people around it on days like to day were mostly just people passing through. Ter ry: No probs man . and they all had their own worlds as couples it seems.. but thought it best not to get h is hopes up too much. Terry: What s confusing? Jake: Just that this girl likes me and I don t even know her. confusing .. Did you get her name ? Terry: No man. Jake: Oh yeah.. she approached me as soon as I walked by her and said.. Jake: Oh really ?! Terry: Yeah. she replied. so what we were saying was so how about setting you up with someone? That sound like a good idea to you? A million thoughts rushed through Jake s mind.. but she doesn t know him an d likes him. and just thinking about how he w ould approach her. these deep thoughts so early on were always what made him fall in love so easily. he replied. this town had a sort of depression to it also. Terry: Anyway. In fact. Terry: Well.. man. Jake thought for a second. Yes. why do you ask ? She said: I m in love with h im . you re friends with Jake. there was this girl I talked to the other day. though it would be nice to have a girlfriend. You would get a few tourists here and there. Uhh. and he found that he could get bored very easily and lik ed to always do the next thing that seemed exciting. Jake would be thinking about this now for some time. Kinda odd. don t think you two even know each other . looking out at the ocean.. as they mi . and asking as many questions about this girl as he could to Terry. right ? I replied yeah. if someone took it upon themselves to try and get people together and help the town. sorry. He just felt different. though he though t to himself he could make himself talk to her. the vibe in the town always had this tenseness to it also. I just kinda got lost in thought there. They walked through the town. he didn t want to think about. lonely too though. my man. He considered himself one of those who were "different" and expected people to comment or laugh at him as he walked past. for the future possibilities of what could be were too good not to even try. She seemed quite. Jake: It s kinda. Noone wants to be alone . Could he find bliss with her? Time would only tell. I do. Not much seemed to change in this town. dark hair and black clothes. because they probably noticed. what he would say etc. People might just thin you're trying to be some sort of "brave hero". Jake thought. Long.. I kno w what kind of girls you like. and he liked what he had heard about her thusfar.

They both looked at him.. if male. He thought back to the girl in black again. "Yeah I'm sure". said Jake as he put his hands in his dark jacket's pockets and made his way down to the beach. This he thought he should not say to his friends . He could envision gigantic creatures ris ing from it. man". then found the steps down to the beach. He looked behind him.. This kind of loneliness was something he was used to. "Ok man. Jake thought.. He raised his head to look at them... anyway. said Rachel. He found the sounds of the waves soothing. The tension filled the air as he walked past. Terry and Rachel engaged in each other. unless they want to draw eyes like magnets. then decided to walk another bit down the beach. Surely the thing people must have tried to do around here was to try not to draw attention to themselves. said Terry. didn't mean to ignore you there". He stood up. "I need to stretch my legs a little is all". at least. "See ya". As he did. It started to get dark. He exhaled slowly t hrough his nose. Not until he'd crossed a corner out of sight of the y ouths and walked what he deemed to be a good enough distance around it to feel it was safe to look back. and alreadyy they were looking in his direction. No sign of the gothic goddess he had envisioned today at the beach. But then he though of that girl. There wasn't any law against wearing certain types of clothes. "oh great".. They sat by the local super market for a while.. not that he was boastful abo ut it.. He didn't make eye contact any mor e than the first time. He eventually go t paranoid enough that he felt he should go. after all he had been sitting there for over a n hour straight.? Or ma . by himself... He didn't look back again. and there was a full moon tonight. f antasised about the possiblilties.. "Later". He approached a group of youths. He sighed and sat down to watch the waves for a bit. This kind of eerie feeling was also something that excited him.. back to the gang. people started to get less and less on the beach until he was the only one. H e was thinking about how he was 23 now and that maybe he needed to get out of this town. somewhere less tragic. he noticed one of the youths turning their h ead to look at him. "Oh sorry man. She had to be from somewhere else.ght shout at you as you walk around. He instantly looked away. and possibly get themselves beat up. and when he finally got past them he breathed a deep breath of relief. He felt like wa lking down to the beach now. a place she might take him to.. hav ing grown up in this town and never had much luck with girls. "That's alr ight". and faced Terry and Rachel and told the m he was going to go for a walk. he spoke aloud with a kind of laugh in his voice. "now I have to walk pas t these guys". if you're sure" Terry said. and made his way home. Perhaps that girl would be there.. "Good luck. Or maybe he was holdi ng out for something better than your average girl that this town could offer. that girl who seemed so lonely. He was not being followed. he thought. or who knows. Jake sitting there. and making their way toward him. and wonder how such a rare flower could bloom in this place. "Impossible".. but one still shouldn't walk around wearing a dress. and braced himself for the ordeal.. said Jake. said Terry.. and saw that he was not being followed and not being stared at. Th e ocean looked beautiful. almost dreamlike to Jake but he also found it to be a bit scary. staring at nothing in particular just thinking to himself. He looked away from their glanc es. It seemed a good excuse. even though his style itself looked different from your average person. and a light of hope seemed to enliven him. despite his friends telling him he is good looking. The wind blew his long hair about as he walked along the wall by the beach. Jake said. leav ing his hand slide along it half in his sleeve as he walked.

ybe she was just going to be another dissapointment to add to the long list he has had in his life. he would make these trips to the beach a regular thing if there was a chance of seeing her there. . One thing he was certain of.

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